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12:04 AM
@Clonkex I don't want to make friends, I want to win an election. Ask your president what works best... :-)
@baao we don't have a president...
@baao Excuse me, I'm Australian. I don't have a president. Don't assume.
Can we not? We're in a Stack Overflow Election chackroom. It will just discourage conversation that people want to have.
Sorry @Clonkex, no offense then.
More to the point, this is a popular vote - meaning that the community's favourite candidate wins. Annoying the community who you're asking to vote for you is not in your best interest.
12:19 AM
can we concentrate on the real issue and discuss why we still have Australians on the site?
bah, I can't find that blog post...it was a blog post, right?
12:40 AM
The reason we have elected moderators is because someone has to peek at voting diagnostics and occasionally personally identifiable information, reverse voting, break up voting rings, suspend users, and delete comments, and it is far better for elected users to be responsible for the majority of that than Joel or employees. We don't have elections to have a popularity contest or to change site policy. If you want to run, take it seriously, put your best face forward, and win our vote.
Jeff Atwood on February 21, 2009

Stack Overflow is somewhat unique in that we encourage participation of essentially anonymous, random programmers. Our idea is to radically reduce the bar for participation, and take one giant leap of faith:

Well, most of them, anyway. We have the typical hurdles in place to prevent bots from gaming our system: JavaScript and “too fast to be human” triggered CAPTCHA. This works in conjunction with community use of the offensive flag, which auto-deletes any post after 5 users tag it “offensive”, and traditional downvoting. This system has been fairly effective to date. We …

A.K.A. the night we all used all of our spam flags, offensive flags, and close votes on one guy.
@Shog9 Thank you
@Shog9 Close votes weren't limited yet IIRC. Good times.
the post has a surprising lack of the world Australia which is probably why my google-fu failed me
@MichaelMyers pretty sure they were by then. We just didn't have a nice counter that told us how many were left.
1:04 AM
Huh... Yeah, and there were no moderators on the site then except for the developers.
nevermind, I don't want to be too off-topic here
Wayback Machine is your friend for questions like that.
(Trivia: in 2009, "Be nice" was listed as a rule before "Be honest")
yeah I was just being too lazy too chatty no longer needed
1:31 AM
ok I'm the latest nominee
speak of the devil! :D
@baao it was funny, but I understand the point of the message
good luck, Yvette :)
@AndrasDeak huh Devil? me? :D
@AndrasDeak thanks
@Clonkex precisely - we have a Prime Minister
@AndrasDeak because we're awesome :)
Political discourse in Australia
a.k.a. the last group of people who I dare joke with
@Shog9 we take politics very seriously we're known to be a little apathetic and laid back
1:52 AM
@Shog9 Ugh, that episode is the most vile representation of Australia I have ever seen. Our family mocks that episode all the time... although we tend to be mocking how Americans see Australia :P
so true
we're halfway there, being very apathetic
@YvetteColomb I get the feeling that "thank you" comments are very unwelcome on the nomination page, so: thanks for the response, glad to hear that, and again best of luck :)
I was also going to note that your experience with animals might benefit the site, but then decided that the nomination page might be too serious for this :P
@AndrasDeak true :)
@AndrasDeak thank you, I appreciate it. I'm going in with the gender issue - which is controversial at best
Yeah, but it's a sort of double-edged blade (by which I mean that it has a useful side too;). It stirs a lot of emotions and the whole subject has a lot of baggage (that we all should try to steer clear from), but having additional female perspective can be really useful in gender-related subjects. Disclaimer: in an ideal world nobody should care about the gender of mods or users in general, etc. But the world we live in sucks a bit.
2:06 AM
Eh, we've had a good track record here with female mods.
what do you mean by that?
that they are good mods, or that there were sufficient in number, or...?
I mean I haven't had to forceably de-mod any of them thus far we've hired both of them
hehe :D
I'm not at all worried about female mods, I'm somewhat wary of discussions involving whether to elect female mods, in case this makes any sense to you
Not that it should be a particularly relevant signal in any case, but if you were prone to consider it one then it's still not a bad indicator
Same thing goes for young / old mods, both of which are things folks have ranted about at different times despite plenty of evidence that it doesn't hurt the efficacy of the person in any way
actually, some of the wisest guys on the site are teenagers
2:09 AM
Folks'll rant about whatever distinguishing characteristics they can latch onto if they can't actually argue with a person's track record.
