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7:41 AM
@RemiCollet I am here, in case you want to talk with less delay.
@bwoebi why the thumbs down on Fiber::getCurrent()? ^^
@NikiC because 'this' fiber is just as descriptive as 'getCurrent' fiber, I see absolutely no gain in the name change. And I prefer the shorter variant
Any opposition about merging github.com/php/phd/pull/38 ? It got an unofficial approval from Salathe. @Dharman are you happy with the new formatting?
7:59 AM
this is odd
/cc @NikiC
@bwoebi I wanted to change the name so we can add an ID equivalent later, e.g. Fiber::getCurrentId(), Fiber::thisId() is just weird.
why would cirrus be so far behind ?
oh wait, this happened the other day, I remember now ...
@kelunik hm, what do we need that id for?
@JoeWatkins what's your base revision? Maybe cirrus directly runs your branch without merging master
yeah it does do that, I need to rebase
8:01 AM
@bwoebi e.g. if we want to use IDs to avoid keeping references, such as the parent ID or such.
@kelunik is avoiding the ref not best done via a weakref?
@Danack yes, I'm soetime here (desppite I usually prefer IRC, to avoid having a browser window open)
@Danack comparing reflection is really a nightmare, but I think I have check everything....
I hope...
@MateKocsis yeah I think that's fine. We can always improve later
@RemiCollet I'll definitely fix all the bugs today. I'm not sure if I have the energy to do the extra work to get the return type info added for PHP 7+.
@Danack IMHO fixing the arginfo is enough (and worth a RC2)
8:13 AM
yeah, definitely rc2.
The comparison of the reflection is a pain. Do you think I should add a dump of the reflection output to the repo, and add a test to make sure it's up-to-date? Having a 'good' version stored in source control could make life easier, maybe?
Or I could just wait for you to tell me what I've done wrong...
I think tracking the reflectio output is a good idea, but this need to be maintained
btw I'm going to cancel your jobs....I really need to get caching of the ImageMagick install setup, as currently each run is taking over an hour.
@MateKocsis I like
@MateKocsis Result looks nice :)
@Danack something wrong with master, paste.centos.org/view/a394f529 (compared to 3.5.0RC1.... so much $filename appearing)
8:24 AM
@MateKocsis Looks like get_called_class() is the most controversial deprecation ^^ Or maybe people are just commenting on that because I singled it out
@MateKocsis LGTM
@NikiC The Nikita effect
@RemiCollet thanks. should be fixed. going to take a break to stretch my goshdarned back out a bit before it snaps.
Is there any way with which we can break the code inside eval() function add our custom code?
@Danack better, paste.centos.org/view/4465a850 but this break subImageMatch / similarityimage and tests/151_Imagick_subImageMatch_basic.phpt is failing
8:47 AM
yep. just pushing.
@Danack I think you only fix 1 of 2
yeah, I merged yours on top.
but now definitely going for a walk.
@Danack can you please chmod -x *stub.php ?
I'm missing context here, but how did you arrive at that arginfo.h?
@NikiC Yeah, I wanted to tell you that I don't mind if it's removed from the RFC. I agree that it can be a PITA for quite a few projects
8:55 AM
@RemiCollet yes....but apparently I need to do that from a differently machine.... the flags are completely borked on Windows WSL2
Mainly wondering why you don't use the legacy arginfo thing (which generates a separate header for old versions)
@NikiC this will loose type hinting for object used in previous versions
@NikiC there are issues around ImageMagick accepts int or float for some functions, depending on how it is compiled. I'd prefer to have a single place that has all the info, so I can generate/update the docs from that.
5 mins ago, by Danack
but now definitely going for a walk.
@Danack Go!
what "legacy arginfo" thing is this? I still do it by hand for older PHP versions for Xdebug... ish. I also added some macros.
8:59 AM
> depending on how it is compiled
that sounds really strange
@JoeWatkins Why do you think it has "magic" in the name? :-D
@Derick There's a /** @generate-legacy-arginfo */ tag
@NikiC Neat, cheers!
that's for PHP 7.3 and earlier, I suppose?
@Derick Generally for PHP < 8. It strips all the type and default value info.
and generates a separate header to include?
