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12:00 AM
that's actually a lie since my father asked if I'd want to have dinner with him, so my evening was quite pleasant
but still, it could be true
but if it was I'd probably be drunk right now (Saturday night etc.)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Snot my fault. I left the house late, intending to walk to clubbe, but Robbie the Bobbie turned up and gave me a lift. Result: rattedness.
@FilipRoséen-refp smokes for dinner what
Isn't that the result regardless of the story?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit well, I smoke constantly so maybe I shouldn't say that it's included in my dinner.. or I will, just because
not if the story is "I did not have any alcohol"
12:01 AM
Something something @MartinJames something. Result: rattedness.
anyone remember the title of the question asking why there isn't any overload of operator[] with a ref-qualifier matching rvalues in std::vector?
I'm asking for the title so that I can find it, if anyone have a link to it.. that be great
I forgot to star it but I feel like there's a kinda good chance that someone got the answer "wrong"
did you talk about it here before
@R.MartinhoFernandes It wasn't my intention to get drunk tonite. The sequence of events is too boring to list here, but whatever, I got to the club 35 min earlier than I had initially planned.
I saw it when I was on the metro
12:03 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp btw why should there be?
@DanielKO that one, thanks!
lol indexing a temporary container
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm not saying it should be, OP is asking
@FilipRoséen-refp right but you're looking for the question so presumably you want that too?
12:05 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit no, I wanted to see if there's any good answers to that question, or if I should write one up
I'm currently debating on whether @T.C's answer is good enough, or if one should elaborate a bit
@vsoftco: There is no need to learn the STL in 2015. One should learn the C++ Standard Library that was introduced back in 1998 and has been updated several times since. — Lightness Races in Orbit 12 secs ago
Loungers Assemble
@FilipRoséen-refp you need a hobby m8
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm not out getting drunk; what do you want me to do?
@FilipRoséen-refp go out and get drunk
@LightnessRacesinOrbit nhaa, I'm staying in.. both to save up some cash but also to work on a blackberry-app I've been meaning to get to
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Why break a habit? It's Saturday nite.
12:08 AM
as well as thinking about what to tell some of the recruiters that are currently idling in my mailbox
@FilipRoséen-refp 'Piss off' sounds reasonable.
@MartinJames I normally don't reply, but there are a few interesting companies in there
It's Saturday night and I'm staying home.
So many people I talk to seem to dislike bitbucket, but they can't really describe what's wrong with it, other than "it's not github".
@DanielKO it makes you think of bitcoins
12:09 AM
githubbers are brainwashed cretins anyway
git users are brainwashed certins.
i wanna make a resume and apply to google even though they don't take high schoolers. tips on what to include as i have no job experience?
^for internship
@Blob let them find you
@FilipRoséen-refp lol not gonna happen
@Blob why do you say that?
12:10 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp why would they have heard of me?
@Blob Google recruiters troll SO regularly
@Blob why would they have heard of me?
though with 512 rep I wouldn't hold my breath
@FilipRoséen-refp you've probably actually had a job, at least at some point
@LightnessRacesinOrbit pft. i barely use SO.
@Blob I'm a fashion model..
12:11 AM
why would google need you?
@Blob Find someone who works there. Become his acquaintance, use him. That's the surest way I know. Or you could just be really smart too, but that's a lot more work.
I am going to a 3 days bushwalk & have to give 3 guys a lift. I mean I am not expecting prince to rescue me, but can't the guys be as independent as I am? I would like the flexibility of drive my own car, now I have to sync with everyone else schedule. A bit annoyed - not giving people a lift which I do all the times, but the 'have to sync with everyone else schedule' bit.
@DanielKO :|
(not that i wanna use you)
@Blob good luck with that!
@Blob one way to raise attention to your name is by becoming active in WG21
12:13 AM
@Blob Wait do you know that if you work there, you'll have to follow their coding guidelines?
Someone here works at Google.
@Blob Do they even have engineers at NYC?
I'm not going to tell you who, though.
@AndyProwl i doubt i'll even get to touch C++ as an intern
@FredOverflow Or you know, know your stuff.
12:14 AM
there are a few people actually
@Blob Just keep the risk in mind ;)
Only one worth mentioning.
in NYC?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit as they're worth mentioning, mind mentioning?
12:14 AM
I'm not the one not worth mentioning.
