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12:00 AM
Alright. I re-raise.
did this one get posted here?
12:03 AM
@Borgleader Can you post a screenshot? It's been deleted.
@Mysticial a beautiful specimen
SO much cancer
@Mysticial Why must you dredge through the scum of SO?
@EtiennedeMartel A mixture of metaphors. Scum floats on the top. Dredging pulls...stuff up from the bottom. Dredging would actually be a good thing--a deeper channel is exactly what SO should strive to provide. I think I've pushed this metaphor beyond its limit though... :-)
12:19 AM
This is why docs is a good thing. Hopefully it will draw all the rep whores out of SO and into docs.
Where they can be forgotten.
@JerryCoffin At first I wrote "skim" which would have worked with scum. But I prefer "drudge" when it implies going at the bottom of the cesspool. So... yeah.
In the same way that Meta draws out all the drama from SO.
I can't help but think that documentation is a genius way to suck up the repwhores so they have less time to feed the help-vampire/repwhore cycle on SO. — Mysticial Jul 25 at 20:32
Fuck, I misspelled "accepted" in that screenie markup.
@Lalaland just a few more spin-offs and SO will finally be perfect with no more activity whatsoever
12:22 AM
@LucDanton Those darn users ruin everything.
@Mysticial Wow. You forgot to point out that the accepted "answer" gives what must be nearly the worst possible way to "fix" the problem (what the OP apparently wants is something like if (z) cs(); or if they wanted obfuscation: z && cs();).
@JerryCoffin oh lol, I didn't even try to parse either the question nor the answer.
Here's the spelling mistake fixed:
hang on
thank you
Here we go:
user image
Ok, I'm looking at the task manager, firefox.exe - Memory (Private): 7GB
12:27 AM
@Borgleader Working set = ?
Allocated memory is meh
The working set is what's actually matters
I've had some issues with firefox and those autopager plugins.
Like if you reading a really long manga, firefox used to keep all the images in RAM.
I dont have that plugin
I have ABP and Screengrab and thats p much it
Once you hit like chapter 30, your computer pretty much dies due to OOM.
That's one reason why I switched to chrome.
12:29 AM
They might have fixed that though.
rip in pages
@Borgleader Oh, in case you haven't heard, ABP sold out to some advertising companies. They have a default whitelist for a couple of specific ad sites.
This was a while ago, but it's still really dumb. adblockplus.org/acceptable-ads
@Mysticial no rep notification?
@jaggedSpire topbar cut
12:32 AM
@jaggedSpire I intentionally cropped it out.
I'll post the original (unmarked version) later so you can try your own markups. But I have a feeling that I'm just gonna trolled for my rep notifications.
@Mysticial You do realize that at least 90% of meta will have to view your posting this as being nothing short of pure trolling, right (specifically because it's accurate)?
@Lalaland I switched to ublock on chrome, i might do the same on ff
@Borgleader I guess ad blockers selling out is just the normal progression of things at this point.
12:41 AM
The problem is that the incentives are so twisted.
And there is too much money available.
/cc @jaggedSpire
Doing a little looking, the author of that accepted answer even seems to be at least partially aware that he's a rep-whore. For a couple of examples: You forgot to ask an actual question and you haven't put much effort into solving your own problem, but... This might be a little off topic, but... [
"using namespace std;" is considered to be worse offense than using C headers and library functions. — Sam Varshavchik 21 mins ago
@Borgleader :P
12:45 AM
I can't really hate the rep-whores though. They are at least trying to help someone.
Better a rep-whore than no answer at all.
They would be doing more good if they closed a question as dupe instead of answering it
give a man a fish and all that
most new users dont bother to fucking search because a rep whore answers their dupe ass question
@Borgleader Who wants to guess how many completely inappropriate closures would happen if closing as a dupe awarded rep?
@JerryCoffin Way the hell too many, which is why I didnt suggest doing that :P
@Borgleader Of course--I'm pretty sure I do that more often than writing answers any more.
@Borgleader Yup--naive person that I am, my immediate reaction was to recommend it. Then I stopped and thought for a second or so...
