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3:00 PM
Wasn't aware that there was an arraybuffer type in js
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Yeah it's used in like the WebAudio API and stuff (only example I have :P)
Yeah, or WebWorkers.
@phenomnomnominal you are jealous
dude, do you even poutine ?
3:02 PM
Pffft, that sounds gross and Canadian
also @Loktar I need fucks to be given about 72pins.com
delicious beyond delicious
Damn, looks yum
@rlemon I don't get it
ArrayBuffer has slice already doesn't it?
3:04 PM
@phenomnomnominal yes
@RyanKinal I have like 3 games from there
from 72 pins
And @Shmiddty 's solution doesn't work
So... they back-port games to NES? Is that what's going on here?
@phenom but its slice returns arraybuffer
There might be no better solution than to iterate...
3:05 PM
@Shmiddty ahh, of course
@RyanKinal no... they just put a new sticker on it
but imagine how bauce your collection would look
^ my starcraft cart
ok so Loktar knew about it already
3:05 PM
!!> [].slice.call(new ArrayBuffer([1,2,3,4])) // doesn't work
@dystroy []
I'm still confused. What is the actual product?
oh I pinged @RyanKinal sorry lol
its just a rebranded nes cart basically
with a retro designed sticker
@RyanKinal they take old NES carts and make a new sticker for them to look like a modern game
3:06 PM
the old game is still on there and (works?)
its just a random ass game
posted on June 04, 2013

In slightly more than a week CSS Day will take place in Amsterdam. There are still 35 tickets available, and we thought it’d be cool if we’d sell out. This will be a one-off event; we’re not going to repeat it next year. So if you want to hear eight top-notch speakers on eight cutting-edge areas of CSS, this is your only chance. What do you get? Did we mention Eric Meyer?

@dystroy, that's weird. I don't see why it shouldn't
Sorry, @rlemon, but I give zero fucks.
so it's like your friday night?
ohh burn
3:07 PM
Which do you think is better code?
WTF mario! Why don't you ever level up!
Yeah, not working for me :(
Version 1:
 if (self.rating == 'BUY') {
       return "TipRanksBuyRating";
 if (self.rating == "HOLD") {
     return "TipRanksHoldRating";
 if (self.rating == "SELL") {
     return "TipRanksSellRating";
 return "INVALID";
Thanks though
No no no, that's when I get zero fucks.
3:07 PM
Version 2:
return ({
            })[self.rating] || "INVALID";
Extract the map to a variable.
var typedArray = new Uint8Array( [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] ),
    normalArray = Array.apply( [], typedArray );
normalArray.length === 4;
normalArray.constructor === Array;
You can also make it a truth map, since the values seem linear
from mdn @JoeyMorani
3:07 PM
pfft. Switch all of the things.
maybe use regex
@BenjaminGruenbaum Cleaner, methinks.
@Zirak I'm mapping a rating to a CSS class
then clean it all up in an eval
Nice. Thanks! I'll give it go.
Use two arrays, and indexOf
3:08 PM
var table = { ... };
return table[something] || default;
Looks nicer than inlining the table.
@JoeyMorani, where UInt8Array is a view on an ArrayBuffer
prefix all of your variables with an underscore... just for kicks.
prefix functions with Benji_
var VAR_foo = "foo";
function FUNCTION_foo() {
  return VAR_foo;
!!remove ziraks upvote to take away his power or not
best naming ever!
@phenomnomnominal remove ziraks upvote to take away his power
3:09 PM
@phenomnomnominal FOOL! I have already gained more rep than you can ever imagine!
Like 10 or so
Has anyone attempted to do this sort of thing in javascript (three.js maybe?): youtube.com/watch?v=teD6vq8DVVE
!!/stat Zirak
@dystroy Zirak has 5013 reputation, earned 15 rep today, asked 15 questions, gave 163 answers.
3:12 PM
@Neil, frequently
@phenomnomnominal link?
@Neil Yeah, I saw a demo doing water physics. Was pretty cool.
3:12 PM
i think i am doing it wrong..
i have test,html
which reads like this:
<script src="jquery10.min.js"></script>
<a href="#">default click action</a>
<div id="log"></div>
$("a").click(function(event) {
$.get('test2.html' ,{id:1},function (res) {

