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12:03 AM
show off
so uncanadian
@Wes I even scored an important goal to tie off the second game, which we then won in shootout.
I got all three monitors set up now
this is crazy
that's what I feel like XD
I've only got one monitor at work:
12:20 AM
I have two 1440p screens.
I actually could have had two 4k screens but I opted to give them to the newer employees instead.
I think 2 monitors is the perfect number for general development or programming. I used a single monitor for a while recently to practice using workspaces and while it's a nice option for those with one monitor I still found it inferior to having two.
I got three because I want to stream video games, and having only two is a bit awkward
but I'm also using them for work stuff
12:38 AM
you thought she would use the monitors for programming stuff eh levi :D
@Danack welcome to the ultrawide master race
ok ... now I need to fuck off to my bed ASAP
1:41 AM
Wanna feel old? https://t.co/QdXavpQZlY
2:28 AM
posted on September 24, 2017

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

3 hours later…
5:50 AM
6:04 AM
6:22 AM
6:37 AM
Hi all
6:50 AM
can anyone help me how to get all variable in style varibles in style="" only
u say who?
o/ Morrrrrrrrrrning
Hi, Morning Duikboot
Is this sentence correct? (English Perspective)
> those functions you defined should be out of .ready() to be working.
find and replace all inline style in php
7:15 AM
Hi, Gordon
$string = "<span style='position:absolute'>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</span> Ut enim ad minim veniam,
quis nostrud exercitation <span style='color:white'>ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo color:white
consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse
cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.</span> Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non
proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.";
Hi Gordon, Here find and replace only inline styles only
7:36 AM
if I can ask a question, what is a "field" in phpStorm?
jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/extract-field.html - I am reading about extracting fields, but I could not find what a field is on the Net
@Shafizadeh - It does not sound correct to me, but I am not a native speaker
The functions that you have defined should be placed out of the .ready() (statement, or how to call it) in order to work
but like I said, I am not a native speaker
but the sentence could be improved
@whoami yes. I understood what you've been asking. I gave you links to questions and answers that explain how to do it.
7:54 AM
8:03 AM
8:22 AM
@JayIsTooCommon I'm active, just spending a lot of free time out of house at the moment ...
@JoeWatkins whatevs.
9:04 AM
@DaveRandom I land on friday @ 17h10 if you are free by then and willing :P
@pmmaga sounds like you are trying to setup a grindr date
@DaveRandom's always free and willing.
@Naruto oh... oops, wrong tab :x
9:17 AM
What's the general consensus on lazy-connect wrappers for PDO?
@Leigh Depends why you want that....
something something, no such thing as an optional dependency.
@pmmaga sure, your mobile num still ends 306?
@Danack down the dep chain from a controller, eventually you end up in a repository, some up-front validation may fail, so why go through the connection overhead
@Leigh because your framework is too limited to allow independent tiers of execution. I'd probably recommend passing in a PDO factory, and making it explicit where the controller code thinks 'right, I'm ready to save stuff to the DB now', rather than possibly having lazy connections fail in unexpected places. However the tradeoff for using lazy, doesn't seem that bad.
posted on September 25, 2017 by bwoebi

