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1:29 AM
Oh dear, my TODO list for grappa is growing
1:56 AM
And I'm thinking about boycotting the classes held by that teacher
I'm watching the udemy database Design videos and it's just sooo much better, and we actually get to know important things my teacher doesn't know, like that name is a protected word. My teacher used name in his example table AND he made a many to many example >_>
2:18 AM
@Gemtastic gets your hands dirty
My advice: go with jooq and h2
Don't only rant, act :)
I rant a lot but I do act a lot
I think we have to use a SQL database for this course, but I'm, not sure.
Well, h2 is SQL
The thing is; they are finding a middle way where we need to know what's already out there (even if it's bad or old) and we need to be on the edge with the new and shiny things.
(it has a JDBC driver)
@fge Then that's great!
SQL is the most commonly used one so SQL it is. Luckily we don't have to use MySQL even though that's what they are gonna teach us in class
Also, I am already doing; I'm watching these videos so I can start designing some nice DB designs ;)
2:21 AM
And jooq allows you to write (no joke) create().select(Table.Col1, Table.Col2, Table2.Col1).from(Table, Table1).join(etc etc).where(etc etc).orderBy(etc etc)
I should probably try a lot of them out though
Designing is one thing
Getting one's hands dirty is another entirely
Especially with database designs
@fge I'm not quite there yet that I fully (I do kinda know though) what that means
After all, a design models your business requirements
And unfortunately, those are not static
Well then, all the more a reason to start now ;)
Step 1. is the theoretica l desing. Step 2 is try it out. Step three, re-design it based on your experiences making it. ;)
2:25 AM
fge@alustriel:~/tmp$ (unzip -l ~/fartRR.zip; unzip -l ~/t.zip )|grep trace
16889933 2015-01-25 00:27 trace.json
2755022 2015-01-28 03:17 trace.csv
What a difference
A more than 6 times savings just by switching formats and a little optimization
OK, maybe not 6 times but more than 5
Seems like it's going well :)
Yeah well I had to do this
My main tester generates JSON files which are more than 5 GiB large!
I couldn't believe it at first, but yeah
So, I/O becomes a bottleneck...
The sizes above are for 54792 events
I see. Yeah, you needed to fix that
And it looks like you did well
2:42 AM
I could improve some more, but that would alter time measurements quite a bit unfortunately :/
The problem is that I store the result of System.nanoTime()
And it is "absolute"
I could do better by keeping the first time I record it and substracting
And I eat my own dog's food to parse the CSV, of course :p
3:02 AM
(I even use largetext to read the trace files
Time for a n00b question again; what is it you're parsing?
@fge I spot magic numbers
@Gemtastic I read my own events
And, uh, magic numbers?
3:23 AM
A magic number is a number that just suddenly appears with no explanation. Like this part of your code:
 public TraceEventParser()
Where does that zero come from?
It's just magically hard-coded there
Sure, a lot of the time it's easy to figure what the number is (like in this case) but it's bad practice to have them :P
15 messages moved to Trash
I just don't get that user
@Gemtastic inb4 rant
No I just wanted to comment that.
shakes my head and gets on with life
3:42 AM
I just found a bug in largetext
My parser works great
@fge That's good at least
@fge Hooray!
And I also found a bug in the zip filesystem provider
<-- needs to work on largetext; looks like the tests I did were not enough :/
Final version of that parser
It's quite simple to write :p
3:58 AM
anybody here?
Sort of
@William Nope.
still looking for an easy-to-use mechanism to build values out of a parser
4:36 AM
My head is reeling.. may be coz I slept more than I should.. ~9 hrs
Oversleeping is evil
4:47 AM
@Unihedro this joke is not funny, haha
Any game developer here?
@fge what was that book on TDD that you recommended?
5:07 AM
@Gemtastic "Practical unit testing with TestNG and Mockito"
5:25 AM
@William I guess nope :)
5:40 AM
@fge Thanks! :)
what is the use of this '%1$032X' on a string format?
@anathema the 1$ is what you could called a "positional parameter"
That means it refers to the first argument of the formatter
i suppose the 32x would be the length of string?
