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3:00 PM
@sbi Sorry, never read any HP.
what's in a name anyways?
@DeadMG A "fictition" is a female breast that doesn't exist, except in fiction.
@sbi : I have a const member function , but i need to pass some local data by ref to another non-const member function which modifies that data but i don't want make 1st const member function non const
a const member function is not the same as a const variable
a const member function means that it can be called on const objects
@MrAnubis Then if client code declares a const object and call that const member that does what you describe, your program is invalid.
3:01 PM
@MrAnubis asking questions is somewhat ok here. But some of us (at least I do) get annoyed if you ask someone directly, instead of just asking the room.
I think we were talking about breasts, Tony
@RMartinhoFernandes So? There is google, you know. (You're not trying to tell me you're only good for searching the room's history, are you?)
Q: Reason for Memory Leaks

iAmitWaghPlease tell what causing memory leak? refer screenshot

@RMartinhoFernandes i wasn't asking another question but it was replying to his last answer
@MrAnubis The preprocessor is not able to tell that you're using a long number and does integer overflow at compile time although if I typed the literal directly, it would have worked.
3:04 PM
I think this guy has never hunted for mem leaks, he just posts a screenshot of some code, expecting us to find it for him
@RMartinhoFernandes Thank you. I don't get annoyed by that in principle, and if I do in a specific case, I am very good in getting that across myself. :)
@MrAnubis A const violation usually indicates a design error. Why do you want to pass constant data to a function that needs to change the data passed to it? That seems wrong.
@CodeJockey huh?
... nothing :(
@MrAnubis Nevermind then.
3:05 PM
stonking great tits
sbi made one comment with breasts in it
I assumed that changed the entire conversation
is that really unreasonable?
though technically, it was only one breast - and a fictitious one at that
A fictition.
so.... breasts!
sorry - me and the wife are in a dry spell...
A dry spell of breasts? Sounds unfortunate.
3:10 PM
a dry spell of many related things
> @sbi...Please can you mention the bug?
lol, the guy doesn't get I think
@TonyTheTiger Yeah, I was just about to answer that ("I'm not a wizard, nor a soothsayer"), but then thought better of it. :)
Just say, "ok… it's caused by the bug in your code."
3:15 PM
What if there are several?
where did you guys all go?
watch online videoz
I told you they would come in and clean up the comments
@sbi - I would have definitely up voted had if you posted it as an answer
I'm making BAR GRAPHS.
3:23 PM
@DeadMG and what you watching, something C++ related?
@CodeMonkey I flagged for it.
@Mahesh That's not an answer. That's comment material, only.
@TonyTheTiger I went nowhere. Still sitting on my chair.
@sbi On a German programmers’ forum, the standard answer to these kinds of problems was “Meine Kristallkugel ist dreckig” (= “my crystal ball is dirty” for those non-Germans here). We even had a FAQ about it …
@KonradRudolph Yeah, I know that one.
@sbi To the screen shot given, with the limited information the OP posted, comment is an answer
@Mahesh No, it isn't. It's utterly useless.
It's just noise.
3:25 PM
@TonyTheTiger of course not
@RMartinhoFernandes - Ofcourse, question is rather useless
@Konrad: Don't worry translating, when we turn our backs, they are all chatting away in German here.
Adding more uselessness will not help.
So useless questions, don't answer.
Got it
3:27 PM
@sbi: Not All!
@Mahesh If you want to care, you try to squeeze enough information to mash up something slightly useful.
French-bashing. Me likey :)
@sbi I don't speak gibberish!
@Mahesh It's a joke, and as such good for a comment, but not for an answer. You can still upvote the comment, though.
@RMartinhoFernandes Didn't you say you're Portuguese??
My gibberish is not your gibberish.
3:28 PM
@Als I notice that you didn't exclude "Als", only "All".
@sbi: Ahem, looks like you wrapped up days work eh. in here for play now....have you been busy for past few days or woot.
@KonradRudolph Actually, the message I linked to was referring to the minutes before it was posted. I turned my back for a few minutes, and when I came back they were all (more or less) conversing in German. I thought I came to the wrong tab.
@Als Actually I'm still at work. I'm lazy, though.
Yeah, who isn't?
@sbi - I see I can upvote comments too. And I have been doing it. Does that yield anything? ( I understand you guys are not helping for rep )
@RMartinhoFernandes It's still gibberish, though, so, contrary to your claim, you do speak gibberish.
3:31 PM
Bum on the side of the road, sign on his hands "Will help for rep".
@Mahesh It makes the comment more prominent. :)
@sbi Hmm, yeah, that's the logical conclusion.
So, I don't speak your gibberish.
@RMartinhoFernandes: You rep Whore
Gosh, he's really desperate.
3:33 PM
@sbi Which country is it ?
@Mahesh How would I know?
a primarily English-speaking one, I would assume
hmm .. It was a random one. I thought you posted it from an article
The guy really looks like someone that can code PHP.
Where do u guys get images like these ?
Like SO, are there any sites for these too ?
3:34 PM
Er, the Internet?
Teh Inturnetz!!11one!1one11!
Try reddit.
And of course, Google.
@RMartinhoFernandes: Spoiling the kid are you
@RMartinhoFernandes Ok. I was following it before SO. I stopped looking at it at all.
3:36 PM
@Mahesh I googled "will code for food".
@RMartinhoFernandes - Infact I came to know about SO, after reading a post on reddit
That's proof PHP sucks. It turns you into a bum.
I should get on with making my parser parse more than just using statements
There you go, thats more like it.
@DeadMG Ok, let's see if this doesn't come out the wrong way: isn't parsing using statements like, extremely simple?
3:39 PM
@Als I will not wear it. That makes C++ sucks according to @RMartinhoFernandes
