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2:44 AM
Can I ask questions about advice in moderation (including flags) here? (e.g. should i flag this question as something etc)
@user202729 Yes, you can ask questions/advice about user-moderation here.
@user202729 Is there some activity on/about these questions which isn't obvious from the question pages (mentioned somewhere, a rejected edit, etc.)? The most recent activity shown for these questions was more than 2.5 years ago. That's too old for a cv-pls. While there isn't an explicitly stated limit, cv-pls requests should, generally, be for questions for which the community benefits from them being closed quickly. Please see #11 in the FAQ.
3:00 AM
Am I doing something wrong here?
The guy asking the question above admits in comment that he is dumping his work on this site just to pass a class and doesn't care about learning. Terrible.
Makes my blood boil
@HovercraftFullOfEels What happens when students don't have a choice not to learn something.
Or their teacher didn't convice them why they should study that.
@user202729 (triage review where everyone "Looks OK" except me, while there are comments pointing out duplicates)
3:23 AM
@user202729: I suppose, but it's a good lesson in life to learn how to make yourself learn something that you don't want to learn. We're not here to encourage the lazy though.
@user202729 IMO, you did fine and the other reviewers should have also chosen unsalvageable->duplicate, with the probable exception of the first review, as the first duplicate comment had not yet been posted. OTOH, it's possible each reviewer investigated it and felt that it wasn't a duplicate. Although, IMO, it is a duplicate.
@HovercraftFullOfEels Sorry, switched what I was doing and replied to the wrong message.
@Makyen:? what
Ah, you initially directed the chat above to me, I see, but then edited it to user 202729
@HovercraftFullOfEels Yep. Given that the ping would have gone through, I figured some explanation was warranted.
What should happen with this question?
@EJoshuaS Looks like "unclear" covers it well.
@Makyen Yeah, it's clearly not a real question - I think I'll go with "unclear" on that one, too. It's probably not flag-worthy - while it's clearly not how Stack Overflow works, it seems like it's more a misunderstanding of the site than clear malice or trolling on the OP's part.
@EJoshuaS Yeah, I don't see it as flag worthy. Someone has already left a comment that it's not how SO works.
4:09 AM
Out of curiosity, anyone know why the [hdd] burnination request has been featured for so long? I do see some objections, but it seems like the objections weren't well-received overall.
This question (flagged by FireAlarm) isn't so great - I'm trying to decide what the correct close vote reason is, though.
I kinda wish that "not a real question" was still a close vote reason for questions like that one.
@EJoshuaS Generic off-topic. You could just use the general computing reason (which is really just "not here"), but I used a long-winded "not here" custom reason.
@EJoshuaS People get busy. But, it looks like the choice will be just a cleanup. However, it's really not clear to me that the voting really indicates that it should just be cleaned up. While there is an highly upvoted answer that says clean it up, it's not clear to me that a vote on that is intended by each user to indicate that a cleanup is hte only thing that should happen.
4:48 AM
\o morning
@SurajRao brews a cup of mint tea for @SurajRao
2 hours later…
7:20 AM
@Yam yeah OP seems to have added the content.. Can an RO remove my request?
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
morning all o7
@NickA o/
That's the steward badge for CV queue, now I can sit in here casually closing questions!
@Cœur True.
Well that's a lot better
@Yam not really sure; the question was already kinda borderline at the start.
9:29 AM
^ do we need a "be nice" auto comment?
@SurajRao That is called the Rude/Abusive flag. ;)
(or the NLN flag for less intense comments)
@E_net4 true but sometimes a good reminder kinda stops the flow
and the post doesnt end up in a meta discussion :p
@SurajRao Might be a good idea (just don't ask me to write it)
@SurajRao Does the "be nice" auto comment need to be nice?
@NickA sure.. as long as thy get it :)
Not sure about the ongoing "welcoming" part though
9:42 AM
"Welcome to SO, you're not being nice. Be nice!"
with a link to be nice policy
Oh, sorry: "Welcome to SO, you're not being nice. Be nice!"
almost feels like talking to kindergarteners :D
9:55 AM
@FireAlarm no research at least, looks closeable, but as what?
