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6:03 PM
New blocker: Sahara.
inb4 Himalaya
@LucDanton Went around that already. Started eastbound from Berlin.
@LucDanton Also, China has trains.
Put the train on a ship.
6:07 PM
After Southeast Asia, the Americas, and half of Africa, trains already sound like a luxury.
If you buy a hybrid car you don't have to pay as many taxes, but you can still drive on petrol all the time if you want.
But why would you?
Charging using electricity seems to be a hassle.
You don't know how hybrid cars work, do you?
6:10 PM
Well I mean those cars that use petrol as fall-back.
Don't know what they're called.
They recharge when you're on petrol
Also electricity is cheaper
@rightføld Yes, those ones.
> Women can be really sexist, but as with everything else men are just better at it.
6:12 PM
> Ideone is experiencing temporary technical problems. We will be back ASAP.
fuck off chinese viruses
Oh good permanent technical problems are much more worrying
@rightføld They recharge when on petrol (as non-hybrids do, in fact; the difference being their higher capacity); they can also capture energy that would have been wasted as heat during braking to recharge; they shutdown when stopped (electric motors don't need "starting"); and a bunch of other stuff.
Purely electric cars are for more interesting
6:16 PM
Oh yeah, and all auxiliary subsystems have a lot less power losses because they're powered electrically, not with transmission belts or whatever.
and far less practical, at least in Poland
lol bump
@Rapptz how long did it take you to get accustomed to your sleeping schedule?
s/your/your lack of/
6:18 PM
Transmission belts and grease monkeys helped the Industrial revolution happen, don’t speak ill of them!
@Rapptz I've been wanting to try polyphasic sleep for a while but I'm a bit scared
hahaha my pull request got merged
Q: Passing shared pointers as arguments

Steve HIf I declare an object wrapped in a shared pointer: std::shared_ptr<myClass> myClassObject(new myClass()); then I wanted to pass it as an argument to a method: DoSomething(myClassObject); //the called method void DoSomething(std::shared_ptr<myClass> arg1) { arg1->someField = 4; } Does t...

needs to be updated with the latest best practice
@Mgetz Moving to a different language?
@TonyTheLion I like HKBodyTemperatureSensorLocationRectum. :D
That API is REKTum.
std::aligned_storage sucks if you accidentally swap the length and alignment params.
I should write a proposal for std::storage_for.
So I can write std::storage_for<YOURMOM>
Throws std::bad_alloc.
6:30 PM
system freeze
Nah; she's too hot for that.
@StackedCrooked did you mean "as usual"?
What does "like unusual" mean?
erm. "like unusual" is equivalent to "like usual", not?
trying to cover my typo here
6:33 PM
No idea. Never seen it used until a year and a few months ago.
@Ell If no matching elements were found then std::remove will return the end iterator and the program will crash. If one element was found then the program will seem to work as expected. If multiple matches were found then only the first one will be erased.
@StackedCrooked Hey that's nice.
@rightføld It's like a game of dice :)
I was about to say I can just put that code at the top of main and make sure it only finds one element, and that will make my entire program work as I'd expect even if it would otherwise contain bugs.
6:36 PM
But now you edited it so that doesn't apply anymore.
@rightføld which edit?
the "seem to work as expected"?
I got my iPhone6+ today.
It's bigger than I imagined (even after seeing many youtube videos).
And I have rather small hands.
@StackedCrooked That's what she said.
6:42 PM
my food is late too :<
@Xeo Fire it.
It's a bad day to be hungry
@StackedCrooked whyy
Food fired with a canon is faster than food that walks.
6:44 PM
@Xeo I stuck to iPhone after I received one at the job back in 2008. Before that I had a Samsung phone (rather high-end, but not a smartphone).
I've never used an android phone so I don't know if they are better or not.
lol, impulsive buyer?
You're wrong. Tony is a lion, not a pointer. — R. Martinho Fernandes 5 secs ago
It was pretty good for its time. It could record video at hundreds of pixels!
I once had to maintain a code base that used the authors' names as variable names.
6:47 PM
It was a nightmare.
@rightføld lol, that is insane.
I once had to deal with source written with romanized Japanese identifiers. "keido", "ido" all over the place.
> 10k Mac
I still remember that one
My colleague also had some code written by someone from Pakistan with variable names that seemed Google Translate'd to Dutch.
6:52 PM
@Xeo 10k, were does that number come from? it was 2.668,00 EUR
still overpriced, but not 10k
I remember you saying that
maybe I misremember :)
I remember you mentioning 10k before :)
If I had 10k to spend on computer parts I would really know how to spend it.
