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8:00 PM
Do C++11 condition variables have spurious wakeups, like Java's or C#'s?
IOW, do I really really need to always wait in a loop?
Yes, hence why there's an overload for wait (or wait_for, I forget the interface) that takes a predicate.
(Well I do know they have spurious wakeups, not how similar it is.)
Well, it's basically the possibility that cond.wait() can resume without a call to a notify function.
Can I do an atomic pointer swap with C++ atomics?
Damn, I worded that wrong.
@StackedCrooked Yes, but I'd better check.
8:03 PM
Damn, I'm back from dinner and Böhm's pace is still as fast as before. :(
GCC's (non-standard) atomic operations support doesn't allow it.
That's odd, I would have thought an atomic swap is one of those operations you want as a primitive since it's a bit roundabout to implement it in terms of other primitives.
hi all.
Q: Atomic swap function using gcc atomic builtins

StackedCrookedIs this a correct implementation for a generic atomic swap function? I'm looking for a C++03-compatible solution on GCC. template<typename T> void atomic_swap(T & a, T & b) { static_assert(sizeof(T) <= sizeof(void*), "Maximum size type exceeded."); T * ptr = &a; ...

Is there any function that deals with sound in openGL? Similar like the function DSound does that in DirectX?
8:06 PM
The answer could be wrong...
@DzekTrek OpenGL only deals with graphics.
I know, but is there some lib that includes audio handling as well?
That's also why it's wrong to compare OpenGL with DirectX. DirectX is a set of different libraries; an equivalent to OpenGL would be Direct3D.
Dead God :(
I shall never make this.
my time is running ... :D
8:08 PM
DirectSound is deprecated, AFAIR.
Yeah, it seems Microsoft is deprecating everything except Direct3D.
Well, and Direct2D.
This talk is rather dry.
@CatPlusPlus Oh, yes, I forgot about that one. But wasn't that new in DirectX 10?
@EtiennedeMartel That doesn't stop people.
They also abandoned IE6.
8:09 PM
Yeah. There are still people using DirectInput even though Microsoft recommends directly using the Windows message loop for that.
Look what our teacher gave us to do, we need all this code to turn to openGL. And what is utterly more strange is that I have 45 assignments similar to this.
#include <iostream.h> // include important C/C++ stuff
Da fuq?
@StackedCrooked I'd do one load + 2 CAS (retrying when it fails).
I know, I know. @EtiennedeMartel
it's like mental hospital here ...
Would be better to just start from scratch, IMO.
8:11 PM
I was thinking that too, but he doesn't want to do so. He saw somewhere this code, and he wants to turn it into openGL, no matter at what cost. :lol:
@EtiennedeMartel OMG, there's so much fail in that line. I don't even know where to start.
It's from some book, I think.
@LucDanton That's interesting. I need to do some reading in order to understand what you wrote though..
> #include <conio.h>
Thehe, DirectMusic.
@DzekTrek He's an idiot.
8:13 PM
God help me.
Bring him here, we'll tell him.
There's a <fcntl.h> on Windows?
His soul will be shattered like glass against an ICBM.
Well, leave all that's not Direct3D as is, and replace D3D with GL.
8:13 PM
In general he is a very good man, but he is not very well into this stuff. I don't know how he ended up here?
@RMartinhoFernandes Yes.
Anybody watched the Stroustrup keynote on GoingNative today?
@DzekTrek Nepotism.
@FredOverflow Some in here, including me.
@FredOverflow I missed it.
8:14 PM
Yes, you can say it that way, yes.
@FredOverflow you can go back in time on the live stream though.
I have 50 more little apps to do( including this one )
@StackedCrooked I haven't found the stream yet :)
The D3D related stuff is in Game_Main, Game_Init and Game_Shutdown.
@Xeo How was it? No major spoilers please ;)
Me too! I can post that link.
I won the data race!
8:16 PM
@StackedCrooked had memory corruption there.
At least the answers weren't interleaved.
Looks like Hans Boehm is up right now.
