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Welcome all! This room is intended as a place to converse with candidates, discuss moderator traits, etc. For general discussion related to programming, check out the list of chat rooms available:
If you have questions about the election process itself, please ask your question on Meta Stack Overflow. Remember, folks stepping up to lead this community are committing a significant amount of their time, please keep all discourse civil and constructive.
5:57 PM
Dunno if coincidence, but I was the second one to speak, last time around as well.
here we go again! :D
@BhargavRao well you aren't going to be elected again... Probably.
Woohoo, it's that time of the year again
@BhargavRao Hax
6:02 PM
Let's see if I can become the RO this time as well… :p
Your name is already blue. You don't need RO access
Ye can always just add yourself xD
Naw, that'd be wrong
Also I'd like to tell everyone about this:

What is expected of moderators

Nov 20 '16 at 0:31, 14 minutes total – 3 messages, 1 user, 2 stars

Bookmarked Mar 10 at 17:32 by Bhargav Rao

And of course this:
in 2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election, Nov 19 '16 at 17:35, by Brad Larson
Let me just quick say this: please don't use reputation as your primary metric for selecting moderators. We're electing people to handle flags, not answer questions.
what if we did elect people to answer questions? notsorandomthought
(insert Jon Skeet joke here)
6:20 PM
I hope the real thing is more exciting ...
Elections are always exciting
Especially if you're running.
I ran for gaming once. Probably for the best I lost. Not for me. Reddit is enough
or if you're already a mod :p
6:22 PM
(mutters) 14 vote difference. 14 votes. :P
@cazc_941 you should always lose an election before being allowed to gain a diamond.
I have contemplated running in the future, but on other sites
but then realized running for mod wouldn't accomplish anything for the purposes I had
I would need to be on the community team really
@Mithrandir Eh. Maybe on another site some day, for now I'm fairly busy enough as it is
@TylerH Then, you'll get the ultimate power to become a dictator. ;)
I mean, losing the SFF election was good for me.
@BhargavRao hah, nah, it's a community team :-P
6:25 PM
I lost by a lot
but yeah, the interactions that moved me the most were ones where a mod was just behaving ridiculously. Being a mod myself wouldn't do much to fix that problem
That was like 5 years ago or more though
SFF has been around for 5 years?
> where a mod was just behaving ridiculously
6:26 PM
silently backs off
@BhargavRao bad ridiculously, not your kind of ridiculous
@TylerH Yes it would.
Oh there are different levels of ridiculous?
You can always ping a mod in a private room if you believe that they're stepping out of line.
6:27 PM
@Mithrandir the problem is if I were I mod in the first place I'm sure the mods in question would have behaved entirely differently
Heck, one of my co mods deleted one of Shog's comments for being rude.
it's a question of them exhibiting behavior demonstrating total unfitness to be in a position of power
So when the election is over will the moderators throw a party at the CVQ?
The point of being a mod is not to control other mods. Wrong reason to run
And you are perfectly eligible as a regular community member to express concerns
anyway those were times on small sites where I was just passing through or happened to be there for a short while, not ones where I was interested in the subject matter longterm
@cazc_941 yes, hence what I said
> but then realized running for mod wouldn't accomplish anything for the purposes I had
6:28 PM
Q: Handling Calls to Remove a Moderator

Robert CartainoStack Exchange has some of the best Moderators around — seriously — and that is due in no small part to the communities who scrutinize and vote in our Moderator elections. We have a rather formal process for electing moderators, but up until now the process for removing a moderator has been quit...

