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12:01 AM
... continue?
12:11 AM
<-- still hard at work on the debugger; and wondering how to do lazy loading of events
@Unihedro back
you calculate by doing (s(t1) - s(t0))/(t1-t0)
So this is what I did:
double tZero = 0;
double tOne  = 0.001;

double result = (30*Math.sin(2.0*tOne))-
(30*Math.sin(2.0*tZero))/(tOne - tZero);
@fge Stream it? ;P
But instead of printing out 60.###, it prints 0.05999
12:28 AM
@Gemtastic the basic provider works with Java 7; I'd have to create a Stream for it...
@DemCodeLines use a formatter
@fge Well, if you don't want to make it Java 8 then you'd have to do that yes :P
@fge It's not the hash symbols that matter, those just there as place holders for decimal values.
@Gemtastic the thing is, grappa uses bytecode transformations and I have yet to master what Java 6 can do; let alone 7
I know there are use cases for invokedynamic somewhere
That's more detailed things than I know of. I just kinda fell in love with the streams
But I have to acquire a vast amount of knowledge to know what is possible and, most importantly, why
Anyway, I know how I'll do it
It will be basic, and then I can use StreamSupport.stream(theSpliterator, false)
@Gemtastic they are a very nice addition to Java indeed, but then so are method references and lambdas :) And all of this was made possible thanks to a very little known feature which appeared in Java 7
12:40 AM
Oh I agree about the lambdas. Java 8 really stepped it up a bit.
Yeah, and it's a boon for GUIs
This is a generic class allowing you to perform operations in background on any UI
For instance, for tests, I use a new BackgroundTaskRunner(MoreExecutors.newDirectExecutorService(), Runnable::run)
For JavaFX, the second argument would be Platform::runLater
And for Swing, SwingUtilities::invokeLater
And for webapps, yet something else
I really want to prove my point about GUI independence and implement the debugger as a webapp
I'm sure it's doable
1:04 AM
Nobody here would happen to know Android development? Willing to pay for someone to walk me through how to create a specific simple app.
@MyNameIsKhan pay? When there are so many tutorials online?
The tutorials are hard to understand and oftentimes not written in a way that is conducive to what I have in mind
Then what? This is part of the learning process
If a tutorial doesn't work for you, try with another; etc etc
I've already spent a week doing that
Well, keep going
FWIW, I have started a JavaFX app two weeks ago
1:09 AM
I'd much rather pay for someone who knows what they're doing to walk me through my specific questions
And two weeks ago I didn't even know anything about GUIs at all
Idk, some people like myself don't do as well teaching themselves
And now the application is real and works -- proof
I do better when I have someone I can talk to in real time
Everybody does
But you have to have the wits to learn from incomplete resources and connect the dots
Especially when you do programming, this is essential
1:11 AM
I'd rather optimize the process by throwing money at it so I can learn this shit more quickly
And who ever said that this was an optimization?
Hint: people whom you will pay for that will have gone through the same hurdles
There's no secret
Learning stuff in 2 days > learning stuff in 2 weeks with knowledge gaps and poor practice
What exactly is it that you're struggling with?
Learning stuff in 2 days with the limited view of the teacher < learning stuff in 2 weeks with awareness of what you still DO NOT know
Again, there's no secret
Different strokes, I guess. I learn better with a teacher.
1:17 AM
From my experience some people are indeed that way. I personally have never understood it. What exactly is it that you are struggling with? Stackoverflow is a great place for free help.
I am always afraid to ask questions on StackOverflow. It's real easy to get downvoted for asking questions deemed too basic, or the typical response is "just read a tutorial"
Generally I only downvote a question if it shows zero research effort and is only asking for work to be done for them. If you show what you've tried and ask how to do it, I'm sure you'll be well-received.
Just out of curiosity but out of all the tutorials you said you have read, how many did you actually try to execute? And when you tried and it failed, did you try and search for the cause of the error?
It's just not a format conducive to the way I learn (or ask questions) -- I've reached the point where I'd rather just pay someone.
@fge Six tutorials all the way through
That is far from being enough
1:20 AM
Those six tutorials have taken me all week, and at this point I feel like I still know nothing
I cannot count the number of pages I have read about JavaFX just to get stuff working the way I wanted
Well, then, keep going
Read more
And more, and more, and more again
Do you really think that you can get the gist of developping a full GUI app by reading only six tutorials?
I'm not trying to make anything fancy
Stop joking, please; GUI apps are among the most complex pieces of software out there
Well, after 6 tutorials, you kinda do know nothing
@fge Really?
It's easier to start programming a web server, for Pete's sake
@Gemtastic yes, really
1:23 AM
I'm well-versed in Python / VBA / Excel / MS Access enough to know that the kind of app I am trying to make is not overly difficult
But for whatever reason I just cannot find what I need when it comes to tutorials
What exactly is it that you 'need'?
I am basically trying to make my own diet app
no fancy GUI or social media integration or monetization or pretty pictures or whatever
@Gemtastic I can testify firsthand; I have developed a lot of successful libraries, but all of them require no user interaction in any way, shape of form; with the debugger it's different and much more difficult to get right :p
@fge Maybe I have a knack for it then?
Because I didn't think it was too hard when working on my own projects
@MyNameIsKhan that is not even the question here
1:26 AM
For example, I want to be able to weigh myself, open my app, type in a number, press OK, and bam, my weight value is stored in a database with a date value.
@MyNameIsKhan How much java do you know?
@Gemtastic links?
@Gemtastic I am familiar with C++, and some Java, although not to the same extent
@MyNameIsKhan and have you ever programmed any GUI app before?
MS Access, if that counts
1:27 AM
Form objects / editing the underlying code / attaching queries and VBA / etc
And I don't really remember if the other one is up to date with what I've done
Well, uh, no, I really wasn't thinking about that when I said "GUI apps"
@fge Is that to me?
1:29 AM
@Gemtastic all in the JavaFX controller, eh? :p
@fge No MVC there nope
@Gemtastic no
It's so lightweight
Well, I don't even do MVC
I do MVP with passive views
And this absolutely rocks
@fge This is my other one; only the GUI is kinda finished. It was gonna be my final project, but it just took too long: bitbucket.org/GeminiJuSa/dogshepherd/src/efa0631ea9e7?at=master
@fge MVP rocks?
1:30 AM
@Gemtastic I'll get to a conclusion about this when my debugger also has a webapp version
But yeah, so far it is much superior in concept than MVC to me
Frontiers are better defined, and as a result, it is more testable
I haven't really tried it myself, I was taught MVC by Ita and then I used Spring MVC so I kinda had to use it.
Spring has one big flaw
It expects you to do stuff The Spring Way(tm)
Maven has exactly the same flaw
And as a result you have a hard time when you try and switch to something else
Calling it a "day" -- have fun
1:53 AM
Well, it's because spring expects you to do MVC that I had to use it :P
Anyone interested in the offer I posted earlier?
2:39 AM
What offer?
@fge +1 for maven
3:26 AM
no one? offering money here :(
Sadly I don't know anything about android
So even if I wanted to I can't really help you
3:51 AM
@MyNameIsKhan if you are so desperate I can talk into someone to help ya
@gem how are things going?
@ItachiUchiha Just finished my project report
Which one?
You have done so many projects that I have lost count
:-P :-P
The one with the webproject and Spring MVC
Will you extend the same to support databases?
Since it needs to support databases if it's going live :P
4:04 AM
Hehe... yeah
Not sure if it'll be my final project in this course though
4:50 AM
@Unihedro Sorry, I just threw this up. I didnt really read the rules this time. I was in a rush, thank you! Ill make sure that its more specific next time. — SuperstarGamer 4 hours ago
Wow, a good asker
omg :O
haven't seen one in ages
for the record -- this is exactly why tutorials fail me
Q: Cannot find symbol variable main

