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12:10 AM
Any experience drawing high quality polygons, like the shapes in MS PowerPoint?
Q: Is there a way to do multiple assignment and initialization with block scope?

technicalblokeI would like to declare two variables with block scope and initialize them to the same value. It would be nice if the following worked that way but it doesn't... { let a = b = "wang"; } console.log("b:", b); Variable 'a' has block scope but variable 'b' doesn't, it has function scope as if i...

> let a = b = "wang";
12:48 AM
err, thought internet explorer was long dead?
apparently it's the most popular browser until last year
@Telkitty corporate, (grand)parents, schools, etc
1:11 AM
I couldnt find anything that was similar to what I needed, I did look before I asked. — Josh Aston 2 mins ago
I call bs, I found 2 in < 30s
@Borgleader sup!
that is an adorable dog
Thanks but I still couldnt put that to use for me. — Josh Aston 11 mins ago
I just... what? Am I missing something? -.-;
AFAICT it's an exact duplicate
Well that's too bad because I just dupe hammered it. :P
Fuck, I got a Heisenbug where, on rare occasions, my OGL context gets pulled while rendering, causing the next OGL command to fail...
1:43 AM
Finally a machine capable of running Slack https://twitter.com/sehnaoui/status/797988934693158912
@Mikhail My little computar: 3D is magic
muh context
try running it in gdebugger?
I found a pretty nice question today. (It was originally given the c++11 tag, and nothing else)
1:46 AM
@jaggedSpire wat
I was...a touch miffed that they mistagged so terribly
@jaggedSpire it starts off pretty standard but when you get to the last answer that’s when it achieves its full potential
My favorite was the === answer where the poster mockingly told people saying that it wasn't javascript that he didn't care
try to get this piece of old working code going again - it crashes at every step
and also the part where OP then accepted it
1:50 AM
@LucDanton Screenshit for us, low-rep minded folks?
tasty stick /cc @Borgleader @TonyTheLion @ThePhD @Ven @Xeo
@набиячлэвэли aw no I’m too comfy to bother but I’ll give you a pity upvote to make up for it
@jaggedSpire such lazy snoot licking animals :3
@Borgleader :3
1:55 AM
@LucDanton Wooo 1k
@набиячлэвэли check yer privileges 'cause you just got more
@jaggedSpire Yeah I know
@Borgleader thanks! Now I can dwell on the stupidity even more :)
@Borgleader extraordinary
1:56 AM
@набиячлэвэли Are you taunting me
@Borgleader no y
starring because it's the only way I can see the question that I already starred
That and getting 7k more rep
@Borgleader So the OP changed the tag in the middle of all that shit?
where the heck is call stack in xcode
2:01 AM
It was then I edited to fix the misspelling in the title and also to add per the wiki, and also for the visibility to close such an unclear question quickly, and then many moons later OP revealed they had no idea what they were doing and were using either Java or javascript. Which one? The world may never know.
They edited the tag to Java pretty much a few minutes after the "It was my stupid thing sorry" comment.
2 hours later…
4:11 AM
One could get a very dangerous app in the app store by sending a seemingly harmless app into the review, then using an update feature in the app to sneaking a whole different creature once the app is approved
4:57 AM
Q: is there anyone who has read Charles' book of Windows program

konaloChapter 4: the first line ofSYSMETS.H define NUMLINES ((int)(sizeof sysmetrics/sizeof sysmetrics[0])) I guess the numlines is the maxline in the Windows validarea. But i cannot perceive “ (int)(sizeof sysmetrics/sizeof sysmetrics[0])” WHO could explain for me.thanks

/cc @Mysticial @Borgleader
@Telkitty This is true, and I've considered it as a possible vector of attack to watch for. But that's exactly when flagging as malware and bad reviews are handy.
5:31 AM
@milleniumbug you got a real beauty there!
6:30 AM
@Telkitty that's how most modern mobile viruses work. Devs make free games, get a pile of users, then sell it to a company for oodles, who packs it full of malware. Users update, and boom.
7:02 AM
Now thinking about it, Java is incredulously lucky - it overtook C++ & was dominating the market until C# came out. But before it's overtaken by C#, smart phone came out. And objective C has become popular because iOS was dominating the market. But before objective C/swift dominate, android has taken over the smart phone market ... and guess that's android app's main language? You guess it right, Java.
I got a call from an ISP recently. They wanted to sell me an antivirus contract for my iPhone.
