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11:00 AM
e.g. a call to bar<int> succeeds
How do JVM and Mono catch call stack overflows?
On Linux.
I'm puzzled.
ask Stack Overflow
made for questions such as this
@райтфолд IIRC it's because stack allocation is handled in native code, and they can fail there
Yes, I know, but how is that implemented
for as far as I know all you get is SIGSEGV.
11:09 AM
@райтфолд I doubt it actually gets to that actually. Both the CLR and the JVM have hard stack limits that are smaller than the parent OS
I guess you can set up a non-accessible page right below the call stack, and catch segfaults and see whether it was an attempt to access that page.
But that may still cause heap corruption unless the heap is not below the call stack in memory.
@райтфолд Is it real?
It can never run into the heap
I don't know where the heap and stack are relative to each other.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I see.
@райтфолд again IIRC that's not what happens. They preallocate the stack area and end up in native code if the call count gets high enough
11:11 AM
Problem is I use Boost.Coroutine's stack allocator. :P
The only way that'd happen would be if you mapped the guard page and that'd be a bug in itself
Is there always an attempt to access that page on stack overflow?
What if the stack frame is larger than the page and only the last byte has to be accessed?
11:14 AM
> Exception catched
lol comment in 160-170
Oh damn.
@Griwes +1 for "shenanigans"
Problems with passing Boost.Any to Lua are problems.
11:16 AM
> Problems are problems.
I'll just make stack overflows UB.
> r2 by navrocky.vlad on Dec 2, 2009 Diff
@райтфолд that is technically the case in the CLR. That's why you can't catch them.
csharp> class a { public static void f() { f(); } };
csharp> try { a.f(); } catch (StackOverflowException) { }
Stack overflow: IP: 0x41b45467, fault addr: (nil)
top kek
@райтфолд in C# you can just catch(FooException) if you don't care about the actual value
11:21 AM
I wonder what Go does.
Ugh, TCO.
When given a choice, should I install TrueType font or OpenType font? It is a single font set and it appears to be distributed in two forms.
need to copy my keys for my flat
I bent one of them
Puppy what does Wide do on call stack overflow.
UB atm
dat edit :)
@Puppy pro tip: don't sit on keys
11:24 AM
Oh right, Go has unbounded call stacks.
@sehe Double pro tip: don't have only one set of keys.
@Puppy Any other plans?
not likely
@Griwes not bad
11:26 AM
I can't get mill to compile on my other PC.
I get silly shit like this:
/usr/include/boost/asio/local/detail/endpoint.hpp:78:55: error: expected '(' for function-style cast or type construction
      + offsetof(boost::asio::detail::sockaddr_un_type, sun_path);
Maybe I should reinstall Boost.
I have Boost 52 wjich is ancient.
Seems it's illegal to wear a bulletproof vest whilst committing a murder in New Jersey.
Interesting, I cannot pass Boost.Any to Sol.
OP I suppose.
@wilx does the truetype have opentype info?
if it does install that
otherwise opentype
11:33 AM
I wonder why Lua gives me an error while calling the copy constructor for Boost.Any
@JohanLarsson nice
Q: Template version of std::abs

LingxiHere lists the current overloads of std::abs in C++. I'm wondering why not just define the following template and let go all the ugly C-style overloads? template <typename T> inline T abs(const T& v) { return v < 0 ? -v : v; }

