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@SylentNyte I've moved the messages. Just wanted to let you know that it's preferred to provide long pieces of code using something similar to pastebin. Including your output that took several lines. Also, since you solved your own problem, it made sense to also just remove the other messages with it. For future reference, please refer to the chat rules: sopython.com/chatroom
good night
rbrb, sir.
1:39 AM
pytest fail ...
>>> with pytest.raises(Exception, message='boom'):
...     raise Exception('not boom')
>>> with pytest.raises(Exception('boom')):
...     raise Exception('boom')
# TypeError
yes, I know the "right" way to do it, but it sucks and is not pythonic
Why does flexmock exist
I want it to die in a fire
I want to refactor it out of everything
4 hours later…
5:49 AM
@wim ...
6:03 AM
they brought a rock band to our office
6:41 AM
anybody still here?
@oso9817 I feel quite self-conscious at how cliquey and incomprehensible this room must seem, based on the first things you've seen here, so:
6:56 AM
@ZeroPiraeus I just tried to hammer that but I didn't notice that it doesn't have the generic python tag until after I voted . :(
@PM2Ring Yeah, I expect it'll get closed organically soon enough.
@PM2Ring döner
damn thats spicy
i thought cabbage was someones nickname
does anyone know how to turn a .py into an exe on 3.5? I finished up a weather alert program and wanted it to run every morning via task scheduler since task scheduler can wake a sleeping pc to run it
and @ZeroPiraeus assisted me with an issue I had actually so props to him
7:12 AM
Windows is very much not my thing, but perhaps this could help:
Q: Schedule Python Script - Windows 7

Btibert3I have a python script which I would like to run at regular intervals. I am running windows 7. What is the best way to accomplish this? Easiest way?

Converting to EXE is likely to be more of a hassle, I think.
stackoverflow.com/questions/42688519/… I went with "typo", since we don't have pile_of_poo as a close reason.
yeah I tried doing it that way but I get an error message 'one or more of the specified arguments are not valid'
and I figured if I do an exe it wouldn't give an error since the exe couldn't take cmd line arguments like that
hm actually i mightve found why
why can I run python.exe but not C:\Users\Alonzo\AppDataLocal\Programs\Python\35-32\python.exe
cuz I think thats one of the main problems. In the task scheduler it needs to run a program by file location and I put in pythons exe and then my scripts file location but I can't run python from putting in the complete file locatoin
@oso9817 Are you positive that's the right path? As I said, I'm really not a Windows person, but that looks a little odd to me.
>>> import sys
>>> import platform
>>> import imp
>>> print("Python EXE     : " + sys.executable)
Python EXE     : C:\Users\Alonzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\python.exe
yeah @ZeroPiraeus
wait a minute
am I
this stupid
i forgot the \ in AppData\Local ....
... and you seem to have an extra one between Python and 35-32 ...
alright so uh not sure why but that actually wasnt the problem I checked my tasks and they had the right locations but when I would finish creating a task it would give me the options to go to advanced options
and literally touching ANYTHING would later give me an argument error
I would even change them back to the original value and still get it which is very weird
7:48 AM
Hurled a lot of negative answer votes on this - stackoverflow.com/questions/42689301/…
Most got deleted though :)
Do 20k+ rep privilege let you see deleted answers as well?
@oso9817 Beyond my ability to offer suggestions at this point then, I think ... I would recommend battling on though (maybe an SO question?). Knowing how to make Python do what you want in your chosen environment is going to be important ... and although I know Python-to-EXE tools exist (googling "python exe" ought to lead you to them), they're not the preferred way to run Python programs on Windows by any means.
@AshishNitinPatil 10k, in fact.
@ZeroPiraeus Ooh, gotta ramp up! Thanks.
4 deleted answers so far I guess, the question is quite controversial.
@ZeroPiraeus I mean it will definitely run in the morning just fine I just really wanted it to wake the pc from sleep
8:08 AM
@AshishNitinPatil Moses often rushes in with an answer that doesn't quite fit the question and then deletes it. Sometime he repairs his answer and undeletes it once the question is clarified.
rbrb folks ... way past my bedtime. Good luck @oso9817 ...
