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12:02 AM
what if one day people find a planet where the surface is smooth transparent ice
that's a slippery subject
@Pris It'd be pretty cool.
@Pris They'll either say "damn this place is cold" or else "Wow, Ice-9 was real."
12:22 AM
@StackedCrooked I had such a moment with my father (neither of us are senile (that we know of), we just get preoccupied if there's something interesting going on)
That's cool.
@StackedCrooked I'm in the kitchen writing code on my laptop, my father is at his study messing around with his instruments.. he walks in the kitchen and puts on a kettle to boil some coffee. a lot of time passes he walks in cursing like a mad man, and then I realize that the whole kitchen is filled with smoke, and that the kettle is spewing said smoke
the water had completely boiled off, and the kettle didn't look like no kettle no more
How did you not notice that?
@StackedCrooked honestly I have no idea
I remember working on a 0-day at the time, so I guess that took my full attention
Q: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

GManNickGHere is a piece of C++ code that seems very peculiar. For some strange reason, sorting the data miraculously makes the code almost six times faster. #include <algorithm> #include <ctime> #include <iostream> int main() { // Generate data const unsigned arraySize = 32768; int data[arr...

12:25 AM
I have this weird "blessing" where I can focus so much on a given topic that I completely forget about the outside world, when I was younger I couldn't control it as I can now
should I bring it back down to 9999
though it was much easier diving into that mode back then
@Pris give me another "c++ challenge", I'm bored.
Don't really have anything interesting right now
If you're bored and want piecemeal bits of things to try, playing around with shaders is always fun
@Pris I'm not a graphics kind of guy
@Pris I'll skim through the blog you linked to see if there's anything interesting to think about
nhaa, nothing of interest really
12:44 AM
maybe I should write a cleaner implementation of what was written previously
Here's a friendly guide to living in HK without aircon: 1. don't
Battlefield 4 is free.
For 168 hours.
Hello again
@FilipRoséen-refp create a debugging visualizer
@Cinch not really a "few minutes killer" :-/
12:58 AM
Solve the tower of Hanoi
Create a non recursive version
Say what you want about D. Their forum site is the fastest website ever.
Not sure if this has anything to do with D though.
More than likely not.
@Cinch I'll just mess around with the dark corners of the standard instead
Because the markup is minimal as fuck
Look at how short their dick the generated HTML is
Very few external resources also
Who is @MomotapaLimpopo
Nice to meet you
1:03 AM
I'm bored.
What should I work on
oh yeah that generator is still in my backburner
@Cinch Hi, I'm from Uganda, nice to meet you
Anyone know if you can use firefox's dev console thing to list all the images on a web page
learn some JS
hmm, it surprises me that I've never seen anyone else implement operator++ as non-member functions when wanting to inherit them (using CRTP). am I missing something?
what the fuck are you doing
1:14 AM
Why did you just enrage?
@Rapptz Hey remember that problem @ThePhD
It's still not working
There should be absolutely nothing wrong with this
@ThePhD You here?
Compare to @ThePhD 's program: puu.sh/gZcSy/354cbc7ae0.png
1:22 AM
lol taking a screenshot of source code
@Borgleader He's dead.
@MomotapaLimpopo better than pasting it here.
@Rapptz >He's read
Poor guy just got pinged 3 times.
@Cinch hint: gist, coliru, etc
@Rapptz I talked to him 2 hours ago
1:23 AM
@MomotapaLimpopo Guess whaat???
@Borgleader Muerto.
@Cinch What
wow someone here is retarded
"it doesn't compile therefore I post it as a screenshot"
@Cinch Outside of the fact that you need to register a pusher<T> for boost::any for that syntax to work.
i.e. lua.set("b", obj); is calling sol::stack::push<decltype(obj)>(obj); internally.
1:26 AM
@Rapptz You mean the other way around?
The code snippet in ThePhD's screenshot has some code not shown.
@Cinch No.
@Rapptz So something like lua.set<std::string, boost::any>("b", boost_any obj); doesn't work.
Either set the userdata or specialise the pusher and getter.
Still think it's dumb to do Boost.Any in Lua
@Rapptz "Specialize the pusher and getter"
1:32 AM
I don't see any example on how to do this and I was trying to read the source of Sol to no avail since I'm not experience with templates all that much.
There aren't examples for it because it's not really meant to be used much.
The sol::stack interface is documented even less than the sol:: interface because it's not important for 99% of people
@Rapptz I checked the documentation.
There really isn't that much so how am I supposed to know?
Test the code on the develop branch rather than master and see if the issue comes up.
Use usertype instead of userdata
If it's fixed there then just use that branch.
It's where the breaking change development is taking place.
@Rapptz okay.
@Rapptz let me see....
@Rapptz btw you should rename userdata.cpp to usertype.cpp
1:52 AM
@MarkGarcia nice
Now they only need to divide the price by about 10 to be competitive with HDDs
4TB master race
@Rapptz @ThePhD Hey
So it compiles now
but now it just throws a Lua error
2:19 AM
Hey, how would you exaggeratedly express food that tastes nothing to sound even worse than "It tastes like cardboard"?
It tastes like EnglishMaster
@Cinch Uh. Wat.
@ThePhD Yeah can you just copy-paste your full code for your dummy program?
@MomotapaLimpopo What do you mean
@EnglishMaster No, I average.
2:26 AM
Hey, you look just like me. Are you my lost brother?
@EnglishMaster Don't insult him.
I'm not insulting him, I'm identifying my brother. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SEPARATE US APART?
@ThePhD poke
@Cinch It is named usertype.hpp in the new branch.
template <typename T>
T unpack (boost::any a) {
	T hello = boost::any_cast<T>( a );
	return hello;