@Blob yes ;p
@LightnessRacesinOrbit yes, true, but I was really talking about the STL component of the SL, namely the containers/iterators/algorithms (at least, that's how many people call this part of the Standard Library, although it is not a standard term). I think they are much more fundamental than e.g. type traits, at least for beginners. I agree one should eventually learn the Standard Library, but start at least with STL. I still have discussions about C qsort being faster than std::sort, because the former is written in C, so it must be faster, which is total non-sense. — vsoftco 6 mins ago
red rag to a bull my friend
@AndyProwl i'd rather not move.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit shoot me an interesting C++ question
is getting involved in wg21 hard?
or get me to be less picky about the questions I answer nowadays
12:15 AM
@DanielKO its interface is more painful, its issues are less functional, its live editor is worse, it lacks all fancy graphs and vis
@Blob not really
You really need a hobby
qsort brings me back =)
@FilipRoséen-refp no
@LightnessRacesinOrbit please?
I'm begging you (not really, but I could pretend to be if that would make it easier)
12:16 AM
@Blob Well, Google's head hunters keep an eye on SO, so if you will be very active and become very noticeable/knowledgeable, chances are they will contact you
Q: C++: "std::endl" vs "\n"

Head GeekMany C++ books contain example code like this... std::cout << "Test line" << std::endl; ...so I've always done that too. But I've seen a lot of code from working developers like this instead: std::cout << "Test line\n"; Is there a technical reason to prefer one over the other, or is it just...

But then again if you will become knowledgeable enough you'll hate the idea of working with their coding guidelines :P
@Blob You just gotta pay $1000 and write papers.
@FredOverflow -.-
@FredOverflow you don't need to pay anything to be active, but if you wanna become an official member it depends on the country you working through
12:17 AM
If you want to vote, you must pay $1000.
@FredOverflow ... no
it depends on what country you are coming from
as an example you don't pay anything if you are from Finland, because of how the national body works over there
@AndyProwl only the best or anyone who answers C++ questions?
there's a fee of.. I don't know how much (far too much) if you are Swedish, which I am
12:19 AM
@Blob Not sure what "best" means, but not anyone
it should be €50,000 to be Swedish
@Blob They do not contact every single answerer in , obviously.
You should know that, since they have not contacted you.
@AndyProwl I have never been head-hunted so far. How do they even make contact? Do they write a comment on SO? :)
@FredOverflow Sometimes they stalk you and find your email address. Otherwise, if you have a Careers profile they go through that.
@FredOverflow Email.
12:20 AM
@FredOverflow Mostly emails, even if you don't share them here
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Ah, I don't have a Careers profile.
@FredOverflow by email!
@Mysticial Not on my SO profile.
it's enough putting your email on your so-profile
12:20 AM
there's no need for a careers page
@FredOverflow They called my friend, my friend called me.
@FilipRoséen-refp yes but if you don't want to put your email on your SO profile ...
@FredOverflow if you have changed jobs a lot then there is a better chance that you would get head hunted, because agents have your details
@LightnessRacesinOrbit put some other email on where you can be reached
there's no need to put your personal one
They found my email elsewhere.
(Probably my source code)
12:22 AM
I've only just realised that strm << x; strm << y; and strm << x << y; are literally the same thing. lol
I mean I always knew it but I never thought about it before
not really..
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You can't be serious...
@LightnessRacesinOrbit using x = ++i;
12:23 AM
Either source code or @Mysticial gave it to them.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit overloads and sequence-points (the latter being less important)
I have been head hunted a couple of times this year, some from agents, some from U.S. IT gaint & startup
@CaptainGiraffe shush
@R.MartinhoFernandes I only gave them your SO and Twitter accounts. I don't know your email.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit stream << x << y doesn't have to be the same as stream << x; stream << y;
12:24 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp x and y are ints.
it's the bloody same
not sure what overloads you're talking about
except ones that do not follow good convention
and I do not count those
@LightnessRacesinOrbit you said they are literally the same, they doesn't have to be true.. you wrote something, I replied
oh brother
let's try this again
in fact no let's not
And I'm the robot.
it's all up to you, braw
See this is why I like LRIO.
12:26 AM
Aaaaaand bottle cap cut.
Banter, intuition and sometimes correctness.
What I meant to say is that, in the past, when I've been writing code to build up, say, an SQL statement, and wanted it to be pretty, I've ended up writing strm << stuff; \n strm << morestuff; and in the back of my mind thought "hnng that could be better if I wrote strm << stuff << morestuff instead but oh well this is not in a critical part of code". Without ever stopping to think that they are literally the same ... in the cases at hand.
And I made the mistake of not writing all of that out when I decided to make the observation in here
@R.MartinhoFernandes Stitches and/or transfusion?
'an SQL statement, and wanted it to be pretty,' lol!