Too Broad?
Probably TB or maybe off-site resource?
@AndréKool not really, I think, since the difference might be very small and written down in a line or two. OT-resource also not really, I mean, yes, he needs to read the docs, but he isn't explicitly asking about those
@Yam Still VLQ, without MCVE
10:15 AM
Some times I feel sorry for people whos first question is blatantly awful and deserves to be downvoted and closed... Then I remember that they didn't read how to ask or what's on topic
Most of them don't really try to improve their post and being unresponsive which only make things worse
@AlonEitan For me thats make it more easy to NOT feel sorry for them.
I agree, but I'm not really sure if they do it because they just don't care, or maybe they are too scared to replay
^ no idea how it got 2 upvotes
@AlonEitan Sure they may be too scared to reply, but some questions are just lazy
10:25 AM
@SurajRao Maybe someone lost his keys
@NickA We're not allowed to be user specific on this room :)
@AlonEitan fixed ;)
@AndréKool in this case some people found their long lost keys..
@AlonEitan Looking at that question is giving me a headache
RO can you please trash this cv-pls? OP added MCVE
11:10 AM
@AlonEitan done
Thanks :)
Oh, rene o/
Anyone know anything about the tag? I'm seeing a lot of suggested edits that add that tag to questions.
may be related to a suggested edit I just saw removing the tag?
11:23 AM
"I'd me some burnination, please"
"I don't this tag"
you may have it! here but doesn't appear active? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/286471/…
Here's one suggested edit I saw but skipped as I was looking for tag wiki edits stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/19742378 The question seems rather broad so this may be blind retagging rather than a careful cleanup :/
@StephenKennedy Exactly the kind of suggestion i'm talking about.
@AndréKool Have you got another example where the edit is suggested on a closable question and where it removes ?
11:36 AM
@StephenKennedy I have a feeling if we go down this road it can look like we are reviewing a particular user
@AndréKool Ah ok. That wasn't my intention but fair point.
@StephenKennedy Looks like Too Broad to me
@StephenKennedy I'd say too broad and no MCVE. If that site goes down there's no question.
@StephenKennedy What to do with the pending edit?
11:45 AM
@AndréKool I don't know. I was hoping to ask @Makyen about that as it seems to me that retagging off-topic questions before a burnination is official is counter-productive as it wastes a chance to better curate content. But I'm no expert :/
(general question not intended to target any single user)
I think I will just write a meta question about this situation (re-tagging off-topic questions with pending burnination request)
@Cœur It's was last active over 4 years ago, not sure if it's qualified to be cv-pls
@AndréKool there is already in faq giudance for burnatuon, they should not be retagged if off-topic
I think that the "[cv-pls] only questions with recent activity" is used mainly to prevent having too many [cv-pls]es. If the room is quiet [cv-pls] on old abandoned should be OK (as otherwise it is unlikely to be noticed) (am I wrong?)
We need to find em when searching for stuff to delete.. + SE can do mass removal on stuff to not delete
11:59 AM
@user202729 I think the ROs don't want requests on inactive posts, period. Reason for that is that the post is unlikely to harm anyone, precisely because it hasn't been active for so long. Better spend your CVs in the queue in that case
@PetterFriberg What would be the correct action in this situation?
@AndréKool I'm on mobile so I can't see edit, but if someone is removing a tag on closed question because it should be burnished reject it. No improvement
@PetterFriberg Is it a good idea to ask the users doing this to stop and point them to the burnination process?
Sure just be nice :)
@user202729 What the pink elephant said is right.
12:04 PM
@PetterFriberg Crap, I suck at that
Use "please"
Oh, just stop being Dutch, will you ...
@Cœur Could you please read the above discussion about re-tagging questions?
please please if you feel very nice
@Yam nice spot!
12:07 PM
@rene please please is passive aggressive watch out :)
@PetterFriberg please please please stop pinging me ... ;)
@rene Ech nie
I won't link because it's the same user, but I found one approved edit which removed with the rationale that it is a "do not use" tag, and left behind which is... also "do not use" :/
I left a comment here and pinged the other user in this chatroom. And i said please :)
12:12 PM
Make a difference if they edit to make question on topic then yeah it's ok to remove tag. My statements in chat is only about simple tag removal
@AndréKool I can't find it. Can you quote it a bit so that I can search for it?
