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12:00 AM
cheap mats
idk what it is about card games and expensive mats
@Rapptz because they can
it's because they're rare
mats are almost always limited edition
but idk why they always make them limited edition :v
@Rapptz Sigh, again, kickstarter as a shop without guarantees of delivery.
It's 100% funded though
> Hey Troy sneezes like a girl.
> And how about I pound you like a boy... That didn't come out right.
12:04 AM
@Rapptz Yes, but unlike in a shop, they're not actually selling you something so you lose the protections and guarantees you'd get from that.
@nightcracker Het is nacht en ik heb zin in een cracker. Kom eens brengen.
@rightfold waar woon je
I live in Noord-Brabant.
te veel moeite
plus albert heijn is nu gesloten
The best place on Earth™
12:20 AM
this place looks nice
is that switzerland?
idk, the app changes images every once in a while
oh i just reloaded the page
Switzerland is not Noord-Brabant.
> Hoher Kasten, Appenzell Alps, Switzerland
> Jan Thoma
the locations fades after a while
I know my geo
12:27 AM
If you have a triangle
with points a, b, c
with normals na, nb, and nc
@Borgleader what kind of desktop is that?
you can use barycentric coordinates to blend the three normals together, right? Given a hit point inside of the triangle a, b, c.
12:27 AM
That is a coincidence
I have just that triangle! Right here!
This is certainly a day for celebrations :')
@AlexM. its not a desktop, its a chrome app, thats what you get when you open a tab
looks cool
Bring out the scones and the jam! Don't forget the butter!
Send a message to the village hall, we're having a steer party!
But seriously I don't know what barycentric coordinates are
@Ell wikipedia is your friend
12:30 AM
> International Kissing Day
6 July 2014
this is a thing
As I meant street party
@AlexM. which you need a ladyfriend for, so most of us are excluded :P
yeah I was ready to ask why the hell there's no international no-kissing day
I'd be able to celebrate it every day
@Borgleader Or a sirfriend, if you know what I mean~
@AlexM. it should be the day after valentines day :P
12:34 AM
sirfriend sounds like someone you constantly greet with "hello sir"
I've started watching this
, short for , is a Japanese light novel series written by Yomi Hirasaka, illustrated by Buriki, and published by Media Factory. It has been given several manga adaptations; the first incarnation, its title and basic plot unchanged, began serialization in 2010; it was written and illustrated by Itachi and published in Monthly Comic Alive. A retelling of the series, written by Misaki Harukawa and illustrated by Shuichi Taguchi and called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai+ was published in Jump SQ.19. A 12-episode anime adaptation by [[Anime International Company|
three episodes in and I've found at least a dozen things @LightnessRacesinOrbit would find completely objectionable
I think, deep inside, even I find some to be objectionable
I can't wait for function return type deduction in c++ 14
or maybe it's just the beer
For texture coordinates and the like
12:39 AM
do you prefer st, stu, stuv
now I know the most important bit
or uv, uvw, uvwx ?
@ThePhD uvw
Well, fuck.
12:40 AM
That overlaps over xyzw
Maybe I'll do it uvwt
Which is somewhat like xyzw
I'm bored.
Quit being bored. D:<
Shush you >:(
12:41 AM
so I understand that for cubemaps you have 3 coords right? but what do you need a fourth one for?
I should probably start studying for the exams tomorrow
I also have 3 more assignments to complete
What exams?
AI and networking
Prostate exams?
Oh, boring.
I was unable to take them because I didn't turn in enough assignments
I'm feeling reluctant to actually do all three
12:42 AM
@AaronKyleKilleen Anticipation for 5th dimensional objects which require 4 texture coordinates
if I just turn in one and get a 5/10 on the written exam (minimum required to pass) I'd get a final 4.6
and pass
void f() {
    volatile int x = 0;
    for (;;) {
        x = 1;
and actually save 6+ hours of work
Is this enough assignments?
you need to go beyond that
12:43 AM
@ThePhD 5 dimensional objects? so how are you going to display that on a 2d monitor?
@AaronKyleKilleen The power of love.
std::thread a(f);
std::thread b(f);
@AlexM. How about this?
that's more like it
My CPU disagrees.
I wish there were mappings and replacements in basic regex. ._.
12:47 AM
Oh well.
Use Perl.
You use perl!
ewww Perl
'evening folks
uvw only, I guess.
12:57 AM
Vector4 just won't have texture coordinate aliases.
I asked this question in C but there is no one in that room.

