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7:02 PM
hmm.. a beatles fan...
if time() gives me current datetime in seconds format, how can I get time from today, but hour 0:00 (in seconds format too)?
@Neal Need help changing this function from mysql to PDO
$results_num = ($results = mysql_query($results)) ?  mysql_num_rows($results) : 0 ;
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie so do it. Y U ASK ME?
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie youtube.com/watch?v=_7EQlfprV9E better?
7:06 PM
I am new to PDO, and even this iternary statement??
@wes No, definately not!
XXX ? YYY : ZZZ ............. equals to ............ if(XXX) { YYY } else { ZZZ }
@UchihaObito use date()
Yea, Its confusing, so I avoided learning it, so it came to bit me in the ass
7:08 PM
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie Pantera are cool :(
confusing? lol if then else in a shorter way
@wes It got that code from a line for a search script, I was changing it from mysql to db, but I don't know how to change that one to PDO
I need help people
writing it out as an if-else first might help if ternary is confusing
7:12 PM
@wes @Neal check this out pastebin.com/DgAggB23
$results_num = $results ? mysql_num_rows($results) : 0; is pointless btw
I'm trying to find a programming craftsmanship quote.. something about "The apprentice programmer is focused on maintainability, the novice is focused on performance, and the master makes sure it works". Any ideas where that's from or the complete/actual quote?
I'm sure I butchered the first parts but I know that it says the "master programmer is focused on making it work"
@Neal Don't let me down man
@MikeB i don't agree with that!! lol
@wes Don't let me down man
7:19 PM
Not bad. I'm up to $16 on youtube. That's $6 in the past 10 days. $3 in the past 3 days... Starting to pick up
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbie i'm sorry but i don't know how pdo works :(
@ircmaxell is that about ads?
@wes I'm still reading through it all to find the golden quote but I believe the overall points are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! It's almost like I read someone who made an abstract of this entire essay
btw, I am having problem about chaging this to PDO $results_num = ($results = mysql_query($results)) ? mysql_num_rows($results) : 0 ; hope you can help
7:24 PM
that has NOT been written with readability in mind
@wes Almost. The only difference is that ternary is assignment oriented. Not all X or Y can be put in the ternary
I just copy/pasted the code, so probably yea
@ircmaxell the facepalm because of what
@tereško shade some light pls pastebin.com/DgAggB23
7:29 PM
$keyword is just a POST varible
shade a light :mindblown:
@wes i.imgur.com/19K7E.jpg got four of these for 40€, just some repairs and good as new :P alufelgenboerse.ch/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/…
hey @webarto evening
@webarto niceee... radius? 16? 17?
@wes Well, 15", but for winter :P It almost touches brake calipers, I haven't thought about that... but for 40€, it's bargain...
lool brake calipers... you know that i never realized why some damn rims doesn't fit on some damn cars? xD
@wes About 5 possible reasons :)
@webarto is there a off topic chatroom here?
You are in it :P It's OK to hijack while no one is talking on topic... IMHO...
lol, this is PHP
7:40 PM
@webarto did you reiceve the invite to the other room?
@ircmaxell See this
Q: Hash value always different on same input

CeleritasI'm trying to use this hashing function but each time I reload the page it gives me a different string, except for the first 7 characters. <?php require("lib/password.php") $pass = $_POST['input_password']; echo 'Received: '.$pass.'<br />'; $passwordHash = 'default'; $passwordHa...

@shiplu.mokadd.im User error :)
Failure to read docs.
@ircmaxell I don't see how your documentation could be any simpler or clearer on that.
How cool is it to have the developer in on the discussion. — DWright 39 secs ago
8:12 PM
I'm attempting to compile PHP in an environment that doesn't have RPMs or deb files or any magic like that. I am getting the following warning:
> configure: error: xml2-config not found. Please check your libxml2 installation.
I do have libxml2-2.7.8 installed but it doesn't seem to know how to find it.
xml2-config is in my path.
@ircmaxell It's installed from source. Not sure what the difference is between -devel and source in this situation.
Q: CURL Alternative

Jinu J DIs there a CURL alternative ,so that I am able to set cookies returned in the response from server.And I should be also able to send that cookies further to the url..I know this is possible with CURL.But I need an alternative way .Can I do it using stream_context_create() and flie_get_conten...

