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12:23 AM
Accepting facts or knowing things abstractly doesn't mean internalizing or even realizing all the consequences. I don't think the surprise at finally being able to see things "directly" - or, independently - indicates a disbelief. It view it like how colorblind people react when they get these high-tech glasses and suddenly see. Or deaf people who suddenly hear for the first time.
It's just enthrallment with a new capability, I feel
I agree.
1:09 AM
Shooting has started in Turkey.
Civilians are dead too.
this is an inappropriate time to be enthused about pocket monsters isn't it
Go ahead.
pokemon is awesome!
it's a fragment of childhood I never got
I got a childhood but it was missing pokemon and now I can chase them and chase them and get nice swirly level up animations and come up with names :)
and I caught an abra today and saw a 300-something cp gloom, and caught quite a few monsters despite being unable to tell how far away any of them were :)
and I helped an elderly couple figure out their first steps to becoming trainers!
1:34 AM
Pokemon is just epic
Can't wait for the international release of Pokemon Go
How is the game? I'm assuming you've played it
Is it as good as the hype?
well I'm easily drawn into things like this, but I'm pretty sure I've walked 24-ish km in the last 6 days at least
there are a lot of bugs, but it's on version 0.29.2 right now so it's sort of to be expected
Wut. 24km in total?
1:43 AM
Nice. I'm 5 kg over BMI. Hopefully that will end by the end of summer.
That's much?!
I'd say probably more, considering I play for hours at a time
by american standards :P
IDGI. Just bringing the kids to school on a regular schoolday yields more kms
I really don't know. There are people complaining that it's underestimating their distance travelled.
Ah. The app measures it. Yeah. You could check that.
1:45 AM
Well, I just need an excuse to prevent me from feeling guilty wasting hours on a game :P
OTOH: The app makers benefit from over-representing it
Good point
Is anyone here into computer networks? I recently did a summer research internship on it and the field is so exciting!
well I've walked down to the local shopping center and back probably five times since I got it Saturday, which would be 11km, and I usually spend at most 25 minutes walking there (I suspect less--when I was in high school I'd make the 1.5 mile walk home in 30-ish minutes) and then spend about 60% of my battery life pacing between the four pokestops there.
my final 20-30% of battery life would be spent walking back.
battery's died before going back twice, and halfway through once
@jaggedSpire <insert inappropriate joke about pocket monsters>
also hi :P
yo! :)
1:51 AM
Pokemon Go still isnt available in Canada :(
or Pakistan. I've been waiting for it for so long. Some of my friends with an android phone have managed to get it I have no idea how.
four days this week I spent roughly two hours playing it. The other two days were Saturday and Sunday, and well I know I spent ~5 hours playing on Saturday
and on Sunday night I didn't get enough sleep because I saw an eevee and a bulbasaur when I was getting ready for bed
so yes, I'd assume walking back and forth has led to some under-estimation of my distance travelled
Apparently the ubuntu online forums got hacked
there are also the dozen or so times I've exhaustively searched my entire apartment complex
@Borgleader :(
assuming 3 hours Sunday, that would be 16 hours played. Frankly, walking that slow would be embarrassing, considering on a treadmill I do 3.7 miles in an hour (which, really, is also embarrassing)
@jaggedSpire When I walk home from the train, I do 3.5km (~2.1miles) in a bit less than 30 min (it depends on if I spend a lot of time at red lights)
im not bragging >.>
2:08 AM
what's really terrible is I walk rather faster than most people I've met. I guess we americans just move at a nice mosey :P
anybody on here?
We're all outside playing pokemon go
i know this is the c++ chat, but does anyone happen to know php?
2:16 AM
Theres a PHP room for PHP
nobody is on the php chat
Jan 30 '15 at 2:30, by Borgleader
"Hi I have a question about my retirement fund"
"Sir this is a convenience store..."
"I know but it's the only thing open at this hour"
well it wasnt THAT unrelated, but i see your point
2:29 AM
The cry of a pokemon echoes in the distance
Super meh: my mobile phone and identity card just got stolen.
It took me 3 minutes to realize it and it was already too late.
I just blocked the phone line but I'll have to go to the police tomorrow morning to handle the rest.
Fuck it. The guys were rather good since it took me minutes to realize it.
Can you just assume a new identity?
