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6:00 PM
@rightfold Agreed
@Rapptz Several times SO has said they don't want to invest too heavily in chat. :(
1 min ago, by rightfold
Anyway, time to take a shower.
I'm slow.
I can kinda see why.
@rightfold We can use focused flagging, but it's not as effective as the one-shot-kill power of banning.
6:00 PM
"Hey guys let's make a chat! What's that, they want us to care about it and add new features? And they don't agree with our VISION? Fuck them!"
@EtiennedeMartel and it bans from other rooms.
And it's temporary.
@rightfold I say that's a good side effect.
What we need is a blacklist, editable by room owners. Like an inverted version of the "Explicit write access" list.
Like, "Explicit write denial".
What list?
6:03 PM
I wonder why. It does't sound like it would be too hard to implement. It seems like it's more of an ideological problem.
Q: Make it possible to revoke write access to public chat rooms

Cat Plus PlusThere is already a two-tier ACL system in place: it allows us to choose default access mode (Public for "default read and write" and Gallery for "default read, no write"), and then assign access levels to users. For the purpose of this post, let's label them: Level 0: explicit read access Level...

Have we every tried to do organized and targeted flagging?
Sometimes it even works
Perhaps we can add a procedure for that that involves pinning an announcement to flag a particular message.
@Mysticial It works well, but it's a temporary measure, and affects all rooms.
6:04 PM
It needs to be done within a minute or so
We even tried Gallery mode before
If someone comes and trolls our room, I would very much like him to go and troll the JS or C# room instead.
and it lasted exactly 1hr
Weaponized trolling, in short.
Bloo bloo elitism
6:05 PM
@Rapptz lol
yea elitism
Yay Linux native
and Synaptics still sucks balls
inb4 swapping elite fluids
And I still get monospace fonts on github.
I dislike gallery mode, because it's essentially "assume everyone is an asshole unless proven otherwise".
6:05 PM
Anyone have any idea why these things might be?
/me shakes fist at gallery mode
Trolls are a minority. Restricting access to everyone because one of them might be a twat is incredibly stupid.
it worth a try
now we know it doesn't work
Next time it happens, let's try a "flag request pin". Link to the message to be flagged and pin it. That way even those of us without 10k can help boot a person.
Good point.
6:07 PM
how does pinning help flagging?
because visibility
@rubenvb It helps coordination.
It's focused flagging.
oh lol
@rubenvb And it also helps those coming in from the other rooms.
Speaking of pinned messages, I hope sehe feels better soon
6:08 PM
Then, once the issue is resolved, we can unpin the message and move on.
It tells them that we are trying to kick someone.
@Mysticial no people come in. Thet get a popup and click on ignore
@BoltClock I'm sure he does, since he's still here.
6:09 PM
We also need an obnoxious MOTD alert with rules in it
I got an idea for that.
@rubenvb We fairly routinely see a person or two show up.
@Rapptz :|
We could rig a RSS feed to post a MOTD message at regular intervals, and then configure Feeds.
6:09 PM
@JerryCoffin that's only when the flagging gets ugly.
The point is to get the message across to new people
@TonyTheLion Mark Of The...Demon?
@JerryCoffin and they get very defensive
6:10 PM
Flagging follows a crappy model that might work on SO but is completely inappropriate for an IM
You know what my feeling about SO chat is? I feel like it was the brainchild of a single developer, who fought tooth and nails to implement it, and then he left SE, so now they're left with something they don't like, but can't take down because it's popular. So they just leave it in limbo.
or they can't show much ads on it and just leave it alone because it woud cost more than they would gain.
Release the source, we'll run it by ourselves
6:12 PM
@CatPlusPlus are you anti-joke cat?
> Miley begs fans 'stop sending death threats'
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
I love it. ^
I'm anti-life cat
Fan death is a widely held belief in South Korea that an electric fan left running overnight in a closed room can cause the death of those sleeping inside. Origins of belief The genesis of this misconception is unclear, but fears about electric fans date almost to their introduction in Korea, with stories dating to the 1920s and 1930s warning of the risks of nausea, asphyxiation, and facial paralysis from this "new technology"."[http://veritasest.egloos.com/2029688 Strange Harm From Electric Fans]", Jungoe Ilbo (Domestic and International Daily), July 31, 1927, "The rotating fan blades ...
6:14 PM
anyone have a touchpad and Linux?
@BoltClock dat pun
What's explicit read access for?
And has used windows with that same touchpad?
You can't have private rooms afaik
6:14 PM
@rubenvb yes.
@BoltClock Oh shit... I leave a computer running 24/7. It has fans in it.
@BartekBanachewicz have you noticed the difference between the Windows and Linux touchpad "experience"?
@Mysticial Are you in South Korea? If not, it's OK
@rubenvb linux mouse/touchpad usually feels more laggy imho
@BoltClock oh ok :)
6:15 PM
@BartekBanachewicz mine's always superjumpy
it is quite unusable
puts me off each time. Again. And Again.
Speaking of computers and hardware and things, I'm gonna get a new desktop soon. Whoop de doo, except I have only $600 to spend
@BoltClock is that for everything or only the insides?
@rubenvb The insides (and the case itself ofc)
@EtiennedeMartel I suspect the situation is somewhat simpler: that it's used by such a small number of people that development for it gets very low priority. I also think it was probably originally intended primarily for internal use, and our use of it is basically incidental/accidental.
@BoltClock I just spent over $600 shipping my two biggest computers home from school.
6:17 PM
@BoltClock ok, so case and HDD?
That's tight.
Maybe chat.so is there as a backup plan.
@rubenvb ಠ_ಠ
When the questions dry out they can have the one of the largest developer chat platform thing
(I am joking btw)
6:18 PM
@JerryCoffin they could open source it?
Stupid ##php has more users right now than the entire chat.so
@Mysticial Ouch! I told you the liquid helium wasn't worth it, but you just had to get that extra 100 MHz!
@JerryCoffin Neither of them are overclocked actually. :)
A: Stackoverflow chat proposal