@anathema for instance, String.format("%2$s %1$s", "bar", "foo") will return string "foo bar"
5:55 AM
@anathema (double check, I'm not 100% sure) 032X means print that in hex, with capital letter for a-f, length 32 always, and digits that don't fill up are replaced with 0
But the real reference here is the doc for Formatter
Actually I do use that in one of my projects
In order to print the value of a code point I use format "U+%04X"
And it does the job just fine
i saw that in an existing code where it converts a BigInteger to string by using that format but upon looking the result, the length of the character was only 31
And what that BigInteger really big enough to fill all the string?
yes because it was used for encryption of password
And are you sure that this particular format string was the culprit?
am not that 100% sure, i am still studying the code since i am not the one who implemented it
6:07 AM
Has anyone here used ruby?
I tried pinginmg un ruby room
but noone's online
i Guess
@fge have you?
Not really... I did use puppet, but then it's a DSL based on ruby
And I quite hate DSLs
(which is why I love grappa)
okay then
ruby, yet another language which I really don't see the appeal of
I have yet to see a scripting language as terse as, say, python, which has error handling as good as Java's (ie, checked exceptions)
Heya All
What dose heya mean?
6:20 AM
It means "hey"
@ItachiUchiha thanks.
6:48 AM
Heya All
heya you
what's up man
7:04 AM
Good morning, Java!
My country is already afternoon.
@William I thought you are in US
Hehe, another 4k lines of code removed
7:36 AM
I'd take a look at "mkmf.log", as suggested by the error message. (I don't use ruby either, so I don't have better guesses)
2 hours later…
9:15 AM
@ShaU nope. I am not in US.
@Smrita sorry. I dont use ruby.
Hi everybody
9:42 AM
@Unihedro are you better ?
@Vogel612 Yeah thanks, by a significant bit.
Eh, no pun intended. :p
Was it required to trash a game link ?
@ShaU Are game links relevant to any conversation in here at all?
9:58 AM
Writing this in Java Chat room --> ♫ is relevant?
Is this a Musical Chat room?
@ShaU Yes.
yesterday, by Gemtastic
I also play a cajun, but everyone with a sense of beat can play that >_>
@ShaU I thought you were told already not to behave like a spoiled brat
^^ evidence
9:59 AM
And I play piano medleys in here every once in a while, as well as share music we like.
@fge no learning to be expected...
Yeah, I guess so
Oh, and since I mentioned it: http://www.multiplayerpiano.com/Unihedron
Well, anyway, I have code to prune/write/cleanup
@fge gl hf
10:01 AM
@fge If you Don't mind CAN YOU tell me How Posting a JavaScript Game Challenge makes me a "Spoiled Brat"???
@Unihedro How is that "Relevant" to Java?
The link itself is not the problem, it's your pointless arguing about its removal which makes you one
(and you keep going at it; try and learn from your mistakes)
@ShaU It just is. It is. It is. It is. CODE DEMO <-- proof. See, it is. Bye.
@Unihedro Did i posted some bullshit game from internet? NO. I posted one challenge which people in JavaScript are enjoying.
@ShaU s/NO/YES/
10:05 AM
@ShaU will you just stop, please? This is getting old
@Unihedro I have a Better Description about this group. Holy cow! It's Java , Follow the rules made by Unihedro OR Get Out!
@ShaU Good idea.
@fge What ??? Are You Serious? What is the problem you have with me?
room topic changed to Java: Holy cow! It's Java! | Follow the community consensus and rules or get banned! // description specifically made to legitimize kicking ShaU [java] [javabeans] [java-ee] [javafx] [jsp] [servlets] [swing]
Why dont you list down some of the rules (Only for ShaU)
10:09 AM
@ShaU: don't be sad, be more confident and you will have a good day.
@ShaU Blame Google Docs for the rules no longer being public. We hosted the rules there, but it disappeared.
1. You can Post Videos except ShaU
2. You can chat off topic except ShaU
3. You can sing and play some music except ShaU
4. You can use F word except ShaU
5. so on......
@ShaU shall I repeat it a third time? Does a thing that gets in one of you "ears" immediately flee through the other?
@ShaU: we're just text on the screen. why so serious?
@fge Do you own this place?
10:14 AM
@ShaU Do you own this place?
No I don't; but I (usually) like to hang around in there for some good Java oriented conversation
@Unihedro Do you ?
he does...
