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12:00 AM
yeah he got me
just doin' it for the money bro
I do it for the bitches
girls love programmers
@Ahmad shit, he got me...
ikr dave?
I'm literally drippin'
they are all like, omg fix my iptables on my ubuntu partition
and I'm like baby I got you
12:05 AM
Good day!
hey law
Did Google release something today?
nexus 6 and android 5.0 is avail oct 17
and nexus 9
Lollipop right?
12:06 AM
and the nexus player
yup Lolli
Sounds weird haha!
Oct 17 is in 2 days!!!!
That's awesome!!
my calendar tells me it's tomorrow
smart ass....
12:08 AM
pff, people that live on the other side of the world.
you guys are living in the past
Nazi time travel
not that you are, just that the time travel is, it's an affront on nature.
For Ahmad it is a compliment if you call him Nazi, come he is German...
Wow Android 5.0 looks good! Material design! =)
(too much?)
whaa, me not a nazi? you never seen a black nazi before?
12:11 AM
Material Design....
did trevor just fly in?
yes, sponsored by kayak
12:11 AM
I keep seeing trevor coming into chat after some period of time, but it is a lie!
I still can't believe the prices are correct.
Who'd buy it for that much?
Not me.
what are the prices?
if you refresh your browser he is not here!
the main selling point for the nexus line was the price
12:12 AM
Any info on how much for the tablet?
no not yet
are you guys going to ruin my day? how much will it cost?
Well that and... the whole Nexus thing, updates first and forever.
and, If I have a Nexus 5, how much better the 6 would be for me as a user?
7 hours ago, by Ahmad
> Nexus 6 will be available for pre-order through the Google Play Store in late October starting at $649.
12:13 AM
KMA Google!
I will wait 2 days for my Android 5.0 update and it will be the same
as if I have piles of money laying around
so google is not subsidizing the phones anymore?
but really, besides the better camera and processor, what will be the difference?
they never did
is there going to be any significant difference from a user stand point?
12:15 AM
they just sold them a bit over the production cost
well, the phone looks pretty slick
but not really
the N5 is a pretty solid phone
quality-benefits-price wise the Nexus 5 is a great phone
And the larger display.
And double tap to wake up and hw DSP.
Front end speakers...
Front end speakers are really cool
My BB Playbook has amazing front facing speakers
watching vids on it is so cool
^ every time I watch a video on N7 I cup the sides with my pals to reflect the sound towards me.
N5 is not much better, but it is still a great device.
haha yeah I used to do that with my N7 as well
because the speakers on the first gen aren't great
the volume is so low, on top of them facing to the back
1:03 AM
Woo, Google made an Android tablet that doesn't have a really damn stupid aspect ratio
But they want $1399
Q: NullPointerException when I try to capture an image (built-in camera) and save it to a file

Nikhil BhaskarHere's what the app does - User clicks button (to take a picture) on Activity A, the captured image gets set as on an ImageView in Activity A, and then the user clicks a "save" button, which takes him/her to Activity B, where the image they took gets displayed (on an ImageView in Activity B) I...

I need a gold badge
1:24 AM
Just learned about ruby modules. Really nice.
Share your knowledge.
it's basically composition
you can define modules that you can share across classes
to all owners
Heh, just found this old piece of code I wrote:
if this guy requests access let him in
@codeMagic @CarlAnderson
1:37 AM
It's calculates the answer to the ultimate question.
Guess the language :)
brainfuck? :D
this brainfuck interpreter crashed my browser: esoteric.sange.fi/brainfuck/impl/interp/i.html
It's a language you probably already know.
then it's probably perl
1:39 AM
not python
Are you guys done?
Do you give up?
@sockeqwe Welcome. Please read the room rules.
Emmanuel was praising you.
And your libs.
Okay I think I give up fu
He is an Annotation Processor Guru!
1:41 AM
reveal it
what language is it?
Hi @all
of course it's js
yo sockeqwe
well i wouldn't say that im a guru
1:42 AM
you are my friend...you are...
Sup, sockeqwe.
thanks for inviting me
no problem
We are pretty fanatic about annotation processors in this room already
Yeah annotation processing is a really cool feature of java
1:43 AM
It is awesome when it comes to Android
no Runtime lookups
I have written some decorators (python term for annotations) in python
they are sick in every language
btw. I'm currently working on another annotation processor to reduce writing boilerplate code for adapters
^ awesome!
That looks amazing man.
so I decided to learn ruby on rails in this night
it's 4 am and I think I'm not going to sleep either way
so why not finish this paid gig I got
pretty easy web application for a company that distributes newspaper-subscriptions
haha, well, i will go to bed right now ... like you said 4 AM here in Europe ... See you guys ... good night!
1:48 AM
@nana lol I knew it's 42
Ofcourse, that is the only correct answer.
I knew I had an interactive js shell installed
but I couldn't find it
Ctrl - Shift - I
turns out I have this node shell installed
If you're in Chrome
1:52 AM
oh wait right I could have just used the browser shell
no I was talking about the one in my terminal
Got it
Does View have an event on render?
I'd like to run code when a certain view has non zero height.
you would have to use a ViewTreeObserver
A: Determining the size of an Android view at runtime