I can't imagine why this would be needed.
they need it - to make money
it's not always about what you need
Also I wonder how it works. An effective antivirus program would require system-level permissions that iOS is unlikely to provide.
I got anti-virus for my macbook
if there are anti-virus for MacOS, they could be anti-virus for iOS
7:24 AM
@StackedCrooked There are anti-malware that can tell you if any apps are known to be malware. Some mobile antivirus gets permissions to watch what other apps do and mess with their permissions/intercept their network packets. It's definitely limited without roots or jailbreaks, but kind of works.
8:22 AM
Well, I get much more coding done when I'm actually coding! I just figured out the intended way to encapsulate in rust, and now the compiler yells at me for poor practice less often
8:44 AM
I just had a thought. I want to see a gun fight in an action film where everyone shooting has a silenced gun.
I want to see a silencers portrayed realistically in a movie
(i.e. not a hollywood silencer)
@Ven It's a meet up
Wesh frer
@thecoshman ...yes, that I know
whatever, I'll ask someone else.
@milleniumbug what's up with the uncon
8:52 AM
@Ven what are you trying to ask?
dunno, the place and time is yet to be decided
(also due to thecoshman being the organiser you can't get much more official than that)
Time is determined already
well we know it will happen in 2017
that's for sure
It's June 3rd
as usual, I'm voting for paris. ;)
9:06 AM
I'll sort out taking nominations shortly
9:21 AM
2 messages moved to Trash can
it's even a dupe...
@milleniumbug should've binned my message as well :)
Now bin your binning messages.
oh doggammit
how're you doing, griwes?
9:25 AM
Pretty good.
Had you been on Discord, you'd've known that already... :P
@thecoshman ...hopefully if I mark it down in a calendar I won't forget about it and won't schedule anything for that weekend...
9:45 AM
oh, I have a bank holiday Monday after uncon this year :)
Think I'LL have to keep it a short trip for myself this year :(
@R.MartinhoFernandes Whole nine vinyls?
It's millions.
user image
And this is why giving numbers in a vacuum is bad.
(I still haven't figured out if the US having dropped 25000 bombs on Syria in 2016 is remarkable or par for the course)
@R.MartinhoFernandes ah, to be fair, you showing numbers of sales in one graph and then value of sales in the other
if we did that, computers would probably look less used now than they used to be
^ value/unit-cost for technologic products goes up quite a lot as manufacturing improves, even if the overall purchasing power for necessities doesn't
That being said, those numbers do give enough information to conclude the previous market was larger, but not by how much :(
10:03 AM
@Aaron3468 fwiw vinyl records are not "technological products". You pay for the artistic content, not the material
Manufacturing cost is a negligible part of the price
Anyway, the last missing piece is that vinyl is more expensive today (adjusted for inflation)
you pay more to the various middlemen than you actually pay the original copyright holders
most of the money goes to publishers and retail
Irrelevant, I think.
@milleniumbug Oh yeah, Charles... good ol' Charles
There's a significant independent vinyl scene.
10:18 AM
Hmmm, it may grow a bit now that 3D printing is a thing. Cheap way to create kind of functional records to high precision.
@Griwes I didn't read #relationship-drama even back then :P.
I might have to hop back for uncon, though...
@Ven Wasn't in #relationship-drama though, since I've been told that happy stories are not welcome there :(
hhahahahahaha. alright. hopefully yo girl is doing just fine as well, then.
(whose name doesn't pop into my head right now)
I don't think 3D printing is at the accuracy required for creating vinyls
I don't think it's cheaper.
10:23 AM
Apparently it kinda works. Here's one. Mmm, that fidelity.
10:33 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Why not? You're probably right, but I'm curious
@Aaron3468 well, it's slower than pressing, I'd think.
I can see it being used to print the pressing masters, but I'm not sure it can beat the simplicity of pressing.
Oh, yeah, simplicity also means less maintenance costs in the equipment.
pressing is much simpler than 3D printing
all you need is a master negative mold per record you are printing
3D printing is awesome but I think it won't replace traditional manufacturing methods in all use cases.
@ratchetfreak yeah. I can see 3D printing and injection moulding being used to produce those, though.
and when creating the master disk you can use different materials that are easier to cut than vinyl, then you can create a negative from that that won't melt when doing the pressing (you know like they do today)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, my intuition is similar. It seems to lend itself best to prototyping, while traditional methods are much better for mass-production
10:47 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Some interesting charts here: airwars.org/data
Also, seeing the image of a bombing jet on "It's been one year since Russia began bombing in Syria, and there may be no end in sight - LA Times" I do not wonder that the number of bombs goes to tens of thousands.