12:54 AM
> France : la corrida radiée du patrimoine immatériel
reportedly that means bullfighting was only a cultural cornerstone from 2011 to 2016
@LucDanton Are they talking about how it's viewed in Spain, or are there bull-fights in France?
@JerryCoffin That's partially why I cropped out the top bar. That thing has the potential to be taken out of context.
I can see the comments now
We just need to elect Mysticial as mod.
That would solve like 9% of our problems.
1:02 AM
@Mysticial ...to put it mildly.
@Lalaland That sounds a lot more accurate. I think most of the mods are too busy mopping up where the child peed in aisle 3 to actually spend much time truly fixing much.
@JerryCoffin to be precise there was a legal snafu that cancelled adding bullfighting to the list of cultural heritage
@JerryCoffin The big thing is that the markups are mildly antagonizing the author of the accepted answer. I have no intention to offend anyone, but that question was such a "rare specimen" as Luc called it that I just had to poke some fun out of it.
@JerryCoffin as to the latter it’s surprisingly hard to find a definitive answer
@LucDanton Hmm...is "cultural heritage" what allows it to continue, even though it would otherwise probably be prohibited as cruel and inhumane treatment of the animals involved?
@Borgleader Those are terrible puns though, come on
1:10 AM
@Shoe vOv theyre bearable
@Mysticial Yeah--even though they're all common individually, it's pretty rare to see quite that many tell-tale signs all attached to one question.
@JerryCoffin naw, it’s a list kinda like 'the national bird is the hummingbird'
@Borgleader Stahp it :P
@LucDanton Ah, okay.
@Borgleader Still much worse than tearable puns though.
I was at a loss to translate 'patrimoine' at first so I looked up what the things UNESCO does are called, so it’s this sort of stuff although on smaller scale
1:32 AM
I never really understood the whole "animal cruelty" type stuff. I mean, if you are already willing to eat animals, bull fighting isn't that much worse.
1:46 AM
animal killed for eating is justified for most people
animals killed for entertainment isn't
also animals killed for food are usually done in a humane way
Q: Please help how could I read the following input file C++ which is in a txt/in file and have my input in the format I want?

Shady3 // Represent the number of test case 4 // Length of the input of first case 1 -3 4 8 //First sequence of input that will be moved to array or vector 2 8 6 5 //Second sequence of Input that will be moved to array or vector 2 // Length of in...

/cc @Mysticial
Can we get someone to post a bad answer, get downvoted, drop a bunch of useless comments about downvotes and repwhores, and bypass a comment filter?
2:01 AM
@Lalaland Except that instead of being killed quickly and humanely, it's tortured to death over the course of 20 to 30 minutes or so.
@Borgleader Not sure it makes any real difference, but at least fixing the formatting seems like it can't hurt...
Hello Earthlings
@JerryCoffin for spectable
how to words
ok night time now, toodles
3:05 AM
Apparently ordering discounted assortments of electronic components does not yield useful components
Or rather, I'd find them useful if I was building a jet fighter and had a 300v power supply ^^
3:53 AM
@LucDanton patrimony
peut-être patrimonk
@KretabChabawenizc no, that should only be used with parsimony
4:10 AM
j'en mets souvent dans les pâtes
@Aaron3468 My immediate guess would be that the more heavily discounted they are, the more creative you're going to have to be to find any use for them at all.
@Aaron3468 What did you order?
4:46 AM
@JerryCoffin could always use more fill for landscaping
5:20 AM
In case anyone's bored... in the Futurama movie "Bender's Game", Leela fills up the PE ship with dark matter at a price of 9.999 per ball. She pays $632.14. There's a good tiny math puzzle in this that apparently nobody has posted online (or quite "got"; or maybe my search-fu's foobar'd) in 8 years.
5:33 AM
@Mysticial A whole bunch of diodes, capacitors, ICs and a handful of switches. I'd been hoping for more than 5 5v zener diodes, but I got many that regulate voltage at weird values like 18v or 24v. And lots of voltage regulators for 30-600v. The few 5v regulators give constant negative voltage Dx But some of the components are legitimately rated for military and aerospace use
Oh, I thought they were computer parts.