Ugh, still broken.
@LightningRacisinObrit I like that faltering attempt to censor 'shit'
11:37 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes It’s a good thing you checked that ahead of time.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Seems it's illegal to let a moose sleep in your bath over night in Illinois
Read that somewhere
@Columbo Public health issue.
Laws are like a program's source code. They always suck.
Trafalgar Law is kinda cool.
@StackedCrooked No, he's just a wanker (and so is Lorenor)
Now Do flamingo is a fucking badass
Best character in the series so far IMO
Crocodile is cool as well, not so wankerish
Just a little
11:44 AM
Wut, Lorenor?
Is that the German name?
@Columbo he is definitely one of the most evil characters
@StackedCrooked Zorro
@Columbo what about kizaru?
@StackedCrooked Yeah, kizaru is really cool! In a different way
He's the chiller ^^
hehe :D
turns out that if you grip the end of the key with the pliers, you can literally just bend it back with hand force.
11:48 AM
Did you bend one of your keys?
I'd recommend not using it anymore - I managed to break off the front of a key inside the lock once :/
I'm going to get a copy after the Easter holidays
Yeah, if I've bent it out and back, I'd be afraid to use it.
@Mgetz I do not know. How do I find out?
11:50 AM
agreed with Zao and Groves
according to The Internets, you only really need to worry if the key is cracked
which my key was not.
it was a pretty small bend and the key is made of steel or someshit like that.
@Rapptz When you get back on: stackoverflow.com/questions/29412250/…
@Puppy o_0 why wait?
@thecoshman Because I'm leaving in an hour and that's not enough time to get it copied beforehand.
@Puppy oh right
11:53 AM
ok apparently Boost.Asio fail
@райтфолд ...ed?
it uses offsetof without including <cstddef>.
I thought UK had taken on stupid holiday shut downs too
@райтфолд lel
@райтфолд worst offense ever
11:54 AM
must remember to stock up on booze and meat for tomorrow :D
@райтфолд Perhaps the devs thought they included sufficiently many other stdlib headers that implicitly include <cstddef>
removed the dep on Asio and now it works
@Puppy your key is crooked
@thecoshman It has.
also, what's the difference between the stackoverflow and programming stack exchange sites? apart form ours being the right one.
@Puppy o_0
11:55 AM
@Columbo It's easy to forget to include every stdlib header you need.
@StackedCrooked Just realized that chiller is a defined term in the english language that definitely doesn't mean what I said
@Puppy Oh well if the internet says so, who cares what your friends with personal experience say?
@thecoshman Progammers is like SO but for terrible questions.
@thecoshman It does. Tomorrow and Monday.
@LightningRacisinObrit "friends" lol
11:55 AM
@Columbo ;p
@thecoshman Stack Overflow is about code problems. Programmers is about software development problems.
Programmers.SE is a place where you ask theoretical questions. Like "Why does C++ suck?" "Because it sucks." "Yes, definitely."
@LightningRacisinObrit Your new pic is really sweet :*
@Griwes No it's not
@Columbo Thanks Calamby
yes it is
@Griwes No, it's not.
11:56 AM
Yes, it is.
You are mistaking "theoretical" for "conceptual".
well I need to eat and pack.
@Griwes no
@LightningRacisinObrit I love how you probably started the response with @Col.., pressed tab, and then called me Calamby
@Columbo Um, no, it's the reply-to arrow dipshit
11:57 AM
@LightningRacisinObrit Ohhhh, right, I'm stupid
@Columbo yes Calamby you are
@Puppy package.luggage;
Dan are you on mobile?
@LightningRacisinObrit It's "Calambu"
@LightningRacisinObrit Is that an abbreviation?
@LightningRacisinObrit k
@Puppy on the pounds
12:00 PM
I'll leave you to your work. :)
o_0 wtf you up to?
12:01 PM
using a non-Boolean as condition crashes the VM with std::bad_cast.
@LightningRacisinObrit damn your zero width space with joiner! or non joiner!
@thecoshman Already done enough of that.
@LightningRacisinObrit ​
I did it!
12:05 PM
@Puppy weird Al comes to mind :\
"Why is this file so small? There was loads more than what I see now?" I then realise the functions have been 'folded' in the editor to hide them :|
my code compiled
I'm essentially an objective c guru now
@AlexM. Is it... Hello world! ?
@LucDanton Interesting. I guess I don't know my template argument deduction. How come the first argument isn't sufficient to deduce T = int?
@AndyProwl It is enough, but it’s not allowed to make the leap. The rules say it must fail.
mmmh don’t take that literally, I actually don’t know the wording—but we do agree that informally speaking the type is mechanically deducible
12:09 PM
yeah... that's some odd template foo bar
@Columbo well done Celimba
I think the way it’s set up is that for all parameters that involve a deduced parameter, all deductions must take place and must agree. Can’t 'skip' one, even if that would allow us to succeed.
@LightningRacisinObrit y u do dis
Fuck's sake with IntelliSense and Unreal Engine source...
@Columbo ney roson
@Xeo UnintelliNosense
12:11 PM
yet this and this are fine alternatives.
template<typename T, typename U>
T static_downcast(U&& x) noexcept {
#ifndef NDEBUG
    return dynamic_cast<T>(x);
    return static_cast<T>(x);
@thecoshman I particularly like that first one
@райтфолд lulz
that's wrong.
12:12 PM
@thecoshman That’s not really unexpected though. Did you try bar<int> with the original example?
you should assert on dynamic_cast.
not return NULL.
otherwise you can't distinguish between an error condition and intended semantics.
I concur, actually
Pippa is right
@LucDanton will do...
@Puppy right.
noexcept already catches the exception if reference
@LucDanton OK, so for all the function parameters that are not non-deduced contexts deduction must be attempted and yield consistent results. I think I see
12:14 PM
but I didn't account for pointer T
VS is completely dead :|
@LucDanton getting at that it 'just works'?
user image
12:15 PM
Question: "Java: Why can a file not have more than one public class [duplicate]"

Answer: "Because one .java file can contain only one public class."