and test2.html
which reads like this:
what is the error; i can't find it..
3:13 PM
Same one, but minus the bullshit
Canvas ^
I was going over this yesterday
Yeah, the work pc i'm using sucks
@phenomnomnominal exception in chrome
Is it fairly fluid on an average pc?
@phenomnomnominal nevermind, works in canary
3:14 PM
I have a 2011 mbp and i'm getting 60fps
I kinda wanna buy some gallium
just for kicks
still doesn't work very well
can't draw on the water
@phenomnomnominal Wanna trade yours for an IBM ThinkPad circa 2003?
somebody help nah
@phenomnomnominal do you use an nvidia card?
3:15 PM
Works fine for me in chrome stable
2 mins ago, by rlemon
gravity works, but no reflections
start 2d
AMD on here
Broken on Chrome Dev as well?
Not working for me either.
3:16 PM
OS X stable works fine
Cool, i'll try it when I get home then
@Zirak tempting
very fine for me (bad lenovo / linux / chromium)
@Gacnt Asked system76, and they won't be shipping here any time soon. So it's a "no".
Finally someone who isn't a dropkick!:
3:18 PM
(function(e,t){var n,r,i=typeof t,o=e....om=1)),l.removeChild(n),n=d=o=r=null) in jquery10.min.js
Random planet generation!
But I might have a friend who's going abroad next month, and I definitely have relatives come in around August...so it's a maybe.
@phenomnomnominal wuzzat?
@Zirak procedural textures. Most of the class did like wood and sand and shit. This dude does entire planets.
That's awesome
@phenomnomnominal It doesn't look so random
The one on the right looks like south america flooded
3:20 PM
The one on the right isn't haha
You can load textures into it to and it bumps them
what the f.... open link in a new tab not working...
Call 911
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Also, you will now have this stuck in your head forever.
3:24 PM
@ShotgunNinja Este vídeo no está disponible. Why I can not see the video?
!!/YouTube Michael higgins daybreak
that will be stuck in your head forever
@phenomnomnominal Command daybreak learned
3:25 PM
Thank god that I don't have speakers on my work computer and I don't have a penchant to click on strange links.
it's smooth jazz.
it's amazing
What's string about a dude playing a 6 string bass?
3:27 PM
Community opened me up to a new genre of music
yea I think thats right.
!!/mustache AndrewMartinez
3:30 PM
@phenomnomnominal make it 7, make it djent! :D
6 is typically more interesting than like an 8 string. 6's are normally tuned BEADGC, whereas an 8 is tuned EeAaDdGg
$.javascript = function(script) {
@rlemon, wow you just fixed jQuery!
I know right.
I am so awesome. JR should be reading this crap
Someone ping John Resig!
3:32 PM
!!/mustache TheSnooker
Dude, you could implement jQuery in jQueryScript
well i found the problem.. actuaaly when i am running the php with xamp the jquery isnt working, i tried with just loading page in the browser (click and drag) then it works..
3:33 PM
@phenomnomnominal jquery quine?
@phenomnomnominal doesn't matter, all you need for djent is just a really, really deep tuned string
@GNi33 haha sweet!
window.jQueryScript = $$ = Object.extend((window.jQuery = $), { javascript: function(str) { eval(str); });
I love how old church organs sometimes have that really low pipe, too low to hear, that just makes you feel uneasy
3:34 PM
@Julien Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
haha, sometimes I actually listen to some of this stuff
Should I (or we) poke balpha or other mods with this?
I spent like 3 hours on that.
I love Youtube. doesn't matter what I'm watching, it just suggests that I watch Alison Brie rap.
@ThiefMaster Could you campaign us with the above in the next...uh...moderator summit?
Or moderator sacrificial circle?
I think pinging balpha when he's back is enough. We don't really have regular moderator meetings that are useful to suggest ideas
I could listen to ^ album for ever
@balpha We need you!
Love us!
whispers love us...
@balpha ... y u no love us? @ThiefMaster is here like instantly when we beckon him.
3:39 PM
@ThiefMaster 2.9
@chetanmehta Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Try pinging him in the tavern, he's not in here
@phenomnomnominal that 2.9 thing is so clever I think i'll use it
Go for gold bro
3:40 PM
@OctavianDamiean .29
9x - 7i > 3(3x - 7u) (solve for i)
!!buy horse mask or wait for unicorn mask
@rlemon wait for unicorn mask
I was hoping for "both"
@phenomnomnominal How corny of you
3:43 PM
You know it
@phenomnomnominal Just a guess, but it's "3u > i"?
i <3 u
Yeah, that's what I said
3u > i
You said it wrong duhhhhh
3:44 PM
You're being mean and annoying
@phenomnomnominal you = fun*me + clothes (solve for fun)
yeah, I'm sorry.
you minus clothes on top of me?
this room changes names every 5 minutes
3:45 PM
Don't like the topic? Wait 5 minutes.
It's to keep the vamps out
It's a feature, not a bug
@phenomnomnominal You know it.
We have to be constantly vigilant
3:46 PM
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@phenomnomnominal why not "JavaScript Discussion. No Questions." then?
that's better
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Happy now?
no pointer fingering.
I <3 avocado
3:48 PM
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Guacamole is the best
@phenomnomnominal I feel popular.
I love interesting JS questions. I demand questions. (but not the next one)
well... not anymore
@phenomnomnominal "50 Shades of JavaScript"
Make it so.
3:50 PM
!!/nudge 5 change topic
@Zirak Nudge registered.
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room topic changed to 50 Shades of JavaScript: Everything JavaScript | New User? Read rules.javascriptroom.com [2.9] [dummies] [ecmascript] [javascript] [nsfw] [scientology] [six-seasons-and-a-movie]
"Javascript: The Merc with a Mouth"
What's ?
3:51 PM
"I can't believe it's not ECMAScript!"
@dystroy < 3
2.9 < 3
"The Good, The Bad, and The Javascript" [jquery]
@ShotgunNinja Well... You have to know it ^^
'JScript's successful brother'
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too many tags.
pushed down my star list.
@phenomnomnominal I still can't understand how sixseasonsandamovie.com is not taken
3:54 PM
The last tag doesn't seem essential.
ecmascript doesn't seem essential
While seems more important.
@rlemon, should we buy it?
And put a JS clone of the game on there?
!!/urban "six seasons and a movie "
@phenomnomnominal I'm thinking about it
3:54 PM
@rlemon six seasons and a movie What you say about a television show that is on the verge of cancellation but you believe is [streets ahead]
Because then you could actually have the scripting language
!!/urban "streets ahead"
@Zirak *nudge* change topic
@eazimmerman [streets ahead](http://streets-ahead.urbanup.com/4910592) cool or awesome