Well, I haven't abandoned the possibility that everyone will act like decent human beings. So let's hope for the best:)
How the target handles that... Ends up being a real good indicator for how they'll do as a mod.
yup ^
nobody read the only bolded paragraph in the Q&A. I've got you guys covered
hey, there's another old-timer!
2:28 AM
@SamuelLiew so when are you going to nominate?
@BhargavRao Don't you ever sleep?
What is sleep?
Slept for a while, on my way to work now.
@BhargavRao I have decided to pass on this one - I already have two favourite candidates
I have 3. :/
Erect ndugger for moderator 2017 and I will work hard for you
2:39 AM
@Shog9 yep totally
3:08 AM
If you vote for me, I'll build a wall around Area 51 and have Shog pay for it.
@JohnnyBones: We've already had someone try that joke. It didn't go down well.
Perhaps it's better to avoid such jokes completely
Probably because people are too politically minded, or get bothered by such. Me, I could care less as long as I can still get french fries.
@JohnnyBones: No, I think we had one guy just run it into the ground to completely deprive it of any humor content whatsoever, and put us in such a mental state that we react violently to its recurrence.
If humor was easy, everyone would be a comedian.
3:21 AM
@JohnnyBones Couldn't care less. If you could care less, that means you do care.
I wish I had spent more time being active on SO. I only recently realised just how rewarding this site can be. If I'd spent more time on here since I joined I might have met the criteria to nominate myself for modship. On the other hand, if I'd been active a couple of years ago who knows how mature I would have been, and I might have left a trail that would lower my appeal as a mod :P
Goal for next year maybe :P
I'm active because I'm inquisitive. Plus, I like sharing knowledge. Unfortunately, my best subject is VBA/Access and NO ONE votes on those questions. It's why I got an Unsung Hero pretty quickly.
3:34 AM
My best subject is Javascript, which makes it super hard for me to answer any questions, because there's a tonne of people who are faster than me and way more experienced. I know what I'm talking about on the subject, but I need to look at references way more often than users like nnnnn and Jaromanda X so they usually answer first. My most successful tactic so far has been to tackle time-consuming but not-too-difficult bounty questions that no one has really looked at even after while.
Sorry, that's a bit off-topic.
It seems like there's always a few guys who tend to dominate a language, and the rest are sort of relegated to the crumbs. There are a few in VBA too. So you slowly build up rep and you do what you do. I know my rep (or lack thereof) will hurt my nomination, but like I said I tend to specialize in a language where rep is REALLY hard to come by. Not much I can do about it.
Geez, bit of a movie buff I see...
LOL. I've got a media server with almost 2,000 movies on it, and I've seen them all more than once. :)
3:50 AM
Maybe I should give that site a go myself, we have a 20TB NAS, about half of which is devoted to movies and TV shows. It probably doesn't approach your number of movies (although we have >200 movies on DVD) but I've watched a tonne of films, a lot of them more than once.
4:16 AM
It's a good group over there. There are some really interesting questions, and a few times people have asked if anyone can identify a movie by a bit of the plot and I've thought to myself, "That sounds like an interesting movie." When an answer was given, I've sought out the movie and many times I'm really glad I did.
how can i vote in this election?
@ankitsuthar election begins in 7 days. Right now you can get to know the candidates first.
i have some favorite candidate so is it depends on their reputation ?
@ankitsuthar: Please look closely at their responses to comments in their nomination and their questionnaire responses. Don't pick favorites by their reputation, since that's definitely not a good barometer of how good a moderator they'll be.
thank I will surely look into this. thanks
4:26 AM
@ankitsuthar reputation is only a small factor of how well a candidate will perform as a moderator. I suggest reading each candidates' answers in the election Q&A for a start: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/352386
reputation is not a great barometer by itself.
just a curiosity: are moderators get any "salary" for moderating?
@ankitsuthar No
Only employees do (which sometimes are moderators on the network, as well)
4:30 AM
@JohnnyBones but it does help to know if one already has access to the 10k tools, and how they have been using it
thanks for solving my queries regarding this election. thanks
Well, I have the 10k tools on Movies & TV, but if you just look at my rep on SO you wouldn't know that. That's why I think just looking at the rep on the election page isn't necessarily a great barometer
When I vote, I largely go for closest to 40/40 and top reputation, unless I feel I really know the candidate.
