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12:05 AM
everybody on OS X should run this: fix-macosx.com
12:24 AM
Just read this on twitter:
> Since the start of the decade, Google has paid out nearly $50 billion to websites running its AdSense network.
12:41 AM
That's a pretty solid number, and how much of that stays in Google's koffers, and how much was paid into its network :P
one can only guess
Anyone running Yosemite with Android Studio? Any issues with the new JDK installer?
Everything works fine on my end
Hello, Android
oh nice the pocket app updated to include a native share thingy.
12:53 AM
woo Deutsch!
is pocket just an instapaper for everything?
@Carl what are the requirements for trover? Does it require 4g?
but I use it more like a bookmarking app
everything that I find interesting I put in my pocket
ha ha ha, see what I did there?
the product name makes marketing so easy, genius.
lol yeah
12:57 AM
You must have a very big pocket!
1:09 AM
@Ahmad Hmm what is that show?
wait a minute
I thought I was talking with you about that show
I don't think so.
lol, okay sorry then
Also, one fucking day I work from not home office and I miss OcuS! I need to talk to that guy about South Asia!
Np, is it worth a watch?
Yeah, if you can't find anything else to watch, sure
also lol at the OcuS part
1:12 AM
It's more about time with me.
Is it better than programming?
where in SEA are you travelling to?
better than programming? nah
So far just Philippines and Thailand
I'm so confused atm, I'm 100% sure I talked to someone about the leftovers in here
Just did Thailand in December, awesome place. Want to desperately go back to Asia.
you could pull an OcuS and go on SEA-tour for half a year
13 hours ago, by OcuS
1:16 AM
Just? Dcecember? Are you running through time the other way? How was it?
I normally would but I had to promis I won't disappear for years again, I only am allowed a month.
Yeeahhh.. by just I mean 2013. How has it almost been a year!
Yeah..once I went to UK for 14 days...
Oh damn. 2014 is almost over.
Then came back from Canada 3 and half years later.
1:18 AM
Thailand was awesome. Bangkok for a couple days - couldn't see too much of the core because of the protests. Phucket, Krabi, Phi Phi. Awesome awesome awesome places, the people are incredibly kind. And if you go December / January it's their off season so the hotels are empty and the tourists aren't there. Was spectacular.
I will be there mid December, I am thinking Phuket and then make my way up to Bangkok where I have to catch a flight.
NokAir has super cheap domestic flights within Thailand.
Good to know, thanks.
got an in-person interview on Monday...wish me luck!
1:21 AM
@nana And if you want to spend a lil and treat yourself, the offseason is so cheap you can easily afford an upscale hotel. Stayed at the mode sathorn, close to the big shopping centre near by. Awesome pool / lounge area and a rocking roof top bar with an incredible view of the night market by the river. modesathorn.com
@nana A company called BMC.
How much did you splurge?
Their actually a construction company/lumber yard, etc. But they have a development team for internal tools.
I thought you meant bmc.com
1:23 AM
It was about $80 USD a night?
That's pretty good :)
Oops, SDK folder is 20GB now
I could easily freelance and live in Thailand.
1:24 AM
Well, maybe not easily
Code, can't you just point at your SO profile...? "I'm a 1%-er yo."
I am going to scout it out.
I hope I'll make my way to Bali too
@Ahmad depends where, the internet is... questionable in the nice areas where you want to lounge on a beach.
there goes my dream
I was using wifi.. might be better off getting a burner phone and check their LTE roll out
1:26 AM
Philippines ahs one of the best internet covarage in the world AFAIK
Take me with you in your suitcase. I wanna go to Asia again. Meow. Would love to do Singapore during F1.
Oooh, F1 would be nice.
I haven't been yet. Just MotoGP
Did Montreal GP a few years back. Epic.
That is the exact same thing I said to OcuS when he left to Thailand
On the other hand F1 isn't what it used to be anymore.
1:28 AM
Ha, great minds ahmad... great minds.
I know right? :D
nana, i thought this season was going to be more dramatic, a more level playing field... now all there is is a merc domination instead of a rb :P
Ok, I have to go eat. I didn't yet.
1:30 AM
I didn't follow this year, or last.. :( They don't sound the same anymore.
I wonder why is the L android system image 4.8GB
gotta catch up on some Daily Show and Stephen Colbert
@jlindenbaum I'll definitely bring that up
"Look at my Stackvoerflow profile mofo. Now give me a senior position."
Ha, "gimme a top 27% job"
apparently adblock is not working with the new safari
I'm not used to such a bloated web
1:48 AM
2:01 AM
It's kind of interesting watching Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly sit across the table from each other.
They have opposing ideologies and often disagree with each other, but can still have a very spirited and civil conversation.
is he on the show tonight!?
was on it earlier this week
I don't think Daily Show airs on Fri night, does it?
I'm usually at least a day behind cuz I stream it on the Internet.
sometimes as much as a week behind...try to catch up over the weekend.
and i barely get it at all in canada...
drinking time! friday night! woo! laters!
watching some past interviews as well
@jlindenbaum thedailyshow.cc.com
2:22 AM
cya jlindenbaum!
