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1:43 AM
@SargeBorsch It is a really cool language but I don't tell people to use it for the same reason I don't tell people to use C++, D, Rust, and other languages that give off the same vibe.
2:09 AM
2:19 AM
Do it.
Just do it.
I will do it.
That data was generated on the watch <3
2:27 AM
I was out of internet today
so I've finished that part :p
Nice. I'm revisiting our Android app for our hackathon. Gonna change it up a bit.
Improving it?
Dear all. Here's an unanswered repeat from last week:
If I want to install Windows on, say, a bare-metal Thinkpad X1 Carbon with no OS, then I can buy Windows and install it. Windows includes numerous drivers. If there are any necessary drivers missing, I can normally get them from the manufacturer, use the Add Hardware Wizard, and install them.
But, if I want to install Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" on, say, a Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, then things are not so simple. True, I could (in theory) download and install some random Nexus ROM shipped by Google. But such a ROM includes far fewer drivers, and in fact may not allow my phone to boot up at all. And there's no UI for downloading and installing signed drivers downloaded from hardware-manufacturer websites.
Why does Android not include any driver-installation UI?
And how does Android deal with USB On-The-Go devices which it doesn't know how to talk with?
(Bonus question: Maybe my question is unanswered because it was of poor quality. How is the question's quality? Could I improve it somehow?)
2:47 AM
I understand your question, I just don't know the answer. It's possible that's why it wasn't answered before, either.
Answering, this might take a bit to type out
> 1. On desktops and laptops, drivers are a necessary evil. Hardware is often user serviceable and prone to changes, and there is a huge variety of combinations. On phones and tablets, this isn't quite so. You can't really change the hardware easily, and it's entirely safe to lock out driver installations since you don't really need them
2. It is a lot easier to break ARM devices than x86 with messed up drivers
3. Drivers on Android must be written for specific kernel versions and all. It is easy to do for a manufacturer, hard to get right as a user
Will that be hard? :p
First part is easy, second one not so much
3:03 AM
maybe if project ara gets far enough along you'll see some kind of driver wizard for different modules.
Probably, yes
I'd imagine it being more like every component has its driver loaded, and it installs when connected
Not an arbitrary download and install
@nil What is that vibe?
Raghav: Thanks! I've now copied my question into a real Android.SE question. Could you please copy and paste your answer into an answer there? I can copyedit it afterwards.
I'd like to make a graph of all the programming languages that are just a single letter with an axis for the year they came out.
That'd be interesting.
I'm not sure what I'd do with that information, but it'd be cool to see.
3:11 AM
eski: Like these timeline charts, but simpler?
Lol yeah it wouldn't be for any practical purposes, just an xkcd like graph.
@unforgettableid Exactly like that, but simpler.
I will draw it and take a pic
forgot I need to link the non-https url to get inlining to work.
Raghav: Cool! Upvoted. I've proposed some copyedits to your answer. You may accept or reject them.
Dear all: why might someone have made a commentless downvote to my question?
A: Why does Android not include an Add Hardware Wizard?

Raghav Sood On desktops and laptops, drivers are a necessary evil. Hardware is often user serviceable and prone to changes, and there is a huge variety of combinations. On phones and tablets, this isn't quite so. You can't really change the hardware easily, and it's entirely safe to lock out driver installa...

Is there anything about the question which I could improve?
@unforgettableid Who knows, it seems like a good question to me. If it's a duplicate then they should give the link to the duplicate answer, or if it's inappropriate they should tell you why.
3:22 AM
It's really not something to lose sleep over though
Since android is open source, the answer to your question might just be that "nobody has had time to yet."
Or "you haven't yet"
Oh God my mac is finally charging again.
Thanks all!
3:48 AM
@Rashad Welcome. Please read the room rules and don't piss anyone off because I'm going to bed.
@CodeMagic > Thanks
I have read and understood the rules
o/ cM
Mac! o/
I'm going to finish a beer then off to bed
I didn't get a chance to play with nav view but I think tomorrow night I will.
Maybe. I've got other things I should work on first, I suppose, but I'm really excited to
Cool. I built one up for our hackathon app: Screenshot
3:55 AM
Where's that one at?
My university, hopefully.
We're trying to have it in March, if we can.
I remember you working on that. I thought it was sooner
Looking nice, though
It was supposed to be next weekend, but due to some, complications, we postponed it.
So I'm taking the time to redo the app a bit ha
got you
I'll send in hangouts
3:58 AM
4:22 AM
I'm off to bed. Night all!
4:48 AM
Hello, guys. I am facing a problem while capturing image by camera.
Please see this question
Q: Android Camera.Parameters setPictureSize not working

Obaida.OpuI am trying to set the best possible output picture size in my camera object. So that, i can get a perfect downscaled sample image and display it. During debugging i observed i am setting output picture size exactly the size of my screen dimensions. But when i DecodeBounds of the returned image ...