@RMartinhoFernandes Yep.
I thought you had a lot more already done.
fritos, tab and mountain dew do it for me
Okay, i got flagged for that
I achieved it in a mere 63 lines of code
3:40 PM
@Mahesh: You will not wear it because @RMartinhoFernandes, thinks that makes C++ suck?
which makes my parser about 80 lines long :P
@deadmg: achieved what? sex?
What is actually flagging you guys are talking about? Posting it as offensive for the moderator
Sex in 69 lines of code
how would I achieve sex in code?
3:41 PM
cout << "sex" << endl;
BAD code Jockey! No!
@Mahesh: Yes, It prompts, for users with 10k+ rep to vote if offensive or not
They're among us.
@Mahesh it's not safe if you don't qualify with std::
3:42 PM
this flagging is seriously getting ridiculous
Who the hell is flagging everything with word sex?
always use namespace protection
@Als I've never seen a popup and I have over 10K
been here for a while with 10k
is it random?
@CodeMonkey: You see it near the bottom
@Als That last one was me :D
3:43 PM
Let's see: sɘx
(couldn’t resist)
Use "sɘx" to bypass the filters.
@Als oh I must be missing it
Near where you type the mesage in the edit box, it appears as an blue circle
3:43 PM
@Als - With over 10k you can flag it as offensive. Didn't knew it. But @KonradRudolph did you post mine as offensive :(
I already had 10K when flags were implemented… my introduction to the system was a rather disturbing picture. Why the hell do flags look almost but not quite like personal notifications?
@Mahesh No.
@CodeMonkey: See this ^
That is where it appears
@Als yes, kinda awkward positioning
Oh, I never realized your gravatar was a chick.
3:46 PM
@CodeMonkey: I am surprised you never noticed, it is quite noticeable
sℰx <= electromotive force is sexy
So, I need 700 more to see these. I think it takes at least a month to me to achieve it
@Als never looked I guess...
@kbok: uhm? never realized? it always was that
@Als Yeah, but when it's small, you only see the big A.
3:47 PM
@kbok: uh, I see, you never prowl in SO main then it seems, apologies anyways
@Mahesh: 700 that's just around the corner
A week or something and you are there
@Als Actually, for corporate proxy reasons, I don't see gravatar images when I'm at work.
You never know when an evil gravatar can steal your corporate secrets.
@kbok: ah okay, fortunate that you can log in the chat
@RMartinhoFernandes: Its to prevent blokes from drooling
@Als - Ok. Will try. But I amn't good at templates. I should learn them to grab the most of SO rep :)
@Als Yeah, that's funny
3:49 PM
Having problems with chat
@Mahesh: psst psst a secret - You should be good at guessing to garner lot of rep on SO.
I have to manually refresh. The connection never stays. May be another corporate filter.
@Xaade - It takes time to load. It wasn't like it previously. But once it loads, it is fast.
@sbi the last time I saw him, it was HTML? maybe he's progressed a bit?
@Xaade: Yeah, I think the corporate networks have some kind of firewall or something which prevents polling websites periodically i think
Face the same at my workplace
@AlfPSteinbach: Ohla
3:51 PM
@Mahesh No, I mean, It never autoloads messages. I have to refresh to see new ones.
@AlfPSteinbach "Progressed"? By moving to PHP?
Nice joke.
@Xaade Then I amn't sure. Probably you might be correct
@Xaade Maybe some of the JavaScript gets blocked? Or the AJAX calls.
@AlfPSteinbach you're doing it wrong
3:52 PM
@AlfPSteinbach Remove the query string.
you have to use the upload button
I can send messages anytime, but I can't receive them. I can only refresh to see new chat messages. I'm not sure if this is a corporate filter thing killing the connection, but I can no longer maintain chat connections as of this week.
@AlfPSteinbach Oh, so he lives in Oslo?!
@Xaade: It is this,
2 mins ago, by Als
@Xaade: Yeah, I think the corporate networks have some kind of firewall or something which prevents polling websites periodically i think
replace firewall by err filter or magic.
It's not that bad, I just hit refresh every 3 secs
3:53 PM
@AlfPSteinbach: Does one need to code html?
@Mahesh: Are you a student or a professional?
@AlfPSteinbach Hmm, one of them seems shopped.
3:54 PM
@Als well it is called HTML Code
@Als - Student
@Als Yeah, but I didn't have this problem until this week
@sbi teenager argument again?
@Als Shifted to CS
Wonder if they saw all that traffic I was doing and tried to put a stop to it, not yet realizing what I'm actually doing.
3:56 PM
@Xaade: Exactly
@Mahesh: I see
@CodeMonkey I tried to inline that, but it wouldn't do it automagically, and the comment is too long for a chat message, and then I gave up.
@Xaade All that traffic? A bunch of AJAX calls to retrieve text shouldn't generate that much traffic.
@sbi: Tim Post was in here the other day.
What to do when you see your own written code and you don't understand it?
@sbi Markdown 1-0 sbi.
3:57 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Well, except @Tony keeps posting pix of near-nude chicks.
Guess I'll go back to using my phone (AKA corp filter workaround). Getting a smart phone boosted my productivity like 50%. I no longer have to click past five pages of search results because the answer happens to be on a blog....
Huh, "you can't vote for your own post" -- why not? I liked it.
I makes some sense, doesn't it?
@RMartinhoFernandes It's not the amount of data. It's the amount of retrievals.
3:57 PM
@sbi: Whats wrong with posting near nude chicks?
@Als They use up bandwidth.
More than text.
Remember that "a picture is worth a thousand words" thing?
@RMartinhoFernandes: You lose calories in sex, So you don't do it?
See you all later
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah, I think I coined the terms "Morkdown" and "Letdown" almost a year ago.
@Als I was referring to the bandwidth they use.
3:59 PM
What to do when you see your own written code and you don't understand it?
@CodeMonkey @CodeMonkey: You can do this by replying to a message, rather than referring to a user.
hmm @AlfPSteinbach, you stole the limelight here
Q: Initialisation and assignment

