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12:03 AM
they are not hiring you for your wordsmithing skills
For programming, they are not. But for something else, they might
12:18 AM
@Ven I missed iiit qqq
@ThePhD There will be VODs
@ThePhD Eh, idk, seems fairly tame
@Mysticial Hahahahahahahahaha omg, not suspicious at all
I think you win this week
@Mysticial That job was in Colorado.
@JerryCoffin Is Colorado one of those horse ranchey kinda places?
@Borgleader There are some ranches there, if that's what you mean (but there's at least one pretty close to my house in California too).
For that matter, Poway takes a fair amount of pride in being a sub urban area--to the point that quite a bit of town has "walk" buttons to cross the street at both ~3 feet high and around 6 or 7 feet high, so you can easily reach them when sitting on a horse.
12:37 AM
I constantly think 'would a fruit picking job help me to lose weight' then decide that I am too old for it. Fruit picking is probably for teenages or those in early twenties.
@JerryCoffin I meant like, rural enough, horse ranches, mostly flat but with some mountains here and there.
and if a week hiking carrying your own gear and food is not helping, nothing else probably will
and also I need to stop being a retard and asking ios questions in android rooms
12:52 AM
@Borgleader Definitely not "mostly flat but with some mountains here and there." There's a vertical stripe on the east side of the state that's fairly flat (well, hilly, but not mountainous). Starting just west of Ft. Collins/Denver/Colorado Springs/Pueblo, it's pretty mountainous all the way to the western border (and the mountains continue west into Utah, south into New Mexico, and so on). But to put it in perspective, Colorado has 53 peaks over 14,000 feet, and lots more smaller ones.
I wouldn't minding altitude training on some of the Colorado peaks. The sad fact is that, you can't do altitude training just about anywhere because most mountains are below 3500 meters high.
Oh I see
Mont Blanc would be another great to do altitude training
but need to fluent in Italian & French
there are also mountains in China that fairly high - but it's either 2000 ppl per square meter coz touristy spot or remote enough that you die and no one would notice
1:09 AM
@Telkitty What happens if you go right between those 2 places? Do you fall into an abyss or break the matrix?
you will be below 3500 meters and thus no altitude training
@Borgleader WTF of the day:
Q: Return type for char/int

python_starterFrom what I understand, the return type: int function() Would require me to return an integer int such as: return 0; But from an example I have seen, a function has a return type of integer and returns a character: return a; Such as below: int inputValue() { std::cout << "input valu...

@Mysticial lol i didnt get it until i saw the type of a
@Mysticial brilliant
1:49 AM
oh wow
2:10 AM
Q: How to avoiding “NSMutableArray was mutated while being enumerated”
3 years later ...
A: The simplest way is to enumerate backwards through the array
human intelligence is amazing ...
the simplest way is to not mutate the array while enumerating it
extra code needed to go through the Mutable array, then delete the ones matching criteria outside the loop
yes, but the clarity increases.
and not really, if you do it right
a la the erase remove idiom
2:24 AM
@Telkitty I could have answered that one a lot more quickly: "Avoid Objective C".
Can someone tell me if its more important to understand intrinsic details of a language(general stuff common to most languages) or learn hell lot of algorithms??!
2:42 AM
@JerryCoffin + Xcode
3:01 AM
@KartikV To accomplish much, you need to know at least one language well enough to use it pretty easily, and a fair number of at least the more common algorithms and data structures.
@ProblemSlover Good point.
@JerryCoffin i went to attend few interviews and they expect to solve some algo in 15 mins which i find is absurd
The way i do it is take some examples, try few things and then try to code it, it will take atleast 2-3 hrs for me if i don't know it already.
@KartikV Interviews almost always emphasize algorithms much more than programming languages. Most also attempt to emphasize things that aren't really going to be an exact fit with most of the common algorithms, so knowledge of existing algorithms is useful as a framework, but won't (usually) apply directly to the problems they typically pose (though I have seen a few that posed problems that could be solved directly with more obscure algorithms/data structures (e.g., octree).
@KartikV Most tend to care more about your approach than being able to write syntax-correct code on the spot.
@JerryCoffin But 15-30 mins is too less of a time i believe. in what real world scenario would one solve a problem in 15-30 mins?! I can surely solve it, may be figure out what best fits but i need time
I am really getting sick of all these interviews now .. :/.
Not to say im good at all the concepts but why they are judging me based on some problem which i cannot solve in limited time ..