@ShaU he does, actually
10:15 AM
@ShaU yep
room topic changed to Java: "Presenter First: An Overview" linked for your convenience: mangstacular.blogspot.fr/2014/05/presenter-first-overview.html [java] [javabeans] [java-ee] [javafx] [jsp] [servlets] [swing]
That aside, I wonder what gives you the rights over questioning someone elses' clear and abide'able statement. fge is correct, yet you've been ignorant and neglect him without showing clear grounds.
now now... discussion over..
everybody calm down, ya?
no, just continue. I need to kill my time :D 40 minutes before clock out
@MinhD We are not entertainers :P
<-- working on the debugger again
thinks @MinhD needs more professional clowns instead
10:21 AM
The guy who uses grappa like crazy generates JSON trace files which are 7 GiB in size!!
goes to flag spam instead
(I reduced that to a sixth of the size using a trimmed down CSV instead)
@fge: And why does a JSON trace files = 7x CSV? Since both are text.
Well, those are serialized POJOs and they are serialized as JSON Objects
Did you use less chars, and without brackets?
10:32 AM
The "decoration" (braces, colons, commas, member names) make up for more than half the space for one trace event I believe
Plus I use two enums whose values never change so I store their ordinals instead, plus I suppressed one piece of information which was talking up a lot of place and that I can rebuild if need be
And that latter piece information depends on the parse tree depth, which can be over 200
With my examples the saving are one sixth, but I only attain depths of 40
I expect his savings to be even greater
"more than half the space for one trace event" I can accept that. replace enum is also good idea
@Unihedro thinks uni should keep developing on #33 instead
fge@alustriel:~/src/perso/grappa-debugger$ (unzip -l ~/fartRR.zip; unzip -l ~/t.zip )|grep trace
16889933 2015-01-25 00:27 trace.json
2423837 2015-01-28 05:39 trace.csv
That's before and after
@Vogel612 Yeah, I'll do that once I find a soundtrack to listen to on soundcloud.
Lots of noise from the neighbourhood here - can't concentrate
sounds like a plan ;)
10:36 AM
(and that's "only" 55000 parse events)
I'm eagerly waiting for your changes so I can possibly adapt my branch
and then get it merged and update the testclient accordingly
@fge good jb. just curious what editor are you using to open those big files?
@Vogel612 k :)
@fge you mean those trace files are not log but an input?
or both (log & input) ;P
10:42 AM
A log
But the text which has been parsed is also attached
What use would it be otherwise?
"Yeah, so matcher foo has succeeded at offset 35873 and matched until 35984"
Now, what does that mean if you don't have the text to show what it matched? :p
Anyway, that's my first GUI program so progress is slooooow
:) progress is good, slow is also progress
Something about void is inherently broken.
Yeah, the way you try to handle it, I guess :p
There's the wrapper type Void, but here's the problem: Void is an actual type. But you cannot cast a Void into void, nor a void into Void.
private static void foo();

  Void bar = foo(); // no
10:57 AM
Well, you can't cast a boolean to a Boolean either
It does autobox on >1.5 compliance level.
Yes but not Void
And also: You can have a return type of a Void[]. There is no void[].
The only valid value for Void references is null
Actually, Void.VOID, which is null.
However, here's the incredibly broken aspect: When you do .getName() for void.class, it gives Void.
private static void foo();

public static void wrapperFoo() {
  return foo(); // compile time error
10:59 AM
And so, uh, why are you procrastinating on such a pointless exercise? :p
private static Void foo();

public static Void wrapperFoo() {
  return foo(); // ACTUALLY WORKS
@fge Idk. :p
Learning to mock here.
It's because you can't RET a value
But you can ARETURN
You can't "push" void but you can Void
11:15 AM
anyone know a good ressource to a youtube video / other, that explaines the theory about two-dimensional & three-dimensional arrays. How they work and how they store data?
interesting question... but how would they store data differently from arrays?
@CristianMatthiasAmbæk Real multidimensional arrays or Java-style ones?