AppyWhat EXACTLY is the difference between INITIALIZATION and ASSIGNMENT ? PS : If possible please give examples in C and C++ , specifically . Actually , I was confused by these statements ... C++ provides another way of initializing member variables that allows us to initialize member variabl...

Like so.
4:00 PM
@sbi yea, that's what I was trying to do... oh well
@Als That's an easy one. It's called "initialization" when it invokes a ctor, and "assignment" if it invokes the assignment operator. :b
@sbi: @AlfPSteinbach, wrote an whole 2 pages on it :)
@Potatoswatter: Trolling are you?
@CodeMonkey You can look at a message's history to see how others did such things.
@Als That message was delayed. It's supposed to be "morkdown".
4:04 PM
For a change, I had a good workday today! I got some h264 streaming working
@Als On my laptop monitor (1200 height) it's just one page. :P
@sbi: I couldn't read through all of it, just suddenly felt, uhm why am i reading this, and then i stopped!
@Als I didn't even start. :-{
Arghh, I replied to that MetallicPriest guy again. Damn, I need to pay more attention to who is the asker.
@sbi: I know the feeling, sometimes i just can't get make myself long answers, especially if i happen to know the answer myself.
4:06 PM
@Als hm, i don't think my answer was longer than yours?
@RMartinhoFernandes Link?
@RMartinhoFernandes: Why did you decide not to answer his Q's and why?
anyway, the Black Adder theme, is that a variation on Bach?
Q: atomic<int> for older c++ compilers

MetallicPriestI am using atomic<int> in my code, but the machine in which now I'm compiling has an older g++ version which doesn't support C++11. Is there any equivalent class available on the net, so that I can use it in my code, or if not, where I can find the C++11 implementation of atomic<int> ...