I've only seen one mod removed forcibly
I don't know about other sites but in its 9+ years of history SO has only forcibly removed one mod
Most are pretty good choices
@Mithrandir Good that they didn't rename Shog9 as Shog8
@rene I can just imagine some poor newly elected mod going through 10k review items...
6:30 PM
@Mithrandir I'm going to tell them that is the deal when getting elected ...
And discourage all nominees :P
Mods have lots on their plate
I can barely handle Reddit modding
Need some mod only stats?
I believe that they actually have enough in the flag queue to deal with without making the review queues a requirement as well ._.
6:32 PM
So anyway, when do the candidates show up
@BhargavRao yes, please
Not that it matters to me, I have to go back to work
Win the election and jump to /admin
@BhargavRao I will .. oh wait ... not fair ..
But yeah, 2.1k flags per day. (UP from the 2k last time).
6:33 PM
You handle more flags per hour than I've handled ever.
There's been nearly _ million flags overall. (guess the number)
Err, I said million
6:34 PM
@TylerH perfect
42, you betrayed me
checks stats
6:35 PM
I know this because I am a moderator from the future
Quiz question, Does the queue touch 0 or not?
Just kidding, I'm screenwatching next to Bhargav
@TylerH :|
wait, there are over 10 million questions on the site and there are less all-time flags?
6:35 PM
There's no one here
@Mithrandir Nope.
@BhargavRao which queue? the mod flag queue?
@TylerH Yup
Usually December is a calm month. June-July is the peak.
I'd say no it probably never hits 0
especially if what Shog said is true, and most moderators don't actually spend 30 minutes per day
It did once! There's screen shot proof!
the mod flag queue? I think you're thinking of the CV queue
6:37 PM
Hmm? No.
Undo took a screen shot.
hm, I thought that was just 'new' flags
uh oh, power might go out here; our lights are flickering
thank goodness for UPSes
That's what my queue looks like. Every day. Empty :P
So yeah, it hit it once, but usually Dec-Jan are calm months. June-July is the peak. It hit 0 many times in Dec and Jan.
Enough of stories, I need to get up in 5hrs, cya all. Let's catch up tomo with dem candidates.
6:40 PM
(pokes Andy)
(pokes Nathan)
Night Bhargav!
@BhargavRao o/
7:00 PM
@Mithrandir Why'd you poke me? I'm completely innocent of whatever you accused me of.
I mean..."hi"
7:58 PM
Are we going to count down or is that silly?
1 minute left, HYPE :)
Open already :P
and we are off
No candidates yet?! Chop-chop!
8:00 PM
May the best candidate get the most votes ...
or something like that
Slow pokes....
Can I offer sock-puppets here for candidates to buy votes?
only during the nomination period
So that the winners can then suspend you?
@BhargavRao that ... might be an unfortunate side-effect ...
8:04 PM
@BhargavRao didn't you go to sleep?
Yeah, an hour back.
Good luck, suckers!
hello everybody
8:06 PM
@Will that should be the room description ...
#RekdTrain .. I know ....
8:08 PM
Question to nominees: how do you feel about rekd trains?
It's been 10 minutes and still no nominations! :O
Hold it now - looks like Andy's jumped into the fray!
\o/ Andy's nominated!
I'm wondering if I should nominate myself. Feedback?
@YvetteColomb: If you're on the fence, don't
8:11 PM
@Makoto it's the idea of getting loads of downvotes :/
I wouldn't personally worry about that
The community knows who you are and knows if you'd be a good fit for moderation. If you don't think you're a good fit, or you're informed that you're not a good fit, you have some barometer of which to improve on.
I think a have a loooot to read before I can talk
@Makoto good point
But in all seriousness, moderation on Stack Overflow ain't no joke. Be prepared is all I can say.
yep, that I am aware of
8:13 PM
If anyone else is half-in, half-out, just don't go in. Less stress for us all. ;)
My only regret this election season
Is that hasn't recovered
51 people in the room. Last time it was way lesser
Q: isn't loading

Nathan TuggyI can't connect to or — the initial connection times out every time. I check this every week, and it worked fine last time, so it must be something pretty recent. (Further HTTPS deployment?)

