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4:00 PM
I was thinking of setting up an online compiler (not exactly a normal one..) and I wanted some infos on the hosts/costs of operating such a service
if I set JArray to be the first bit only 1, then I can mask the others to see if the first bit is set
to see if it's an array
holy shit I got it
@MarcoA. Why not contribute to Coliru, instead?
Nov 16 '14 at 17:22, by R. Martinho Fernandes
> All I know is that Spotify is $5 a month and iTunes can suck my dick.

That's one hell of a service from iTunes - when did they add that feature?
@AlexM.: BTW making one of the options 0 was pretty dumb
yeah I understand it now
after cat posted the 1 << thing
and I saw this
enum Flags
    A = 1 << 0, // binary 0001
    B = 1 << 1, // binary 0010
    C = 1 << 2, // binary 0100
    D = 1 << 3, // binary 1000
and I helped you too
the only thing I remember from you is "o.o"
4:03 PM
@AlexM. there were several other messages
let me re-read
yeah you're right
'cause it's important
you mentioned that setting and getting != each other
for a start, there was also a "holy fuck what are you doing"
so don't you dare suggest I didn't play a vital role in your revelation
fuck off mate
no offence
> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 1 hour 29 minutes.
that's it -.-
> I am an IT Professional and work at Tata Consultancy Services.
No, not very "professional" I'm afraid.
Is it the same guy who spammed all chatrooms a few weeks ago?
4:10 PM
@AlexM. Something like this would be better anyway coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/5b5a1e71ee250d4f
Fuck's sake. International shipping is such a bloody ripoff.
@AndyProwl I don't think so
Because I was 500g over one limit, I had to pay an extra 20 bucks. 35 in total. The value of the package? 15.
4:11 PM
What are you buying, Zao?
@AlexM. Go wins once again:
type Flag uint
const (
    A = Flag(1 << iota)
top kek so readable
oh my god this bitwise stuff is so nice
reminded me of the assembly class
one of the only classes that I liked in college
FFS this guy should be banned from all chatrooms after being banned from 10 or so
Call a mod
4:13 PM
don't ban me pls
How do you call a mod?
Put your hand in the air and yell "HONK"
modflag in the message menu
oh, OK
@AlexM. Variants might be nicer for this, since it's based on nesting
4:14 PM
@AndyProwl suspensions are on all rooms. old msgs getting flagged
4 mins ago, by Lightning Racis in Obrit
What are you buying, Zao?
I didn't buy anything. I shipped something.
@LightningRacisinObrit ok, didn't know that
@CatPlusPlus the problem with that is that I have to separately build those things, whereas the normal usage context looks like this pastebin.com/4J2P8SPk
That's not really a problem
4:19 PM
the idea is that people often make mistakes when they write those signatures by hand but I can't just tell them to add N lines of extra code for each one of their M lines
so I want something that's solved quickly in a single call
Still on that JNI signatures thing?
like MakeSignature(JInt, { JString, JBool }) which is what I'd do if I had C++11
@Xeo yeah I learned how to do bitwise ops on flags today
so I can add the Array modifier
gratz. What about my solution from last time? :P
the weird template stuff?
I'm too scared to use it
especially since I'll pass this along to someone else to integrate it where it should have been initially
4:21 PM
A: Compiler Error: Invalid Conversion from int* to unsigned int* [-fpermissive]

Lightning Racis in Obrit Funny thing is, I thought that the & operator returned an unsigned int*, as returning an int* doesn't make sense, seeing as computers don't have negative addresses in their memory. That's not "funny"; it's just wrong. The address-of operator applied to an object of type T gives you a pointe...

lol dat OP assumption
@AlexM. The usage of it is easy :P
@AlexM. Also, my templates aren't weird. :<
your mum's templates are weird
Q: Any simple C++ game showing on DOS window? for example Bowling game, etc

Muhammad Faraz AhmedNeed a simple C++ game project as semester project. Thats it. I want a detailed project which makes it easy to let me explain it in front of teachers.