amphp/mysql v0.2.2

9:30 AM
@DaveRandom yup
9:47 AM
@Jimbo If you know the people from this project, could you ask them if it can be used with separate webpack config files? i.e. we have separate sites, that each have their own webpack config file. Currently we're using one docker box per site to build webpack stuff.....but that's not scaling well.
10:23 AM
just put <?php var_dump($data_subjek_data) ?> in vew and let me now what you get @tereško
why are you telling me this?
you post the link right
@pmmaga cool, what terminal you coming in to?
@VIKASHDASH "cv-pls" stands for "close vote please"
@DaveRandom 1 as far as i can tell
10:27 AM
@pmmaga well what's your flight no, in fact?
afternoons o/
@DaveRandom TP 324
woah, google gives some nice flight analytics
Why did you look up his flight number O.o
10:30 AM
@pmmaga k cool, txt me when you land
@JayIsTooCommon I do what I please. hmph...
@DaveRandom will do! cheers! :)
yo jes
Sep 19 at 14:50, by Saitama
@DaveRandom btw, do you remember that dashboard thingy?
10:42 AM
@Jimbo I object to your lack of protective wear on that recent fb post of yours
@Saitama :-P
I will get to it
might try and do something with it on Fri
alright :)
@DaveRandom you gotta get down on Friday
cuz @Saitama is looking for the weekend then
Friday, Friday, gotta get down on friday
@JoeWatkins ping.
10:50 AM
@Wes o/ you didn't tell me your PR idea yet :P
i have question regarding js
i have json and the json has value that contain <a href="http bla bla" >hello</a>
when i append it in my dom element
it shows <a href="http bla bla" >hello</a>
the hello doesn't change as link
@kelunik RE this, is it PHP's connection limit that's 1024, stream_select's limit, or both? Or does PHP's limit change stream_selects? Confused
@Gordon Yeah I know, it's finally cooling down, looking forward to wearing full leathers again
oh maybe a rfc is required @pmmaga that made me depressed... just slightly though
@user3663 how are you appending it to your element?
@Wes that never stopped you before ;)
10:57 AM
lol, i just submitted one rfc basically. i kept all the crazy ideas i had :B
@Jimbo It's stream_select + FD_MAXSIZE.
var result = str.replace(re, subst);
by this
var re is my regex
@user3663 I'd suggest asking javascript questions in the javascript room.
@Danack ok..
is it just for me that the wiki's css fails to load most of the times?
11:09 AM
happened on my end too
where should such things be reported? assuming it's an infra issue and not the wiki code
@AaronSmith I see, thx
@kelunik What? FD_MAXSIZE?
So it's not a PHP limit, it's entirely a stream_select limit and PHP doesn't have a 1024 connection limit. Correct?
Ah, file descriptor max size
@DaveRandom it seems the new star trek is promising
i might watch it tonight
11:52 AM
note that FD_SETSIZE is an arbitrary limit in glibc for select(), you can have more than 1024 file descriptors, and you can use the poll() APIs when you need to play with file descriptors higher than 1023
Hello people, one doubt... Is possible the result of SQL query be array?
@ChristopheCosta a mysql server will return binary data. Whether you get an array or something else depends on the driver you're using, and the API you're using.
12:06 PM
iterate the array outside
and get the value from sql query
one by one
you think is the best way @FlorianMargaine?
Good morning
is good afternoon already.... lol
7AM for me :D
It's beer O'clock somewhere
12:11 PM
@FlorianMargaine Maybe we should just add that for stream_select in PHP.
@IROEGBU I already had mine
@kelunik makes sense. The errors can be cryptic.
@FlorianMargaine The error message is probably one of the best error messages PHP provides: lxr.room11.org/xref/php-src%40master/main/network.c#1168
trying to remember what I was doing on Friday... fucking hell
12:28 PM
@Tiffany restructuring the namespaces
@tereško I didn't write it. This is code we paid for.
going back through messages from Friday
I'm trying to remember how I'm supposed to namespace the class files that are in the classes folder. for reference
Hi there!
@kelunik I meant at runtime
12:34 PM
there is something I really don't get about CORS. I try a get request from my localhost to a https server. I add my options (with headers & access-control-allow-origin * ) on my js part to make the call, AND I add headers part at the top of my php script (which just echoes some text). But I still get the cors blocked thing... Any idea?
so "global namespace" means I don't namespace the file?
@Julo0sS you mean from file:///?
for example, DateTimeImmutable and PDO are a classes in global namespace
12:36 PM
@FlorianMargaine I try to get some data on a distant https server, from an app hosted on my localhost
just a http.get("https://...whatever.php")
@Tiffany Singleton.php and ActiveDirectory.php… sounds like you're in for a world of pain
@Gordon :P I avoid ActiveDirectory as much as possible
thing that frustrates me with it is it can't handle nested OUs
and I don't know enough about AD coding to rewrite it so it can
@Julo0sS If you use Chrome it gives you error messages in the console about what wasn't allowed.
@Danack same origin policy does not allow.......... Cors header "access-control-allow-origin" missing
> Cors header "access-control-allow-origin" missing
Do you know where that is meant to be set?
12:48 PM
I start my php script with => header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");
@Danack I'm quite confused about his setup.
@Julo0sS and is that header actually on the response when you call http.get("https://...whatever.php") from javascript?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier @tereško just to make sure I have this right:
"autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "": "lib/classes"
I really hope this works
12:53 PM