tereskoWhat the OP is suggesting would: reward help vampires punish regular users That's about it. Why would he want to do this? Because he is a troll and a help vampire: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/17?m=9239651#9239651 http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/17?m=9227286#9227286 ...

nailed it
@BoltClock well, when upgrading, those are some things that usually need no upgrading, oh I forgot PSU.
6:20 PM
Just telling everyone what they already know
@Mysticial uh, how big they are actually? (that's what he said)
@rubenvb Oh. I got confused. No I'm building from scratch
I chose the case that was most similar to a server
Combined they're still worth over $4000 and retail at over 15k. So I have to send them home.
Now they're back up and running at home.
6:23 PM
holy crap
my PC was around $2k, but with screens
My two other "normal" desktops fit into check-in baggage. So I did that.
you checked-in computers?
@TonyTheLion yeah
That very much explains the $600 shipping, thankyouverymuch
6:24 PM
with a shit-ton and half of padding.
damn right
I'd never trust baggage handlers with my computer hardware
@Mysticial I've always wondered: is a shit-ton more or less than a normal ton?
@BoltClock And that's 63 and 49 lbs without all the hard drives. Combined they had 18 of them. I pulled them all out and hand-carried them.
@Mysticial holy crap.
@JerryCoffin According to urban dictionary: "A Shit-ton is equivalent to 24 metric assloads, or 1/10th of a fuck-ton."
6:26 PM
@TonyTheLion Upboats all around!
@Rapptz lol
@JerryCoffin A shit-ton is the same weight as a normal ton. But a shit-ton is messier since it smells.
I'm wondering if I should just take the HDD I'm using right now, put it in my new as secondary storage and shell out $100 on a primary SSD
yay for "Seamless Mode"
welp, maybe that doesn't really show that that good.
6:27 PM
We know what it is
I can't tell what you mean with "seamless"
@Mysticial Definitely be a nasty one for the baggage handler: "Oops, just dropped the wrong bag -- now I need a shower!"
@BoltClock That's what I usually do.
@TonyTheLion i can use linux windows as windows windows
@Mysticial lol wat
6:28 PM
I don't use the same motherboard anymore. But it still looks about the same.
@BartekBanachewicz ..
@BartekBanachewicz heh
@BartekBanachewicz Dem zerglings.
@Mysticial Damn. I mean, DIMM.
Damn. I mean RAM.
6:29 PM
@BoltClock ...and keep in mind, this is the one that wasn't enough for the big Pi computation job!
Phew! I mean CPU!
@Mysticial holy fuck on a bunch of RAM sticks
@EtiennedeMartel greatestest wallpaper evah
@BartekBanachewicz Jpg screenshot? Really?
not much use without a CPU, I'd have thought
6:29 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes what. no. I saved it as a png, I swear. It's the chat uploader :/
@R.MartinhoFernandes We've all been there.
@R.MartinhoFernandes What's wrong with that?
@BoltClock if you can spare the $100 after all the other components you need, sure why not?
^^ And that's the other one.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit jpg is meant for photos
6:30 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Not as good as the one I'm talking about there.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Erm. I'll leave it to the pointless artifacts to explain it for you.
(Incidentally, it's still my current work wallpaper).
@EtiennedeMartel sleek
@BartekBanachewicz It's a photo of your desktop. Doesn't have to have been taken by a camera!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit actually, it does.
6:31 PM
@BartekBanachewicz What a ridiculous idea! We all know JPEG stands for Joint Screenshot Experts Group!
@R.MartinhoFernandes They did not ruin my appreciation of the image.
You're too liberal.
@Mysticial 4 CPUs? neat.
@JerryCoffin alongside the SHIT protocol?