The GC guy?
Yes, @EtiennedeMartel
8:17 PM
He's finishing.
Now I think to combine DirextX and OpenGL
@CatPlusPlus I drag & dropped the text from the browser address into this window. FF sucks :/
@FredOverflow He made a talk that was extremely similar to one he made on threads/memory model.
And it's over.
That was quick :)
8:17 PM
@LucDanton By "extremely similar" do you mean "the same, but on a different day"?
An hour till the next one.
Great, time to eat and watch the keynote.
@DzekTrek Oh, don't do that.
Alright, time to watch Stroustrup's talk.
Pizza is ready.
8:18 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes I didn't pay much attention, I used the talk as an opportunity to make a sad robot face: ▣⁔▣
It's interesting. Bjarne took exactly 1:30h, and Böhm also was quite close to the exact hour.
You're riceist.
@EtiennedeMartel , what should I then do?
Anyways, next up is STL after the break. YaY.
8:19 PM
@CatPlusPlus Normally I'm all for beans and lentils, but I needed a change.
@RMartinhoFernandes Anyway, it was different in that it made references to C11 which wasn't possible at the time for the previous talk.
@Xeo It's been months since the last STL talk on Channel9 :-/
@DzekTrek Flip tables.
@FredOverflow Yeah, they should tell him to stop working on the standard library and do talks instead.
Guess why I'm so pumped? :P
8:20 PM
Any estimates on how many people are watching GoingNative? How are they handling the load?
@Xeo Snorted coke?
That's the stuff.
What do you mean? :) @EtiennedeMartel
@FredOverflow I'm guessing torrents... :P
8:21 PM
@DzekTrek (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@Xeo Clang doesn't support UDLs for real?
WTF man, Clang sucks.
@RMartinhoFernandes It does, you can do operator""_s("hi"); but not "hi"_s currently
(aka, the last time I tested)
Anyway, gotta go.
See y'all!
Yeah, and that's completely useless.
That's literal operators but no UDLs then.
8:23 PM
I didn't understand it. :) anyway me too need to go @EtiennedeMartel
@rubenvb There is no such thing as a streaming torrent, is there?
The robot is more likely to know.
@FredOverflow utorrent has an example torrent that begins with the start of a video file that can be streamed througgh vlc. probably not very useful though :p
There are torrent-powered streams.
maybe they harnessed top secret skype powers
8:25 PM
Or just order the blocks.
@FredOverflow 1:2.5 is what I use. When all the water is soaked, the rice is just right.
@FredOverflow You can torrent anything these days.
Hm, should I start watching the Stroustrup talk now but then switch to STL when he starts, or watch Stroustrup completely and then watch STL with a delay? Or wait now until STL starts and watch Stroustrup later? So many choices :(
Hans Boehm's talk is quite racy. #GoingNative
From the comments here, it was actually quite slow. Not at all like a race.
> few people in the world can interpret ratio = 100m / 1s;
8:27 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Huh? It had too fast a pace, imho.
Atleast his talking.
Is mankind hopeless?
> I won't use them (and the whole language), but unfortunately people will.
I mean, when few people can interpret 100m / 1s, what are your chances?
@RMartinhoFernandes You wish.
lol. He isn't even using the language, and complains about it anyways. What an idiot.
8:28 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes That's a quotient, not a ratio.
Oh wait, that's how most language bashing works...
where can I watch bjarnes talk, I dont find the link
Scroll up.
@CatPlusPlus Still had the link in the clipboard, eh?
@Xeo Whom are you talking about? Hans?
8:31 PM
thats the live stream
You can scroll back.
@FredOverflow No, this guy
Rewind, maybe a more proper word.
Live stream, Silverlight-free.
8:31 PM
Okay, I'm at the "live stream starting soon" overview now. Nice music :)
But nothing going on right now.
@LucDanton Also scroll-back-able?
@FredOverflow Nope, according to @StackedCrooked