In fact I'm talking crap anyway because the cases I'm misremembering are strm << "hi" << " world"; vs strm << "hi" " world"; which is an entirely different comparison
I hope you enjoyed this
@MartinJames the code not the statement ;p
but hey SQL can be beautiful
when you save a gimp document while having something like a selection (mouse drag) going on, the selection also gets saved :O
12:28 AM
Failed back syndrome or post-laminectomy syndrome is a condition characterized by persistent pain following back surgeries. Failed back syndrome (FBS), also called "failed back surgery syndrome" (FBSS), refers to chronic back and/or leg pain that occurs after back (spinal) surgery, usually after laminectomy. It is characterized as a chronic pain syndrome. Multiple factors can contribute to the onset or development of FBS. Contributing factors include but are not limited to residual or recurrent disc herniation, persistent post-operative pressure on a spinal nerve, altered joint mobility, joint...
select beer as usual from fridge
this is like, VS saving your selected code block when saving a file
That's a thing.
@AndyProwl lolol
I don't reply to head hunters these a few months, not because I am rude, but because my construction project is going slower than expected & the worst thing could happen is that you started projects, put in effort & not finishing them. If you are that kind of person, you would likely to not be able to accomplish anything in your life.
12:31 AM
@AndyProwl where Strength>5.0;
lol kitty pretending she gets emails from headhunters and ignores them
@MartinJames aah that query returns an empty result set at the moment
@AndyProwl :(
I don't reply to headhunters and that is because I'm rude.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I do ... last one I got was about a week ago
12:32 AM
I have gin.
@R.MartinhoFernandes are you in Stockholm?
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have sausages.
I have smokes.
smoked sausage, gin, and the beer from @AndyProwl and we'd have a nice thing going
Q: c++11 variadic templates and std::endl

KrabI tried to do logger using C++11 variadic templates, but it doesn't work for std::endl, because std::endl is template function and the compilator doesn't know what specialization of std::endl to select. Is there any way how i can force to always select std::endl<char, std::char_traits<char>>? I d...

why is this getting attention?
2 mins ago, by Andy Prowl
@MartinJames aah that query returns an empty result set at the moment
12:34 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp Sounds good, but I need sleeps.
@MartinJames could you fedex the sausage to me? much appreciated, thanks.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit ?
I am in Berlin. Sausages are in the air.
> the compilator
12:35 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp It's now gone:)
What's so "hnng" about it?
@MartinJames you sent it? wicked!
@Rapptz ok sorry
@FilipRoséen-refp Ate it, sorry.
@MartinJames damn it..
12:36 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp Nite all;)
ITT refp wants someone to "fedex him their sausage"
I'm hungry.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit if you could get some sausage fedex'ed to you, wouldn't you accept?
@Filip if you have gin, what's the beer for?
12:36 AM
@EtiennedeMartel you want that fedex sausage, don't you?
And you speak of sausage. I don't even care about context, I just want sausage right now.
What's wrong with an advert for water heater resellers from Jakarta as a wiki for the POST tag? — TLama yesterday
@chmod711telkitty Yi harr!
thought you knew ...
did @chmod711telkitty just spend time providing proof so that @LightnessRacesinOrbit wouldn't win the argument?
12:37 AM
lol geo-loco
@FilipRoséen-refp she just spent time faking the proof, yes
@LightnessRacesinOrbit nonetheless.. I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or not
@R.MartinhoFernandes The Earth is crazy, yes.
@FilipRoséen-refp hang on what 'argument'?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I don't care, I have a company with 10+ mobile apps across ios, android & windows platform & you don't.
12:39 AM
I have also designed & building a house & you have not
@chmod711telkitty as if quantity (number of apps) matters in that line of business..
Kitty is going all dick size on LRiO
fun, isn't it? :D
12:40 AM
best smiley ever
-<>- is the Merkel smiley
@chmod711telkitty How do you know?
9 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
lol kitty pretending she gets emails from headhunters and ignores them
@LightnessRacesinOrbit The fact that she needs to post a screenshot to try to prove something says a lot. :)
also I am a woman, I have no dick which is just as great!
12:40 AM
I actually wonder if @chmod711telkitty still has me plonked
@FilipRoséen-refp That's not an 'argument'.
I am surprised
@Mysticial ;p
Seems like spam to me. We could probably automatically ban everyone who tries to add a link ending in .in to a tag wiki without losing too much of value... — l4mpi Jun 4 '14 at 12:57
@LightnessRacesinOrbit what should one call it, a statement? (I sincerely want to know)
btw, speaking of emails, I hate those bastards who find you email address through [std-proposal] and such, and just assume that you are interested in their shit
is python capitalized?
12:42 AM
@Filip you mean like Google?
