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12:00 AM
is unity something a noob can learn somewhat easily?
hack of the day: T max = (sizeof(T)==4) ? 1.0f : 256 ;
@Crow depends on what you want to do
12:03 AM
It... it works.
@AlexM. pretty basic games probably... but in 3D for sure
then no
a noob can learn to bounce a ball somewhat easily
I've been working in unity for 2 years now and I'm still amazed at how much better others use it
how hard would it be to say, make a character move and have basic collision detection?
Does glHistogram exist in OpenGL 3/4?
12:08 AM
2 mins ago, by Alex M.
a noob can learn to bounce a ball somewhat easily
bouncing a ball involves moving an object and detecting collisions
I can just do that in plain programming though ._. I think I did like two years ago actually
I don't know what it is about Go
But I don't like it at all
class Person {
    lazy fullName = Math.random();
    fn print() { console.log(dynamicthis.fullName); }
val person = new Person();
person.print(); person.print(); person.print();
Prints the same value thrice!
I just ate an obscene amount of bacon
12:23 AM
The intersection test is pretty correct.
But it's bending things at weird angles.
I laugh at the pitiful sites asking you to like them on facebook to see some pic
The renderer, anyways.
I just go to resources and see the pic anyway
I can figure that out later I guess...
12:23 AM
they can't stand my haxxor skills
@Mikhail are you using compression for your texture, supposedly it performs better
@AaronKyleKilleen I'm still going through stuff to convert my code to use 8 bit vs floats
@Mikhail "At this point, your image is compressed in a format that is directly compatible with the GPU. Whenever calling texture() in a shader, it will uncompress it on-the-fly. This can seem slow, but since it takes a LOT less memory, less data needs to be transferred. But memory transfers are expensive; and texture decompression is free (there is dedicated hardware for that). Typically, using texture compression yields a 20% increase in performance."
why do headaches only happen on the right side of the brain? Is there a name for that?
@AaronKyleKilleen I thing is I'm making the GUI for a realtime image acquisition system. So compressing the data is bad...
12:30 AM
@Mikhail so computer vision?
@AaronKyleKilleen Yes...
@mikhail so you're basically streaming to a texture?
@AaronKyleKilleen yes :-)
have you looked at this?
@mikhail I think this might be a scenario for buffer texture opengl.org/wiki/Buffer_Texture
12:36 AM
I have a very basic question that I don't think is appropriate for the site proper. It's more a snag in my thinking -- I'm not sure what to look up to answer it! Is it okay to ask that kind of thing here?
My raytracer is horrible broken in some way...
And I have no idea what's causing it or how to fix it...
Not sure whether I can implement lazy with non-members.
@ThePhD Use the born approximation :-)
... Well, I hope it is. I'm not being lazy...
12:38 AM
@Mikhail basically I think buffer object streaming a buffer texture would be the way to go, you have a host of sychronization issues but it seem to be designed for what you're doing so the implementation should be able to run it faster
Oh well.
object wrapper { lazy value = …; } isn’t so bad I guess.
Why is it that libraries like GLEW have to be compiled in order to be used in development (implying the result of compilation is unique to the machine somehow) but not for OpenGL applications to work? It seems that if the product that the end user sees is portable, then the library used to create it should be too...
Sorry to ask something so basic. Just a pointer toward what I should read/study would help. I just don't know what to look up to answer this myself.
@user2813810 ABIs vary for every compiler
@AaronKyleKilleen Yeah thats what I use. Also cuda. The story is that if you match the correct OpenGL types your code will fly and if you accidentally slip in operations on nonoptimal datatypes you will see hicups. I can't find profiler that breaks down my shader or opengl operations...
Okay, so it's to match the compiler, and the end product is already compiled so it is more portable. Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple I wasn't thinking of.
12:41 AM
@user2813810 OpenGL implementations are already compiled and installed on the end-user’s system. GLEW has to be compiled because it is distributed as source code.
@user2813810 opengl has its own types which need to correspond to some existing type but it is not universal across platforms
That makes perfect sense.
Okay, back to study I go! Thanks again!