So I am just wondering. Suppose you were streaming data using C from point x to point y. What would be the name of the hack called where somewhere in the stack you divert the stream in y somewhere else?
Like computer x sends printer data to printer y and you want to take the stream content to point z while x still sends to y.
I want to know the technical term for this. Stream diversion is not it
A good room to ask this question would be the Javascript room.
Is that a joke?
12:59 AM
Wrong room.
It's a rudimentary CS question
@BDillan "The thing that tee does"

You're talking about streams
whatever, underspecified question
Is what I linked what you are refering to?
1:05 AM
I just realised
When someone cheats for you, you're being cheated on as well
@nightcracker I see what you mean.
Well that other person is still going to be Fucking your boyfriend as well as you
1:07 AM
you definitely need to capitalize that...
I'm on mobile and its not a dictionary word so :P
hmm, use a quantum computer
> streaming architectural designs
How can I bin what I said
You can't.
1:09 AM
Use an encrypted stream
just did
You can never prevent the tee from happening
Oh, by bin you mean delete.
ya... unless...
But you can make sure thwt what is teed is garbage
1:09 AM
you have a 2 way stream
Use a different scheme then
@BDillan why are you removing every one of your messages?
(only owners can bin afaik, they can also read everything you deleted)
@Borgleader I was looking for 'tee'. The scenario I made was completely irrelevant to this conversation. I apologize.
1:30 AM
Can anybody here recommend any helpful communities for asking questions other than SO? I've completely given up trying to conform to their vague standards of what makes a good, on-topic question. Nearly all of my questions are getting downvoted and closed for being off topic. Yet I don't know anywhere else with nearly as much community knowledge.
> Nearly all of my questions are getting downvoted and closed for being off topic.
i only see one with negative votes =/
Because I've deleted them after they start to accumulate downvotes
I asked one just 20 mins ago that didn't last 2 minutes before being locked
What questions are you asking?
@agent154 Also, its not a vague standard, its in the help section and rather clear =/
of course theres always a few random downvotes but theres nothing you can do about that
I'm trying to get a small working example of code that implements a COM object. Nowhere on Google can I find anything other than snippets. I want to learn COM for a project that I want to do that requires it.
1:34 AM
Oh you made that question.
@agent154 Reddit is better. They have subreddits for every language and a more friendly community (no offense)
Reddit will downvote you even more mercilessly than SO.
"Reddit" and "Friendly" aren't words that I"d normally associate with eachother
@BDillan (no offense) why would he be offended? O.o
It looks good for people who don't browse /new
But if you look at /new you'll see an onslaught of downvoted things < 0.
1:36 AM
But there is always a stigma for beginners, reddit will downvote un-interesting questions but be more lenient against interpreting your question
@agent154 That question was closed cause it was off-topic, SO isn't meant to be a place to teach about something that is too broad.
Answers would go on forever trying to explain and writing tutorials for what COM is and how it works etc.
@agent154 Have you checked MSDN?
Pasta's done. Yay.
Bear in mind un-interesting questions are not mutually exclusive to duplicate or boring 'debugging questions'
All I wanted was a few lines of code that imports some object and uses it. I can alter it as needed.
1:38 AM
Plus reddit has Gold. No amount of Rep here can amount to real money being given for answers
Well, I'll look at Reddit then. Thanks
Unless you link your SO account to linkedin which I heard stories of to act as a component to your resume
Some people got job offers thanks to SO
I wouldn't be surprised. There are some very intelligent people here
Arduino libraries are crap.
How surprising.
1:43 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes what are your thought on non-ascii characters in identifiers
So much lack of use of templates for awesomeness :(
I wanted to control an 16-pin LCD with a multiplexer so I can control it using only three output pins. What would I expect from good libraries? I would be able to glue together a multiplexer control library with an LCD control library and have it work.
Nope. LCD library only works with raw pins, so there's no way to have it use multiplexed pins.
I'll put forward the notion that you can't call a piece of code a library if it's not composable.
@Borgleader I don't like them.
@Borgleader I like them.
In no particular order.
This is a prime example of a place where templates would rule, but embedded-inflected stupidity.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm on the fence as well. Eh... I might just limit non-ascii stuff to strings
because its less effort ;)
I'd use the regex \p{ID_Start}\p{ID_Continue}*
ID_Start and ID_Continue are the hard part silly bot. with ascii its:
No _?
With PCRE it's exactly what I wrote :S
1:57 AM
oh right, i forgot to add that in _ should be legal as well i just forgot, but otherwise its rather simple, with all the unicode stuff idk how id do that (especially that im using boost lex for lexing right now and i think it has issues with unicode?)
If you want to allow trans-ASCII characters do it like I said: start with any character with the property ID_Start, followed by any number of characters with the property ID_Continue.
If you can't query for properties but can query for general category you can emulate them.
ID_Start is L or Nl or {list of explicit additions}, except {list of explicit exclusions}
why do you do this TeamCity :(
ID_Continue is ID_Start or Mn or Mc or Nd or Pc or {list of explicit additions}, except {list of explicit exclusions}
also, i was thinking of having as basic type alongside all the integral/FP stuff, having string and codepoint, string would be much like C# i guess, and codepoint is there in case you want to handle arrays of them or one of them at a time and stuff.
(i hope i didnt get my terminology wrong >.>)
@R.MartinhoFernandes thanks, ill keep that in mind
takes notes
Q: Why is camping considered bad gameplay?