The longer I'm around the more the latter is the case.
@AaronHall - Let me tell you why that's not the best indicator; I have 6K rep, largely in VBA/Access. People there just don't vote. I got both the Unsung Hero and Tenacious, basically because no one upvotes answers. Other people have 20K rep, but have answered less questions than me. They just happen to answer questions in categories where people tend to upvote.
I've not been involved in previous elections, but so far with this one I'm finding myself first looking at how the candidates introduce themselves and how they answer the questionnaire, then taking into account rep. The most important factor is how the candidates present themselves, and whether they have previous mod experience. Rep and even join date can mean very little. In my experience as a mod on another site's forum, it's very easy to underestimate how difficult your mod decisions may be.
I primarily look for candidates that show a good understanding of how to get along with difficult people, and how to handle themselves in a situation that could cause personal emotions to get thrown into the mix. They also need to demonstrate a good understanding of the site and what the community deems acceptable and normal. And finally, they need to be able to remain calm, collected and patient even when users get frustrated or upset by being told what they can and can't do.
But maybe I'm a bit idealistic here :P
4:50 AM
VBA? A'ight - we need @RubberDuck in here now.
Yeah, we still do some Access in our shop, although at this point we're mostly ported to C# with either SQL Server or (recently) Oracle 12c as a back-end. Still, they need us old folks to support that legacy stuff. :)
well I already said I support Andy (whatever that's worth) and I should probably pick an underdog to root for, but I'll wait for nominations to close before I do...
> Trivia: if Andy was elected and did nothing different from what he does today, that would eliminate about 100 flags per day. There's currently only one other user I could say this about, and he's unlikely to run. – Shog9♦
I appreciate the support @AaronHall
I like the Pop Up Video comments! :D
@TravisJ Just an FYI, I saw the edit on your Q&A post. Mods have the ability to redact a revision, so you won't have to go through escalation to remove credentials that were accidentally posted. (More information is here)
5:10 AM
@Andy Huh, that's interesting to know, I've wondered before what would happen if someone accidentally posted sensitive information.
@Clonkex Previously it was escalated to the CE team (though it's news to me too, that moderators now no longer have to do that)
@Andy - Yeah but if the content is the original post, as it often is, there is no option to take.
Can they not edit it out, and redact the original version?
I don't think so, I have seen this play out from my flag before. It took a while.
A user had included their real connection string.
Another instance I saw a well was a user that included their api key
5:27 AM
You can redact the original revision. It's not super intuitive but it can be done
By a mod? I guess that must be recent.
Hmm, was the nomination post length decreased for this election? I noticed some posts from previous elections would no longer be accepted due to the character limit.
okay, I edited that out then, thanks for the clarification @Andy
You're welcome
6:31 AM
guys how to vote, is there any min reputation for voting ?
@lswain You cannot vote until it progresses to the primaries. At which point, you'd need 150 reputation. For now you can only read and vote on candidate's answers, and ask questions via comments.
Primaries begin in a week
6:49 AM
well this is not good, I'm the only nominee with a negative score on meta
dont worry we are behind you
thank you.
7:07 AM
@YvetteColomb looks good. don't worry, and all the best
@SamuelLiew thank you. Are you running this time?
@YvetteColomb nope, I'm satisfied with the current pool of candidates
I don't feel like I want to vote on the other candidates @SamuelLiew
Did you feel like that last year?
@YvetteColomb Last year I didn't know any of the candidates
7:14 AM
@SamuelLiew I know everyone, but one
there's some good candidates. I think @Andy should be a slam dunk :)
Yup. I don't feel like cannibalizing votes from equally or better deserving candidates
I am kind of in the same boat @SamuelLiew. The other candidates are already so qualified. When I nominated there were only 2 others.
My main concern was that the site be properly moderated, and I think that given the field that is no longer really a concern.
It will be fine. Many of the people running are my friends on here. That's why I'm going to totally abstain from voting
I feel it's unsporting to downvote my competition and upvoting them reduces my chances.
7:24 AM
I don't think you need to abstain. Vote away! Informed votes are always the best kind anyway ;)
I agree that it is unsporting to downvote the competition though. I certainly didn't do that.
it feels like a conflict of interest lol
I don't think the other candidates downvoted their competition (or at least.. one would hope). It was more than likely organic. I don't think it is a conflict of interest, and I don't think that the meta post is what really influences votes anyway. A lot of voting is based on the 40 score, and many users don't even know there were 2 phases prior to the election anyway... much less actually read the candidate answers.
that's not good
I guess that is just the way it is.
