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12:03 AM
Q: Bounties broken network-wide

WoodfaceAn attempt to set a bounty on any question results in 404 at the URL {site}/posts/bounty/start/{post-id} {post-id} being the actual post id. I haven't tried every SE site, but given that this occurs on Mathematics and here on Meta...

waheyyy regression testinggggg
"what's testing?" -- SE team
"did you mean 'testes'?" — Jeff's ghost
I suspect they don't give a frak seeing as we are not individually paying customers
web 3.0 sucks
wankbook.com started it
"move fast and break things and piss people off and it doesn't matter cos what are they going to do about it? ha ha nothing. twats"
it's like the TV network execs who cancelled SGU not because it was fucking amazing art, but because they wanted more bloody money the wankers
completely understandable but no less reprehensible
12:25 AM
@Mysticial: I'm not even kidding. Having playlists auto-advance with no option to disable makes me want to murder people. Please. Change. It. x
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm just a grunt with no power at all. There's nothing I can do about it.
@Mysticial at least pretend
yeah, wouldn't that be lovely? you two being roommate, I could see how you launch your occasional attack on him & he mauls you to death finally sharing lollipops in front of the fireplace
Q: How to responsibly direct users with serious mental health issues?

OliI am not talking about people with borderline personality or spectrum disorder issues (like rudeness), rather behaviours like paranoia and depression. A recent question on Ask Ubuntu highlighted that I just don't know how to safely deal with some personality traits. It was a long and extremely...

Not a graph that anyone in IT wants to see... it doesn't even matter what it is or what the scale is: *not good* http://t.co/Npf4pam0CZ
12:57 AM
I left the pub before 3.
I'm so gonna fall asleep on the bus
I found an art vending machine.
I bought some art from it.
No one's listening; it's almost as if I was at work.
i'm listening
I gotta keep saying stuff so I don't fall asleep on the bus.
do something fun
like not C++
I'm on the bus
that's a great way to not do c++
is that what you bought?
That's the vending machine.
now turn the camera around
so we can seeee youuuu
1:11 AM
There are pictures of me elsewhere on the transcript.
From my talks and from my crazy trips.
i'm not sure how much money 2 x 2 -E is, but you got ripped off
It's 4 euros.
i mean, value
It's art, dude.
Tis less than an average meal.
art? is that some form of scam?
1:13 AM
For all I care I paid 4 euros for a story. I have much more expensive ones like that time I left 40 euros on the ATM.
it might just be the poor picture quality, but it looks like messed up glass
(The story involves my friend's taekwondo training)
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's neat.
1:30 AM
it sounds dirty
@R.MartinhoFernandes what does kunst mean
@Pris It means art.
stackegg too addicting
2:27 AM
Whiplash was great.
@Jefffrey Sounds deadly.
2:52 AM
what's a really deep programming quote or joke?
3:15 AM
No idea.
@Blob Man asks Niklaus Wirth (inventor of Pascal) the proper pronunciation of his last name. His reply: "If you pass me by value it is Worth, but if you pass me by name it is Veert."
Found this babe on my site ...
4:09 AM
Islam.SE is a goldmine of hilarity
> Is it permissible for a girl to chat with men online or follow them on Twitter?
> Is Online Forex Halal?
> Is chess haram?
4:43 AM
@MomotapaLimpopo LMAO. Seriously, all religions need to die.
5:02 AM
@Blob Is it really okay to objectify everything? It's just so... Cold.
Question: what is an error related to Foo::Foo(Foo) about? Its not a valid constructor
@Cinch What?
5:24 AM
5:35 AM
5:47 AM
@Cinch It's invalid because it takes its parameter by value instead of by reference. Taking the parameter by value means it needs to be copy constructed from some other object--and it is the constructor that would be used to do that, so if you ever did anything that would use that constructor, the compiler would go into infinite recursion.
5:59 AM
have you ever used this?
Good morning btw :)
6:31 AM
My ugly code is faster than the better-looking code, which one should I choose?
@MomotapaLimpopo The answer on that is amazing.
> The main purpose of hijab after all is so that women don't attract men.
This is against any kind of logic
@MomotapaLimpopo tbh I find all the religious SE sites to be pretty meh
@Rapptz So Stack Overflow is meh too?
no relevance
This question is exactly the same as your question posted 6 hours ago. It's bad etiquette to repost your questions to get attention. — sehe 11 secs ago
@sehe TBH I never thought of that. Given a good timing it wont be noticed by most users.
6:45 AM
@Cinch Why is that cold? How can you tell you're not doing exactly the same when you thing you're being holistic/mystical/whatnot
@MarkGarcia It was nearly not noticed by me. And I had to go back to my RSS reader to find the original
@khajvah of course. optimization never makes stuff more readable (unless the starting point was pessimized)
In relation, I don't really understand the Stack Overflow April Fool's.
@R.MartinhoFernandes The hate is spreading
6:59 AM
@Rapptz They are pretty entertaining IMO. It's funny to see someone answer a question by quoting the Torah, the same way we quote the Standard.
C++ is the only religion I need!
> Will my tabs stop re-arranging themselves when I open VS now?
Whoah, I never noticed
@MomotapaLimpopo s/tabs stop re-arranging themselves/computer stop overheating/
Or open a dialog.
Maybe not my computer, just my patience.
What do you debug with under Windows @Rapptz
7:06 AM
Why do so many programs in windows feel the need to restart my poor pc?
@khajvah Because windows.
@райтфолд GNU/Gentoo
lol it is gonna start again
7:11 AM
@MomotapaLimpopo c++ is hilarious
A: Can't start a numbered list on a number other than 1