int main( ) {
	sol::state lua;
	lua.open_libraries( sol::lib::base );

	boost::any b( std::string("hello") );
	lua.set( "b", b );
	lua.set_function( "unpack", unpack<std::string> );
	lua.script( "unpack(b)" );

	return 0;
2:30 AM
@Cinch ^ That's the test program, and it compiles and runs.
Boost 1.57.0
(But the Any implementation hasn't changed much)
VS 2015 CTP 6.
@Borgleader I got it to work, and I can even get the highest supported OpenGL of the system!
@EnglishMaster I find "insipid" a reasonable word for it.
2:32 AM
@ThePhD good \o/
@ThePhD this works.
but my code barely changed... hm...
What was you code before?
It works with or without a reference, FYI BTW.
@Cinch gist.github.com plz
or coliru, but not inline, kthx
2:35 AM
fuck unreal engine. fuck visual studio. fuck windows.
@Cinch You didn't set b; there's no b object, lua throws a tantrum..
takes 2 mins to start a new proj. fuck you.
takes at least a minute to compile. fuck you.
@ThePhD Hm.
I must've lost myself in the process
@Blob The real question is why my download speed is so slow.
2:36 AM
I usually have 400mbps, right now I only have 3.
What is happening.
@ThePhD how'd you do this without setting pusher
> 400mbps
fuck you too
Google Fiber come to NYC please.
We want gigabit!
@Rapptz Every object that doesn't have a pusher is treated like a userdata value. The good news is you can push a bunch of objects of type T and then later on set the usertype and it'll latch onto them!
@MarkGarcia how did i not get those pings... wtf chat
2:38 AM
@ThePhD oh you're the creator
@Borgleader bc chat
@Cinch No, I'm the "I'm going to mutilate this code to make it work on VS" person.
now the question is
BF4 finished downloading, time to play this.
how do i extract NESTED usertypes from lua
2:39 AM
@ThePhD Did you add this recently or something?
@Nooble s/BF4/BF/
@Nooble >downloading origin
@Rapptz The game is free though.
@ThePhD Also.
@MarkGarcia IDGI.
2:40 AM
How many lua states should I have on at once?
only one
One (maybe one for each thread).
But what if I want to have multi-threaded states?
okay good.
If you make multiple, never cross the streams.
you can technically have more than one but that's kinda fucky
2:41 AM
So sol wouldn't do well in something like multiplayer
they mutate their own global state
or a realtime multiplayer game
You can't argue with a free game.
I don't know what that means
Sol for MMORPG?
2:42 AM
you mean lua right
I think it could work.
people use lua for NPCs and stuff
But Stackless Python better?
not to handle the server related stuff
it's a scripting language
@Rapptz Yeah that's what I mean.
I just wanted Lua to be a front-end.
Or maybe call hooks or something.
2:43 AM
@Blob maybe your computer just sucks
look up Love2D for gamdev in lua
@Pris likely
it's making a crying noise right now
@Rapptz I don't think I did, and the code seems to think so too!
2:43 AM
and it's pretty warm
Q: Looking for an expression that sounds worse than "cardboard" to describe blandness of a food