lol the first hour is the "starting soon screen"? :)
8:33 PM
@FredOverflow Depends on the software I guess, but VLC can't do that. It can pause it though. Anyway, it's a live stream.
What's "idd"?
Iodine Deficiency Disorders?
Ah, I see Charles now. Aaaaand it starts hickuping :)
it even works in Dutch: InDerDaaD
oh wait that's 3 d's
8:34 PM
I'm at least going to see what Herb's gotta say and then quit. The video performance is terrible.
Everytime someone types "indeed" on the Internet, it plays with Teal'c's voice in my head.
@FredOverflow Not for me. For me it's my router that's killing the performance randomly
Oh Dennis Ritchie, nice.
8:36 PM
@StackedCrooked I see how using it saves time.
Indeed, I mean, idd.
How long until the STL talk now?
40 minutes?
8:38 PM
21:15 UTC.
Ah, Bjarne still looks and sounds the same. Feels good. But I'm gonna stop now :)
Bjarne's talk is quite good I must say.
That's some quality live lunching right now.
You can see them lunch now? lol
8:41 PM
Press the go live button.
@LucDanton The fuck?
To upbeat music, even.
I see STL!
Hey, the livestream has awesome performance!
@Xeo People die when they don't eat. Are you too a robot?
8:42 PM
Clearly he's not.
At least, not knowingly. Mwhahahaha.
@Xeo Don't you mean ⚀⏠⚀ <= sad, unmasked robot.
Now we have added water section of our zoo. All, give welcome to our newest member, shark. :)
@StackedCrooked What button?
Will the next C++ subsume all the new C11 features? Like sprintf_s?
8:43 PM
mistake, after all @kbok is a wolf.
@FredOverflow Bottom right of the (Silverlight) video frame.
@StackedCrooked has no effect here
Maybe because you are already live?
yes :)
Ah, now the lunch is back.
I almost feel like being at a concert, waiting for the next band to enter the stage :)
8:45 PM
full moon here has no effects whatsoever.@kbok :D
heyy guys ... does anyone remember me and my problems from yesterday :D
it's stating, it's starting.
@renatofernandes Printing numbers in reverse order? Or was that the other guy?
tht was me ... but i got tht question
i have a question about when to free memory to avoid a heap summary error
something about i.. functions or something like that?
8:47 PM
Tetrahydrothiophene question?
I don't get it.
@renatofernandes Are we still in C?
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: channel9.msdn.com/Events/GoingNative/GoingNative-2012 [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
It's polyethilene hloride I think.
Now we can finally stop posting the link over and over :)
8:48 PM
yeaa still in C :(
Nous sommes qui nous sommes.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: We're closed. Everyone is watching GoingNative. channel9.msdn.com/Events/GoingNative/GoingNative-2012 [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
I wanna see people eat again already :)
fu Microsoft - damn Silverlight
no Going Native on Chrome
8:55 PM
@kfmfe04 Try this on a suitable player, like VLC: msstudios-live2-med.wm.llnwd.net/msstudios_live2_med
24 mins ago, by Luc Danton
Live stream, Silverlight-free.
@RMartinhoFernandes @FredOverflow ty
@RMartinhoFernandes "24 mins ago".
Works in Chrome for me.
8:57 PM
@LucDanton Ok, ok.
sry - not polluting my machine with MS software
so i have this code
//     builds a new list with the elements
//     of il1 followed by the elements of il2
ilist iappend(ilist il1, ilist il2){
ilist acc = iempty();
    acc = icons (ifirst(il1), acc);
    il1 = irest(il1);

while (!iempty_huh(acc)){
il2 = icons(ifirst(acc), il2);
acc = irest(acc);

return il2;

8:57 PM
@kfmfe04 Why are you interested in watching an MS sponsored conference then? :)
i get a heap error
cause i need to free things using idelete ... but i dunt know when to free things
@FredOverflow it's the C++ that I want
Make the function smaller.
Move the reversing part into its own function.
Generally, you free stuff when you no longer need it.
A helper function?
8:59 PM
gonna c if I can install NetBSD in vbox

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