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9:03 AM
@DeadMG Hehe... 'coffin brochures'..
Is there a way to detect the VS November CTP from code?
which november CTP?
I think there have been three of them now.
The latest one.
I actually don't know
But I assume they would all have the same mechanism.
Both _MSC_VER and _MSC_FULL_VER are unchanged.
9:09 AM
I don't think Microsoft provided a macro or anything for them.
hu? shouldn't at least the _MSC_FULL_VER have changed for a new compiler?
_MSC_FULL_VER is not the full version.
> For example, if the version number of the Visual C++ compiler is 15.00.20706.01, the _MSC_FULL_VER macro evaluates to 150020706
> Evaluates to the revision number component of the compiler's version number. The revision number is the fourth component of the period-delimited version number. For example, if the version number of the Visual C++ compiler is 15.00.20706.01, the _MSC_BUILD macro evaluates to 1.
Seems to be _MSC_BUILD = 0 in the CTP, and _MSC_BUILD = 1 in the RTM.
I don't even.
- Shut down the computer.
- Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
- Turn on the computer.
- Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.
- Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.
- Release the keys.
Good job, Apple. That's very user friendly
The hell is that?
9:17 AM
It's the procedure for "zapping the PRAM" support.apple.com/kb/HT1379 The page doesn't actually describe those steps, obviously
@sehe You turn on the machine with your nose?
3rd tonsilitis in 3 months. I should stop deepthroating.
@sehe release the keys
@presiuslitelsnoflek You'll catch a HPV induced cancer!
@sehe Doesn't sound like the sort of thing that needs to be, anyway.
@sehe High Performance Vomputing?
9:18 AM
@MartinJames I can only assume it's supposed to automatically initiate restart when that magic combo is pressed...
Urgent situation. Copy paste. You can easly understand the problem without long data insertion i think. — caglaror 1 min ago
dat attitude
"I need help fast so can't make my post better." "I don't need to make my post better because you can understand it anyway with effort."
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well, my MiniMac is warning "Startup disk is full" every minute (focus stealing, global on top, modal)
helpdesk mentality
my colleague's happy that we're "down to 628 warnings" during build...
There's 5 GiB free (out of 79GiB)
9:20 AM
So there's a class in this project I'm working on, called "SharedPointers". It has 93 members (all pointers, duh!). Everything is set to public.
Truly they are shared pointers indeed.
Oh. Now it's "almost full" again. The diff between 5.21GB and 5.22GB. Sweet, because no Apple documentation seems to say what the threshold valye is
@sehe Why are you even using an apple machine? I thought you were straight and married.
Yeah yeah. It's java too. Needs to be tested. Work :)
@sehe Yeah I know (it was a joke!)
@BartekBan where are you
@presiuslitelsnoflek ETOOFUNNY
9:27 AM
@ArneMertz -Werror
@caglaror: Yes, and so did I, immediately, because it's obvious. You should have read the documentation. You're confusing "I can't answer this" for what I'm really saying, which is that "SO is not what you think it is". Please take more care with your questions in future. Again, this is not a personal helpdesk and it is not a code debugging service. — Lightness Races in Orbit 49 secs ago
not sure why I bother tbh
never going to be able to fix this individual
@LightnessRacesinOrbit So what do you think SO is? Because I don't think it is what you think it is.
I need to take a huge dump.
cat /proc/$pid/maps
And then gdb dump
@Jefffrey See here
@presiuslitelsnoflek A database of questions about programming languages.
9:31 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit But it obviously is! People answered him, after all!!111!
Were you under the mistaken impression that it is a code debugging service? It is well documented that questions should be able to help other people in the future, which means you should abstract them somewhat from your 4-screen Turkish column values. Unfortunately many people are too thick to understand this.
@Xeo dicks :(
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It has become one.
@presiuslitelsnoflek Not while I'm alive
@presiuslitelsnoflek (I know >.<)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Well that question has two answers, one accepted with 3 upvotes, and the other with one upvote. And only 2 close votes. #dealwithit
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It makes me sad too.