3 monitors
and a cpu with many cores on single cpu
because multi-cpu sucks
and huge ssd
actually I'd be able to spend it :)
worst investment ever
@StackedCrooked It still sounds far from the target.
Oh wait, make those all Apple components. Yeah, problem solved.
Apple doesn't even make those components.
They sell them though :)
6:58 PM
But they probably sell them overpriced.
they do have this hybrid ssd thingy
It has magical Apple dust.
@StackedCrooked tell me more about this thing that is not unique.
@thecoshman it can do ss-d and magnet-d
wow, that truly is something that you can already.
7:01 PM
@StackedCrooked A year ago I bought a zillion monitors and a box with some of the best components around, and the whole thing was still not even half of that.
what should I spend the rest of the money on then?
a projector?
I'm bored.
I need to reroute my route through Egypt, I think.
@nivertech How do you say "Python" in hipster? Go
7:09 PM
Also, I already learned a lot of cool stuff.
"Although the lander was originally on target and did touch down there, the robot bounced as it could not anchor itself, causing it to land, a second time, 1 kilometer away." - src
whoa!? 1 kilometer away, that's one bouncy bounce!
hey hey
@FilipRoséen-refp The gravity there is negligible.
@Puppy of course, but one kilometer is still a lot;
not really.
in my mind it is
7:15 PM
you just have to go slowly for a long time.
it sounds like a lot on Earth because you'd have to be going super fast to make that distance before gravity brings you down.
but as those of us who play KSP know, it's not that much if you just don't hit the ground for 30 minutes.
While the notion of “don’t buy games at launch” is a sound one, it’s also not unreasonable for consumers to expect their purchases to WORK.
@Puppy no, I'm thinking more of the fact that 1km is roughly 3% of the total circumference of the thing, I mean; in my mind that's a lot.
sure, but the percentage goes way up as it gets smaller, because of the much lower gravity.
not sure where I got 3km as the diameter of the comet though, maybe I should look that up
and now I realized that I did the math wrong in my head, I should grab another coffee.. it's of course ( 1km / (3km * pi) ~= 10%, not 1km / (3km ^ pi))
3 hours ago, by rightføld
The amount of bandwidth wasted by this discussion is more than the amount of bandwidth that game will ever use.
^ haha
TIL you can run a Vim macro over multiple lines in parallel with :<,>normal @q
where q is the name of the macro
7:33 PM
Q: How can I Print hello as h,he,hel,hell,hello,e,el,ell,ello,l,ll,llo,o in java

Jugalpublic class Hello { String str1=""; public String findCommaString(String str) { for(int i=0;i<str.length();i++) { for(int j=0;j<i+1;j++) { str1= str1 + str.charAt(j); } if(i<str.length()-1) { str1 = str1+","; } } ...

@Mysticial I think I need to go back to college. I clearly missed out on a lot!
How can I even call myself a programmer, without having solved problems like this?
@JerryCoffin Don't get depressed. Handling text strings is a hugely advanced subject that you are not expected to master without decades of training and experience.
@MartinJames Hmm...I detect the signs of somebody who's making excuses for years of abuse. Won't somebody think of the children text strings?
Obviously a product of a twisted, patriarchal society.
fixing cars is hard
7:49 PM
Whatcha having trouble with?
I'm the official Lounge expert mechanic.
@BartekBanachewicz try fixing matches instead.
@R.MartinhoFernandes igniter
it's supposingly locked
it's a circa 2003 civic
@BartekBanachewicz Igniter??
Wait what.
You don't mean you're messing with an immobilizer, do you?
WTF's an igniter? Does the Civic have a gas turbine engine?
7:53 PM
Afterburners, love
@MartinJames I meant starter.
@R.MartinhoFernandes nah, we did that before
Bendix gear is apparently moved into position
but it doesn't move
it's either locked or the brushes are go
Hey @LightnessRacesinOrbit that's a nice profile picture you have.
7:59 PM
the control lights are all on and don't dim so my bet is on the brushes
poing being
@Pokemonz Mine's nicer.
we can't locate the fucking thing
@BartekBanachewicz Ah... OK, that makes sense. If it's locked into position with the power engaged, but not turning, you should go out to see if it's on fire yet.
@BartekBanachewicz Try from below.
@Pokemonz Thanks m8
8:00 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes not possible
According to the mods, my profile is regularly flagged.
What do you mean, not possible?
Oh ffs.