2:37 AM
@Morwenn :(
Steal their identification and hold it for ransom in return for your stuff.
@Mikhail Sorry for the irrelevant question, but is your PhD from UIUC?
@ApprenticeHacker Eventually
Yeah and if you don't know whom to rob just take a look at the ID card
2:39 AM
@Mikhail Woah, that's awesome! It's one of my dream grad schools.
Couldn't remove my phone number from PayPal so I closed my account. Better safe than sorry.
My country's so corrupt, it's less of a hassle to get a new identity than a new identity card.
That's genuinely impressive
Ok, I banned the mbile phone from the Google account too.
Now I believe it's basically unusable as is at least.
You get an A+ on adulting
2:46 AM
They'd need to start from scratch.
adulting: this doesn't mean what you think it does.
Oh, if I could I'd make it explode.
Oooh now I'm curious
I already had to walk 2~3 hours with no-fucking-body wanting to take me into their car, so I'm rather pissed.
Things will get better. Don't worry.
2:48 AM
One car stopped just to tell me that they couldn't fucking take me to the next roundebout even though there was nothing else on the road between us and the roundabout.
Fuck them all.
Okay, that's just mean.
I bet they thought I was a girl from afar and were disapointed that I wasn't one and decided not to take me to the next roundabout.
That's just fucking moronic.
And possibly sexist too. Wooh.
Talk about disappointment. I thought it was related to adultery for a moment. :(
Hello. I have stuck with this since few days. askubuntu.com/questions/799172/… Can I get any help?
2:51 AM
Anyway, I'm pissed enough. I'll go to sleep or I might just be mean to everyone.
Have a good night.
@user had a similar problem with RTL wifi hardware on Ubuntu 14.04. It just fixed itself when I upgraded.
I'm loving how barely anyone talks about C++ here.
@ApprenticeHacker My case is the other way round. I upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and I had this problem
@ApprenticeHacker Nobody talks about your mom either even though both suck.
Yeah you are looking for /r/cpp
I was joking guys.
2:56 AM
Yay cpp!
lol Embarcadero
@Morwenn You're right about mom but saying C++ sucks is really mean.
These april fool's rfcs are really funny
3:49 AM
you mom sucks at C++
there you go, I said it
4:11 AM
@ApprenticeHacker For when you return, since you don't have pokemon go yet, I've rendered in artistic form for you what it is like
4:57 AM
anyone aware of tcl?
5:09 AM
so there was a cp 522 venusaur
and I had 22 great balls
you would think this would end with me having a venusaur
but it did not
it ended with no great balls and a laughing venusaur
on the other hand I caught a dratini, a psyduck and a tentacool in the last hour
The Venusaur that got away
I'm going to slowly inflate its level and the number of great balls as time passes
I was also at 8% battery
and it wouldn't stop throwing curve balls for no reason
on the other hand I did get ~30 pokemon
mostly pidgeys, which I will be throwing into my evolution xp grinder
four eevees tho
How are you going to evolve those?
probably a vaporeon
already got a jolteon
maybe I'll wait. My highest eevee's got a 25 special attack and it looks like they've normally got ~45 for one
this 277 paras on the other hand is bomb
10 standard 30 special, when it's normally 6-30 and sometimes 6-20
need two more to actually evolve it though
...I have 28 pidgeys
I'm gonna have to write their best attacks down
5:39 AM
so 17 have a normal 10 default attack, and 11 have a normal 12 default attack. 15 have a dragon 15 special, and 13 have a flying 25 special
you'd think the combination of 12-25 default-special would be rarest, but that's the 12-15. I guess because dragon has fewer types it's weak attacking?
6:19 AM
I have a 1400 Snorlax
welp I just evolved everything I could, and blew through level 14
now I'm 1/3 through level 15
@Mikhail whoa
It can take down things that are like 1800, especially psychic or birds
Yeah, I got to be a pokemon master by merit - or rather some egg hatched really high
6:27 AM
does anyone understand tcl?
yes but its bad for your mind
don't do it
1 hour later…
7:43 AM
can anyone help me on tcl?
why do you keep posting that
@jaggedSpire Because he wants help and first time he didn't get it.
or the second time?
sorry its not my intention to spam or anything
i have some code of tcl which i analyzed there are 3-4 lines of it which i am not able to understand
7:52 AM
tcl community is obscure
8:09 AM
Tcl is terrible
so u know?