9:01 AM
So it may not be suitable if you want to retain some of the type info for older versions. It's good enough if you just want full information for PHP 8 and just bare bones info for older versions
@Derick yeah
yeah, if it strips all... mm
I'll have a look regardless
The bashing of Fibers on Twitter is seriously toxic. twitter.com/doubaokun/status/1404746614225444866
9:09 AM
@Danack github.com/Imagick/imagick/pull/426 and everything looks OK to me
@OndřejMirtes Yeah, that's not great...
@OndřejMirtes @Trowski's fault, he's lazy ...
9:24 AM
Cuckoo egg ・ Variables related ・ #81144
I could write exactly the same tweet and replace fibers with swoole, and it would be exactly as true ... those functions are no more compatible with swoole than they are with fibers
static void hook_func(const char *name, size_t l_name, zif_handler handler, zend_internal_arg_info *arg_info) {
    real_func *rf = (real_func *) zend_hash_str_find_ptr(tmp_function_table, name, l_name);
    bool use_php_func = false;
     * use php library function
    if (handler == nullptr) {
        handler = PHP_FN(swoole_user_func_handler);
        use_php_func = true;
    if (rf) {
        rf->function->internal_function.handler = handler;
        if (arg_info) {
            rf->function->internal_function.arg_info = arg_info;
this could have been lifted straight out of runkit ...
this is how we hack the engine to run tests, it is not how we develop the engine ...
this hacking is extensive, and here is your list ...
bool PHPCoroutine::enable_hook(uint32_t flags) {
    if (!runtime_hook_init) {
        HashTable *xport_hash = php_stream_xport_get_hash();
        // php_stream
        ori_factory.tcp = (php_stream_transport_factory) zend_hash_str_find_ptr(xport_hash, ZEND_STRL("tcp"));
        ori_factory.udp = (php_stream_transport_factory) zend_hash_str_find_ptr(xport_hash, ZEND_STRL("udp"));
        ori_factory._unix = (php_stream_transport_factory) zend_hash_str_find_ptr(xport_hash, ZEND_STRL("unix"));
        ori_factory.udg = (php_stream_transport_factory) zend_hash_str_find_ptr(xport_hash, ZEND_ST
@Dharman How is it possible that fieldsynopses still have that silly whitespace before the semicolon, even though your PR has been merged for 3 days? phd is not auto-updated where the doc is generated?
@JoeWatkins :-D … where's the issue :-P
@MateKocsis Where do you see that?
9:39 AM
@Dharman ahhh: php.net/manual/en/class.datetime.php I didn't notice that these are constants, not properties
Ohh, yeah I didn't change constants
should fix that as well :)
feel free to update for constants as well
copy() and stream_copy_to_stream() fail for +4GB files ・ Filesystem function related ・ #81145
@Jeeves ooops
10:01 AM
@NikiC did you just check copy(), or also the fseek() stuff?
@cmb I ran the test script (after adjusting to use fallocate)
My first suspicion would be that it's somehow related to the mmap logic
okay, then I'll need to take a closer look (simple copy works for me)
10:28 AM
@OndřejMirtes I'm not sure if they have an actual goal here or not. They might, but also they are making it very easy for other people to say "the fibre RFC author tried to work with you, but you choose not to, and then proceeded to do act like this". Possibly I'm missing something, but it seems like a 'not great' strategy.
@JoeWatkins ImageMagick can be compiled with different levels of precision, and either with integer or floating point math used to store intermediate images (which is useful when applying multiple effects to one image, as it helps avoid washing out the image). So Imagick::getQuantum() can return any combo of (2|2.0) ** (8|16|32) - 1.
10:41 AM
@JoeWatkins %zu is a thing
@cmb Looks like there's some helpful discussion on reddit ^^ reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/o0oqhg/problems_copying_large_files/…
yep, I think that's the problem
@IluTov Thanks that's what I needed to understand
1 hour later…
12:04 PM
@Girgias What is the best operating system?
win win windows!
@StatikStasis Windo. Win. cough Windo... What the actual fuck?
Is it flame war day today ?
@NikiC, what's our stance regarding interned strings without OPcache (bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=81142)?
