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5:00 PM
hmm... it's just 5 files, I think I can copy them, delete this branch, make a new one, and paste the changes
5:14 PM
computer nearly died flashing the new preview image, bloody ram
"In Android 5.0, an Android device can now act as a Bluetooth LE peripheral device. Apps can use this capability to make their presence known to nearby devices. "
that's probably how google play multiplayer works
since it's local multiplayer
holy moly, restoring a device from a backup is great
it's sets my wallpaper, puts all my widgets in the correct space, and puts a little icon saying it's being downloaded
wait wait wait wait. you couldn't restore your device from a backup??
he just said he can lol
5:27 PM
> restoring a device from a backup is great
@Ahmad gchat
with the new preview yeah
it took my backup from earlier today and it's downloading everything
ohh I see
room topic changed to Android: A place for Android wizards to show off their magic, or drown their sorrows. We can teach you to fish, but we're not giving out free tuna. Rules: room-15.github.io [android] [cats] [cyanavatars] [xkcd]
There we go.
@TiagoAlmeida A bit to late, but I just migrated them to github pages^
The new url: room-15.github.io
nice work Ahmad
> The source for these rules can be found on GitHub.
wasn't it on GitHub already?
5:43 PM
Yeah but not the hosting of the actual site
now it's on github pages
I just updated the link to the repo as well
you stole it!
well I cloned the actual repo, but then I created a new one because I forgot that you can actually rename repos :|
(github pages sites have to have a specific repo name)
nice work Ahmad!
updating android support repo + lib at 85 kbps. gonna take a while...
5:48 PM
85 kbps?
you switched back to a dial up connection?
no, at dial up i'd download at 2.7 kbps
as you can see there's almost 2 orders of magnitude in difference :P
They fixed the issue with the L docs and you can download them now
but there's just too many devices connected here
5:51 PM
has anyone tried to add columns to the _Installation table on Parse.com?
I have, a while back
@Guilherme o/
so I solved the fragment issue for the most part
did you see the lib I showed you?
@Guilherme yes
5:54 PM
turns out it was my fault with how I was handling onCreateView :P
yea I checked it out, different than what I needed though looks interesting
I added a new column, and I tried to write some content using the data browser.
ohh ok
but when I tried to read the content within the app, the array was empty
still running into a problem where when oncreateview is called again all of my compound views get set to the same text value, so looks like that will be my friday afternoon
@Abdellah but it was already in nexus 4,5,7 & few samsungs phones as well
there is lib for it
iBeacon is the trademark for an indoor proximity system that Apple Inc. calls "a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence." The technology enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon. One application is to help smart phones determine their precise position or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone's software can pinpoint its own location in a store. iBeacons can help a phone show notifications of items nearby that are on sale, and it can enable payments at the point of sale...
> Android 4.3+ (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3, HTC One, Google/LG Nexus 7 2013 version/Nexus 4/Nexus 5, HTC Butterfly, OnePlus One)
@Abdellah ^^
1x, 2x, 3x icons targeted at iOS (PNG) LOL
so I select the Platform-tools to be updated, press Install and 5 minutes later I realize that I forgot to accept the terms ¬¬
that happened to me so many times
the UI sucks
is appcompat broken for anyone else? Getting stuff like: No resource found that matches the given name '@android:TextAppearance.Material.SearchResult.Subtitle'. styles_base.xml /andro‌​id-support-v7-appcompat/res/values-v21 line 168 Android AAPT Problem
6:14 PM
still downloading :|
how can I install android 5 on my rooted tablet? is it possible?
I mean, without waiting for the manufacturer update
If it's a Nexus 7 2013 you can
AppCompat was working fine for me. But I was just using the light theme to check out the new Material widgets
Haven't gotten the emulator to work yet though...
Hmm weird
^ Flappy birds like Lollipop easter egg
6:30 PM
I got 1 point, amazing
6:42 PM
Well annoying but at least it's not me: code.google.com/p/android/issues/…
We just got a resume from a php developer with ~ 4 years experience and he asked outright in his email for 85k/yr, lol.
6:59 PM
that dl speed
Kor President is in Italy, my parents are so busy, I can't pick up my new mac.