how do we calculate our score out of 40? I've forgotten
@Zizouz212 ah merci!
8:15 PM
De rien!
Catch ya all tomorrow, less than 4 hrs of sleep for me tonight.
ok my score is 32. I will run. But I will write something up later today
@BhargavRao tell me about it, I stayed up all night to join a cogsci chat event
@YvetteColomb \o/
@BhargavRao night!
8:17 PM
Mine is 17 :/
@NobodyNada hi :)
I've stayed up for 3 days at a stretch. (But not this time)
@BhargavRao oh no, that's too much!
ooh, Travis nominated!
Well... Good luck to all you folks. The fact that you feel you can nominate yourselves signals to us that you haven't become crazy [yet].
8:23 PM
I think you're wrong. The fact that they are nominating themselves is proof that they are.
It's SO. The lion's den.
@Mithrandir Don't forget the tigers and bears
Oh my!
I always thought that people who stepped up were always in a weird state of mind...
@Mithrandir If it were just lions, we'd know what we were getting ourselves into.
@Zizouz212: I don't think it's that. It's just that they want to take their level of moderation of the site to the next logical level, which I think is quite admirable.
@Mithrandir so true, so true
8:26 PM
Oh no, I absolutely agree! It's just that the moderation work seems awfully daunting, and that the people who step up are both super committed, and somewhat crazy that they are committed.
@YvetteColomb heh, my score would be 31 -> 19 out of 20 badges and 12 from my rep
@TylerH mine is same 19 badge, but 13 for the rep
@YvetteColomb @TylerH If you want a better query, there is this one that breaks down by badge categories too:…
@Zizouz212 thank you :)
@YvetteColomb I'm missing sportsmanship; just haven't upvoted enough. Only 37 out of 100 I think
8:31 PM
@TylerH are you thinking of running?
@YvetteColomb nah not this time for sure
maybe some day in the future
@TylerH Last year I thought to myself, I'm going to run next year
@Zizouz212 what? What's the problem?
I wouldn't mind helping out with flags but I don't know if the community would vote for me over other, more established users
8:32 PM
@TylerH You never know until you try!
If you feel that you can perform the tasks with skill and integrity, then by all means you should put your foot forward
I do have many years of moderator/administrator experience from a site of about 3k users, so I think I'd do alright. But again I don't have any burning desire for it
@TylerH: Define "established". Someone that's done more with the moderation tools of the site, or someone that has a good grip of what moderation is on SO?
@Makoto Users who post more frequently on meta and have spent more time using 10k+ moderator tools
I wish more moderators grokked the de-escalation concept of moderation
but that's usually an issue I notice with other site mods, not SO mods
8:34 PM
There's absolutely nothing to lose by nominating.
But there could be a lot to gain.
I'm not so sure about Meta really. Yes, it's good to go there and yes, I practically live there, but does it really mean you're established, or that you're very very opinionated?
@Makoto both, in some cases X-D
Yup! :D
@Makoto If you're active on Meta, then established users are likely to know who you are and how you use the site
I wouldn't be soooo sure...
8:36 PM're very much well known. Your name's kind of at the forefront of their mind for one reason or another. Not necessarily anything to do with moderation, but at least you've got the mindshare bit.
It shows people that you are invested, but I'm not sure about the "how" part
@Makoto Partly I also like to imagine SO moderators as embodying the best principles of fairness and integrity and I just dunno if I meet those standards
well I fell asleep and missed the start.
@Seth You haven't missed much; just Jon Skeet revealing that the moderator team is entirely shadow accounts of his
@TylerH :O xD
8:38 PM
That's not really a secret. That was one of Jon Skeet's facts years ago.
How do you cast a vote?
If Jon Skeet did run that would be interesting.
@Arrow You don't yet.
How will you know?
@Arrow You should get a notification in your inbox.
when voting starts
8:43 PM
Primaries start in 7 days, elections start in 14
In the primary part of the election you vote +/-, and in the election you will choose 1st 2nd and 3rd options.
It's mentioned on the righthand side of the page
sigh I'm tired.
Well. What time is it?
I'm tired too, but that's cause it's midnight and I haven't been sleeping much lately.
8:56 PM
I'm tired because it's Monday
ooh, Alexander has nominated
what you guys are expecting from Moderator you vote?
@ArunVinoth: Someone that's actually proven themselves capable of moderating with the powers they have thus far, and would be ideal to take their moderation to the next level.
Also, someone that isn't a jerk.
@Makoto cool
my first election, eager to vote..
9:14 PM
@ArunVinoth: Give it a week or so, then either the primaries or the actual formal election will take place. You'll get your chance to vote for sure.
In the meantime, be sure to soak up all of the candidates' responses. That'll tell you how they'll actually operate here.
I am running, feel free to ping me with any questions or whatnot.
Are you going to run @Makoto? I know you are very familiar with the ins and outs of the site as well
@TravisJ: Don't think I will this round. I'm already running on A&M for starters.
I'd also like to be sure I have a good grip of Stack Overflow moderation period before I do, since it shifts like sand at times...
@TravisJ I've left a comment and I have another one cooking for you ;)
9:29 PM
I am writing a response, although it is a very busy day here at work (payroll day) so I am going back and forth.
@rene - fin
@TravisJ thx, posted another one, that is the last one.
@rene - Feel free to ask as many as you want, I am sure if you are curious others are too. I answered that one as well.
9:47 PM
Awesome and thanks.
If I had unlimited votes I would elect baao just so they can have the chat with Shog9 Did you really intent to be elected?
...Please tell me this is a joke nomination
Yes, and it will trump serious ones
I see what you did there
@NobodyNada blah. I'm so sick of Trump talk
I've nothing against 'Trump talk' - kinda entertaining, actually - but nominations have to be serious. That one isn't.
9:55 PM
Everywhere you go that's all anybody talks about
@Undo and yeah I looked for a flag button before realizing you can't
I remember Wooble posted a Trump-inspired nomination during the previous election. I wonder whether he took it down voluntarily