They could be! I wonder if there'd be a way to find discounted army surplus for gpus and cpus...
During the dot-bomb era, my dad salvaged a whole bunch of electronics and computer parts from dumpsters of startups that crashed.
Lots of good stuff. Routers, network cables. Fiber optics, lasers...
Now all the stuff is dated and worthless, but it was pretty neat back then.
Haha, I bet. Bubbles suck for work, but there's a lot of good deals that result from them
His own startup was one of the ones that crashed. It was interesting though because the creditors dumped everything, and he knew exactly what was valuable and what wasn't and grabbed them from the dumpster. (mostly the fiber optics and lasers)
5:43 AM
That sounds like finding the silver lining in a pretty terrible situation. He's the one that interested you in computing?
Kinda. He got me into computers. From there on I was sorta on my own.
Change of topic. This is my new favorite non-violent-nobody-got-hurt road rage video: (Warning: strong language) youtube.com/watch?v=_6e0t8sDevs
@Mysticial lasers?
@StackedCrooked Lasers for fiber optics.
I see.
Moore's law was still going strong back then. Hardware aged pretty fast.
@Aaron3468 You can usually modify the voltage from a linear voltage regulator (somewhat) by adding a resistor between the middle leg and the negative. -5 vs. 5 is mostly irrelevant--just a matter of which you think of as the ground (starts to matter more when you have both -N and +M in the same circuit).
5:47 AM
I remember him bringing back a whole box full of 8-port 100 Mbit/s routers. This was back in 2004.
Those things were expensive back then.
@Mysticial Nice.
And like several boxes of fiber-optic related equipment which I know nothing about.
@Mysticial Oddly, the 100 MBPS stuff is probably still perfectly usable (within its limits) but the fiber optic stuff is probably impossible to put to any use at all (without massive work).
@JerryCoffin I wondered if that might be possible. quite a bit of sorting and collecting datasheets first
Wow, that driver is ignorant and very dangerous... Though bicycles get their own lanes, they are still permitted to behave as vehicles
@JerryCoffin Throughout my high-school days, he was constantly working in his lab with a combination of stuff he already had and stuff he salvaged when his startup crashed. I haven't asked him about it, but it was almost as if he was continuing his research work after the crash. He used to do it in the company's lab. After the crash he salvaged all his work and continued in his office.
I never went deep into optics, so I don't really know the details.
5:55 AM
@Mysticial In that case, all bets are off. I was thinking in terms of plugging things back together and getting a working system.
@JerryCoffin Yeah, the creditors didn't see any value in it.
To be fair, it had no value to anyone other than my dad and his colleagues.
Those lasers aren't hand-wieldable laser pointers. They're oddly shaped and require weird power inputs.
Ah, so they need custom-built power supplies and enclosures to be of general use
The outputs to them plug directly into industrial fiber optic cables. They don't shoot out like a normal laser.
I don't think they're in the visible spectrum either.
This is what they look like, but in greater variety:
Oh wow, you can tell they're pricy and high precision
Boxes and boxes of that sort of stuff and miles and miles of cables. I wouldn't want to guess how much it would've been to buy them. But he grabbed them all from the dumpster.
6:04 AM
@Mysticial Out of curiosity do you have any technical info on them? (Band?)
@HWalters No details since I don't know enough optics to know. But he did explain to be the difference between yellow and orange cables (something to do with multi-band).
@Mysticial Amazing (and a bit stressful, at least to me) to think of how much value really was outright destroyed in the crash.
He has a new startup now. And there isn't as much stuff at home anymore. So I assume most of it moved into the proper laboratory at his new company.
@JerryCoffin no kidding...
When the world's on fire, you grab what you can and run. I know there are large sections of detroit that still haven't recovered. There's a community of people who illegally enter the buildings, renovate them and move people in.
But it's good to hear your dad recovered =)
Not really. Things were really crazy prior to and during the crash. But after the crash, it was basically impossible to get funding.