If you only mean that JPEG is not good at fine detail, and that screenshots of a desktop typically include fine detail, then I'll agree with you there..
But, well, I already knew what the Lounge looks like.
6:32 PM
@melak47 Yeah 4 x quad-core Opterons. 16 cores
@JerryCoffin JSEG?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Of course that's what I meant. The part with text in that vim window is just disgusting.
I call on the power of the Opteronzord!
@EtiennedeMartel Should have been, but they didn't know how to spell.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Text in all vim windows is disgusting
6:33 PM
@melak47 Hmm. Yeah that'll make existing data easier to work with, and I could always get a bigger storage drive and slot it in at a later time
@JerryCoffin I wouldn't be surprised if that last bit was true.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You really like Power Rangers. I think you'll also enjoy MLP.
@BoltClock I have 6 storage drives and an SSD right now :3
Just to be clear: @Lightness don't be worried. @Etienne says that to everyone.
my ssd is full and so is my hdd
6:34 PM
Well, not the Power Rangers bit.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I've learnt to block it out
I don't think my hdd is actually full. Some partition mess up I think
@BartekBanachewicz Can't be.
stack.imgur.com is a pro account on imgur which doesn't compress images.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Not everyone. Only those I see as open minded.
@Rapptz I think sarcasm.
6:35 PM
@BoltClock Do you turn off your computer at night? If not, then getting extra ram is better than an SSD.
(Don't you see how smooth that is?)
@R.MartinhoFernandes You can never tell with Bartek
@Rapptz are we talking about the same imgur that calls everything a .jpg no matter what it actually is? :p
@Rapptz Good point.
6:35 PM
I literally only just noticed the "upload..." button. How the flip did I miss that for so long? I've been uploading manually!
@Mysticial Yeah I do. I plan to start with 8 GB RAM - doubt I need to go beyond that though
@Rapptz what. weren't you being sarcastic?
No I'm serious.
@BoltClock I have too little, and I wish I had bigger.
6:36 PM
@BoltClock Go for 16 or 32GB. Then you won't need an SSD at all.
@melak47 Yeah, they just mess up with the content type.
@BoltClock Hmm, single digit gigabytes?
This is a commercial Imgur installation for the Stack Exchange network. If you'd like your own setup similar to Stack Exchange's then feel free to contact Alan at [email protected]. Otherwise, you're probably not supposed to be on this page...
@Rapptz Dun dun duuunnnn
Where does it say that it doesn't compress images?
It's one of the features to being pro
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's to "start with" on a tight budget
@BartekBanachewicz IIRC RAM vendors/whatever say RAM is too cheap and they are going to raise the prices and blame tablets, so get it while it's hot?
meh, I wouldn't believe that
Oh now I see they changed it
6:37 PM
@BoltClock seriously, RAM is cheap. Get at least 16GB, thank us later.
@BartekBanachewicz why not? RAM prices go up quite frequently
For .png images it used to be no limit and for .gifs it was 5 MB
@Rapptz notice how the smaller image is still a png
but now they made both 5 MB limit for pro users
@BoltClock I just want to agree with Bartek, get 16 GB+ RAM
@JohanLarsson I just want to disagree with him, so get 12GB
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well, whatever. I just needed a number people hadn't already suggested. :p
32 GB, noobs.
6:39 PM
It makes me uneasy for some reason.
@jalf non power of two RAM amounts make me cringe
@jalf Stop disagreeing with people
3.45GB would be ok with me too
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's not a power of two.
@jalf Always go in powers of 2, so if you want to disagree with 16, recommend 32 (and I'll disagree by recommending 64).