@KartikV In most real-world situations, you don't solve problems much like those in most interviews anyway. But, such is life. I spend an awful lot of my time on defining interfaces between modules, and just trying to keep the system from collapsing into a pile of crap. At least at the moment, I'm not spending a lot of time writing code to implement much in the way of algorithms at all.
@KartikV depends on which level you are interviewed for, if you are interview at senior or architect level like Jerry, you are expected to know them both really well
3:16 AM
im not sure what i am good at anymore .. im so discouraged with all this. im pissed off tooooo
have a cookie
@StackedCrooked oh, I was wondering if it was my work tightening up firewalls somewhere (they try to block all code-sharing sites, but don't know about coliru yet)
intel source.. Trump personal information has been compromised(incl financial information) by russians. Hope to see his tax returns someday
Monitor 240 HZ wtff
4:11 AM
Fuck, more Qt problems. QPainter needs an OpenGL 2.x surface to draw on, but my program uses OGL 4.3. Then it tried to call OGL 2 functions on a 4.x context.
you know, all this is making me feel so much better about my C# Winforms experience
Q: Align text in a QComboBox without making it editable?

MikhailI have a QComboBox that looks like: Online you see a lot of people posting code to center the label on QComboBox that looks like: auto cmb = new QComboBox(parent); cmb->setEditable(true); cmb->lineEdit()->setReadOnly(true); cmb->lineEdit()->setAlignment(Qt::AlignCenter); This doesn't wor...

1995 called, they want their widget kit back
@Mikhail and yet I still feel like it's been a saner experience than your experience with Qt
I hate WinForms, don't get me wrong
Yeah, I was agreeing.
4:15 AM
I'm considering distributing my own binary compile of Qt to fix a text alignment issue. But its going to be hard to get a Gentoo ebuild for that..
don't half-ass it. Just make your own GUI framework.
What could go wrong?
Maybe I'll rewrite my CAD program in JS
That's the spirit!
the troll is hard in these
4:17 AM
buys all trolltech domains still available
lolwat. trolltech.ninja is an actual thing
Trolltech is one of the companies that worked on Qt
not sure if I find this horrifying or genius
I think I'll find it explains a lot
I wonder if QtQuick would have been a better choice?
4:31 AM
the best choice is to not make GUIs
or con someone else into doing it
user image
My undergrads leave me the moment I ask them to work on the Qt frontend.
I wonder why
4:34 AM
I once had a student who would rather stud a bull than work on Qt
I'd work on a Qt anytime more than stud a bull
@Mikhail what about milk a cow, would it be much better than work on Qt?
I'm more in the cow eating business
The real fear is that the problems with Qt aren't unique. There are two things I can't live with: 3 ways to style GUI elements and extremely difficult OpenGL context management. Some things like cyclic object dependency lifetimes haven't been too much of a problem.
cos you’ll readily plug another RAM stick in there
@Mikhail 3 ways. 3 ways!!! can you imagine that? ever heard of node.js?
4:41 AM
oh god, i've been working for 13 hours
are you sure you remember how to leave
woa. that was quick.
must have been overcome with a truly urgent need to gtfo
4:45 AM
sounds like a booty call
maybe he just thought it was abooty time he left
5:01 AM
boy he likes maps
5:17 AM
red panda video /cc @Borgleader @TonyTheLion @ThePhD @Ven @Xeo
5:37 AM
I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around something... Let's suppose I have an abstract base class Plugin in a shared library. Then I write another shared library with a class SpecialPlugin : public Plugin. If I add a virtual method to Plugin without recompiling the library with SpecialPlugin, what happens when I create an instance of SpecialPlugin, store it in a Plugin*, and call the new virtual method? A crash?
What if the new method has a default implementation in Plugin? I'm a little fuzzy on how the vtable works across shared libraries...
Here it is in question form:
Q: How does a class vtable work across shared libraries?

Nathan OsmanLet's suppose I have a shared library named libplugin. In this shared library, there is a class: class Plugin { public: virtual void doStuff(); }; Let's also suppose that there is another shared library named libspecialplugin. It contains the following class and function: class Sp...

2 hours later…
7:20 AM
7:37 AM
that time of the month & I went shopping again
for some reasons I have been going on clothes/shoes shopping a lot lately
It's winter sales time in Europe
It starts today in France at least
7:53 AM
Does it? Huh.
8:19 AM
@Ven Yep
Bah alors qu'est-ce qu'y-te prend à dire yep comme ça
Bah c'est pour dire yep
8:35 AM
@Telkitty You are a woman. That's not unusual.
8:45 AM
@wilx You're a man. It's not unusual for you to think that.
