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12:00 AM
Alright, terrific.
Crisis averted.
CryEngine 3
@Columbo you can stop trolling now
12:10 AM
@Borgleader Yeah, about time.
@райтфолд One question though: Why is no-one talking on these IRC channels?
Because it's 1 o'clock.
The traffic in the last half an hour or so consists solely of joints/leaves
12:12 AM
@райтфолд Oh, right
Q: Undefined reference to `__ms_vsnprintf' when linking GLFW statically

NoviceCodingGeekI am trying to compile the GLFW quickstart guide (Here) in windows 8 64-bit using mingw. I am using the official 32 bit windows binary from the glfw website. Everything works fine when I link the glfw library dynamically by linking -lglfw3dll -lgdi32 -lopengl32 -lglew32 and defining GLFW_DLL. W...

any ideas?
Mar 16 at 22:47, by Cat Plus Plus
Read the rules.
@NoviceCodingGeek Compile GLFW on your own.
Do it.
Alright I will try that.
Awesome. The memories
The commentary is hilarious at times.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I admit to sheepishly using debian's update-grub and not worrying about it :/
12:19 AM
from " the RULES" :
Now, if you lurk for a while, you might realize that we have no problem in answering questions asked by a regular. So what's going on? Well, we are a small community after all, and now it seems you have to earn your "right to ask" in the Lounge by becoming part of that community.
If you don't have time for that, or don't care for that, then go on Stack Overflow instead. And please, for the love of all that is nice and fluffy, don't act like we owe you something. You'll get flamed to death (and kicked).
Oh god. Arguing always helps! Remember this
Anyways. Seems like the stuff you quote is pretty on-point
WOW is that Demeaning!
way to push someone to the floor.
@NoviceCodingGeek Well I am a koala.
It's second nature to me.
Now give me eucalyptus before I push you down to the floor!
@Nooble i was speaking to @Columbo .
@NoviceCodingGeek I know. But you made a comment about the rules, to which I responded.
12:23 AM
@Columbo isn't pushing anyone down to the floor, he is merely linking you to the rules.
the rules are demenaing not him!
@NoviceCodingGeek See, you got a commodity (a "question"), and we got the money (the "answers"). Now make it worth our while. Acting like a door-to-door salesman is unlikely to make us interested. If we were interested, we'd likely be browsing the market (SO main) already!
Sunday quiz: if I tell you the diameter of the post, can you figure out my latitude? Eratosthenes on ice. http://t.co/tWWido616E
@Nooble Well, I'd be careful with the first part of a sentence.
12:25 AM
@Columbo :P
I think the newbie needs to use more exclamation marks
@sehe I think you need to use less words
Sorry if i was rude guys! :)
12:26 AM
Alright, time to sleep.
@Nooble Thanks for your help! :)
@NoviceCodingGeek No problem, koalas are always helpful.
Next time you see one in the wild, you should give it a leaf.
Yeah, we have a huge problem with people dumping their questions here begging for help. After about a thousand of those, it starts to get annoying. That's what the rules are for. Sorry if they sound rude, but there's no better alternative.
I see your point, and I must say that it does make sense. Its just a little hard to accept at first. :)
12:37 AM
@melak47 So are you John Zoidberg or did @райтфолд start playing or did someone just randomly sent me friend request
nope, that's me.
@sehe virus noise is the worst
These starting lasers are so hilariously bad
@melak47 Yeah. Takes weeks for it wear off
TIL Go doesn't have function overloading.
12:45 AM
@Rapptz :/
Not even on the receiver?
I found this out because I was looking at Go code and noticed that their constructors were pretty awful.
NewFromString, NewFromInt, NewFromX, etc.
I was pretty confused :v
I don’t understand how interfaces would work without that.
2 mins ago, by Luc Danton
Not even on the receiver?
What do you mean?
12:49 AM
How do I form a value with an interface type :v
I don't think Go has those types of interfaces either.
What do you mean by 'those types'?
Type inheritance?
Yeah they don’t have that.
1 min ago, by Luc Danton
How do I form a value with an interface type :v
You're asking the wrong person tbh. I don't know Go much.
My only experience with Go is what it doesn't have if anything.
What a goldmine
type Bar struct{}
func (b Bar) ImplementsFooer() {}
func (b Bar) Foo() {}
@Rapptz Okay. They do have interfaces, which mean they do have a limited form of overload. Namely on the receiver, which is (IIRC) what the privileged argument is called.
@sehe ??
12:53 AM
On the same channel as the Prince Of Persia tribute that I posted earlier.
what makes it "a goldmine" ?
the commentary; also, in this particular episode, the gems of games
@Rapptz yeah
I don't like it
That there is some overloading?
1:00 AM
It's inconsistent and limiting.
It’s 0, 1, infinity. (Definitively limiting.)
Dispatching on several types is the same as dispatching on a tuple of types though! Oh wait no generics nevermind.
Although I suppose the true limitation will be the invariance of language tuples :)
> There is no tuple type in Go, and you are correct, the multiple values returned by functions do not represent a first class object.
oh wow this is way worse
I’m actually impressed.
Friendly reminder there's a syntax error for placing of braces.
@Rapptz Does it bug you in C++ as well? (Not that I think it’s a good reference as a language, I’m idly wondering.)
Only thing that bugs me in C++ w.r.t. overloading is concept based overloading
but that's coming soon
The lack thereof?
1:07 AM
You set the bar quite high! I like that.
@Rapptz Are you into programming language theory? I don’t recall hearing from you when the topic has come up before.
dunno why I’m calling it 'theory'
Not sure what that is.
What features make a language or give to a language in terms of expressible programs.
@Blob No. The others were spot on with "justified".
Lounge<English Help>
Decay is 'free', so non-template is preferred.
Try adding template<typename = void> to the first overload.
that's so dumb
@Rapptz isnt non-template always preferred?
1:16 AM
@Borgleader Not always. Depends on the required conversions
And no wonder newbies are confused by decay, the language makes it hard on them :/
Q: Why do we lift our feet when we walk?