Thanks good night man @ZeroPiraeus
rbrb as well later all
8:23 AM
@AshishNitinPatil I'm not clear on what that OP is trying to do, but it's generally not safe to modify an iterable while you're iterating over it.
Anyone have any positive experiences with Udemy/Coursera?
@AshishNitinPatil Also, as I expected, I just get an empty list (and an empty set) when I run your code. How the yam did you get the output you posted in that answer?
Python version 2.7, not sure how you aren't getting the output I am getting
lemme check, I renamed variables in the answer, might have something to do with that.
I swapped 2 imp variables while editing on the fly.
@PM2Ring Thanks for pointing out, will make sure I test before posting :)
@PM2Ring yep, not what I intended.
No worries.
cabbage folks
8:37 AM
morning cabbage
@AshishNitinPatil Old programmer saying: "Nothing is so smiple that you can't screw it up." :)
BTW, I decided to add an answer myself.
@PM2Ring ah, humans, screwing things up since time unknown...
I'm trying to create a .exe using pyinstaller but getting this error. using python-pptx module. script does as intended but pyinstaller is throwing error.
error - http://imgur.com/LC7qvBe
Without knowing more vinwin, I would suggest that Python can't find a package.
8:53 AM
pyinstaller is not able to find it
Q: Include folder with py2exe

arkpoahI use python-pptx package for my script. This package has a subfolder like that pptx/ templates/ default.pptx py files I use py2exe to generate a windows executable, but when I execute it I get this error which explains that the 'templates' directory is not put in the ...

Have you seen that question before?
nope.. perhaps the question would show up if i added 'py2exe' in my query..
anyways thanks will look at it
You're welcome. Good luck
Tempted to get Eclipse
Eclipse is fun, although has caused a number of arguments in my friendship group
I also don't recommend playing it on a school night, it can get quite beard scratchy at times
9:06 AM
Does someone know whether multiprocessing.Queue().get(timeout=t) runs time.sleep(t)?
It shouldn't but my code always waits for at least t seconds at that line of code
@IntrepidBrit :-)
I don't have this beard for nothing
@Mirac7 It will only block until either timeout or something is available in your queue
(or it hasn't received CPU time to actually check the Queue)
> Remove and return an item from the queue. If optional args block is True (the default) and timeout is None (the default), block if necessary until an item is available. If timeout is a positive number, it blocks at most timeout seconds and raises the Queue.Empty exception if no item was available within that time. Otherwise (block is False), return an item if one is immediately available, else raise the Queue.Empty exception (timeout is ignored in that case).
@RobertGrant ^^. It's also a game where if you get rushed at the start, it's hard to recover
@IntrepidBrit wouldn't that mean that while p.is_alive(): try: q.get(timeout=t); except empty: pass; else: break would be independent of t?
I find that this code runs for integer number of t's
Regardless of when q.put is called
9:26 AM
Do you have an MCVE I can run?
i watched an episode of Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix, thinking it was going to be a drama/thriller set the in the context of an assault course TV show. Turns out it was literally just an assault course TV show, which basically made using Sylvester Stallone, Terry Crews etc pointless
any PyQt programmer here?
morning cbg
@RobertGrant It looked like Ninja Warrior on steroids. I suspect my kid will love it...
It's probably as hard as Ninja Warrior, although it doesn't look quite as difficult
NW is still the gold standard of tough challenges
It's just with all the stars involved in it, it really looked as though, I dunno, someone was going to fall to their death or get murdered and it was going to turn into a cool thriller
Heh, thanks. Good to know. He did ask, when he saw the trailer "So do they just die if they fall off there?", which I was mildly in favour of.
9:40 AM
Argh, Twilight Struggle is also on Amazon for £35 instead of the usual £70-£100
@Withnail it's way more safety conscious than NW, or even than Takeshi's Castle where you can run straight into a brick wall :)
Ooh. I'd been hoping to get that for Christmas but it never materialised.