> Obama was at the financial agency Friday to sign an executive order bolstering security measures for government credit cards.
that's reassuring
How goes the project, @PearsonArtPhoto?
It's coming along slowly.
It even almost compiles!
that's always a milestone
3:00 AM
I wants my new old keyboard.
@Code-Apprentice Heh, jsut finished watching that. And then got into heated discussion about white privilege with my waifu.
interesting stuff eh? I love Jon Stewart. Very funny, and very intelligent
and gets right to the heart of many issues.
Yes. He is good, I still think he's partially a puppet, but hey, he'S the best one :)
How so?
There is still only talk about certain things for example. But that could be just that he only reacts on what's in the media.
3:14 AM
He's only one man...
and yah, there's probably some reactionaryism to much of the content.
With probably dozen of production people behind him, he is the front for a team.
Still, THE only thing from TV I actually sometimes watch.
On the intertubes and later though, for the lack of TV recepticle.
yah, I just stream it, too
I have a TV...for PS3...no actual TV channels.
It's ok with AdBlock, have you tried watching it without?
There's at least 4 ads in there and they repeat a lot. It's maddness :)
3:38 AM
yah, I tab over to chat during the ads
actually...I'm gonna install adblock now
You haven't yet? You will thank me later ;)
4:05 AM
yah, I googled it
of course I learned about a movie named Interstellar with Matthew McCanahey (sp?) from those ads
What ads?
the ads that run in the middle of the daily show
when I stream it
5:06 AM
Stephen Colbert reports, "I found an error on the Internet."
yo 0/
I am wasting time in the best way possible :)
user image
5:14 AM
lol, where do you get the numbers for those charts?
@Ahmad @CarlAnderson @RaghavSood @Emmanuel @codeMagic @nil
Chat history
uhhhhhh no
and where's mine? =p
@nana nice lol
or are you just doing owners?
5:15 AM
Nil, how is that new keyboard?
I don't have it and you can shit fucking fuck hate love note that.
@Code-Apprentice Your dataset is too small
@Code-Apprentice I'm not an owner.
oh, yah...you gave that up a while back...I forgot
Fuck, now I have to redo that fucking shit. I hate you.
5:18 AM
@nana that's not what my gf said
are you telling me she lied?
Then your gf sucks at staticdics.
well...she sucks...
u should add suck word in the graph
And damn.
5:23 AM
No.one uses damn.
And suck would have to be sucks sucked...
But I added statistics for the whole room so you can see where you stand.
Time to increase stats..
Looks like Ahmad represents the room the best ona average.
I hate this fucking shit of fuck.
This fucking shit of love and hate is fuck.
It will take a long time to catch up with u ppl :(
Yeah, I jsut checked, you don't even register.
Just be yourself.
ok :(
5:27 AM
Nil hates a lot.
And @Emmanuel loves a lot.
Raghav has LOTS of love
@codeMagic has no love left. And from the looks of it fucks up a lot :)
Yeah Raghav is the best, but he hates some too. And definitely doesn't swear enough. But he will be president one day, so he really can't.
The people with low chat history are skewing the results.
I don't think so, how?
Or towards what?
At first I wanted to write a script that would do it for everyone in the room right now, but then I realized there is absolutely no reason to invest time into it.
The tiny people's use of hate makes my use of hate look abnormal, but out of all the people you checked, I've been here the longest.
5:43 AM
But you hate the most even comparison to how much you love. You hate a lot more than you love man :)
Let's call it Alpha, I agree that you should be measured with other long time users.
Let's call it I hate your stats and they make me look hateful
Let's do that.
I did it on purpose, I hide my h@te well.
Love, nana.
In unrelated news, LiveScript makes for a good javascript alternative.
Incidentally, this is what I use at work.
@nil Thanks for the change of topic. My head was spinning.
5:52 AM
Too much fuck can do that to a person.
No, it was hate.
I can't stand too much hate and shit!
Yo People!
yo @naruto
6:07 AM
Hey TGM, How is it going ?
> A nigerian prince selling groupon deals for boner pills
@nana :/ I am nowhere in graph T_T
Why Fu Sensie! Why ?
Naruto : good, how about you ?
are you at work ?
Yes of course! You ?
6:29 AM
@jlin why is thailand off in dec jan
From what i know it gets cold in the northern parts of the world so people flock to places like thailand
And i live on the same belt here its tourist season starting from November
I hope you folks appreciate how hard I'm working on L
hi Reno
7:17 AM
7:55 AM
Yay! My Moto G has SDK 5.0 update. Source xD
8:27 AM
@TheLittleNaruto sounds good
8:56 AM
Yeah! :D
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right (Plan) B (Plan) A Select (Developer) Start (Blaming) Cheat At DevOps – Scale Like Contra
10:59 AM
Just traing a sample of google fitness
Awseome sdk
11:37 AM
hehe this is what i did yesterday !
yo @TGMCians
how are you man ?
I am good, thanks. how about you ?
me too good - 1 :D
/me just created my page
still going on
how it is ?
