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2:37 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I like that - "null effort" - maybe a NullEffortException()?
@EJoshuaS: yep, an exception thrown all too often
Yep, zero-effort homework dumps all day
idownvotedbecau.se is fabulously helpful, though
@EJoshuaS I noticed you use it quite a bit. It's probably helpful, but I think the comments would be better, and possibly even better received by OPs, if the comment was a complete English sentence which included the link, instead of just the text of the domain and page.
2 hours later…
5:14 AM
@tripleee Real sneaky with the tags there!
@AjayBrahmakshatriya yeah, The Phont is evolving (not necessarily a good thing)
@SmokeDetector still up!?
that post isnt locked yet?
@SurajRao done
5:31 AM
@FOX9000 already rejected, shouldn't the bot inhibit reporting in that case?
@adiga yours was the second reject. Post is locked now
6:19 AM
7:12 AM
Anyone in here with intimate knowledge on how the post ban algo works?
I've asked a meta question about it
@Magisch Seems that exact algo is kept secret, but DVs, closed & deleted posts counted and checked for certain threshold number.
@TetsuyaYamamoto I'm more interested about its interaction with serial voting reversal
@Magisch Voting reversal will invalidate serial votes so all affected posts reverted to their previous state, and post-ban script may run after reversal script. It's possible to re-banned after reversal script runs...
This question changed its tags and question after the duplicate target is posted. It is no more a C++ question anymore. stackoverflow.com/questions/46703270/…
I have another serial plagiarist if people want to help out: stackoverflow.com/users/2009847/jack?tab=answers
@MartijnPieters On it
Morning \o
@MartijnPieters What should we do when found something like that?
7:39 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto flag the post for moderator attention, stating it is probably plagiarism and a link to the source of the text / code copied.
I'll take it from there.
I've handled all posts created today; they were inactive for a while, so the plagiarism may just be a recent idea of theirs.
@MartijnPieters Can you check this please. OP refusing to delete the blatantly plagiarized answer even after being told multiple times stackoverflow.com/a/46703658/3082296
@adiga done. In future, flag a post like that. Don't demand that the author delete it (although asking could sometimes work). This is usually best left to us however.
What is happening here - stackoverflow.com/questions/46662363/… ? The OP is asking the commenters to "get his homework done" . . wut?
@MartijnPieters sorry. I didn't ask them to delete. I flagged and left a comment saying it's not cool.
Yup, I saw that; sorry, didn't mean to suggest you were doing it wrong.
7:48 AM
Heh I was checking for plagiarism posts and then by accident found this site: answers.elteacher.info. It actively pulls data from SO. I'll report it.
@TetsuyaYamamoto The thing is the votes aren't actually gone until someone expands the post score again
@Lundin yup, elteacher.info is one of a series of copy-cat sites. I think SE is already aware of that one, but it never hurts to get more reports.
Ok well I reported it to SO with the contact form anyways
Who else is working on the serial plagiariser?
I'll be going down the answers in order of popularity for checking
Scraper sites remembers me for this MSE post: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/200177/….
7:51 AM
@MartijnPieters if the plagiarized post is deleted by OP before a mod sees the flag, will the flag still persist?
doesn't bode well for this guy
His #1 scored answer is already plagiarism
@adiga I think it will automatically get marked as helpful
@adiga Uhm, I'm not sure. I think so, for custom mod flags. Checking.
@Magisch I have time to go from the opposite end
@Magisch populartity is votes, right?
@rene yeah
7:55 AM
@AjayBrahmakshatriya yes, red flags will be marked helpful on delete
@Magisch OK
I'm on it as well
@SmokeDetector This is new
@Magisch We'll have that post disassociated from the account then.
@MartijnPieters I'll be flagging all the plagiarism I find
So you or another moderator can handle at your convenience
Q: is it still plagiarism when someone copied code 1:1 and changed only the variable names?
@Magisch Yes.
8:29 AM
@MartijnPieters Looked through all of his positively scored answers now, found 3 instances of plagiarism
8:41 AM
The line this OP is asking to translate in C++ is cdf = cumtrapz(t, P); Another account just asked the same question an hour ago
@SardarUsama both links are the same..
@SurajRao corrected
@Magisch I've done all posts on the second page. flags pending. I'm have a conf call now. Let me know if you need more help later.
9:37 AM
102 pending custom flags
@Magisch ta! Will clean those up.
@rene: what did you use to find the XML copies? Those are usually the hardest to track down with Google or the SO search engine.