And I got an amazon voucher from work earlier in the year that hasn't all been spent on nappies yet
Ummm... Python??
I'm not sure anyone here is actually called Python
:( :O
9:43 AM
It is an intruiging idea though
Then this'd be my chat room
I was asking any serius python developers..
New fork of the language, Rython.
Yes! List comprehensions and quirky humour!
So, basically Python.
Serious Python, the cousin of Severous Snape
> rython transparently mixes Ruby code into Python
9:45 AM
And R, I hope
Haha! Didn't know that was a thing, That sounds horrible.
Ha Ha @Gem
gem install python
Ahmad, you can ask questions, but full on 'here's my problem how do I solve it' are often better on the main site. We fill up the spaces in between with off-beat general chitchat.
I am obviously not a serious python developer. Goes on a silly walk
9:46 AM
Download it from python.org @AshishNitinPatil, @Gemtastic will not install it for you :P
Ok...Any PyQt developer
Like I say, just ask your question. If anyone can answer it, then they will.
And have a look at the room rules that say the same thing. :) sopython.com/chatroom
coffee hasn't kicked in yet
How to embed video in PyQT4??
with Python 3
i have seen tutorials for Python 2 but they don't work with python 3
You'll get more of a response if you paste the code you've tried into dpaste, as per the room rules Withnail linked for you
Don't know how to do that...how could i paste code
I wanted to know if someone know about any object in pyqt that can play video then share
Dpaste or Pastebin. dpaste.com
9:51 AM
Check the room rules
Can i access computer files with django when hosted??
How? Simple Exmplaination....i tried to fetch with flask..it didn't happen
I hosted my flask application on pythonanywhere.com
@AhmadTaha My body came preinstalled with an AI that learned how to do silly walks. Been proficient at it since I was 1.
9:54 AM
@AhmadTaha Again, have you pasted your code somewhere for someone to look at?
For actual step by step walkthroughs of how to do things, you probably want to try this site
You need to learn to ask better formed questions :) Try How to Ask
dpaste.com/1FKRN1Q > My Flask Code
@AhmadTaha If you have hosted it somewhere, I think the host may not allow you to write files to disk or only allow it for certain locations. In either case your D:/ path won't work.
That's th
That's the think i am talking about
Do you know any play i can host my Python Flask/Django for free?
PythonAnywhere blocks many features if free.
9:58 AM
Is there a way I can message directly a user in here, if he is not in the chat right now? I dont mind the message being public
I am Student and my father don't want me to do programming and so i can't afford anything :(
@Sosi Yes, you add @ before the name. It is public.
@sosi you can ping people with an @ symbol, but it's discouraged as it'll beep on their computer
There's no good way to just leave a message for later, sadly
@AhmadTaha - why not run it locally?
but I can ping you guys @RobertGrant, just not a user who is not here. I'd like to ping @jezrael
10:00 AM
I need to host my applicating to help my friend @IntrepidBrit
I think you just need to look at the pythonanywhere docs to see how to do that
That's fine, you can still host it locally. Just need to redirect some ports in your router to point to the host machine.
But make sure you really read up on that before you do it.
But obviously a Windows path won't work on PA
PA runs on something called Linux, whose paths look different to that
@AhmadTaha You can try OpenShift. Not sure if they will need a credit card for signing up though, just like AWS.
Honestly, just try a correct path on PA before you move hosting
10:04 AM
Use relative paths, wherever possible.
@RobertGrant Yeah, I don't see any restriction as such by PA, so better stick to it and improve your paths @AhmadTaha
ok i'll try
Your paths are just completely wrong. I'm assuming you're developing on Windows and then moving the code to PA.
You'll either have to be aware of the differences between the two OSes and make appropriate changes when you move code across, or download a Linux VM and develop on that, which will minimise the changes needed to move to PA (they'll become pretty much nonexistent, I think)
Moving code and paths from windows to linux is such a world of pain. :(
@Withnail Not if one uses os.path correctly :)
And relative paths ofcourse.