user16973Why is camping generally looked down on in FPS/TPS games? Some classes come equipped with long range guns that are nearly impossible to aim without stopping and aiming down the scope to spot an enemy (i.e. you wouldn't have a sniper class blindly running and shooting).

because you're playing with retards
who can't use their brains to counter attack a camper
2:02 AM
The explicit exclusions have property Pattern_Syntax or Pattern_White_Space. The explicit additions have properties Other_ID_Start and Other_ID_Continue, respectively.
> Camping certainly is fun when it nets your team the win, because winning is fun.
Losing is fun.
in any serious games you don't really see campers
not because they want to be good guys
but because it's so easy to counter them
> Snipers kind of have to camp; that's the basic gameplay of the class.
yeah but that's 50% of it
the rest of 50% is relocating
because after you've been spotted you're an easy target
>playing shooters in 2014
I want a new Quake 3 Arena like shooter =/
FPS games have been overrun by literal kids.
@Borgleader call of duty :D
2:07 AM
i forgot to mention in my previous comment, strings would be unicode codepoints (i wouldnt have ascii strings, or any kind of encoding really)
it's quake with real-life guns
@AlexM. no, its shit
no, it really is as fast and visceral as quake
that's what my ~300 hour experience tells me
CoD games have been shit for a long time.
it's not a lot of playtime but still
I can only compare it to the crazy fast action in quake
2:09 AM
Quake was radically different
I dont want real life guns, i dont want real life levels, i want silly announcers, jump pads, alien characters, cool ray guns and all that
well the new UT sounds like it will fit that
The closest you'll get to Quake 3 Arena is probably TF2
2:10 AM
@Rapptz or the 1:1 quake 3 copies that were spawned around
like Nexuiz
Dude on hoverboard + rocket launcher :D
what are those QR code scanners called, like LevelUp has? The little square ones
did you try quake live?
it's free and it's pretty popular still
basically quake 3 online with some new maps
2:12 AM
Q: C++ SDL multiple linker errors

user1149589When trying to build my C++ SDL2 program I get the following errors: 1>Main.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Game::run(void)" (?run@Game@@QAEXXZ) referenced in function _SDL_main 1>Player.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall ...