yes Xeo your templates are weird just like you are
4:38 PM
should I use thread local storage or potentially hotly contested mutexes? hmhmhm
I wish programming had less decision making
what if everything was like some open architecture like mips and just worked right... life would be so wonderful
@Pris ...and then we stopped working on Lisp machines and started writing C...
@Borgleader When initializing OpenGL, what did you use to get started? I've found about 20 conflicting tutorials and I'm all warblegarbleargble about it.
@LightningRacisinObrit because it's not a real compiler, it's something different that I have in mind
4:44 PM
lol I'm having fun making bit masks now
SEE? I told you about opengl init man, I told you
makes me hungry for pizza
@MarcoA. it's porn, isn't it?
@Pris It's just hard to separate out a lot of samples from what's windows-only and what's actually calls into OpenGL.
A postmortem of the #stackoverflow outage on March 31st is now up (spoiler: we DDoSed ourselves): http://stackstatus.net/post/115305251014/outage-postmortem-march-31-2015
4:52 PM
Greetings! Been a long time friends!
HELP! A monster! Kill it with fire!
@LightningRacisinObrit ssh..
@Chimera Hi Jim
5:01 PM
@thecoshman nnnnnooooooo
@thecoshman At least the author is not mixing space and tabs.
@ThePhD Define initializing?
(I use glLoadGen though if thats what youre asking about)
arggh VS2013's implementation of discrete_distribution lacks the constructor that takes two iterators
wasn't it supposed to be fully compliant with C++11 library-wise
@Borgleader Like, getting the window you have to be and initializing the OpenGL context and stuff.
@AndyProwl lol? no?
5:10 PM
@LightningRacisinObrit I do remember STL claiming that though
@AndyProwl obviously he lied
damn it
how am I supposed to specify the weighs that I hold in a vector
A: Initialising std::discrete_distribution in VS2013

stefanCompare cppreference.com and the Microsoft reference for std::discrete_distribution: These are the constructors provided by VS2013: discrete_distribution(); explicit discrete_distribution( const param_type& par0 ); discrete_distribution( initializer_list<double> IList ); template<class Fn>

@LightningRacisinObrit Thank you! I was actually trying to play around with that constructor
5:20 PM
yeah it's amazing what 25 seconds in Google can do
I did spend my 25 seconds in Google
I was just trying to understand how that constructor works
The description on cppreference does not look completely trivial, at least for me
especially the wi = unary_op(xmin + δ/2 + i · δ) part
Q: What's the best way to dispose of a body in the backcountry?

ShemSegerSuppose you needed to dispose of a large carcass for one reason or another while in the backcountry... what would be the best way to dispose of it in the woods so that it wouldn't be discovered? You always hear stories of people burying bears that they've had to shoot, but I can't imagine digging...

@Pris Abandoned mineshafts are popular here in the UK, too. We've got hundreds of them, mostly in remote, unpopulated areas; just about perfect.
Locally, we have the Fauld crater - a huge hole in the ground, still loaded up with unexploded munitions. It's still quite sheer in places and, one you throw something down there, nobody will ever go near it.
5:36 PM
put ! at the start, @Marco
@LightningRacisinObrit uh, neat. Thanks!
If it's not necessary to expose all private functionality to a virtual machine if you're embedding it in a program...
> fetching page 65 [took 364.8806s]
5:39 PM
And I expose the correct copy constructor...
This page hates everyone
@CatPlusPlus WAT DIS
I/O overload
@CatPlusPlus for what?
For misery
5:41 PM
Also is reddit down for you guys?
@ThePhD SDL provides me with a window, and enough control over the context (i.e. I can give it a major and minor revision number, for ex: 4.2)
@Borgleader Don't have SDL. q_q
Damn, my keychain broke and one key is missing.
Does no one know?
Why might a copy constructor produce a SEGFAULT?
@sehe How is it going?
5:49 PM
Same reasons anything else would segfauly.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, you try to access something out of bounds...
Something that's not yours.
Obviously, Lua is trying to access something that it doesn't have access to.
But I exposed the constructors for Lua, so I don't get what's up.
Lua being Rapptz/Sol
Upboats please?
A: How to name a class that performs both creation and update of objects

ChimeraIn my opinion you should be using two classes described below: Class Employee? And in the constructor you "create and setup the employee" with possibly multiple constructors. Then this Employee class would have an Update method. And a class called EmployeeManager or EmployeeDatabase etc that ha...