Vikram BodicherlaUse the ViewTreeObserver on the View to wait for the first layout. Only after the first layout will getWidth()/getHeight()/getMeasuredWidth()/getMeasuredHeight() work. ViewTreeObserver viewTreeObserver = view.getViewTreeObserver(); if (viewTreeObserver.isAlive()) { viewTreeObserver.addOnGlobal...

Yes I do, thanks. I forgot, lol.
3 hours later…
4:32 AM
o/ yo wadupp
Sup yo
5:28 AM
5:44 AM
Wadup @LawGimenez still waiting for the call
I have no idea bro. =(
yo o/
two shinchans again O_O
6:26 AM
Yo People!
6:47 AM
7:17 AM
7:48 AM
sup yo yo
7:59 AM
Morning o/
8:39 AM
sup sup o/
8:59 AM
(An account) [plus.google.com/+PhilippeBreault/posts] to follow for AS users
Later homies
9:28 AM
bye o/
9:50 AM
ahmad, how is ruby on rails going?
1 hour later…
11:01 AM
Slowly making progress on debugging my spring server... Sigh.
I knew it was going to be painful to put a lot of code in that wasn't tested all at once...
11:38 AM
The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is a private, non-profit organization that acts primarily as an advocacy group for the United States Army. Founded in 1950, it has 125 chapters worldwide. Membership is open to everyone, not just Army personnel, nor is membership mandatory for soldiers. The organization publishes ARMY Magazine and the Green Book, and runs the Institute for Land Warfare. The current president is retired Army General Gordon R. Sullivan. == Mission == AUSA's official mission is threefold: Being the voice for all components of America's Army Fostering public support...
Any confirmation on the dimensions of Nexus 6 yet?
5.96” 1440x2560 display (493 ppi) google.com/nexus/6
By dimensions I mean inches or centimeters ;)
Not sure if correct but I found this : 6.27 x 3.27 x 0.40 inches (159.26 x 82.98 x 10.06 mm)
11:56 AM
to get large version of the posted picture add :large to the end of the link
please use metric! :D
12:13 PM
hey hey
hey, how are you doing?
12:30 PM
seems I am finally on the "getting well" track
that's nice to hear, I am happy for you
12:43 PM
Morning y'all
12:57 PM
@netpork I wanted to start over the night
but then I fell asleep
dammit sleep
morning MrEng
1:30 PM
Ouch .. fragment still on the backgound when I test on S note 2 :|
I'm dropping the cloud app
the 10 images/day restriction is dumb
back to imgur
Morning folks
Came in late today and forgot it was flu shot day. So a needle as soon as I walked in the door is the perfect way to start a morning
@user3848825 denied. Default usernames are against our room policy
Morning there codeMagic
1:46 PM
yo kabuto
@user3848825 see below...
2 mins ago, by codeMagic
@user3848825 denied. Default usernames are against our room policy
Fragment UI still on the background
2:04 PM
are you using replace?
bb, yeah
Did you rotate the device?
then you should remove
the other,
it's an old issue/expected behaviour
Ok I will do thank you bb
2:08 PM
thanks MrEng
2:21 PM
only for your eyes
A: Why did this ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException happen?

Krishna Aryal0 down vote favorite I was programming an application and I have recently fixed a NullPointerException. But then I ran into another exception... the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Here's a part of my code: Hi ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception is raised while accessing array index greate...

Oh it's removed :( but but... it was so enlightening.
@Ahmad The screenshot one?
Dropbox does the same thing!
Now I have mac2imgur: github.com/rauix/mac2imgur
it does it as well
dropbox doesn't one box in chat though
2:25 PM
Ooooh that's nice.
Yeah the non-1-boxing is annoying.
There is also Lightshot which is nice too.
And my Dropbox is filling up with screenshots haha
lol yeah I don't want that either
Lightshot looks like it's more useful for windows because windows doesn't have a native selection/crop-thingy for screenshots
mac does
Paint has been good to me but I might try Lightshot
I think it's useful just because it generates a link to share. As for windows native selection, yes it's true. I use alt for window selection only.
2:30 PM
need to look into this Lightshot
Does anyone know sites like this one? androidniceties.tumblr.com
testing this...
removed :( dammit
Because it didn't one box
what language is that from:
any ideas?
could be php or JS
2:41 PM
no ; ?
Q: Javah Eclipse Error: cannot access android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity class file for android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity not found

user2414681I need to generate header file using javah in my Jni sub-folder of my project using external tools in eclipse IDE but when select my class in the project get error: cannot access android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity class file for android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity not found The Exter...