@Danack that's the confusing thing to me
@Tiffany when you change the router's config, you need to do composer update
How is it confusing? Open up the network tab and look if the header is set or not.
Using angular 4 I add a RequestOptions object, with headers (and so AccessControl-Allow-Origin *) set on my request like this : http.get('https......whatever.php',myOptions)
AND, server side, in my script, I add the header line as I wrote just above
@tereško yeah, did composer update, didn't think about router though... need to check that
fuck, sorry
@Tiffany not the router but autoloader
12:56 PM
composer said there was nothing to update/install though o_O
> Open up the network tab and look if the header is set or not.
@Tiffany what's in the Singleton.php? It looks as if it was an abstract class? Please tell me you don't have an abstract Singleton to slap around code
@Tiffany on update it regenerates the autoload configs
@Gordon I have no idea. I can look in it for you.
I've never touched the Singleton class.
yes, it's an abstract class
12:57 PM
now find all the classes extending from it :)
@Danack on the request yes but not on the response. The response is a 200 OK but the header is not set... even if I do set it manually in my script like above...
I think the programmer who wrote this code base, started it like late 90s, early 00s, and just kept slapping code on top of it, never going back to refactor his old code.
@Gordon ... then check the git blame and find a tire iron
cause if it sells as-is, why bother, right?
Okay - I'm pretty sure you don't need it on the request. If it's not set on the response, then either the code that is being run isn't the code you think is being run, or something else is deleting all of the headers before they are actually sent.
12:59 PM
I wish I knew as much as I know now three years ago. Cause then I could point out all of the issues in the code and say it needs to be fixed before we're willing to sign a contract.
You need to do some debugging to find out why that header isn't being sent.
@tereško wat. why go to that much trouble? just tell the asshole to stfu.
@JayIsTooCommon pong
@JoeWatkins can we blacklist tony prick ?
1:02 PM
@Tiffany it will only get worse :D
I'd love too, but we don't really do that ... you can black hole his replies in your mail client, is about the best we can do ...
it's okay to ignore idiots ...
@JayIsTooCommon is it popcorn-worthy?
@JayIsTooCommon who's that?
or "what"
@Tiffany Not really, just his continuation to refer to to opposing view sources as Anal Retentive OCD sufferers on a public mailing list.
1:04 PM
the guy who practically broke down in tears when we removed php4 ctors from php7
what karma does he have?
you don't need it to subscribe to the list
I know, but does he have any karma?
1:06 PM
@Danack Well, i'll try to set another content-type and check if it's set or not
if not, guess my "header" function has no effect
what is php4 ctor? google says "constructor" but I don't understand how that applies to php4
is it how constructors were done in php4?
in php4, ctors had same name as class
@Julo0sS I think you should just debug what I told you to debug. Trying something else at random, rather than tackling the actual problem is ..... not clever.
class Foo {
    function Foo() {
        // this is PHP4 constructor
1:07 PM
let me guess, he complained about some "young nerd changing stuff up for the sake of change"
or whatever his arguments are
his argument against absolutely everything, is that 15 years ago he wrote a framework, and he doesn't want us to break it ... I don't know much about it, other than it has it's own auto-loading mechanism, and it was written by a fucking imbecile ...
@JoeWatkins you mean you don't know about Radicore? omg, how can you not?! it's the hippest thing!
I'm terrible at sarcasm
yes, I'm sure it is ... actually I'm sure it was a pile of crap 15 years ago, and now it's a festering pile of crap ...
json_encode float – #75254
1:12 PM
the "In 2002" part is what starts getting good
I'm not reading that, it may squeeze some important information from my brain ...
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Nice :D
I had a strange breakfast ... there was chicken involved ...
now I don't really want to move around any more ...
> The ability to design an application. You cannot just play with RADICORE and hope that an application will mysteriously materialise out of thin air. If you don't know what "designing an application" involves, then RADICORE is not for you.
1:17 PM
Noob question: is it possible to have a function where the last argument doesn't change? E.g. my_func("a", "b", $myVar) and also my_func("a", "b", "c", "d", $myVar)?
@Tiffany argumentum ad pompousum
@JustCarty my_func(array $list, $myVar) don't use variable number arguments
@JustCarty do you mean from the caller side or the called side? Also.....why?
@JoeWatkins I find it funny that he completely ignores how most programmers learn... they play with code to figure out how stuff works.
I don't find anything about him funny
1:19 PM
^ that
@JoeWatkins and you misspelled "argumentum ad assholum"
there's a few people I'd like to delete from internals (or earth)
I guess I just like laughing at people like him, makes me feel better about myself.
!!kill enemies
enemies BANG! BOOM! Rat-at-at-at-at-at-at-at! BOOM! You are now dead. Have a nice day.
1:22 PM
@JoeWatkins you need to get that video card, so you can try out Doom
@Danack So, it seems like it fails when I use an "OPTIONS" request.
what does OPTIONS has to do with it?
hiiiii alll
this is first time i m to this group
i need one help
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Idk, still searching
OPTIONS is an http verb. immutable arguments is an implementation constant.
1:33 PM
Q: What is the XY problem?