"SQL is a beautiful language" -- Jefffrey a couple hours ago
lol MySQL
SQL > MySQL’s dialect.
This tool is nice. soulsphere.org/hacks/bsd
12:46 AM
debugging mysql is like being punched in both face and balls repeatedly
fucking debugging messages with " near '' "
@Mikhail well hopefully using a type that is 1/4 the size will help you
@AaronKyleKilleen sometimes it doesn't :-) For example operations on ushorts are rarely correctly vectorized
@Mikhail as for the conversion I think if you didn't normalize it but used the unsigned char as an integer type I think it wouldn't do the conversion I read something that vaguely stated as much
@Borgleader interesting you mention that... Herb has proposed a C++ standard ABI (on a per platform basis)
reStructuredText is damn nice.
12:54 AM
@Mgetz It was a relatively stupid proposal.
We discussed it here when it was new.
A: Why do ATMs accept any PIN?

user19426(This answer applies when the ATM uses the card's magnetic stripe, not when the card's chip is used.) The keyboard of an ATM is a completely seperated device with special hardware security features (like self-destroying chips if someone tries to open it, etc.) because it's the bottleneck of the ...

didn't know this but it makes so much sense
@Rapptz What was wrong with it? (in short)
it's almost obvious now that I saw it
it punished libraries that wanted to have a stable library ABI
like libstdc++
it also answers why you need to enter your PIN for each transaction
1:00 AM
@Rapptz he points that out, basically he creates a new type of extern: extern "abi"
I know that
I read the proposal, it's still punishing.
May 27 at 7:42, by jalf
@Rapptz reading it now. Is he suggesting compilers ship with two implementations of the std lib? :|
You can start from here if you want to read the previous discussion
1:15 AM
@AaronKyleKilleen What a jerk, he could have ruined it for everybody
@Mikhail what do you mean?
@AaronKyleKilleen crashes into fireworks
@Mikhail what's the worst that could happen?
If someone knows mysql and is willing to take some kicks for me: here. Thanks.
@Jefffrey no way of getting verbose errors?
1:20 AM
I doubt it.
@Jefffrey why is your function return type date while ret's type is integer?
<-- sql noob, just curious
@Borgleader DATE_ADD gives a DATA
CREATE FUNCTION expiration_date(lic_class VARCHAR(2), born_on DATE, at DATE) RETURNS DATE
oh fuck
I'm dumb
@Jefffrey do you understand await already?
1:27 AM
@Borgleader Nice catch, but even with that fix it doesn't change.
@rightfold It waits until what's after is completed and returns a promise (which has already the needed values).
you may want to update the question in case someone answers that
@Borgleader already did :D
@Jefffrey Nah. :P
await returns the value that the promise is completed with.
It’s basically Promise a -> a.
1:30 AM
@rightfold So, in your example, download returns a promise?
And fetchElements is suspended until that promise is resolved.
Then await returns the value the promise was resolved with.
Then why is elements a promise?
Oh, wait.
Got it.
elements is not a promise, the fact that there's async makes the returned value a promise.
1:34 AM
I was missing async and I was assuming elements was a promise and therefore (await download(url)) a promise too.
You can resolve a promise with a promise.
And then you can do await await!
Nice is also that exceptions work.
what's up with async fn name(...) syntax? what's fn?
await throws when the promise is rejected.
So it’s twice as better than callbacks!
@Jefffrey abbreviation for function.
like def in ruby?
Yeah, or fn in Rust.
1:36 AM
Never seen fn used like that.
I actually took that from Rust.
Go uses func.
Rust has issues with typing.
@Rapptz Keyboard typing or data typing?
their keywords are all abbreviations.
fn is the sane one though
My current set of keywords (sorted by length, then alphabetically) is: do, fn, if, get, new, pre, set, val, var, base, else, lazy, null, post, this, true, async, await, class, false, always, return, static, operator, undefined and dynamicthis.