6:18 AM
He's still dealing with the results of it?
Of course that was the case for everyone else prior to the crash. Everything was overvalued.
Afterwards, everything was dead.
@Aaron3468 Depends on how to define it. It's never going to get as big as it was prior to the crash. But based on what I've been hearing, it seems self-sustainable right now.
For that matter, almost every tech company that survived the dot-bomb era is still miles away from reaching their high-marks during that time.
Yeah... hopefully it doesn't bubble again. I wonder if there are any legitimate bubbles at the moment.
Intel is at like $35 right now? It peaked at like 70-something prior to the dot-bomb.
That's crazy
And that was 16 years ago. 16 fucking years ago.
And right now, everyone is expecting the Bay Area to crash.
Way too many startups, way too ridiculous housing.
6:32 AM
I think individual companies might crash, but as a whole, I doubt that there'll be another big computer crash for a while
But don't quote me on it ;)
If there were it'd have a different root cause
@Mysticial ah yes, the San Andreas faultline as I recall
There have been several large startups that have folded already.
But the big ones like Google and FB aren't going anywhere.
I'd hardly call those two startups. I think startups are prone to crashes until they settle into a niche
Oops I didn't mean to connect the two sentences.
Google and FB aren't startups anymore.
6:38 AM
No worries, I'm lightly teasing. I wonder if I should try applying to mid-size startups hiring junior developersto get experience....
But the situation in Silicon Valley atm is that entry-level engineers even at Google/FB don't have a great standard of living. lol
You may 100k a year. Half of it goes to taxes. So you have 50k. Rent will probably be around 3k/month for something that isn't complete shit. So now you're down to 14k-ish for the year.
You can get your food at the company.
If you have student loans, you'll be empty until that's paid off.
So either you live in a shit place that's far away (and pay several hours a day stuck in traffic). Or you room with others.
Ah, so twice what I made last year. I had a job in commissioned sales requiring knowledge but still was basically at minimum wage after 1 year and a half with them >.<
I'll keep in mind to avoid the big tech areas then
That's why I'm saying something's got to budge at some point.
This is mostly the situation with people relocating to the Bay Area for a tech job.
Yeah, it sounds like it might be a mini bubble supporting inflation in that area
People who were already there won't feel it as much. Heck, a lot of them are selling their homes and moving out to live like a king.
6:49 AM
Haha, yeah, that might crash, but it's not a national inflation thankfully
I think monsoon season came to Canada because I'm in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm and we've had really rainy weather every 2nd day this summer
There's only been 2 weeks of unbroken nice weather.
Q: Rename Hot Network Questions 'Worst of StackExchange'

hobbsI've seen a few good questions on HNQ in the more distant past, but in the past few months, almost any time I've seen a question featured in HNQ it's been one that has attracted a lot of activity because of A poorly-posed question that people can't quite seem to find a close reason for, but tha...

7:04 AM
@Aaron3468 Having grown up in the Bay Area, Canada doesn't seem like a good place to live. :)
In which regard?
Depends where. BC is rainy and humid mostly and barely gets winter. Alberta, where I am, tends to be dry and goes to -25 celsius most winters with 2-3 inches of snow every week or two, but has mild summers that usually linger around 22 celsius. But I kind of agree because Alberta weather can be bipolar.
I'm in Chicago now. This last winter went down to negative single digit Fahrenheit. I don't remember the exact number. But it stayed below 10F for days at a time. 10F is like -12C or something?
Fortunately, I was unemployed at the time, so I didn't have to go outside.
I just took a shower. It was horrible. I hate my body with the leprosy.
7:20 AM
-9f is -22c. That's what our coldest month of winter usually looks like and everyone finds excuses to stay inside. We have really thick jackets for that kind of weather (or the odd few days that drop to -35c and schools shut down, and stores forgive no staff showing up)
Primitive tech made a new vid
About a forge
@Mysticial Oh, 10f isn't too bad (yeah, -12 here). Chilly if you use fall jackets.