12:17 PM
@ln-s related to chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/11?m=52331112#52331112 (I could also be woooshing)
@Tiffany That's the one =P
@cmb I'd consider that a bug
We really shouldn't be doing runtime interning, even if it is heuristically sensible
Should do something like get an interned string if it exists, otherwise create normal string
Thanks! I have a look.
@Danack FYI, in my repository I was used to provides "php-pecl-imagick". Starting with 3.5.0, I will provides "php-pecl-imagick-im6" and/or "php-pecl-imagick-im7", so user will have the choice ;)
12:29 PM
PHP web server crashes with core dump ・ Built-in web server ・ #81146
@RemiCollet cool. And to check, you're happy with the arginfo for release? And how are you picking out the errors?....doing a straight compare is quite 'noisy'.
Cool. thanks.......think my phone needs a reboot....
@Danack doing a straight compare is quite 'noisy'. => "PHP --re" with both versions, then "sortrefl" script and diff
where can I acquire 'sortrefl' ?
12:44 PM
I have a guy but he doesn't like me giving out his number
@NikiC just thinking about "sorting" reflection output by default...
@Danack simple ugly script writtent in 5' git.remirepo.net/cgit/tools/helpers.git/plain/…
1:02 PM
@Danack Ci is green (and you forget the date in packake.xml)
@JoeWatkins @LeviMorrison So, verdict on partials? Start the vote, or add a secondary poll for the variadic symbol and start the vote?
It is the 16th today?
@Crell I don't want to add a secondary vote, if the secondary vote passed it would feel like a fail ...
@DaveRandom lol
@JoeWatkins OK, then shall we call it as is? Want to do a final read through to make sure we didn't goof anything?
1:15 PM
@Crell Can you discuss why you are choosing to make too many arguments and or place holders for application of stuff an error? As this is breaking with the common userland semantics of function calls.
@bwoebi I think the main reason was "internal functions don't do that, so it's inconsistent either way, and @JoeWatkins liked the internals style more." :-)
@Crell that's … not a good reason? At least I found it common enough in PHP to pass some callback which has less parameters than it will receive, simply because the last parameter is just "extra info" it doesn't need
I defer to Joe.
where it says "for application of", that's because semantics of placeholders, where it says "implementation of", it's likely because you made a mistake in some previous application
so, when you get passed a callback in your function, you cannot do $cb(1, ?) and forward it, but have to write fn($arg) => $cb(1, $arg)
1:21 PM
(implementation/application might be a bit mixed up in error messages right now, will perfect if passes)
in order to not throw angry errors at devs not interested in extra args
@bwoebi That... should work? I am not quite following.
@Crell let's say: function appliesCb($cb) { return runsCb($cb(1, ?, ?)) } function runsCb($cb) { return $cb(2, 3); } appliesCb(fn($a, $b) => $a + $b);
this should not error
Unless I have misunderstood the RFC
(i.e. the user is not interested in arg 3 of the callback and does not want to specify it thus)
… this is also in general useful for backwards-compatible adding of new parameters to callbacks
you made a mistake in previous application
function appliesCb($cb) { return runsCb($cb(1, ...)); }

function runsCb($cb) {
        return $cb(2, 3);

appliesCb(fn($a, $b) => $a + $b);
@JoeWatkins so, appliesCb then cannot assert that runsCb will always pass at least 2 parameters?
1:27 PM
That does error right now (I checked on 3v4l), but I'm having a hard time understanding when you'd actually do that.
@Danack yes today is 16th, but too tired and too high temp for me today in the office, sorry for the noised
no worries.....I have just reached a cold refreshing beverage as it is nice and warm here also...
@Crell do what exactly? forwarding a callback with a single arg prefilled?
thanks to 1 meter thick wall, temp is ok in the house (~22%C), but too high in the office under the roof... (~28°C), brain melting
At the risk of ruining my day, where can I find the source code behind the 'pecl' command line app?
@bwoebi Forwarding with the incorrect number of args.
I think Joe's answer is better. :-)
@Crell because the callee (appliesCb) has no idea what the caller will pass
Only because we lack function types so far. :-)
callee wants to pass a cb receiving at least 3 variables
@Crell even with function types, trailing parameters shall still be optional to pass
1:37 PM
Depends how those get implemented, I suppose...