If you use Tcl then it's your own fault that your code is unintelligible crap.
"u" means instaplonk
it is legacy
can you help me? it is not very complicated, but i need to confirm if my understanding is right
8:38 AM
@KartikV hey - this chat is a non-programming oriented one. That is, we're mostly chit-chatting like an actual Lounge. Please post questions on the main website! There are many more people there, and other people with the same question will be able to find it
Hey, the only reason m here is because i couldn't find immediate help anywhere else
9:00 AM
Renounce looking for immediate help then, you're not welcome here :).
also this is the C++ lounge...
not the tickle lounge
Whats the advantage of keeping pokemon in a gym?
@KartikV you have to understand that people here are not always willing to answer questions, especially if the questions are not c++ related at all
@Mikhail Have not played Pokemon Go yet, but I'd assume for every match he wins, he'd win the typical XP
so you could concentrate on leveling up other pokemons
Maybe I'm utterly wrong though
Yeah I don't know, feels like I've lost my best one
2 hours later…
11:05 AM
Wait, did Turkey just "burn the Reichstag"?
11:21 AM
smokes everywhere ...
12:15 PM
if you ever wondered how does Elon Musk keep up with life
@ForIn2020 @KellyBlueJazz large amounts of crack
he doesn't actually do much, only need to decide where to invest
and of course he was super lucky because he happens to have obtained a huge sum when he was very young
1:04 PM
browsing Porsche pricing lists always makes me sad
especially the GT3 variant
I wonder how much do you pay extra just because of the name
compare with VW and check?
okay nevermind
they come stock with rollcage
those are actual racing cars
OTOH those cars are really remnants of the years past
I suppose the modern Porsche cars will still live for years
maybe not all of them, cue old cayennes
(It's a great read btw)
@BartekBanachewicz too much irrelevant text I'd have to read through to find the content.
@nwp wut? maybe you don't have an adblocker
I mean things like this:
> Bramell so cuts the figure of a firefighter that he has smoke-colored eyes and hair, and a permanent hack from smoke inhalation (“I do a bag of cough drops a day”).
I feel like over 80% of the text is non-information like that
1:19 PM
@BartekBanachewicz you do?
@sehe "GT3" is a cool thing to have written on your back bumper
it is? :P
So why wonder.
Everyone knows it's top-segment. Everyone knows how pricing in the top segment works.
@nwp Yes, written word isn't only mean to convey pure information
shocking right
No doubt they'll find creative ways to actuall spend a large part of that budget - if only on marketing.
1:21 PM
@sehe I was wondering specifics
@BartekBanachewicz Yup and some people don't like to read it that way. Shocking
@BartekBanachewicz not shocking, undesirable
altough funny enough the GT3 models aren't the most expensive ones
@BartekBanachewicz Such as? Which dollar out of 10 is actual cost? the 4th or the 5th :)
@nwp says you
1:22 PM
Yup. I saw him say it. I'm a witness
You're the only one implying there's something wrong with that.
:) TL;DR is thing that exists. You can safely assume that a lot of stylish verbiage about cars is likely gonna only appeal to ... car enthusiasts
the article was about lightbulbs
but I guess yes the declining willingness to read is a thing that exists
Talents' reactions to the @Reynor02 video. #WCS #DHOpen #DHVLC16 https://t.co/3yAJYNb59w
the only difference is that I think it's bad and you apparently don't
@Borgleader Armani glasses are kinda a giveaway huh
> I don't know what my future has for me
Oh I know
Either you end up selling your name to be put on chairs or you'll end up in Mac
1:29 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I have no clue what you're getting at. They looked like any pair of glasses to me.
I fixed it! #TrumpPence #MakeAmericaYugeAgain! @JoyAnnReid @FullFrontalSamB https://t.co/MPpRimgUEF
@BartekBanachewicz Hahaha. No. Not declining.
What's declining is the need to read.
@BartekBanachewicz I've not said a single thing to the effect.
@Borgleader that his parents are rich enough for that to work for him
@sehe I disagree.
@BartekBanachewicz The fact that you notice the brand of glasses tells something too :)
@BartekBanachewicz You can't.
Well I suppose you can.
why the fuck arent arrays assignable?
Because they're arrays.