ISR needed
This might help
It seems that PHP doesn't check if it is in PATH, it hardcode checks like so:
The location ([DIR]) specified with --with-libxml-dir ([DIR]=/bin/xml2-config)


Oh well, at least I have a -dir option.
8:18 PM
shouldn't be one
> what is not*. You are not a BDFL. And we don't have a unified vision

Neither are you. Yet I am not telling people to shut up, and you are.
Am I the only one who thinks posts like this are actually telling people to shut up?
@ircmaxell I agree with you on that one.
can you reply to that effect? I think my replies have lost effectiveness in that post.
stop == shut up
@ircmaxell I'm busy if you ping me later I might have itme.
8:32 PM
cool, thanks
I'm going to reply anyway
Found time for a short statement.
@ircmaxell Obviously, also this is not Java only if I read that right en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generic_programming
@hakre yes
$results_num = ($results = mysql_query($results)) ? mysql_num_rows($results) : 0 ;
^ @ anyone who wants to HELP
8:44 PM
> And I do currently believe that PHP development currently IS nothing but a hodgepodge (how you describe it). I feel it's been that way since at least 5.3 when progress on 6 stalled. Since then, it feels like things became completely disjointed. The RFC and voting process was a sign of this disjoint environment. I want to fix the underlying problem and give the project direction again.
dam websocket "Could not decode a text frame as UTF-8."
@ircmaxell I blame you for making that thread into what it is
I am to blame
The whole thing had potential, but the ad hominem's in the start post really changed the direction of it
it wasn't an ad hominem
> Abusive ad hominem (also called "personal abuse" or "personal attacks") usually involves attacking the claims of an opponent trying to invalidate their arguments, but can also involve pointing out true character flaws or actions irrelevant to the opponent's argument.
the character flaws / actions I pointed out were actually quite relevant to the discussion (or so I felt)
9:04 PM
@ircmaxell They might be relevant to the discussion, but pointing them out in this way is not helpful to the discussion
but I know people have voiced their concern, on list, before, and nothing changes. So if I need to resort to an agressive opening to get through, so be it... In hind sight, there may have been better ways to present it, but in the end I said something I felt needed to be said.
And it did have one good side effect. It got the realities of the politics out in the open: reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/169gmh/…
@ircmaxell I do fully understand your reasoning behind this, but it was rather detrimental to that thread
But Rasmus's reply, along with Stas's replies show me that the project has little hope for repair. Unless someone influential steps up and admits there's a problem, the project is going to continue its slide down...
9:28 PM
Q: Improving jQuery - making the constructor private

pure_codeFor fun and learning purposes, I'm re-writing some jQuery development code . I noticed that the constructor is a property on the prototype chain. I made a a change in my version and made this constructor private by taking it off the prototype chain. Seemed like a strange place to have it anywa...

