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7:00 AM
@jalf I stopped reading at "When writing Node.js or JavaScript applications, you sometimes need to embed multi-line strings in your code. It may be a snippet of HTML"
@Jeffrey I suck at sucking.
A: convert int to char c

user2376581here is the answer-- int i=250; unsigned char ch=0; ch=i; printf("%d",ch);

What to do off a teacher who says C++ is a bad language and java is the best in the world and writes code like a = ++a;
7:03 AM
@Darkyen Sue him for not delivering on his advertising of providing an education
@Darkyen how many years are you ready to spend in jail?
@Mysticial really?
@Jeffrey for C++ ... i'd say the rest of my life
@TonyTheLion Printing out doesn't count as converting does it? :P
7:04 AM
well i gave him a nice pounding in one of assigments though
if he reads it :-(
I gave him 6 pages as an answer to 1 question Differentiate b/w C++ and Java
7:17 AM
Does anybody remember that hacker news article where they talked about the physical size of a single bit of wire. Specifically how many meters it occupies in a wire?
close to this
that has nothing to do with how many metres of wire a bit occupies
merely how fast it can travel down said wire
morning all, now from work :P
well I'mma go make an appt with doc
and then I'll be off to bed
@Mikhail wtf?
@thecoshman ?
7:29 AM
@DeadMG good night
Why the fucking fuck am I reading the transcript?
I am linking against a 3rd party library written by Satin. Does anybody know how to convert CString that are char* to the Unicode nonsense so that I can link (but not change the default string type in my program?
Also good image search for CString taught me something
@TonyTheLion miss sehe?
I do miss him, but that's not the reason I was reading the transcript.
I was actually reading it because I clicked on Cat's starred message
and then got lost
11 hours ago, by DeadMG
@EtiennedeMartel Work in progress. But then, I spend a lot of it being sick.
oh puppy
the cat seems to be a serious grumpy binge, either that or it is getting to me more
7:44 AM
he's been really grumpy lately
it's especially bad if you start paying attention to it
close to the point of just plonking him
yea I considered that too yesterday
:O get out my head!
seriously, I don't normally plonk regulars, but if he doesn't become at least a bit more bearable and nice, he'll go down the plonk list.
Yes, I'm talking about you @CatPlusPlus
yeah, you mention anything, and then you get told how shit it is ¬_¬ got boring a while ago
7:47 AM
yea, it's getting a bit old
I've wondered if he's just trolling
@thecoshman so how is shit?
it's damn cold here
fuck sake, its May, should be sunny and all
@jalf 'how shit it is' I did remember the it ಠ_ಠ
@TonyTheLion aye, that it be
ergh... forms on websties, Y U NO use <label>
@thecoshman ah, but I didn't see it, so it doesn't count. :)
@TonyTheLion it's sunny here
@jalf (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
7:50 AM
@jalf enjoy it
I don't really care for it to be sunny, just fed up with it being cold and wet :(
@thecoshman Labels, the hidden feature of web design. It is incredible how many sites don't use them....
@jalf I'll slap them all!
might even send them some damn advice to update their site :P
also, this is cool
web design, urgh
7:52 AM
that is one thing I'm really not fond of
@TonyTheLion it is horrible. But I appreciate when it is done well by others
@jalf ah come on!
@jalf true
web design is kind of like cleaning the sewers. It has to be done by some one, I'm just glad it is not me and appreciate when they spare me from the shit.
7:55 AM
@Darkyen Well, C++ is a bad language
You are bad, and you should feel bad
worse then Java... doubtful, really doubtful
oh man, all ready low on a money in account... I really need to get a grip on this. At least there is Some money in savings
I always have some spare money somewhere
just in the case that...
I'm quite strict on my finances.
I try to be, but shit aint free and my pay is not exactly great.
7:58 AM
:( sucks
@TonyTheLion ... what?
my situation is easier, because I live alone
@thecoshman I run out, then I have a backup plan
yeah, feeding two people on my income does not leave much spare money for savings or fun stuff
yea, I don't know how far I'd get if I had a gf to feed too
like if I want to get flights somewhere for me and the misses, a hotel for a week, eat... a holiday basically, I basically can't :(
8:00 AM
What do you do when you feel down?
also car to feed.
yes fuel
which also means as much as I want to get a motorthing of sorts, the cost of it itself is hard to justify, let alone the increase on regular outgoings.
8:01 AM
must not drive for the sake of driving :/
@Jeffrey hope to avoid it
@TonyTheLion but... 'weeee'
I know, soooo tempting
@thecoshman well, genius...
@Jeffrey have you tried punching someone?
8:03 AM
@jalf No and don't want to :/
Yell at them then :)
@jalf why would yelling at random people help? :(
@Jeffrey potentially fill you with adrenaline
technically, getting angry at stuff will help
Some people prefer getting really drunk. That's an option too :p
although the optimal answer probably depends on why you're feeling down
@jalf that assumes there is a reason
8:08 AM
@thecoshman no, but it implies that the "cure" might be different if there is a reason than if there isn't. :)
point missed, never mind. Everyone return to your happy place
@jalf I can't get drunk when unhappy...
@thecoshman I don't think so. If the "reason" is that someone else took the last cake before you were able to get any, then the remedy is likely to be quite different from if you're suffering from a depression. :)
@Jeffrey wanna bet? :p
@jalf No, ok. I better rephrase that: I usually don't want to get drunk when unhappy.
@Jeffrey Seriously, it depends on the underlying cause.
depression can be a simple bad situation, or chronic, or even caused by imbalances in the brain- if your brain decided to have an imbalance, you ain't gonna make yourself feel better by stuffing yourself with chocolate.
but that's a good starting point
8:14 AM
@Jeffrey right, I usually don't want to get drunk regardless of my mood. But some people prefer that as the solution to pretty much any problem. ;)
@DeadMG the chocolate, you mean?
true :)
oh yay, company policy that we all use email signatures that are so long they would put a Norse saga to shame ¬_¬
Chocolate is awesome.
@DeadMG my life plans seems to be failing all together in the last week...
8:18 AM
50% of a person's happiness level is fixed genetically and cannot be altered except in the very short term
tell it to the science, bitch
I'll probably find a way, like I usually do, but that is kind of depressing to realize that you are nothing but your dreams, before you achieve them.
some experiments involving identical twins
8:20 AM
Great Pirate of the Western Sea
Seven Seas Incorporated
A Subsidiary of Twelve Kingdoms United
(123) 456 - 0202