@AlfPSteinbach: Yeah, I was saying about reading long answers not writing them :P
@RMartinhoFernandes: why this
1 min ago, by Als
@RMartinhoFernandes: Why did you decide not to answer his Q's and why?
I don't think sig_atmoic_t is atomic. It is just a volatile int. – MetallicPriest 1 min ago
@RMartinhoFernandes: Seems you almost always fail to notice him :P
@sbi how does one look at a message history if it has not been edited?
I guess URL hacking (??)
@CodeJockey Open the permalink, the menu there has a "history" item. I don't know hwy this is so complicated, but it works.
@CodeJockey Yes, that works.
4:12 PM
yay, I successfully expanded my parser
@RMartinhoFernandes: I hearby proclaim you the Official Archivist of C++ Lounge
now it can recognize using statements and nested namespaces, also with using statements in
oh I'm gone for an hour and this happens
17 mins ago, by sbi
@RMartinhoFernandes Well, except @Tony keeps posting pix of near-nude chicks.
No, that happened while you were here.
@TonyTheTiger: yeah these purists try to bash you for doing that
4:15 PM
damn, since when can a beautiful lady not be appreciated in here?
I defended you!
@Als who?
@Als oh thx :P
@TonyTheTiger: proof
17 mins ago, by Als
@RMartinhoFernandes: You lose calories in sex, So you don't do it?
@TonyTheTiger: The bot and the Bonobo those two!
@RMartinhoFernandes was being a purist?
did he get offended by my pic?
I can't believe @sbi would get offended???
I think it takes a lot more to offend a bonobo
in disguise then as well
35 mins ago, by Mahesh
cout << "sex" << endl;
} while (!married);
4:18 PM
@TonyTheTiger See the one this refers to. It was all about bandwidth. <sigh/> I'm saying thins for the second time now. Will that be enough?
I wasn't flagging
@TonyTheTiger I wasn't yelling at you.
Great, even quotes get flagged now.
4:19 PM
soon flags will get flagged
did my Belgian flag get flagged?
I wonder why "sɘx" doesn't get flagged. It really seems like a bot or script. Or someone stupid.
I think comments about flagging flags might deserve a flag of their own... ?
@RMartinhoFernandes Because it's greek
4:20 PM
merely to call attention to them :D
whoever's taking joy out of flagging things in here, needs to stop this masochism and go get his/her pleasures somewhere else
@CodeMonkey Actually, it's latin.
For the newbies here: When you flag something, every 10k+ user in the whole of the chat has to decide whether that flag is valid or not. They are all bothered by it, but see no context for the message they have to decide about. That is terribly annoying. So please do not flag for fun.
Latin Small Letter Reversed E
4:21 PM
@sbi I hope something like that is going in the next version of the hints.
@sbi That should be in thee next version of the newbie hints
@RMartinhoFernandes damn you, you were faster
Glad to see my memory branching is working.
Yeah, it's already in the next version. I just haven't posted it.
> You can flag messages as spam/inappropriate/offensive by clicking onto the small flag to the right of the message. If enough users flag a message, it will automatically be deleted by the system, and the poster be banned for a while. Note that all >10k users get notified about all flagged messages across all rooms and most of them find that very annoying, especially when done for silly reasons.
all rooms?
4:24 PM
@CodeMonkey the whole of the chat
so if someone flags in say, Java room, I see that too?
@CodeMonkey Yes, and it's terribly annoying.
@CodeMonkey You just don't know where it came from.
I only thought it was the room you were in
4:24 PM
Which is awesome.
that is annoying
A: More information is needed in chat Flagged Posts

sbiThe room a flagged message appeared in is urgently needed for deciding whether a flag is valid or not. Java bashing would be offensive in the Java room, but might be fine in the C# room, so when I see a message bashing Java, knowing the room is absolutely necessary to know whether this message is...

