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1:00 PM
I also added the NULL terminator you forgot
Oh yeah, my first version of the joke used << so I needed the cast.
Did I add '\n' instead of \0?
of course I did
I think you should stop trying to write C++ now.
Who gives a single shit?
I think I should stop living now.
It’s not a funny joke to begin with.
1:01 PM
I think this went well
OP is a forgot
I should stop posting for a while, probably.
nah, just find a better topic
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 21 minutes.
1:15 PM
likely raging right about now
1:32 PM
3 minutes to Puppygeddon
so, with QR scanners, is it possible for it to make a request to a website once it has been scanned?
> You fail to craft A Wooden Pole.
> A Branch is in need of repair.
@Crow um, yes?
I'm trying to log a user in by QR scan
1:46 PM
I'm not gonna bother to question the client
@Crow No. It's unfortunate but every single qr scanner I've encountered causes self destruction after the first scan :/
Have fun writing custom clients for your website
C++14 will have polymorphic lambdas, right?
Clang already implements them
and G++ might do, and I think that VS is "implementing" them next release.
fucking blank html pages
1:50 PM
I cant wait till Clang works in VS, that way I'll have a C++11 feature complete compiler in VS2013 :3
it works right now, so long as you don't need exceptions or useful stuff like Boost :P
s/Boost/Boost and the standard library/
> Clang works in VS
is there a flag when you compile boost so that all the libs end up in one folder instead of a bunch of different ones? its kind of annoying to have to manually add a bunch of them =/
@LightnessRacesinOrbit llvm.org/builds ಠ_ಠ
@LightnessRacesinOrbit clang-cl
2:00 PM
boost libs all have unique names anyway, idk why they bothered making separate folders
Well, it just needs to say that a user is at a place, basically, so just need a QR code with username that updates the db
Q: How to write a Reversi board game?

user3809697As the picture shown in the link above, we have to construct a 8x8 board and play with computer AI. The above link is an idea to write the program. Does anyone know how to construct the board and and a function for user to input the stone? I tried several times and failed.....

> the link above
is objective C like C++ at all?
Quite different
2:10 PM
@Crow No.
fortunately they can coexist, so c++ iOS dev isn't as painful as android JNI dev
Use Haskell if you need to do iOS development.
well my iphone app should be reeeally simple, it's just a login to a webapp that fetches an entry out of the db and renders it. What's the easiest solution for that?
maybe try one of those javascript frameworks?
UILabel, NSURLConnection and NSJSONSerialization.
2:12 PM
@rightfold oh sweet, that sounds like exactly what I want actually
Oh you want a web app?
Then just create a web app and don’t bother with an iOS app.
Hello everyone
Hello singleone
Is it possible to have a class member that will be private, but I will be able to access it in a copy constructor of a class of the same type?
2:15 PM
You can access private members of other objects of the same type.
@rightfold I receive a compiler error that the member is private
You're doing something wrong =/ (or using a terrible compiler)
I'll try to reproduce it now, probably doing something dumb :)
Alright, false alarm, the error was pointing to a different line
2:21 PM
thanks for help
Man I really disagree with Alexander Stepanov on his views of the standard
He says that not everyeone should be able to submit papers
I think
Not anyone posting on std-proposals, that's for sure
Q: document.write will not show output

user3809295When i write array element it will not show output when i click asending and desending no output will be printed....plese check my query if fault in it ...i think function is stop working when i click button it nothing show me <html> <TITLE>Javascript Arrays</TITLE> <BODY bgcolor="#...

2:28 PM
@Ell There are some pretty stupid proposals out there =/
@Ell That is reasonable.
Vlad should not be able to submit proposals.
One more, Vlad should not be able to submit proposals. It is absolutely a wrong conclusion. You should read a book then admit you are wrong.
@rightfold Why?
@Borgleader Right. And nobody backs them because they are stupid :P
For the same reason not everyone should be able to ask questions on Stack Overflow.
Too much crap will be submitted.
I think that is different
2:30 PM
Crap is subjective
it's not
Who gets to decide. You? Emperor Rightfold?
Q: wxWigets (C++) vs wxPython performance?

CodeManI want to know is there are performance differences between using wxWidgets with C++ vs with Python ( as GUI tool kit just )? Note: From performance perspective only ,

(That's the entire question)
let Puppy decide imo
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Doesnt that question basically come down to "performance difference between C++ and Python?"
Does anyone know the link to Tavern on the meta? Have an issue to discuss
@rightfold ha, I got it...
So my barycentric coordinates seem... strange.
What kind of nerd goes on meta?
2:58 PM
Go serve on a school board or something.
No, please, don't.
WOo, fixed my barycentric coordinates!
lets all do a barycentric dance
3:18 PM
WTB array of references
I wonder why reference_wrapper doesn't implement T& operator*()
Wow, it got progressively worse.
That's an achievement.
But... at least one part of it is smooth...?
Yeah, I need a new material system altogether...
3:30 PM
The way things are currently traced... disastrous.
3:50 PM
@rightfold well, the idea behind the web app is that it manages a store. But the store offers lessons, which are scheduled at a time, and they want to have a record of when and if people come in for their lessons through some electronic means. The mobile app would just give them the QR code for their account
4:08 PM
Q: Stack Overflow error with Recursion C#

Portable_HobbitI am currently developing a game in Unity and I decided to use a depth-first search to generate a maze. This involves recursion, the dreaded beast, and I keep getting a stack overflow error even though I seem to have set up the recursion correctly. I've been looking through it for a while, but ...