7:28 AM
true of many politics
Yes. Isaac Asimov, a scholar from the mid to late 1900's, writes about that type of siutation in several mediums. If interested, his explanations are quite interesting.
yes I am
7:42 AM
@YvetteColomb While largely focused on the US, this does apply broadly to the Democratic process in general. It is one of his more famous works. Here is a set of some of his more noteworthy quotes.
8:04 AM
> Politicians have routinely striven to speak the language of Shakespeare and Milton as ungrammaticaly as possible in order to avoid offending their audiences by appearing to have gone to school.
I love it
Just wondering, but can a 14 year old apply for moderation..? Seems strange
@Nick yes
Hm, I think you can. There was a moderator who started here when he was 13 and has done very well.
8:12 AM
You just have to qualify for membership and meet the minimum requirements to apply for mod
13 year old moderator. Thats impresive
I have a feeling that they are more reckless than older moderators.
Not a moderator at the time.. they joined the site at that age
His username was minitech, but it has changed since, can't remember it off the top of my head.
I just saw a 18 year old say that he applied in 2013, that's why I was asking :
8:13 AM
Right @Rob, he wasn't 13 at the time, but I think he was 15?
@TravisJ Ryan
@TravisJ Not too sure, but I think we're referring to different people here, since you mentioned minitech
Oh @rob. @Yvette was right, that is the user I am thinking of
Yes he is minitech - have a look at his profile
8:14 AM
I have to tell you a funny story when I first started on here
Minitech was editing my posts, it was like he was going through them and making edits.
I made a custom mod flag to complain about him - I had no idea he was a mod! LOLOL
awkward if he was the one that reviewed it.
well it would be hard for a 13 yo to become a mod, as they need to fulfil the requirements of being through an election and getting badges
hm maybe I'm wrong about being here during an election
8:18 AM
why wouldn't you be here.
what I am trying to say - is 13 is the minimum age to join and you need to reach certain milestones to nominate for mod. So this would be hard to do within the first year. So it's more likely a candidate would already be 14 when nominating for mod
Does that make sense?
makes sense.
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
How to vote?
let the election begins
@RazLuvaton by waiting for the voting to open.
wait for 7 6 days
This is the nomination phase, there is no voting in this phase.
you can vote their answer to our questions in the meta
10:02 AM
We get to read the nominations and their responses to the nomination questions, leave comments and if they are in this room, talk to the candidates about their nomination.
@SagarV yes, but note that those votes have no direct meaning in the election.
@MartijnPieters yup. I think if there is more than 30 candidate, rep matters
They can be an indicator to the nominee about how well their nomination is being received.
@SagarV yes, the top 30 nominees, ordered by reputation, go through to the primaries.
@MartijnPieters one doubt. How you feel as a moderator for more than 2 years
is it a difficult or are you enjoying this
@SagarV I'm attempting to try and help here a little so please don't be offended but I'm wondering if the wording one doubt is correct. Maybe one question would be more suitable as it comes across that you're doubting Martijn's mod abilities which I'm sure you don't.
so when do we vote?
cast the vote...
10:11 AM
@Bugs thanks for pointing but I can't edit now since the grace period ended
@amonk you vote during the next phase. Have a look to the right of the page and you will see that's in six days.
@SagarV it's no problem.
gr8 ty
10:37 AM
@SagarV I still derive immense satisfaction from being a moderator.
@Bugs Using 'a doubt' instead of 'a question' is common in Indian english.
You are right, to people not familiar with that it can be confusing, but I'm fine with it.
@MartijnPieters agree. bugs' message is a new information for me. since I am familiar with doubt
Q: Can "doubt" sometimes mean "question"?

Dennis WilliamsonI often see questions on Stack Exchange sites which I presume are written by non-native English speakers who use the word "doubt" in place of the word "question". Is this a case of misunderstanding the correct meaning or are people being taught that this is correct usage?

@MartijnPieters /CC @Bugs
but I will try to use question from rather than doubt from now
@MartijnPieters thanks, I had no idea. @SagarV I hope you weren't offended by my remark.
@Bugs weren't offended nope. :-)
10:46 AM
Good to know.
