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2:03 PM
alright then
\o Yvette :D
@PetterFriberg hello :)
2:04 PM
good to see you
> Trivia: if Andy was elected and did nothing different from what he does today, that would eliminate about 100 flags per day. There's currently only one other user I could say this about, and he's unlikely to run
Was that a good ahead to run the comments flagging with moderator account?
I don't read it like that
lets hope so, I sure do not like to run around flagging those
Really, it's a non-issue. 80% chance we'll just set up another account for it and let it keep running. 20% chance we look at the numbers and decide to let it run on his account. Either way, it's not something to worry about
sure anyway who will not miss Andy flagging and reviewing, you have been a great community member!, I almost sad he is moving to mod, at least let him bring his tools :D
@YvetteColomb Nice to see you running for mod, we need more women!
2:12 PM
@PetterFriberg thanks :)
too many dogs and cats
@PetterFriberg Andy appears to be the most active reviewer (at least in LQP), he's not allowed to stop reviewing, or else the review queues will skyrocket :D
Yeah he is 2 in that queue, that's problem of electing this great community members as mods, but yeah we need some nice mods too.
@PetterFriberg yeh the current ones @BhargavRao @Undo so dodgy ;)
@YvetteColomb and then you have a puppy and a guy without a mind....
2:17 PM
@PetterFriberg the first one is easy to deal with - scooby snacks, second one - well he's relatable :)
I voted for undo, bhargav and the lostmind
@YvetteColomb just bring'em all to pets, then you have full control
ah pets :)
@YvetteColomb How are your mod duties running at that site?
@PetterFriberg really good thanks. It's a small site, so easy peasy. If I have doubts I ask the other mod or go into the teacher's lounge and ask whomever is there
2:28 PM
@YvetteColomb mods on those smaller site also have the task to promote them? or same as SO only normal mod duties?
I see this area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/44686/pets and was wondering who's task is it to keep it going?
@PetterFriberg yes
the mods brainstorm and try to formulate plans
we had a long meeting on cogsci last night about the site
it's an ongoing process with the baby sites
3:11 PM
@PetterFriberg one thing to consider is that comment flags like that are trivial to handle as a moderator
3:27 PM
A rough estimate of the time spent by moderators handling various types of flag during the past 90 days:
Name                                         Hours spent handling flags Avg seconds per flag
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------
Answer Not An Answer                         192.8511111                12
Post Other                                   128.928888883              59
Comment Obsolete                             63.387222216               11
Post Spam                                    56.851388883               40
Comment Not Constructive Or Off Topic        45.918888883               14
(note that the per flag average is a wee bit misleading since it divides the time taken on a given post by all flags cleared - so 3 validated spam flags on a post that took 2 minutes to process would give a 40-second average)
(note also that the single biggest time-sink is NAA flags, which can usually be handled by review if there are sufficient reviewers...)
How many mods were handling this?
And there are some pretty large upper bounds on things like "other" flags, where we might take an hour to work through a rampant plagiarist's posts or dismantle a large spam ring.
that's a lot of work
So true Brad. I think I spent an hour the other day with the serial plagiarist and you still found more.
@YvetteColomb 32 if you count employees
3:35 PM
@Shog9 Do employees handle some of the load?
(besides things that only they can do)
a little bit; nothing compared most mods
@Shog9 how do mods perform over time on SO? Is there a flurry of enthusiasm when first elected that drops off?
depends on the person
change jobs, have a kid, get sick... All sorts of things can change the time you have to stay involved
so the key is to have mods that plod and are consistent over time as much as possible
that's generally healthier
3:40 PM
how many people voted in the last two elections?
You can look that up...
@YvetteColomb in 2016: *388,531 voters were eligible, 194,203 visited the site during the election, 88,587 visited the election page, and 30,277 voted *
yeh I will - just working while talking
it's stated in the result box on the election page stackoverflow.com/election/8
@Floern thanks so much
3:43 PM
so that's why there's a discrepancy between the questionnaires and elections
a great unpredictable mix
4:04 PM
Am I eligible or not?
for what?
2017 Stack Overflow Moderator
@YvetteColomb Thanks for reply
@VedPrakash I'm not sure You look slim on the rep and you'll need to check your badges.
I wouldn't recommend it
> In the nomination phase, any community member in good standing with more than 3,000 reputation may nominate themselves to be a community moderator.
