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12:50 AM
20 hours ago, by Shog9
VBA? A'ight - we need @RubberDuck in here now.
No no no no no @Shog9. No more. I do JAVA now.
Tomato tomato
But, congrats on making it out alive
2 hours later…
2:27 AM
Do we need to write something else for the primary election or is the blurb we've already written for the nomination used for the priamary?
same, can still be modified then
thanks :)
4:07 AM
who is going to lead this election?
I realise this is completely off-topic, but is there a chat room (or somewhere I should go) where I can report things to a mod that can't be flagged (specifically a user with a potential-offensive name)?
@Clonkex You can custom flag one of the user's post or comment and provide an explanation
@SamuelLiew Oh true, thanks
@Clonkex yep I was about to say what @SamuelLiew said
@Clonkex if the user is new and has no content yet, you could flag your own post/comment instead
4:12 AM
@SamuelLiew Nah he's low-rep but has some questions and answers, but that's worth remembering, thanks
@SamuelLiew better: Flag one of your own posts. Less disruptive.
@Undo really? I didn't know that. Why is that less disruptive?
@Undo yup, was just editing while thinking
@YvetteColomb so that any mod can handle it, instead of just the one you are chatting with
@Undo Didn't know you could flag your own posts, that's interesting. What would be the use for that normally?
@SamuelLiew oh I missed you edited comment - about flagging a specific mod?
4:18 AM
@YvetteColomb sorry, I originally stated to start a chatroom with any mod, which is not recommended
@SamuelLiew ah ok. Yes that makes sense, thanks :)
5:22 AM
@Clonkex Usually situations like these. Or asking for a migration, content deletion, disassociation from the posts, etc.
Speaking of self flagging - it'd be really nice to be able to flag your own comments as 'no longer needed' in combination with other comments.
2 hours later…
6:56 AM
Every time I see the "1 hour later..." thing I can't help but think of this stupid meme that I don't understand:
Non Understandable memes are the best
I don't understand them.
7:25 AM
I feel ashamed that I know this or at least I think I know. It's a spongebob reference.
7:54 AM
8:16 AM
Ah so it is Spongebob xD
:D I love sponge bob
It's been a while since I've watched any but I used to be hooked :D
yOu nEeD tO wAtCh
Best song was the Jellyfish Jam or whatever it was called :D
@Bugs we love it - the whole family and my kids are nearly or finished growing up
@Clonkex ^^ that's how it's done :)
10:17 AM
what is the outcome of this election?
2 new moderators
did't get it @BhargavRao
What if I vote you?
A: There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

ben is uǝq backwardsWhat's happening? The community is electing diamond ♦ moderators; those individuals responsible for moderating the site the election is happening on. Moderators are elected by a four-phase process: Phase 0: Announcement and question collection Duration: 7 days An election is announced by a p...

@SyedAqeel You can vote only on those who have nominated as candidates. The list is here stackoverflow.com/election/9
Thanks @BhargavRao
1 hour later…
11:24 AM
@YvetteColomb I used to like that meme but now that I know what it's from... not anymore. Not that I've ever watched spongebob...
@Clonkex no words
@YvetteColomb haha it's a whole world I think I will never dare enter
@Clonkex but it's such a good show :)
@sameeralakshitha Do you mean add that into my nomination?
1 hour later…
1:01 PM
how to vote community moderator election?
you can vote in the election here stackoverflow.com/election/9 in 5 days
@Noorul in the meantime you can vote on the nominees answers to the questionnaire here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/352386/…, but this doesn't actually count towards the election
thank you. so, i should visit on the link on monday to vote . Am i right?
@Noorul that sounds right :)
1:21 PM
Hi, What are the main facts that we need to consider when selecting a moderator this time?
As you think
@Dinidu knowledge of the site, participation, experience and fairness
that's my thoughts
1:46 PM
I am thinking out loud, As we have the ability to change the direction of the site for a year by selecting right moderators. Do you think that we need to focus on any specific technology experience?
I don't think the elected mods will have the ability to change the site @Dinidu. That's not what mods are for.
@Dinidu Do note that moderator ship is not for 1 year. Mods serve until they decide they no longer want to or are forced out (only happend once).
Also, mods really don't need any specific domain experience. They are there to handle the things that fall outside the communities scope which is often domain agnostic.
Mods do have some weight, as their voices are generally louder by merit of the attention they get on meta. But generally speaking, the community's opinion as a whole outweighs the opinions of the moderators
Also, most mods are picked because their opinions are similar to those of the community.
Thank you for clarifications,
2:19 PM
Q: Should we clear chatty comments from election nominations?

UndoIn past elections, and seemingly in this one too, we've seen 'real' questions for the nominees pushed below the fold by comments like this: My instinct from the rest of the site is to clear these out to make room for comments with substance. Pros and cons I'm seeing: We've set a pretty hard ...