(I'm not against allowing ignoring trailing args, I just am not sure that's mandatory.)
@Crell sure, … well … I would complain if they wouldn't allow for that
function appliesCb($cb) { return runsCb($cb(1, ?, ?, ...)); }

function runsCb($cb) {
        return $cb(2, 3);

appliesCb(fn($a, $b) => $a + $b);
you should be able to write it like that ... which I just fixed :D
ok @bwoebi ?
looks better to me :-)
thanks Joe!
thanks for pointing that out, I had a ZEND_ASSERT that I was not sure was right, this is the path to it ...
1:52 PM
@Danack have you tried to use -j## in CI, for PHP 7.4+ it make test suite much faster (47" => 11" for me)
no....will add a note for that. But the imagemagick dependency can be almost completely be cached with something like github.com/Imagick/imagick/issues/396#issuecomment-859762897
@Crell should be noted in RFC though :-)
4 minutes out of 5 per run is spent doing that.
@bwoebi Something like "if you want to support callbacks that ignore extra parameters, toss a ... on the end when partialing" or something? I still don't quite grok the use case. :-)
@Crell that's not the point, the point is about adding more ? in the partial than the partially applied function has parameters
2:06 PM
@Danack full set of packages build for 3.5.0RC2 in ~1h.... (5 distro, 10 PHP versions, 2 IM versions, 2 RPM mode) ...
2:18 PM
yeah...it's the recompiling imagemagick everytime that is slowing the github actions down.
# pecl install package.xml
Please provide the prefix of ImageMagick installation [autodetect] :
is there a way to skip asking user for input? preferably that doesn't use that massively hacky 'expect' or whatever the program that fakes user input is called
And this certainly isn't a bookmark: github actions issue tracker - github.com/actions/virtual-environments/issues
@Danack it seems there is a --configureoptions arg, but don't know how it works
3:05 PM
@bwoebi Erm. Adding extra ? beyond what the function being partialed has is an error.
And this isn't a bookmark either: github actions issue tracker github.com/actions/runner/issues
@PeeHaa You've been busy!! I'll check it out right now.
@PeeHaa I love the melodic rhythm of the EanP collab. Sounds like an anthem!
3:13 PM
@Crell yeah, that's what @JoeWatkins changed - see chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/52431383#52431383
@StatikStasis One of the first times I actually did something ok with the keyboard :P
@bwoebi Oh. Well, crap, now I need to recheck the RFC examples. Damnit, Joe!
It sounds really good. I love the complexity of the track while it is still simple. Nice work!
Sooooo when can we hear Statik's production? :D
3:16 PM
@Crell just snuggle with an elephpant, that'll make you less grumpy :-D
Maybe once I get done with all of this coding... I don't know how you find time.
@PeeHaa The second one reminds me of something... I don't know the name of it... umm...
The second one I made it my purpose to make it as cheap as possible. I think it was about 30 minutes production time :D
@bwoebi So extra placeholder is allowed, but if you call it then you'll get an error depending on userland or internal, right?
@NikiC yes, that shouldn't change … possibly the extra placeholder should immediately fail if internal
@PeeHaa I CANNOT BELIEVE I FOUND IT... I searched for "sock puppet edm" because that is all I could remember. Anyway- this is what it reminds me of: youtube.com/watch?v=qmsbP13xu6k
3:18 PM
mr oizo!
That brings me back!
I instantly think about dail m for something or something like that from the same era
@JoeWatkins What about failing immediately when trying to apply extra placeholders to internal functions?
3:22 PM
Sick beat also
Gabber!!! That was what I was looking for
precursor of EHC
I am still searching for that daily :P
And yes it is known I have a weird music taste
I like all those so you are not alone
You a chiptune guy ?
Sure am
I really enjoy metal remakes of most games I played as a kid
The Japanese paid special attention to their music on games
3:30 PM
@JoeWatkins "A few reviewers have suggested ''...?'' as an alternative variadic placeholder symbol, on the grounds that it is more-parallel with existing variadics. The authors feel that would add little value, but a 33% increase in the number of characters needed for a common case. That alternative was therefore rejected." - Anything else to include for why we're not using ...?