balphaGiven that the vast majority of people want this feature, CommonMark, which we eventually hope to use, supports it, so it would come eventually anyway, the impact should be minimal since most Markdown lists start with 1., even where this isn't the case, nothing will change until the post is edi...

TIL CommonMark
Why is std::array<T, 0> allowed to exist
Generic code.
@MomotapaLimpopo Uh, why introduce a special case?
@FilipRoséen-refp why not static_cast? :[
7:22 AM
I'm so thirsty.
Wonder why I didn't just get up and get water
@райтфолд IMO std::array<T, 0> existing is a special case. Not allowing it to exist would be simpler.
@Rapptz I always have that problem. Until I just dry out and almost fall asleep, I don't get up.
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
There's nothing special about empty arrays.
7:24 AM
Why should it not exist
Why are you trolling anyway
std::array is a boring topic to troll with
Why would you ever want to instantiate something that you can't use for anything meaningful but that still takes space
Making them special will make it hard to write generic code, just like all special cases do (see also void and std::vector<bool>).
@Rapptz I'm open to suggestions
But then people will get pissed etc
I just learned why people use js for font rendering
@MomotapaLimpopo Generic code vOv
7:26 AM
Hi Xeo
Firefox is hogging my fonts.
The answer to "why would this API exist" is typically "for generic code."
See also id.
@Rapptz ?
I say use font X
it uses font Y
I need JS to force it to use font X
if anyone has better suggestions lemme know
@Rapptz Don't?
Just use font-family: X;.
7:28 AM
I am using font-family: X.
Problem solved!
@Rapptz And why?
thinking I might give firefox a try... only thinking, I probably will nto bother.
Problem existing.
Overriding user preferences is the most annoying thing ever.
7:28 AM
@MarkGarcia I really don't know.
See also overriding keyboard shortcuts.
@Rapptz don't try to do something you are not supposed to do.
you guys are not helping
the end user is meant to decide what font to use, websites merely suggest what would be good
@Rapptz you are trying to be bad, we are trying to save you.
I am saying to use font X
I have font X.
I do not care for font Y.
I did not ask for font Y.
7:30 AM
also, afternoon. lol hash tag april fools
@Rapptz your specifying a specific font, not a family?
no I am quite literally specifying the font family
font-chromosomes: XY
@Rapptz as is font y part of that family?
@Rapptz SSCCE
@Rapptz Are you using installed font or local file font?
7:32 AM
@MarkGarcia google font api
You're probably doing something silly.
@райтфолд sec
@райтфолд Most likely.
@райтфолд vOv you can say that in any situation. Best right before something important is about to happen :D
7:35 AM
@райтфолд ergh... so it begins :'(
@райтфолд There's a google TLD???
@MarkGarcia you can have any TLD you want now, you just have to pay big bucks for it
7:36 AM
@MarkGarcia newtldlist.com
@MomotapaLimpopo why isn't that new.tldlist?
> .pizza
> .mormon
> .lol
I don't even