11:19 AM
I hope a fair and competitive moderator will be elected. I'm sincerely wishing all moderators good luck in this phase and in the upcoming phases.
SO is where fruitful minds meet to share knowledge, I really appreciate this community and the efforts that each and everyone has made to make SO grow and flourish.
how much rep do we need to vote?
11:36 AM
@RazLuvaton you can look at and vote on these meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/352386/…, but they don't actually count as votes for the election
@SagarV 150
oops I need 150 rep
11:50 AM
@SagarV huh? lol you have buckets of rep
no no. I have a little pet
do you mean exactly 150?
@SagarV huh? a pet?
@SagarV ahh. I'm not sure you should be voting with two accounts.
11:52 AM
@YvetteColomb I don't know whether it is a violation of rule. /CC @MartijnPieters
Creating another account to do something you cannot do with one is against the site rules.
@SagarV I don't know either - hmm
@NathanOliver that's a good way of putting it
I think it covers all the edge cases
@SagarV I have a second account, she's a bot - that I never finished
11:53 AM
@NathanOliver good luck :)
Thanks. You too.
@SagarV you'd be bypassing system limitations. Using extra accounts to give you more election votes would not be tolerated.
@MartijnPieters thanks for the info. I won't use it to vote
12:11 PM
o/ good afternoon everyone
@SagarV: the general rule of thumb is: if you can't do something with one account, don't use another account to do it anyway.
or whatever timezone you're in :)
Morning here
@MartijnPieters I created it for a bot but I didn't get enough time to even start it
@NathanOliver evening here
Chatting around the world :)
12:14 PM
12:38 PM
Good <time of day>, all
Happy Tuesday!
@JohnnyBones it's almost end of tuesday here
Mine is just starting. Can you tell me how it ends? :)
12:44 PM
@JohnnyBones well mine is GMT+0530
not end but it is eve 6.14
On the plus side, you're closer to the weekend than I am. It's 8:45AM here. Time to get to work!
@JohnnyBones time to stop work. :)
@NobodyNada what did it say? seems to have been deleted
1:02 PM
@Floern night :)
@JohnnyBones happy Tuesday - it's almost finished here :)
If you hop on a plane on head east, you can experience Tuesday all over again. Imagine the fun that could be!
@Ahmad you can find its revisions here.
@YvetteColomb for whatever reason I always thought you were European, turns out I'm 180° off :)
@Floern my name is French
1:05 PM
yea, that's probably the reason I thought that
@Floern good luck with the elections
@Floern yep, that's what I think
@YvetteColomb thank you, good luck to you too
Hmm, more good candidates ...
@Floern cheers :)
1:07 PM
@BhargavRao I'm the most controversial in terms of split votes - no surprises there :)
way to kill a conversation
Votes on the nomination are quite useless. Andy was top the last time (by a huge margin).
I was top on the questionnaire in 2015 and got 5th
@Floern I noticed this line
Collaborate with russia, they know how to hack an election.
better he can do it now and won this election
1:13 PM
Yeh, I hadn't gone back and looked at past results and correlation with the questionnaire
ProTip: Don't get 3rd in the primary. Tends to get 4th or 5th in the election
I will tell you something funny. I was 90% through the questionnaire and our neighbourhood had a power outage
@Undo this time vacancy is 2
@Undo yeh, what's the correlation between the primaries and the election?
I need to go find a link
1:14 PM
@SagarV Election dynamics should stay about the same
I know that last time there was a candidate with a ridiculous nomination and corresponding feedback during nominations, and they almost made it to the last round. So the system is...suboptimal.
Yep. There are interesting dynamics around certain regions, timezones, etc.
Can combine to produce... unexpected results
hm yes I've notices that being in Australia, if I want people to see something I need to carefully choose when I post it
this also affects voting on SO
the main issue, as I saw it in November, was the lack of nomination comments during elections. THe hordes of uneducated voters only saw the final, spam-grade self-advertisements
1:18 PM
hm, how do we really know what people are seeing and reading?
@Undo I agree with that. not on in SO. but everywhere
"I'm Joe and I'll Be The Best Mod(TM)!"
@YvetteColomb we know what people see and we know people don't read anything
@AndrasDeak yeh, @TravisJ and I were discussing this earlier. It's shameful :(
if you take a look at the new questions page it all starts to make sense
I actually think I'll be a good mod
1:19 PM
ssssh, feign humility until you're elected
then delete all the things :P
well, if I didn't think I would, I shouldn't run
It's like a motivation letter for a job. You can't just write "I want to work for you to get money in exchange for labour.". ;)
Oh dear. Someone seems to have taken pity on me and serially upvoted. I wonder if they know I'm going to lose all those points when SO adjusts for it?