@wilx my questions are "is that unusual for the Syrian Civil War? Is that unusual for modern war? Is that unusual for the US? Or do the numbers just say 'the US is taking part in the Syrian Civil War amd war sucks'?"
I don't doubt the number, but I have no idea what it means
11:02 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's also saying that U.S. is invading another sovereign state and kills its citizens (who might be criminals but it's none of their concern).
@Abyx Same goes for Russia. Except that US are at least trying to prop up a democratic constitution and regime.
@Abyx It doesn't, because the number of dropped bombs doesn't give you the number of civilian casualties.
Or any casualties.
Motivated reasoning is a biased process where you fill in the gaps with your narrative.
lol feels so game breaking
but also fun
@wilx gotta check this later on a proper browser.
11:13 AM
we tried to do another speedrun yesterday
got green pots in 40 minutes and blue in about 3h then gave up
but we also had a bit of pause so it was like woot I'm doing
woot r u doing barket
Barquette de banane
@wilx like, which one? 'The rebels'?
@CheukKinSing j'ai pas d'inspi :(
@Ven Factorio
apparently 0.15 will have "universal barreling"
freaking finally
Anyway, I thought the intervention was to stop ISIS.
11:16 AM
Factorio is one of the kind in how it improves over time
it just keeps getting better and better
I could be wrong, but I don't think any of the sides wants a government that the US would consider democratic.
> There is a report of the EU called Creative Europe - Media. It states that they basically took 3.2 million euro (collected from other people through taxes), and they just gave the money to certain game companies of their choice.
@BartekBanachewicz Let me guess, feminist gaming studios! :)
> They took money from a small studio like us, and they just gave it to some big game studio (CD Project) to support the creation of DLC for their franchise Witcher 3.
@BartekBanachewicz Well, TBH, how is this different from film industry support and grants?
@BartekBanachewicz lol, nice
11:23 AM
> From what I have read, they mainly wanted to support games with a lot of story telling. This means, that they think, that they know what is best for us better than we do. They decide for us what kind of game should we play, what movies are worthy, what art is worth support.
yeah, it's kinda shitty
but Factorio is not dying with the kind of dedicated fanbase it has
@BartekBanachewicz link?
They don't decide shit
11:23 AM
maybe kovarex was wrong
That's just a ranty misrepresentation
@BartekBanachewicz did you make recursive factories?
@nwp I haven't used it
my cofactoryworker has just sent it to me
11:32 AM
See, the "not transparent" EU puts shit tons of official documents online so you don't need to speculate.
there are some cool challenges, like bobs mod, angel ores, death worlds, ribbon worlds and combinations of those
> The objective is to increase the capacity of European video game producers to develop projects with highly innovative content and quality gameplay, which will have the potential to circulate throughout Europe and beyond and to improve the competiveness of the European video games industry in European and international markets by enabling the retention of intellectual property by European developers.
This is straight from the document describing the program that the person who wrote the rant did not apply to.
btw lololo
> Compilation times in C++ suck. The fact that I have to wait 3 and half minute whenever Factorio is recompiled makes me impatient and ineffective. (...) This gave me an idea of just writing our own subset of std+boost (the parts we use the most). The string class for example would be simple class instead of huge one based on generic templates that can't be even fast forwarded.
"They took money from a studio like us" is just "taxation is theft" whining.
@R.MartinhoFernandes it kinda is
11:45 AM
They also took their money to give to small farmers! They also took more money from big studios and gave to small farmers!
It's a gross misrepresentation.
@R.MartinhoFernandes what? big companies don't pay tax.
probably another gross misrepresentation
@BartekBanachewicz ;_;
Yay! I just got my second reply email to my EU copyright changes email.
Let's hope raising awareness will help a bit.
@wilx Welcome to the terrorist watchlist :D
12:04 PM
@wilx who was it this time? Same person?
@R.MartinhoFernandes No, another Czech EU MP.
@nwp Heh.