(Yes, they are different)
@Unihedro whats the different on Real multidimensional arrays and java style ones? :)

@Vogel612 (from what i know) they dont store data differently from a normal arraylist, but the primary list and sub lists can have different length. Im having trouble seeing for me that if you have a primary list of 10 slots and a sub list of 5 (for a random example) what does the visiual representation of storing data in these look like?
ohhhhh dear
well that's java-style arrays, where it's even more important to differentiate between arrays and arraylists
ow sorry i meant arrays
not arrayslists
11:23 AM
@CristianMatthiasAmbæk Java "multi-dimensional arrays" are jagged arrays stacked on each other. Real N-dimensional arrays are regular, aka type[,,] varName = new type[4, 5, 3].
^^ that.
Which has four slots on "the zero'eth dimension", five slots on "the first dimension", and three slots on "the second dimension"
point being, jagged arrays are jerks about memory
'cause they don't tell you beforehand what memory the'll take
If you create an array of "dimension" n, then you have to specify at least n - 1 "dimensions"
There are no real "sparse arrays"
That's a bytecode limitation by the way
See multianewarray for more information (for arrays of "dimension" 2 or more)
reminds me of how you can resize only the last dimension of a vba Array
11:26 AM
And anewarray for "one dimension" array
Currently im looking into arrays, arraylists and hashmaps (book + online). But none of the ressources i have explain the visiual representation of how the data is stored, in this case a array. Just what it is and how its used.
And by the way, int[][] foo ) new int[3][] is a one dimension array in that sense
But new int[3][3] is a "two-dimension" array
The first will invoke anewarray, the second multianewarray
@fge Yep, it's a 1D-array of arrays.
However, if there are instructions dedicated to load from arrays ([ailfd]aload), there are no dedicated instructions for arrays of several dimentions
You have to aaload the "inner" arrays then *aload the element
(end of "pseudo" lesson on bytecode)
Arrays in Java suck :p
Note that abstractions of arrays in Java introduces limitations, i.e. 1. virtual classes cannot delegate each other 2. only arrays of bi-concrete types can be created using the new constructor, otherwise reflection is needed to create a new generic type array 3. an array is really a mutable object storing values, hence a common mistake is for one to treat static final arrays as immutable.
@fge I agree. :p
At least the presence of arrays introduces classes that can build upon them to make them more capable of tasks.
Interesting experiment related to arrays: They can act as a strong reference holder for objects, so a way to inject a dependency for existence of an object without explicitly creating a thread to store them or allocating a field (which introduces resource leaks) is to use a static length-1 array and store it in the array.
11:37 AM
O.O ... Alrighty than.
@Unihedro instead of playing games with void and arrays why don't you do something serious :p
You would generally use ArrayLists and HashMaps more than arrays though.
@fge I'm coding. :)
Yeah, coding trash code, right?
a fix for JavaBot#33 :P
@fge @Unihedro are you guys full time Java developers?
11:50 AM
@CristianMatthiasAmbæk I used to be one. I'm actually a student.
@Unihedro So what do you use Java for these days? Besides something called JavaBot ,)
@CristianMatthiasAmbæk Eh, good question, I actually prefer C++ for most scenarios when I need to build a program, and Python when I feel lazy and just want to get something done quickly.
The best from different worlds? ,)
I'm learning C# too, but I only have Mono. :P
:) Working on any interesting projects with all this knowledge ,)?
11:59 AM
With what knowledge?
Java, Python, C++ and / or C#.
In all seriousness, knowing a few languages doesn't automagically grant you the ability to change the world. :P
I didnt say it did, i said interesting projects xD Maybe you are helping a pizza baker or ye what do i know xD
Or maybe you were involved in something on git
Well, I'm working on this, this and this and helps with algorithms used in this and does other things.
<-- won't say; too much stuff going on
It is really quite a pain that there doesn't seem to be an easy to use library based on ASM which I can ask to "please find me all invocations of methods foo which return this type and has these types as arguments"
12:14 PM
"Oh, and they should be before an ARETURN too"
The only solution I see is walk all the insns in reverse, look for ARETURNS and then check that those are the invocations I'm looking for :(
(and of course I have to compute the stack along the way -- great
Hey o!
Guys I need some advice
We have a megalithic project with lots and lots of classes mixed together in spaghetti code.