@Cœur In that case take a look at my comment here
@Michael [tag:cv-pls] <-- that is how you get a nice tag layout
@rene Thanks. I forgot :)
@Michael I've done it for you for our userscripts to track.
12:27 PM
Arf, 59,655 questions tagged ... I should tell Aldwoni... :D
@AndréKool now I'm back on PC so I can explain better and you know the reasoning behind it. Editing a post have some effects that needs to be considered, it push the post to active and it may push it to reopen queue (if closed), if you have <2K it also push it to review queue. So when to edit in general:
You are always allowed to edit open post if you can improve it, while doing this I would not care about tags being in burnation or not, I'm improving and will set correct tags
Closed post, you should only edit to make'em on-topic, you can edit some old "important " closed post, but in general if you can't make it on-topic you should wait for OP.
Does the 10k+ rep inline-tag editing also bump a post?
When a tag is requested to be burniated there is not much difference then above, hence just removing a tag hardly will make it on-topic (you just push the post to different queues and to active). While improving a on-topic post, ok go ahead and remove it if you are improving the post (not just removing tag).
any JS wizzes is this a dupe stackoverflow.com/questions/50369948/…?
Why not just remove tag?. This is because SE can silently remove tags we don't need to push 400 posts to queue's and to active
also removing a tag on closed post that is burnation has an ugly side effect that >10K can't find it anymore to check if it is to be deleted.
12:33 PM
Pushing to queue on edit is rare: it only happens for posts [On hold] (5 following days after closure).
@AndréKool Yeah I think so, I need to find meta if so
@YvetteColomb Dupe of what?
@Cœur if <2K it will push to suggested edits.
@Cœur and it will push to active, and it will hide question from >10K user to review for delete, why do this?, if SE can run a script and just remove all 300 in on shot when we are done with reviewing the burnation?
12:36 PM
I'm not convinced it's a dupe
any JS gold badgers in here atm
try to ping your favorite Cerbrus :P
we're ok now.
@Cerbrus you around?
12:38 PM
@YvetteColomb Yes?
@Cerbrus would you mind having a look at this and it's proposed dupe target stackoverflow.com/questions/50369948/…
12:40 PM
@Cerbrus She's asking nicely at gun diamondpoint
Is there any way to see/find the close vote review for a question (possibly still active) if all I have is the question id?
@Cerbrus merci bcp
Next time, please include the request in the ping.
= more efficient hammering
eggactlee will do and thanks
@StephenKennedy I have a user script that will find it but you have to have 10k rep for it to work.
12:41 PM
"Please state the nature of your hammer ping emergency"
press 1 for hammer pings, 2 for unclear votes, 3 for under 20k delete votes
@NathanOliver That won't be happening any time soon :) Could I be cheeky and ask you to look it up for me?
if it's an emergency please hang up and flag a mod
@AndréKool I can't find any good meta only this meta.stackexchange.com/a/171578/320339 which states "No" so it's "Yes" :)
12:42 PM
@YvetteColomb hits 0 for operator by default
@Machavity and who does that summon???
must remind myself to look out for meta question about deleting brawl under js post
it summons Shog0, the first.
@YvetteColomb Shog9
12:44 PM
ah so all the digits are Shog versions
Shog haz all teh digitz
For the SO support hotline, yes. Bluefeet used to be in there but she no longer exists
hm if anyone sees a meta post about that js post, can you pls ping me... falling asleep waiting
@Machavity inr, Taryn murdered her
@StephenKennedy I'm not having any luck with my script. Normally that means it hasn't been reviewed by anyone in the queue yet.
12:46 PM
@YvetteColomb dang CM kids turning Dev. Back in the day they'd stay a CM forever
@YvetteColomb go to sleep, let the other mods do some work and answer it :P
@NathanOliver righto, ty. I will cv-pls it then. I didn't want to do that if it had received fair attention from the queue.
