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7:00 PM
Well this is sick: automatic.com O_o
> Automatic learns about your driving style and gives you subtle audio cues when you do things that waste gas
^ Sounds like my ex-gf's mother
@Ocramius I would fail...terribly. Ok, not the braking part but I only know two speeds: stop and go faster...
7:06 PM
"...Never Forget Where You Parked..." ok, Im sold.
@Ocramius Yes and no :P
Sad that it uses that weird measurement system
the one with feet, arms, bones, inches and teacups
or whatever it was
arg, no adroid support till Fall...
@Ocramius "barrels" doesn't sound like an easily quantifiable measure to you?
7:08 PM
Ok, not gonna happen soon then :\
i.imgur.com/1CBqzBB.png This is connected to OBDII port, and then you can read majority of data from ECU (most of 1996+ cars have electronic management).
If it makes you feel any better, no one in the US has a clue what any of those measurements mean either.
Arg...and my car is to old...
@rdlowrey like:
^- yea, my cars like that old.
7:09 PM
Yeah, that's clearly a much more useful measurement than base-10.
I've been selected as the new pope! Just got a text from the Vatican.
Glad they made the right choice
Well now you can make an official papal decree outlawing everything that isn't jQuery (unless it weighs the same as a duck -- then it's cool).
Everyone who doesn't use jQuery for everything will be excommunicated. (If what they use in its place weighs the same as a duck it's all cool and they can stay).
7:10 PM
I am still waiting for my excommunication certificate. I actually sent in the mail some years ago :\
@Ocramius Wait, can you really get those!?!?!!11
whats wrong with mootools / YUI?
@rdlowrey if you can, I want one.
@rdlowrey yes, but it has to be approved
7:12 PM
And deleted for posterity.
hmm.. can't find an english article on how it's done
@Lusitanian this means that i am an atheist ins more the one way now
i hereby revoke your w3schools certification in javascript
7:23 PM
@Lusitanian noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.jpg
can anyone tell the errors involved in this script? My teacher is wanting us to use the php script from this page but the script is outdated:
if i remove REMOTE_IDENT and REMOTE_USER it creates the log file but does not put anything in it.
I almost forgot I had it installed
Hi imagine that implode(',', $col_separate); return 2837f,293f,3kd9 why if I use $get_col_pl = mysql_query('SELECT title, num FROM pl WHERE id IN ('.implode(',', $col_separate).')') or die(mysql_error());
didnt work?
7:38 PM
didn't work is not a valid MSQL error message
@PeeHaa although I wouldn't be surprised if it were, given how useless mysql can be at times
@MikelGarcesEtxebarria, you are using single quotes in implode (implode('), so, PHP thinks this is another part of the string.
you need scape it
forget, missread huhu
7:42 PM
@Ocramius ummm
@NikiC Exactly
@Lusitanian cannot star deleted messages :(
how's websucketchat going btw?
It has some issues I want to solve in a sane way. Just didn't really think hard about it. I'm still waiting for that eureka moment
7:46 PM
it's all because you're not using jquery
hehe. In this case the issue is serverside
it's all because you're not using pquery
only pure javascript, only hardcore!
/me gives @Kirzilla a document.all
7:48 PM
Be revolutionist use pure javascript!
There's a toolkit for that: vanilla-js.com
lol :)
@Kirzilla I prefer jQuery over JavaScript because I can put the whole language in a file called jquery.js, I can't do that with JavaScript. That makes jQuery more portable.
@crypticツ Sure! You can even delete jQuery if you don't like it any more!
7:53 PM
@Ocramius That's hilarious.
Francis I (; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. He is the first Pope born in the Americas, and the first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere. From 1998 to 2012, he served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and was made cardinal in 2001. Early life Jorge Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, one of the five children of an Italian railway worker and his wife. He received a master's degree in chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires, then studied at the seminary in Villa Devoto. He entered the Soc...
@crypticツ javascript is a language, jQuery is a library.
It's amazing how fast are Wikipedia pages edited..
@Pheagey I know, I was saying it as a joke...
Hiya people!
8:03 PM
@crypticツ ah ok.
Someones sarcasm radar is broken...
Yea, Im all sorts of screwed up today...jQuery is giving me a headache...
new pope, all the media are in some kind of party here. Its a important topic on latin america.
@DaveRandom what do you mean?
8:07 PM
ha ha
@crypticツ remember, god sacrificed himself to himself to save us from himself
@Lusitanian lol, I need to remember to say that to my mom. She is always trying to convert me. =oP
you are religious people?
So...wait...(sarcasm alert)...'Merika wasn't good enough to be the first Pope from, the 'mericas?
@Lusitanian dude, stop talking about zombies, you're scaring me.
8:08 PM
@Ocramius mah bad
@crypticツ ugh, that'd get annoying quick
@crypticツ Terrific. Just ... terrific.
@Ocramius if you are worried about zombie follow this proposal area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/47911/… I'll be posting stuff about preparing for such things once site is approved for beta.
@Pheagey Dude, you gotta pronounce it correctly. It's not 'Merika ... it's 'Murrrrica
@crypticツ i am so not surprised that you'd be interested in this proposal
8:11 PM
*puts on tin-foil hat and readies shotgun*
@crypticツ you need to stop playing L4D :P
I love that game!
melee here, melee there, melee everywhere =oD
@crypticツ pills here
When is that thing finally coming to linux?
8:16 PM
10 messages moved to bin
I'm trying to pick a linux distro [for desktop] but not sure what to go with
probably fedora but hats scare me
I just run my shit on a bare kernel
It's super webscale
habemus wes
congrats @Gordon
8:18 PM
@wes needz moar latin
@wes Hi
Hello, I'm a relatively new user without the ability to comment on posts, but I'd like to add a comment to this answer stackoverflow.com/a/8841284/821010 - to the effect that it should be extended with this external comment: gsdesign.ro/blog/cut-html-string-without-breaking-the-tags/…
hello folks how is it going here
Any way to do that?
8:18 PM
so @Gordon choose the new pope right?
@NikiC I'm having some issues with escaping in phlexy
I think I need to start building a module around this:
Acceptance tests are a PITA to write... (?)
@rdlowrey are you still using fedora?
@Lusitanian I'm still using fedora.
8:21 PM
Q: Build a program with one simple GOTO