wtf why are barcode scanners like $250?
Yeah, not gonna download random file from the internet
I want like, a fixed position one that's just a square, only a few results come up and the cheapest is $150
@milleniumbug Mjölnir'd.
2:19 AM
@Borgleader oh forgot to mention
quake live also has shiny stats
and even more stats if you subscribe
it shows you stats about everything
and achievements
I like those
achievements are ok, i dont really care about stats
quake 3 was fun as hell and it had neither of those
if you wanna play, I'll redownload it too
Dammit. My bus is upside down.
2:25 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Was the driver drunk? :P
Again with the starbait. Your reign is over, Lord Robot.
I was debugging the code when I should have debugged the wiring.
ICE, ICE, baby
ive been so unproductive today =/
Join the club.
Help with The Game™
2:29 AM
Yep. Works now that I turned the bus correctly.
While youre at it can you make me a Claptrap? Thanks
2:45 AM
Q: Counting ++ with decimals instead of integers

alyehoudIs there an equivalent for variable++ counting (e.g., n++) for decimals, so instead of going up by 1 it would go up a by one unit of the existing decimal places? For example: for (double n = 0.0001; n <= 0.0008; n++) Where n++ is actually adding 0.0001 not 1.0000.

@Rapptz can't you just do += 1?
I never even use ++ :| += is much superior. Also, python
this isn't python
everything is if you believe
3:09 AM
I believe Crow is not.
Mind = Blown
3:29 AM
When EA releases FIFA 15 they should make it possible to bite other players at the press of a button.
@AaronKyleKilleen Is FIFA 15 using ... the Frostbite engine?
@Borgleader probably
@nightcracker you've found me out -- I really am not. I am only a product of your mind. Nothing exists outside of your mind. Solipsism
@Crow but what if being is not
can that which is not be?
wow. slow down there. my reality just turned into a black hole. of course I don't actually exist so it didn't effect me
3:34 AM
@nightcracker are you quoting Louis CK?
@Borgleader no, I'm just making up random words
Apple Genius, relevant job experience to put on resume if I'm going for software engineering?
how is experience with fruit relevant to software engineering?
I want to program fruit
@Crow lol
3:40 AM
@Crow are you god?
isn't "Apple Genius" basically someone who just works in the Apple Store as a troubleshooter?
@Rapptz no, that's a "clueless college guy"
@Rapptz it's someone who tells customers that they're idiots in the nicest way possible
@LightnessRacesinOrbit, Puppy; your points have been taken in my consideration. My background is electronics. I just wanna enhance my programming skills by doing codes and reading. I have no place to ask except here, so bear with me. Cheers — CroCo 36 mins ago
for god's sake
why does everyone keep invoking this nonsense?
entitled motherfuckers
3:42 AM
what was his original question?
Isn't it late there?
@Crow have you tried clicking on the link?
@Rapptz Yes.
@Crow Click on the link.
der the timestamp links to the question... that's slightly awkward
sounds like he could find a profiling tool for C++ to see what's going on
No profiling tool will tell you what's going on here
don't be silly
3:45 AM
how do i return a reference using a trailing return type
auto func() ->decltype(this->something) & { return this->something; }
@zounds what on earth is a a trailing return type
that's a ref qualifier, right?
@zounds No.
Qualifiers come before it
auto func() & -> ...
Rapptz's is probably better
mine was just a random idea
do auto func() -> decltype((this->something)) { ... }
@Borgleader I don't actually, and I'm glad.
@ThePhD :(
3:52 AM
rapptz: why the two parens?
makes it an expression which returns an l-value reference
you could also do -> decltype(stuff)&, -> const decltype(stuff)& etc.
so decltype(this->something) and decltype((this->something)) resolve to different types?
what the hell, c++
decltype(stuff) -> int, decltype((stuff)) -> int&
is this by design or did it fall out of other stuff somehow
@Borgleader hillarious
3:56 AM
anyways i'm going to go with decltype(this->something) & because the double parens seems like some ridiculous language gotcha and the & is more explicit anyways
It's not really a gotcha.
It makes sense for anyone who knows how expressions work in C++.
I would hope anyway.
Q: decltype and parentheses

FredOverflowI don't understand the last line of the example on page 148 of the FCD (§ const int&& foo(); int i; struct A { double x; }; const A* a = new A(); decltype(foo()) x1 = i; // type is const int&& decltype(i) x2; // type is int decltype(a->x) x3; // type is double...

@Rapptz Perl makes perfect sense then.
I wouldn't know.
what is this->something?
that's an lvalue, right?

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