This is gonna be good
@ircmaxell I see you have thoroughly stirred the pot with your "vision" statement, I have another 8 emails with the same subject since I left work
10:00 PM
@MadaraUchiha lolwut
Hey how do I make it show the author's name shows on a post in wordpress?
By removing wordpress from your server then formatting it just to make sure it's really dead. In fact preferably buy a new server, that one is now soiled.
(seriously though, I have no idea)
for some reason this does not display me as the author: blog.javascriptroom.com/2013/01/10/…
10:20 PM
@Neal Won't even load for me, are you messing around with it?
in JavaScript, 12 mins ago, by Neal
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 31 secs ago, by ThiefMaster
The router often caches DNS replies too.. so restart it unless you know how to clear the cache on it (restarting dnsmasq via shell worked for me on my dd-wrt box)
@DaveRandom did it ever load for you?
@Neal No, have you just changed the A record? I relay everything directly to (Google) anyway, I don't use the router DNS server for complicated reasons I won't go into
Hrm, PyPy's translator draws a mandelbrot while translating (akin to compiling)... doc.pypy.org/en/latest/…
and it's freaking slow ^^
as far as I remember
10:28 PM
I'm going to let it run all night
because I'm going to take a closer look at Hippy again...
I see
@DaveRandom eh? it works fine for me
@Neal If you've just modified the A record it hasn't propagated out yet (or possibly the ns is not set up properly to propagate) - the only server I can get a response from that actually returns a record is (ns2.b-webhost.com), because it's the primary ns for the domain
@DaveRandom weird.... The dns was set up yesterday. u should have no problems today
@Neal Is it a new subdomain?
10:32 PM
@DaveRandom from yesterday...
Yeh something is really not set up right with that domain (I think the SOA is wrong in the zone file). When I query the SOA from the ns it returns me the root servers, which I have never seen before. Either the zone file is wrong or the DNS servers on the ns records are seriously set up wrong.
Can't even get the root A from anywhere other than the ns
Can you post your zone file?
@DaveRandom wazzat mean?
i gtg in the next 5-10 mins
10:42 PM
@Neal ^^ that's what I see from my machine, querying directly to Google.
@DaveRandom weird.
The SO lookup was just to prove that it does actually work in general
@Neal It's the config file for your domain. It's a standard format, standardised in the same RFC as the DNS protocol.
Writing a zone file parser is on my list of things to do, quite a long way down though :S
@DaveRandom ehhh where do I find that?
On the server
How did you create the records?
What do u mean... now im confused..
10:46 PM
How did you update/create the A record
javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	A	Edit   Delete
localhost.javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	A	Edit   Delete
mail.javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	CNAME	javascriptroom.com	Edit   Delete
www.javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	CNAME	javascriptroom.com	Edit   Delete
ftp.javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	CNAME	javascriptroom.com	Edit   Delete
webdisk.javascriptroom.com.	3600	IN	A	Edit   Delete
rules.javascriptroom.com.	14400	IN	A	Edit   Delete
www.rules.javascriptroom.com.	14400	IN	A	Edit   Delete
That is all my records
anything I wrong?
@DaveRandom yes
Hard to get that wrong
@DaveRandom which?
10:47 PM
Changing records via cPanel. The above looks fine to me.
@DaveRandom lol so whats the issue then... :-(
Could do with seeing the SOA but I doubt you can get it from cPanel
Others are having the same issue... r u getting the register.com page?
@DaveRandom soa?
I really don't get why WHM has a default config that creates a fully qualified localhost. subdomain, it makes no sense at all to me.
@DaveRandom lol no idea... It does not even go anywhere.
10:49 PM
@Neal Start Of Authority. It's sort of the root record for the domain, defines some default values.
@DaveRandom ahhh. I don't know servers very well... :-\
good night... buona notte! bye bye
^^ softcore
anyways... what could be the reason that some people can't access the site?
10:50 PM
@wes gute nacht.
@Neal God
@webarto maybe
U see my post yet @webarto ? blog.javascriptroom.com/2013/01/10/…
@Neal Contact your host. If you tell them that the Google public DNS ( can't see your records you created 24hrs ago with a 4hr TTL it will hopefully make them sit up and take notice because it will be something they can easily reproduce.
Yup, some dude Fibonacci... @Neal
Oh it's suddenly working for me as well
10:52 PM
Some Italian painter, I presume...
Browser caches maybe... FF?
@DaveRandom I sent them "Google public DNS ( can't see your records you created 24hrs ago with a 4hr TTL "
No, twas a DNS issue
hopefully they will understand that
@Neal It's suddenly now working
10:53 PM
@webarto ...has absolutely nothing to do with forward dns
I guess their DNS servers had a problem.
@DaveRandom lol wtf
@DaveRandom Oh, forwarding... Well, pardon me Sir.
They are now returning me a sane SOA as well
