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12:12 AM
@Deduplicator It's a common issue, though I didn't realize that was the case until you mentioned it
2 hours later…
1:59 AM
late answer that isnt actually answering the question, surprise!
A: Insert 2 rows 5 rows before end

Dan DonoghueJust a side note but this: LastRow = Range("A" & ActiveSheet.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row rw = LastRow - 5 Can be written as this: rw = Range("A" & ActiveSheet.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).offset(-5,0).Row

4 hours later…
6:01 AM
Hiya meta SO-close peoples .. first time here.
6:15 AM
oh .. there's nobody here right now. As such, I'll deposit one my take-away from an hour's review: There seems to be high correlation of questions containing "watched [video|tutorial|lesson]" with down-vote and or vote-to-close. IMO, SO could do better to direct noobs and aspiring practitioners to canonical sources of basic knowledge (e.g. Wikipedia)
@DavidJ.Liszewski Well, quite likely that's taken into consideration when deciding whether to allow posting, and if it's put straight into triage. Anyway, feature-requests always have to be done on Meta Stack Overflow. (Not saying you should post this one, at least before considerable research and polishing.)
@durron597 done
6:32 AM
ok, thanks @Deduplicator.
curious: was a link to MVCE def ever considered as an moderator automation option?
6:56 AM
@DavidJ.Liszewski MVCE? I only know MCVE, and [mcve] is a link to that in comments on SO proper.
3 hours later…
10:20 AM
Smokey doesn't listen to commands here.
I know, just a habit.,..
And I'm not in the tavern atm due to the fact that I need to get things done
anyway, what did you try to say to him? (How to ask him for all commands (when in the right room)?)
@Deduplicator The commands can be found at: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/wiki/Commands
You can run them in two rooms: Tavern on the Meta and Charcoal HQ.
10:54 AM
@Deduplicator voted, except nr 3, that was closed yesterday and I'm not yet above 20K
@rene thanks.
BTW: Is this declined NAA flag totally off, or am I missing something? ("declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer")
@Deduplicator without the link you would still read MeteorPackage... TinyTest which is VLQ but not a link-only answer if that was the reason for your NAA flag....
downvoted as well...
oh well, maybe it really was marginal. Thanks for looking it over.
11:22 AM
@Deduplicator after seeing the declined flag complaints I only flag NAA if the answer is see here
11:41 AM
It is about managing the data loading for a better UX, using a Node.JS framework
12:26 PM
@Kyll too broad, at a minimum
Mmh yep
"best practices" are usually too broad or POB
12:49 PM
It's great when the SD finds a suspicious question that ends up being bad for a whole 'nother reason
1:20 PM
What close reason do questions asking for an example shall be destroyed with? Too broad?
Too broad or OT/recommendation, depending on how it is worded
^ Or too broad, either one
two more cvs needed on this one (duplicate) stackoverflow.com/q/22983222/359284
@ArtjomB. how's it going with ? I think we have cleared what was in the queue.
1:56 PM
@durron597 we're talking about you...
Q: What do the statistics for a community wiki represent?

Crazy2crackThis community wiki answer has the following statistics: What do the statistics 8 users and 72% mean in the above image? Based on my understanding 29 revisions have been made to that particular post. But i'm not able to get the other things. And why is the username durron597 still there if the...

@KevinBrown needs one more
@gunr2171 I have appeared
ah! you scared me!
thanks for the editing example
2:16 PM
@KevinBrown Argh desperate accept
@KevinBrown boom
@rene How do you do relative dates in SEDE?
like "more than 9 days ago"
datediff(d, creationdate, getdate()) < 9
@rene thanks
2:31 PM
@gunr2171 I've gone through in one day completely, so there is nothing to do more in there. I will come back later (this year) when I clean up , and before requesting a merge/synonym to .
great, thanks for your work
Can anyone toss some spam flags over here? stackoverflow.com/a/31537558/359284
done & gone
5 Recommendation requests...
@durron597 That answer is a more ideal course of action, but the accepted answer is the one that answers the question
@TylerH Meh. True.
2:40 PM
Also to be fair the accepted one was posted first
when I upvoted it yesterday, the one you linked to didn't exist
The burnination status post has been edited to focus on editing instead of closing. Please help!
@gunr2171 Can you swap ^^^ with the current pin please
@gunr2171 Tyvm
@durron597 i dont agree. just because the old question doesnt have answers doesnt make it not a duplicate. editing to improve the old question or adding a bounty is the appropriate avenue
@ArtjomB. boom boom boom boom boom
man, having the final vote on so many posts feels great
unfortunately, this means that I have exactly 40 cvs left that I need to save for reviewing
2:53 PM
@gunr2171 can you resist the temptation?
I'm going to work on editing the source-code questions
I won't flood your view with "pls help convert this .net to java" questions then
got its 50th question today, but one question was deleted last night, so I still don't have the Taxonomist badge :-/
3:16 PM
@gunr2171 where are the localization options configured per user in Jenkins?
uh...let me look
I somehow got mine switch to dutch and that is...weird and not helpful at all
is that for the whole program or just your user?
and I'm looking around my jenkins now, I don't see anything about language, might be in a config file somewhere
@gunr2171 just mine, it seems the browser dictates the langauge
@wouter this room is for close voting
there should be an sql room
but I guess you can connect to the server yourself (with like client tools)
3:36 PM
going afk for a bit
4:04 PM
@rene yeah, I wasn't sure if we should have done that from the beginning or not
Well, you always try to keep it minimal but we obviously tolerate to much ;)
Q: What am I able to do legally when I'm unpaid for a project as a freelancer?

rr.A company has me developing software on a contract basis. The software is for a client of the company. The project had been split into phases, with the client paying a portion of the total after the satisfactory completion of each phase. The software will be hosted by the company for the client (...