1:34 PM
@ChemiCalChems Because it's potentially a costly operation
They're POD if the elements are. If so, std::copy/memcpy
if arrays are not assignable, no one would use arrays
not knowing many const arrays
@sehe Welp, yeah, I'm totally obsessed with things and money.
1:35 PM
@ChemiCalChems Use std::array, problem solved. Put array in struct, problem solved. Don't be a badlet, problem solved ;)
You can't assign an array with another array. They aren't assignable
@Borgleader Not for 2d arrays
@ChemiCalChems Eh?
@ChemiCalChems std::array<std::array<>> works.
That's fucking gross. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind that, ofc, I'm not stupid, but it's ugly
1:37 PM
@ChemiCalChems so use a 1D array and a 2D view?
I don't understand your problem.
@BartekBanachewicz Well. I think you might have been.
Anyhoops, I don't know what makes glasses "brand" so I will probably never notice. I'm startled when people make remarks about brands of clothes. Of our kids. That we got second hand. I never get it
Well his glasses had literally written the brand name with gold letters so it wasn't that hard to notice.
It's not really a problem, I'm just criticizing why they didn't make arrays assignable. There are a lot of costly operations, and if the coder asks for that, well, the compiler should agree to go ahead, even if it's costly.
It's nothing illogical. I want to copy this array onto another array of the same size.
@ChemiCalChems The language designers disagree with you.
@ChemiCalChems So use std::copy.
@BartekBanachewicz So I see, obviously.
1:39 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Aw. That's cheap.
@BartekBanachewicz Yes, I'm going to do that.
And I still didn't notice
@ChemiCalChems Hint: your ideas about things might have less backing value and research than theirs.
@BartekBanachewicz True. Maybe it's insane to ask that to a processor, for reasons I wont ever know.
6 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
@ChemiCalChems Because it's potentially a costly operation
Also because you might store pointers inside
1:41 PM
@BartekBanachewicz There are many more costly operations which aren't censored
It's not about censoring. It's about [not] adding costly features to legacy C-language compatibility things
@ChemiCalChems it's not about censorship. It's about not introducing it as a language primitive.
Also this isnt so gross
I used censoring as a joke.
Hey. We agree.
@ChemiCalChems Removing the joke, the answer is the same
1:42 PM
@sehe It's C. vOv
Chill guys, chill. I said was gonna go with std::copy.
you suck.
@sehe Well, that sucks. I mean, I probably wouldn't say that out loud near him.
@Borgleader It isn't?
It's a shitty thing to do
@ChemiCalChems BTW you really should not use C arrays
if you have a C++11 compiler, there's no reason to not prefer std::array
1:44 PM
@sehe What's bad about it? :(
@BartekBanachewicz I'm starting to consider that, yeah.
@BartekBanachewicz I was going to go with that until i discovered they don't support multiple dimensions. I know it can be solved, like @Borgleader did.
Is there no other option?
@ChemiCalChems that's factually wrong
8 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
@ChemiCalChems so use a 1D array and a 2D view?
@BartekBanachewicz What am I missing?
@ChemiCalChems std::array supports multidimensionality in the same way regular arrays do
@BartekBanachewicz That's user abstraction. Like saying it's a 3D object with it's only a 2D projection of it.
1:46 PM
@Borgleader What's not? It's should be less braces, less magic numbers, more safe indexing, more friendly iostreaming, better separation of concerns (indexing vs. storage), more flexible interface etc.
@ChemiCalChems which is typically what you want
storage shouldn't dictate the interface
@BartekBanachewicz Yes I do want that, I think I'm not making my point clear.
you are most definitely not making it clear
are you obsessed with syntax?
I'll just go with an std::array inside an std::array and that's it. Seems the best option.
@BartekBanachewicz Yes.
oh then there's no hope for you until you stop
I rest my case.
1:48 PM
@Puppy I know.
> “What drives the throwaway culture? Well, often people want to have the newest and the latest,” he said. “But there are people who want to have the oldest and the best.”
Also the fact that the newest is way cheaper than the oldest, maybe.
@sehe Less braces: granted. less magic numers: it's an example ... More safe indexing: I dont see how its any worse than a regular array (all i wanted to show is that the operator[] was chained as usual), better separation of concerns: i guess but again, not any worse than ye olde raw array. More flexible interface, again not any worse.
wanting "chained" operator[] is laughable
The implicit assumption in getting the newest is that people wouldn't bother to make a new thing if it isn't better than the old thing. Hence newest means best. Doesn't always work out that way.