5:16 AM
Yo Shinobis
@eski The vibe that six people could learn the language and those six people will all know a different subset of the language.
Even Java has this issue to some extent.
I see, but you could always just hire 6 scala guys that are experienced enough to have good overlap. And modularization is always key for team projects.
Or you could just not use languages that require hiring from a very limited pool of people.
Either use a language that is easy enough to learn so the next person can take over when you die, or take on greater risk by using more "special" languages.
5:33 AM
It's not that limited if you allow remote employees.
There's definitely a tradeoff I agree, but we'd be selling ourselves short individually if we constrained ourselves to only the most popular languages.
it's the learning curve vs. efficiency and expressiveness once you master it.
5:46 AM
whoa, I just watched a bot domain swipe me
6:16 AM
> apple pro and air
which is better ?
If you are an android developer you should get a pro IMO.
air is for people that don't need computational power
6:59 AM
@eski that's it ?
the whole "air" thing is that it is thinner...
I would much prefer a 15" screen and decent hardware for development.
and I say decent because macbook hardware is definitely lacking on the specs side of things.
15" pro
monday morning
7:04 AM
ewww evil monday is back again
Get an XPS!
user image
@Ocu cc @Cja cc @Cpt cc @the yo!
7:16 AM
> silly me few days back :S
Q: How to get reputation in Stack Overflow

maveň Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? How to get reputation? How to get reputation in Stack Overflow?

