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11:05 PM
@Gemtastic just FYI: I have the job :p
@fge Yaay! Congratulations! :D
To be honest, I was anxious
This and France's victory against Slovenia, so far it's been a good week
11:21 PM
There were an increase in the amount of spam posted, so not necessarily a good week for me..
Poor uni. All moderating and no coding makes Uni a dull boy...
@Unihedro really, moderating of online forums in 2015 should be a full time job
The traffic becomes so high that goodwill alone just cannot cut it
@Gemtastic @fge: .. I automated the flagging process on SE by a little bit, and with Pham watching all, it's not tedious.
Well, it's still a job you do for free. I thank you!
@fge I agree.
Plus, no one praises you for moderation (i.e. thanks for closing my question, I knew it wasn't a good fit), so you really do have to believe in what you are doing to get anything done at all.
11:33 PM
What development tools have you used?
like RAD, eclipse?
An IDE, yes.
11:48 PM
How would I perform the following calculation in Java: 30 sin 2t? Doing (30 * Math.sin(2 * t)) where t is an integer does not give the expected results.
2.0 * t
I've worked with NetBeans, Eclipse, notepad++, various web browsers and scene builder.
cv-plz downv-plz ans-downv-plz stackoverflow.com/q/28224943/3622940
Too much begging for the day, I'll give you all a break.
@Unihedro Still doesn't print the right answer
signature for sin is?
11:53 PM
Hi all, I'm trying to optimize this code. My concern is the if statement in the loop:
SELECT Name, Comment, County, CurrentOperator, LeaseName, LeaseNumber, SpudDate, WellStatus, Field, WellNumber, Location, OCSNumber FROM EpiWell_Well
wrong code hold on
while (result.next()) {
Loc petra = new Loc(petra3TableConnection());

com.openspirit.spi.data.type.SetableDataValue[] dataValues = result

int idx = 0;
petra.m_botLat = doubleQty(dataValues[idx++]);
petra.m_botLon = doubleQty(dataValues[idx++]);
petra.m_botX = doubleQty(dataValues[idx++]);
petra.m_botY = doubleQty(dataValues[idx++]);
petra.m_chgDate = (Timestamp) dataValues[idx++].getObject();
@Unihedro Not sure how to answer that. What do you mean?
Is it these "An event is starting in 6 minutes" things that pings me randomly?
I'm thinking that creating two different methods. One that has those additional variables initialized
and another one that has the variables that are always initialized.
that way the if statement isn't visited over and over again
Well it wants a double on its parameter, and you passed an int, so the cast introduces inaccuracy. After you fix that, if it 'still doesn't work', probably someplace else
11:58 PM
I'm basically trying to do average velocity
the equation is s(t) = 30 sin 2t
The interval is [0,0.001]
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