@crell "PHP is not a Netflix movie with an open ending"
@Crell So it's ?... instead or what is it ?
We're using ... as the RFC says, and not ...?
What about ???, you're just going to ignore that, huh?
i would go for wtf? in that case
@Trowski We're saving that for "is not null or falsy" :-)
3:35 PM
@Trowski we could also just use characters from the private plane and design glphys for them, to be used in PHP code
@Crell Oh yes, yes… excellent point.
@bwoebi Well, was ¿ even considered? I'm not sure you discussed enough possibilities yet.
@bwoebi the thinking emoji
@bwoebi @JoeWatkins This is still failing for me on the latest branch:

function stuff(int $i, string $s, float $f, Point $p, int $m = 0) {}

// throws Error(too many arguments and or place holders for application of stuff)
$c = stuff(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?);
it should, you have too many placeholders
if you want to require all the arguments, but still apply, there should be as many ? as arguments (because 1:1) and a trailing ...
@Crell nikitas "natural interpretation" argument was concise ... it makes it look as if it's a placeholder for a variadic in other words ...
3:47 PM
@JoeWatkins Ah, right right. I'll adapt that.
@JoeWatkins Then what was it you just changed after talking with @bwoebi?
I also forgot about that argument in discussion with derick, it was basically the same as what I was trying to say but with better words ...
Updated to include that.
@Crell that was really a bug in the implementation, and it came with a test ... but it should have worked according to the semantics we have, nothing actually changed so I'm not sure what example bob wants you to add ...
3:55 PM
it was made clear when bob said "so, appliesCb then cannot assert that runsCb will always pass at least 2 parameters?" of course that should have been possible
every other way to write it doesn't require at least two ... so ... just a bug ... no fundamental change going on ...
So... good to open vote?
I think so ... like I said earlier, the words in error messages are up for improvement, but it hardly seems worth trying to find the perfect human words if we don't want the machine ones ... so it's low priority for me ...
Concur. The grammar definitely needs work but that's not something that needs to be handled now. :-)
@JoeWatkins Vote is open, if you care to join it. :-) wiki.php.net/rfc/partial_function_application Going to announce on the list now.
4:17 PM
/me downvotes for ... (I'm kidding)
@OndřejMirtes Kinda the reason I took a break from Twitter
First! (Well… second I guess)
@StatikStasis Li... M..a..c.... WINDOWS
@Trowski Yo, check your email if you haven't done so yet
@Crell I can't really vote on it, but yay, that was a long time coming ...
Why can't you?
just doesn't really feel fair, I provided impl, and you already voted on "our behalf" ...
@NikiC configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
seems unreasonable
Oh pish. You can still say you support your own work.
if 10 people teamed up to make an IRC, would it be okay for them all to vote in it's favour ?
4:33 PM
@JoeWatkins Make the damn vote. You deserve to vote more than 90% of the people who will vote on it, including myself.
it's not so simple, and I want to be fair, there are plenty of voters that I don't need to vote
If 10 people thought it was a good idea enough to put effort into it, then hell yeah that's 10 people who should vote that it's a good idea.
and if those 10 people all worked at Zend ?
If they individually have done what's necessary to qualify for a vote, sure.
I'd still vote even if 3 other people from TYPO3 also had voting rights.
I don't think the answers to those questions are as clear as you do ... I hope one vote won't make a difference so it won't matter ...
4:37 PM
@Crell It would be rude to not address the feedback on ...? somehow. Adding it as a vote is okayish.
@JoeWatkins on the contrary; if you don't vote, others might think that you're not convinced of the feature or the implemtation …
@cmb what's your answer to this ?
5 mins ago, by Joe Watkins
if 10 people teamed up to make an IRC, would it be okay for them all to vote in it's favour ?
there's a line somewhere, there has to be, and I don't know where to draw it, so I draw it as early as possible ...
of course all should vote; counter question: what if 20 people teamed up to vote against?
You've earned the right to vote for something you put a ton of work into. Please exercise it. :-)
"Which is pretty damned cool, frankly." – convincing argument :p
4:44 PM
I thought so.