@NobodyNada Evan Carroll uses meta a lot right? Lol
yeah, it's watched by CMs. If you want to use that writing style to get your point across, go ahead. But if you're using it to make a tangential, thinly veiled political point... it's not gonna fly
@NobodyNada We'll take care of it... soon as Shog9 checks his notifications. :)
Thank you
9:57 PM
Let's all ping him?
@rene Already done
fun fact: Moderators can't touch election nominations. Best we can do is delete comments on them.
\o/ Nathan's nominated
@Undo not even edit?
10:03 PM
We've got a history link, not sure if you do. But that's it
@Undo yeah, I have history as well
I don't think we can even delete comments.
The button shows up
Should try it out
yep, it works
10:05 PM
So in theory, before I get suspended, I could rant in my nomination and then you'll have to wait for a CM to have it removed.
I'm just checking my options, that's all ...
Floern's in now!
Deleted my nomination guys.
...and let us never speak of it again.
Ah seriously, it's not the best joke ever, but your president did win with the same bulls**t. Sorry...
10:11 PM
@Makoto if you rather take the discussion about conflict of interest here I'm happy to do that.
@baao yeah, and it's enough about him, don't have the need of seeing his name all over SO too
@rene: You and I can chat later about it, if you really want to. I've got my opinions on it, and they're only really germane to Nathan's nomination.
Wow, 5 nominations already. I wonder how many we will get this cycle.
And they're all really good candidates, and they're all from in the world am I supposed to decide who to vote for?
10:30 PM
@NobodyNada well, all from SOCVR ... we're good but not that good ..
Full disclosure: I am not from the SOCVR, unless you meant to say only the good candidates are from there :P
@TravisJ I've seen you in SOCVR a fair amount
I am happy that there is a full set of good candidates though, I just want the site to be in good hands so I would be fine with any of the other candidates at this point too.
If you have posted 5 times in SOCVR you're in @TravisJ ....
I thought the joke one was still there, but it seems to have found its way to the bin.
10:48 PM
Ugggghhhh, the trump one is back
great, now I can't edit my previous message back to many from any
I’ve changed the trump one.
@baao I don't see how it's any better
If you don’t like it, please consider reading about the topics.
Are you saying you want to make SO available in other languages?
10:56 PM
That's a non-goal. SO exists in multiple different languages already, and here we'd expect non-English posts to be closed.
No, it’s already available in other languages, but many people don’t speak good English and get downvotes just for that.
So what edits have you done to help fix poor English in questions?
@baao You can already do that -- I don't see how becoming a mod will help
I say I’ll help to translate horrible English into readable English.
I don’t think that I’ll be elected as a moderator. More important is that a few people think about my post, even if it’s just for a second.
You probably don't want us thinking about your post the in the way we are right now. All I see is a poor attempt at humor and little dedication to actual moderation here.
11:00 PM
No, @Makoto. If you think the post is about humor, you are getting it wrong (or I’m telling it wrong) ;; English isn’t my first language...
If you want it to be taken seriously, you've got to get rid of the trump talk. Everybody's sick of it, on both sides of the political spectrum
@NobodyNada: I'd conjecture it's too late for that
@baao good indicator that most of the post is intended to be humorous is that there's a break saying "the only serious point", but a focus on serious points is really nice for moderator elections
You only get one or two good impressions
@TravisJ I don't think last comment is a hypothetical comment, I remember seeing that comment on SO
11:16 PM
I guess it is a reference to a grammar nazi? Unsure. It would have been nice to have had a little more context as to what the hypothetical (or not) comment was a response to - as in what type of action triggered that. In general though, I don't think that it is always wise to have moderators handle their own situations with deletion and punitive action as it feels overly biased.
Yes, that sounds correct, from what I remember the situation was more complex, anyway if you get elected you probably can have a deeper look into the issue. Good luck TravisJ and all other candidates, I'm happy to see that all of candidates seem to be good also as moderators (considering the Thrump nomination deleted), just get some energy drinks and bring tons of patience to the flag queue.
Why was @baao 's post frozen at mod election headquarters? That was the most interesting campaign post of them all. They were not trying to appear to be some conservative programmer who spends their time flagging and downvoting. If you are going to have a FREE* election a good indicator for the election being free and open is when every one gets to campaign how they see fit. Else you are rigging the election.
11:33 PM
@guest271314 :/
@baao Would definitely get this users' vote based on your opening campaign salvo.
@guest271314 What do you think moderators should do? Take a stand?
Elections are meant to be free and equal. SO is showing that they don’t care about democracy by allowing a nomination post getting deleted by a single mod vote.
@guest271314 Take a look at...most of the previous conversation
@baao Mods can’t delete nominations
11:38 PM
2 hours ago, by Undo
fun fact: Moderators can't touch election nominations. Best we can do is delete comments on them.
Yes, they did.
@PetterFriberg Well, mods should stay silent for the most part. This user was banned for 7 days for asking a so-called mod "Is english nazi an oxymoron?" at a question that was not entirely in english. That was utterly lacking in merit. Their colleagues must have concurred. All mods are suspect from there on out based on that omission or lack of taking "a stand"
@baao If you didn’t do it, it was SE staff, not mods
Look at the nominations. I didn’t delete mine, but received a message by the moderator team
@guest271314 seems that the user should ask that question on meta and then the mods can explain why, it's strange to ask to our candidates they can't know all the context ecc.
11:39 PM
@guest271314 I'm pretty sure we're missing some context here
@NobodyNada No, not missing any context. There are englophiles in the booth.