If all you wanted to show was that it's basically T[2][2], then you succeeded. It's basically literally that :) So it's almost as bad.
The biggest difference is absense of decay. But that's not a factor in the sample
1:53 PM
@nwp I don't think that's the case
@BartekBanachewicz you don't find it important. Better to suggest why not (I agree)
@sehe I suppose it's the same argument that goes for not currying by default
you typically want to index both at the same time with a composite index
hence partial application of such index is utterly irrelevant
@BartekBanachewicz Laughable? I think it's decent.
The argument makes most sense in a language with first class functions and true composability
@ChemiCalChems Read what I wrote above.
1:54 PM
@ChemiCalChems it's not important and the superior interfaces don't build on it.
Pascal had [x, y] syntax for multidimensional arrays
actually wow
I can link you to the article I wrote on that :D
It's nice to debate with people who are bosses at the language, even if I run out of arguments, cause I learn about things.
So the author, which is me, wrote:
Bam! board[x][y] gives us access to one particular field. Great, isn't it?
Actually, it's pretty terrible.
1:56 PM
@ChemiCalChems actually, the language is not what drives this - it's a cross language concern
@sehe Also, the gross-ness of std::array<std::array<T, N>, N> was being complained about. The using statement helps alleviate that imo. Seeing as you write it once and use the more meaning full Matrix type later. I'm not saying its the best solution, but it's still better than raw arrays. Also you get assignment ops (which was the original point of contention).
@sehe I'm talking on a general basis.
So, more likely what you mean is you're talking to people with experience in more than the 1 language
@Borgleader The fact it was complained about doesn't mean the complaint had merit.
1:57 PM
@ChemiCalChems I don't do that when discussing, because all it achieves is making everything fuzzy. Hint: you don't want weasel words when learning.
@sehe Not so much with experience in more than 1 language but with a lot of total experience, be it in 1 language or a lot. You guys are bosses.
@BartekBanachewicz Doesn't mean I can't address it anyway :)
be back later
@Borgleader Ah. It's less bad in a significant way
@ChemiCalChems Thanks. I like the lounge for largely similar reasons of course :) I learn a lot here
@sehe Funny enough I started to hate lounge because I stopped learning as much as when I joined
2:00 PM
@Borgleader I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know that. The fact your sample avoided to show it might have lulled me into believing the feature isn't
Maybe it's not that my relative knowledge level became too high, and more in that the relative knowledge level made me too proud to learn.
Food for thought.
@BartekBanachewicz I don't mind. I still learn lots. About how to discuss, e.g. Basically, I just learn to bring my learning game up a level. It doesn't stop. It changes
The rules here are basically don't get pissed off, even if somebody focuses you.
@BartekBanachewicz Wow. We're saying similar things again. That's quite perceptive
@ChemiCalChems People don't focus people. What's your native language?
2:02 PM
@sehe Spanish
Ah. I'll keep that in mind :)
@sehe Ah, yeah that wasn't in the sample because when he said "why arent arrays assignable" i responded with "use std::array" so I figured I didnt need to. Perhaps I should have been more thorough.
@sehe I missed that. (on Discord)
You can say "target" instead of "focus" there, and it'll probably be closer to your intent.
"focus fire" is a common connotation
2:03 PM
@BartekBanachewicz People aren't supposed to say similar things on Discord. That's what discord means :)
@Borgleader And I should have remembered that copy-ability is at least as strong a benefit of std::array as non-decay.
Also I was supposed to go out for groceries
Me too. Let's go out together
2:04 PM
and I've been reading articles on lightbulbs for 45 minutes straight instead
Told ya it's too many words :)
@BartekBanachewicz The curse of the internet.
Oh look a new subject, lets read all about it.
(In fact, someone else did of course, but "told ya so" needed saying)
That's a meta trope trap
2:10 PM
I'm going through the binging part right now. I'm going through all of Evil Ted Smith's videos on youtube. Its going to suck waiting for new ones when I'm done with those.
2:40 PM
I'm listening to other Kinga's videos
jazz is so weird
2:58 PM
@BartekBanachewicz So fucking awesome.
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