The most annoying response they can give is "I just need help" because it's very difficult to respond to that without simply saying "that's irrelevant" or "I don't care"
the need for help should be entirely abstracted away behind a smokescreen of an interesting question about computer programs
9:33 AM
just do all the needful
@presiuslitelsnoflek Yes, fucktard, I can read.
you will be assimilated
resistance is fucktile
I'm now auto-closevoting any question with code problems where there has been no aparrent effort to debug. I've had enough of slavery.
resistance is senile
@MartinJames Yep
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Can you?
9:33 AM
@presiuslitelsnoflek Oh hai. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. :D
@presiuslitelsnoflek Sorry what was that not sure what you just asked
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Busted
I'm considering working for a gold badge in C++ just to close all shitty question as dupe of a dummy question "your question is shit"
@MartinJames We should use our powers to close it as a dupe of "How do I debug a program?" or similar questions.
@presiuslitelsnoflek Good idea. I'll raise one with 'You are a deadbeat moron with the debugging skills of an empty ketchup bottle'.
Which apparently doesn't exists.
9:37 AM
@Jefffrey Use with -Wfatal would make the co-worker even happier! Down to 1 error/warning with every build! WOW
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Thanks for your continuing positive contributions to both the site and the chat
@sehe Which is "error: unrecognized command line option '-Wfatal'"?
@Jefffrey It's -Wfatal-errors
> Please report for a summary termination. Have a nice day.
9:41 AM
Btw Robot, how did the drink-with-your-boss thing work out?
@presiuslitelsnoflek I know :)
@presius here
@Xeo He is not employed anymore.
@Jefffrey invalid command line option for Embarcadero CRAP Studio... It ships libraries that contain so many warnigns that they don't bother providing a switch like that.
@BartekBanachewicz Hello @chewicz how are you doing
9:42 AM
@Xeo Ok-ish. Actually, my boss didn't go, only my coworkers.
@sehe you are welcome
@presiuslitelsnoflek heh yes
@R.MartinhoFernandes hah
I got home sober enough to assemble the telescope.
I hope that was a typo
@presius struggling to finish my uni, as usual.
@BartekBanachewicz when are you finishing again?
9:50 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes 'assemble the telescope' is a euphemism for what, exactly?
@MartinJames fumbling at something extendible that points at the stars?
@MartinJames Oh gosh.
@ArneMertz I'm trying to not think about it...
@MartinJames 2l8
@BartekBanachew I'll probably be visiting polen later this summer (august), by the way
9:56 AM
partition is a great function.
@rightfold Yeah it's great for disk management and all
It isn't. Logical volumes FTW
@MartinJames I thought of a few replies to that and they all would make it even worse.
Come on. Don't hesitate
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm kinda hoping that I missed an earlier thread about getting an optical instrument for astronomical observation.
10:00 AM
You did
@presius around February if everything goes well. Waaa, you have to stop by here
I have binoculars. Sometimes, in the summer, I go into the field, lie down and scan the skies. There is hardly any light bleed out here, so I can see some stuff. It gets interesting if I haven't checked the field for stock first. It can rapidly turn from enjoyment of the marvels of the heavens into a right load of bullocks.
Yeah, you can see a lot with binoculars.
I can't, because I can't possibly hold them steady.
10:07 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah - hence the lying down so I don't have to support all the weight with my, (often somewhat unsteady), hands.
Skies are clear here, so I might try tonight. I'll walk Bailey later so I can check with fields have nice, clean grass and which have very heavy and inquisitive beasts.
Saturn's up tonight.
Mr. Saturn never sleeps.
I should implement tile tracing.
I should implement your mother.
How do you leave a comment on a old post on the Stack Overflow blog?
10:18 AM
It might help with her behavior, give it a shot. :D
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hmm.. it's big, but it's far away. My binocs prolly not up to the task.
by that what I mean is
at least this time I didn't give up half way through
@needaname There's a form at the end of each blog entry?
I need to finish refactoring Wide.
Q: Other way to clean the syntax of direct memory manipulation