7:29 AM
really good question maven!
I have flagged it anyway.
8:27 AM
@TheLittleNaruto rolf
تهانکس فر ستوپپینگ بی
> engaging cats for hunt
@netpork cc @OcuS cc @Blackbelt
I don't know what is wrong with you
pinging :'(
are you drunk?
8:46 AM
this one I prefer
@Blackbelt sry belt
9:01 AM
if you were really sorry, you would have stopped pinging me.
don't be sad. It is not necessary. Stop pinging people around
This video, while very useful, proves I'm more racist than I want to be, as I've lolled several times.
9:05 AM
@SargeBorsch Nice one..
There were times when Windows had a really nice UI design…
is VectorDrawable in the support library ?
Dunno, assume so.
This is all coming from Android Studio 1.4 allowing you to use Vectors in previous API's by creating drawables for APK's targeting API's lower than 21
So, all the work I've done creating multiple drawables is pretty useless as I can now just use the vector xml files
(Having to use gradle 1.4 beta 6 though)
same here
9:15 AM
You needing to use it for Vectors or for another reason?
Data binding is soooo cool..
I got the stoner.college domain
anyone used gradle.properties to store data data?
which data?
I use global gradle.properties to store keystore passwords and path
9:28 AM
things like security keys or passwords
so how do you call it in your java class? I'm thinking of saving my api token there for web calls
in Java class — no way, didn't try. I just reference these vars from gradle build script
in defaultConfig or buildTypes, I use buildConfigField 'String', 'AD_SDK_API_VERSION', '"1.0"' which makes public static final String AD_SDK_API_VERSION = "1.0"; available in the class BuildConfig at runtime
9:33 AM
I would use System variables in such cases i.e. storing passwords and keys etc..
same goes for the passwords, urls to apis (depending of build type or flavor
System.getProperty('foo') is possibly slower than BuildConfig.FOO
both are safe though right?
buildconfigfield would be easier
If you're a Windows OS user and want to store keys/passwords to System variable, Keep in mind you'll have to restart your PC to get the value via System.getProperty().
@OcuS I would say only compilation will be slower.
cool cheers
Ah.. Wait! you can define a variable in your gradle script too and assign system variable's value to it
In that way you could use it via BuildConfig
1 hour later…
11:06 AM
11:53 AM
Can anyone suggest a good vector graphics editor?
free one? try inkscape
That's what I've heard from other people too :)
12:20 PM
... Turns out I have no idea how to do vectors
inkscape is not easy without reading a manual/tutorial
it's not like Paint™
12:44 PM
12:57 PM
I made a new parody twitter
#socialmediatip: #hash #tag #everything #you #say. #SEO #SMM #SSRI #NSA #SNOWDEN #LOVELOVELOVE #LESSTHAN3 #hashtagwars #hashhashhash
I was also told that Inkscape is hard work :) Boss is getting me illustrator because I'm a noob :P
Hackathon code, for when it just needs to demo http://t.co/R3aZWfLqXg
@BhaveshVadalia Welcome. Please read the room rules room-15.github.io
@ntcase Same ^
1:15 PM
1:28 PM
Hello, Mr. Foam
1:52 PM
I'm back at MS
second first day
! Congrats
dropped out of uni? ;)
who needs uni when you have SO anyway :P
uni's good
2:10 PM
on the one hand uni and on the other hand MS ... hmm
both together is fine, too
damn, in and out of the drivers license place is less than 9 minutes
New car?
LOL no, working part time :D
had my first university lecture today
very different than school
some 500 people showed up for the analysis lecture
My drivers license was gonna expire in ~3 weeks.
2:19 PM
My India one is valid for 20 years
alexandercoward.com/… <- interesting read
2:19 PM
Coincidentally though I did also get a new car recently. So I do need to go get the paperwork for that done soon
my German one is valid FOREVER
Haven't got a real US one yet
I don't have one
at all lol
Any tips on buying second hand cars? I need to pick one up
Ahh yes. Ahmad has a very interesting drivers license history
I think I'm mainly caught up on my sleep now :)
2:21 PM
raghav ^^
well, in fact I've to get a new document in 2033
Raghav it really depends on how much money you are willing to spend; but since it's a used one I would 100% pass it through a technical test before buying it
so, how do you like uni lectures, Ahmad?
I know that's probably too low for anything half decent
So you could drive and test brakes/ weels etc and also you could hire an engineer to drive and check the machine in general before you buy it; it might seem good from outside but you don't know the 'inside' situation if you don't test it
2:25 PM
Which is why I'm up for building a car over the summer if I can find a shop that'll let me use their tools
cygery: it's not really difficult right now, but I guess that's gonna change lol
good thing is I found some cool people to hang around with
do you like it so far?
lecturer good?
Just downloaded displayFusion for multi-screen set up ; pretty good
#socialmediatip: Step 1. Go to http://socialmediaexpert.college Step 2. Get redirected back to this tweet. Step 3. Repeat Step 1. #ininiteloop
2:32 PM
whoa, one guy has two heads and the other has two arms
What's an "ininiteloop" ?
should have been infiniteloop?
I have read and understood the rules :)
yeah it was a typo :(
see the reply on it
the social media tips are coming out of me too fast to be able to do things like "correct typos"
2:38 PM
@cygery yup! it has something to it
lecturer was also really cool
nice :)
good lecturer is important
I'm glad I had some excellent ones especially for theoretical topics which I'd otherwise find difficult to motivate myself to deal with them more closely
oh yeah
let's see how the other ones are
I only have intro to programming (in C) and Analysis for the next 3 weeks
they want to make sure everybody goes into the program with knowledge of at least one language
so I have the C course every day for the next few weeks
2:53 PM
at first, when I saw the thumbnail of that gif, I thought is was 2 giant poops...
and they are not poops?? then what is it?
looks like bananas that have been frozen to me
or else really dark sausages
Poor cat :(
3:03 PM
those could be black goo worms from the Prometheus movie
we knowz, believe me
they're cucumbers...
@FertoVordalastr Access denied. The minimum reputation required for access is 100 points on StackOverflow as stated by our rules.
lol netpork
3:26 PM
those were some ninja cat moves
3:50 PM
Is it correct that Google does not do high school internships?
no wait
don't they have a special program for HS students?