Is it one of those tuning abominations?
@R.MartinhoFernandes WTF is that?
> Video shows what happens when you squeeze a 20-year-old spot. DO NOT WATCH DO NOT WATCH repeat DO NOT WATCH
> We're really sorry about sharing this on Facebook, but people WON'T STOP WATCHING IT.
The bastards always put the starter in inaccessible positions. Usually, it's at the back of the engine, hidden underneath the inlet manifolds and all that piping.
How on earth do you keep a spot for twenty years?
@Pokemonz WTF is what? My avatar?
milia don't count
8:02 PM
It's Robby the Robot, from the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet.
Carrying a partially visible unconscious Altaira.
we have to take the AC out
@BartekBanachewicz Oh dear... (lol)
2 mins ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
@BartekBanachewicz Try from below.
You can't repair cars without appropriate tools. Get yourself an elevator.
8:04 PM
Need a pit, really, like robor says.
go to a garage
like a real man
Last time I did a starter, I had to get at from underneath and remove an engine mounting bracket. It was a right bastard job.
@R.MartinhoFernandes bullshit
I'm going back there
after I finish my beer
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hospital.
8:08 PM
Removing the AC from a car, from underneath, without an elevator, drunk. What could possibly go wrong?
BTW Taylor Swift's new single is awesome and I'm not even sorry.
IIRC, after removing the bracket, I had to swing the engine forwards on the two remaining mountings by hammering a section of fencepost between the engine block and the firewall. I could then JUST get at the starter mounting bolts.
new VS version -> time to rebuild LLVM & Clang & Boost & libarchive & zlib.
time to delete it
8:10 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Back into the flatland so he can get under the car without lifting it
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Yup.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit A lot of things can go wrong.
Too many to list here.
@CatPlusPlus Ramps are a good substitute for a pit/lift, except in summer. I tried that and the ramps sank into the tarmac. Took me ages to dig them out and had to pay for the resurfacing work:(
> We are now planning to make it almost the same as the original 2004 release of CLANNAD first edition. All physical editions are being upgraded for free! So what does that mean? It means you'll be getting a physical edition of the CLANNAD MABINOGI Arrange Album and 80-page physical version of the CLANNAD Fanbook!
well talk about fucking sweeeeeet. /cc @StackedCrooked @AlexM.
8:14 PM
I really hope my credit card arrives tomorrow
I like Eiffel's syntax.
But covariant parameters oh god. Even PHP doesn't do that.
@rightføld wait, covariant? ew
And UB if you do it wrong. :D Not even guaranteed exception like with Java's covariant mutable arrays.
8:15 PM
that's just an invite to violate LSP
Also feature {NONE} works but inherit LIST[NONE] doesn't. Not sure whether that's an implementation bug or not.
Probably not, but it's annoying.
There's been a couple of times where I wanted std::async with the deferred launch policy that returns a future that starts invocation on destruction if the user didn't call .get.
There's no point creating a task if you don't have the certainty that it will run.
@StackedCrooked there is, actually
8:19 PM
if you fire multiple things, and just wait for the first one to return or something
though I guess you would eventually call get under that model
There are also case where you definitely want the task to run.
I've considered making my own Future wrapper for stuff like this.
Also PHP 7 probably gets contravariant parameters.
Which is nice.
what does contravariant mean?
I know about covariance.
the other direction
8:23 PM
class A {} class B extends A {}
class C { public function(B $x) { } }
class D extends C { public function(A $x) { } /* allowed because contravariant */ }
Currently not allowed because they're invariant.
> `IEnumerable<Cat>` is a subtype of `IEnumerable<Animal>`. The subtyping is preserved because `IEnumerable` is covariant.
> `Action<Animal>` is a subtype of `Action<Cat>`. The subtyping is reversed because `Action` is contravariant.
> Neither `IList<Cat>` nor `IList<Animal>` is a subtype of the other, because `IList` is invariant.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit i read that but I don't understand why Action is covariant contravariant and what that means.
(Still reading though.)
@StackedCrooked It's not covariant.
It's contravariant.
I don't really get it.
How is reversing the inheritance useful?
8:25 PM
Parameter type should be contravariant, return type should be covariant. So e.g. where D is subtype of B you can pass (B, B) => D where (D, D) => B is expected. Similar for overriding.
A function you can call with an Animal can be used in lieu of a function that can be called with a Cat.
Action<T> is a function void(T) in case someone is lacking the context.
> Read-only data types (sources) can be covariant; write-only data types (sinks) can be contravariant. Mutable data types which act as both sources and sinks should be invariant.