9:57 AM
@adiga Other mods do think that they stay active, yes, unless a moderator deleted the post.
@MartijnPieters I just search for a node with attributes that has an unique value for example TextView android:text="@string/amortization_1" does a pretty good job on Google. I never use SO search for these case. Its search engine is too strict to be of value.
hello @MartijnPieters
10:18 AM
@MartijnPieters okay, thanks. What is action taken against serial plagiarizers? Can't find anything on meta
@rene right, then that's the same technique I use. The problem is finding unique values; I'm not that versed in Android, so knowing what could be unique is tricky.
@MartijnPieters agree, it might take a few attempts.
@adiga removal of the posts (if > 60 days old and score > 3, we request post disassociation, that's a CM-level task), and a warning. If they tried to use the plagiarism in combination with a sock or targeted voting, things rapidly get worse. Repeat offense is usually a suspension.
If not suspended they are nuked from orbit, including their /24 IP block. Knocking on doors also might happen.
I can't confirm nor deny the existence of a missile programme to deal with repeat offenders.
10:30 AM
Plop everyone
@Martijn what with budget cuts, we may or not have to be resorting to vans with tinted windows and a more hands on approach... :p
Might also have a postgres database of the SO datadump sitting around - could run a regex over the bodies to match stuff...
@JonClements I may or may not be baffled by the hypothetical policy change, when a central launching system is obviously more cost-effective than having to send tinted vans and trained contents to remote locations.
@Martijn I may or may not agree, however, it may or may not be a good idea to base these things on whether maybe or maybe not BBC4 is still broadcasting...
No Jokes are Allowed! (C) (R) (TM)
10:43 AM
Are you sure they're maybe or maybe not allowed? :p
I think that you may or may not want to check the FAQ!
I choose "may not" (although completely aware of it) - what now? :p
We now may want to get Shog'd
But I'm very happy to drop the jokes altogether, this one certainly ran its course.
what command should I use to get the reason why Smoke Detector posted a warning for certain question?
10:53 AM
@MartijnPieters noooooooooo I may have joked about Jokes may not be allowed! : p
@SurajRao No response for that
@VadimKotov you need to reply to the specific SD report
@SurajRao I see. thanks!
I notice that the Rao family takes over SOCVR...
@kayess its a common surname :p. I dont know of any relation
11:06 AM
@SurajRao your daddy Bhargav said differently... :p
11:17 AM
@kayess Just pay your usual protection fee weekly, as usual.
@MartinJames is it 200rep per week
or 10 flags a day
Would forgetting that something is a pointer and need to be dereferenced be considered a typo?
@SurajRao Yeah
FR: convert links to bare text in the CV-request userscript
11:58 AM
@FelixD. you might want to use our pre-described format: socvr.org/… so we can keep track and handle requests even if it take some time
@FelixD. that is not a close reason, please pick one.
@FelixD. this is the same as the previous one
Yeah i know. But this dude is going crazy. He wants to delete his question
Since he cant because of answers
he is just downvoting all answers like a re***** ^^
Just wanted to let you high rep guys know
We can't stop a user from down voting. We are also not going to retaliate against him for doing so.
The question does not even have content anymore and thats not a reason to close it ?
12:05 PM
not sure if that is technically vandalism
@FelixD. No, we roll the edit back.
Mod flag and move on
alright !
@SurajRao Man, I hate it when I accidentally take a screenshot and post it with code to SO
@adiga Repeatedly rolling back the edit is not helpful. Just flag for a moderator and walk away. All your doing is perpetuating the hostilities.
12:14 PM
I have already flagged it. No need for multiple flags I think
@NathanOliver okay
12:29 PM
@Machavity Yeah, and it's so easy to do in error:(
@JohnDvorak I'm not sure what you're requesting. Which links are you wanting converted to bare text?
Links in close reasons
@Makyen its the socvr comments + cv request like chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/39568090#39568090
@JohnDvorak @JohnDvorak Ahhh.. OK. You mean strip any links used in custom close reasons entered in the close-vote-dialog prior to using them in the CV-request generator's close reason. OK, that can be done.
12:39 PM
Not sure why I didn't just look up one message to see the context. :-)
Is it possible to add an additional hint to an custom flag ... maybe here without naming a user?
@bummi No, that is not possible. I sometimes raise another flag on one of my own posts to add extra details.
Maybe if a mod lurks here they might take it to a private room
@rene Hi, rene , that's what I hoped for ...