I'm making a command-line tool that needs access to one of the classes
The class cannot be factored out of the megalithic project sanely
I was suggested to create a main class inside the megalithic project, and have it refer to the class from there
However, that would make (AFAIK) the resulting executable unnecessarily large and hard to deploy
We use maven to manage dependencies
Uh oh.
Is "throw out the garbage and start over" not an option?
Is there an alternative to write it inside the same module? Or should I withdraw all the f***s I give and just do it inside?
So no idea?
12:38 PM
Not one I can currently think of...
If anyone here deals with JIRA/Stash: stackoverflow.com/q/28148054/871050 Now with 250 more bounty!
Hi guys. I am seeking help for a very trivial problem. I know how to do it in php, but Now need to do it in Java/Jsp
Say I have the following link:<s:property value="info.item[1]"/>">Click here to Pay</a>
<-- doesn't click
and I would like to pass the id to the .java file
in php I would have something like id = $_GET['id']
how do i do the same thing in jsp/java ?
say I am passing the id from that orange.jsp page to human.java
1:14 PM
How's your bot going, @Unihedro?
@SimonAndréForsberg fixing #33
Oh, awesome! Looking forward to that fix!
me too :D
1:16 PM
I just discovered that the chat-rate limits are not per-room :/
so if a bot writes 20 messages in one room and gets a long delay there, there is also a delay for posting in another room :(
chat.stackoverflow and chat.stackexchange does not seem to share rate limits though
@SimonAndréForsberg Actually, pretty sure it's per-IP.
@Unihedro that might be true
my bot is only running from one IP though :)
And doesn't share across all of chat.SE, chat.meta.SE and chat.SO (iirc)
yes, I also found that out ^^
(which is why I came here, to test it out)
1:20 PM
@Unihedro I still have a problem with authentication
And I have too little time to actually work on it
1:52 PM
Good morning, Java!
@kya You'd have to create a servlet to do that, kya: docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/tutorial/doc/bnafd.html
@SecondRikudo If the code you need to use is tangled up with all other other code, then it looks like you have no choice. :(
2:23 PM
does anyone know how to execute a storm topology in a web application?
[apache storm]
3:04 PM
@Michael Morning!
3:17 PM
hey guys, I'm not too sure on how to go about doing this, but I'm reading data from a csv file, and I want to store certain rows in a list, the list will contain elements such as id, name, first name etc. I can simply do this in an arrayList<String> with "id,name,first name", and I can split the string at the comma, but surely there's better ways to do this? the ordering of the list matters. thanks
Why you dont make hash map<row, valueof row>?
@Goldbones wut?
@Goldbones because a HashMap has no defined ordering
how would that solve the problem?
@Adz define a proper wrapper class having id, name, firstname as fields.
did not see ordering
3:22 PM
ok vogel, i'll try that thanks
@Adz Create a class that has properties id, name and firstname. Use it as the dimension for your arraylist and therefore store these objects. If you make them immutable, you'll be able to catch slight optimizations which makes it self-optimize to make up for the object creation cost.
@Unihedro +1
Manipulating with dynamic strings are a bad, bad idea, because there are too many edge cases and your splitting skills probably aren't good enough to make it run quickly.
And correctly, for that matter. Imagine if someone is called Unihedron, Vincent Lau (yes that's me).
yup, that makes sense @Unihedro thanks a-lot guys
3:31 PM
yeah guys that worked perfectly <3
> Vincent obtained B.Eng (Distinction 1st Hons – ranked 2nd) from the department of EEE, University of Hong Kong in 1992. He joined the Hong Kong Telecom (PCCW) after graduation for 3 years as system engineer. He obtained the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship, Rotoract Scholarship and the Croucher Foundation Scholarship in 1995 and studied for Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. He completed the Ph.D. degree in 2 y
LOL not me
I wasn't even born then, 1992 is an ancient
cv-pls near edge to expiry stackoverflow.com/q/12654139/…do not understand
@Goldbones What?
@Unihedro I know :P
3:36 PM
what s the importance of that question in particular?
@Unihedro confirmed for secret asian guy :p
@Goldbones Oh, it's SO-lang. You'll get used to it.
ah ok.
AKA "close votes please"
uni... #33 ...
4:52 PM
Huh, solution to mocking Platform.runLater() is in fact pretty easy

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