I know.... I came here for upboats... shame on me. :-)
I think my answer is really the best though...
@Chimera You shouldn't answer such questions.
Don't let Puppy see you; he'll downvote you for that alone...
5:53 PM
@LightningRacisinObrit Why's that?
@LightningRacisinObrit For answering that question?
What's wrong with the question?
@Chimera I smell a CodeSmell
> fetching page 66 [took 551.5199s]
Guess I've hit the point where LIMIT/OFFSET shit themselves
5:55 PM
@Cinch CodeSmell? Like the questioner is writing bad code to begin with?
@Chimera Almost everything?
@LightningRacisinObrit ok
@Chimera It's subjective, it's broad, it's chatty, it's badly-formatted, it is conceptual rather than about a piece of code, it is unlikely to ever help anyone else, and it has two completely unrelated languages tagged FFS.
@LightningRacisinObrit Yeah that makes sense....
@Chimera samesies
5:56 PM
I just wanted to point out that a better OOP design would be 2 classes instead of one.
@Chimera Tough bid. Coming in begging for upvotes for an answer that actively suggests "EmployeeManager" as a good class-name.
@sehe Well, I think that point is that it shouldn't be just one class that both creates, updates and manages instances of the class.
@Chimera Submitted an answer.
@Cinch STAHP
don't answer it; vote to close it
6:02 PM
@LightningRacisinObrit Nah.
I think bad questions deserve some nice answers in order to make the asker understand what exactly they're doing wrong.
That way they ask less bad questions in the future.
@Cinch No, bad questions deserve no answers in order to make the asker understand what exactly they're doing wrong.
@Cinch How the hell do you figure that? If you answer their bad questions, they have every incentive to keep asking bad questions.
@Cinch Good answer.
Also can you help with this?
6:04 PM
did you run it through your debugger?
@LightningRacisinObrit Yes.
There's an error under decltype() and it's stopping in ????? under the copy constructor of Boost.Any
I feel like I'm not exposing something right to Rapptz/Sol and Lua is trying to access something it can't.
@Cinch Dude. Debug using a debug build
@LightningRacisinObrit Of Lua?
of everything
@LightningRacisinObrit Hm...
6:06 PM
without symbols you're not going to be able to do much debugging
@LightningRacisinObrit I think it's actually inside Lua that's the problem.
even more reason to get a debug build of Lua??????????????????
Boost.Any is a header only library, no?
@ThePhD But Lua isn't
the bug is inside Lua, I think
6:06 PM
I don't know how to compile Lua as debug though
and I gotta go to class so... yeah.
@ThePhD Yes. It's also utterly useless.
hi btw stranger
@Cinch find out
@ScottW Who said I'm your friend.
What if I want to be more, Scott?
Why did you come so late?
@Cinch Who said he greeted you?
@райтфолд Because the greeting happened at every meeting, son.
6:08 PM
I'm not your son.
In fact I'm not a son at all.
@райтфолд Of course not.
brb dinner
@райтфолд Yes you are
@ScottW in my eyes rightfold is still a boy
a ganny little twat
@Cinch I updated my answer which is a slight modification ( adding an interface ) to your answer...
A: How to name a class that performs both creation and update of objects

ChimeraIn my opinion you should be using two classes and an interface described below: Interface: Have an interface that describes method to do common tasks for any collection of objects such as rename, delete, update etc. Class Employee that implements the Interface. And in the constructor you "creat...