I don't see any of our regular mods around at the moment
@rene Hi, rene,
12:51 PM
But if we keep talking about our mods, maybe they notice
They shall not be pinged though ....
stupid rulez
@rene Are we talking about they-who-shall-not-be-pinged?
yes, totally
@rene It's Thursday - the mods have their regular, scheduled return to their regeneration alcoves.
1:09 PM
Daily fun limit exceeded : (
hiya gunr \o
1:38 PM
@MartinJames It seems pretty clear to me; it's just a very basic question that probably has a duplicate
@TylerH I'm not happy with spnedig any more time on such questions than is absolutely required to close them.
@MartinJames Doesn't matter how much time you spend, you should only list close reasons that are true
You clearly know what the problem is as you know it's covered in a basic C for Dummies book
@TylerH It's unclear why the OP, (or anyone), would attempt such recursion on main(). Unclear.
That's not what the Unclear close reason means
Unclear close reason means "it's unclear what you are asking"
@TylerH Just let bad questions get closed...
1:44 PM
@JohnDvorak I'm fine with close-worthy questions being closed
"bad" is subjective and not a close reason
that's what downvotes are for
@TylerH What can I do? There is no 'Your code is just silly' close-reason.
I certainly believe this question is likely close-worthy, but "unclear" is not the reason
Looking at the comments and answers, "no repro" might be an accurate one
@MartinJames There is the custom off-topic reason for custom scenarios that aren't listed
But again, I have to stress that "bad" or "your code is silly" is not a valid close reason
@TylerH I can unable to be honest, so I have to make do with what is available. I cannot vote "no repro" because I have not attmpeted to reproduce it.
It's a valid downvote reason
@TylerH I know - that sort of honesty gets suspensions.
1:48 PM
@MartinJames I don't know why you are concerned with honesty when it comes to the no repro reason, but not concerned w/ honesty when it comes to the unclear reason
@SmokeDetector flagged for mods; user is posting the same answer in multiple places
@TylerH "unclear why you would write such code"
@TylerH I did not try to reproduce it. I didn't compile it, link it run it and test it. There is zero doubt that I attempted to reproduce it. None. I can, however, just about bend the English language enough to close as 'Unclear', unsatisfactory as that my be.
@MartinJames no you can't, because it's not what that close reason means
@TylerH let's not annoy people arguing over details
you are making up a fact to justify a bad action
1:51 PM
@TylerH I interpret it differently.
@MartinJames There is no room for interpretation. "Unclear what you asking" cannot be interpreted as "unclear why you made the design decisions you made"
they are two different subjects
@TylerH You a\re suggesting that the posted code is not part of the question?
@MartinJames Huh? I'm suggesting no such thing
You're saying it's unclear to you why OP wrote the code the way they did
that's a design decision and not the point of the question OP asked, which is "why doesn't my code work"
"it's supposed to output X number, but it keeps outputting 0" is a pretty clear problem statement
Why OP wrote bad-practice code is a valid question to ask OP in a comment, but not a valid reason to close the question
simple as that
@TylerH 'No repro' was even worse. 'Unclear' is not a perfect fit, or even remotely good. It is what is available.
1:56 PM
@TylerH Per se, it's not. "return X" would be a valid answer, but definitely not what the OP wants.
@TylerH Its a terribru example to future SO visitors/users.
"bad code" is not a close reason. "Too much code" = no-MVCE, though
@MartinJames That's not a good argument. Choosing a wrong reason over a more-wrong reason is still wrong
Like I've said, I believe there are probably two or three valid CV reasons for that question, but unclear is definitely not one of them
@TylerH Then the close reasons need yet another overhaul. Such suggestions never go well on meta.
@TylerH let's stop stressing over that then
1:57 PM
especially considering OP got 3 decent answers and a dozen comments addressing his problem
@JohnDvorak no, I won't stop stressing that people need to use the system correctly, especially in a room that is of tenuous legality on the system
Tenuous legality? Sounds like I should stop visiting before I get into trouble...
@TylerH Then you should not suggest close-reasons that are undoubtably false, eg. 'no repro'.
@MartinJames I said it "might be" a valid one, looking at the answers and comments
I never said "you should have used no repro instead"
don't try to twist my words, just accept that you messed up in this case
2:03 PM
@TylerH uh... what's the difference?