9:05 AM
ergh ¬_¬
He's slowly turning into @horse_ebooks
Wait, what's this about golden showers.
9:21 AM
one of the phrases you are not supposed to google
lol Buzzfeed News
@R.MartinhoFernandes That sounds expensive.
Amazing to read the whole story https://t.co/gRG7rhkQog
@R.MartinhoFernandes Surprisingly, Buzzfeed runs some pretty in-depth investigative articles.
9:47 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes what fake news
also I think I found the bike
300km from here, but I think I'll go there on saturday
@BartekBanachewicz Something about golden showers/
@R.MartinhoFernandes a deleted tweet or what
> The term #goldenshower is currently trending worldwide on Twitter and you can thank US President-elect Donald Trump for that.
D.Trump has had golden showers in russia?
> The dossier claims that Mr Trump was involved in “perverted sexual acts” during a visit to Moscow.
He has always loved gold what's the big deal?! /cc @CheukKinSing
9:51 AM
seems so
He invented the orange shower, I guess.
is anyone bored enough to get around a paywall for me
I need a screenshot of this link (or just html into some pastebin)
Need to bypass corporate firewall?
@BartekBanachewicz there is a video
apparently FF is not so good with screenshots
10:06 AM
@Abyx Ask @Mysticial about that. He's the expert.
@BartekBanachewicz google doesn't work vOv
10:25 AM
@Abyx cool thanks
@Rerito it's more that it's a popular website that has a reading limit (which I personally never hit) - and we have one IP address for the whole office
Oh I see
context is that Warsaw is currently the most polluted city in the world (air-wise)
and the article is about buses keeping their engines running overnight
@BartekBanachewicz I read that it was Paris, since most cars are still using diesel fuel.
They're trying to reduce the traffic in the city, but of course they face people complaining.
what do you mean by "still"
diesel is the future
also I meant like daily indices, not overall yearly average
Apparently diesel fuel is horrible wrt fine particles.
Everybody knows that bikes are the future, then walking, then destruction of humanity anyway.
10:31 AM
@BartekBanachewicz is that so? Why Warsaw and not London or another big city with traffic jams?
@Abyx no freaking idea
@Morwenn read up about synthetic diesel
@BartekBanachewicz Really? That sounds very stupid on first impression.
No thanks, I can't say I'm specifically interested.
@Abyx apparently it's because people started burning trash in their small heaters
@Morwenn well, the idea is that it burns cleanly
I am personally a fan of liquid fuels
cleanly-burning carbon fuel could be much more "green" than batteries full of heavy metals
@BartekBanachewicz If you don't burn anything, you're fine too.
10:35 AM
@Morwenn you have to transport yourself somehow
@BartekBanachewicz how so?
and for that you need energy storage
lol arguing with Bartek on topics of energy and pollution
it's only in bad disposal that batteries become a problem
@Ell well, there's no disposal problem with the synthetic fuel apparently
10:36 AM
@BartekBanachewicz Can't wait for organic diesel.
you just get CO2 and water
@MarkGarcia well you could long enough use plant oil as diesel fuel
but that's actually not very refined and thus potentially more dangerous
@BartekBanachewicz Not really: you can make other people transport you.
@Morwenn that's just pushing the problem around, not solving it
@BartekBanachewicz lolwut? no central heating in Poland's capital?
@Abyx it's the capital, but it's hardly our most advanced city
10:37 AM
@BartekBanachewicz Well, public transportation works pretty well.
Especially in big cities.
@Morwenn a) it doesn't for a lot of people for a lot of reasons b) you're still not solving the problem of "what to push pubtransport with"
@Abyx there's still a lot of old buildings there and yeah well seems that they've managed to fuck it up quite considerably
@BartekBanachewicz Don't worry. It's here to stay for a very, very long time with aviation and maritime. Well, unless there's a breakthrough in fusion.
But there was central heating in Soviet time. What did you do to it?
@BartekBanachewicz One you fix the problem of recycling batteries, mass-scale renewable energies + electricity should work fine.
@Morwenn so, you want magic
IRTA "once you develop magic that works, everything is fine"
10:41 AM
Sure I want magic.
Who doesn't?
If nobody wants it, it won't ever happen.
@BartekBanachewicz I was just thinking of that lately. Yeah, clean carbon fuels + sequestration looks pretty good.
@BartekBanachewicz @Morwenn is a metalhead, I thought you were aware of that :D
@Morwenn wanting it is fine. But saying that "we won't need diesel" or something like that is just wishful thinking
I for one like ICEs
they have this nice aura around them like mechanical watches
@BartekBanachewicz I don't know, we got computers, and if that isn't already magic, what is it?