TemporaryNickNameHow would you exaggeratedly express food that tastes nothing to sound even worse than "It tastes like cardboard"? I want a word that sounds beyond a average man can imagine. "Shit" would have its unique flavour, so I wouldn't put that in the list.

@EnglishMaster How about 'sawdust'
@Cinch Warcraft was implemented with Lua; the choice of language really has nothing to do with the system properly aggregating events from multiple parties a synchronizing and multi-computer, distributed process.
Someone suggested me that already but that is an expression that I don't personally like due to its rack of intensiveness
@EnglishMaster How about
"...Are you sure it's safe to eat?"
2:46 AM
gonna go play video games now
@Rapptz bi.
@Rapptz Enjoy.
@ThePhD right.
@Rapptz Later.
Okay then...
2:46 AM
@Rapptz Haave fun!
Ugh, WTF. Opening another private window in FF has the same context as previously opened private windows.
Now I can begin development in Lua.
@Cinch That's too mild
@EnglishMaster But secretly cruel.
It doesn't matter if the word is sexual or offensive
2:48 AM
Oh, I shouldn't say that.
@Nooble the damn parts still haven't dropped in price. why is the market broken ;_;
Okay now then...
What sort of file would be viable for storing a dialogue tree?
@Cinch .txt
@Blob With branches.
@Cinch .docx
2:54 AM
@Cinch make your own format
Clearly XML is the only format that'd do it properly.
@ThePhD You got "XML" and "only format" redundant there.
maybe it can be something like:
Actually maybe a Python-based syntax can work well.
the damn third person template crap runs slow as hell on my pc
i'm sad
3:16 AM
@Borgleader Oh, I forgot to mention. I still have to use the raw wglCreateContext, rather than wgl::CreateContext
It doesn't seem to wrap the wglCreateContext, but the -spec=wgl seems to wrap wgl::CreateContextAttribs with -stdext=wgl_common.txt
Code ends up looking like this.
Why is all OpenGL code so ugly?
@Cinch Just wait for Vulkan!
Then the real ugly begins
3:28 AM
@Rapptz ikr
How ugly is it?
Or rather how ugly is Mantle.
No one knows
3:38 AM
@ThePhD huh... well mines not nearly as fancy, i did this
I use it to do black magic
But seriously
If I want to prepare my body for Vulkan
@Borgleader Are you from Africa too??
@Cinch none of us have access to vulkan sdk AFAIK
so you can stop asking
@Borgleader No.
I mean.
What concepts and paradigms should I learn.
Memory mapping and virtual address spaces are a must
3:40 AM
If I had access to Vulkan maybe I could help you but see my previous message
GPU memory hierarchy
This kind of stuff
@Cinch Mostly it's patience and Google-fu.
And temperance in debugging.
@MarkGarcia this
x googleplex
@MarkGarcia No, it's not.
Else I would be able to do OpenGL
I'm asking for a topic list, basically
3:43 AM
I just gave you one
You are welcome
@MomotapaLimpopo yeah.
I hear Vulkan is able to do multithreading with the GPU better due to pipelining
Isn't it basically gonna be C for GPUs as if OpenGL was C++ or Java
Did you watch the GDC talk on it?
in terms of style?
@Borgleader sort of.
@Cinch not at all
Vulkan doesn't change any bit how the GPU works
It's entirely CPU-side
@Cinch Just this: more control. More and absolute control.
3:45 AM
@MarkGarcia Right?
So let me see if I have this right:
GPU = super multi-threaded CPU but specialized for graphics programming...
which requires simultaneous calculation of frames etc.
i.e. let's have 1024 pipes for instruction
GPUs nowadays do way more than just graphics
for manipulatign graphics
And way more than 1024 "pipes"
@Cinch It's entirely up to the GPU how to dispatch those instructions. The thing is the CPU side of the process can't feed it enough because of much CPU-side overheads.
Don't know if the new low-level APIs gives you control on how GPU threads are executed.
@MarkGarcia Wait.
3:48 AM
@MarkGarcia It can feed it enough, what the overhead creates is latency, not efficiency loss
@MarkGarcia They don't
So what makes Vulkan better?
Essentially, less time to execute commands
The communication between CPU and GPU is faster
But how does this relate to shaders?
See Bartek's question on Vulkan
Q: How do UBOs/SSBOs differ from Vulkan's shader memory bindings?