@TylerH be nice
Stressing yourself is one thing. Stressing others is not welcome.
at least let's all do that
@JohnDvorak the difference is what I actually said is a suggestion of an alternative close vote that, upon due diligence on Martin's part, might be a valid close reason
@TylerH True, you posted 'Looking at the comments and answers, "no repro" might be an accurate one' in the SOCVR thread between us. Maybe that was unclear?
@JohnDvorak you have been stressing me by hopping in the one-to-one conversation, please see yourself out of it to keep us both stress-free :-)
It wouldn't leave me stress-free. And perhaps not Martin either, or even you despite what you seem to say
2:06 PM
@JohnDvorak It'd certainly be an improvement, though
@TylerH I am not going to compile, link, run, test such code so as to clear a 'due diligence' hurdle and so justify a 'no repro' close. That's just never going to happen. It won't build in C++ anyway.
@MartinJames And that's fine. You don't have to.
but that doesn't mean you get to use wrong CV reasons
@MartinJames since it won't build... no repro is fair
@JohnDvorak It should build in C, (or, at least, I've got no reason to suggest that it won't).
In other news ... Bitcoin is now at $5000
2:19 PM
@JohnDvorak Which one?
Are there multiple?
@JohnDvorak Yes
yes i accept your answer, i have a doubt in the case of free trail package, we want to invite the person to which we are sending the mail, and the invitation send to the mail from mail gun , and if the person who accept the invitation then only deliver the mail, if the person not accept the invitation so we can't send the mail this process is done in the free trail pack.What is the paid option process — John 6 hours ago
Q: Mail gun is not working in node js

JohnWhen i send bulk mail in mailgun this error is displayed { message: 'Free accounts are for test purposes only. Please upgrade or add the address to authorized recipients in Account Settings.' } how to solve this error. And the code is here app.get("/mailsendapi", function (request, request) { ...

Can someone Explain to me what he means. Because i think he didn't even bother to read the answer
Huh.. TIL the Bitcoin spin-off is also called Bitcoin.
@Machavity take a look at then profile of the question and the other 2 seeds
2:25 PM
@UnknownDeveloper I'm not sure we can answer that in this room. You might need a nodejs user that knows mailgun as well. Maybe the javascript can help you. It is not really a topic we take here.
I don't get the comment @rene
like i explain how he can set it up using the paid method and mentions it again like he didn't read it
@UnknownDeveloper the message is: we don't deal with guns but with chainsaws
@UnknownDeveloper Looks like a help vampire to me. "I understand that they want to be paid but I don't want to pay"
@UnknownDeveloper nor do I. Ask them.
@Machavity why am I downvoted? I clearly answered his question...
2:35 PM
@UnknownDeveloper Looks like not even programing-related. Don't answer off-topic questions, close them instead.
@UnknownDeveloper Not my downvote. Sorry
jesus you guys...
@UnknownDeveloper Herr Gott! Site rules …
Overall, answering questions that should be closed tend to give down votes. Particularly if the question is so poorly worded that it cannot possibly be answered, or if the question is a code begging one.
@UnknownDeveloper aye?
2:38 PM
3:16 PM
^ reopen pls, I'm feeling evil
Run for the hills
@SotiriosDelimanolis It's taking the Spring out of your step?
Don't pun ish me for the acts of others.
Hello! I have a question: since stackoverflow is in https, how can you make a working snippet with an old script (morris.js v0.4.3 for example)? I can't find a https version of the script. It's working in Firefox but have the "Mixed Content" error with Chrome. cf: stackoverflow.com/a/34634531/1351076
3:32 PM
@krlzlx That's going to be a question for meta. There are some related questions there already, though I don't know if there's an exact duplicate.
@PaulRoub Thanks, then I'll continue searching for an answer on meta or post a new question.
4:15 PM
^Also unclear and shows zero research effort.
@EJoshuaS already closed
@krlzlx put the whole library inside <script> tags in a stack snippet
Hmmmm... must have been closed while I was posting.
@EJoshuaS yep, only been closed a minute
I'm out of close votes or I would've just cast the final vote myself, I burned through a lot of them working the queue this morning (I was bored on a conference cal)
Is it worth asking for delete votes on it? It's completely worthless, but it'll Roomba in 20 days on its own.
@EJoshuaS Makyen's script inflates Roomba times. It will Roomba in 10 days
4:52 PM
@TylerH Thanks! I'll try it tomorrow.
Any of you Java people need a date/time handling class?
Nah, I know what date and time it is. No need to take a class on it ;)
5:15 PM
> And we know it works, because I copied a lot of this code off StackOverflow.
bahahahahaha fools
@YvetteColomb that is the real wtf ...