> This involves recursion, the dreaded beast
someone should make a horror game about recursion
all dat duplicate code
@AlexM. Pointer and recursion, wee!
4:28 PM
@AlexM. I find it amusing that the C# compiler can't detect tail recursion
@Mgetz It can't ?
@Borgleader roslyn might be able to but the default compiler does not as far as I'm aware
It’s the job of the JIT compiler.
I'd jail the lot of them
> Vocativ noted many coal rollers focus their fumes on “nature nuffies,” or people who drive hybrids, and “rice burners,” or Japanese-made cars.
The discrimination is strong with these ones.
@stillgray @JimSterling it’s like a racist, anti-obama, anti-liberal trifecta.
5:01 PM
wow. I hate school, these classes are so DUMB
that's normal
@rightfold actually no, the CLR has a tail instruction to indicate tail recursion, AFAIK the clr will not JIT tail recursion any other way
this guy says using the internet, ever, is plagirism
> Some of these guys actually migrated from PHP to Scala. I hope they didn’t regret it.
@Borgleader it's illegal in most states, if you do that in California they'll crush your car
5:08 PM
must be a pain to be a law student in the US
that country can't even have laws to apply to all states
Make all states separate countries.
@Mgetz It should be illegal in all states D:
@Borgleader it probably is... as it's a flagrant violation of the clean air act
5:12 PM
ever been the South? It's a horrid place
@Crow That’s what Kim said.
they have good BBQs
@rightfold I don't make a habit of listening to Kardashians.
depends, different states have different flavors of BBQ... Kansas is WAY different than Texas
@Crow I want to taste.
Maybe I'm just hungry.
I should find some food.
5:19 PM
@StackedCrooked Patat.
not a bad idea
Patat met mayonnaise, ketchup en ui.
@StackedCrooked were you the one who recommended I watch haganai?
En een frikandel met hetzelfde.
@AlexM. haganai is good.
5:20 PM
yeah it is
watched s1 in one sitting last night lol
@AlexM. I don't remember recommending it. Maybe I did..
17 hours ago, by Alex M.
, short for , is a Japanese light novel series written by Yomi Hirasaka, illustrated by Buriki, and published by Media Factory. It has been given several manga adaptations; the first incarnation, its title and basic plot unchanged, began serialization in 2010; it was written and illustrated by Itachi and published in Monthly Comic Alive. A retelling of the series, written by Misaki Harukawa and illustrated by Shuichi Taguchi and called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai+ was published in Jump SQ.19. A 12-episode anime adaptation by [[Anime International Company|
This is the only time Haganai was mentioned.
I was so sure I said something sometime
and someone was like "you didn't watch haganai?"
I had it in mind when I started watching it
they used the long name the other times
Why is sort on a Range not O(1) in Scala. :[
5:28 PM
why would sorting a range be O(1)?
Because ranges are already sorted.
pretty dumb name for a sorted range
because it makes no mention of the key fact that it's sorted?
You might have a range going from large to small but that’s trivially detectable (just check if from is smaller than to).
5:29 PM
the name "Range" implies that it's just a range, nothing about the relative ordering of the elements in the range.
You cannot have non-sorted ranges because that wouldn’t make sense.
why not?
If you have a range [from, to) then the elements are always in order.
@rightfold Why can you sort something that's inherently sorted?
hell why do you care about sorting something that already is? =/
@rightfold Not all ranges are [from, to).
5:31 PM
In Scala they are.
If you want something else you use a different kind of sequence.
well in that case I'd certainly agree that sort on such a range should be O(1).
val myRange = new Range(1, 10, 1) { override def sort = this } :D
Grapefruit juice.
^ dat translation
How pissed was puppy of the suspension?
what suspension?
also i should have started with expressions instead of the highlevel stuff =/
@Puppy you were chat banned for half an hour this morning
5:57 PM
didn't notice.
5 hours ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
4 hours ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
3 minutes to Puppygeddon
@Borgleader Nah, the problem is 1) iterators, 2) wtf return bool?
@Puppy Well I was doing something similar to
bool r = boost::spirit::qi::phrase_parse(it, end, exprGrammar, boost::spirit::ascii::space, expr);
@Puppy The system is Very Effective
6:00 PM
checking the iterator against the end for every single read is going to be unbelievably noisy (it's clear that you pretty much never check for end of input here so lots of malformed input will crash the compiler), you don't have a facility for putting tokens back, and a Parse function should return an AST.
puppy i more effective than the system
@Puppy putting tokens back would just be it-- (they,re stored in a vector)
also bad
Pretty sure this guy has a good BBQ.
Probably cost a million bucks as well.
6:03 PM