@R.MartinhoFernandes no
They do just that though
@FilipRoséen-refp yes. a statement, an observation, an assertion, a joke .. any number of things it was. an argument it was not.
Is there a name for f g x = \y z -> g (g y x) z?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit thanks for being my English teacher.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I mean like "You show interest in the C/C++ language which is indicated by groups.google.com/a/isocpp.org/forum/?fromgroups . So we thought that you might be interested in this post. Sorry if we are wrong; in this case, please just reply us with an empty email and I promise we won’t bother you anymore."
if they reach out to everyone on the mailing list, why not post an actual message to the.. mailing list?
12:44 AM
"the C/C++ language"
thanks, gonna subscribe to mailing list
There's a 's' missing in there
@EtiennedeMartel google's C++ coding standard is a subset of C.
> Most of bugs like those are fixed at the testing stage but some keep inhabiting the code and getting on developers’ nerves. They can be found through code review. But this method is too expensive to be used as an everyday practice. And this is where static code analysis tools come in handy. These utilities can analyze software’s source code to detect various abnormalities without ever getting tired. These abnormalities are usually nothing but errors or carelessly written code.
from the same mail
@FilipRoséen-refp np
@EtiennedeMartel ;p
12:46 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm serious, and I hope you got that.
@FilipRoséen-refp Me and Jefffrey were talking about that the other day
@LightnessRacesinOrbit the email, or that particular subject?
Mar 25 at 11:21, by Lightness Races in Orbit
anyone else get an email about static analysis?
@FilipRoséen-refp the email
yesterday, by Lightness Races in Orbit
@Jefffrey I've asked the guy to explain who he is and why he's asking and what my opinion will be used for. If it's for commercial use then he'd better be paying!
Btw how long ago did you get your 100k+ SO swag?
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol still nothing?
12:47 AM
Might be time to bother someone at SE about mine.
@R.MartinhoFernandes About 2 months ago?
ever since he started/continued his rep-whoring
I'm just saying the above because I remember the madness that went down last time that was brought up in this channel
Was it to all 100k users this year? Or just the top N users?
I mean.. this is the Internet
12:48 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I think they just hate robots.
when will people actually grasp that the concept of undefined-behavior reaching far into the land of translation?
Jan 16 at 11:53, by Lightness Races in Orbit
yeahhhhhh it was my swag after all
@FilipRoséen-refp A single person will probably grab the concept pretty quickly. The problem is that there are infinitely many new people trying to learn C/C++.
@Mysticial As there are infinitely many humans?
@FilipRoséen-refp speaking of translation, I can't parse your statement
12:51 AM
(I know what you mean, but still, it's a bit hyperbolic)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit squint your eyes and pretend that I wrote it correctly
@EtiennedeMartel No. There are more people posting bad questions on SO than there are people in the world.
@FilipRoséen-refp ok
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Fuck's sake. Gonna bitch to team@se.
@Mysticial I think they're all bots.
12:52 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp I have you plonked? like when? >_<
Jul 9 '13 at 14:15, by Telkitty 猫咪咪
@refp but I am mainly a C++ person and it is not because it starts with the same letter as C# & cunt
it's hard to keep track of who's plonking who
the most relevant message I could find
Oct 19 '13 at 6:47, by Telkitty 猫咪咪
@refp fantacy? why is that fantasy, I add creamy white milk to my black coffee so very often
<- grabs the popcorn
12:53 AM
Is that really about what I think it is about?
I hate time zones so much
they're such a pain
daylight savings is even worse
@EtiennedeMartel It's about coffee...
@AndyProwl Yeah
@Rapptz oh god that's today isn't it
in six minutes, in fact
and -29 seconds
@LightnessRacesinOrbit And milk
12:54 AM
@Jefffrey Ah, good to hear
~takes cover~
damn, I was an ass back then
I'm overengineering mine already
I reckon I still am on many levels
@AndyProwl Simply don't :P
12:56 AM
That's easier said than done!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit how should I have written that statement, btw?
@FilipRoséen-refp lol
@FilipRoséen-refp how am I to know
I don't know what it meant
It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit what I meant was asking why (a lot) of people think that undefined-behavior only affects the resulting executable (if any), and not the software responsible for translating the supplied code?
"here's my broken code. how can I achieve my goal properly?" dunno mate the only way we know what your goal is is by reading your code ... which, by your own admission, does not achieve that goal!!!!!!!" basic logic
12:58 AM
@Jefffrey click
save as... -> bad days -> badday03292015.jpg
disk full
@FilipRoséen-refp sorry I don't get it
@LightnessRacesinOrbit you're not supposed to
@AndyProwl lol

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