@LeviMorrison I shall express... disappointment, that the matter wasn't allowed to vote, with Nikita's comment made as an argument against. But not enough disappointment to vote against the primary.
@JoeWatkins I think so, yes.
@JoeWatkins You, amongst the majority of the people that regularly vote, have one of the most clear and untarnished rights to vote.
@MarkR you can bring it as your own rfc if you want.
@Danack Nah. I don't think any of us want a repeat of last year
4:57 PM
The problem with syntax stuff is that gut instinct feels really strong, but when people who have spent a lot of effort working on something feel a particular path is the right way, it can be "not great" to have the syntax be a vote where at least some of the voters might not have really thought it through much.
It's a fair point, I think that having two of the 4 RFC authors express approval of it's legitimacy (at least as a vote) and one other expressing understanding the rationale behind it, would have given adequate legitimacy, but I understand not wanting Joe to feel hard done by.
Actually, to correct myself, I thought Trowski was on the author list.
I think Nikita's take is also reasonable. My only rebuttal to it would be: would you sincerely want both ... and ...? in the language with the two behaviors? I'm not sure about that (in the true sense, I don't know).
@MarkR Nah, I'm just a pesky bystander on this one.
I think it's reasonable too, it didn't reflect my personal intuition, but I don't discount the possibility I'm in the minority for that. I guess we'll never find out because the secondary vote was nix'd :P
5:21 PM
Does anyone have an opinion on PHPCake (strengths, weaknesses)? I'm reading through the docs at the moment because I've seen it pop up in some job ads in my local area.
@IGP it's not a great thing to learn these days. Either symfony or laravel are more likely to be a (monetary) rewarding way to spend your time.
@Danack I see. I'm already proficient with Laravel, but that framework (Cake) popped up a bit more than Laravel in my job search and I thought learning it wouldn't hurt. I've also been interested in Ubiquity but I just don't think it will get popular outside start ups anytime soon.
@Crell I fixed the state of partials on the /rfc page :D I'll have to look into automating that for you :P
I just recently learned of the git log --all --decorate --oneline --graph view, and it's seriously great
aliased to lg makes it better
@beberlei php-rfc-watch.beberlei.de "Auto-capturing multi-statement closures" seems to be stuck in the voting phase.
5:32 PM
@JoeWatkins is the #phpc channel no there anymore in freenode ?
I had no idea about that. Then again, the git commands I know are just the tip of the iceberg. That graph view is great. I'm definitely using that alias. Thanks @FélixGagnon-Grenier.
pleasure! glad it can help!
@ln-s not sure why you're asking me, don't use irc anymore, but I believe they're on libera now according to a thing I read no reddit
@IGP if you're interested, I took the trick from this answer to remember the flags :)
I'm liking the git adog alias as well. Oh well, keeping both.
5:46 PM
@JoeWatkins Was about to point that out
the libera thing
Any way to use composer dump-autoload without having to exec('/path/to/composer dump-autoload') ?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I have one alias of my own for testing purposes on windows but it's quite monstrous.
programmatically is probably a better word
@IGP I'm both interested and scared :P
Hey Felix what's up buddy o/
A: Run composer with a PHP script in browser

EndelAn alternative to Danack's solution, is to include "composer/composer" as a dependency in your composer.json, and just use it's API, instead of extracting the contents from composer.phar. composer.json ... "require-dev": { "composer/composer": "dev-master", } ... Run composer install manual...

5:49 PM
\o hey @ln-s! doing pretty good, how 'bout you?
@Danack Good one
@FélixGagnon-Grenier It is so long I can't post it in the chat lol
Composer inception
Conception ?
Nah too far
Maybe not Who's baby is that?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier here is my "little" monster
5:52 PM
hmmmm nice let me parse this for a few hours :P
It's basically using phpdbg to output code coverage and testdox with phpunit. The largest part is editing the generated css for the code coverage view (I thought the colors were way too opaque)
And then opening the views in the browser
Add a combo to select the style sheet / theme
Oh wow that wasn't even meant to be typed in here but it makes sense with the current context lol
Yeah, I was about to say that I didn't want to make it even more monstrous.