1:38 AM
recipe books and cooking magazines always assume the reader is a woman
I'm so offended burger king almost made a burger about me
Good morning.
my mysql 400+ loc long "compiles"
I can't believe it
@Jefffrey Now onto debugging it.
top tier OP
1:42 AM
@Jefffrey It compiles, but does it work? ;)
Well, actually I can since "compilation" does not mean anything with Mysql, but still, it's a great success.
@MarkGarcia It compiles, so ship it.
It compiles so git push it.
@rightfold why perpetuate the pain of null? Why not go the functional route and have the concept of none?
1:44 AM
Because of ECMAScript 6 interop.
ECMAScript 6 has it and APIs use it so I have to support it.
Hence undefined as well.
Btw this is really stupid (allowing declarations only on top).
And dynamicthis, because scoping in ECMAScript is terrible.
@Jefffrey This is how C used to be.
@rightfold what about let scoping?
@Jefffrey Use PL/Python instead! Oh wait MySQL haha.
@Mgetz var and val do that.
I have no equivalent of ECMAScript’s var.
1:47 AM
@rightfold that's actually partially a concern, while you're fixing var you're changing expected semantics a bit
You don’t need it for interop and it’s a horrible idea by itself.
@Mgetz same with this.
this is always lexically scoped.
If you want to use it in e.g. a jQuery event handler to refer to the element that triggered the event, you can use dynamicthis.
@rightfold Uni project man. I'm forced into this. Call social services.
I’m not very fond of having different syntaxes for defining functions that scope this differently, as ECMAScript 6 has with function(…) { … } vs. (…) => { … } and CoffeeScript with (…) -> … vs (…) => ….
So I decided to have two different thises instead.
I still have to implement this, though, and I foresee one problem.
Array::last = fn() {
    return this[this.length - 1]; // oops!
1:54 AM
@Jefffrey what did you expect from Stupid Query Language :P
It’s all terrible.
Write a Datalog-to-SQL converter.
I could add this fn but then you’d have fn, this fn, async fn and async this fn. :c
fuck me that's beautiful
I only have one hotplate so I can't prepare both the fried eggs and mamaliga at the same time
fuck this shit
I'll either move somewhere else on xmas or buy myself a proper range with a proper oven
TIL about mămăligă.
@rightfold my grandma's mămăligă is awesome, I wonder if I can make it better
I had plans for mămăligă with two layers of cheese and a fried egg on top
but it seems I can't fucking do it
unless I do it sequentially which means one of the two gets cold before the other is done
I know.
I’ll make using this illegal outside of class definitions.
Problem solved!
2:06 AM
the most frustrating bit is the fact that the furniture here has two built in hotplates that just don't deliver enough hit
you can't even boil an egg on them
so I've a lot of space wasted by the two, and can't even use them on anything real
I don’t like eggs.
maybe I can somehow do a trick like preparing the mămăligă first, somehow covering it after it's done so it doesn't cool down too fast, while keeping the oil remotely warm on one of the idiotic hotplates, so that the egg gets done faster after I move the pan on the working plate
eggs are awesome
@Borgleader a language that was supposed to be so simple, that even "common people" could understand and write it
Common Lisp!
2:09 AM
SQL requires knowledge of mathematics
I don’t like the idea of SQL.
i.e. set theory
It should be possible to pass a data structure instead of a string. Constructing SQL strings is tedious because the syntax is terrible. It’s not very efficient either, and opens up security holes.
you need to know how sets and tuples work
Relational algebra!
2:10 AM
I've done relational algebra/calculus I thought it was kinda dumb
you're kinda dumb
not really
SQL is bad at mathematics, though.
Also, you may want to share what you're trying to do (that is, "the bigger picture"), because I have no idea what are you expecting by trying to dereference a void* pointer, so I can't properly explain why you can't do this your way. — milleniumbug 2 mins ago
For example summing the empty bag yields NULL, not 0.
2:12 AM
@rightfold makes sense to me what do you mean by "summing the empty bag"?
It’s extremely annoying.
If you want to do anything useful with sum and there is a possibility that your bag is empty, you better use coalesce(sum(…), 0) everywhere.