If you leave your car for a week, it'll look like this in our winters. The rear car is usually a day or two of snow
Alright, I think my cultural lesson is finished. I'll watch the forge video for now
8:13 AM
please try my 3d css wolfenstein prototype
they're divs lol
I am bored and hungry.
my healthy lunch
8:28 AM
@Telkitty You are so mean to me. ;_;
I blame it on the internet :'(
can't teleport food across
@Telkitty Aww. That is so sweet. :)
the internet can order food though ;)
@Aaron3468 And I have just finished ordering pizza.
I have things I would like to finish but I have not willpower to even start them. :)
@doug65536 Interesting.
@doug65536 Clipping does not seem to work, I just went through a wall.
8:36 AM
there's this guy who's selling rewound electric engines for micro wind turbines
I'm tempted
@doug65536 Not bad, although it's laggy on my wimpy tablet (Lenovo Miix 300 if you want to improve performance). Other than clipping, it seems to work :D
If you hold on a moment, I should be able to get 300fps or so on my desktop
@doug65536 extremely buggy
when I look at the floor, I don't see the ceiling and vice versa
same for left/right walls
Yep, just booted it on a i7-4790k with gpu and it's not too bad. Culling and clipping algorithms should be next priorities, but it's coming along nicely so far. Well done
> nicely so far
surely you can't think this makes sense for anything more than a PoC
That's precisely what I mean. The project is coming along well for a first-time attempt for learning (and the backface culling checkbox fixes the culling)
8:48 AM
hmm not sure what I want to do today
the perspective of moving outside into the heat isn't very welcoming
Did your arduino kit come in?
it did... to Poland :P
I'll pick it up on Monday
Ahaha, soon. Maybe make a stack overflow mini-game?
hmmmm I'm gonna have to move outside later on anyway
I could code something
maybe I'll make something on circuits.io actually
Hmm, you could mess with led animations or an lcd screen. Potentiometers are very useful in any circuit
8:57 AM
yeah I wanted to do some screens
A lot of them use the hd44780 controller, which has a few quirks. The biggest one is that it skips addresses 28h-3fh
9:21 AM
so amaze
much lcd
God fucking shit. I'm trying to get some sleep. But I have 12 episodes of Mayoiga in front of me. And there's been at least 5 consecutive episodes of fucking cliffhangers.
@Mysticial is Mayoiga worth watching? :P
is any chinese cartoon worth watching
chinese? who knows
hmm are arduino libs open source?
I'd like to see how they handle the LCD
9:27 AM
there are, but they are not translated into other languages though
@ScarletAmaranth If you like shows where a bunch of kids get mind-fucked into doing bad things to each other. Sure.
are tentacles involved
is that like child porn
uegh those arduino libraries
they totally have reasonable C++
but no #define best way to make constants
9:45 AM
to be fair, once you have a tool that works for C++ it should be fairly trivial to make it work with C too, so C/C++ tools make sense
Oh fuck this. Looks like I'm gonna need to stop in the middle of an episode.
I've watched eps 3 - 8 in one sitting.
@nwp I'd call it "C++ with C"
or simply "C++ and C"
Back-to-back cliffhangers all the way.
Heck "C&C++" is exactly as long
maybe it looks too much like <( ° , ° )>
9:48 AM
uegh people can't write libraries so hard
I guess I'm still gonna build my own sorta prelude
@BartekBanachewicz did you do the game yam yesterday?
I watched Looper then went to sleep rather early
good morning inferior beings
define inferior
  if (_usingSpi) //SPI ######################################################
    _usingSpi = false;
now this is inferior code
Many characters wasted for a no-op.
10:02 AM
nice countdown :)
if I could go back in time ...
I still would not upgrade to window 10
10:17 AM
oh robot is here
I was wondering why having hardware SPI or I2C is so important
why can't it just be programmed using whatever digital pins?
@BartekBanachewicz hahaha, lol, Arduino libraries.
@R.MartinhoFernandes glad we agree
followup to the question above
It's depressing, man.
The libraries
10:20 AM
oh well they're supposed to be easy to use right
so, again, it's possible to control an SPI device using regular pins right
actually let's build that in the simulator and see
@BartekBanachewicz you mean bit banging it?