So U see the post now @DaveRandom ?
I do
What was the original question? I've forgotten
10:54 PM
interesting... weird and interesting...
not for now
im off to see my home ^_^
maybe tomorrow
latr ppl
@webarto Not forwarding, just forward. As in the opposite of reverse DNS. You might just call it a regular DNS lookup.
Up to 30secs before you said you could see it, I couldn't resolve the hostname.
I'm guessing it has to do something with this, I never open this part, I'm afraid of it.
wat you got full WHM? sweet. Which host gives you that?
Or are you set up as a virtual host?
10:59 PM
You hack, you rule.
@DaveRandom Nay, it's at Softlayer datacenter. Full server access or something like that.
former The Planet...
You can haz account if you need.
@webarto You should reduce your TTLs a bit, otherwise if you move your host you'll have 24hrs of nightmare. If you drop everything that says 86400 to 14400 that should be a pretty decent setup, a lot of relays will ignore the TTL and cache for 4hrs anyway. I have all my As set to 3600 though.
The whole long cache thing is a legacy hangover from when broadband did not exist.
@webarto Would enjoy very much.
Not WHM one, normal cPanel hosting account :P
@DaveRandom How do you know so much? :P
Well yeh, I don't need to screw with other people's domains, I'm busy f*cking up my own. Haven't got any domains for which it would be useful atm though, thinking about it.
@webarto I am a very, very dull person.
I have read pretty much every word of RFC1135 several times.
Plus I was a telecom engineer for 8 years, you do pick up a few things :-P
Speaking of which, sent a cv off to a company who do more the sort of thing I have done for ages yesterday
Waiting to hear back, might need to lean on them a bit
getting well pissed off with current job
I know this is PHP, however does anyone know java
@DaveRandom Oh, you left out that non important piece of information :P
11:08 PM
no one currently available in Java chat
@DaveRandom What do you do now?
"IT guy"
It is properly f*cking me off
Everyone in the company is afraid of computers
@user1604490 Probably not going to get a useful response I'm afraid. The only two regulars I am aware of who know anything about Java are not currently here
However, what is the issue? Is is specifically Java or an abstract problem?
okay Thank you, I appreciate it dave
11:11 PM
@webarto lol yeh, sth like that
I actually have to combine two methods
brb smoke
(are you smoking yet?)
@user1604490 OK well that's kind of an abstract logic question, what do they do?
@DaveRandom They are supposed to display a label and a button of a certain size
@webarto french subs?
@PeeHaa Yeah, dunno, I clicked on first link.
11:18 PM
@user1604490 One for label and one for button?
JSFiddle not showing code for unregistered users?
b[0] = new LabelButton3D("Favorite Button");
b[0] = new LabelButton3D(75, 35, 1);
This button has to be size (75, 35, 1) with the label "Favorite Button on it
@webarto jsfiddle.net/W2jB7 not showing?
js fiddle has been somewhat broken the last few days for me
@user1604490 OK that's definitely out the scope with which I would be able to help, it's an API issue, I suggest you ask a question on the main site
Version 23.0.1271.97 m, updating now... (so it says)
@DaveRandom Thank you so much for trying to assist...I sincerely appreciate it...have a great night :)
@webarto Random. I notice a few minor UI style changes, obviously something is broken
11:22 PM
Love the raining divs :D
CTRL + F5, does the trick.
@webarto Updating to or updating from? I'm running that version, works for me :/
@webarto Cache fail
Cached broken files probably, I pressed F5, but not CTRL + F5.
@DaveRandom did you made that useless fiddle? I like it
@PeeHaa I made the JS, @sem prettified it a bit
Now only to find a nice place to use it. I love putting raining divs on things :)
11:26 PM
Hi Dejan,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you - I took a look at this before the holidays, but didn't catch up after getting back in town this month.

I appreciate the report as it's a clever trick, but this isn't a behavior we plan on changing. The Activity Log is similar to a browser history - it's intended to be a record of your activity, and even if a site tricked a user into visiting a particular page, we still want to surface the action to the user in their log. The record is only shown to the user and not anyone else.
I'm useless...
They are bastards, I reported 2-3 thingies, and they patched them all, but first rejected...
@webarto 1. write a blog post about it 2. gain attention 3. ? 4. profit!
How to become internet Superstar for dummies?
11:40 PM
@PeeHaa Annoyingly I can't find it, but I have somewhere got an example where I got really carried away with it and created something where the drop divs are actually drop shaped and they splash into smaller drops when they hit the bottom of the viewport. If I find it I'll ping you, it was a really good waste of a couple of hours
(All using the same API code, just binding to the events)
@DaveRandom Sounds cool
Powershell has been eaten on my laptop again.

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