This e-mail was intended for specific recipients and only for those recipients. If you received this e-mail in error please contact the sender immediately and disregard all contents. None of the contents of this e-mail are legally binding in the case of a breach of communications.
^ one of those kinds of e-mail signatures? :P
@ThePhD yeah :D
@DeadMG oh right, case closed. Good work science!
8:36 AM
@Jeffrey I'm sure I'll regret asking, but what happened?
ohhhh the sun is coming out
I need to find something better to eat for breakfast, something that will fill me up
cereal doesn't cut it
@TonyTheLion quick, make the most of these few seconds
yea well I'm enjoying it from inside the office
I just caught up to the fact that Godspeed You! Black Emperor released an album last fall, after 10 years. I'm awed.
source, its a render
8:48 AM
@TonyTheLion full english
that sounds sooooo good
I should look where I can get a full english around here
Good to see some PHP love from Google https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads#Google_App_Engine_SDK_for_PHP
If this isn't sarcastic, I am disappoint.
Also, I am disappoint in Google.
8:51 AM
The word is "disappointed"
> Get help on building and running PHP applications on Google App Engine in our Stack Overflow community.
The meme is "disappoint"
like, totally fuck off. It's not your Stack Overflow community!
they sponsor the tag

user2389052Abstract : Adrenal angiomyolipoma is a rare entity . Only four cases have been reported to the best of our knowledge till date. We report a 25 years old female who presented with epigastric pain. A computerized tomography (CT) scan showed right adrenal mass with features of angiomyolipoma as su...

