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12:01 AM
I cant control it
So strange
I give up :( My last guess would be the LiteSpeed HTTP server, but that's just wildly guessing and having no fucking idea :P
@Ocramius to tell you the truth, just to see how they look like and to understand how to work with repositories as the hole.
Yeah okay I do too, guess I jump to bed and live with having phone calls hurricane tomorrow lol but I have contacted the webhost and lets see
@Eugene the base repository class is Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository. The contract is Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectRepository. That's all you need usually :)
@Karem Brace yourself for impact tomorrow morning :P
12:06 AM
@Karem I'm firing up wireshark, if I find anything useful I'll ping you and it should show up in your notifications on the main site tomorrow
@PeeHaa yup -.- I hate going to sleep half-finish or knowing something is wrong..fck
@Ocramius Okay, but how can I use repository without having repository classes? Or Entity classes will do, while I don't need some "voodoo" methods from Repository classes?
@DaveRandom Thanks, please do!
The base repository class is enough
Like for example
//A repository is like a "Table" containing our entities of a specified type
$repository = $em->getRepository('Entity\Greeting');
@justinbieber, All Around The World
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21.4k tweets, 35917k followers, following 123k users
There are more than 3 times more Beliebers than there are Belgians
I think we reached the 01:lolcats AM
anyone who knows why phpunit always reports a missing line in code coverage somewhere?
12:14 AM
@DaveRandom I should probably become Chigivara to stop him from visiting my country.
I got 100% coverage, and with 2 LOC classes it's kinda annoying to see 66% coverage :P
You simply ddidn't add enough @ignores in there ;P
needz moar @codeCoverageIgnoreStart
which, as we all know, is how @rdlowrey really gets his code coverage numbers
@igorw: Did you ever got CgiHttpKernel to run under Windows?
@Lusitanian :)
12:16 AM
bleh :P
@Ocramius I see. Okay. But still interesting how to generate Repository classes. I assumed, that metadata and Entity should be enough, but for some reason I get message as described above.
I just wanted to write a quick patch (tm) and turns out can't test.
@Eugene that's because you're missing the custom repository class name
@Ocramius FWIW, doctrine's documentation could be better
@Eugene you usually don't need it though. You start having custom repositories when you start having methods like getUsersThatHaveNoLifeAndLurkAroundOnStackOverflow()
@Eugene or methods like getUsersThatComplainAboutDocumentationAndShouldIssuePullRequestsInstead
12:18 AM
I understand the reason when they are needed. Just wanted to get a hang of command line tool
@Eugene generating stuff is usually bad :P Your IDE does it much better than Doctrine ;)
Good @Gordon had the solution I guess :\
A: PHPUnit coverage now incomplete as class' opening brace is not covered

GordonLikely related to http://www.phpunit.de/ticket/740 and http://bugs.xdebug.org/view.php?id=440 Sebastian marked it as wontfix in PHPUnit and the XDebug guys say it's not a bug.