I'm writing in reference to your Stack Overflow account:

Serious nominations only, please. There are limited slots available - if your nomination pushes out a serious candidate, then you're depriving voters of someone who actually wants the position.

If you do intend to moderate if elected, then please use the 1200 characters provided to detail why you wish to be a candidate.

Stack Overflow Moderation Team
Fun or no fun, you're running for a position that involves representing the people who use Stack Overflow and demands exemplary behavior as they define it. Your nomination should represent your views in a way that enables voters to determine if those criteria are met.
Two messages, separated by the regards.
@baao 's post should be immediately unfrozen, undeleted, or whatever they did to not allow votes for that user.
Maybe SO is run in North Korea now...
As much as I loved your nomination (and I really did), I know from experience that someone that jokes around even while being serious won't be a good moderator. I'd love to say "lighten up, it's funny and there's no reason to stress over a joke", but if (when?) we get more than 30 nominations it would have been taking up a slot unfairly.
11:42 PM
It's OK @baao runs, but he's really going to have to get rid of the Trump references.
@guest271314 Post it on meta and see what community thinks
@Clonkex What are you talking about?
@PetterFriberg They will delete the Question.
Na I don't think so
We would have seen what the community thinks by keeping the election a free and equal one @PetterFriberg
@NobodyNada Where did @baao reference *rump?
11:43 PM
Trump references are fine. It's an entertaining writing style. If you're posting a nomination so you can make a thinly veiled political point, that's not gonna fly.
@guest271314 first 2/3 of the nomination
@guest271314 I don't think they'll delete it, but I do expect them to disagree with it.
@guest271314 did you read the nomination?
@guest271314 Talking about @baao's nomination, as is everyone else.
You can disagree, but deleting it is not democratic
11:44 PM
Go write it up on meta. Neither moderators nor staff are going to delete it
@Undo "thinly veiled political point"? Really, SO already blew that out of the water by flying the rainbow flag - and standing by that nonsensical position
@guest271314 oh, I know. I wasn't a fan of that one, and there was a lot more disagreement about that behind the scenes than showed through.
@Undo that's what separates the western world from north korea. The ability to have a different sight of things
Doesn't change the point, though - elections are to elect moderators. They're not a conveniently high-visibility place to make a point.
You cannot have free and open elections when candidates campaigns are banned.
11:46 PM
We've had enough of this conversation. Either write it up on meta, or don't.
No we didn't @Undo --- only you had appearently
This room was placed in timeout for 1 minute; the topic of this room is "Open Discussion for"; - conversation should be limited to that topic.
I'm dead serious. We're done with this conversation. Go to meta.
It's OK to discuss this, but on Meta, not here.
And again, it's only you. Who are you to decide that?
11:49 PM
@Baao I'd be careful how far I take this if I were you. It may have been unfair that your nomination was pushed out, but I can tell you (again from experience) that continuing to argue the point will make you no friends. You will be better off to drop this for now and come back next year, or perhaps make a serious nomination explaining why you would be a good mod.

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