3:14 PM
@Rob I just delete them....
@NathanOliver only once? where?
@SagarV See this
3:30 PM
@NathanOliver hmm I am talking about the person. I saw one on other site
but no one here in SO
No, no one here on SO.
One SO moderator was removed after disappearing from the site, though
@vaultah who?
@vaultah yep - that
3:37 PM
Did they ever return? I guess no
Hmm, only 11 nominations.
Lesser than last time
there still may be some later ones?
@BhargavRao Just give it some time. I think that at the end there will come a few nominations in.
@BhargavRao Fewer than this time in the process last time, or when voting actually started?
3:39 PM
@DrEval when the voting actually started.
A couple of them came on the last 2 days
yeah, this is the first i heard of the election. last time it had already started. but i'm using cmake now so i need more help!
@vaultah is he alive?
Strong set of candidates as well IMO. Some tough competition between them.
his last activity on twitter and SO is Feb 3' 15
@Bugs yeah.
I expect a close contest
3:42 PM
@SagarV should be, but I won't be telling the details
Probably best we focus on the candidates of the current election.
yep I agree
@SagarV you have a question?
hmm. But only mods can answer it. I will ask you later once you are elected
3:46 PM
Once elected, they can't answer it
@SagarV what's the question? Now I'm curious and there's plenty of mods here
@YvetteColomb Why is he suspended for 10 years?, I think.
There no Q, no A, no flag, no edit.
Why they still keep the profile instead of deleting it
/CC @BhargavRao , @YvetteColomb
Q: Suspension till 2027

nicael This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Feb 1 '27 at 19:59. Er... What?! Till 1 february 2027?! This is user2398036. Depending on the severity of the problem behavior — and at the complete discretion of the moderator — your account wil...

3:49 PM
@SagarV now that's a good question
Keeping the profile might help with ip bans/dupe account detection
they may have had a 10 year suspension from that ip address and created a new account and the suspension was automatically applied
in MSE, one mod from Movies answered to a Q saying that they will suspend and delete users with only one activity and the autosuggested username. if they found any rule violation including sock
@YvetteColomb really? I don't think so
@SagarV yep it happens
makes no sense
3:53 PM
because it happened to me :) I assume it was automated
what will happen to public connections
well it prevents the user from being active on the site
That's another issue altogether
I mean in an office, once you resigned and another user joined and assigned with your cabin
I'm offering a possible explanation - I don't know definitively
3:55 PM
@SagarV well that would be unlucky - they could contact the site asking why
There is a blog post to blame Andrew barber
@SagarV I'd just drop discussing him in here - it's not relevant
Without sounding like a neg can we please change the subject matter. There is meta to discuss the workings of the site.
in what situation mods change spam flag to disputed?
@SagarV and somehow immediately sought out your account and interacted with it?
That's... more'n just bad luck ;-)
3:58 PM
@Shog9 <unclear what you're asking>
@Shog9 exactly
@SagarV If a new user's first action on the site is to post spam or wildly off-topic questions or post abusive texts or whatever, there's already very little reason to keep them around. If it also appears that the user account is a puppet for a previous user, that takes away even the fig leaf of honest ignorance.
So when mods say they're quick to delete users they think are sockpuppeting, there's almost always a longer story there.
See also:
A: How should sockpuppets be handled on Stack Exchange?

Shog9How can I be sure I'm looking at a sockpuppet? You can't ever be 100% sure. What you think is a sockpuppet could in fact be my good friend Nog Shine, who loves everything I write, copies my writing style, and uses my computer to vote and post stuff when I step away for coffee. But in practice, ...

I have another account. What are all the things I can do with it? I mean without considering sock.
Ah, you should definitely read that last link I posted.
I would like to get the view about this from our candidates too
4:02 PM
@SagarV only things you cannot do with one account
@SagarV you cannot vote from one account to the other - or apply a vote to the same post from both accounts - or flags
@Shog9 The point in the post Using bounties to circumvent the rep cap
Whatever the site gives you as a sole user e.g. one vote per post - that is all you're entitled to as an entity. You cannot create multiple accounts to circumvent this
You can use separate accounts to post questions or answers or create a chat bot, but not cross pollinate them with actions
@Shog9 so if Ioffer bounty from one account on someone else's question and answer from the other account without any vote be an issue?
4:04 PM
that's voting fraud. You are giving yourself the rep from your own - other - account
It's common to use a separate account as a chatbot. That said I would also disclose this in both profiles. I would also never vote with the chatbot. To gain sufficient rep I'd suggest making edits and by that alone. I wouldn't look at answering questions.
What is earnt in one account stays in that account - you can't swap between them
@Bugs exactly
Make it as transparent as possible, don't attempt to bypass the sites policy.
4:06 PM
@SagarV yeah, that's sketchy. Especially if you award yourself the bounty - that's liable to get your account deleted quickly.
and apparently some people will post questions from a separate account to their answers - but they can't vote on each other
if I found a suggested edit from the new account in the review queue, I have to skip it right?
@Bugs If a user accepts their other account's suggested edits, that is also fraud
this is my chat bot account stackoverflow.com/users/5912150/ada
or accept their own answers from a different account, or leave comments that make it appear that someone else is supporting them, or... If you have to ask if a given form of interaction is ok, it's probably not.
4:07 PM
@BhargavRao of course, should have mentioned that. Let the queue handle the suggested edits.
@YvetteColomb We trust you. no need to prove. :)
@BhargavRao I think I did that!
Also related:
Q: How should a bot earn enough reputation to perform the actions necessary for that bot?