mr5Seriously SO? What are your considerations giving down votes huh? Seeing terrible code and automatically assume this is a bad question? You can't even provide a good answer! I can't even erase this shit! I'm totally pissed off by this kind of manner. What does down votes mean to you? Please ple...

10:21 AM
@presiuslitelsnoflek For this post you can't leave comments
@needaname Which post? You linked to the front page.
Jeff Atwood on March 08, 2009

Paul Graham’s Hacker News is a great website to find interesting programming links and sane discussion. The site reflects a sort of post-Reddit sensibility; the design of HN was directly intended to address the shortcomings of programming.reddit.com from someone very much on the inside (reddit was a Paul Graham Y Combinator startup). As such we studied it closely when building Stack Overflow.

It is true that discussion on Hacker News is more serious and less incendiary than the wild-west anything goes of programming.reddit.com. I’ve seen this firsthand, on blog articles I’ve w …

@needaname It's too old. Comments get closed after some time.
@presiuslitelsnoflek Sorry, connection issue
@presiuslitelsnoflek It wouldn't hurt them to actually write that on the page
10:22 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Agreed
@presiuslitelsnoflek That sucks. There's no value in doing that :/
But ok
The last comment is very helpful though
> trade value tales of pirates money!!!!!help
I wanted to have a word or two on that ;)
Isn't tales of pirates a shitty mmo
If I were to post that on Stack Exchange it would get downvoted as heck
10:24 AM
Doesn't mean you won't get read
Plus if you can make people cringe in the process it's a win
@needaname Well, there is
You're right. Who cares about reputation :)
@MartinJames Which ones do you have?
(Magnification doesn't really matter that much; aperture is the important bit because it determines the amount of light captured)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit What's there?
@R.MartinhoFernandes I don't know - I bought an old pair at a sale. They are old, somewhat battered and have no ID plate but the optics are good.
10:27 AM
You can probably see the rings if you have 50mm (~2") lenses.
8x with 50mm aperture is surprisingly good.
@needaname You're looking at it backwards. What is the value in having comments open indefinitely? Nothing. The page will get longer and longer and longer and probably no comments will say anything new, plus nobody will read them. Best to just cut it off to stop the page becoming utterly useless.
Probably impossible to find with just the binocs, though.
@R.MartinhoFernandes [binocs, ruler] more like 40mm, but I can try:)
@needaname It prevents unburying of old posts.
Jupiter is quite visible with naked eye, so it's easy to point at it, but Saturn not so much.
10:32 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Presumably, there is some site that can tell me roughly where to look from where I am. I will investigate later:)
@MartinJames they prolly are. You can see Saturn with the naked eye, so your binocs should do well
..and the answer will be 'low in the western sky, just behind that large stand of trees':(
@MartinJames Oh, don't bother.
It will be in the neighbourhood of the Moon, and it's a full moon
@R.MartinhoFernandes I noticed - I did not need my headlight when walking home last night.
Can I cast in a constexpr?
10:36 AM
I thought I couldn’t, but @Angew is of a different opinion
as long as it's not reinterpret_cast
And to be clear, I mean a cast int=>pointer
as in here:
A: Using pointer template parameters

AngewYou can't as-is, because non-type template arguments of pointer type can only be null pointer expressions or addresses of objects, and a conversion from an integer is neither of those. You could redesign the template slightly: template <uintptr_t portAddr> class PortWrapper { private: static ...