) That is regarding IDE :)
@hakre never tested it (on windows) tbh, please open bug reports if it fails for you
It seems to be the Process component
First it didn't got Path into Env sothat php-cgi was not found.
Now I hacked that, however, no PHP script is loaded, so always empty response as 200.
12:25 AM
@Ocramius how should I do that?
yeah, there's lots of know and unknown issues with proc_open on windows. :)
composer gets lots of Process issues
@Eugene you mean generate from IDE?
Yeah, the Process class is full of strange workarounds on windows and what not.
@Ocramius No setup custom repository class?
Any examples?
@Eugene class Foo extends \Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository {} done
12:27 AM
@hakre oh yeah, the path to php-cgi really should be a constructor arg
night all
@igorw I can invoke it now, but it makes not much of a difference
@PeeHaa night.
@Ocramius okey, but this will be done by hand, no? I was asking about command line tool. Just to do this last thing and go to sleep. :)
@Eugene the CLI tool actually does the exact same. It just discovers your custom repository classes in mappings and then generates them (they'll look like what I've pasted)
more dope for the pope!
12:30 AM
But how should they be set in mappings for CLI to discover them?
@hakre have you seen Conan episode "Pope on the rope"? :)
@hakre released a new version that allows you to customize it
and by "release" I mean git tag :P
it just sounds more fancy
@Ocramius but should this repositoryClass exist or will it be created?
it will be created
@hakre I don't really have a windows machine to do extensive testing, but it is most likely a Process problem. :-/
12:38 AM
@igorw Or a php-cgi problem. No clue.
please let me know if you find out any details
@Ocramius Ah. Done. Very simple indeed. Thank you sir.
@Eugene simple and useless :P
Now at least I understand more or less how and what I can do with command line tool. Next step -> start using Entity classes in application.
@Ocramius indeed, useless while empty
12:43 AM
@Karem OK so this is definitely a server side cache issue, and I'm pretty sure it is the cookies that are causing the "fix". So what happens is, you hit the root, you get a cached copy, then you hit the www. and the cookie gets set, then the next time you hit the root it does not consider it to be cached, presumably because of the cookies are different. See also pastebin.com/L8mZDAzm
Long story short: disable your server side cache. Sessions, which you seem to be using, are incompatible with caching anyway.
@Ocramius My mantra.
@DaveRandom slogan? :)
@DaveRandom: Simple and Useless
@DaveRandom: mine is Complex and Useless
12:50 AM
@Ocramius: Complex, Beautiful, Unpleasant
hi, what's the tag for code posting into chat?
code doesn't work :(
` '`
@hakre cool, does that fix your issues?
@igorw not my process issues, but it did fix some warnings (when there is empty input) and it also is more RFC conform.
@Ocramius can Proxies be edited? Because I get incorrect Namespace.
1:04 AM
@Eugene no, you should never touch the proxies
@Ocramius But how will they be use if namespace is not autoloadable?
@Eugene that's up to the proxy factory
@Ocramius ou. Okay.
@hakre can you add a test case or tell me how to reproduce so I can do so?
proxies are not PSR-0 compliant atm
1:06 AM
@igorw as written the tests don't run here, however I have tested the function
@Ocramius ou. Okay. Then should be fine.
night everyone
@igorw eval.in/private/1f4514ce41d797 (file is with CRLF line separators on that codead)
unix style:
$messageRaw = <<<BUFFER
X-Powered-By:  PHP 1.2.3\r
TE: trailers\r
TE: \r
WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="myRealm"\r
Set-Cookie: cookie2\r
Set-Cookie:  cookie3\r
Set-Cookie: SID=31d4d96e407aad42; Path=/; Domain=example.com\r
Set-Cookie: SID=31d4d96e407aad42; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly\r
Set-Cookie: lang=en-US; Path=/; Domain=example.com\r
   find my body here.
` + array(1 => '')` won't that always set the body to ''?
1:17 AM
@igorw yes, if you prefer you can take NULL, however an empty body is likely to be an empty string.
as you pass that into the new Response() later on I thought empty string is okay.
    public function setContent($content)
        if (null !== $content && !is_string($content) && !is_numeric($content) && !is_callable(array($content, '__toString'))) {
            throw new \UnexpectedValueException('The Response content must be a string or object implementing __toString(), "'.gettype($content).'" given.');

        $this->content = (string) $content;