As seen on Dan Harmon's Twitter and his show "Community".
@eazimmerman, you're streets behind.
3:55 PM
Where's @copy?
@copy Your date is here
Eurgh, stupid marking, now I'm going to get fuck all sleep tonight.
@zirak you're a clever guy
I need help with a golf
3:56 PM
I'm so tired ...
Zirak is unavailable right now. Have you tried calling...um...Zirak?
for(a in r=readline(i=0))putstr(r.slice(~a)<'!'?' ':r.match(/\S/g)[i++]) :D
streetsahead.com is taken :(
From now on, he shall be known as Zrk
bcs vwls r rshls
Q: re-write javascript array

JonI am using a long array of over 300 var & 7,000 lines of code written like this: var a = []; var b = []; var c = []; var d = []; var e = []; a[0] = "a"; b[0] = "b"; c[0] = "c"; d[0] = "d"; e[0] = "e"; a[1] = "1"; b[1] = "2"; c[1] = "3"; d[1] = "4"; e[1] = "5"; a[2] = "one"; b[2] = "two"; c[2]...

3:58 PM
fucking "Matt Serlin"
@Shmiddty back off.
> sixseasonsandamovie.com is already registered, but these options are available:
anyone can help me with appcache and sencha cmd?
!!/youtube six seasons and a movie

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