MyNameIsKhanI am trying to follow this tutorial http://instinctcoder.com/android-studio-sqlite-database-example/ But I am getting an issue with MainActivity.java: public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. ge...

follow all the directions, nothing ever works, nothing is learned
Does that mean I'm a bad asker?
frustrating as hell
4:52 AM
@MyNameIsKhan: You looking for mentoring?
@Gemtastic, I met you quite a while ago ;D
@Unihedro but I've been asking things every now and then :P
@Unihedro Pretty much
It's hard for me to understand how any of this stuff works when 90% of the time things are failing even when I follow the directions in the tutorial
Some people learn better with people holding their hands, yeah.
I'm a border-case on that >_>
<-- gotten my hand held a lot
I learn best when left alone. :D
4:58 AM
I think learning on your own is useful after you get a grasp of the basics
Do you have time for quick questions?
When I try learning on my own at the beginning, I tend to learn bad habits
(The Unihedron's Kudo Level Quiz)
Ok, do you come with a language background?
5:01 AM
Python, MS Access, Excel/VBA, some C++
1: Do you know your own favourite text/code editor to your heart's fullest?
Depends on the language I guess, but sure
2: Do you have a (reliable) schedule?
5:29 AM
Heya All
What's up Gemmy ?
Nothing much really. Looking over my project, thinking about what to do next
I need a code reviewed. @uni @Vogel612 - anyone up?
Okay Gemmy Keep looking over n over
5:52 AM
posted on January 30, 2015 by Artist

Last week I lived code and stress, and today I've finally sent in the one missing piece for a grade. I really hope I can pass that course. We have now moved on to the next one, which is databases, huzzah! I kinda like databases so it's gonna be fun to learn this, and it's gonna be nice to see what the new teacher has to offer. In the meantime, read, read, read, and code, code, code!