        return $this;
explode should already give you an empty string, no?
@igorw no, not always.
In the edge-case it returns an array with a single element.
So you get a warning that element 1 is missing because of list($a, $b) for the $b.
list($a, $b) = explode("\r\n\r\n", $buffer, 2) + [1 => '']; prevents the warning.
oh, your response didn't include "\r\n\r\n"?
wtf would they do this to google reader for
@igorw my response was empty string
Here are the list edge cases, note the assignment with NULL: 3v4l.org/vjkDs
but now off to bed
1:25 AM
bash command: echo $(date +%Y%m%d) ...this return 20130314, i want the previous day (20130313)
(and thanks for the PR)
any advice?
errr, @hakre night
echo $(date --date="1 day ago" +%Y%m%d)
thx for help
1:50 AM
@Lusitanian pffft ... don't need @codeCoverageIgnore if you don't test :)
lol. lemme know how that goes.
> 100% Free Cloud Storage - Store Your Files In My Butt
Yep, still funny
Hmm ... not sure how I feel about bandying about with my scanned sensitive information ... I assume they have an ironclad encrypted upload situation happening?
1:54 AM
Creepy. Good thing I refuse to maintain a home phone line on general technological principle.
I didn't say, "cloud...cloud..."
Hi :)
nn all
1:57 AM
@Ocramius see ya later
I'm bailing as well, catch y'all on the flip side
@DaveRandom late for you!!!
@rdlowrey can you add a branch-alias to ardent composer.json?
I am using the master branch and would like to have a more stable point of reference
@Lusitanian went out for dinner, drank half a bottle of wine, came home drank 4 beers. Actually I'm not really tired or drunk but if I don't go to bed now then it'll be 5am before we know it.
Really going. Seriously
nn @all
2:00 AM
@igorw I'll be happy to if it will help you out -- TBH I have zero composer familiarity. Can you point me to a reference link so I can bootstrap myself out of the dark ages of dependency management?
@DaveRandom later dude.
@rdlowrey if you want the whole story, start reading here, if you just care about the branch aliases, they are explained here.
if anything is unclear, just ask ahead
@igorw Cool, thanks. I'll ping you after I add it.
(it may not be immediately but I'll try to make sure it's done before I close up shop for the night)
no hurry, thanks
2:54 AM
@rdlowrey hmm, I have a HashMap with objects as keys. it breaks on iteration.
@igorw I'm going to have to defer to @LeviMorrison on that one. I won't be of any help :/
He's done all the work of consequence in the repo. I'm just a stage-5 clinger, really :)
3:21 AM
@rdlowrey ok :) I know that @nikic fixed it in PHP core for 5.5, but it would be nice to have some way of dealing with this in the mean time.
3:56 AM
@igorw I thought levi was the one who fixed that
@Lusitanian ah, looks like levi wrote the RFC and niki wrote the patch
@rdlowrey figured you might know this; storing meta data together with a socket (like inside a stream_socket_server setup); what would be the easiest? splobjectstorage?
the patch that deletes more code than it adds
@Jack Well you can cast the socket to an int and use that ID as the identifier in an array mapping ... that's probably the easiest way.
@igorw that's always a good thing
3:59 AM
$sockId = (int) $sock;
$this->socks[$sockId] = [$sock, $someData];
@Jack if you wrap it in a Connection object you can a) attach metadata to the object directly, b) store it in SplObjectStorage.
@rdlowrey oh ... right, that would be a way hehe, thanks!
@igorw well, in this case the socket is the key :)
@rdlowrey $sockDrawer[] = $sock; (couldn't resist)
hehehe nice. I generally do what @igorw said and pass around a Connection or equivalent because if you're dealing with a high number of connections the array lookups become costly and end up being slower. But unless you're worried about handling a lot of concurrent connections the (int) $sock works great.
$sockDrawer[] = new SockPair($sock, $sock->findMatchingSock());
4:03 AM
Fatal Error: uncaught BlackHoleException exception with message "Matching socks dont exist"
@igorw I want to wait for @LeviMorrison to stop by before adding the ardent branch alias. Just FYI I didn't forget about it :)
Should be able to take care of it tomorrow.
sure, I assumed it would be 0.6-dev, but I wanted to get some feedback from yourself or levi first
and I need to get the iterator key problem fixed before I can officially publish this lib. so hopefully we can assault @LeviMorrison tomorrow.
hmm, does anyone have an idea on how i could create a server that can determine the process id of the caller? i was hoping unix domain socket could do that, but alas.
4:14 AM
@Jack the caller would have to send that information to the server
@igorw Yeah, that won't do :)
Because that means it can be (easily) faked
Process id, or rather, parent process id is harder to impersonate ... at least I hope it is.
When I use tcp, at least I can get the client port and from there I can work out which process belongs to that ... it's a start I suppose.
Of course, the server in this case needs elevated permissions to find that data ;-)
@rdlowrey Map::keys() would probably be an acceptable workaround
not sure if that works with BinarySearchTree though :-/
@rdlowrey this needs to be fixed in composer.json: "name": "morrisonlevi/spl"
4:50 AM
peace be upon you
i've a problem with mysql_real_escape_string on godaddy hosting
it's appear this msg Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'
but i already established a connection
is der some other function like var_dump(), i want to print complete info stored in a variable
plz can anyone help me ?
what about print_r ?, sorry newbie in php ^^
@AhmedSabry the difficulty i face with print_r is it prints(fetches all links, images..) but i preferred with var_dump coz it prints the string but not displaying it
@AhmedSabry if i'm not clear..if var_dump displays <img scr=''...> whr as print_r actually prints the image on screen...am i clear?
@Rikesh gd mrng bhayya
5:05 AM
Good morning :)
@pbvamsi sorry i'm not good at english, but what i know that ( print_r is for arrays: prints the array content - but var_dump print all details of all vars and theirs length ) sorry for my bad english
@pbvamsi any did you know any solution for my problem ?
@AhmedSabry lol u dont know english but i know nothing in both english & php
@AhmedSabry yes in need to print the variable to its full length, but can something like var_dump help me to print a varibale to its full length @Rikesh
@pbvamsi Can you give a example ?
What exactly you mean ?
plz guys, it's long days searching for a solution :(
@AhmedSabry hit the godaddy folks with hammer, they r free 2 chat
@Rikesh do i still need 2 giv an example
5:17 AM
@pbvamsi yes if you could as I'm not getting that one
you want to print "<img src=>" something ?
@Rikesh if i file_get_contents and print_r it, its showing the retrieved website (not showing it as a contents in string). if i use var_dump, it wont print the string to its full length. I want to print the string to its full length, it should not end up like ... (length=12974)
@pbvamsi i think its not var_dump or print_r issue. Data coming from fiel_get_contents must be that much only
what if i want to print a var to its full length
pl dont suggest explode-implode
5:46 AM
@pbvamsi How about ob_start(); var_dump($var); $res = ob_get_clean();
let me try
@Jack thanks. but it ended up showing '... (length=12974), i want to print entire contents of string
6:10 AM
pastebin.com/TiPZZAcC there is a problem with concurrent preg_replace
6:21 AM
I don't see concurrency in that expression?
sorry i mean second preg_ is not working can u find out why
@pbvamsi take a look at this: codepad.org/z1JRl8JM
6:40 AM
I just discovered, that 920px is a better width than 960px for the lower-bound of a desktop website.
@MihaiIorga thanks. to my wonder, if i reduce the size of text which was in second div, its working fine. pastebin.com/TiPZZAcC but if i need to replace some 2000 chars, its not working
@pbvamsi In that case, it's a backtrack issue.
Your expression requires backtracking by pcre and that's limited.
> class Mysql { }
The good stuff.
6:54 AM
it says: you may consume all the available process stack and eventually crash PHP
@pbvamsi You've been warned.
7:15 AM
It's a new thing ? I saw close (4/5)
@Rikesh Yeah. Noticed that too. Seems to be a new feature.
Although it looks somewhat broken because at some point I had "Close (3/5) (4/5)".
7:32 AM
hey guys
how are you all
can someone help me to solve the below q
Q: How to display print label with php code