10:18 AM
well, quite. The code I inherited had absolute windows paths hardcoded all through it.
So, I was generally supportive of os.path + relative paths before.
Now I'm a zealot about it.
Another Question : Why SO is so rude? Whenever i tried to post some question that i really need help with, some people mark it 'too broad', duplicate (even it the other question was diff.), and other thing..
Just for info^
Probably because you hadn't followed the 'how to ask a good question' guides, tbh. And if it's been marked as a duplicate, it probably is, even if it's not that obvious. But 'too broad' is generally the 'you're asking us to write code for you', ime.
It isn't rude as such. You need to abide by the rules, so that the platform is well-maintained as it should always be.
Like Withnail pointed out, you should take the tour and learn How to Ask so that you don't feel like this again.
It can definitely feel quite abrasive at the start. I felt quite intimidated away from asking questions for quite a long time.
Now I generally find my own answers in the course of making sure the question meets How to Ask.
I had 130+ reputation....but after some users were deleted and by coincidence most of the voted my questions and now i am back at 77 reput.
10:36 AM
You can always get it back by asking good questions & / or answering :)
10:48 AM
data_list = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
print(list(zip(*[iter(data_list)] * 2)))
# [(1, 2), (3, 4), (5, 6)]
how does this work?
my guess is that by using 2 copies of the same iterator, each passing "consumes" one of the numbers, so the second iterators starts from the next one and so on
It does not use 2 copies, *[iter(data_list)] * 2 creates a list of 2 items, both being a reference to the same iterator, then unpacked as arguments to zip.
So when zip starts going through the iterables, it actually reads from the same iterator all the time.
I might've misunderstood what you meant by copies.
references to the same iterator
copies was probably not the right term
Your guess was right on the money then
11:00 AM
11:13 AM
@Mosho In recent versions of Python 3 you can use this variation:
print([*zip(*[iter(data_list)] * 2)])
nice, though doesn't zip return a list anyway?
It does in Python 2, so you can just do zip(*[iter(data_list)] * 2). But in Py3 it returns an iterator.
I see
11:17 AM
The *[iter(data_list)] * 2 stuff is a bit cryptic, but you get used to it. :) It's very handy when you want to select the chunk size at runtime: *[iter(data_list)] * chunksize
yeah that overloading caught me off guard
When the chunksize is a small fixed number I usually simplify it:
it = iter(data_list)
print([*zip(it, it)])
that might be clearer
If the length of data_list isn't a whole multiple of the chunk size, the final partial chunk is lost, since zip stops iterating when its shortest arg runs out of items. However, itertools.zip_longest lets you specify a fill value to pad out the last chunk, In Python 2 the equivalent is itertools.izip_longest.
I see
11:40 AM
Other SO rooms (java / android) are too casual IMO, or maybe I am just biased towards this room :)
would anyone be able to help me with a problem ive been having with python?
@simons21 Fire away
@simons21 cabbage
@AshishNitinPatil What do you mean by casual?
dpaste.com/0A4ERX4 this is the code, I have a print statement that prints out the selected date and then calls a function.
the function gets the variable (the date selected) and prints it out
11:49 AM
but with some other useless stuff, and I don't know how to get rid of it
@AshishNitinPatil It's Dory man
2017-03-30 00:00:00 None
@khajvah All I see are questions and no answers (in the chat), but I might be in at a bad time though.
@AshishNitinPatil Try Lounge<C++>
@simons21 make MCVE out of your code/question
We, programmers, are too lazy to read a lot of code for free, so make it short
@khajvah That one seems more like this room.
Which is good, obviously.
11:53 AM
@AshishNitinPatil except that they don't answer radnom questions
only rarely
@khajvah the code ive posted is the code that allows the calendar to work, I don't know how to make the code smaller :/
@simons21 isolate the problem
That paste is pretty enormous, I clicked in to have a look, scrolled twice, and went 'nah, not reading all of that'
@simons21 As khajvah said, that's a big chunk of code. However, it looks like you need to do some study on how classes work in Python. You can't just chuck a function into the middle of a class and expect it to behave like a function defined outside a class.