Patrick HofmanWe all know it: bots that chat. There are also bots that flag, or perform other actions. And usually we like them for doing that, like our dear Smokey. So every now and then, a new bot is created, and usually you would ask a question using that bot or suggest enough edits to get the reputation n...

@SagarV I'm using it as an example :)
4:09 PM
to go see how clean the profile is
my profile is better than that stackoverflow.com/users/8153991/sagars-pet lol
I approved some of my edit suggestions from my other account so that I could get the rep to enter chat!!
I committed fraud
yep oops is right
4:11 PM
@YvetteColomb if a mod see this, he may dig to your profile
Luckily I had others to help guide me
@SagarV well yes I'm freely admitting it anyone can see it if they look at the history
@AlonEitan ouch, those comments must have hit home.
@BhargavRao I approved 6 suggested edits from my parent account for my chat bot account
4:13 PM
@NathanOliver i don't konw about that..
@Bugs Yeah, the comments are making me blush :|
@YvetteColomb approve or improve?
@BhargavRao edit and approve
they were valid improvements - I selected posts that needed help
@YvetteColomb Ugg, that's fraud. :|
@YvetteColomb probably go contact a moderator on whichever site you did that
guys and Yvette, it's time to leave. will c 2mrw.
SO and I just did @BhargavRao
@SagarV bye :)
4:17 PM
it's 9.45PM
@YvetteColomb Yup, I'll escalate it in a bit. Meanwhile try to add 3 valid edit suggestions :)
@SagarV \o
@sameeralakshitha Who do you mean then when you say report the 2,161 helpful flags.?
@BhargavRao I think I should delete that account
I would tend to agree
Are you ok with that?
4:18 PM
@YvetteColomb If you're willing to, then fine.
everyday is a school day @YvetteColomb at least you know for next time. Bit of work to get another account back up and running but only takes a day or so depending on the queue but that's another story :)
late night question : why SO didn't have any monthly challenge?
@Bugs yeh I'd prefer to know now
@BhargavRao it's done - deleted
@SagarV you make me smile :)
4:23 PM
@SagarV SO has a challenge every day. It's called the close vote queue
@YvetteColomb Good, now you can create a clean one. :)
@BhargavRao I never finished the code O>O
yes we teach best what we most need to learn
4:46 PM
@YvetteColomb I think the issue is with O>O - Try changing it to 'O' == 'O'
@AlonEitan :)
if (0>0)
Is it fair having late candidate submissions? It seem problematic to me the fact that they, allegedly, are able to read the feedbacks of other candidates and submit much better questionnaire that address all the issues raised by the community
@AlonEitan I'm not sure that it's unfair -- after all, the earlier candidates can always edit their questionnaire answers
4:59 PM
@NobodyNada Yes, but their "mistakes" are for everyone to watch on the post revision history, and the comets are still there too, while a fresh (late) candidate can write an awesome accurate post
(And yes - i'm talking about this one [Which I didn't cast my vote there ])
@AlonEitan But on the other hand, earlier candidates have an advantage over later candidates in the questionnaire since they get more votes earlier
There have been eight prior elections candidates could review and learn from, so it's not like they're starting fresh. The largest disadvantage late nominations provide is a shortened period for community feedback.
I'd like to know more about the hands off policy with elections - who has power to do what - in terms of deleting posts and comments, with regard to this meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/352501/…
@AlonEitan you could leave a comment under my post, to give me a chance to respond.
Last query about this subject (I hope) - But the questions are not the same each year, and there are a lot of users that might see it for the first time, or won't be as suspicious and conspiracy lover as I am
5:06 PM
@YvetteColomb Moderators can't delete nomination statements, but we can delete comments.
@vaultah I didn't ask it there because it's off topic, I didn't want to ruin your submission by adding a comment that will trigger false alarm
@BradLarson ah ok. That helps thanks. I didn't realise they could delete comments
In previous elections (forget when this was turned off), people could flag comments on nominations and those comment flags would appear in the standard moderation queue. Moderators would then delete truly abusive comments, people spamming their questions in comments, etc. We would sometimes get flags on the "I'm voting for you" comments, and sometimes would delete the ones with no additional value.
@BradLarson so what makes this difficult, really, is a lack of flags
You'll have to regularly go through them and delete them
5:12 PM
