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12:17 AM
3 hours later…
3:09 AM
@Yam wtf is up with that distance
@Sam: It's entirely possible. That post was an absolute mess, so bad that I couldn't see where to start fixing it without possibly obscuring the actual error. It may have been edited multiple times to straighten it out, which might skew the calcs.
It's a typo question anyway (invalid SQL syntax that's pretty obvious and was repeated)
@KenWhite Multiple edits shouldn't cause any issues, I think the problem lies with the post suddenly consisting of nothing but code in the second revision.
@Sam That may be it, too. :-) I'd have difficulty calculating the % diff in that post since it was originally submitted.

above question has five duplicate votes. Why still is not closed as duplicate?
it only had four actual votes; the fifth must have been from someone who doesn't yet have the privilege to participate in voting (you can still flag as duplicate)
4:35 AM
@Yam die
See you guys in the next timeline o/
@IamtheMostStupidPerson It's also common for people to just up-vote the "possible duplicate of" comment without voting or flagging.
GraveRobber started.
@IamtheMostStupidPerson Please also be aware that this room, SOCVR, doesn't moderate Meta. We only moderate the Stack Overflow main site. Please read the SOCVR FAQ. However, what you did, just asking a question about something, is OK.
@Makyen So, theoretically, I couldn't [reopen-pls] my Meta post here? Does having written the question constitute having a stake in it? ;)
4:40 AM
I realize that one's pushing it, age-wise, but it was recently used as a possible duplicate candidate for stackoverflow.com/q/49877688.
@EJoshuaS An actual request for Meta is not permitted. That you asked the question, of course, means you have a stake in it: Requests about posts "that you have asked or answered, or for an edit which you have made" are not permitted (#15 in the FAQ)
@Makyen Yep - joking :)
@EJoshuaS Yeah, I keep missing the :-). OTOH, I basically have to respond seriously given that the conversation started with someone who is relatively new to the room (and who, hopefully, is interested enough to be reading the continued discussion).
I noticed that this post content is same as this one. What should I do?
It is exactly the same.. Maybe dupe account to ask the same question twice?
4:50 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto Hmmm... that does seem suspiciously like sock puppetry...
@SurajRao @EJoshuaS So you're both telling me I should flag it for possible sock account or plagiarism?
@TetsuyaYamamoto Custom moderator flag. Explain with links to the post(s).
@TetsuyaYamamoto I'd probably flag it for moderators explaining the situation - it's definitely one of the two.
not plagiarism. Probably sock account
Both of the questions really ought to be closed.
4:55 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto There are a couple/few possibilities as to what's going on. There's no real way for us normal users to investigate. It's fully in the realm of needing a moderator. The right thing to do is raise a custom mod-flag explaining what you've found and linking to the posts. There's really nothing else for regular users to do (except close the questions, as they are off-topic, which is now done).
@Makyen Well, I flagged the most recent Q with custom flag based on Plutonix's comment. Just wait for a mod to see those posts.
1 hour later…
I tried to go through all of gist.github.com/mogsdad/e5de226dd8bcabad42079e91b9cd3de6 and I believe most of the questions there should now have at least two delete votes, so you should be able to close a lot of the remaining ones
@mogsdad ^ do you want to prune the already-deleted posts from that list?
@Sam IIRC I was asked to stop reporting controversial edits here, but keep the potential spam edit reports. So all controversial edit reports go into SOBotics now.
6:24 AM
... correction, I found a few I had missed via the SEDE query, and a few which apparently only have my deletion vote
6:55 AM
Morning \o
Morning o/
7:10 AM
where's my cv request :D
cv pls b0rken again :D
works fine for me, reboot ;)
it's not in the graveyard either. I wonder if it fails because I chose a custom close reason by batsheba.
Probably not... it works with custom reasons by Will
@AnttiHaapala Without even knowing on which question you experienced the problem, it's hard to make any determination. It'd also help if you describe exactly what you did when sending it.
7:18 AM
no repro
this one, I chose the custom message, selected "send cv pls" and hit close, and it didn't appear here. Using Firefox userscript :D
@AnttiHaapala OK. (Please edit so it's not a onebox).
Should we reopen it, just for science :D?... arrf now we also need to undelete to test..