@Abyx dunno really
@Morwenn they stop being magic once you understand how they work
I do understand how computers work and I do understand how engines work
That's enough to see that it takes more than just wishing for magic to improve either
10:48 AM
I do not think ICEs are going away any time soon. Electrical engines do not have enough performance for trucks and such, they cannot pack the same amount of energy to the same volume.
@wilx Or mass.
@wilx it makes a lot of sense to have the ICE act as a generator for the e-engines though
like in Chevy Volt
@Abyx I'm guessing cars in Warsaw are in average significantly older.
I don't think cars are that much of a problem
@BartekBanachewicz Right, you just throw it out in the atmosphere. No disposal necessary.
10:58 AM
> Poza tym - jak niby mam się podpiąć do MPEC jako najemca, jak cała kamienica w ścisłym centrum Krakowa nie ma podłączenia do tej sieci? :( (i tak korzystam z ogrzewania elektrycznego)
@BartekBanachewicz It's just orders of magnitude more efficient.
@R.MartinhoFernandes in terms of "people moved per hour", not in terms of "how does personal me get from A to B quickest and most comfortable"
@BartekBanachewicz In a public self-driving car.
@R.MartinhoFernandes so quite unlike public transport of today
also you know that I'm a fan of two-wheelers
@BartekBanachewicz I fail to see the relevance. Unless you mean to say that you are not interested in solving the problem posed.
11:10 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes well I'm just saying that right now they're the best option
long-term it might look entirely different
I have an event that requests a script to abort execution and I need to give it a meaningful description, but "Abortion requested" sounds wrong.
@BartekBanachewicz They clearly aren't, unless you want to claim that Warsaw just isn't doing it enough.
"Abort requested" is grammatical enough, right?
It's the right way to say what you want.
"Abortion" refers specifically to pregnancy.
yeah, I'd like to avoid the pregnancy reference, but abort is not a noun, abortion is wrong and abortification doesn't exist
good enough then I guess, thanks
11:31 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I don't think that vehicles are the main source of the problem, considering the smog levels have only risen during the harshest winter conditions
So you backpedaled from "the best option" to "not the main source of the problem".
@R.MartinhoFernandes "the best option" doesn't mean "not causing any problems whatsoever"
it's the best option in the current situation, not the best option, period.
and frankly if the public transport disappeared completely and we'd only have two-wheelers, I doubt the streets would take it right now
in terms of space-packing, trains and buses are pretty damn efficient
also I've called the shop and I'm going to see the NC on the saturday
I know that I'm changing my mind like 10 times a day but buying things is hard ok
1 hour later…
1:28 PM
maybe I should buy a new one isntead
@nwp please keep the discussion civil and tolerant to all
I cannot tell if this is trolling or I should ask how that is not civil and who I was intolerant towards.
well clearly you mentioned abortion (without trigger warning), which is a sensitive topic for many
you mentioned trigger warnings which triggers me, so I guess we are even
nice try but trigger warnings aren't a sensitive topic
1:44 PM
so you are telling me that in a civil society I may not mention the word "abortion", instead I must write "TRIGGER WARNING: abortion"
there is probably a user script that does that
@nwp yes, unless you're insensitive to other's suffering
which is a trait usually shared by psychopaths
@nwp Ignore @CheukKinSing. He is a professional troll.
Got his degree in trolling from troll university.
Now relies on his skills to pay the bills.
Works for trolltech.
1:53 PM
given that it takes up the majority of your answer people will see it as an actual solution. It is not and should be removed from the answer. In general unsupported and incorrect information should be left out of answers. — Mgetz 14 secs ago
2:17 PM
@Morwenn eh-heheh
@jaggedSpire Too bad the joke had already been made today :(
not for a while though
2:36 PM
@StackedCrooked Your radio channel, STFU BRUH, is pretty nice.
3:00 PM
Remember that CIA report on Russian Hacking? Looks like they've been trolled by 4-Chan: https://t.co/EmCZq7kuB6
^ lol what?
@wilx There isn't much evidence of that.
@Lalaland Of what?
Of 4 chan being the source of these documents.
If anything, there is strong evidence that 4chan is not the source.
but that golden showers thing is kinda fishy
"Trump made whores to urinate onto the bed which was used by Obama when he stayed at that hotel"
@wilx mashallah!
@wilx Why?
@Griwes It will divide people instead of uniting them.
Suddenly, uniforms are not...uniform.
@Griwes because religion has nothing to do with army unless it's jihad or crusade.