11:48 AM
Pass me the link
it's on localhost for now
rounded style is awesome
hmm thanks
you made all stuff by code ?
nope. using template
11:52 AM
what you are putting in work section ?
on which i worked at spice & other companies etc...
if you can put screenshots of your projects .. it's a better approach
yes I will add those as well
plus video as well
my first project in my current company
11:58 AM
but only the Android app ;)
Android Lollipop has me convinced that Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at services. plus.google.com/110558071969009568835/posts/fCGDc718Zic
12:23 PM
Where can I get the new L icons?
18 hours ago, by Ahmad
material design icons: https://github.com/google/material-design-icons/releases/tag/1.0.0
@jyoon ^^
12:43 PM
1:02 PM
1 hour later…
2:03 PM
@nana Nice work, naners!
But I'm a little disappointed by my numbers
without even looking I can tell you that you probably win on hate and fuck
Surprisingly no. I would like a recount
you do not win on hate?
Nope. But I did on "fuck" and "fucking"
But Carl did find this...
15 hours ago, by Carl Anderson
@nana awesome statistics!
how'd you do it? count it manually or did you use a script?
it's scary how close to the average I am
it's like... I am the room
I think I'd win if someone would were to create a 'lol'-counter
2:19 PM
Actually, that went through my head Ahmad. You ARE the room, aren't you?
I did it manually, I started writing script, but then realized what I was doing and deleted the project :)
Ahmad's next avatar...
Hey all :)
2:40 PM
lol magic
3:04 PM
Have you figured out how to get a ripple effect on a view?
3:14 PM
I have successfully defeated the PSATs
what are PSATs?
practice SAT, for college scholarships mainly.
The National Merit Scholarship Program is a United States academic scholarship competition for recognition and university scholarships administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a privately funded, not-for-profit organization. The program began in 1955. NMSC conducts two annual competitions for recognition and scholarships: the National Merit Scholarship Program, which is open to all students who meet entry requirements, and the National Achievement Scholarship Program (est. 1964) in which only African American students participate. The highest achieving students in the...
The PSAT wikipedia site led me there
Yep, thats that
you are crazy
with the rest of million high schoolers doing that
3:21 PM
the chance of getting into this program is so low that it's not even worth considering doing this
on top of this they evaluate you based on your outside-of-school activities
fuck this shit
don't most scholarships do this?
at least to some extend
The PSAT are the Practice SATs, and you need to take the SAT to get into any college in the USA. So its more for practice(Like maybe 1 person in my school will get one). It more for practice because they are the same minus an essay
Plus I don't think I want to be put on the same list as M. Night Shyamalan
(look at the "Notable National Merit and National Achievement Scholars" list)
If you really want to get a scholarship then just search in your family history for some recent immigrant, so you can claim you are 1/16 whatever. IIRC there are quite a few scholarships for minorities.
just kidding of course :p
They have those in germany too, and I would be eligible to get like 400€/month for just having this immigrant background, but fuck this shit.
@Ahmad which one would that be?
3:36 PM
Hmm, I forgot the name
just a minute
A friend of mine got that for a year or two
It might have been the Vodafone Chancen Stipendium
No it wasn't this, but there seems to be this list: sueddeutsche.de/bildung/…
4:08 PM
is anyone here already developing for Myo?
The hell is a myo?
this thing from thalamic labs
Answer's obviously no.
4:46 PM
Q: NullPointerException with Constrctur problom, Please Help, Deadline

Or bohbotI'm having a trouble with NullPointerException. I did that Class. package com.example.nemaps; import java.util.ArrayList; import com.google.android.gms.maps.GoogleMap; import com.google.android.gms.maps.model.BitmapDescriptorFactory; import com.google.android.gms.maps.model.LatLng; import com....

5:07 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Sorry man, I was half asleep and just grabbed some.
Myo, looks pretty cool.
5:34 PM
build tools 21.0.1 is out, no changes posted yet
although, I dont recall these being on that page yesterday
RenderScript now supports seamless 32/64-bit operation for API level 21 and higher.
Fixed issue with the Gradle build system when using the JaCoCo plugin. (Issue 69174)
Added an input-list option for use with long command lines on Windows.
already got a rev2 on emulator images too
21.0.1 is to fix aapt.exe and building a new project and the whole appcompat errors
nice, ty RED_
5:52 PM
so where is @RaghavSood ?
Q: Pro android Augmented Reality by raghav sood chapter 9. arrow pointing on specific location

John Jumao-as Laurodoes anyone who knows how to to this? an arrow that points to the target destination. i'd like an idea or source code of it. i have tried to customize the codes but it's hard to understand. thanks for the answer.

> Pro android Augmented Reality by raghav sood chapter 9. arrow pointing on specific location
6:22 PM
> i'd like an idea or source code of it.
I don't think Raghav or anybody should help him out
yes i agree
that's why i closed it
6:51 PM
Who here works on iOS also? Is there any benefit to an actual iphone over the newest ipod touch for dev work?
7:32 PM
You never stop surprising me with your questions...I expect much more from someone with a 4.8K rep... — Emmanuel 28 secs ago
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