@AnttiHaapala There's a message which is a deleted cv-pls request which you posted about that question, but that message appears to be a request which you manually created.
yes, it is true too. Though it was already at 5 cv by then so I just deleted it
7:21 AM
@TylerH note that by editing the title of this question you destroyed one of the main points of evidence for my suspected spam-setup flag: that title was literally the title of the linked page in the answer, up to the spaces in ( matlab ). I restored the title because of that.
7:31 AM
What do you think about this question stackoverflow.com/questions/49893660/… I think it is off-topic but I appreciate the effort.
@Steve should be in the wiki, or, possibly, by a mod-sanctioned chatroom like the C# book list etc
@Adriaan I agree, I followed your custom close reason
8:11 AM
@halfer sure that will be helpful to me. Please
8:25 AM
9:06 AM
@SmokeDetector question could use a code formatting edit by someone familiar with
@Steve that question is now discussed on meta /cc @Adriaan
@rene yes, that's where we pointed the OP
@halfer Not me, i think
@Adriaan yes, I saw
9:12 AM
@Machavity I think it should be removed altogether. "A number of folks in our community sometimes say that every time they see ..." I mean, what?
(I also think it's too opinionated to be included in a standardized list of comments)
@Yam whoops, on first read I thought it to be a completely different Q, but it looks more or less the same, but simplified (Still no research and possibly TB to implement)
Can anyone advise me on whether and why this question should be closed? stackoverflow.com/q/5976711/397817 ()
@StephenKennedy it should not necessarily be closed; remove the lib request, edit the question to be grammatically fluent and, if we can track the OP down, show what they already did with the escape functions. Top answer seems good enough without a lib (as opposed to the second)
9:29 AM
@Adriaan ty
9:42 AM
@ProgramFOX Ah, ok.
also discussed on Meta
'Google launches Chrome 666' I can hardly wait..
@Yam Still unclear and no MCVE
What do you think about this edit? I think it invalidate all the answers, but the question is either duplicate before the edit, or unclear after. Should I revert the last edit?
@AlonEitan Yeah, takes the MCVE too far the other way
9:52 AM
@AlonEitan Looks like a debugging request. Before it was too long for a mcve, now the mcve is completely missing. I would say: roll back and leave a comment.
@Olaf Thanks. Done
10:06 AM
@Yam quota
@Sam I only have 9,917 requests left :/
VLQ as such, but salvageable
10:36 AM
For my understanding: how did this top-voted question stackoverflow.com/questions/388242 escape closure for being opion based?
@JoachimW bribery from the C++ lounge
It's an exception granted by the CM team to the lounge because they promised to take good care of the question.
And a truce that can fall at any moment the CM team decide the louge isn't taking good care.
@JoachimW kind of grand-fathered in and actually updated... hence the wiki lock.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre a question you cv-pls-ed is being discussed on meta please chime in there to explain your reasoning /cc @JohnDvorak @Steve @River
@rene JonR summarizes my stance nicely
I mean ... his comment does
Are you afraid of commenting on meta?
@JonClements is the lock post when discussed on meta a new mod priority?
10:59 AM
...and that is the story he is sticking with. :P
@Nkosi I can live with that story ;)
Fantastic... that was easier than expected... the flower obviously isn't in the mood to interrogate today :p
11:07 AM
logged on to something unexpected this morning, a question from over a year ago (which IMO was asking the impossible, and my answer stated as such). OP last night went back to the question, replaced his downvote against my answer with an upvote and accepted it
@JonClements he probably has not been watered for the day as yet
honestly no idea what the change of heart was, especially on a question that's over a year old
11:10 AM
@Nkosi ahh... that's not good for a flower... I'll top the watering can up with some vodka... don't want him drying out and flaking on us...
@JonClements Do coding flowers only work as root?
@MichaelDodd That's probably the time it takes for an average person to fathom the depths of your thoughts.
@MichaelDodd they constantly spawn new threads
@MichaelDodd quite possibly... it's those trees (optionally with eyes) that go on about branch prediction you've got to watch out for...
11:14 AM
Correct branch prediction is especially important if you have a race condition to deal with.
Uber geek talk.
I think that was "asked" yesterday too
^ OP accepted in comments
11:38 AM
@Yam It's an attempt, but still watching to see what happens
Another great quote from the C++ Super FAQ: "I hear they’re hiring down at McDonalds. Enjoy your new job flipping burgers."
11:55 AM
@Ron "Just remember that the Burger has-a bun and has-a burger - neither a bun or a burger is-a Burger"... ?