I mean, I assume so. Since it has 7.2/10 from 14,456 users on IMDB.
6:13 PM
You guys should vote to close that question...
@Chimera fuck , Lounge<C++> doesn't care.
ironically most of us know Java fairly well and some even suffer it for a day job :\
@thecoshman First rule of Lounge<C++>, do not talk about java.
@FilipRoséen-refp Not entirely true... it's been discussed sometimes. But in this case the question ( though bad ) is really more about general OOP principles and less so on the language used.
@FilipRoséen-refp second rule, fuck the rules
6:21 PM
This is not a good solution, fgets could stop reading because the end of the stream has been reached.. in which case the above will scew things up. Vlad, get a grip. — Filip Roséen - refp 6 secs ago
@LightningRacisinObrit ^ all for you.
Lua can't be built inherently for debugging
And the problem is most likely in Sol
In fact, I'm pretty sure it's in Sol
@Filip Roséen - refp It is a good solution. Only you need to insert it in the right place. — Vlad from Moscow 21 secs ago
@LightningRacisinObrit ^ alright, I don't like Vlad.. I'm on your side.
Yummy, kebab pizza.
how does arithmetic work in c++ with regards to abstraction? I would have thought its bitwise operations operating on bytes and returning a new byte. I dont think the precedence of arithmetic vs bitwise matters. I cant find anything on google. Its not hw or anything, just a question that popped up!
if only you could downvote comments.. — Filip Roséen - refp 7 secs ago
6:27 PM
What is Easter, btw?
I never knew.
chocolate egg day
eat chocolate eggs, be happy
@FilipRoséen-refp No need to be rude to poor Vlad.
o_0 only a few days early but what ever
oh right, context helps :P
@райтфолд Easter is a day to remember how folk stories can result in genocide
once we went hiking from school and the group leader said "watch out for chocolate eggs, we've put them out on the trail!"
my friend thought they were candy... good times were had
I am followed by someone who is followed by Stephen Fry!
6:35 PM
Now that I read Sol, its not so complicated
Hi all
huh... there's std::sum... really?
butt goslings
/cc @fredoverflow
@thecoshman No, it's called std::accumulate.
@райтфолд Christian holy day that celebrates Christ rising from the dead... if you believe that stuff.
6:38 PM
@райтфолд ergh... of course it is
I can neither confirm nor deny that Christ rose from the dead.
I wasn't there when it was supposed to happen, so I can't tell.
@райтфолд Me neither.
Even if I were there, I could still not tell, since one cannot be 100% sure of anything.
It's impossible.
@ThePhD Remind me to look into it when I'm home. I think I might have set one up manually... not sure though.
@Cinch Sol is shit.
6:40 PM
@райтфолд And back then they didn't necessarily have the medical knowledge to know if he truly was dead.
Or at least was, the last time I checked.
Special cases and inconsistencies everywhere.
oh and of course it has to take iterators ¬_¬
Documentation nowhere.
can't these collections have some sort of std::pair<itter, itter> get_full_range() function added? I want to be able to just call std::accumulat(myVector)
is that really so hard?
or am I being nieve?
@thecoshman Problem solved:
namespace adl {
    template<typename T>
    auto begin(T&& x) {
        using std::begin;
        return begin(std::forward<T>(x));

    template<typename T>
    auto end(T&& x) {
        using std::end;
        return end(std::forward<T>(x));

#define iterators(c) ::adl::begin(c), ::adl::end(c)
Be sure not to define any containers in the adl namespace. :P
6:44 PM
@Borgleader Okay! While I was off digging, I also found this. Means I can parse the entire OpenGL headers and call functions and query them myself if I wanted to!~ ... But I won't, just an interesting though exercise.
@райтфолд o_0
Yeah there are literally no docs for Sol
That's why I offered to do it (after learning how, of course)
But at this rate I might just switch over to selene
@LightningRacisinObrit aw come on now, he sure can handle it.
@Cinch Where's the bug / what's the code that's causing the segfault?
@ThePhD I have a question on it already. Basically, I'm trying to pass Boost.Any to Lua and its making a copy that's failing to finish
I dont know why, but it has to do with decltype and set_function
6:47 PM
@Puppy how do you make a function virtual in Wide?
Are they virtual by default?
God, I should just do Lua in C already
Write a Lua compiler that generates Mill bytecode.
@ThePhD glLoadGen will generate you a nice C++ header/source with that stuff in it... just sayin'
@Borgleader Right, which is why I said it was an interesting thought exercise.
@Cinch I'll go give it a try right now and see what happens.

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