@Machavity back in the day when a mod could get a job as a cm and the commnity culd make their own rules
@PetterFriberg I'm avoiding studying
@StephenKennedy sounds good
12:48 PM
@YvetteColomb ping
@AndréKool LOL thanks. I'll go write my response
The second SD report seems like trolling to me.
@Cerbrus you are mod flagging the plag stuff correct?
Is this GMTC?
@PetterFriberg Yes
And tempted to kick the user...
12:57 PM
Thanks, yeah I just wanted to be sure.
@AndréKool good finding regarding the 10k tool. So I removed my comment
@Cœur It was Petter Friberg who found that. And I also cleaned up my comments there :)
@PetterFriberg to honor the "be nice" policy: thank you very much for finding that.
would this count as an answer: stackoverflow.com/a/50366855/578411 ? To me it is more like a comment but maybe I'm too strict?
@AndréKool replied
1:10 PM
@rene Doesn't look like one to me (as in an answer, it looks like a comment)
@rene looks like a comment to me
@YvetteColomb Why do most meta posts have to be atleast 2 pages long?
@AndréKool because people expect a thesis :D .. or is that a joke like why did the chicken cross the road?
I prefer short, but it doesn't wash well usually
@YvetteColomb Ahhh, I now understand your "No more comments here please" from when I saw that post earlier, shame I missed all the stuff before it was deleted
1:15 PM
@NickA yep, there were a few more users also coming into the fray, so I wanted to just stop it
@PraveenKumar I was about to reply with "Complaining in that way is a sure-fire way to get even more downvotes", then I saw OP had enough rep to downvote...
@NickA LoL. I was afraid too not to get into trouble by randomly... :D OP cannot downvote as it takes 125 rep.
@PraveenKumar What?, I thought it was 50, nevermind ;o (ah, comments is 50)
50 to comment I guess.
Wish I'd made that comment now...
Recently I've been reminded every day why I don't want to be a mod
1:39 PM
Code has been dumped, asked to fix. Looks like a task for FL.
@PraveenKumar noticed you add smilies when commenting to OP.. does that make it nicer :P
@SurajRao I don't know if it makes nicer, but it definitely shows me as a nice person! :D
@SurajRao Of course :D, smilies make everything nicer :)
Why is Smokey highlighting that one? No activity on that question for over a month
@MichaelDodd That user just got blacklisted because of this report: metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/119462
(Blacklist entry has been removed already)
1:45 PM
@MichaelDodd an answer in that Q/A got edited: stackoverflow.com/questions/9959727/…
@Cerbrus Ah, fair enough. Cheers.
all posts are then rescanned
Yeah was scanning for an edit but couldn't find it at first
You can click Active today .... in the right top stats container or is that from a US I run?
@rene Could I please get a clarification on a rule? I've read the FAQ again and understand perfectly that getting a request acted on is not a right. Does that mean it is forbidden to post the request for a second time?
1:47 PM
@StephenKennedy within a certain timeframe, yes.
@rene And what would be that timeframe, or would you have to kill me after revealing it? :)
@rene Clicking active indeed goes to latest activity on a post, so not your us
1:49 PM
@StephenKennedy 6-8
@StephenKennedy I'm not sure how long we keep an eye on it. I can guarantee you that I will be pretty &^%$# if a meta post turns up pointing out that a cv-pls has been posted multiple times here just to get it moderated in some way. Anyway: @sam how long do we keep an eye on multiple requests?
Multiple identical requests?
yes, I'm unclear, as usual
I don't think we have ever decided on a specific time frame after which you can re-request a cv-pls on the same post
1:53 PM
3 days.
@TylerH we decided it for you ...
@rene "thank you for your cooperation in this matter in which you have no say" :-)
2:03 PM
Oh hey Sam took acid
@DalijaPrasnikar Haha oh wow, that's probably the most obvious sock puppet I've ever seen
@PaulStenne polp!
Oh hey pink elephant
2:07 PM
@PaulStenne plip!
@PaulStenne rather coffee, but thanks!
So happy he cannot be found
A self-delete after I asked "have you tried doing what you asked is possible?" essentially
2:21 PM
@TylerH "have you tried doing what you asked is possible?"?
