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2:03 AM
@JerryCoffin Have thought of a nice response but against momma. ;(
@MarkGarcia To be fair to them, this assumption makes sense most of the time.
Especially on Linux, where there's no OS-level DNS cache by default.
@Fanael What assumption? That his mother's ass is bigger then the Linux DNS cache?
@Mysticial yes
@Mysticial His mother's ass is bigger than 0, I think
2:13 AM
His mother's ass is bigger than a hole?
In other words, his mother's ass is so big that it has its own event horizon?
@TonyTheLion Lol. Everyone asked bad questions in old SO.
I prefer to ask all my bad questions in chat. Such as the last 3 that I just asked.
2:18 AM
@Rapptz If you consider yourself having been in old SO, then that's a contradiction. ;)
@Mysticial Fair tradeoff--stronger ridicule, but in front of a smaller audience.
And less rep lost.
Except for hate.
I need to answer 4 more questions for my gold badge.
Should I just look for old questions to answer?
I haven't even got to 10k. :(
2:20 AM
@Rapptz Pretty much the only downvotes I seem to get any more are 2 downvotes immediately after every time I collide with Vlad (point out that one of his answers sucks, close a question he answered, etc.)
@Rapptz Just retag some of your shit. lol
I tried to look at questions
but they're so bad
It'd be a disservice to answer them
like this
Q: C++: Error C3861 :'getCurrentState': identifier not found

Stranger13thGood Afternoon, I have a problem trying to compile a code in c++, I'm working with a header with various functions that I'm calling to use in my code, I included the headers to extract the funcions I need, but the compiler keeps throwing the same error, but just with the "getCurrentState" functio...

Oh, you only have 9 non- answers.
Ugh I'll just let my very weak passive rep do its job.
I had this happen last week
I don't get a lot of passive rep, so I thought it was funny
2:23 AM
I only get passive rep
I wish my last answer was accepted
All my answers for the past 2 months (hint: not many) have been accepted :p
@Ell You SU scum! :P
I have more rep on SU :L
I just wish this could get answered
Q: In Linux, how do I correctly configure display geometry with multiple monitors on multiple GPUs (Intel and nVidia)?

ellI want a triple monitor setup to work correctly. My setup is as follows: Linux Mint 16 x64 Intel Core i5-2500k GeForce GTX 560 Ti Cu II A monitor on the far right connected to the motherboard (integrated graphics on the i5) A central monitor connected to the graphics card A monitor on the far ...

I edit it every now and then with my latest still not working config
put a bounty
50 rep or so
2:27 AM
I've given up now
I gave up recently
Its been 2 years
I think 100 rep bounty is better though
in SO I see a lot of 50 rep bounties ignored
I don't think its possible
I did a 200 bounty on SO once
I can't remember what for
I don't value rep :L
> When your vision for a game pushes the boundary to the point that no PC or console hardware can render the experience smoothly, you aren’t a visionary — you’re just a bad designer.
I need food
But its half 2
So I guess an iterator implementation that uses an auto_ptr as a member is a no-go in C++03
because to return .begin() you have to return by value.
2:32 AM
you don't need food. it's just your brain sending a signal because you haven't eaten for while
That's true for sure
Yeah damn brain.
which would mean the iterator has to have a constructor of type itr(itr rval) : ptr_val(rval.ptr_val) {}
and that doesn't make sense.
the body can go for a long time without food
2:33 AM
so much for a pimpl iterator
@StackedCrooked actually its not my brain, there is a miniature devil me on my shoulder telling me to snack all the time
Are you a cartoon character?
Given the chance I will eat
Does coliru support Boost?
boost is available, yes
2:34 AM
@caps No. Coliru supports Boost.
How do I include a boost header then?
Oh I do not mean about the spelling.
@MarkGarcia The capitalization?
Sorry, I'm lost.
@caps "support" "supports".
2:36 AM
Coliru's system for including boost headers is fairly standard.
I should have said "Does Coliru supports boost"?
That doesn't make sense man.
Can I use older versions of boost?
say, 1.39?
Dammit. I've lost my brain.
@caps sorry guy
@caps you should have tried it out instead of asking :)
2:38 AM
@StackedCrooked The text wasn't changing color like the other includes, so I thought it must have to be included differently.
Okay, so I kind of take it back.
I can do a pimpl iterator if I use a shared_ptr
I didn't program those colors. That's just how the ACE editor works.
@StackedCrooked ACE?
I lied about sleeping
Illbtry again though
so warm ... 37°C
Iw as watching a video and one of the C++committee members mentioned std::search was a terrible idea.
Anyone have any idea why? I can't find any literature.
Is it because it doesn't return the range of elements that match?
Oh well, I'll write my own search that returns a std::pair of the matching range.
3:26 AM
First I've heard of that.
3:55 AM
The overall complaint was that many iterator algorithms are "lossy" and drop information.
By thinking about it, I figured out some of the things that would make things like std::search and friends inefficient anyways.
Also, with std::pair<>, what's a good name for a triple-element struct?
I know duo/trio are a thing, double/triple, but what goes with pair?
3:57 AM
@ThePhD Triad's good.
how many women in that conference? I don't see many ...
I called mine triple
4:00 AM
That too. But might be confused (for some) with tuple.
Q: Is "triple" the proper counterpart of pair when describing a group of three items?