Google's annual CS4HS (Computer Science For High Schools) grant is designed to increase awareness of and interest in Computer Science amongst high school and primary school students through the help of their teachers. The program connects teachers with university academics who provide them with the training and resources they need to teach Computer Science in fun and relevant ways. Successful CS4HS projects meet stringent criteria related to scalability, diversity inclusion, impact and accessibility. Also, they must follow a 'teach the teacher' model, through which high school teache
^ old
4:07 PM
I did notice
the entire programming community did
it's not like nobody even noticed
@TristanWiley are you applying?
4:30 PM
I'm going to apply for internships yes.
Hey Adam
hey hey hey
Go apply for google Tristan
They have many interns
Has anyone in here interviewed there?
4:41 PM
I was interviewed by MS some years ago in C# ; didn't got chosen though ;/ oop skills way to poor back then
Oh. :/ How tough was the interview?
Was it for internship or full time?
Well it wasn't that hard. One question they had was to define some shapes (e.g rectangular, circle etc) with specific functionalities
@MenelaosKotsollaris high school internships
so you had to showcase your OOP
That doesn't sound bad. Although, at the time, could have seemed difficult if you were knew and under pressure.
4:44 PM
yeah... it was for internship position so the questions were reasonable for a MS position
they had some REGEX question too which was tricky ; you had to decide 2/3 questions
and you had 2 days
Ah okay. I've heard Google's coding interview is like 45 minutes?
TL;DR : if you apply for companies like MS, GOOG etc be prepared and have nothing to do during that period; that was my biggest mistake I was applying while having exams
I think it really depends on the position
And most of them are huge on data structures. Which I understand but afraid I'd flop under pressure.
The questions are solvable but they need to be solved at maximum efficiency; meaning that your implementation must be the best possible. Atleast that's what MS in Austria was looking for at that time..
I've been told to always ask, interviewers look for that. ex:
> Interviewer: Sort this list.
Me: Would you like a sort that is simple, such as bubble sort? Or are you concerned most about efficiency? (In which case I'm going to write a quick sort).
That's what my professor told me, if I ever interview with a big company. She said she knew a MS recruiter who said too many students don't ask questions. For example, if they just want you to solve a problem using a Queue, ask if you have to write your own or if they'll allow you to use the collections framework.
4:54 PM
yeah don't reply fast.. Think as much as possible (maybe ask them before how much time do you have for each question..)
Yeah. I'm sure understanding the problem is most important. If you don't understand the problem perfectly, you can't give a perfect answer.
Interviewers really want you to ask more questions to understand THEIR question better.
Because realistically, we write code to solve problems all day long, but if we solve the wrong problem because we didn't do enough investigation, we're wasting our employer's money-hats $$
They may actually say "yes, do a bubble sort first" and then progress to something more complex.
Also, i hate interviews. They make me anxious as hell. :(
That's interesting. Why do you think they'd do that?
5:04 PM
If it's at the start of the interview, they want to ramp you up. For one, it could serve as a confidence builder for you, so you're less nervous, and two, maybe you're terrible and can't even do that much.
That's true. It'd give them a better hint at where you fall off. Maybe you're somewhere in between bubble sort and more complicated sorts
I like confidence builders hahaha
me too :)
Oh. My. God. My coworker just got me with this.
Alternately, maybe they are hiring you as, say, a mobile apps developer. In which case, why the hell would you ever write your own sorting method? Show me comprehension of basic sorting via Bubble Sort, and then lets move on to other more mobile-dev-related questions. (I've never had an employer this sensible about interviews, but hey, I can dream, right?)
["Hip", "Hip"]
5:08 PM
I have that on a T-shirt!! :D
mostly people just look at me funny ( ._.)
I stared at it for like 30 seconds.
We're filling out a card for boss's day and he wrote "["Hip", "Hip"] it's boss's day!"
@MechEthan Yes, that would be a dream though. I don't think all interviewers are big scary robots though, we as interviewees just feel that way for some reason.
5:17 PM
I've heard it's a great resource.
It's pretty helpful, mostly to boost confidence and as a refresher.
posted on October 12, 2015 by Reto Meier

Posted by Lily Sheringham, The Google Play team Google Play has kicked off its annual event series Playtime, which is running in 12 countries globally. Playtime offers developers the opportunity to learn tips and best practices about how to grow your app or games business and succeed on Android and Google Play. You can now watch the Playtime talks, listed below, on the Android Developers Yo

5:32 PM
@MechEthan Apparently there's a sixth ed: amazon.com/Cracking-Coding-Interview-6th-Programming/dp/…
What are the durations of Lollipop activity transitions? I can't find any docs on it
> When executing the enter transition, the background starts transparent and fades in. This requires FEATURE_ACTIVITY_TRANSITIONS. The default is 300 milliseconds. Source
Adam is the best google
More info here, check footnote 2: androiddesignpatterns.com/2014/12/…
5:41 PM
@user2080833 denied for default username and low A:Q ratio
@user2080833 no. See above ^
yo cM
Hey, Een
I'm not really here
I really do feel like Google. Luke got his answer and then just walked away. Not even a thank you.
5:54 PM
show him some ads in exchange
Anyone use LruCaches here? If so, how would you go about using an LruCache and overriding the create method if the object you are caching needs Context to be created? I went with having the key object of the cache require a reference to Context. Is this a good idea?
^ classic

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