Joe Zeng Your task is to build the largest program you can that uses exactly one GOTO, without which the entire program (or at least a huge chunk of it) must be completely restructured. The score is counted as the number of statements in your code that change places or are newly introduced (removing sta...

@rdlowrey have you wanted to kill it yet?
@Ocramius lol
@Lusitanian Not really.
@rdlowrey sweet, that makes my decision easier.
@igorw What's the issue?
8:24 PM
@ircmaxell, New Jersey, USA
Anything Regarding Software Security, Performance, Quality and Architecture...
5.2k tweets, 2k followers, following 225 users
only 32 more... :-D
de-followed :P
@rdlowrey touchë...arg, that's French..
@NikiC gist.github.com/igorw/1f827076a066276fb820 the 'float' token does not match against '1.0':
1) ParserTest::testParse with data set #34 (array(1), '1.0')
Phlexy\LexingException: Unexpected character "." on line 1
@igorw you have to flip int/float
the 1 is already a valid int and the remaining .0 is not valid
ah, yes. that fixed it. thanks! :)
8:28 PM
OH: “Hmm...ahhh. I see a bug in this code. To the Patchmobile!”
hey guys, pop quiz
@zneak 42
when can isset($x['foo']) return false, yet $x['foo'] not return null?
8:34 PM
that's not an actual question, I know the answer myself because I've just been bit by it, I'm just curious how many people can actually tell.
not a lot, apparently
My answer is LOLPHP but that's a given.
@zneak No only... everybody
@Charles :D
oh well, the answer is that if $x is a string, isset($x['non-numeric']) will return false, but $x['non-numeric'] will juggle 'non-numeric' into the integer 0 and the full expression returns the first character of the string.
@zneak You only missed the point about PHP5.3 behaving differently than 5.4
So even after bitten by the thing you still haven't read the manual ;)
8:41 PM
I don't even understand why you're saying that.
How can you tell that I have not read the manual?
Why would I mention that for a question I'm asking for fun?
Why would I account for older versions of PHP?
So many unanswered questions.
@Gordon congrats! ♦
Meh that question wasn't really that much fun :P
If you would tell that to the guys over at the c++ room, I'm sure they will laugh their asses of though
@wes @Trufa thanks
@JuanFernandoz nope. they didnt ask me and I would have suggested a woman anyway ;)
8:43 PM
@zneak This is not a question, what is the question?
the question was "when can isset($x['foo']) return false, yet $x['foo'] not return null?", and I already knew the answer.
Understood, but why do you mention that, you expected something else?
You shouldn't have come to position to find out that behavior, anyways.
When I find a gotcha in C#, I go to the C# room, talk about it, and everybody has a good time.
If that's not quite popular here, I just won't do it again.
@zneak The thing is that most people in here are working with PHP the entire day and we are well aware of most PHP gotcha's fuck ups
8:52 PM
PHP is a real asshole sometimes often
Yeah, PHP sucks.
we got any jQuery wiz kids in here? Or should I go poke the jQ channel...
@Pheagey @webarto is the jquery grand meister
There's a jQ channel!?!?!?!? What am I doing in this room!