@JonClements True.
Object Orientated Programming Fundamentals: MacDonalds' Edition... :p
soon, even robots will be able to flip burgers in McDonalds'
If that happens I'll flip
@JonClements Do we also get a Burger King edition?
12:05 PM
@André yes... OOP - Have it your way!...
flippin' flipping' robots
I worked in Burger king for over a year and it was great! Now i'm too old for this and need to work as a web developer :(
What The Flip
The beauty / nastiness of the C++ is that you can get down and personal with hardware (shifting bits and what not) and you can go up into orbital OOP abstraction should you choose to do so.
12:21 PM
@Nkosi Or maybe he was... the blurring makes it difficult to tell
A seo question closed a day, keeps me wondering why it's not blacklisted already
I'm at 1999 total votes cast... time to find something good to upvote for 2000.
or click two random questions and downvote one
I haven't upvoted in ages and I don't miss it
@JohnDvorak up vote? you mean you can do that? wow. you learn something new every day.
@dur What do you think of this question? Originally posted as an answer but looks not MCVE but can't tell
@Nkosi If you stand on your head... :p
12:36 PM
@JonClements The Trogdor list is coming along slowly. I think we crossed the halfway point (that list is massive)
@Sam sorry. so I guess something with that upgrade screwed up, so RC is down. Also, I can't ssh from work anymore and I'll be gone after work, so most likely it will be down for the majority of today.
we still have slack for emergencies
@Machavity I added a comment. At the moment I would vote for no MCVE.
Is it that users just do not read the help?
12:46 PM
@Nkosi Reading? What's that?
The help center you mean? Why bother.
ahhh I getchya
@Nkosi Read or comprehend? That's two lame things. We should provide videos (that still leaves one required skill, though).
That looks like a spam seed Q
12:49 PM
That smells like a spam seed Q
The question is, does it taste like one too?
@Sam It quacks like a dog so I'm not sure. Maybe we need Kyll to check
Can 20k Del vote it if you're not sure
@Machavity it should get roomba'd anyway; probably not worth the vote
@Sam newer docker image is available (maybe it fixes the issue). I'm going to try and get linden to deploy it when he can (read: when he wakes up)
@Machavity awesome... and yes... it's not a trifle of a task... :(
1:28 PM
^ self answered resource request sigh
@SmokeDetector nothing offensive according to google
1:45 PM
@SmokeDetector yeah I checked and read that question. Nothing is wrong with the question
@HarshitAgrawal The question itself is fine, it's detected the simplified Chinese answer
oh I see. okay Michael
How do you pitch in a mentorship program where there is none?
Without sounding like that guy who wanted to apply for a SpaceX CEO position, that is.
break it down into dollars and cents. Show cost variance of having it vs not having it
if having it has the potential to increase ROI .....then profit :P
2:00 PM
@Nkosi That's actually a great advice.
@Adriaan I think that's the incorrect verbiage to use; the old title is still retained in the revision history and the answer was already destroyed as spam. I don't believe there was anything lost, and there was something gained, from my title edit. If the question weren't already self-deleted I'd likely revert the title again.
@Yam Much improved, content wise but still opinion based in the end.
@TylerH mhm, true; but then I'd need to cast a new flag pointing back to the original title. Oh well, OP self-deleted and we'll just see and wait on my flag
In my experience, especially recently, mods will reject flags on stuff that's deleted/closed
but then again if it's a spam flag they may treat that one differently
@TylerH 't is a custom one explaining the spam-setup
2:09 PM
@Yam Not really better now. Let it be.
What do you make of this one? Looks unclear / too broad to me.
It's a very specific, math oriented, algorithm design request?
meh, I skipped it
that's an interesting one :)
think I'll ping TPTB over that one...
That is a unique char indeed
2:30 PM
stackoverflow.com/posts/42071304/revisions vandalism again..( possibly invalidates the answer)
Eer, is there a lock on edits?
Or some mechanism that prevents vandalism. That does not include human intervention.
@Ron Mods can lock
and a mod has responded. Not gonna flag it further
Ah, I see, thanks.
Nope... locks are manually applied... the only kind of auto-thing is the community bot will auto-protect posts but that only prevents < 10 rep users answering them... won't do anything about edits etc...
Suspending the user also does the trick apparently.
@NathanOliver The cpp super FAQ does not receive the credit it deserves, imho.
Very informative and very well written.