GnomeWhat is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index

what r the req. to send push notifications to iphone device
but 9 out of 10 times, OPTIONS failling is your webserver being old and not answering with the correct headers
@tereško wouldn't it say that when I do composer update though?
@Tiffany nope
@DilipTiwari You will get better responses if you write words in full and with proper capitalization in here. fyi
1:34 PM
Browsers today precede PUT, POST ajax requests with an OPTIONS to make sure of resource state, origin stuff etc
This is not facebook
And welcome
well, OPTIONS can also fail because you yourself have not set up the PHP to respond correctly to it
@tereško hmmm... back to google then
@Tiffany assuming it did not work, how did the "not work" look like?
i m new i need to send notifications to iphone device where should i start to do @PeeHaa
1:36 PM
@tereško "Class 'models\AdministratorBase' not found"
@Tiffany do you have "models" folder in your lib/classes ?
@tereško yes
@Wes I'm going to give it a couple of weeks so I can watch a few at once. I have so far avoided every bit of info about it more than "it exists" so no spoilers plz :-P
and does the AdministratorBase.php file have namespace models; at the top?
keep in mind, that PSR4 autoloader is case-sensitive
namespace models\base; because it's in another folder, goes lib/classes/models/base
everything I namespaced should be in lower-case
1:38 PM
2 mins ago, by Tiffany
@tereško "Class 'models\AdministratorBase' not found"
I double-checked on Friday
not : "Class 'models\base\AdministratorBase' not found"
why is it not seeing \base?
Because you did use models\AdministratorBase;
because your in your php, where you have new, you are not using the correct namespace
1:40 PM
PHP Storm inspections would show you this immediately, btw
@tereško I don't know where definitions are made... I rarely ever see a new ClassNamee declaration in this code.
@Tiffany the file/line in the error message is where the new is
class Administrator extends AdministratorBase
and what namespace is there?
1:42 PM
Administrator has namespace models;, AdministratorBase has namespace models\base;
@DilipTiwari I suggest you read the chat guidelines
@Tiffany then you need to add use models\base\AdministratorBase; right below that namespace
in Administrator?
alright, thanks
pls help me
1:44 PM
to be able to write this "class Administrator extends AdministratorBase" you need to "import" the AministratorBase
alternatively, you could have written:
class Administrator extends base\AdministratorBase
but that tends to make uglier code
@DilipTiwari just ask your question in the chat, if someone can answer (i.e. they know how to solve it, they're not busy), then you will receive a response.
@DaveRandom why people always think i'm going to spoil :B
@Wes cause you're obsessed :P
@DilipTiwari but do not demand a response. You're asking for help, not demanding for help.
1:48 PM
@DilipTiwari you probably could start here: github.com/immobiliare/ApnsPHP
@Tiffany i'm not obsessed. i can quit anytime
@Wes says most addicts
Sep 22 at 12:37, by Wes
i can quit anytime i want! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO
shut up shut up shut up
1:49 PM
Sep 22 at 12:39, by Wes
that was the reaction of someone addicted :B ok. i quit :B i'm indeed abusing it :B:B:B
i did use it less lately. it's that i forgot
@DaveRandom lol, now that you point it out... I completely missed it. :X The codebase has a lot of "errors" in it that I tend to glaze over at this point because there are usually at least two or three per file.
you probably should have started with that
I need to pay more attention to it
1:51 PM
@Tiffany no wonder that i suck with english. demand (domandare . latin, italian) means "ask"
@Wes :P there is a difference between asking and demanding, at least in English
@Jeeves I demand you to fix my eyes
@Ekin I don't have any drawings to show.
@Jeeves how would drawings help with her eyes?
@Tiffany I'll hide and you count.
1:55 PM
so helpful of you @Jeeves danke
@Ekin I love being helpful.
@Ekin how are they?
for those of you who like Rust (the game), try 7 Days To Die as well
ask = domandare, chiedere
demand = pretendere, esigere, reclamare (claim)
@Tiffany i just realized we have a fuckload of synonyms
@tereško pretty useless. I woke up and couldn't open them up for hours
1:56 PM
@Ekin :(
aaand just got sent back to home from work :P
@Gordon but what if I like Fe2O3 - x H2O
you really need to take few days sick leave
and stop sitting at PC
... or you can end up permanently damaging your vision
@Saitama then you are just weird
1:58 PM
@Ekin scaring people with the eye patch?
If I had Class with properties, and I wanted to initialise the properties. Is it best to do that in the constructor or to do that when declaring the properties?

Class myClass { private $prop1 = "val"; }
Class myClass { private $prop1; public function __construct() { $this->prop1 = "val"; } }
@Gordon @PeeHaa @Ekin ?
@JayIsTooCommon you mean
@JayIsTooCommon I think I might already have it
@tereško yeah think I have another two three days this week. I'm okay doing stuff at home but outside there is... way too much light
1:59 PM
@Saitama ?
@JayIsTooCommon Yeah know it @Gordon
so, order in a pizza and listen to audiobooks
what's wrong with @Ekin's eyes? And why aint she going to the doctor?
I don't get your sad references @Saitama

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