well I can delete the comments I've made thanking people
5:31 PM
This is tougher than running for a US Senate position! People are grilling me over posts I made years ago! Well, at least I've proven I can handle criticism. :o)
@JohnnyBones I saw you copped a bit of a hiding
There's a couple of criticisms and comments I don't necessarily agree with, but when you get a couple hundred people in a room there's just no way you're all going to agree on everything. We'll see what happens. On the other hand, your prospects have improved quite a bit!
Yes they have. I'm pleasantly surprised. I threw my hat in the ring prepared for the worst - hoping for the best
I must say - you have a good back bone to be able to tolerate the feedback and votes
It's all good. At the end of the day my dog still loves me, and that's what matters.
5:44 PM
Same! She follows me around the house - she's like a small child
Whatever happens, it would be good to see you around meta
Oh, and my dog is French! He's a Bichon. I pop in almost every day, but a lot of times I don't feel like I can really add anything constructive, or my point of view has already been accounted for. So then I go back to VBA/Access and answer questions. :)
My dog is a greyhound, I love her so much
my daughter likes to remind me that she's my child and I should love her more than the dog not equally :)
Dogs don't argue, and usually clean their plates. That's what I tell my son.
And they just adore their people. The welcome I get whenever I walk through the front door, it honestly makes me feel so special
5:52 PM
You should could if you like join Pets.se
What do they do there?
@JohnnyBones we discuss our pets pets.stackexchange.com Q&A format for any pet issues - actually we'll be looking for another mod next month
it's a quiet site
I'll sign up and stop by.
6:05 PM
It's nice to see two nominated candidates get along so well. Good job you two
I probably can't answer many questions, but I may have a few of my own.
@JohnnyBones that's fine
@TomPrats :)
@TomPrats - Should we be fighting with each other?
it was an off topic conversation
6:07 PM
Haha no, but reading all the discussion and tougher questions, it was just nice to see an off topic chat
If someone asked me if Yvette should be nominated, I'd definitely say "No" and suggest they vote for me instead.
lol I love it
I'm currently in favor of voting for your pets, sorry
Darn! I shoulda nominated him!
6:08 PM
nothing to be sorry for, pets are the best :) I am a little pet crazy
I've been sitting here all night trying to trouble shoot an issue with some code - that is affected by the windows sdks, so it's good to chat
What time is it where you are?
4.10 am
this has been driving me nuts - I've reinstalled windows - deleted and recreated windows machines
it's a known issue and i have a bounty on it on SO and no one has answered :/
6:16 PM
I hate Bootstrapper. I don't get it, I avoid it, I never reference it. Sorry.
it's a project I've come on that's been going for a few years and it has too many -"don't touch this it will fall apart" disclaimers and I'm trying to work with sdks that are almost impossible to install on windows 10
6:30 PM
Win10 = Not My Favorite OS. All my home computers are still on XP. I may upgrade them to Win7, but I absolutely can't stand the Win8/Win10 interface.
I actually have moved to osx - I can longer stand windows
@JohnnyBones How do you still browse the web on Windows XP? I'm pretty sure every major browser vendor dropped support a while ago.
@AlexanderO'Mara - IE doesn't really work, but I always hated it anyway. Firefox and Chrome work just fine, though Firefox renders better.
@JohnnyBones Ah, looks like Firefox 52 ESR is still supported, for now. Firefox 53 dropped support though.
well I'm giving up and going to bed- see you all tomorrow \o
6:43 PM
Well, when something drops support it doesn't necessarily mean it stops working. I just means that... well... it's not supported anymore. IE was just being a jerk because it's a Microsoft product.
Night, Yvette!
@JohnnyBones True, but a lot of sites don't support browsers more than 2 versions old, and Firefox 55 comes out in about 3 weeks. Eventually the web won't work anymore.
That might be a good idea for me. :oD
The guy who figures out that there should be 2 separate Internets; one for Millenials and one for the "I'm Too Old To Learn A New OS" crowd.... THAT guy is gonna be the next bazillionaire.
until the hackers steal all his money because he's used old outdated unpatched software.
I assume he/she's gonna be a Millenial, unless that new Internet is written in Pascal.
2 hours later…
9:05 PM
@BradLarson but is that a disadvantage?
Pretty sure I've seen people nominate at the last minute specifically to avoid comments.

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