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9:00 PM
Pub is best after programming insanity
Do what a whiskey_manager would do
I usually am at the pub on Tuesdays by this time, but my friends are out of town this week.
pip is so terrible
And I don't drink alone.
I tell it to use our server for one package
9:01 PM
and it downloads all packages using our server as a proxy.
So. I've been drinking a glass of mojito the last two evenings, went to bed past 1am, and woke up around 7am. Do I continue the trend and see if there's a causal relationship going on between those things?
@R.MartinhoFernandes You could grab a beer and drink it home in full relax
Don't remember if you drink beer, actually
Probably no
I have some really good gin at home.
@Xeo Don't do that.
Not speaking from experience. Maybe.
For me light alcohol is best when I'm drinking alone
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
9:03 PM
Getting too tipsy is awkward
I usually wake up at 8, and only because of my alarm.
I usually don't wake up.
So I'm interested in what's going on there.
I tend to wake up earlier after drinking
but I'm usually very tired throughout the day
Some Dutch guy raised 50000 signatures for him becoming the pharaoh of the Netherlands and now the House of Representatives is required to discuss it.
9:04 PM
fuck this cough isn't getting any better
It's not heavy drinking or anything. A 0.2l glass of mojito.
@райтфолд lol
I'm afraid I'll have to see the doctor tomorrow
I hate that woman
"We discussed it: No."
Yeah that'll probably be it. :P
@AndyProwl ... get another doctor?
9:04 PM
@Xeo I should
@AndyProwl sexist
@райтфолд I was waiting for it
@райтфолд Will prolly be fun to bring up, though: "Okay, so next on the agenda... we got this guy who wants to be pharaoh of Netherlands."
@AndyProwl waiter
@райтфолд *waitist
9:05 PM
@sehe this makes me angry
@AndyProwl Sometimes, I feel like getting some sick-leave days might be nice.
I need more vacation.
Preferrably 24/5
@Xeo I'm not even on a sick leave, I'm taking holidays
I don't want to lose the money
We get money even on sick leave, here.
Plus I thought it would be just a couple days
@Xeo We do too, but not the full wage
9:07 PM
For 2.5 months the employer pays in full, after that the insurance takes over (with 70% or something)
And for the first 2-3 days, you get nothing
no wait, 1.5 months
6 weeks.
Locals told me it works this way because otherwise it would be exploited
So you have to take at least a 4-day leave if you want to see some money
that vtable trick I talked about
@AndyProwl You need a doctor's note, so it's a bit harder to exploit. Not saying that exploitation doesn't happen (especially if you know your doc closely, or just fake it)
9:09 PM
I am afraid the compiler will sometimes optimise out vptrs
and my hacks will break since they depend on UB
What vtable trick?
maybe I have to write some loads and stores in inline assembly to make them not UB? dunno
@райтфолд PhD style?
9:11 PM
It depends on the layout specified by Itanium ABI.
The code in the gist works with -O2 but I'm still scared.
@Xeo Yeah, apparently such a system would be exploited here - you go to the doctor for something small, saying your head hurts, and you get a free day and full pay
I'm not really sure if any of this makes sense but they told me it has to do with this kind of exploitation
Being able to create vtables dynamically would massively ease the implementation of user-defined types in Mill.
@райтфолд oh, the rtti part?
@Xeo Nah, the vptr part in particular.
9:13 PM
that doesn't seem particularly problematic - guess I'm just not seeing it
E.g. if I have void f(Value*) which doesn't touch any virtual functions in the given value, but does read the vptr using memcpy/other tricks, the compiler might optimise out the vptr.
> "hahaha ur mom"
Or it may decide things about the entries in the vtable and inline calls to the virtual functions.
Because it doesn't know they are actually overridden at runtime.
Because UB!
9:15 PM
kay, can't help with that - way out of my league / area of interest
This shit only crashes if I don't step through.
I'll implement it and see how it goes.
@райтфолд: GCC 5 will do devirtualization, if it finds/proves that given virtual function is actually one concrete function.
And that across TUs if with -flto or such.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Multiple threads?
There are only two threads in this code is actually thread-affine.
9:18 PM
@wilx well, I do a static_cast from void* (from operator new) to Value* (polymorphic base).
It shouldn't be able to devirtualise that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes So it's not due to timing issues?
Ok, that's odd.
Debugging a release build?
Debug doesn't build.
9:19 PM
I'm not envious
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ouch, my condolences
And this is supposedly the big refactoring my boss was working on before he left on holidays.
How do you forward arguments passed to a make run?
fun stuff
I really should have done code reviews on this before.
9:20 PM
That doesn't make sense
He didn't write tests?
Refactoring before leaving for holidays and without even having tests is not very professional
You should fire your boss
@AndyProwl He had been working on it for weeks.
And it's not critical.
is he good?
I am picking up where he left.
At least you can consider deciphering the code a boss battle.
9:21 PM
If it's not critical, leave the office :P
Which is fucking awesome.
it's half past ten already
@JohanLarsson Except for the tendencies to overengineer and the way his eyes glint when he sees some weird hack on the web, he's ok.
That glint is kinda like "I have to use this in our code somehow".
He listens to reason, though.
9:23 PM
good thing that he writes code imo
It's just that I didn't look at this code at all before, so I didn't have the chance to reason with him about it.
oh man they're bringing back x-files for 6 episodes
fuck X-files, I want the Mentalist :(
do you ever meet anyone who is as good as you are?
Actually, my other coworker picked up where he left, not me.
9:24 PM
The geriatric files?
But today he gave up on this bug and asked for my help.
Here I am. Still.
@JohanLarsson Come on, you know that's impossible
@R.MartinhoFernandes I hope they pay you the overtime.
@wilx I don't do overtime.
40 hours a week.
You can distribute your working hours at your wish?
9:25 PM
If I stay late one day, I come late or leave early another one.
Q: What is a social strategy I can use to respond to "How's your PhD going?"