what do your parents do that the Kor president visiting makes them busy?
his father is the korean diplomat in italy iirc
7:10 PM
awesome job to have
yeah as long as it isnt N Korea
you're late to the party carl
yeah I know
7:11 PM
ok that picture is annoying
well, this is awesome
(the new spotlight)
finally I can quickly look up those weird units you american people use
we don't use Zol or FuB
yes yes, you do
btw it's Fuß <- see the squiggly stuff at the end
7:14 PM
i don't wanna charmap for a glorified B
the new spotlight is still not as useful as Alfred
it's not a B, it sounds like S
What does Alfred do better?
o crap
and here we go again, at 45 kbps
do you really use the non x86 emulators?
7:16 PM
Really, our school admins are not going to update us to Yosemite.
Good thing I'm working on iOS right now, I can just download Android 5.0 in a week after the kinks are worked out and the servers aren't overloaded
you should be happy enough you have macs on your school
I used to play oregon trail on the school macs
Safari and app store only works on school network.
we all had a bunch of these
7:18 PM
let's try one last time...
wait, it did work
I got
> Download finished with wrong checksum. Expected 0642bb4840749f69d763d7a212104494c59e36d6, got efb5aaa7df0f0c7312e39be2219db7dba557e681.
that was harsh
nah it was not.. he has super fast internet to download it again...
I can't seem to get my piscreen to work right
100 plus hand soldered points
I am not surprised
7:25 PM
what's a piscreen?
hmm what happened to it?
Backlight comes on, no data shows up
did you check if the data pins are not damaged?
Working on that
LED backlight comes on, and I can see the screen in /dev/fb1 and /dev/input, so probably not that
7:32 PM
just wanted to thank you all for beta-testing the API 21 downloads for me, it will be nice when I go to download it next week to have all the problems worked out.
that means that the I2C connection might be ok (i think)
the data pins used to send the images are the same used to recognize the screen?
your liquid crystals lost their properties then?
did it solidify?
carl, are you a late adopter?
Bourbon Carl, what do you recommend for tonight?
7:38 PM
what font is this?
open sans
codeMagic, I haven't had a bad bourbon, so... any? I'm partial to Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve
jyoon that picture confuses me. When I click on "What's missing" it disappears and then nothing happens...
@jlindenbaum you seem harmless...welcome. Please read the room rules
^ this is the kind of welcome that gets people excited
7:45 PM
Point taken, Mr. Anderson
Haha! I do what I can to make everyone feel welcomed
Thanks, I think? :)
ok, I'm off to eat lunch, you guys keep codeMagic in line while I'm gone
@TGMCians thanks for the info
Don't choke
@CarlAnderson the cross appears, look at the image
the appcompat sample really doesn't compile
(I did include the appcompat lib)
Oh wait
no I didn't.
the newest binaries are not up on maven central yet, right?
8:03 PM
Carl is off to lunch and here I am contemplating whether to go find one of his recommended bourbons or not...
what's the latest SDK build tools?
I've got 20 installed but it shows rev 21 as well, and no update available
it's 21 for me, RED
Adam, what I got from Carl's reply was that he recommends all bourbons :)
Should I use -> com.google.android.gms:play-services:6.1.1 ?
8:10 PM
Heh, yes, I should probably just drink them all then!
if that's the latest
Yeah, I think so
I like to live dangerously and would just use com.google.android.gms:play-services:+
Down to 2 errors now after upgrading to 21 for the SDK build tools, getting there lol
did you try to build the appcompat sample as well?
8:13 PM
Have you flashed the new Lollipop preview for Nexus 5?
nah, I'll try that too
What where you compelling then?
Are there Lollipop images available for the N4?
Not that I'm aware off
Only N5 and 2013 N7
Is the new preview pretty stable?
8:18 PM
it's pretty good yeah
apprently it's from October 13th so quite new
I have neither of the devices
It's no longer possible to purchase Nexus 7 from Google Play... :p
makes sense though
they are retiring it for the Nexus9
Error: actionModeShareDrawable
Have you already discussed this?
yeah I had that as well
8:26 PM
How do I fix all these errors?
are you getting this on the app compat library?
I'm trying a few things now, no results yet
yeah didn't get it to work either
I forgot to change these guys:
compileSdkVersion 21
buildToolsVersion "21.0.0"
In build.gradle
does it work for you now?
8:29 PM
Q: appcompat-v7:21.0.0': No resource found that matches the given name: attr 'android:actionModeShareDrawable'