AnthonyI'm not sure if this is a good question for here- albeit if I asked it somewhere else I'd want the physical argument. Why do we lift our feet when we walk, as opposed to doing something like shuffling? Does it consume more energy to shuffle our feet? I ask because I realized that in Kendo the par...

@Rapptz btw do you also now about the constness quirk?
hehe. because evolution failed to produce wheels
@Rapptz yes, it is. along with everything else about array name decay :(
1:18 AM
I always get excited when I see your name next to an answer, Anna! Always great. — Anthony 18 hours ago
@sehe what's weird about that
but you can't really support string literals natively without either it or wider language changes that would have unacceptably diverged from C
@LightnessRacesinOrbit on a scale from 0 to @Rapptz, how bored are you right now?
@Rapptz "It's so dumb" "Yes it is" "Huh what's weird about that" wot
@Rapptz I didn't say it was weird. You did.
1:19 AM
@Borgleader STL had a good video about that
@LightnessRacesinOrbit The plonk. Is wot
or if you mean the feet question, well, it seems obvious that walking without lifting your feet would be utterly retarded
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Your plonks are showing.
cos friction
but maybe that's just me
@R.MartinhoFernandes are they?
@Borgleader I'm doing my nightly Hot Questions trolling :P
@LucDanton Possibly by a different name
1:20 AM
@Borgleader, I can try to find where it starts, but I think it's the last example: channel9.msdn.com/Series/C9-Lectures-Stephan-T-Lavavej-Core-C-/…
@R.MartinhoFernandes ah
yeah my fault.
@Rapptz I don’t think it’s a name, I tried to come up with a description on the spot. like that
I don't plonk anyone
how's marmalada going?
1:21 AM
I don't have these problems
you only have array name decay problems
not sure which of us has it worse
@LucDanton Yeah I know that.
I use that trick all the time.
… what for? :s
Usually strings.
pfft those aren't strings
they are abominations
1:23 AM
Is char s[] = "hullo"; a string?
Sorry. "Array of implementation defined encoded characters as specified by the C++ standard"?
44 secs ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
Yeah so both s and "hullo" fit the bill but they will be handled differently.
I guess I'd consider any array of char (no signedness specifier), or a thin-ish wrapper thereof, to be a string
1:24 AM
Well yeah that's no more philosophical can saying int x = 4; that both x and 4 are ints.
But they would be handled the same.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit it's over
I know
I agree it's hardly profound
@AndyProwl who won?
1:25 AM
So what do you use the ambiguity for?
Oh not the ambiguity
@LightnessRacesinOrbit No idea. I don't even think there's going to be a winner
for freaking out chicks
I use the fact that T can be const T
People preferred to not have prizes and stuff
1:25 AM
@AndyProwl not even toast?
I have to eat now, brb.
lolwut who prefers not to have prizes. noobs
Oh so you are in the habit of running into that thing, k
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Democrashit
When I said 'quirk' I meant the ambiguity. I don’t think template argument deduction re: constness is a quirk.
1:26 AM
TBH I didn't vote for having games ranked, although I did vote for prizes
like "ugliest game" or "best fail"
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Ikr.
@AndyProwl Best fail would've went to me!
I would've at least gotten an award.
I have to sleep now, brb.
maybe he's just taking a nap
1:35 AM
@Nooble I'm always competing for that one
For the record I haven't managed to win my game without cheating yet
That's quite a fail
@Rapptz I think you meant "with bithacks and gotos."
I got close to it, but never won