Jack WadeI was surprised when starting my PhD as to how much I get asked this question and how much I fail at answering it. Whenever I attempt an answer, I fumble around and the subject immediately changes after. If I state exactly how it's going, the stress of publishing and intensity of the program come...

damn the top comment is exactly what I do :(
Malaysia should change the name of their capital.
> The vast majority of people are just asking to be polite.
To something more glorious.
A: What is a social strategy I can use to respond to "How's your PhD going?"

GojiraDeMonstahThis doesn't work for everybody, but I generally deflect uncomfortable questions with humor. If somebody asked me how my PhD was going and I didn't want to answer I'd say: It was DELICIOUS! ...or The conditions of my parole don't allow me to reveal that information. ...or I'm up to 15! ...or W...

9:29 PM
Fake interest is the best interest.
Hi @Rapptz
So how's your PhD going?
getting out
Typically the only one who gives a shit about you is your lover.
almost done actually
9:30 PM
I don't even know what a PhD is
so don't ask me!
@райтфолд Typically it's your parents
@райтфолд bindingofisaacrebirth.gamepedia.com/PHD // cc @Xeo
this item is actually pretty GOAT
if you can get it pretty early
9:32 PM
anything that removes the piece of shit pill Amnesia is good to me
I don't want a PhD, I want money!
I just don't take pills.
Me neither.
PHD makes pills usable
But when I do, I know what they are because the packaging tells me.
9:33 PM
I use pills with PhD, but if I don't have that (or Virgo)
I once ruined a great run by using an unknown pill in the devil deal room - turned out to be a teleport pill, making me leave behind a hierophant card (I had the blank card space bar item, so 2 soul hearts every 4 rooms)
never again
I've had that happen to me before
but luckily I managed to get back to the room
best item is Black Candle, anyways.
Because fuck Curse of the Lost and Curse of the Maze
Curse of the Blind can go suck it, too.
I don't like any of the curses
me neither. but those three especially are just annoying as fuck
getting the Blind curse on the Chest is just brutal
this is why I hate Amnesia
that pill ruins my day
9:38 PM
don't take the pills :P
well tbh the only thing I use the map layout for is figuring out where secret rooms could be
I use it to not get totally lost :<
also, Azazel is a bitch with certain enemies..
Even with quad-shot
link to falling fellow?
I almost feel like rewriting all this with a fifth of the code and twenty times less completely pointless and overengineered classes just to show him what a mess this is.
Do it
Perhaps leave that for tomorrow though
9:43 PM
maybe I'll play rebirth
bored anyway
Today I reached 64k
Falling Fellow best game
On Falling Fellow?
@AndyProwl I have stuff to do. Like fixing the electronics team SVN server.
9:47 PM
Protip: don't accidentally become the sysadmin.
@Nooble Yep
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'll take your advice
@AndyProwl Nice.
I can only ever get up to 25K
Don't be "the only one that knows at least a bit about it".
The line between that and "the one that has to know everything about it" is thin.
@Nooble The game has no end right?
9:48 PM
@AndyProwl Nope :)
Seriously, I hope their science is solid...
Which means you never win :(
Oh Chrome fixed the font shit
Emoji now show up correctly.
Like this: 💩
9:49 PM
> It is even possible that gravity from our own universe may ‘leak’ into this parallel universe, scientists at the LHC say.
@райтфолд square
@JohanLarsson firefox here. square with "01F\n489" written in it
@AndyProwl Sounds like media misunderstanding shit again.
@R.MartinhoFernandes It does
9:50 PM
> If successful a completely new universe will be revealed – rewriting not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.
@R.MartinhoFernandes link?
Not far up the transcript.
3 mins ago, by wilx
@AndyProwl doesn't look like site's run by scientists
therefore, all scientific claims there are invalid
I'm not claiming they are
In fact those are not "scientific claims"
The scientific claims are too hard for them (and for me) to understand
They're just some attempts at giving you a hint at what's going on in terms you may be familiar with
9:54 PM
> But so far Geneva remains intact and comfortably outside the event horizon.
Which is totally not what reality looks like, admittedly
@AndyProwl More like attempts at generating page views by cherry-picking the bits that sound the most spectacular and extrapolating from there.
All these short paragraphs lol.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ...or that
I mean, they wrote "parallel universe" in ALL CAPS.
9:55 PM
Looks like our project is no longer compatible with gevent
I really like all this monkey patching shit
@CatPlusPlus But is Kyrostat?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Also, those headlines
"Oh you're reading about black holes in the LHC? You may also be interested in:..."
> Social worker found with fish porn and eel sex video on phone
Dafuq is fish porn
Why did someone find that out.

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