@Rapptz are you serving from file://?
7:37 AM
Oh there's .moscow
Time to register vlad.moscow
Because then it will look for file://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:400,300,600.
¬_¬ .website OH COME ON NOW!!!
Which will not be found.
7:38 AM
Sends downvotes through HTTP
c.plus.plus :D
@райтфолд localhost but maybe the same issue
@thecoshman We need it now!!!
yes! there is a .sucks :D
brings back memories
... those of being rather the dick... but still
there's also .blue
7:41 AM
no .lounge :'(
@Rapptz Try to remove the leading //.
:\ dirty.arab
¬_¬ .blackfriday
this is an outrage! they have .hiphop but not .blackendmelodicdeathmetal
@Rapptz then it's good.
Open Web Inspector and go to Network tab.
he he he, .wang
7:46 AM
@райтфолд lol
money well spent
@райтфолд is that the normal version of that song, or some black metal version?
I never thought I'd have that on my youtube history again
for (auto i = int(); ...) nice
@thecoshman normal
@райтфолд bah
@MomotapaLimpopo lol
7:48 AM
@MomotapaLimpopo most vexing
wait... is that mvp?
No no
It's just a convoluted way of saying int i = 0
mvp would be int i();
oh, int is a reserved word so can't be used for function name, so no mvp...?
it's just the default constructor
so this guy who's come on to our team to help share his expert knowledge... he's terrible.
7:50 AM
TIL the word "frenulum"
@thecoshman Only on "stand-alone" statements.
@thecoshman wat
@thecoshman That can mean both good and bad. Elaborate.
> Possible duplicate of I am a moron and can't use Google, help
I wish I could comment that
this site is helpless
it is a tragedy
@thecoshman He's certified.
@MomotapaLimpopo Your capybara account.
7:52 AM
we have some guy who's supposed to be more experienced at this new test framework we use and experienced at using this review system... Part of this review system is that if you want to make updates to address comments you have to amend the commit and push that up. An odd thing, but one you'd think easy enough to accept... except this 'expert' just doesn't seem to.
He's also branching for no reason... and then pushing those branches for pubic... for even less reason... and called that branch "new_branch"
@MarkGarcia certified over sold ¬_¬
Pushing for pubic, wow, that's disgusting
@Rapptz imo, don't
I'm pretty bored
let some other chump deal with that shit
@Rapptz try self harm?
7:55 AM
Already doing self harm by writing HTML by hand
btw that font is pretty sexy
aesthetically pleasing and shit
would use again
which one
pls respond
It's sans-serif; not really for programming
How can I find what keeps my object alive (C#)
Have a small test that shows a memory leak.
pray to allah
7:57 AM
Could not spot what is keeping it alive from reading the code
@Rapptz Learn Bootstrap. Tell me if you love it or hate it (I'm more into the loving side).
I'm not using Bootstrap.
@JohanLarsson CLR profiler
tbf I don't know how big bootstrap is now a days
I haven't checked
@MomotapaLimpopo ok ty, checking it out

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