Yang ChiI'm writing a tech doc and this question bothers me, though I know it should be simple. I know I should say "A pair of [Key, Value]", but when I have something like "A ____ of [Key, Value, Flag]", I'm just not sure if the proper word is triple, or something else. Is triple often used as an adj...

@chmod711telkitty There's a chance that Kate Gregory's the only one.
I guess triple it is.
C++14 is not yet published as an ISO standard is it?
I think so.
I just never thought triple was right, since it was analogous to double
But people have been colloquially using triple for 3 things for a long time.
4:05 AM
Whatever, language sucks.
@MarkGarcia Lisa Lippincott
@ThePhD "triple tipple" works though.
Would anyone in here be willing to take a look at some c code and tell me why it is not doing what i want it to? i know this is ++ chat
It's just now that I realized that "double" should be "duoble".
darnit autofocussing chat box
@Ell lol yes it's Dropbox's fault that you don't verify your backups
4:56 AM
This is pretty amazing. (Based off code sample in talk on Boost Hana.)
The storage object expands to a list of member variables right into the class body. Haven't seen this before.
I had the idea of using lambda captures for storage. That's just awesome being implemented.
std::tuple_cat is supposed to be super complicated.
This guy does it in a few lines.
Yeah. Cats are really simple creatures. :)
5:05 AM
Granted, he can use C++14.
5:18 AM
@StackedCrooked Looks to me like a fairly substantial part of that is hidden--the unpack_into part is fair amount of the difficulty, if I'm not mistaken. Don't get me wrong: having a nice foundation that makes complex things simple is clearly a good thing--but this isn't really eliminating the complexity, only hiding it. If, however, it provides a clean enough abstraction that it's easy to use, there's not a thing in the world wrong with that.
The unpack_into actually appears to be very concise as well.
Sorry for bad quality. I should find his slides.
@StackedCrooked Yeah--when I have a little more time, it looks like his talk is well worth watching.
5:46 AM
@JerryCoffin Managed to recreate it. It prints the elements in reverse for some reason...
Eh I could use pattern matching with exhaustiveness checking in Python right now
What's holding you back?
Lack of that?
Here's an interesting little rant by Fran Allen on how C (and its successors) ruined everything:
> C has destroyed our ability to advance the state of the art in automatic optimization, automatic parallelization, automatic mapping of a high-level language to the machine
6:04 AM
@Ell is this multi-monitor resolution thingy still an issue for you? I cracked it a month or three ago. Of course, don't know the answer off the top of my head, but when I'm back at the box in question can try to track down whatever the fuck I did to make it happen... Remind me monday.
eval(print(x)...); is evil
because order of evaluation is undefined :D
6:40 AM
Life goal #29 is to get enough of them rejected that I can publish a comparative analysis of the rejection letters.
7:12 AM
@Rapptz and did you feel very tired during those 4 months? and what about now?
I only get tired after 18 hours.
My sen.py script works.
but your average nap time is how long?
30 minutes
1 30 minute nap can keep me up for 7 hours on average
7:29 AM
Do you set timers or you just wake up naturally?
sometimes naturally
since I lucid dream all the time
but I put the alarm just in case
I've had cases where my 30 minute naps turn into 6 hour naps and it ruins my entire day
if you sleep for 6 hours does that mean that you then can't get to sleep after 7 hours anymore and you lose the pattern?
if I sleep for 6 hours by accident my entire day is ruined
and I won't be able to sleep for a long time
@Rapptz I have two alarms. One for me to stay half-awake and lucid dreaming, and then one for actually getting up.
7:49 AM
TIL: It is actually possible to code apps in QML: github.com/Swordfish90/cool-retro-term
feeds posts it
I wasn't aware
You weren't attentive. :P
I sometimes search for the link here first.
8:20 AM
Q: why I got the messy code at the first occasion?

zhenganyiI got the messy code when I use this #include <assert.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(){ f = fopen("test4", "w"); assert(f != NULL); fputs("word", f); for (i = 0; i < ((66000ul / 26) + 1); i++) fputs(ws, f); fputs("word", f); fclose(f); } in this occasion , I got...