@Jefffrey select sum(c) from t where 1 <> 1
In mathematics, an empty sum, or nullary sum, is a summation where the number of terms is zero. By convention, the value of any empty sum of numbers is zero. Let a1, a2, a3,... be a sequence of numbers, and let :s_m = \sum_{i=1}^m a_i = a_1 + ... + a_m be the sum of the first m terms of the sequence. Then :s_m = a_m + s_{m-1} for all m = 1,2,... provided that we use the following conventions: s_1 = a_1 and s_0=0. In other words, a "sum" s_1 with only one term evaluates to that one term, while a "sum" s_0 with no terms evaluates to 0. Allowing a "sum" with only 1 or 0 terms reduces ...
I discovered "Parallel Stacks" feature in VS this week. holy shit, so useful
Imagine that in Haskell sum :: Num a => [a] -> Maybe a where it would return Nothing if the list were empty.
@Borgleader async?
2:14 AM
As for “the empty bag,” SQL uses bags, not sets, for most operations.
But SQL can’t be SQL without lots of exceptions, so UNION does eliminate duplicates.
not with UNION ALL
Should’ve been the other way around IMO.
2:16 AM
UNION should keep duplicates, whereas DISTINCT UNION shouldn’t.
Or work with sets everywhere.
UNION is generally defined on sets, which don't have duplicates by definition
Man, I’m hungry as fuck.
Time to kill that mosquito and then get some instant noodles.
2:41 AM
Q: Need help about compile errors in c++

MkatirciI am newbie in C++. I have a homework that writing a Hotel Reservation System I've written the codes in three files(.h,.cpp,main.cpp). However, I got lots of error. I have done researches here but I cannot find an obvious answer for my mistakes. Thank you all in advance for your helps. Here are t...

it even mentions "the codes"
good lord
burn that shit
Was Rage a popular game?
I never heard much about it.
I bet people didn’t have the patience to wait for it to finish downloading, lol.
@rightfold Its was pretty but not fun
didnt catch on much
What do you say when people ask how much you make?
@true 23k. fucking university
4:26 AM
University? Wouldn’t it be like, -23k then?
Yes, but thats about 5x less then I was offered when I graduated. Also its 23k for ~70 hours of work a week :-/
Right, so you just copy and paste it to here. — rightfold 6 secs ago
Fucking moron.
It’s 6:32 and I already hear roosters.
Bunch of cocks. Don’t they have to sleep or something?
@Mikhail I just read the wiki and cleared up something about immutable texture storage, the difference is that immutable texture storage cannot be resized, the internal format cannot be changed and the number of mipmaps. But you can still change the pixel data. Because it reserves all the memory at once and then it has that fixed amount. So basically always use immutable unless you need to be able to change the texture size, number of mipmaps or internal format
@Mikhail but I don't think it applies to your buffer storage
Always make everything immutable.
4:45 AM
I've been hearing fireworks for the past 7 hours.
I’ve been hearing birds.
It’s almost seven o’clock.
I not sleeping at usual time bad for your health?
@Mikhail so you want to go into academia and do research I take it?
@AaronKyleKilleen Yeah, but I do mostly physics/dsp > I hang out here when I'm building something
what's dsp?
digital signal processing, in my case images
4:59 AM
It’s seven o’clock and already 20º. :|
5:11 AM
Lol, I was googling “do animals realize that tehy will die?” and came across a Philosophy question by @Jefffrey.
1 hour later…
6:15 AM
@rightfold Lobsters don't realize their dying, especially to heat.
You cook them and all they feel is that they are slowly losing strength, until they're just no more.
It's why you can throw completely live lobsters in a cooking pot
and they won't like flip out of the pot.
They'll just slow-die.
8:31 AM
Post to prevent 'The last message was posted 3 hours ago.'
fed bailey?
Oh please! He has to get up first:)
figured that for once maybe I'd suggest it in good time instead of much later
I'm up, Anne is up, but there is still a shadowy lump on the bed.
8:33 AM
Just for you, I'll go rub it:)
I'mma go give Daisy a scratch too
..but you have to play with Daisy too~:)
There we go!