@wilx Is allowing blacks in the Army also dividing people instead of uniting them?
3:20 PM
@Griwes In a way, yes. Any difference divides. But Americans have mostly managed to get united despite the racial mix they have. However, I do not know about any large group of people where sufficiently different religions can coexist peacefully in long term.
> polymorphic expression cannot be instantiated to expected type
Eff you, scala.
@Ven le bonheur est irréductible
@wilx I bet the same argument was made about "any large group of people where sufficiently different skin colors can coexist peacefully in long term".
@Griwes But thanks to USA we have evidence that different race people can coexist relatively peacefully. I do not think that we have same kind of evidence for religion.
Also, I think that all religion should stay away from state level structures.
3:28 PM
@wilx I bet the same argument was made about skin color before!
Is this the right place to post a simple C++ question?
@AlexJohnson No.
Or are we just talking military uniforms...
3:30 PM
Huh. OK.
@Ven Did you defeat Scala?
@Griwes yes, but I've had to add a type ascription (fn(type : T)) because it thought the parameter was polymorphic otherwise (WAT)
@Ven Did you consider the possibility that the parameter was polymorphic? :D
@Griwes it's highly impossible that Option[String] is polymorphic. :-)
hah :D
WTB #include_string
3:41 PM
@Griwes actually it's Scala
maybe String is polymorphic in itself...
I am not a smart man :(
@wilx yep. with ghettos and other funny stuff
I was just nibbling skin at edge of nails, hand slipped, smacked into my mouth, now I'm bleeding a bit from my gums
@thecoshman Great job.
@thecoshman When somebody asks what happened, tell them you had a brawl between pirates. Arrrr!
3:51 PM
@thecoshman Worse things can happen.
could have been a cock
wtf, why did that space break faildown?
@thecoshman because it only looks for closing markup right after text
spaces will also break in this case: *asdf *
also breaks for opening markup: * asdf*
¬_¬ that's stupid
4:18 PM
@Ven every term is polymorphic in Scala
Every term has type Any and String | Unit.
Very Useful
"filename" vs "file name"
iow, German vs Sensible :P
German would be "Filename"
4:26 PM
I don't know if there is any logic for removing the spaces in English
underground, football, highlight, without, blackboard, downtown
The rule of thumb being "is this compound old enough to drop the hyphen"?
@rightfold fuck off
(even though you're right, it's a conversion in the details)
4:51 PM
5:09 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes rule of dumb
@rightfold I thank the gods everyday Scala doesn't try to follow more than one level of implicit conversions...
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's less about age than ubiquity. For an obvious example, e-mail isn't very old, but the hyphen's already been gone for quite a while.
@JerryCoffin as a french one, it's even worse: in french, you say "mail" to mean e-mail.
5:25 PM
french have always been stubborn about loan words
@rightfold why Unit?
if you'd have asked me I would have thought they aren't polymorphic, I'd have thought they were of type Any | Any ^ String
(I don't know how subtyping works yet :D)
@Ell anything goes
@Ell much like subsets
I wrote a subtyping library for PureScript.
5:40 PM
@rightfold nice! That looks good.
I'm making progress on my small haskell thingie, I'll do my translator UI in PS next I think.
@Ven "couriel"! :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes pas si j’ai besoin d’un gros maillet
@Ven what does your thingie do?
@Ell just hanging around because it never gets used
5:59 PM
@Ven I really hope they won't disallow ambiguous instances 😂
If the instances have no members then overlapping instances should be safe.
6:10 PM
A quarter of my molar just broke off. FML.
6:25 PM
@wilx o_o
How come?
@Morwenn Well, it already has a filling so it is weak. And I have my mother's teeth, fragile.
That's unlucky :/
It always feels strange when I cut my nails, but at least they grow again.
@wilx Your mother's teeth? Ew, gross.
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol :E
@Ell queries the list of starcraft 1 streamer and launches vlc to the stream of their afreecatv page
@rightfold they GHC now
6:46 PM
Hello guys I have a trouble with capturing image from webcam the video source dialog always comes, I have only one webcam connected.
Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?
Trump is on a roll
Maybe build bottany instead
Botania is a great mod.
Time to play modded Mc! :3
@R.MartinhoFernandes And heads will roll.
6:52 PM
I like how he quoted "leak" as if he was calling attention to the pun
Can't wait for him to get @potus access.
In other news, The Roast of Assange
@R.MartinhoFernandes Our demented president just today either lied/fabricated or leaked information about a suspect in terrorism case.
On Twitter?
@R.MartinhoFernandes On radio.
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