6:39 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes photoshop choked on it
I've got 8GB atm, in both my machines
just enough to keep tabs open
@jalf blurgh
6:40 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Photoshop sucks if it cannot even tell a PNG apart from a JPG.
@BartekBanachewicz I win :D
I only got 16.
I have 8 gb
@rightfold it's enough for procrastination
@EtiennedeMartel so are you legal?
6:40 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Wut?
@rightfold I have 32, never been close to using it. 32 is solid advice though then hopefuly you don't have to think about it in three years.
I think 16GB is nice these days
@R.MartinhoFernandes but it can tell a Starbucks Latte apart from a Frappucino
@EtiennedeMartel Can he bump you without legal trouble?
8 GB is the bare minimum.
6:40 PM
Why 32?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Bump?
I have 4GB RAM and it's quite sufficient, thank you
@EtiennedeMartel yes
Just get 64 GB of RAM
6:41 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Sigh.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Tss tss. I always knew you were a Luddite.
@R.MartinhoFernandes kids these days :cheese:
I have 4 GB and it's enough for Vim and Z shell and Chrome and a compiler so it's enough for me.
Why 64 GB when you can get 128 GB?
It's so not enough for a compiler
And Chrome
6:41 PM
It is.
why nGB if you can get 2n or n+1?
It's not enough for Chrome alone
16GB is not enough for Chrome
@Mysticial All the address space
6:41 PM
Kids these days
@Mysticial but how much do you have in your most maxed out build?
Chrome likes to take up about 40 GB worth of RAM
@CatPlusPlus What the fuck do you do with your Chrome?
"need moar moar moar moar"
@TonyTheLion All the address space that doesn't change.
6:41 PM
@CatPlusPlus lol wut
what the hell do you need with more than 4GB RAM
I have 12 GB.
@TonyTheLion I'm still struggling by on only 8 GB, but this machine's about 7 years old now...
@LightnessRacesinOrbit ramdisks
@LightnessRacesinOrbit windows. check mate.
6:42 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Chrome is a terrible piece of crap
@EtiennedeMartel Them same he does with the pigs.
@melak47 Windows 7 here
@R.MartinhoFernandes I see.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit At work I have like 4 instances of VS and 40 tabs open, plus Lotus Notes (urgh) and some other crap, 8GB goes fast
@ThePhD Ugh.
6:42 PM
@JohanLarsson 64GB. (the first picture with all the DIMMs) I don't use it as a desktop anymore. It's just code-testing server box.
@ThePhD That's horrible.
@TonyTheLion I'm sorry to hear that
Also my Xubuntu takes 2GB
My current primary desktop has 16 GB.
I have at most six tabs open in Chrome.
6:42 PM
I have a lot of tabs
heh, just occurred to me my desktop PC that I use for gaming only has 4gb :)
I have like 35+ tabs open
@TonyTheLion Poor kid.
I bet they're all to sites about moaning
I use this feature called "close tab".
6:42 PM
Lotus Notes...
I can routinely hit more than 100 with Firefox
@rightfold No such thing.
@Rapptz I have 70-80, usually
Chrome dies around 20
@rightfold why would you? (except to work around browser limitations not supporting your workflow)
6:43 PM
I don't think I ever managed to get Firefox to open 100 tabs
I've had literally hundreds of tabs and GBs worth of images open in chrome with no trouble..
@R.MartinhoFernandes :/
@jalf I'd have more if I had more RAM.
If I ever have a depression, I will blame Lotus Notes
@jalf because I don't need all those tabs?
6:43 PM
@melak47 that sounds easy to manage
It's only annoying to have many tabs open.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Kill notes is almost as useful as Notes ime :)
@TonyTheLion There's probably some specialized drug in the market by now.
@rightfold not if you use a browser which can handle it
6:43 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh gawd :/