@TonyTheLion "sponsor" how? with money?
8:56 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit of course, how else.
@TonyTheLion Downvote and close.
you can see the google app tag has a logo in it
means its a sponsored tag
@TonyTheLion how the fuck should I know?
@TonyTheLion okay
how is it that you don't know? :)
8:57 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Have some illegitimate upvotes.
@ThePhD :D
@rightfold I did
Fuck you T-Mobile.
Stop sending me text messages.
I hate when they do that.
Cancel your T-Mobile account. Then you will not receive any further text messages from their network.
8:58 AM
Yay I found the solution in the shortest number of crosses! i.imgur.com/13FcTfT.jpg
But it still does the retarded thing of doing loads of unnecessary loads/unloads
I need to get dijkstra working :O
@Ell huh? What is this?
@TonyTheLion a diagram, shrump.
@TonyTheLion it's my solution to the river crossing problem xD
3 wolfs, 3 sheep on one side of the river
get them all to the other side!
8:59 AM
Flip the river.
Problem solved.
The wolfs may never outnumber the sheep.
There must be one animal in the boat for it to cross
There must be no more than 2 animals in the boat to cross
flip river
@Ell you could add in a rule the an action can not be followed by its inverse
> it's
9:00 AM
I could
> '
but I think that's the wrong way to go about it
I think it's just the fact that depth first is bad xD
for this problem at least
it's => its mother fucking cock slapped big tits
Learn English.
I though apostrophes could be possessive
9:02 AM
inb4 ¬_¬
I think it also doesn't help that you are allowing the transitions to be too small
9:08 AM
@jalf Then don't ask. Don't worry I'll be ok, my dear :)
Q: Signaling or catching 'nan' as they occur in computations in numerical code base in c++

MhAcKNIWe have numerical code written in C++. Rarely but under certain specific inputs, some of the computations result in an 'nan' value. Is there a standard or recommended method by which we can stop and alert the user when a certain numerical calculation results in an 'nan' being generated? (u...

cosh, I need a tableflip
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
9:24 AM
@TonyTheLion yes!
9:44 AM
Does GMP have something like std::valarray but for bigints and bigfloats?
10:08 AM
hmmm... I wonder if this will ever complete :P
'this' being the github graph thing for 'linux'
@thecoshman Millions of commits. :P
@rightfold yeah :D but based on how github generates that, I don't see why it can't render progressively.
geh, @R.MartinhoFernandes looking at you Sconstruct file... my lord it has a lot of twating around
10:34 AM
@thecoshman The one in ogonek?
It's ugly and need some refactoring.
See here instead: github.com/rmartinho/breeze
you really like Scons :P
Meh, not that much. It does its job.
what would you say 'its job' is?
Track my dependencies and build what I tell it to.
One thing I've added to my system, is a way to pass in one string for all the source folders you wish to have searched for code to be built. This string allows you pass meta data to say certain folders should only be used on certain OSs and others should be excluded. If you care read, here you go. I am going to extend this system to things like compilers flags, and couple it with the ability to use metadata via cmd line
@R.MartinhoFernandes what exactly do you mean 'track dependencies'?
10:45 AM
@thecoshman It knows what needs rebuilding when I change some file.
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh ok. yeah, need to add that at some stage. As far as I am concerned, whilst a very nice thing that I do need to add, it is not a release feature.
building the project at all is more important :P
In my view, it is the feature.
Because it's the one that is painful as heck to work around the lack of.
yes, but if you get a clean build every time, it does not stop you from being able to build at all. Sure it may slow you down, but something like linking the compiled files is more important :P
I can "fix" the rest of the build myself, as I had to do in SCons sometimes, but fuck dependency tracking.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Isn't that how most build systems are?
10:49 AM
@thecoshman No, it isn't. I can easily make that work by hand.
@Rapptz Except cosh's, it seems.
I suppose so
hey! it's early days :P
The cat showed me ninja
it's pretty nice
@Rapptz link
@Rapptz Isn't that to be used with cmake or something?
10:55 AM
It says it's good with meta build systems
but I haven't tried it
~ [ brew install tex                                                 ] 12:57 pm
Error: No available formula for tex
Installing TeX from source is weird and gross, requires a lot of patches,
and only builds 32-bit (and thus can't use Homebrew deps on Snow Leopard.)