2:35 PM
Good night everyone o/
@Ron That it is. It was one of my main resources when I first started learning, although it was under a different name then (and I was using MSVC++ 6.0)
2:37 PM
It might very well pass for a standalone book. A must read.
3:05 PM
Ack wrong link
That one deserves closure anyway though so I'll leave it I guess
In C++ you can't run code unless it is inside a function. If the OP didn't put there code in an answer should that be answered as such or just closed as a "typo" as this one of the first things you learn when learning C++?
@Yam Just formatted, does not change the cv-pls.
3:26 PM
@NathanOliver Answered once and everything dup-closed.
I'll have to see if there is a target. It's not very searchable
3:50 PM
^ Those 3 answers, spam or not? I'm verging on yes because they only serve to promote their github repo
@MichaelDodd I'm careful with spam-fags. But they are definitively NAA. I'd concentrate on getting the questions closed (a cv-pls is allowed for NATO)
Be careful with your typos, @Olaf :P
Well, they got marked as "helpful" so whoever delt with them must've agreed
@JohnDvorak ?
Missing l at an important place
3:54 PM
@MichaelDodd spam nuked by the community it appears
Spam-flavoured cigarettes sound doubly disgusting
@JohnDvorak Ok, now I see. That's the problem with I vs. l
any-flavored cigarettes are disgusting
it's part of being a cigarette that it's disgusting...
@JohnDvorak "el"
3:56 PM
@TylerH Menthol spam is not too bad. It's the big, Havana spam that spoils the atmosphere in a room, especially atfer a good meal and fine wine.
Who would eat luncheon meat and fine wine?
@TylerH Yeah, Shishas are much better.
@MartinJames I prefer Churchills
I can do just fine without nicotine
caffeine is fair game ofc
huh what?
@SmokeDetector @TylerH naa flag since the link is dead?
4:03 PM
@NathanOliver if the link were life, wouldn't it be NAA anyway, since the code is under a link?
nvm, it has 2 delete votes now
@Adriaan true but I normally don't flag old answers if the link is still there.
Same with closing old Q's. There is enough new stuff for me to work on
I would recommend outright deletion
but I don't have 20k rep
I'm trying
actually that's a lie
I'm coasting on upvotes to existing content
so, slacking ;)
4:06 PM
I have actually answered two or three questions a month this year
so technically I'm not slacking, they just haven't brought in many upvotes or rep from accepts
@TylerH I know the feeling :( (Although I'm trying for MATLAB-gold not 20k, yet)
@Adriaan yeap, my current goal is gold badge in ; at my current rate I should hit it somewhere in July or August
then it'll be 15k next
then either 20k or another gold badge? who knows
Maybe I will take up . Ha ha, who am I kidding, that's just an audit language...
@TylerH But you could immortalise yourself in the review queues!
@TylerH I need to speed up; I'm at ~50 votes this year, meaning I need up to summer 2019 for my badge (or work harder)
@Sam that's a concurrent goal
I am currently 26th on the leaderboards for CVQ
4:15 PM
> C++ does a lot of things. Stopping you from shooting yourself in the foot is not one of them
@TylerH 26th hey? Slacker :p
@JonClements You barkin' up the wrong tree laddy
Worse, C++ automatically blows up your foot (or rather, is allowed to) when you withdraw your gun before shooting from it.
@JohnDvorak Sounds like we should arm teachers with C++ instead of guns...
4:17 PM
@Adriaan indeed... but how many users has Tyler had to suspend/delete :p
@JonClements I wish I could suspend like 4
not 4 at random, 4 specific ones...
@TylerH Shog, Martijn, Madara, @JonC?
Well I was going to say Jon Skeet all four times but yeah that sounds like a good list too :-P
also... most posts I come across aren't just closing it because it then enables deletion, it appears I've deleted a few straight off anyway
though @MadaraUchiha would probably throw a meteor at my head before I could get him
4:20 PM
@TylerH What'd I ever do to you?
@JonClements @MadaraUchiha o/
@MadaraUchiha Hey, it was Adriaan's list!
Loooong time guys... :D
4:21 PM
@TylerH that grin though... maybe make it just a small meteor? @Madara :p
Nice meeting ya all... Leaving home. Bye! :)
Hey, Madara is paying attention now. No more PHP jokes
Welcome back @MadaraUchiha! Finally escaped the eternity gem?