eight cores
@LightnessRacesinOrbit 4 cores. Hyper-Threading
@BartekBanachewicz VAT?
Well, it was only because of a computer replacement.
6:44 PM
@BartekBanachewicz don't give a fuck
Speaking of tabs, do other browsers have something like Firefox's tab groups built in?
@jalf define "handle".
This was the odd-man-out Desktop
So it got the leftover ramsticks
@BartekBanachewicz You need to download more ram!
@Mysticial totally
6:45 PM
I've downloaded 128 GB worth of RAM but my task manager still says 4
@Rapptz Update your drivers.
the task manager must be broken
@Rapptz Rebooting helps.
oh Rapptz is still here
6:45 PM
If it doesn't work, I have a Task Manager upgrade to sell you.
where else would he be?
error: unable to read PCH file build/llvmheaders.h.pch: 'No such file or directory'
fatal error: malformed or corrupted PCH file: 'Unable to load module "build/llvmheaders.h.pch": file
      not found'
@Rapptz Upgrade to Windows 8
can anyone tell me WTF
@LightnessRacesinOrbit yes
6:46 PM
since when LLVM uses PCH-s?
@BoltClock That's not an upgrade
@BoltClock You can't upgrade to Windows 8.
(You can't upgrade to Windows.)
Hey @Bartek, I have something to tell you: WTF.
6:46 PM
@BartekBanachewicz it's because your taskbar is vertical :3
An upgrade always implies not going to Windows.
@BartekBanachewicz It's common optimisation, I don't know why are you surprised
@CatPlusPlus maybe because build choked on that
@Rapptz Sounds like 32 bit. You need a 128 bit processor for 128 GB.
Well it's a fugly hack that breaks when you look at it funny
6:47 PM
Note to self: C-a, d detaches your screen. STOP FUCKING DOING IT.
@BoltClock yeah, very funny. Now really, I want to compile this shiny new language.
Robot is bad at keybindings
@CatPlusPlus hahaha
src/llvmheaders.h:6:10: fatal error: 'llvm/Support/Valgrind.h' file not found
that might be relevant
should I have that file?
(first time clang)
6:48 PM
Maybe probably
@TonyTheLion What what?
If you're building from repo then try earlier revision
if it says it cannot find it
then perhaps it's because it wants it and its not there
@rightfold a browser which (1) has robust session handling so you don't lose your tabs if you close the browser, and which (2) scales well in terms of memory usage and CPU usage (so lots of tabs won't kill your machine), and (3) which lets you group tabs and swap out groups of tabs, so you don't have all your open tabs visible in the tab bar at the same time.
6:48 PM
I.e. not Chrome
FF is better than Chrome, I only recently discovered that :/
I.e. Firefox. I don't know of another browser which satisfies these requirements
@jalf the former two are irrelevant since I don't have problems with those, and the latter is irrelevant too since I don't need grouped tabs since I don't need many tabs.
@CatPlusPlus Every single problem you've ever had with a computer, nobody else ever had it. You are a Walking Techbane.
@jalf you can group tabs into...windows with chrome? :3
6:49 PM
@rightfold lol
(Actually, that's a very good description for Cat's character class).
@rightfold Are you DeadMGing?
@EtiennedeMartel Yeah right
@R.MartinhoFernandes ITT puppy's name is used as an insult.
@TonyTheLion Better late than never
6:50 PM
okay, one step fuhrer
@R.MartinhoFernandes :D
@BartekBanachewicz Is that a lapsus?
Two step Europe
@BoltClock INORITE
6:50 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Führer learn to German.
@EtiennedeMartel nailed it.
@rightfold In the same way that you didn't need more than 640k... until you got a machine with more memory than that and suddenly it was useful. Or like you didn't need multitasking... until suddenly you had an OS that supported it. Or like you didn't anything more than ASCII... but once you had it, it was kind of useful after all. :)
@rightfold right.
anyway, sudo apt-get install llvm helped
@EtiennedeMartel some of my family fit that description