8:44 AM
Daisy's much too sleepy to want to play with anybody
> In 1836, after they had raised $28,000 in donations ($15,700,000 in 2012[21])
8:59 AM
My raytracer is going to drive me to kill someone, I think.
Maybe I've just done the whole thing wrong.
Maybe I should throw it out and start from scratch entirely.
that's the spirit
! :D
No matter what I try, the triangles always render horrendously wrong.
9:07 AM
@Jefffrey lol - I was just thinking about posting that:)
You worked on airside protocols?
Well, sorry. I should have throws a dice and wait some minutes before posting that.
9:12 AM
@Jefffrey lol^2 :)
@MartinJames Nah, I've just recently passed the "Networks and security" exam. :)
@Jefffrey Oh, OK. I used to work on a GSM-like SA protocol.
9:53 AM
@Borgleader I DID IT!!!
have a cookie :)
10:01 AM
It's nothing to you.
But to me, it's something. ;~;
I need to build a magnifier into this too.
10:19 AM
@ThePhD It looks like a non-rotated hexagon.
@FredOverflow >_____>
@ThePhD Is that a rocket you're sending my way? :)
With my eyes.
10:54 AM
looks like they were being transported
Yes, here is what happened
I imagine that's an expensive accident
that's what they have insurance for though
Resizing backbuffers is a nightmare. u.u;
Everything has to be recreated. You might as well throw out the entire graphics device.
11:02 AM
@ThePhD morning, you nerd :P
or evening, for you
Definitely morning.
4 AM.
I have to meet someone in 7 hours
I'm not sure why I'm still awake.
11:05 AM
I should get some sleep.
Fucking Debian and their shitty outdated repos
11:26 AM
TIL waspish: readily expressing anger or irritation.
11:43 AM
Aaaaa almost broke SSHd aaa
Fucking Debian
12:01 PM
Wasn't I supposed to be sleeping?
Hi guys
I have a conceptual meta-question about stackoverflow.com/q/24585927/256138
If all the scalar, vector, matrix types were all distinct, unrelated types, and the OP instead used a variant type class, would that work?
Cause I started implementing some awesome variadic template tensor class, but then noticed he wants to heterogeneously store them in the same vector.
I though of a simple interface base class, but that would get complicated really quickly...
@rubenvb It would have to be a recursive variant, and not really.
nor does his current approach really function.
well, I agree his current approach seems mathematically un-sane
not to say insane.
yes, I agree.
12:14 PM
because the existence of all operations depends on the sizes of all things, which would create a hell of a lot of "overloads" (or however they would be implemented).
and some are plain unavailable, like matrix multiplication.
lol scientists writing C++11: arxiv.org/pdf/1209.1003.pdf
well, on second sight, apart from init functions, it looks quite sane..
I don't trust their benchmarks though... They should have at least included intel MKL BLAS.
Oh wait, all the ops just call BLAS.
lol new
Now I wonder what this adds vs. Eigen and consorts...
@TonyTheLion beautiful landscape.
Oh god it rains.
/me opens window
12:31 PM
a web designer puppy ain't.
What's the correct term for when you "book" an exam? Reservation? Booking? \cc @LightnessRacesinOrbit
@Puppy Why two text areas?
one is C++ and the other is Wide.
Why is C++ needed to compile Wide?
it's not needed.
but it's hard to demonstrate the interoperation features without it.
12:46 PM
Nevermind I'm stupid.
@Puppy now you just need a little cheat sheet so people can play around with the features
many of the parser error messages are a bit borked right now.
I just overhauled it and didn't fix them up yet.
it gives you the error in the right place, but the text is possibly only vaguely related.
@Puppy Just a single line (Main() { a := 1 + "ok"; }) gives an error on line 2 :/
@Jefffrey Line 1 is inserted by the web interface.
I could put that bit at the back rather than the front, though.
@Puppy What's line 1?
12:53 PM
using cplusplus := cpp("somelocation");
where somelocation is a place on the coliru server that I got back by sending coliru the C++ source.
@Jefffrey lol did you only just realised that?
Well, duh.
You’re really stupid then.

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