@AlonEitan Know Queen? She's useful for rude comments
Oh it was an answer
Didn't SD catch it?
Yeah :)
It was manually reported after I posted if (Don't know if this was the actual trigger or not)
@AlonEitan I reported it in the Charcoal room
I saw that answer next to the other one from the same user
2:35 PM
I see. Thanks for letting me know :)
2:47 PM
@feelingunwelcome That doesn't sound like a proper close reason for that question
@feelingunwelcome but your comment at the question says "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because we are not support for your favorite company. "
3:07 PM
How come this type of recommendation question reach bounty eligibility!!! Is there a PHP library to convert HEIF into JPEG?
@TylerH there's no history
@Sam oh, I saw it and opened up the history page before she redacted it
@Sam I purrr-ged it ( a pets pun)
Oh well
@MunimMunna because people are bad. It's appropriate to flag such blatantly off-topic questions for mods to come in and manually kill the bounty
3:09 PM
@MunimMunna Mod flagged to get rid of the bounty
@MunimMunna I a lot of stuff winds up not begin closed even though it should. When the bounty ends and it is closeable put in a [tag:cv:pls]
@TylerH Doubtful they will do that with 5 hours left to go.
@MunimMunna Nobody checks. You can put a bounty on any old rubbish. That one ends in 5 hours so bookmark it then cv-pls it? :)
must type faster
@NickA I appreciated your comments, thank you
@NathanOliver Eh, why not? Timing doesn't matter IMO
@NathanOliver Or a lurking mod nukes the Q
3:11 PM
@Machavity I'm happy for people to ping me if you have a query about an off topic bounty question, you think should be closed, it's a special thingy thing I have
they typically don't want to go through the effort when the bounty is about to expire. Most mods I have seen will only remove a bounty ans close when just starts/ a day or two into it.
@YvetteColomb I'm glad you're happy. I'm not sure if certain flora would also be happy
also it may take more than 5 hours for the flag to be seen by a mod (unless ^ this happens)
@NathanOliver if it's blatantly off topic, as that was, I'm happy to save the OPs virtual $$ aka rep and the community's time by removing the bounty and closing it.
Go Nuts on a Bounty
3:13 PM
@rene I can't read that, it must be in flower-ese
@YvetteColomb No problem, you can get rid of my above post with the link if needed
@rene the room has my permission, if it's ok with you, to ping me for off topic bountied questions.
@TylerH I expect google translate can deal with it
There's a trick if you don't want people to see your comment history. Edit it before deleting it. then you can go to the comment history and purge it
@YvetteColomb sure (@YvetteColomb) can work ...
3:15 PM
@rene I'm missing the bounty link
@StephenKennedy The question is gone, I did not know a bounty question can be kicked :O
@rene hmm, but how do I get the ping?
@MunimMunna Yvette (a diamond mod) took care of it
@MunimMunna I removed the bounty, closed it and then deleted it, as it was hopelessly off topic
@AndréKool yeah, I got distracted ...
3:16 PM
If there's room to edit it into shape, I am reluctant to delete it quickly, but a give me a tool question is never going to be on topic
@TylerH Sounds like the German version of Snickers, but with one giant nut
@YvetteColomb Bravo, well said
oh No! all these bounty links, I feel like a cup of tea and a bounty
@YvetteColomb unless they infiltrate the company and change its policy :-P
@YvetteColomb Absolutely :) tool questions are closed on sight, I was astonished to see it on bounty
3:17 PM
@Machavity Who are you calling a giant nut?