@Machavity What's a "PHP joke"? Isn't that a tautology?
@Olaf PHP is no joke - ask Amnesty International.
4:30 PM
@MartinJames I'm not sure. I seeing PHP, I always think of Freddy Kruger. Scary on one hand (both actually), but always good for a joke.
@Olaf heh.. lol
@Olaf always thought of it more as a Jason X - no matter how many times you try to get rid of it... it just keeps coming back...
PHP = PETA's Hyperactive Prosecutor
@JonClements sounds like that ball I throw at you; Fetch!
@JonClements It's the same for Freddy. But he haunts you in your dreams.
4:34 PM
@Adriaan ball... where's the ball... where's the ball.... runs around in circles.... there's a ball! woo hoo... ball ball ball... where's the ball....
Oh man, they threw the ball into rene's garden...
@JohnDvorak That reminds me … I have to prepare the meat for dinner.
rip Rene. I mean... RIP Rene.
Eating dead animals - how delightful.
(PHP developer enters the room)
@Machavity oh gawd... I'm not sure the flower is the guy to hand your ball back without a stern warning about how the youth of today don't appreciate things and if it comes over into his garden again he's not going to give it back and he'll tell our parents... :p
@JohnDvorak easier that way - have you ever tried to eat one that's alive - they protest a fair bit...
4:41 PM
@JonClements Yeah, that's a bloody mess.
interesting day on meta... it's not even Tuesday
@MartinJames pretty pointless leaving those kind of comments. Just to vote to close it as the duplicate or do nothing at all. Thanks.
I mean, unsafe to eat animals are always color-coded. If it looks boring and small enough to kill, throw it on fire and you're good to go. Plants are hit or miss. Just look at potatoes. Pretty boring plant. Some parts are even edible. But take the only thing that's obviously meant to be eaten, and you'll regret the decision for the rest of your life. Now tell me, what did God want humans to eat?
@halfer hi
can anyone help me with this stackoverflow.com/questions/49901242/…
@halfer so from where shall we start ? :)
@HarshitAgrawal: are you looking for help answering the question, editing it, or advising the author on how to ask?
@JohnDvorak Exactly that's why I combine both: Plants and meat. Not that my meat would run anyway; after all that's what I pay the butcher for. Potatoes are boring, that's why they're eaten at a party and not hired as standup comedian.
4:50 PM
But then again, considering half the stuff that plants meant to be poison, humans ended up liking in their food...
And who's that god you mentioned? John Skeet?
Humans are weird
@JonClements OK, I'll bear that in mind. I intensely dislike those bullying accusations. Actual cyber-bullying has never happened to me, but it has to a close relative, and OP's should not throw such allegations lightly:(
@JohnDvorak I don't think we eat that half in the same ammount as the rest of the plants. Btw: not everything being poisonous to humans are also to other animals. IIRC, Capsaicin for instance is not harmful to (some) birds.
@halfer editing it and now it has been edited by a user named rene
4:53 PM
@MartinJames I got that suggestion lobbed at me twice in the last few weeks. It's become a fashionable complaint to cover for woeful quality, unfortunately
@halfer do you know the answer to that I did a lot of searching but found nothing :(
@MartinJames Then just look upon it and frown and do no more?
@HarshitAgrawal Coolio. Doing good edits is something that comes with practice. Fixing case, trimming chat, expanding abbreviations, adding paragraphs, fixing spelling and grammar are all good.
@HarshitAgrawal This room isn't an ideal place to ask for help on answering questions themselves. If it is a good question then it will get answers from people who watch those tags. It seems to be too broad to me anyway.
(Can anyone please give me the build and link steps sounds like a "do it for me" request).
@halfer okay thank you for the advice on the good edits :) I really appreciate your time and efforts made by you to make me understand things.. :-)
okay so should I flag to too broad
@HarshitAgrawal you're welcome. I will still give you some feedback on your answers btw, just busy right now.
4:58 PM
@Olaf The fabulous Birmingham phall-parrot?
@poke hmm, you have a stake in it as you wrote an answer there ...
@poke No loss imo. Reading the follow-up question in the answer it pretty much smells like a help-vampire asking others do his assignment,
@rene Not disagreeing with that ;)
@halfer no problem. Make a comment on the answer of mine when you get time so that I can get a notification
@Olaf Yeah, obviously, but the question is still good as it’s about how to retrieve the output from the script in C#
5:00 PM
@MartinJames Not sure, but I smell a "pythonic" reference;-). But no, I just check at WP, and indeed birds are not affected by that substance. No surprise, as they are meant to spread the seeds.