10:36 AM
I gotta go sort dog - there is crazed woofing from garden.
It makes sense because you need the linker to resolve the address first.
you're crazed woofing from the garden.
"I mean, sure, this will compile" => no, it should not.
LaTeX, y u space around \in but not around \wedge. ._.
If you mark something constexpr and there is no set of arguments that could possibly make it a constant expression, the program is ill-formed.
10:38 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh yes, of course
That said, it does compile even on clang with -pedantic. Huh.
Bagdad indentation
It seems like you're asking us to "solve this problem" for you; i.e. write the code to fit the stated requirements, for you. What is your question? — Lightness Races in Orbit 1 min ago
That sounds so Clippy-like
@LightnessRacesinOrbit he's coding in MS Word
I remember that one guy from TDWTF coding in Word
I mean, I doubt it was true, but still... "I can make important parts of code bold"
10:46 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit JK>ASHFJ:ASGJ and someone answered it. OF COURSE.
@presiuslitelsnoflek It's never good for you :| For once, he didn't flame the guy out-right
@sehe It wasn't a complaint :)
@Xeo Stop resisting the avalanche
lolz, question lounged
> So that ASAP I'm pretty sure was legitimate.
10:49 AM
> put on hold as off-topic by rightfold, Rapptz, DeadMG, Martin James, Jefffrey
@Lightness Races in Orbit Or you can even give some hint or any idea or even the code whatever will work. THANKYOU. — String Name 28 secs ago
I charge $500/hr
I am in the just 30 minutes away from my final presentation of the semester and I am so effing stressed out that I can't even think of a simple cout<< right now. So that ASAP I'm pretty sure was legitimate. — String Name 2 mins ago
I didn't downvote, but I'm thinking it might be because you should know better than to answer these low effort questions. — Rapptz 1 min ago
I did downvote and it's because you should know better than to repwhore on a question that should be closed. — DeadMG 32 secs ago
@DeadMG So, that caps his bill at $250,- then
10:50 AM
@sehe But yeah I do appreciate that he didn't flame ASAP
@sehe ahaha
@DeadMG I charge $499.
You bastard
aw shit, competition.
fine, I'll charge $498.99
10:50 AM
I charge $599.
Charge, I'll fine you 200 EUR
But you know, to be honest, "ASAP" isn't exactly wrong or even demanding - "as soon as possible" - for me, that's as soon as money appears on my bank account.
It’s depressing how slow Bash is :(
WONTFIX (it's in the man-page even)
10:52 AM
I just wanted to verify that all lines in a file contained an equal number of tab characters, for a file with a few million lines
What's bash got to do with it
it was faster to write AND run a C++ program to count this, than to run a Bash one-liner for the same thing
@sehe bash --tabcount --alllines file.c
OK, so you run a bash script. It's slow. Dog bites man.
@MartinJames it took a whole day to run, preventing me from doing any more work
… before I figured out that I should have written a C++ program, that is
10:53 AM
Didn't realise until today that one of my chooks has 4 toes on one foot and 5 toes on the other :x
@KonradRudolph perl -ne 'print scalar split /\t/' | sort -u
use python as a shell problem solved
@MartinJames NOM NOM NOM
@sehe My solution was probably even faster, but the sort -u part will kill you dedd in terms of performance
10:54 AM
I never understood all those pseudo languages like bash
wait, I take that back, it’s possible that my other part was the slow one, I was using bash instead of perl for the loop & count
they should not have looked so tasty if they did not want me to bite them.
@chmod711telkitty Kill the heretic with fire.
@KonradRudolph of course, I'm just presenting it as (a) quick in dev time (b) reasonable runtime. You can write the rest | uniq | sort -u
10:54 AM
@BartekBanachewicz except that this solves exactly nothing: Python is still slow, and orders of magnitude more code than a bash one-liner
@chmod711telkitty Chook looks asleep.
@sehe Nah, I actually think that might have solved it flat for me :D
testing now
ofstream myfile;
hmm, actually that doesn’t do the right thing … what?!
Bash scripts are for when you have spare machines and spare time.
10:56 AM
dat C++.
why is there an asian female posting photos of her cock
your plonk shields are malfunctioning
@MartinJames it was ... I dragged it out of the chicken coop because I wanted to verify it had 5 toes (some said Mottled Houdans had 5 toes & I wanted to verify it's a Mottled Houdan because I wasn't sure its breed)
Raise your plonkers.
:'( rightfold still has me plonked this makes me very sad
10:58 AM
@ThePhD bad
What do you mean, bad? D:
I didn't say I was going to actually plonk anyone. :c
You know what you did.
I have
@chmod711telkitty Dunno much about chicken breeds. Nice feathering, though.
10:59 AM
no idaea what you're talking about.~
@Rapptz lemme guess, he wrote code
You made a raise your dongers joke.
@MartinJames thanks :p
@BartekBanachewicz Always a bad plan.
@Rapptz It was a raise your weapons reference I thought
11:01 AM
Meh - OP deleted 'HELP PLEASE ASAP'
It's amazing how someone 'just 30 minutes away from my final presentation' finds the time to manage their SO questions. That is some serious dedication to SO, (or, of course, OP lied).
@MartinJames Link? XD
TIL while read line; …; done < $file is at least four orders of magnitude slower than perl -ne '…' < $file
@MartinJames God
At least in PHP we don't get as many homework questions
@SecondRikudo Yeah:(
11:06 AM
Q: File Handling C++ Record deletion