Atif Azadi want a condtion to make a print label visible if $data_common[$datacntr]['SKU'] = something echo <a href="#" onclick="Popup=window.open(\'printLabel.php?OrderID=' . $orderId . '& Name=' . $Name . '&ShippingAddress=' . $ShippingAddress . '& AddressLine1=' . $AddressLine1 . ' &am...

8:19 AM
@Jack I tried to sleep and failed. It's 4:19 in the morning where I live and I have a very important question for you ...
Do you have benchmarks for your boyer moore vs. native functions somewhere I can see them?
@rdlowrey wtf are you doing here at this hour?
Laid in bed for two hours thinking about code before giving up and coming back for more.
@rdlowrey :-)
8:34 AM
Haha, polish notation sometimes reads like Yoda.
@rdlowrey Ah, I do actually ... let me dig up the code.
I've just been doing a fair amount of low-level message passing between processes along with a lot of string manipulation and I'm looking for any small speed improvement I can find.
@rdlowrey the biggest speed improvement would be achieved if the needle can be studied first.
because jump conditions are calculated in O(1), so in the worst case it's as fast as strpos().
Hmm I should have a few places where I'm always looking for the same characters
Hi fellas!
Can someone please suggest me how to hide the folder name in the url?
8:45 AM
@Alex_ios It says on the menu that questions come with context, can you ask the chef to whip me up a plate?
@DaveRandom I was about to explain in detail.
@rdlowrey You may have a problem
I am little slow in explaining things :P
I probably do :)
@rdlowrey ah found it ... let me dump it somewhere you can find it
8:49 AM
@Jack Cool, no hurry :)
@DaveRandom ,mornog
I am sending a registration confirmation link to the user mail id, so what I include in the url is "http://www.example.com/progams/phpfiles/regactivate.php?email=userfirst%40gmail‌​.com&key=345loitr"
@Alex_ios Your key is a bit short
So I am receiving values through get method and confirming the user.
@PeeHaa So, is it a risk?
8:53 AM
@Alex_ios Ahh OK I see what you are getting at, you want to rewrite the URL to http://www.example.com/regactivate?email=userfirst%40gmail‌​.com&key=345loitr or something?
I am practicing by following this.
@DaveRandom Yeah. I wanna hide this--> /progams/phpfiles/
Or at least some other names so that user can't insert values directly by knowing path.
@Alex_ios I have to say, that "tutorial" is a pretty awful. Full of SQLi holes, storing passwords in plain text, to name but two of the problems
I am storing passwords using sha1()
Plus the code is generally a complete spaghetti mess of nested ifs
ugh, and a mail()
Anyway, to answer your actual question, if you can't just put your PHP script in the document root, you want url rewriting
What web server are you using, Apache?

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