Shog once said, "Moar deletion"
1:22 PM
@AndrasDeak nice
@JohnnyBones probably if it's serial upvoting
@JohnnyBones it is seriel upvote.
that will reversed.
@JohnnyBones someone really wants you to get those mod points :)
but if you get any true upvote today by any other person, you won't get rep for that
Yeah. I appreciate what they tried to do, but I don't think they knew it'd actually hurt me. Oh well.
1:26 PM
Trivia from a couple years ago, primary vote count:
Take a look at Vinod (now TheLostMind)'s line
@SagarV that's interesting - if the serial upvotes exceed the daily cap and are reversed, do you get the rep for the other votes? Yes you'd get the rep from the other votes
@Undo thansk you
@YvetteColomb no
you won't
it is a known bug
So if you really don't like someone, serially upvote them every morning.
1:30 PM
@YvetteColomb I think there is a meta post on this
yes it exists
@JohnnyBones Heh, that won't work out how you would expect
@JohnnyBones it's interesting, as there's double votes on so many of those votes. I'd mod flag it to check out the accounts
but I didn't remember the title
@SagarV I believe you! I really do. It doesn't retrospectively adjust the rep
@Undo - If I want a vacation from SO sometime, I'll try it.
1:31 PM
Just removes the serial upvotes
I mod flagged those serial votes and the double votes
@Undo what do you think is remarkable about that?
@YvetteColomb - He's the only one who overtook other candidates. Everyone else pretty much ended up in the same order as they started.
@YvetteColomb Shows how much certain regions can swing the election.
@JohnnyBones ah I see
1:37 PM
@Undo yes
When India/EMEA wakes up, lines move - especially the lines of folks who identify with those regions
I need to look at our demographics for users
also, that's nowhere near the full picture, only the first day. There's more interesting tidbits from the rest of the week, but I can't find it now
it's interesting and there does seem to be a pattern to the voting. I'd be curious to see why for e.g. 3rd place in primary usually comes 4/5th
Suspect it comes down to STV. Only three choices at the end, unlimited choices in the primary
1:40 PM
one data point is hardly a pattern, unless this happens each time
Those third votes probably get split more than the first or second choices.
@AndrasDeak happened to Jon in the election prior.
Pretty sure there are others
how do the questionnaire votes correlate if at all with the election? I'm curious as to why they're not a predictor?
My impression was that they don't matter at all, but honestly I usually don't delve into the Q&A part.
I mean, they matter for the 200 people who actually read meta. For everyone else, there's the PR page from nominations. <-- my impression
1:43 PM
I'm curious- maybe people don't realise it's there. I had one person ask me in the comments how to vote
IIRC they coordinate pretty well with 'how soon they posted their answer'
I was wondering about that
Yep. First to answer is usually the highest upvote getter
I was interested in the polarised voting on mine, I completely expected that. Don't think I'm worried or complaining, just talking about it
How many times have you run @JohnnyBones?
1:47 PM
Some of those questionnaires look plagiarized. But I think that some of the questions really only had one good answer, so the first person to answer looks like the originator and the rest look like they're just copied from the first person.
Yep. I didn't read the others when I wrote mine
@YvetteColomb - I think this is my 3rd time on SO. I ran once on Movies & TV, and I got nominated into the position on Music Fans
@JohnnyBones what interests you about being a mod on SO?
I hope you don't mind me asking
I'm an open book. :o) I just like the website and want to be part of it. I'll be honest; if SO didn't exist I'd be unemployed. How about you?
1:49 PM
same, I love the site and am slightly addicted to the network
It has taken me through all my learning and work and still does
Yeah, I have one of those "learn on the fly" jobs, they're always switching technologies and expecting us to learn it immediately. So, I rely heavily on SO to navigate through it. And I just want to give back, which I do by answering as many questions as I can, but I also like the abilities I have on MF to shape how it runs, or step in and do the "dirty work". It's fun for me.
Yeh I get that
Same, I enjoy flagging spam in Charcoal
1:54 PM
Closing and deleting garbage
@Joshua what does that mean?
@BhargavRao ?
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