Really curious why Nikic voted no on partials. If it's a style thing or if there's something serious that requires god-tier knowledge of php-src that the rest of us have missed.
getDefaultValue() throws if a mandatory parameter follows ・ Reflection related ・ #81147
6:05 PM
on my screen, the link placement makes it easy to misclick on the star ^
... or even flag
6:40 PM
We could name the is_literal as is_really_safe_string
@IluTov Argh! Thanks.
In PFA, what is the difference between func(?) and func(...)
It seems to me to be the same
Is it just a sugar to avoid repeating ? many times?
@Dharman ? is one, ... is zero or more
I find the whole syntax very confusing
I understand it brings us first-class closures and helps with pipe operator, but somehow I can't shake the feeling that this is not the right thing to do in PHP
PFA is one of those rare times when PHP isn't copying something from another language
7:02 PM
I like the pfa syntax for (even shorter) closures.
I tend to do a lot of `collect($data)->map(fn($item) => someFunc($item))` in Laravel.
Being able to do `collect($data)->map(someFunc(?))` would be nice.
Methods on scalar values has been discussed a fair bit on the ML but there's apparently a major performance penalty with writable arrays, so any API would be limited to immutable methods
Can someone propose RFC to make function optional on methods?
@cmb You need port 9022 for the jump hosts.
7:28 PM
@Dharman what, you do know that a public visibility modifier is not required
I've been reading reddit
yeah, but still it's not going to be ambiguous, is it?
> Trongate will be the most scrutinised and secure framework in the entire PHP community
dude seems crazy
that quote certainly supports that idea
@JoeWatkins ?
7:29 PM
@JoeWatkins So is its code :P
I tend not to follow such big claims
It's the exact huge spaghetti with huge security holes as one would expect
See? I didn't even have to take a look at the code
> imo, one of the big problems facing open source ...is dealing with the online behaviour of people with long term mental problems
7:33 PM
Temple OS
I had to say it
The author of the framework said the exact same thing ;)
@ln-s that guy achieved what he set out to achive though....
@Danack But the question still remains ...
I am almost certain it's a joke were it not for the amount of effort that was put in
Do they glow in the dark ?
or not ...
7:35 PM
This guy....has a youtube channel......which has videos on it. which make this situation less amusing.
Which guy, the temple os guy or the tronium guy
Terry is dead btw, he passed in 2016 or so
@Tiffany Hey now! That's because testing is for haterz.
@Tiffany His thing went down pretty fast after that :P
I'd go with scrotum as a framework name instead of trongate
7:39 PM
@PeeHaa the framework author commented about how the commenter "deliberately" excluded the bit where the constructor checks if the environment is dev, and uses die() ... I just ... I can't even ...
@Tiffany You want to ... die() ?
The check is if (ENV != 'dev') { die(); } within the constructor.
We probably ought to have a rule against making fun of people who are pretty clearly not with it cognitively.
well wait a minute
I wasn't making fun of anyone, and you can act crazy for reasons other than mental health, an overblown ego will do it
@Danack There's plenty of material to read about PHP tho
7:45 PM
10 mins ago, by Danack
This guy....has a youtube channel......which has videos on it. which make this situation less amusing.
that's what I see, maybe I'm wrong about that ... we're allowed to point out crazy ...
@Danack What's the channel
He a Scott
Why you saying he has mental problems ?
Because he sings to Bowie ?
furthermore, if I'm ever acting crazy, I would rather be told I'm acting crazy, than have the conversation shut down in case it offends anyone ...
I don't think he is crazy I think it's a diva case
We're not licensed psychologists. We can speculate but we're not qualified for anything else. However, his statements of "wow, you don't know much" are rather annoying.
He gives me Tony vibes, though, not as bad
7:52 PM
It's the same vibe I get from that dude that comes in from time to time and asks for support in an aggressive way
that kind of thing
I can just imagine the malicious compliance. Manager tells employee to book a conference room for a meeting. Employee morale is low, can't enter conference room cause they're not smiling.
It should be allowed, as long as there's big foam baseball bats everywhere with which to violently beat the manager requiring it. That should put a smile on the person's face.
@MarkR Depends
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