@Puppy Why? I lex them first, and store them into a vector. Whats wrong with that =/
@rightfold looks good
I never ate corn like that.
first, because then you have to deal with iterators, secondly, you lex tokens even if you don't need them (e.g. because error), third you have unnecessary extra buffer, bad memory locality w.r.t. input, and fourth, it doesn't really permit alternative token sources.
Hey pups.
If you pass an overloaded function around in Wide what type does it have?
overload set.
6:05 PM
Anonymous type with overloaded operator()?
Wide has no special code to handle f() or t.f() at all.
Does x.f automatically bind x as this?
Wonderful. I like that.
if it's a non-static member function, anyway.
otherwise I would have had to special-case stuff like t.f() to make it work
6:06 PM
JavaScript doesn’t have that and it pisses me off.
I tried that at one stage but it was too error-prone, pretty unmaintainable, and didn't allow the semantics I wanted
x.f() and var f = x.f; f() in JS aren’t the same thing. :V
in Wide they are strictly equivalent, assuming that x.f is not a user-defined callable or something
@Puppy Well I didn't want to write my own lexer, so I used boost, so lexing is pretty much the only option
@Borgleader Writing your own lexer is super-duper easy, mine is only 500loc including at least 2-300loc for just definitions of token types and stuff.
and honestly, if you derive your basic token specifications from C (you don't have anything like Haskell user-defined operators, C++ context-sensitivity, etc) then you could probably just use mine quite directly.
lexing is both super easy and very language-independent
6:11 PM
LasagnaScript lexer is 48 LOC.
@Puppy its very close to C yes, and fuck user defined operators. =/
as for context sensitivity, uh... i dont think so? or it would be more accurate to say theres parts of the syntax that arent chosen yet so jury,s still out on that one
@Borgleader Just copy and paste the Wide one. The token character mappings, keyword listings, etc, are all just simple unordered_maps you can change easily.
the only thing that's a little odd about it is that it's a Wide range rather than iterators
how much coffee is "too much coffee"?
Any amount of coffee
One Planck unit of Coffee.
6:17 PM
they're a lot easier to work with but you won't be so experienced with them
@Crow 10 liter
I've had about 2 liters of coffee today :D
with every cup... I grow more POWERFUL
@Puppy I think I missed the joke because I don't know why this is being starred
6:34 PM
no idea
Lexers have a lot of annoying edge cases
I'm never happy with my lexing code
I'm happy enough with mine
what edge cases did you have in mind?
@crow have fun having 2 liters of BM in a couple hours
I didn't know @TonyTheLion has kids
Dunno, I always end up with a lot of ugly code esp on token edges
I'd have to dig up some of the code to tell ya
Bit :effort:
6:38 PM
50% it is 0 effort
@thecoshman Why would you think of me when you see that?
I just have no words
Flagged for mod attention though
He's been here before, under a different name: abdellah mansur
I recognize the name, sadly enough
I think I picked up an infection
let's hope it's not MRSA or something
go see doctor
6:48 PM
going to
I think you're in the wrong room for security related stuff
clean up on aisle 3 plz
I would, but nobody re-ownered me
so Tony if you could just bin this shit
10 messages moved to bin
sorry if I also moved messages from some other peeps
do you understand it now?
6:52 PM
thought I'd remove all related
there is also another version
@TonyTheLion all good
Let’s see how to play music with Java APIs.
but I don't think it's worth posting now
6:53 PM
@Borgleader :)
% nc stackoverflow.com 80
Host: stackoverflow.com

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2014 18:53:34 GMT
Content-Length: 324
@TonyTheLion Nope, doesn’t work.
That request has been bad.
@Puppy Why the move from enum class to a boatload of strings?
I’m sure Santa will put it on his naughty list.
6:54 PM
@Borgleader lol stringly typed programming?
I'm hungry, and I don't know what I want to eat
lion problems
@Borgleader One, you can add new pointers at runtime, and two, you can de-ref the pointers to easily make stuff like operator names.
2 hours ago, by rightfold
Patat met mayonnaise, ketchup en ui.
that does sound tasty
6:56 PM
also I have plans for creating errors automatically by using the token names.
@TonyTheLion Nice sweet ketchup. Not that Heinz shit.
@rightfold take it back
@rightfold Heinz is #1
@Puppy Why would you need to add new ones at run time?
Have you ever eaten any other ketchup?
inb4 no
I dunno
6:57 PM
@rightfold lol@other ketchup
As I said.
because if you want to add new stuff to Wide, then mutating the enum class means invasively rebuilding Wide and you can't mix additions.
@rightfold this is Heinz country
like right now I'd like to add new stuff to Clang to support Wide but I can't because they do shit like enumerate over every possible derived type all the time.
6:59 PM
dude get that gif shit out of my face.

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