@Ell yep
> The question whether to deploy bit banging or not is a trade-off between load, performance and reliability on the one hand, and the availability of a hardware alternative on the other.
Eh~, my sister is in Belgium, my drummer in Ukraine, friends of mine in Hungary... seriously I'm bored and there's noone around -_-
well, I guess that answers my question
@Morwenn Play vidya gaemz, as Luc would say
10:38 AM
@Xeo I hardly ever feel like playing games :/
Well, I do play Pokémon Go these days, but mostly when there's also someone else with me.
@Morwenn buy a drone with spy cam then peeve on the neighbours
@Telkitty Chances are that their live is even more boring than mine.
I am where I want to be on a Saturday night - on the internet
To some of the no tech people, that seems sad
But I love it!
10:56 AM
@Telkitty \o/
Alright, I gave into my cliffhanger rage and an on the last episode. This show is so fucking complicated.
What show?
11:13 AM
@fredoverflow What's really funny about that is the word cloud thing for people who got offers, and a big word in the word cloud for people who did not get offers is "C++"
@fredoverflow bodes well for me then :V
11:39 AM
ok I've decided to go out
it's actually not that hot outside today
maybe because this place has a perfect placement, right next to the river so the breeze keeps people alive
and truly great coffee
and hipster waffles
those look really good
I want a place like that around.
But I guess I'll end up buying a croissant in the boulangerie nearby and making myself a coffee.
it's already 1:53pm?
damn it
I'm gonna be late
11:56 AM
finally someone explains agile programming in a way I understand
12:13 PM
I'm not a fan of waffles
Unpopular Opinion Ell strikes again :)
Waffles are just the platform
The fruit and cream/yogurt is the core of it
More than 100 startup companies in London are looking into relocating to Germany's capital http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/brexit-eu-referendum-startups-berlin-economy-effect-fintech-week-2016-a7157621.html #Remain #LeaveLies
It'd be kinda cool if Berlin grew into something like SF
I could live in Berlin I think
Zurich is the SF of Europe
12:31 PM
@ThePhD hey~ <3
@Borgleader Doing well?
@ThePhD It's the weekend :)
I'm okay.
Now that sol2's all benchmarked up and at near-max performance I have a sudden lack of things to do.
So it's just school stuff and evaluating what to do with the compiler project I have.
Calm before the next storm!
I also wanna work on graphics stuff too. =/
Summer is already 2/3rds over and I spent most of it doing sol2 and stressing about school.
What's wrong with me.
12:37 PM
Its siggraph, lots of cool shit coming out, and I have no time to look into any of it. It makes me sad.
Yeah I saw it's siggraph too. Haven't looked. Would only make me feel more stupid than I already am. .-.
12:49 PM
@Puppy the article actually talks about that. It claims that people with bad resumes focus too much on tooling, not actual results.
I guess the idiots think that putting down c++ makes them look legit or something
1:08 PM
Q: Create a customized sound when my application starts

Tarık AkyüzThere is a one noise when some coding is appear in matrix 1 opening scene.I also want to make a program that when I start this program and press the keyboard , the same sound appear.Can I make this sound with cmd beep or How can I find this noise? The noise starts at 0:48 https://www.youtube.com...

/cc @Mysticial -20 and counting
1:20 PM
@Ell because it's expensive as fuck and full of hipsters?
Actually, not the latter.
That's Berlin.
1:32 PM
It's definitely expensive as fuck
Guys. I just found sandstorm.io and I think it looks pretty cool
it's not normally considered common to pay to fuck
@Ell Why on earth would you need a dedicated operating system for clouds?
@Puppy to make the apps easy to install I guess. I don't know, but the demo is fun :P
seems better to just fix existing operating systems so that they can also have apps installed easily
I guess I'm just enjoying playing with the apps
@BartekBanachewicz Oh, so I'm not professional.
Thanks for letting me know.
In your roundabout, shitty, passive-aggressive way.
1:43 PM
Where was he talking about?
1:59 PM
Prof. S. Jonalism

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