String NameProblem: Working with a filehandling program in C++ In CASE 2 (Deletion Function) Everything works good only I am unable to generate a message "Record Does not exist" if the user enters something that is not in the record file. Any help please? case 1: { writing(); break; ...

@SecondRikudo I suspect you get a lot of other terrible questions anyway
There's improvement
lol @Martin
@BartekBanachewicz Yeah, we do.
The dupehammer is a godsend though
@KonradRudolph it counts the fields, not the separators, but it's the same information in essence
@sehe It doesn’t add newlines ;)
11:09 AM
@KonradRudolph What? What is "it"? And why would /counting fields/ add anything anywhere?
@BartekBanachewicz Countless thousands.
@sehe the perl one-liner. Which means that the subsequent sort attempts to sort … one line. Not what we wanted ;)
mmm. Ah. Just print ... . "\n" I suppose. It worked in my local test because I used stdin and the terminal is full-duplex, sry
I don't do CSV, you know
pff, please, TSV
actually GFF, but that’s just one of the bazillion TSV-based bioinformatics formats
@KonradRudolph what's wrong with calling GH SaaS again? They offer you git repositories :v
11:17 AM
@BartekBanachewicz The term “SaaS” is retarded. I thought only business yuppies ever used it, and even that only eight years ago
YES!!! Anne is back and has bought a 'SuperSoaker'-style water pistol. Now for revenge for all that woofing earlier. "Oh Bailey, come here......" [evil grin].
@KonradRudolph hmm... tbh I don't see anything wrong in it. Like, our BEng project is supposed to be a cloud-based game maker, and we call it a SaaS too.
w/o a hint of sass.
it’s a meaningless marketing term
it's just saying you offer a ready-made web app (that you're hosting)
I see neither supposed meaninglessness (it means you host an app) nor marketing (it's a definition).
Adobe sort of converted their whole CS line (Photoshop & friends) to SaaS in CS7.
the fact that only / mainly marketing folks and not tech people used it in 2005 seems to be an indication for me
“hosted web application” seems to be a much more meaningful term to me
“software as a service” conveys no meaning by itself, the words are arbitrary don’t code for their actual, supposed meaning
11:22 AM
well it was a part of the group
IaaS / PaaS / SaaS
then it makes more sense, in a way that SaaS is a full, complete solution you buy and can use from day 1.
but then again I am a person that watches commercials for fun so there.
@BartekBanachewicz And that doesn't ring "marketing" at all?
dunno. I'll consider not using the SaaS term when promoting our project, anyway :)
SaaS virus.
I have 15 TUs that are done.
7 TUs that need more functions implemented
and 6 TUs that don't work because of compiler bugs.
@DeadMG: C++?
11:27 AM
@DeadMG Wide?
dat ambiguous answer
not really
it's the Wide compiler written in C++
so it's really the questions that are ambiguous :P
11:32 AM
Fucking SO. Of course the question that recommend the use of delete instead of not using new gets upvoted.
Why do I even bother anymore?
just link it here and it'll get Lounged
A: C++ Clearing vector of pointers to dynamically-allocated object causes exception?

Marius BancilaYou are removing elements from the vector while iterating through it. That invalidates the iterators. It should be something like this: ClassA::~ClassA() { for (auto e : m_vActiveB) { delete e; } } You don't have to clear the vector, it is destroyed anyway after the dest...