Bartek BanachewiczIn the article on Imagination's website, I've read the following paragraph: For example, there are no glUniform*() equivalent entry points in Vulkan; instead, writing to GPU memory is the only way to pass data to shaders. When you call glUniform*(), the OpenGL ES driver typically needs t...

@MomotapaLimpopo I see. So it's just the latency of the sheer number of draw calls that piles up that cause so much bad perf.
3:52 AM
That's right, and the host-side memory copies
@Cinch Vulkan defines an intermediate language / assembly (based on SPIR), but that's for a different purpose.
@MarkGarcia The draw call overhead is so bad, theres a whole trend in OpenGL around reducing them to get extra perf known as AZDO (Almost Zero Driver Overhead)
@MarkGarcia Shaders, right?
And SPIR-V is also shared with OpenCL
@Borgleader Vulkan is the culmination of AZDO
@MomotapaLimpopo Interesting.
So graphics people want the metal.
Of course.
3:54 AM
Everyone does
@MomotapaLimpopo Well, not for general purpose
GPUs are used for much more than graphics
@Cinch Uh?
@MomotapaLimpopo i.e. Java is definitely not close to the metal and Ruby and Python
How is that related to GPUs
@MomotapaLimpopo It's not but the blanket statement that everyone wants the metal isn't always true...
But it's interesting... GPUs.
3:55 AM
@Cinch You actually get more "general purpose" if you go less and less abstracted.
@Cinch It's wrong in this context
@MomotapaLimpopo I know. Never mind this statement then.
Continuing, what is the extent of the computing power of the GPU?
What is the unladen flight speed of a swallow?
@Cinch NVIDIA management and competition from AMD. :P
@MomotapaLimpopo african or american?
3:57 AM
What I mean is that how exactly can the GPU be utilized?
Could I create a GPU compiler and run a C program on it?
@Cinch That's extreeeeemely broad
@Cinch Can you make the question more broad?
@Cinch No they dont have a stack
@Cinch You use OpenCL or CUDA (or graphics API compute shaders)
which means you cant run recursive functions on them
for example
3:58 AM
@Borgleader That depends on the hardware
@MomotapaLimpopo Ok, all the ones Ive tried programming on didnt
caveat to my previous statement ^
@Borgleader Which ones have you tried? :) OpenCL still doesn't support recursion but CUDA has for about 4-5 years
I thought a stack was purely a programming thing?

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