WTF is this shit?
> C is an exact language. There isn't any form of C-syntax that is close enough. It is either correct, or it isn't. This is one of the primary strengths of C and also why C takes a bit more dedication to correctly learn that some of the competing languages.
as if other programming languages have fuzzy syntax -.-
or as if you'd want that
@orlp When people say "syntax", they often mean "semantics".
@FredOverflow But they're exactly eachothers complements, that's retarded.
I know, but unless you write your own compiler, "syntax" and "semantics" will always remain fuzzy to you.
8:26 AM
Is it?
You have the same thing in natural languages too.
For example, many people think that writing i=42; without i being defined is a syntax error. It isn't, because i=42; is clearly an assignment.
wrong Capitalization in english is a syntax error.
This is a syntactically correct sentence, but is semantically incorrect since it paints.
woops needed a verb at the end
k then
Oh god! I was so tired, so I have not seen that, my bad, thanks anyway. — sop 19 mins ago
@sehe I fail to see why this is mentionworthy?
hahahaa, what-if this week. great.
8:36 AM
Q: wchar_t pointer

Tony The LionWhat's wrong with this: wchar_t * t = new wchar_t; t = "Tony"; I thought I could use a wchar_t pointer as a string...

poor tony
already in the starboard
I know
I found it there
We all have to start somewhere...
let me look through my old questions
see if I can find cringe
@orlp but notice how all the replies were thoughtful and didn't eat him for breakfast just for being a stoopid noob. Ahhh, those were the days.
8:41 AM
can't really find a big cringe, except that I didn't know that int A[15000] would cause a stack overflow
My first question, note the 000 at the end of the question number, just like my user id :)
Q: removing strings from a vector via boost::bind

FredOverflowI am trying to remove short strings from a vector. std::vector<std::string> vec; // ... vec.erase(std::remove_if(vec.begin(), vec.end(), boost::bind(std::less<size_t>(), boost::bind(&std::string::length, _1)...

Bitch fight in C land:
Q: Does &((struct name *)NULL -> b) cause undefined behaviour in C11?

Matt McNabbCode sample: struct name { int a, b; }; int main() { &(((struct name *)NULL)->b); } Does this cause undefined behaviour? We could debate whether it "dereferences null", however C11 doesn't define the term "dereference". clearly says that using * on a null pointer causes un...

@orlp I have no cringers, 'cos I suffer in silence with my stupidity ;-)
@TonyTheLion That's a terrible question and you deserve the downvote I just gave you :-p
8:42 AM
apparently my first question has 20k views
Here's mine:
Q: Can I use glibc under windows?

rubenvbIs it (or would it) be possible to use glibc under windows (as a replacement of msvcrt)? I know this is a stupid question, and answers like cygwin will pop up, but I am really asking: is it possible to link to glibc on windows and use all library functions like with msvcrt?

I'm thinking of a fun weekend project - I want to count the number of people in a room based on an image.
My first idea is to do ML, but I was wondering if there are any tools that can help me with that.
@BenjaminGruenbaum give me a research team and 5 years
@BenjaminGruenbaum OpenCV! Somehow.
I'd ask the FBI.
They have such tools already :-p
8:47 AM
@cat you got a link for me getting project set up with lounge ci?
@orlp learn to link the xkcd page itself, man!
@Xeo why?
also, feeds takes care of xkcd
huh... I thought we normally get the alt text...
but feeds can't make a topical reference
8:48 AM
or does that require you one box the page not just the image?
@thecoshman I can create you a namespace but atm we're in-transit to Jenkins and agents are down
like so?
I have some things for work I need to finish before I'll be able to deal with it
bigger and better :-p
8:49 AM
But why do you post an old XKCD?
hmm, weirdly enough the xkcd one-box is larger than the image
@FredOverflow read up. look for "research team"
6 mins ago, by Benjamin Gruenbaum
I'm thinking of a fun weekend project - I want to count the number of people in a room based on an image.
@FredOverflow ^
Ah, nevermind then.
8:51 AM
@aclarke same here
@sehe Thanks! How did you knew?
@Mr.kbok Magic :)
@CatPlusPlus Jenkins? really?
What else?
8:52 AM
sigh, time for loungeCI
Getting a web UI for Buildbot is much more work because there's no OOB support for declarative/dynamic config
jenkins is nice.
it's alright
@sehe lol, you should have said "LinkedIn" :)
@BenjaminGruenbaum wow.
8:53 AM
does have decent web support true enough
except when it suddenly decides to power down for no apparent reason
There's Atlassian one but it'll be licensing crap again
@Mr.kbok Fixed
@Xeo Your monitoring sucks
though, at work, it seems Jenkins allows you to see more or less everything without logging in...
8:53 AM
@sehe I'm going to implement this, doesn't look too hard and this sounds like fun :)
@thecoshman We host open-source projects only anyway
> doesn't look too hard
well. I'm impressed now, but call back when it's done. I'll hook it up to my webcam and give it a whirl
Well maybe we could relax that now since we're not getting any OSS licenses
@CatPlusPlus o_0 that's a good point.
But again, what else
Phabricator has some primitive CI in very alpha stage but meh
Same with GitLab CI
Oct 7 at 8:22, by sehe
There is a superfluous question mark there?
@sehe I still don't understand
There is nothing to understand.
@sehe there was no question mark in the comment
The cause is lost
> No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt
Sure, he welcomes women! Even multiple at a time, I suppose
8:59 AM
I'd cringe wearing that shirt

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