The funny thing is that I first started looking for the MPs emails through a name list. It was tedious. Then I used a better search terms and one of the results was a website of an anti-Islamic party here which had all the emails in a nice list. So, far-righters were useful at least for one thing. :)
12:51 PM
typedef struct node node;
typedef struct node* Node;
yeah not confusing at all (sauce)
1:02 PM
"Here! I'll teach you how to build a compiler"
<code to lex + parse a lisp into an AST>
"The rest left as an exercise to the reader!"
who needs code generation in a compiler
or optimizations
or any kind of static analysis
the only code gen content I've found is the llvm tutorial and one guy making X64 code gen from scratch
@Ven This one was kinda neat, but yeah it does skip on some stuff. TBF, it is meant to be an LLVM tutorial more than a make your compiler one but vOv
1:06 PM
@Borgleader you say that and you link me to the lex part :D
I wasn't actually looking for one BTW. I just stumbled upon ANOTHER ONE on hackernews and had to rant
This is the only type of tutorial that's worse than Monad tutorials.
this guy has 3 videos doing X64 code gen
@Ven No no, I linked you to the beginning of the whole thing, like a normal person would :P
@Ven He had no space left in the margin
Pierre de Fermat style
@wilx Being very active and well-organized is a common theme among those groups.
1:11 PM
fucking Fermat
@Ven Haha. Yeah.
@Ven Get the Dragon Book.
@wilx I have that! Read most of it, but it was on my train ride to work and I was generally tired so I skimmed the harder stuff xD
@wilx That actually sounds cheap.
I was expecting closer to twice that.
1:26 PM
@Ven topological sort!
@R.MartinhoFernandes I am just a lowly Czech code monkey... :(
@R.MartinhoFernandes WTF? New from EUR 564.75?
@wilx It's an out-of-print edition.
@wilx have you tried libraries?
1:29 PM
I should probably mention that intel XED (X84 encode/decoder) recently got open sourced
@ratchetfreak What does it do?
it contains machine readable tables of the instructions
and has a set of functions to actually use them to encode and decode machine code
@wilx Oh, the book that was written with compilers of a past age in mind? :P
@Griwes It's still at least partially useful.
@Griwes Dude... Some things do not change that fast. Also, the second edition is AFAIK updated with more topics that are useful.
1:32 PM
@Griwes Meh you!
I seem to recall Chandler recently summing it up with "it won't teach you anything about how compilers look these days".
@Griwes It teaches general principles.
2:17 PM
What do you call an event that updates something and therefore old values can be dropped? Say I want to display the current value and update the GUI, so I send an event to do that, but if there are a hundred of those messages in the queue just drop the previous 99 and show the current one instead of doing 100 useless updates.
GCC7 now supports using..., which means that they have basic support for every C++17 feature.
Looks like they added features even though they were already in stage 3 of development.
This SO question has over 10000 views, but no upvoted answer. Can we assume there is a bug?
2:27 PM
I assume people genuinely hate Xcode and Objective-C.
Objective-C is annoying
I hate Xcode
it's actually Smalltalk/C
Smalltalk isn't half as pure horseshit as Objective-C is
@Ven at least it's pure
2:29 PM
@nwp the furthest from it there is :)
xcode move debug things around without really improve it's functionality with each new version
I spent a whole whole hour trying to figure out where the heck the stack trace/call stack was, but was give rather irrelevant info. And the answer really depends on which version of xcode you are using
I just want a full call stack when my code crashes, Apple, is it really that hard??
@nwp idempotent is related but not what you are looking for, I think coalescable event a bit more general (where 2 subsequent events can be merged into a single event like 2 increments getting replaced by a +=2)
@Ven Hey, they wanted me to work for them just a few weeks ago :o
tu veux pas travailler dans une licorne ?!
le meilleur des startups
2:43 PM
Nope; non merci ; la vie de startup, très peu pour moi.
Hah ? :)
le frog.
tu preferes les grands groupes et leur enfer bureaucratique ?
You like to meetings to schedule other meetings instead ? :)
avec un passage par la case presclave ?
2:44 PM
I work in oceanography; it's cool :D
Do you even sail?
@Telkitty iOS Developers group are happy to share your pain
@Rerito I don't.
@Morwenn You don't go on boat rides? That would be the cool bit of working in oceanography
Especially since you're... close to the ocean
2:47 PM
@Rerito I wouldn't like to, it's generally weeks/months long.
Or diving or smth
Some diving near britanny shores would be cool af
Moreover, I have to go to the doctor every few weeks, and have rehearsals with my band almost every week.
I'd rather drive into the o-sean
@Morwenn condition?
@Rerito What?
2:48 PM
not everyone needs to go the doctor once every other week
I've got hormones, blood tests, allergies + everyday problems.
Too much testosterone, I feel you bro
Got it divided by 30 in three months.
Gender therapy?
Hormones replacement therapy, yeah.

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