if( awesome ) return "not awesome";
8:56 PM
@PeeHaa Nah, I suck :P
If you put as skill on LinkedIn, that just means you downloaded it once.
@webarto this means I can download the GCC sources and it is like matrix?
LinkedIn is becoming like Facebook.
myspace: bands
Facebook: middle/high school/College
LinkIn: Post college.
the way I see them going
is there a way to make FF -not- cache html/js?
9:01 PM
@Pheagey There is an option to always request data from server
?timestamp ?
Or what that guy above me said it you want to do it for all clients
@Pheagey Control-F5
@mkaatman ty
@NikiC You are thinking server side :D
I find PHP webserver very useful with e.g. Travis CI.
9:05 PM
@webarto right, should use jquery instead
That's like.. using Codeigniter in PHP? I imagine, it's worse...
I need to poke my head out of the terminal...
@webarto difference between lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_4/Zend/zend_operators.c#332 (for the cast) and lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_4/Zend/… (for the ==)
Whoa.. is this matrix?

Anyone who has a spare minute. I know its off topic...
Thanks @ircmaxell, @NikiC was kind to explain it once :)
9:10 PM
missed that
@Pheagey I think somebody fixed the syntax error
@webarto in that case you may be interested in CgiHttpKernel, it allows you to make requests against your app without running a webserver.
Q: Respect validation multiple custom error messages

PetahHow do I have multiple custom errors messages with Respect Validation. I have some input that I want to validate against multiple validators. And I want a custom error message for each validation. This is what I tried: try { Respect\Validation\Validator::create() ->key('foo', ...

anyone wanna help?
@igorw That's a lie.. [starred]
@webarto it's still fubar behavior
9:12 PM
I have a patch to change it...
On the other hand, I have patches to change pretty much anything ^^
It would break something, right?
Someone actually might rely on that as @ircmaxell said, fubar.
class FluentGuy extends WebGuy
  public function __call($method, $arguments)
    call_user_func_array([$this, $method], $arguments);
    return $this;
I'll burn in hell...
@webarto lol FluentGuy
I see what you did there
codeception.com is really messing my brain, I can't understand how anything works... (almost) nothing returns, etc.
@PeeHaa Nope, still sloppy syntax error...
@webarto Magic oriented programming ;)
@NikiC I need to write my blog post on BC...
@NikiC Sounds like a good explanation :)
@igorw awesome...
9:28 PM
@PeeHaa No please. Don't delete the question so quickly.
@MadaraUchiha It's off topic. Why shouldn't it be deleted?
@PeeHaa Because it still has potential to be edited. Also, comments from regular users cannot be viewed on deleted questions, he'll just ask again..
good evening ladies!
I like to wait 24 hours before deleting. No one will die if we wait.
Evening @hakre.
@MadaraUchiha No it has no potential whatsoever to be edited into something constructive
If you say that you have a reading disorder :-P
Also regarding you second point:
Q: See a deleted question? (or at least know why it was deleted)

Vaccano Possible Duplicates: Allow users to be able to see their own deleted questions Why was my bug report deleted? I have had quite a few of my questions deleted today :( One of them (from StackOverflow) I understood, two of them (from Meta) I don't get why they were deleted. The latest ...

And all the dupes about the topic
9:49 PM
How to extract (non garbled, decompressed) Phar?
@Gordon <3
@hakre welp, I went a totally different way with that xmlreader iterator, just added everything to a database and parsed the database. done and done lol
@PeeHaa what did I do?
@Gordon Just doing your job. Deleting offtopic questions :)
Although @MadaraUchiha saw a real gem in there
@PeeHaa ive deleted too many questions today to know which one you mean :)
9:58 PM
Read 10 messages up :P
It's not that specific question that I see a gem in
It's the general notion of superfast deletion.
Q: How can we stop premature deletion?

Shog9This needs to stop: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/15348333/revisions It doesn't help to improve close descriptions or encourage fixing and reopening if closed questions are going to be deleted within a few hours or minutes of being closed. We get fairly regular complaints - via support emails...

30 mins ago, by Madara Uchiha
@PeeHaa No please. Don't delete the question so quickly.
Thank you @Shog9, nice to see someone on my side.
@PeeHaa @Shog9 is worth 9 votes in my favor btw. :P

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