If something expects a function callable with a Cat, a function callable with an Animal can take that place, because it is also callable with a Cat.
@StackedCrooked That's why Java's and C#'s arrays suck. :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes I see.
8:26 PM
The other way around shouldn't be allowed, because it'd end up calling the void(Cat) function with a Dog.
He're a fun C++ example: You can convert Derived* to Base*, that's covariance. You can also convert T Base::* to T Derived::*, that's contravariance.
because the Base's member is always present in the derived classes, that's fine.
Also finally return types hurray.
> the Eiffel designers reject the Liskov substitution principle
otherwise they wouldn't allow covariant parameters :/
So Wikipedia's example is misleading when it says that "T Base::* is a subtype of T Derived::*" (paraphrasing)
Granted, it gives a C# example, not C++, and uses generics to make its point
8:30 PM
I guess "subtype" is meant in a type theory sense, not in a C++ sense.
But yes, misleading.
I remember it as "co" ≈ "go with" and "contra" ≈ "go against."
But it still seems weird to say that Action<Base> is a subtype of Action<Derived> just because Action is contravariant
@LightnessRacesinOrbit They're not subtypes in C# either.
8:31 PM
ok well that's good then
now I can just blame the wiki author
T Derived::* can take all the same values as T Base::*, and more. So T Base::* is the subtype, from a type theoretic POV.
struct CatShelter : Shelter<Cat> // I use this "pattern" a lot in my C++ code
compile times suffer though
I've been using CRTP quite a bit
And by "later", I mean in five minutes, as soon as I'm out the door holding my phone.
8:32 PM
Lately I've been using CRTP with abstract base class that in turn inherits an "interface"-class virtually.
For specific thingy.
Making full use of the side-casting properties of virtual inheritance.
regular inheritance can side-cast too.
baroque C++.
@Puppy oh, right
but i still needed virtual inheritance
For some reason I always avoid it.
But this time it turned out to be useful.
virtual inheritance is often a bitch.
I made sure that the virtual base does not have constructor.
I mean non-default constructor.
8:37 PM
that removes many of the nasties of virtual inheritance.
Slayer is so good.
Cool. ToadyOne sent me a Dwarf Fortress pin.
Now I can walk around with a passive DF player detector.
some rapist in England is getting a job as a footballer after prison
the quantity of crying is unbelievable
oh noes, how could a dude, having completed his judically-assigned punishment, return to his life?
8:50 PM
> a dude
There's the problem.
> =Little Known VN Industry Fact= Due to their fragile nature, tsundere have to be raised organically and free-roaming.
Sekai Project <3
I'm sure this rapist is a terrible person and totally guilty
but it's not for random people to start levying additional punishments.
they are not judges.
8:52 PM
    if response_data.get('success') == True:
        self.success = True
        self.success = False
Are you judging them?
Official library for a payment processor
@CatPlusPlus uhm
Damn. Everything is closing.
order something
also, you're in the middle of friggin Berlin
something has to be open
8:53 PM
Not the nice places.
I wanted a monad.
no nice place for you today, then
Shoulda been faster if you wanna be fancy
@CatPlusPlus Everyone has their brainfarts.
There's the vegetarian burger place :|
that's Python, right?
8:55 PM
Also it creates a logger but doesn't use it (which is probably good considering they have API endpoints that directly take credit card numbers)
Don't tell my coworkers I went there of my own volition.
@Puppy ye
Bars are open.
personally, I could see me writing code like that in JS or PHP or something weakly typed.
Probably a bad idea.
8:56 PM
Also very helpful, every method just take 'params' dict
if you wanted self.success to be a real boolean instead of probably a string or someshit.
self.success = bool(response_data.get('success'))
There are better ways to convert anyway plus == to compare booleans is dumb in every language
does that exist in PHP or JS?
8:57 PM
!!$x in PHP, !!x in JS.
bool(x) in Python.
@CatPlusPlus My point was that response_data.get('success') might not actually have been a boolean.
but if bool(x) exists in php/js/whatever then it's still dumb.
It does also using if here is also dumb
Also closed.
you'll have to go to mcdonalds or something
8:58 PM
There's some Turkish stuff around the corner :s
Will have to do.
lol Chat.
inb4 it's also closed.
If you hide someone's messages, the client-side software considers it permaplonked.
So you cannot plonk someone while you just hid their messages.
It's open until 3 or 4.
8:59 PM
You first have to unhide them, then you can plonk.

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