I should compile your game.
1:37 AM
lol no save yourself some sanity
@AndyProwl Where's your game again?
ok I'm back
blimey; what is it with me and Moscovites??
ITT Olga from Moscow
> From Karla
> I am Olga
@Jefffrey My "game" is here
Identity crisis
1:40 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit :(
@AndyProwl Give us the .exe!
@AndyProwl C# :c
Or riot.
@Jefffrey That's nothing. It was "Vlad" a few days ago...
@Nooble I wasn't sure how to upload it, I think the .gitignore file is filtering exes out, wait let me check
@user3787097 We're dealing not in favours here. We're dealing in factual information. It's not that I didn't decide to share my better facts. My facts are not better. — sehe 10 secs ago
1:42 AM
@Jefffrey Yeah, I'm learning C# so I thought it would be a good thing for practicing
(it also makes life much easier than C++)
What's the .bak file?
Oh well fixed a negation gone wrong
@AndyProwl You can always put it on dropbox :)
Can we update the jam page with all the games?
@Jefffrey Probably a mistake
@Jefffrey I guess Bartek will do that tomorrow. He left before the jam ended
1:44 AM
Can I have all the links to github repositories to that I can make a pull request?
Or at least the ones that you remember
I think the links are scattered over here
Some games are playable online
Bartek's and Puppy's, copy's too
mines not, but has zero dependencies. except VS :v
can you use make_unique with a POD?
1:48 AM
@Pris Yes, but it must be value-initialization. So no arguments.
Well, that or a copy/move.
@Nooble I uploaded the executable (in the \Binaries subfolder). You'll need the words.txt file too.
I have to sleep now, gtg.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit for real this time?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Night.
@AndyProwl Nice :)
@Nooble there's a binary on my github/releases page
1:52 AM
@melak47 Neat.
I'm so supersick
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Night
I found a fucking cockroach in my house
there's probably a shitlot of them
@Blob Scary.
If there is only one & it's huge then it's probably a loner
1:59 AM
you sure? :|
my dad flushed it, but they can probably survive that
Hmm, I can't find Puppy & Bartek's repo
How else does it get so big without you noticing?
got big elsewhere, migrated to my house with family?
If you kill it before it starts a family, then you are safe
2:02 AM
it probably came from my neighbors
it came from the direction of the door
they might have a shitlot of them ;_;
@CatPlusPlus I did a pull request to include the entries for lounge marmelade here.
@Nooble lol that's not what you should see
looks like I posted old binaries
I'm dumb. Let me fix that
wrong clipboard
2:28 AM
@райтфолд You're welcome.
@orlp As far as stable vs. unstable sorts go: a lot depends on the input data structure. Merge sort (for one example) is normally stable, and doesn't require extra space for sorting things like linked lists. You can do a stable, in-place merge-sort on something like an array. Doing it in-place typically slows it by a factor of around 2, but the stable version is around the same speed as the unstable one (but both are generally slower than quick sort).
Good night kids
@Jefffrey Good night! That looks like: "How to have a heart attack, in one easy lesson."
Good morning.
So I just saved myself a few hours of headache by noticing the trailing space in a registry key for a fix.
@Rapptz I am regretting this decision.
@MarkGarcia how
oh wow
@Rapptz did you implement the hookers, though
@sehe I reckon no
I asked.
Maybe I'm looking at my problem the wrong way.
Maybe I don't need decimals.
2:59 AM
@Rapptz What would you use it for?
I'm making a pseudo-CAS.

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