65 wat
my plane didn't crash
altough 2 hours in a crowded car were way worse than 2 hours on the plane
12:16 PM
why was it crowded?
@LightningRacisinObrit 4 people in a Ford Fiesta :/ because every other car broke
@BartekBanachewicz maybe next time
where you at?
Swindon ATM
moving later today to Bath I s'pose
@Columbo s/you don't/one does not/ :F
anyway I was extremely productive on board again
I've to push this thing
12:17 PM
@Griwes Shush Groves
@AndyProwl That’s not non-right.
everything's so slow aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
that's what she said
@LucDanton lol
@thecoshman yeah
12:17 PM
If I hate one thing when it comes to PCs, it's when they are slow for no fucking reason.
famous "slow internet vs no internet" eh?
Hmm, knäckebrot in Coca-Cola is surprisingly nice.
@AndyProwl That’s a crucial difference between a type deduction algorithm (not a term of art) and type inference (that one is). In type inference the 'holes' are kept to be filled in from another part of the program.
as an aside
@BartekBanachewicz slow pc vs no pc
@райтфолд Aren't you swedish or some shit
12:21 PM
@Columbo he's netherlandish
@BartekBanachewicz And you're polish
And I'm germanish
Wait what
@Columbo no I'm Dutch
netherlands master race
@райтфолд Not your fault
@Xeo Aliens Viruses
12:23 PM
> To Ed Wood, the terms "outtakes" and "final cut" were pretty interchangeable.
haha this program causes segfault: proc f(s: String) { outln(s); } MAIN { f(); }
@BartekBanachewicz so you had to share with randomers?
also lol 4 people in a Fiesta "crowded"
@LightningRacisinObrit not randomers
try 6, bitch
@LightningRacisinObrit fuckin' barbarians
12:25 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Family holiday to Swindon
Perfect holiday place innit
who cares I don't have to work that's what matters
make sure you spend some time looking for Swindon's beach. it's quite hard to find but it's worth the effort!
and today's a nice day
let's see
@LightningRacisinObrit yeah there's actual sun outside
12:28 PM
@BartekBanachewicz to each their own I guess
well was for like 10 minutes
just wanted to point it out
Bartek I think we're not receiving all of your messages
Yeah, what did you want to point out?
lol just took off my pyjamas ... then put them straight back on again. holiday required
when I get one it'll be particularly nice because everyone else here has been hard at work constantly lately with no breaks
@LightningRacisinObrit pics or it didn't happen.
12:30 PM
pls no
@khajvah no, khijveh
ok your name looks random no matter how I write it
I can't break 'khajvah'
python (a**2+(a/2)**2)**0.5 is (((a**2)+(a/2))**2)**0.5 right? I think I've understood the precedence right threre
lol nice
probably cash
@thecoshman I would be surprised if it didn’t mimic mathematical notation, i.e. a + b² is a + (b²).
12:33 PM
@Puppy what is concept_map?
depends on who you ask
@райтфолд haskell instance <Typeclass> T
what context did you find it in?
In the Wide lexer.
you just state that your type T belongs to "typeclass" / "concept" <Whatever>
12:33 PM
@LucDanton yeah, one would epxect power to have fairly high precedence, but vOv
a concept map, roughly speaking, defines that a type meets a concept externally, and maps the interface of the concept on to the interface of the type.
Wide doesn't have concepts or anything like that right now
it's just a keyword that is currently reserved for future use.
gah Daisy is such a tremendously stupid dog
12:36 PM
Please note that the line where the add_edge() is used to redirect the edges, you missed to assign the weight to the re-directed edge that is why in your code you got 0.0 for Amanda after processing. Please check if this is correct and please update your code. Thanks — user1965914 3 mins ago
What the actual fuck.
I got a similar message once, I deleted my answer and downvoted the question
I literally spent hours looking at this code trying to understand it. I solved all the issues he was having and produced pretty graphs as well.
I didn't think porting python would be so educational :\
seems to me like he's just saying that there's a bug in your code
OP says "you forget to copy XXX". I don't even
12:38 PM
@sehe Please update your code. Thanks.
@MomotapaLimpopo I won't. I learnt a lot and it's useful to others
@MomotapaLimpopo I love this, for some reason. I think it requires some cojones to say this kind of thing
@Puppy that bitch
Maybe I should get rid of contravariant and covariant and go the C# route of out and in.
Especially since out and in are already there.
lol news
56 yo guy climbs a tree to destroy an owl nest due to superstitions saying that owls foretell death
gets stuck and dies
12:45 PM
what else is new
google translate: olteniteanul.ro/2015/03/…
it has pics too
@райтфолд in and out parameters are ugly :\
Q: C++ Template interface (list implementation)

FlacktubI am trying to implement a list data structure in C++. I want to define a list interface which would be later inherited by implementation such as ArrayList or LinkedList. I'd like to be able to use it like List<int>* testList = new LinkedList<int>; or List<int> testList = new LinkedList<int>...

@AlexM. QED
@thecoshman That's not what those keywords mean (in this context)
you're thinking of ref and out (a different use of the same keyword)
well I'm off to the swamp
see you ladies later
12:49 PM
@Puppy nice to see you think of @mom
bye honey
@thecoshman That's something else.
E.g. with union Option(T: in) { Some(value: T); None } then Option(Derived) is a subtype of Option(Base).
The guy who came up with vim navigation is a genius
out keyword was already there to mean something else (return value in a postcondition).
But it can perfectly be reused here.
12:53 PM
so I have just 100 lines of duplicating code
actually less
can live with that right now
Duplicating code? Watch out
now only to write automatic context checking with fallback
@MomotapaLimpopo navis are hard works bro
This question seems clear to me. — Virus721 55 secs ago

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