So it basically ensures that someone who is a troll and just trying to offend strangers, will offend many times more than they'd ever hoped.
@Potatoswatter A smart troll would just stand by idly and flagging messages.
Which seems to be happening.
Or employ both strategies: post offensive messages and then flag them so they reach a wider audience.
4:28 PM
@Potatoswatter If the messages get enough "valid" flags, the user is banned for 30 minutes.
It's safer to just stay idle.
Yes, but then the troll can just make a new puppet.
And well, maybe it isn't standing here. Notice how sɘx doesn't get flagged.
Yeah, there's probably a bot at work.
So sex get's autoflagged?
evidently not
4:33 PM
I guess it fits. A flag comes on a pole, so at least the two are related!
Maybe it has to be nude sex?
@Xaade Someone that gets offended by the word "sex", should also be offended by that message, right?
Well there you go. There's no bot flagging flags on pics of nude sex .
But no, this is not about being offensive or not. This is about irrational petty censorship.
@RMartinhoFernandes Maybe I have to post pics about flagging nude sex pics.
Ok, the bot doesn't work on me. I guess it knows I'm a troll.
Nah, I said "sex" above too.
4:37 PM
18 mins ago, by sbi
Whatever it was, is gone now.
Or did this scare off the human flagpole?
Or maybe it just ran out of flags (there is a daily limit on flags, right?).
I like that. I Hereby make a synonym of
okay so i missed some stupid flagging when i went for din din.
4:42 PM
What's "din din"? Another euphemism for sex?
@RMartinhoFernandes: lulz. Keep guessing :P
> Euphemism is a substitution for an expression that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the receiver, using instead an agreeable or less offensive expression,[1] or to make it less troublesome for the speaker.
Hmm, you can't have euphemisms for sex.
It doesn't make sense.
@RMartinhoFernandes: Everything is fair in love, war and sex
@RMartinhoFernandes Why not? I can think of loads of euphemisms for sex. In fact, those are pretty much the only euphemisms I ever hear.
Is char guaranteed to be one byte or 8 bits ?
4:44 PM
@kbok: Nope
Who says so?
it is guaranteed to be one byte, I believe
but one byte is not guaranteed to be 8 bits
@DeadMG: grr pedant
i think char is guaranteed to have sizeof() 1
that's what the CHAR_BIT macro is for
that doesn't mean one byte
4:45 PM
@DeadMG Ok, thanks.
@hexa Yes- in fact, sizeof() is defined to measure the size in terms of char
So, for example, on a 16-bit bytes machine, a char is 16 bit and sizeof(char) is 1 ?
sizeof(char) is always 1
that's the definition of sizeof()
The minimum size of char is 8 bits. On some systems, notably some Texas Instruments DSP's, it's 16 bits. You can obtain size from CHAR_BIT macro or from std::numerical_limits.
And yes, in C and C++ a char is a byte by definition (and vice versa).
Did anyone notice that, not besides questions link to FB, linkedIn or twitter, thats new i think?
4:48 PM
@kbok: Always use sizeof() and no hardcoded sizes and you don't even need to remember all of that. You should be just fine.
@Als yea I noticed, that's new afaik
@TonyTheTiger: Thanks, someone bothered to reply or i get ignored these days :(
@Als You just didn't say anything interesting :P
@DeadMG: I should just shut up.....and talk c++ is what you mean?
4:52 PM
I didn't say either of those things
merely that I have no interest in social networking sites, nor links to them
nor, frankly, Stack Overflow
why are you answering Q then on SO?
I just asked if it was new since i just noticed it
@TonyTheTiger Realistically? I don't anymore.
I saw one yesterday, that you answered
@TonyTheTiger: Nice catch :P
4:53 PM
Now the puppy will say it was an interesting Q
I used to answer ten in a day
It just means you post Less answers it doesn't mean you don't post anymore
that's what the "realistically" is for
4:56 PM
because it's a relative thing
that is like padding, you added an word, you could substitute for anything
We all know that reality is relativistic, hence realistically.
In retrospect, that didn't make much sense.
40 mins ago, by sbi
This is the 4000th star.
Party on dudes !
You forgot "dudes".

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