> vector of pointers
I'm not sure I understand. What reference are we talking about here?
well, if he has a reference to an object in the vector, and then he calls erase(), then the reference will be invalidated.
@Jefffrey The one he gets back from operator[].
11:38 AM
Oh, yeah. Sure.
he should use a map (or a set) imho
In my system objects of ClassB themselves need to be constantly, added, removed and updated from the vector to keep a state model. — user1014679 3 mins ago
@BartekBanachewicz, post an answer. I'll upvote. :)
Following downvote might work. (not tested) — Bartek Banachewicz 32 secs ago
@Jefffrey meh, he'd need to clarify what the heck is he doing. "If you need that, maybe use that instead" doesn't qualify as an answer.
just add a footnote to your answer and I'll upvote yours :P
@Jefffrey: You might also want to mention that std::list offers "perfect" pointer invalidation guarantees.
> but, just like your current solution, you would not take advantage of the natural efficiency of contiguous elements in arrays.
I was just going to say that he should probably use an std::list or std::deque.
11:45 AM
the OP hasn't indicated that needs this at all.
you should cut that from your answer.
also, list not deque, deque is a bit better but not much.
@DeadMG True, it is supposed to state that the use of a vector here is wasted.
@Jefffrey I've added my thoughts, revert that if you don't like it.
It's ok, thanks.
he probably didn't choose it for any performance reason, he probably chose it because it's the simplest thing that could possibly work.
which is why most people use vectors.
and it's actually a rather good decision, if you're unable to make a more educated one
11:48 AM
@DeadMG I remember that in the talk "contiguous is just awesome" there were some interesting statistics on how std::vector is often faster than lists and deques even for insertion in the middle and deletion.
yes, but the overwhelming likelihood is that that's utterly irrelevant.
most people choose vector as their default multi-element container because they've been taught to, it has a simple interface and a simple concept, and because it offers nice random access.
and has nothing to do with any performance.
Depends on the kind of performance requirements you have. But yeah, for OP this is probably irrelevant. I was just fascinated.
performance is super-interesting and really hard on modern CPUs.
but you've gotta keep your eyes on the prize, correctness and readability, which is what's required in the vast vast majority of cases.
Each different container also gives you information on what the intended use of the same is.
sure, and vector does not shout "I need performance".
it shouts "I need performance or much more likely I simply slapped it in without ultimately giving a shit about what container I used".
12:01 PM
plus vector has a cyberpunky name
compared to maps, sets or queues it sounds much better
if it sounds better it is better
@Mysticial :) ^
YouGov poll in the UK: Best thing about the EU: 2. free movement Worst thing about the EU: 2. immigration
Daisy begging me to be taken for walkies
I guess I ought to at some point.
12:17 PM
For me, the best thing about the EU is "us". The worst is "them".
olfactory = smell = nose, yes?
I was going to say "nasal" for a moment but that seems utterly wrong as a sense.
@ThePhD nasal => of the nose. olfactory => related to smell yes
"Studentenfutter" is a funny word.
@R.MartinhoFernandes fun quote, though not as interesting as it's intended to be
settlement != holidays
12:39 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I think adding all the pthread boilerplate code does not contribute to the quality of the question. — Richard 4 mins ago
who does that since like 2001
Q: Why would you not permit Q or Z in passwords?

Mark MayoJetblue's password requirements specify that, among other stringent requirements: Cannot contain a Q or Z I can't fathom a logical reason for this, unless it were say, extremely common for the left side of keyboards to break, but then you wouldn't allow 'A' either :) What would be the reas...

@HamZa I like how none of those old systems make any of this sensical.
My keyboard doesn't have a lambda, yet it makes no sense to prevent it in passwords.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit pthread is still taught in universities.
Or, at least, it was in mine
@R.MartinhoFernandes I should change my prompt
> <interactive>:2:1: parse error on input `´╗┐:'
wooo it worked
the file has to be ANSI
with unicode encoded as hex sequence :F

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