@poke we have a silly rule about that: socvr.org/faq#GEfM-no-requests-youre-involved ... just so you know for the next time, Okay?
@HarshitAgrawal if you think the question can be improved so it is not too broad, and you want to help, you can do that. However 'too broad' would be understandable here, as would 'unclear'.
@halfer so should I flag that question as too broad? I think the question is new as the previously used Jack compiler is deprecated now
@rene Oh, I’m sorry about that! :/
(/me gets back to work :-))
5:01 PM
@poke no problem, I'll call the bouncer ;)
@halfer have a great time at work :)
@Olaf In the UK, the seeds are propagated by pub and club patrons throwing up the seeds into sundry flower-beds and window-boxes on their way back from the Koh-i-Noor on Friday night. Apparently, ten pints of regurgitated Stella helps the seeds to germinate.
@HarshitAgrawal: Just keep in mind SO is not a tutoring site. Typically if 1 or 2 comments are not sufficient for OP to get the question into shape, it's unlikely it ever will. Just don't talk someone through a process; that's beyond the scope of this site.
@Yam stats
@Sam I'm currently watching 814 questions.
5:08 PM
@MartinJames Ok, I'll leave it at this; there's too many phrases I had to look up right now. Plus dinner's ready. MEAT!
@Olaf Sounds like a plan:)
@MartinJames it's a beautiful tradition
The next burnination up for review is
@halfer Yes - never underestimate the enthusiasm of British youth for assisting in the art of chilli horticulture.
5:14 PM
@MartinJames they are assisting nature, like worker bees. Although the extra expense of a substantial police and ambulance presence in the main drinking areas in city centres make me wonder if we're being rather inefficient about it.
@halfer It's unfortunate that there are a few percent who are not hardy enough to hurl and stagger home without professional 'assistance' :(
Maybe we should try Darwin's approach again. It was quite successful while in effect.
@JohnDvorak When it comes to Friday night umm.. 'entertainment', it's survival of the fattest.
then I'm well fat for the task.
@JohnDvorak lol, no comment, pleading the fifth..
@Machavity Please let it be true..
5:33 PM
@MartinJames Takes a bit for the Meta bar to refresh but it's tagged
@Olaf okay thank you for the advice :-)
5:46 PM
When you read your own Stack Overflow answer and go "Wow, I don't remember this."
TIL from myself this feature I answered a question to.
I love looking for a dupe and finding that it is a question I answered. I'll start reading it and be like, "I like this answer" and then I'll see it is from myself and smile.
@NathanOliver … and then you find out there is an even older dupe also with an answer from you.
That might have happened..
I hate being out of close votes :(
@NathanOliver Pointy stones anyone?
5:50 PM
@EJoshuaS I'd give you some but I never learned to share ;) To boad we cant actually transfer them. Let people who wont to close do so
@Adriaan Accidentally enraged a wave to e72 health, had to abandon T_T
@NathanOliver Or maybe gravel? youtube.com/watch?v=7uOafmIBvuo
youtube is blocked :(
on the plus side no more checking for rick rolls
@NathanOliver Not for me:-P (Just watch the movie, it's definitively worth it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Python's_Life_of_Brian)
You know I don't think I've watched life of brian. I do love me some monty python though
5:59 PM
@NathanOliver Recently celebrated an anniversary
he's so old he predates apostrophes
AOL Instant Messager was released 21 years a go
Wow. I remember when it first started
6:06 PM
It was delivered on a CD
@Sam should be back on now
@NathanOliver Thats a major cultural faux-pas. Just suspend everything you're doing right now and watch the film. ;-)
@gunr2171 \o/
@NathanOliver He's had an apostrophe?
18 mins ago, by NathanOliver
youtube is blocked :(
6:12 PM
@NathanOliver Bah. Sorry man
It's ok
Man, they've thought of everything. I guess they've only left work to do
Work and SO
6:19 PM
@NathanOliver Wow, they really removed all the fun from your internet.
you could always try the other Ses
@Olaf Meh. Besides SO there really isn't anything on the internet I need. I also get xkcd and commit strip, which is nice
@NathanOliver Yeah, Dilbert might be too familiar with the job already.
Recovered from a BSOD
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