@BartekBanachewicz apt-get?
6:50 PM
@jalf So Chrome has tab groups too - is that anything like Firefox?
now src/llvmheaders.h:12:10: fatal error: 'clang/AST/ASTConsumer.h' file not found
You're basically saying "I don't need this feature because I don't use it, and I don't use it because my browser can't handle it".
@EtiennedeMartel Mr "OH GOD YOU CAN'T SAY NOBODY"
@EtiennedeMartel xubuntu?
# apt-get install more-ram
6:51 PM
@CatPlusPlus I'm fully aware of my hypocrisy.
@BoltClock I don't know, actually. I haven't used Chrome's tab groups.
@jalf Ah ok
CatPlusPlus smashes through the barriers of conventional logic
@jalf maybe because it doesn't have any
6:51 PM
it would surprise me if it's the same though, since Chrome scales horribly in terms of memory usage, so a feature which encourages you to leave tabs open (almost) forever seems kind of suicidal
@BartekBanachewicz it has these revolutionary things called windows which hold a "group" of tabs
The only thing I miss from Chrome is V8
How do you use Chrome's tab groups? I don't see anything anywhere.
@melak47 fuck me TIL
6:52 PM
@melak47 Yep, totally not the same.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit happy to help :p
uh is there Clang 3.4 already
TIL I am two minor versions behind
@BartekBanachewicz Trünk.
6:52 PM
@melak47 What are these windows you speak of?
The only "Windows" I know is the name of an OS
anyway, AST looks like a dev header
I mean, meta-dev
@BoltClock Those fullscreen containers for things
@BoltClock are you thinking of Windows Phone? :D
The reason Windows is called Windows is because everything is a window
6:53 PM
Actually on Windows everything is a window
Even you
@CatPlusPlus Even minor controls.
@TonyTheLion even the start butto- oh never mind.
You're a window
Yay Linux Usability Assesment: bad.
6:54 PM
A window of opportunity
@TonyTheLion By that logic, Unix should have been called Files.
to insult someone on the Internet
@rubenvb shocking
@EtiennedeMartel lol
@jalf I don't know what I was on expecting differently
6:54 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Files And Some Things That Are Not Quite Files But Really Similar And Sometimes Even Work With File Interface
@rubenvb Are you saying "LUA: bad"?
@CatPlusPlus yea that
@EtiennedeMartel I knew that acronym was for something.
6:55 PM
@CatPlusPlus Rolls right off the tongue.
WWFI? World War Fucking I?
@EtiennedeMartel thank god Lua is not an acronym
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: FASTTANQFBRSASEWWFI [c++] [c++11] [fluids] [no-helpdesk]
6:55 PM
sudo apt-get install libclang-dev
@ThePhD it flows off the tongue
bajtek@bajtek-VirtualBox:~/terra$ ./terra

Terra -- A low-level counterpart to Lua

Stanford University
[email protected]

room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: FASTTANQFBRSASEWWFI [c++] [c++11] [cats] [no-helpdesk]
(terra () for i=0,10 do print(i) end end) () indeed prints 0 to 9
6:57 PM
@CatPlusPlus Lua prints 0 to 10
> (terra () for i=0,10 do print(i) end end):disas()
definition 	{}->{}

define void @stdin_1_2() {
  br label %whilebody

whilebody:                                        ; preds = %whilebody, %entry
  %0 = phi i32 [ 0, %entry ], [ %1, %whilebody ]
  tail call void @1(i32 %0)
  %1 = add i32 %0, 1
  %exitcond = icmp eq i32 %1, 10
  br i1 %exitcond, label %merge, label %whilebody

merge:                                            ; preds = %whilebody
  ret void
I think that little incident where I deleted part of my Windows partition was serious.
6:58 PM
I was just threatened by my computer.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ahahaha what
@CatPlusPlus I don't use ideone.
pastebin, w/e
@R.MartinhoFernandes I require more details.
6:59 PM
@CatPlusPlus I rm'ed a temporary mounted folder before I unmounted it.
Ctrl+C'ed quickly after, but it might have been too late.

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