We recommend using a MacTeX distribution: tug.org/mactex
@rightfold I had a bit more luck installing tex via macports (once I figured out what the right packages were called)
@R.MartinhoFernandes dumb ape
11:03 AM
@jalf I'll just install MacTeX.
It's only 2 GB.
@R.MartinhoFernandes FTR, I got it!
@Darkyen WTH?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit :)
Memo to Cat: you are 18 and arthritic. Please try to remember not to walk between the Food Ape’s feet? It hurts you and scares the Food Ape.
11:11 AM
Dat down/up ratio.
@wilx thats what i said when i saw it .. wth
> This account is temporarily suspended for voting irregularities.
I think this explains it quite clearly.
@R.MartinhoFernandes What irregularities? I do not see any. Am I blind? :)
11:14 AM
@wilx How did you gain access to the user's voting history?
@wilx Do you see the -2200+ rep from a remove user in the history?
Connect the dots.
2 days ago, by sehe
On the practical side, feel free to appoint someone else as room owner (temporarily!!! lol)
Who did you pick?
That's too bad.
No one. AFAIK sehe can still wield the powers he was anointed with.
11:16 AM
Well, not if he's not here, he can't
@Darkyen From the starboard I thought this was Ell and he changed his name
@Abyx booya
@jalf Work?
hehe ya
Well, I could get the same at home, but don't see the point in paying for more than 40/40
@wilx sockpuppet upvoter.
I see.
I hear.
My code works omg!
It only appears to work
To deceive you
And toy with you
11:32 AM
and in the crucial moment
it will abandon you
Let me rephrase it.
It compiles and runs without segfaults.
Ship it!
Great idea!
11:37 AM
I don't have a ship.
Is your name pronounced Martino?
i.e. silent h?
Martiño, IIRC.
It's pronounced Martinho
Martiño is pronounced Martinio
11:38 AM
presumably mar-TEEN-yo
That's not how you pronounced Martino
@Rapptz In what language?
@wilx Martin, I hooked up with your ho.
11:39 AM
@Rapptz No it is not
Yes it is (native spanish speaker here)
El Niño
@Rapptz You're an incorrect native spanish speaker
@Rapptz Or, more likely, using "io" in a sense that English speakers would not :P
Ah just fuck off
Not in the mood today
11:40 AM
@Rapptz Nice chatting with you. Welcome to plonk.
If you're not in the mood for being called out on your wrongness in the Lounge, I suggest not being in the Lounge! :)
@Rapptz No.
@Rapptz Not really :S
Just call him "robot", makes it easier for everyone
@R.MartinhoFernandes To be fair, that's how it's written in writing but not exactly how it's pronounced.
@Xeo How do you pronounce Robot
@Rapptz He's right, though :|
11:41 AM
@Xeo Rolled R or not?
Dunno about Spanish, but the two (nh - ni) are not allophones in Portuguese.
Allo, phones! Wagwan
Meh whatever. I know how to say it outloud, pretty much all I care about.
@Rapptz Ok. But yeah, if you're a native Spanish speaker "Martiño" is quite good.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I've never heard any of my close Spanish friends and [slightly less close] family members use them as allophones in Spanish, either. But perhaps Rapptz is from a different and lesser-well-known part of the Spanish-speaking world. Only possibility I can think of.
@R.MartinhoFernandes So, mar-TEEN-yo? As I said?
11:44 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I am not familiar with that notation :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes Get familiar with it, bitch!
And being English-centric, I doubt it can cover nasalised consonants.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Venezuela btw.
Which is next to Columbia
A bit up from Brazil.
@R.MartinhoFernandes No, probably not
I always laugh when I tell English-speakers that "nh" is pronounced like the "ñ" in "El Niño", and then they proceed to pronounce "El Niño" wrong.
11:47 AM
I hear a lot of English say "El Neeno" as-is
You've used agneau as an example in the past but I've just realised that I'm too lazy to use a nasal for it lol.
ag no innit
I've always seen the enye spelled out with an ni
gn -> that nasally n-sound
11:49 AM
That's more or less how I do it.
Fortunately I read words on the internet in a magical, mental, internal pseudo-sound language that transcends the laws of physics and the need for pronunciation as conventionally ascribed
(I rather dislike reading code aloud or trying to talk about internet people with real people, for that reason; the resulting transcription can be cringeworthy!)
e.g. I mentally read C++ char as both English "car" and English "char" at the same time, and wouldn't espouse either, particularly, in the spoken word.
I tend to pronounce it "character" when spoken.
Just like std::vector is "standard vector".
I don't say the standard bit of it
I used to say "car" but now I just say "Character"
I wonder what happens if I fork away in Coliru.
11:58 AM
> In current pronunciation, /ɲ/ is merging with /nj/.
Phonology is hard, let's go shopping.
@Fanael that got fixed the first day
@R.MartinhoFernandes now, if only I could work how to say IPA
@LucDanton Where is that?
@thecoshman I have bookmarklet that supposedly can do TTS on it, but... it only knows about English sounds.
Wikipedia on French phonology. I have to confess that there's a [citation needed] though :p

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