@rene ikr!
yo @YvetteColomb
@ColdFire hi :)
5:18 PM
wow almost 20k
@YvetteColomb I've had a project where code similar to that was in an OnValidate event. And then copied that same code to each testbox that also was a date. There were 10 if not more fields on that form alone .... then the next form ... you get the idea.
wow these idownvoted comments are so good stackoverflow.com/questions/46714948/…
@rene how do I draw a face with the mouth open in shock? :-O
@rene I'm curious please tell me it wasn't a senior dev who wrote that?
5:23 PM
worse, it was the CEO
now that is understandable.
No, you know when you are up for some coaching if they really appreciate when you show how DateTime.Parse works. (this was .Net 1.1 era, so long ago enough to not hurt any feelings today)
Like my friends who "code" for fun
Ah so they're working in a totally unrelated field now
Probably switched to PHP
5:26 PM
@YvetteColomb Make sure to elevate your legs too
@Machavity do you wear a hard hat because you work in php?
5:35 PM
that was the last they saw of Machavity
@YvetteColomb It helps me focus
hey how can we put auto comments when reviewing suggested edit causes harm custom reason?
^^ the NATO answer includes a Bytecoin address (and request for payment, offered in the qutesion). Not sure if that should be flagged / edited...
Hmmm can "because it's wordpress" be a valid close reason?
6:09 PM
@PetterFriberg is that the ArgBot thing?
Yeah, AA and Thaille is developing
Sounds like a neat project! I would help..but Python.
ooh the ones who start to develop choose... you know how it goes..
Hm any js experts here? I'm wanting to be able to insert auto comments when using the 'causes harm' custom reason for the suggested edit queue
@YvetteColomb Expert? Yes. But not in that field ;-) But I can make snarky comments.
6:16 PM
@YvetteColomb Shoot
@Olaf you know that didn't help right? lol
@NisargShah ok
I have a gist of auto comments gist.github.com/yvettec/e8c1fb032bec023f816c
I'm trying to refine them
6:18 PM
@NisargShah see where there's a box to make a custom reason. How can we hook auto comments into that?
@YvetteColomb Hey, I just answered your question. You were not very clear asking ;-P
@Olaf are you voting to close my comment as unclear??
@YvetteColomb Gimme 10 minutes. I'll have to understand the code of that userscript
@YvetteColomb Nah, they are fine for me to give nonsense replies.
@NisargShah yes
6:20 PM
(Sorry, just don't expect anything reasonable from me today, I'm in a strange mood)
@Olaf I know, as you have the maturity of a gnat, as do I :D
@YvetteColomb More like a mixture of a parakeet and a cat - at least today. And before ou ask: I have no idea why. It's just that I could smath everything against the walls right now. Yet it's not even that I'm really angry about something.
omg I just opened the subject outline for my next session at uni and they've added an exam to the subject (it didn't used to have one) - drats and double drat
@Olaf yeh I understand. I try to stay offline when I'm like that. Especially chat rooms and social media. hint hint - a stitch in time and all that
@YvetteColomb Oh, well, I'm nor really in an agressive mood right now (which I would agree is a good idea to stay of from social stuff). But more an impish or - as you noticed - childish. Nevertheless, I think I will have dinner and then better play some game.
6:28 PM
@Olaf I get like that too... 8-[
i.stack.imgur.com/NUqJX.png anyone with >10k what do the numbers mean?
@YvetteColomb The number on the left of the post name is the votes it has so far
@YvetteColomb 1st total votes, last reopen votes? I'm guessing here
@YvetteColomb Check out this
6:36 PM
@user0042 will try it
@Adriaan no reopen votes
@YvetteColomb It has some quirks (like doubling snippets when you're going to update them), but is quite useful to apply stock comments (or anything in an edit field).
@user0042 yeh I just filled it with my auto reasons
@YvetteColomb As I'm here on Tor, I can't use it unfortunately (Mozilla based) :-( ...
6:53 PM
^^ that's a horrfic question and needs quick closure and deletion
@NisargShah wow! Let me test it.
Use it with [CRC]
@NisargShah ah thanks
@YvetteColomb Didn't see this first. I approved it. Code should have been in a code block
6:57 PM
@YvetteColomb yrw! I haven't really read all of it...since its pretty big.. but it should work
I'm gonna go sleep now...so if you feel like its doing something weird, just drop me a message...
@Machavity the user has already been destroyed
@NisargShah thank you so much!! Sleep well
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