4:06 PM
Thank you very much
good night all of you
4:24 PM
you actually need 3k rep
and the community frowns at anyone with less than 10k (maybe 15?)
@AndrasDeak realistically I think it's hard to run here without close to 20k rep
FWIW it's probably good to see how people use their 20k instant delvotes; but then again there are usually a lot of guys who stop grinding rep and delve into moderation with lower rep, who'd make awesome mods
@AndrasDeak I don't even get excited about the review queues anymore
so don't run for mod :P
I'd be more inclined to do so if I was a mod since I know they'd actually result in actions
it's too annoying casting close votes that then end up expiring :\
4:27 PM
I'm not buying that
modding should be as much altruistic as grinding the queues
@enderland there's a room to help with that somewhere round here
if someone hates the latter they shouldn't try the former just because they have more power
@AndrasDeak I am a moderator elsewhere already
@enderland I know :P
it'd be a funny campaign. "I will aim to keep the review queues I am eligible for at 0"
4:29 PM
That would be great. Cross the streams on day 1.
only 8.9k close votes!
I've done my 40 for the day and I think to myself, well that made no difference when I see that number :D
I'm too "optimize for pearls" too to make it as an SO mod
I'd be inclined to just robo close everything in that queue assuming that 90% of them are crap questions even if they are on topic
Mods don't typically use the review queues
I know
4:57 PM
As i'm new to StackOverflow, Just have few questions on the election..
Is there any eligibility criteria for Voting?
> Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the election. Each voter may select up to three candidates.
Source (box on the right)
We are currently in the nomination phase. You don't vote for candidates now. In roughly a week, you will be able to vote in the primary if you have 150 reputation. The top 10 candidates will move on 4 days after that, when you will vote again for your top 3 choices.
I'm pinning the above as an FAQ, based on questions asked so far and what happens each time an election rolls around.
Here is a question for current mods: About how many times in a week do you see some sort of retaliation(serial down voting, rude/abusive post against you)?
Cool! Thanks All..
@NathanOliver Anonymizing moderator messages has had a huge impact on this, so the rate is noticeably lower even over the short period that has been live.
At the rate at which I issue moderator messages, I'd say I get an obscene insulting reply maybe twice a week. I get less serial downvoting than others, but it does build up over time. There's a reason I have 9 downvotes on this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/4169997/… , for example.
5:09 PM
@Shog9 I don't see others asking this, so...what's up with that "PostExcessiveEditsByOthersAuto 0.001388883 5"? 5 seconds on average for flags raised by edits? How can mods judge extensive edits that fast? Am I missing something obvious?
@BradLarson Oh, I forgot they did that. It's awesome that were already getting a positive return from it.
Re: that -9, I have literally seen people downvote questions they don't understand. I mean, it may be someone serially downvoting you, but you'd know for sure since you're a mod. ;)
@AndrasDeak probably one flag, history opened from the flag queue, only recorded as visited when navigating back from the history to the question page.
My methodology here isn't exactly bulletproof
ah, OK, thanks
@Shog9 where do you get your bucket hats
5:19 PM
OK, I didn't realize that only 1e-3 hours were spent on those flags
Boo. We don't have that here
6:19 PM
6:43 PM
Why are there election primaries? Why not straight-up elections?
To bring it down to 10 candidates.
does anyone know anything about ScrollViews?
(and to give @Undo a chance to make some primaries graphs)
@EdonFreiner Is it (remotely) related to elections?
@Rahul It's to take a big pool of candidates and narrow it down to a smaller set that is more electable then the rest.
elections? like presidential elections?
6:46 PM
A: There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

ben is uǝq backwardsWhat's happening? The community is electing diamond ♦ moderators; those individuals responsible for moderating the site the election is happening on. Moderators are elected by a four-phase process: Phase 0: Announcement and question collection Duration: 7 days An election is announced by a p...

@EdonFreiner Yes. This room is for all things about the election of moderators. If your query is not related to that then this isn't the right room.
yesterday, by Grace Note
Welcome all! This room is intended as a place to converse with candidates, discuss moderator traits, etc. For general discussion related to programming, check out the list of chat rooms available: https://chat.stackoverflow.com/
@NathanOliver sorry, was just looking for android help. do you know where I can find that?
I understand that you want to narrow it down, but what purpose does it really serve? If I really like a candidate, I will vote for him the first time around. You have a sorted list at the end which should be enough, don't you think?