loeschgWhen attempting to use the latest appcompat-v7 support library in my project, I get the following error: /Users/greg/dev/mobile/android_project/app/build/intermediates/exploded-aar/com.android.support/appcompat-v7/21.0.0/res/values-v11/values.xml Error:(36, 21) No resource found that matches the...

Yes, it works now :)
Wait... 2 processes running...
Everything is gradle related these days :( I think I need to jump ship soon
you're not on grade yet?
how do you even try out all the libs out there?
Q: How to support AARs in Eclipse?

AbdellahIn the new Gradle build system, we can package Android projects in very convenient .AAR format. Unfortunately the ADT Eclipse plugin, v22 , does not support this file format. Please can it do so.

yeah recently they're all gradle librarys. But I learnt to convert them to eclipse.
Btw, i m using ABS how to support Matirial Design ?
8:39 PM
I am using ABS and the same thought crossed my mind/
From Jake Wharton when asked if material will be added
> No. ActionBarSherlock is for backporting 4 to pre-4 and I highly encourage you to stop using it and minSdkVersion=15
God damn this is annoying, I'll figure it out tomorrow
The end of ABS
I dropped ABS with the last release of my app. Could have removed it before launch but was too intimidated
8:42 PM
You can go with appcompat at this point
Sure ?
I didn't want to add it but I had issues with the actionbar not appearing in the settings or something like that...
But the problem will be thenapk size
really though, unless you're developing for 3rd world countries or something, you shouldn't need ABS anymore
8:45 PM
Gingerbread marketshare has gone from 25% a year ago to 11% today.
that's not even a valid argument
since android phones got only really affordable at the time jelly bean came out
so if you're going the developing-countries-still-run-on-gingerbread-and-I-have-to-support-them-road then you're doing it wrong
Gingerbread is practically dead
I had to build an app for Nigeria and they wanted it on gingerbread and above, I used appcompat and checking Google Analytics over the last few weeks, everyone is using a 4.0+ device. Only 1-2 people are on 2.3
you're my man
I had no data to back this up
I say that while sitting in London with my dad who has a 2.3 device that says there are no updates available, good old Samsung!
8:48 PM
Not the case in morocco
so, I got this thing running
but it looks awful
oh wait width was set to 0
Build fail because of -> abc_ab_share_pack_holo_dark.9.png
libpng warning: iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited
Anyone want a OnePlus One invite?
Facebooking you the link :)
8:53 PM
thanks!! :DD
is it still invite only?
the order system is supposedly changing soon
9:05 PM
navigationBarColor = yeah!
This song is pretty awesome, and someone made a video out the clips all the samples in it come from:
Do you also get "libpng warning: iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited"?
no it worked for me
It seems creating a new project in Eclipse & AS is not possible now
9:17 PM
haha this is awesome carl
at least according to this code.google.com/p/android/issues/…
Error on -> appcompat-v7\21.0.0\res\drawable-xhdpi\abc_ab_share_pack_holo_dark.9.png
This might sound really stupid, but... how do you delete a project in AS? Delete key is not working and there not delete option in the menu
rm -rf *
sorry Red, I got nothin
localizing in iOS is such a tedious process, we need to hire an iOS developer so I never have to use xcode again
9:26 PM
The error I'm talking about --> code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=77629
I don't think it's possible, you can close the project and remove it from showing in AS but it stays on disk. So odd.
9:42 PM
@DaveS Localizations have been my entire day. They're fun, no?
super fun
in iOS you can't do things like bold/underline in the strings file, so you have to split a single string into multiple parts and reconstruct it as an NSAttributedString in code, such a pita
9:58 PM
There's a project DTCoreText that lets you use HTML and it'll do the attributed string conversion - haven't tested it with localization strings though. Glad android has .fromHTML.

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