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8:02 PM
yeah next up on SO after that is live streams of ugly nerds coding
sorry had to edit to fit the SO demographic
we're all ugly nerds at SO
"today we have user2381823 stream"
But hey bb, how old are you turning?
bb is almost 35 now
in like... two days!
Soon SO will announce birthdays and you wouldn't have had to ask me that!
transition to social media complete
also you peeps i am also here
True, it falls on a Sunday
You're not making any efforts for us to wish you a happy bday, do you
8:09 PM
CF o/
I'm still not used to your shrek color looking profile
how are you?
@ballBreaker jokes on you you're 6 years late! we used to have age on the profile pages
but it got removed
oh shit I forgot about that
I made this account when I was 69 years old
@Mauker i am good wbu?
lol ahmad
Brazil hit 1 million cases of COVID-19 :/
congrats 2nd country to do so
maybe we will hit 1m too
8:14 PM
That's not something to congratulate tho
@ballBreaker nice
haha i know was just kidding
how many active tho?
Not sure
total cases are kinda irrelevant only active ones are
but around 50k deaths
fuck :(
8:17 PM
woops we and russia not far behind it seems
doesnt look like we are getting away with this shit without a vaccine
do you think india's much worse than is being reported? I imagine some of the poorer areas probably have numbers a lot higher than reported
no idea it could be , it could not be
fair enough
poor area dont have much traveling so less chances tho
not like there is any way to confirm either ways
yeah good point
I imagine they're a lot denser, but less tourists and people spreading it there
8:22 PM
there is hardly any traffic in poor areas so i imagine it hasnt really spread there
apart from few cities that are struggling , most places have manageable numbers for now
recovery rate is good , death rate is also not high, so well survivable i gues
yeah makes sense man, the indian diet is pretty good for health so I'm not surprised the death rate isn't very high
Obviously unless you're too poor for a good diet, but like you said those areas might be less affected
well i hope it turns out well for all
I'm kinda torn on that one
seems russia and brazil are new hotspot
wouldn't it be way better if like half of us were just wiped out
8:37 PM
ah well thanos crabs
I think the most callous way to look at it is that this virus is actually doing humanity a massive favour by pruning out people with bad health and hereditary conditions that shouldn't really be being propagated into the human genus - and the ones who die that didn't have conditions it just eases the burden on the planet. But obviously that's pretty soulless
for the most part I'm just neutral to it
I've had the same reaction to this pandemic as really bad weather, pretty much
on a different note lmao, what have you been up to lately CF?
lol not much same old
i hope the world return to normal lol
Normal will never get back, that ship has sailed
But things can get better
depends where you live I guess
things are slowly going back to normal here
same here
8:56 PM
im off, enjoy your weekends everyone!
Bye all
I had something on my mind regarding Android; thought it would be good idea to ask you guys
during user input (in other application i.e. SMS, WhatsApp), is it possible to create a widget which detects user's input?
9:22 PM
you mean, another app read what's being typed on your app?
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