@EdonFreiner You could try here: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/15/android
6:49 PM
@NathanOliver Thanks, Ill have to request access to talk, hopefully they let me. Thanks!
@Rahul My guess is that narrowing down the candidate list makes the STV system work better
@Rahul If you are the only person that likes that person then they wont pass the primary and won't be in the election. The goal is to get it down to the most likely candidates that actually have a chance at being elected. That way you don't waste you vote on someone that has no chance.
room topic changed to 2017 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Chat: Voting begins on July 24th, 20:00 UTC. Open Discussion for stackoverflow.com/election/9 (no tags)
Are any other candidates having an issue where clicking on a comment notification on the nomination does not take them to the comment but instead just to the election page?
I got that when I ran. It's because comments on election nominations are completely broken
6:57 PM
Ah. Any need for a bug report or just ? ;)
I think there's a bug report floating around somewhere
IIRC it's also impossible to onebox them in chat
@NathanOliver it seems to work for me
@Floern interesting.
@NathanOliver - It is by design, really. The page loads the candidate posts in random order, and as a result it seems to make the link to comment not arrive at the right location.
@TravisJ They're sorted by newest first during the nomination IIRC
7:01 PM
^ that
also, URL fragments shouldn't care about order
Oh really? Hm, well then it must be related to the URL rewrite they do
Or not, I had really thought it was the order thing
#mindblown ;)
I do notice that the comments themselves do not have any links available on their timestamp (as opposed to normal comments)
7:15 PM
Ah, @flo has moved to the 3rd position.
17 mins ago, by NobodyNada
@TravisJ They're sorted by newest first during the nomination IIRC
I meant the question collection
@BhargavRao looks like it, although I don't see much voting activity except on the first two
The nomination was always stack based. I had to scroll down to the bottom to get mine.
@Floern You can never say what'll happen. Last year Andy's was at 260 or something at one point, and mine was 130. deceze was a distant 3rd at 80~. It ended up with Andy touching 290, deceze 170 and I was still at 130. ;)
@BhargavRao interesting, it's only been one day now, we'll see how it looks next Monday
7:42 PM
@TylerH Link works for me.
No onebox :(
7:54 PM
The link just takes me to the top of the page
Perhaps, since the links seemed to be removed from the comments in the nomination page, using the anchor # doesn't work as a navigation tool.
@TravisJ Does this take you to a comment or to the top of the page?
It looks like the linked comment has been removed?
This jumps directly to the comment (for me)
@NathanOliver The top
@Floern Can confirm
@TravisJ okay. same for me.
8:00 PM
@Floern That takes me to the comment section
I blame that one post that was satire.
Okay, I think I see a relation, at least for me. If the comments are in the n more comments section, i go to the top of the page. If the comment is actually visible then I go straight to the comment.
ah, that's true. Unlike comments on normal posts the "n more comments" won't be automatically expanded, so the linked comment is not there
8:10 PM
Yeah, comments are kinda really broken on elections
hence the increasing focus on meta Q&A
I think you are correct. Here are two right next to each other. Moreover, you can see they are ajax loaded so they are most certainly not on the page at the time.
8:24 PM
@Shog9 - On the meta questionnaire, it is obvious how many views there are. Can you look up how many views the nomination page has received thus far to perhaps compare the exposure between the two locations?
8:37 PM
@JF right yeah I was testing the onebox
@JohnnyBones This has been dealt with. Someone's going to be upset when they find that all their sock puppets are gone. Sorry about how that looks. For the record, in case anyone brings this up against you, there is zero evidence that you had anything to do with this. I'm not sure why this puppet master targeted you (prank? admiration?), but it's in no way your fault.
I was somewhat confident that it wasn't. :o) So, this involved multiple accounts tied together? All for me? Not sure if I should feel grateful that someone went through the trouble, or scared because... well... someone went through the trouble.
8:53 PM
About 7 sock puppets and one central account. They'll find it a little more difficult to access the site for a while.
@TravisJ 9634
9:15 PM
@Shog9 Thanks :)
@NathanOliver report the 2,161 helpful flags.
9:46 PM
Umm...this is my first time seeing the "meta is murder" down-for-maintenance page.
I was surprised.
Just did a prod build. Things take a bit longer to start back up when we're running out of Denver.
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