@khajvah Is that good or bad? It is room number 10 though.
11:56 AM
@simons21 Huge piece of code dude
@AshishNitinPatil Lounge is a different case
@khajvah I guess, it really depends on the purpose of the room
@simons21 Functions defined inside classes are called methods. See how all those other methods have self as their first argument? self is a reference to the class instance, and when you call a (normal) method the instance gets automatically passed to the method as its first arg, before any other args that are explicitly passed to the method. That arg could be called anything, but we call it self by convention.
When your datefunction method gets called it gets passed a reference to the instance, just like any other method, except datefunction calls it agro instead of self. So it prints the representation of the Ca;lendar instance, not the self.selection that you've assigned to the local name agro in the _show_selection method.
What I just wrote is probably a bit confusing at this stage, so I suggest carefully reading through some tutorial material on classes, and experiment with small "toy" classes before you attempt to hack a large, sophisticated class that someone else wrote, like that Calendar GUI class.
Thanks for the explanation. I'm using this for my coursework and have a time limit so I had to throw myself at the deep end. Ill have a look at some tutorials and see if I can fix it myself.
12:07 PM
@simons21 However, here's a quick fix to your immediate problem:
def datefunction(self, agro):

def _show_selection(self, text, bbox):
    agro = self.selection
    print(agro, self.datefunction(agro))
That won't do exactly what you want, but it's a start. :)
Part of the problem is that the datefunction method returns None, so that will get printed in the print call of _show_selection
@PM2Ring why isn't it what I want? It works and it definitely what I want xD thank for the calm and easy explanation.
12:22 PM
Eclipse and Twilight Struggle. Can I justify this much money on two boards games <- straw poll
You should definitely get Twilight Struggle so you can confirm it's as good as I've heard.
Cabbage all.
@zero - I like the word palilalia, a new one one me. As you speculate, I'm sure linguists have a specific word for repeated syllables in that form, they're notoriously cunning at word creation.
Pun fans may enjoy this old xkcd Linguistics thread; there are some newer entries here
@RobertGrant I personally like the Game of Thrones board games. Take too much time (~3-8 hours depending on number of people) but it's darn fun.
why python is not used in industry?
12:37 PM
Good day to you too.
o/ JRSnape
@ffttyy It's not?
news to me, he says, sitting programming the marketing data system in python
... does this mean the C&C systems I'm working on aren't real? They're just giving me ... makework? Q.Q
@ffttyy I suggest you take a look at this article. It's a couple of years old, but still relevant. 10 Myths of Enterprise Python
Oh you Oracle...
12:52 PM
@PM2Ring Oh thanks, the article made me clear
@IljaEverilä I am not a fan of their products
Apart from the things they got from Sun
1:11 PM
Nice article!
@RobertGrant Everyone in my board game group likes eclipse, but we usually can't play it because if we started at our usual time of 7:30ish, we'd still be playing at 11:00. Not practical for a weekday session.
This is partially my fault because in strategy games, the time I take to make a decision is quadratically proportional to the number of possible decisions I'm allowed to make.
you need a chess clock
1:33 PM
I suggested that the OP should reduce his rambling Raspberry Pi / Qt GUI code to a MCVE. So what does he do? Two weeks later he posts a YouTube link. :facepalm: stackoverflow.com/questions/42414987/…
@Kevin that does sound good
@Kevin as usual I'm the same
I've literally stopped playing chess games with friends mid-game because I'm worried about making the wrong move
Looks like the stuff I told simons21 didn't sink in: stackoverflow.com/questions/42696978/…
cv-pls request at <10 minutes of post lifetime? tsk tsk ;)
what is even their problem? ah, probably typo-grade
well it's not our problem now
1:50 PM
@PM2Ring perhaps this is how it was received: blah blah blah blah blah here's a quick fix to your immediate problem: <code to copy and paste> blah blah blah
@RobertGrant Well yeah. I even admitted that my explanation was probably a bit confusing at this stage. But somehow the corrections I gave him got lost in the process. Maybe he just accidentally copied from the wrong version of his code when he was posting the code into his question.
two relevant quotes:
16 hours ago, by davidism
@simons21 that code doesn't work for a number of reasons. Given the types of questions you've been asking, at this point it would be more appropriate for you to read a tutorial at this point than to keep asking us questions. http://sopython.com/wiki/What_tutorial_should_I_read%3F
2 hours ago, by simons21
Thanks for the explanation. I'm using this for my coursework and have a time limit so I had to throw myself at the deep end. Ill have a look at some tutorials and see if I can fix it myself.