That worked
looks like js
2:46 PM
@codeMagic wut?
exactly! That's the one bb linked to earlier
That's lightshot @codeMagic?
I thought it didn't use imgur :\
Stack uses imgur, I guess it pasted the image into the chatbox.
2:48 PM
If I copy the url in the little box that pops up to open or copy, that link didn't one box. But if I copy/paste it to browser then copy image url it uses that
Oh I see it now thanks :)
Is this easy to use?
Warren: pretty sure that's js
orb you were 5secs faster than me
looks like part of what was demonstrated in the wat-video
2:58 PM
I love this video :D
haha :D
Finally faster than you...for once! :D
same awesomeness like WAT
A: OnClick listener implementation not workin

EricTry this instead: Button btMain = (Button)findViewById(R.id.button1); btMain.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { doStuff(); } }); This is the best way.

great answer
it is the best way
3:01 PM
Of course! He said so
Q: Do I need to download all older SDKs?

Hirak ChhatbarWell, this is a silly question, but I was wandering whether we need to download all oder android SDKs? I man my targetSDk will will be 21 (android L) that is going to release tomorrow and my minSDK is 8 (android 2.2). Do I need to download all other sdks in that are in between these 2?

Obviously. You are strictly right. But if you develop an Android app, frequently you have more than one View/Button. So a switch with very cases is tedious to read/understand/implement. More difficult if you are a newbie developer. — Eric 2 mins ago
just keep quiet, codeMagic, let this one go
@WarrenFaith omg
3:14 PM
I have Lost my phone number :(
I thought that sdk question was actually a valid one from a newb. I would rather see that than NetworkOnMainThreadException "how do I fix them codez"
Or "when I disable my button on list adapter and scroll I get other buttons disabled too"
I'm looking at the three-line lists desgin guidelines, but the amount of text in the tiles will not be the same... Bad idea?
as long as the title is singleline, I don't see an issue
it should look good if I have an image to the left of every tile, right?
I hope Google releases more guidelines tomorrow
3:23 PM
depends on size and position of the image, but sure, why not
okay, thanks
Oh my
Q: What is the difference between Android Mobile OS and Android Wear OS?

user3307248Why google created Android wear OS instead of using Android OS in Smartwatches?

Ok, think I'll stay out of the questions for awhile
why u heff to be med?
Because I'm an angry person
3:33 PM
It's really better to use static modifier on a ViewHolder pattern?
bb, you still around ?
static modifier for what exactly, Pedro?
a static Viewholder class?
@blackbelt you still around ?
kind of
3:41 PM
the static class wouldn't be bad, but static member variables probably a no go :D
Yes that's what I thought @WarrenFaith. I don't use it but I read that keeping it static should be good to avoid memory leaks.
Hi, Android!
Because this guaranties that there is only one ViewHolder active
I still don't know what you want to make static...
I used add after removing the fragment from the back-stack , and also the problem still
3:44 PM
you should talk straight and not with references :)
because i set background image with alpha
when i removed the alpha problem gone
That doesn't make sense Pedro. Each row should have it's own ViewHolder, so more than one object will be needed.
not from the backstack
remove it with a transaction
what an awful code in the question, Pedro
3:47 PM
Good, then I'm not going crazy. Because I saw it as a solution. And since every view needs to have a viewholder on it's tag I was like.. "wat?"
I will try this solution :=) Thanks
@portfoliobuilder denied due to poor A:Q ration. Go be helpful in the community and request again
You should make ViewHolder itself static to prevent that it keeps a reference to the outer class (adapter or what ever)
beside that, the code in the question is a nightmare for me
doing two weeks of review for a project and get a feeling for cleaner structure and responsibility and the code in the question is a heavy unmaintainable mess
I know. I was just intrigued by the answer that's all :)
3:51 PM
well the answer is bad written as well :D
So let me see if I get this right. If ViewHolder is non-static, everytime you create an instance it will have a reference to their outer class? in this case the Adapter itself?
bb, worked many thanks
@WarrenFaith I agree
My new computer came today, already! Woo hoo! I guess someone isn't getting much programming done today
3:55 PM

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