@StephenKennedy you too @Machavity twin
@TylerH well yes! remembers mod status and stops the joke
@YvetteColomb Lol. Maybe time to change to a less orange, and less scruffy, photo :)
@StephenKennedy @PaulStenne (he basically admits it)
3:18 PM
actually @StephenKennedy is an inverse of @Machavity
Hey come on. We're both super knowledgeable and good looking! </end thread>
@YvetteColomb I dunno. I don't have a keen interest in hip-hop like he does
@Machavity hm an Irish break danceer
Well, we're both in the witness closure protection program. The sunglasses prevent revenge downvotes
3:23 PM
The tag is in the clean-up phase. Please help out with edits and votes.
orange top, red hat, orange hat red top
@Machavity hahahahahahaha love it
@rene erm, is there anything I can do? pretends to be afk
@Machavity Seems my "bot" spammed the talk page back in 2008 en.wikipedia.org/w/…
@YvetteColomb Probably not with that one, but we do have this if you want to work on it. Still a lot of requests that just need a complete/decline tag
3:27 PM
@Machavity ok I have that bookmarked to have a peek tomoz, it's actually gotten late. 1,30am
@YvetteColomb We added a tab with Mod instructions on it, please ping if you'd like to help out but need any further clarification
@Machavity Okay so who do I kick now
Plop blue Yvette
@Machavity It's gre_gor's fault.
There ya go
3:35 PM
@PaulStenne allo Paulie
How are you?
She's better since she left the horse. He wasn't good for her. All he wanted was her carrots
@Machavity hay!!! (spelling intended) I have 6.95 horses
@PaulStenne getting there. Uni is over in 3 weeks, we will talk then. You?
3:44 PM
@Machavity they really do view me as a walking food machine
@YvetteColomb Oh, before I forget, we had to put the cat down I asked about on Pets. We never found a med that would make her stop doing that :(
@Machavity :{ sorry to hear that.
I've got a lovely photo here of one of our cats sat on the back of one of our horses (both sadly departed). He (the cat) is looking at the camera as if to say "yeah, what's your problem?" :)
@StephenKennedy you have horses???
@StephenKennedy Showoff
3:53 PM
@YvetteColomb I learnt to ride as a child but never had a horse. My younger sister had horses though. The oldest passed away just this winter.
@YvetteColomb Actually, bcos we were not affluent when I was a kid (parents married young) instead of a horse my grandfather bought me... a donkey :)
@StephenKennedy :[ how old?
@StephenKennedy awww donkeys are nice
@YvetteColomb The photo is from 1994 and my sister wasn't the first owner. She was definitely old. Pushing 30 maybe? What's a good age for a horse?
@StephenKennedy photo?
yeh that's a good age, My oldest girl is pushing 27, I hope she lives well into her 30s. She's exceeded the average life expectancy :(
4:14 PM
i am under the impression that either i asked a question not suitable for stack overflow or... this is a baaaazinga moment? kindly share your thoughts. — Ricky-U 1 hour ago
4:29 PM
Sorry about that. Pets chat taken to another room now. All welcome!
Q: The [parallel-streams] have already been operated upon or closed

Didier LI just came across the parallel-streams tag which seems to have been created at the beginning of this year. All its 16 questions are java or java-8 questions. In some cases it seems the tag was applied just because the OP is calling Collection.parallelStream(). This tag thus seem to be used as ...

4:50 PM
5:03 PM
@Yam ooh, Yam's back!
@NobodyNada He's been around for a couple of weeks :D
@Sam oh. I haven't been watching SOCVR much :p
I had to share this hilarious comment (you need to read the one before it) meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/367885/…
6:01 PM
@Fire blacklist tag licensing
@NobodyNada Added regular expression licensing to the tag blacklist.
6:37 PM
`stackoverflow.com/questions/50377855/… I dunno what to do with this.
@Compass idk. I quoted the answer to make it clear it is copied but then I followed the link and realized it wasn't so I rolled it back
6:57 PM
@RiggsFolly Let's try to avoid the snark...
7:10 PM
Can someone please close as a dupe of stackoverflow.com/questions/24161336/… to add it to the duplicate list?
Only 1 more CVs needed; so you'll have to act quickly. Thanks!
7:39 PM
@MartinJames Misstagged, too. It's C#, not C, must be really complicated to type two characters.
@Olaf Well if you're on a phone, on the subway, it's difficult to type one char:)
@MartinJames Why do I think that's not the reason :-\
@Olaf lol
7:55 PM
@RyanZim Added a custom reason. Per multiple Metas, GDPR is off-topic, as it involves legal advice
@Machavity Thanks, that's what I figured
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