I think I'll leave him in the capable hands of Willem...
Morning cabbage for all.
re-cbg DSM!
1:59 PM
@PM2Ring as I said I have a time limit for my coursework. If I had the time I would go and research everything you guys told me to do, but I don't. My school doesn't teach python to a standard that we need, so I have to do it myself. Sorry to ask stupid questions, but they aren't stupid to me.
@simons21 I think he understands that, and he realized his solution might not be clear to you :)
@simons21 Your questions aren't stupid. It's just that they are hard for us to answer properly when you don't have the necessary background knowledge.
You're trying to cobble something together from parts that you don't understand, and that's both confusing and error-prone. And generally not fun. Even if it ends up working correctly, it won't be a good learning experience and it won't be satisfying because you won't understand why it works. But I guess your bottom line is simply to get an adequate mark for the class.
An adequate mark for me is D
and it's easy to get a D
Also it's sort of a smiley - Robert Grant : D
2:09 PM
my GPA is at lowest that they allow you
My system had double-letter grading. Your D is "double D"s for us.
about 2.0
people think found out I am dumb
@khajvah It's usually the opposite though
once my history professor told me "I am giving you maximum score for participation, so you can pass"
and guess how many times I participated
2:11 PM
@simons21 Ok. Maybe the phrase "adequate mark" was a bit harsh, since what you're doing is beyond what the assignment requires. But IMHO, it's better to submit a simpler project that you understand and can explain to your teacher than to submit a project that does a bunch of fancy stuff that you can't explain.
also, going well beyond your comprehension of a language leads to cargo cult programming
@PM2Ring thing is though that they don't want simple. My school doesn't teach python to a high standard ( like I mentioned ) so simple is pretty basic. They haven't taught us any GUI or SQLite, but expected us to use it in our projects. I know to you that its a breeze but to me I found it pretty difficult. This calendar thing is way above my level, I know, but that's because I want to impress, and if I use code above my level then hopefully I will learn some stuff about it along the way.
Thanks, Andras. I was just about to say something like that myself. :)
I understand what you guys are saying, and the rest of my code is pretty simple. I just wanted to use a calendar and this one was the only one that fitted my design specification. Sorry to be a nuisance, good luck with future coding:)
2:18 PM
\o cbg
@simons21 Doing GUI is aweful to everybody
@simons21 I'm not saying to never use a cool piece of code that you've found that's beyond your current level of understanding. Most of us learn new stuff by playing with other people's code. At first, it's like some mysterious magical incantation. But as we pull it apart, modify it, and put it back together, how it works gradually sinks in.
I realise you don't have the time to do that. But you do need to improve your basic understanding of how classes work or you'll find yourself wasting a lot of time through blindly trying random stuff until it works. That's generally an unpleasant, frustrating experience.
\o cbg how goes it
2:37 PM
I want to modify the static files of a django app that I am using. How do I go about it? Do I fork the app, change the static files and use this new app or what's the other way?
@AshishNitinPatil I just imported the library/app and overrode the templates.
Add your own template dirs at the top of TEMPLATE_DIRS - this assumes it's a third party library app like django-helpdesk or something.
But that is too much of a task if there a lot of templates, specially if it's only a few css lines that I need changed.
Alas, there's no simpler way. Thanks @Withnail
Sorry dude. I feel your pain. When I started doing it I felt much the same.
cbg my guys
@Withnail Thanks for the sympathy man. CSS is always a pain.
2:53 PM
@MartijnPieters FGITW editing there I see :-)

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