6:20 AM
Did everyone die?
morning @all
6:35 AM
I am alive!
hey there @ShaU
What are you people up to?
not much, laying last hand of a project
6:51 AM
@Gemtastic code review
@chillworld What kind of project?
@ItachiUchiha Your own or other's? :P
My project but someone else worked on the class, and I guess it is a mess
Someone else worked on it?
someone else wrote the class :P
6:54 AM
because multiple people work on the same project
Oh I thought it was a project you made alone
@Gemtastic project to follow all our employees in foreign countries, what flight they took to where,...
in Java with ZK framework
@Gemtastic it was just challenging ;) 3 months to have it running in accept and 2 months later it must be in prod
Is it something you do for work?
7:00 AM
yes indeed
I wanna start working soon too
that shouldn't be a problem
@Gemtastic Just finish your training :)
@ItachiUchiha I'm working on it!
and once you start and you prove yourself other opportunities comes from itself
already declined 2 after work freelance jobs
and accepted a third one
7:04 AM
Nice :)
the third did pay to much to let it go ;)
Good morning, Java!
morning @OlegKuznetsov
wow break time
Hi friends
can anyone help me in installing STS in ubuntu 14.04
hello, can anyone assist me on this stackoverflow.com/questions/28217880/…
7:16 AM
@ItachiUchiha up? No. Awake? Yes.
@Vogel612 can you assist me with this
Q: Removing a row from a JTable using AbstractTableModel

GiovanrichI have a JTable. This table is using a custom model that I designed; the custom model is extends AbstractTableModel. I have a button which enables a user to delete a selected/highlighted row. Below is the code for my ProductTableModel: public class ProductTableModel extends AbstractTableModel {...

No. And I'm not goimg to look at the question necause judging from the title it's impossible
Use DefaultTableModel....
@Vogel612 you may need to look, some people here were saying it works - its just that i getting an error.
I just saw... You edited your question after you got an answer thag actually solved your problem
Don't do that. The answer now looks completely retarded and wrong
Because you changed the question the answer is invalid.
I rolled back the changes you made. Please ask new questions as new questions from now on
@Vogel612 okay, let me do that.
7:33 AM
The question in and of itself looked relatively nice though :)
@Vogel612 okay thanks, let me put it on the line
@Vogel612 okay thanks, let me put it on the line
monking @Vogel612
Not that the monkey were around here :)
7:57 AM
nah I know
8:46 AM
I has returned!\
wb uni
School's out for the day?
And week, too - friday woot
Oh yeah it's friday. I've manage to forget that twice already :P
9:21 AM
Morning all
@Mourdos Morning, user!
2 messages moved to Trash
Morning @Mourdos :)
You've been kicked from Java.
@ShaU You're welcome, and you will get immediate boots because I do not have time to educate spoiled brats.
I wholeheartedly agree with this - Too many new users are self-centered on original entering of the site, which is to solve their specific problem - they often have no incentive to improve the site on a low rep and contribution status, which is kind of why I appreciate having a rep limit for users who are able to chat, which filters out a severe amount of 'users who I do not believe should deserve help from mediums of this particular chat', as contrary to mediums like IRC. — Unihedro 8 secs ago
9:30 AM
Fun times are being had with Apache Ofbiz. I was recommended a couple of books to learn how to use it... So far I'm learning a lot about how Ofbiz has changed from when the books were written :P
@Mourdos Sounds more fun than learning the technology itself. :P
@Unihedro You're english is good , i did not understand anything
I always have to remember that my StackOverflow and StackExchange accounts are different, even though they are linked.
@Mourdos Yes, they are.
Actually, every site on SE uses a different account, and then there's a Network account. The catch, though, is the the Network account does not onebox in chat.
Unihedro, Earth, Alpha Centauri
6.2k 10 25 45
@Unihedro Can you please change your DP, You are keeping it since last 200 years. It is time to change!
9:42 AM
@ShaU Are you kidding me? I just changed it a month ago!
According to Uni -> 200 Years == 1 Month
@Uni maybe you shouldn't feed the troll?
in Crypt of the Tavern: Spectator Lobby on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 12 secs ago, by Unihedro
My god, sometimes people try to be funny, but it turns out to be so recarded.
@Gemtastic Come on Gem , I am not troll anymore! I will be good and nice to all from now onwards. Mark My Words
recarded indeed
9:46 AM
@Gemtastic and i thought you as my friend, :(
@Unihedro Jesus! That's a good start :D
@TheLittleNaruto Yes, but we don't get very many questions, so you can always ask if you have an enquiry that's a good fit for the site.

Beta Q&A site for people building, administering, managing and cultivating digital communities

Currently in public beta.

Questions per day - Needs Work
% Answered - Excellent
Avid and Total users - Needs Work
Answer Ratio - Excellent
Visits per Day - Needs Work
I see
Though I cant see, I would be much help on the site. But It's a good start, That is for sure.
9:57 AM
I still like worldbuilding. The only problem we have with that site are questions per day, but tis going strong. I just don't really feel qualified enough to answer most of them.
It goes same for me
@Mourdos Well, the more you think about it, that kinda applies to every site - it's not like there's a site you can answer most questions with
Every field takes mastery to expertise :)
<- jack of all trades; good at almost none
Yep. I mostly follow the meta now, that is where I did most of my asking and answering once I'd finish with my commitment.
@Unihedro I`m Proud of You.
9:59 AM
@Mourdos I've never completed any commitments before.

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