I made the mistake of google searching that word
Someone tell me what to do with that I'm too tired to deal with such an aggravating question.
@durron597 delete-vote?
4:24 PM
It's already closed, does it matter?
@gunr2171 it does for burnination
@TylerH Out.
@TylerH It's too good of a question to be deleted, there will be hurt butts in meta. That's what I want to do
Oh, you need a tag for that
@KevinBrown Yessir
4:26 PM
Wow that's a bad question
Is it the go-to canonical for what to do with legal questions?
If there is a better canonical "Ask a lawyer" question/answer set out there, then burn this one
Keep for now? And maybe toss some delete votes at it
1 min ago, by durron597
@TylerH It's too good of a question to be deleted, there will be hurt butts in meta. That's what I want to do
The only value is "Ask a lawyer"
@TylerH There isn't a canonical question, they're all off-topic
4:27 PM
Also I'm out of delete votes so I can't do that today.
Moderators can close as dupes of questions on other sites, can't they?
Alternatively, ask meta what should be done and watch the meta effect work its magic
surely there's a meta question
@TylerH Don't think so.
@KevinBrown Aha! Brilliant!
@TylerH Pretty sure that's a no, it needs to be migrated first
4:28 PM
I thought I'd seen MSO questions closed as dupes of MSE ones
Q: What should be done with this thoroughly off topic, highly voted question?

durron597What am I able to do legally when I'm unpaid for a project as a freelancer? This question is: About as off topic as it's possible to be Has two tags that ought to be burninated, legal and source-code I can't think of any good, correct tags to replace it with Is too highly upvoted and has to...

Ordinary AA battery installed. (Yes, I'm using the joke incorrectly, I don't care)
@gnat I thought about pinging you about that question but you found it faster than I got around to pinging you
4:44 PM
But Chris, I'm out of delete votes today! — durron597 44 secs ago
I think I saw every variation of "mom" there
@gunr2171 I was trying to do Mommmmmmmmmm but that markdown doesn't exist in comments, apparently.
I tried ---, <strike> and <del>
It also got 5 question downvotes before being deleted.
5:12 PM
@durron597 See, it worked!
Ok, the internet is dead in the Netherlands, google.nl won't respond...
hmm, turning off McAfee firewall fixed the issue...
5:51 PM
getting rid of McAfee is always a good first step
my work just installed mcafee :-(
6:18 PM
CV event!
I'm here!
@Closey refresh tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@gunr2171 Tag data has been refreshed.
@Unihedron \o/
Are there any tags which have questions that need to be kicked into the queue?
I think I missed five months' worth of CV events since I was too busy to stay up this late.
6:22 PM
@Closey ping reviewers for everyone who can't make the event in 10 minutes, there is another one tomorrow at 20:00 UTC....
for everyone who can't make the event in 10 minutes, there is another one tomorrow at 20:00 UTC.... @easwee @ProgramFOX @Sam @gunr2171 @StephanMuller @TylerH @durron597
Oh, only the usual suspects gets pinged now...
it should be a rolling 2 weeks
that's 4 - 6 weeks too often
I see what you did there sir
6:26 PM
What do you have to do to get on the list of users that @Closey pings?
@Unihedron Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
@Closey commands
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
have a review session within the last 2 weeks
and no, I haven't removed you from the list yet, sorry
I'm fixing a chatbot, will join when back.
6:27 PM
@gunr2171 that's fine
nice algorithm
"why would we want to remove someone from the list?"
@Closey start event
7,025 need review
1,538 reviews today
2,708,940 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
@Closey starting
6:30 PM
@rene Good luck!
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 Watch out for audits!
passed c++ audit
@Closey starting
@Unihedron May Shog9's Will be done.
6:32 PM
You can count on us :P
hum... tagged .net and c++
passed c++ audit
Looks like I made it just in time.
Time is relative :D
You're here! :D
@Clo starting
6:38 PM
@Sam Happy reviewing!
It's a party of four.
I must perform ritual to lift my sins
also this userscript is harder to use than I remembered
just stay off the #1 keyboard button, safest way
the thing is I forgot #2 was to close and hit #1 instead
6:40 PM
Maybe I should change the keybinds to the initials, like L C E S
edits are welcome to the userscript
don't move my cheese though...
Passed java audit
@rene I'll bring more cheese instead of stealing yours.
6:41 PM
Passed php audit
(Two audits in a row, -_-)
@Unihedron That will do....
@Sam then you probably had one that was shared with another user
May 6 at 18:48, by gunr2171
lol wat
I didn't think that was possible.
6:43 PM
race conditions
May 6 at 18:51, by rene
did we really hit the same audit?
it's not like multithreading is easy
passed python edit
Fair point.
passed matlab audit
rock music at 2 am ^^
6:45 PM
music > energy drinks
I'm also glad I invested in new headsets, this new one has better sound quality and is wireless, that's all I would ask for
@rene, did you vote on this one for "Server related"?
Passed javascript audit
You're on fire with the audits!
@Unihedron :D
I dunno why I'm getting so many. Lol
6:48 PM
@gunr2171 don't think so but will I be punished if I say yes?
I just noticed that 2 reviews like that had a "server fault" close reason, not a big deal
passed c audit
@Unihedron you young whippersnappers and your new-fangled shortcuts
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [.net]"
@gunr2171 Hmm, maybe I had an off-day/bad-hair-day?
@gunr2171 red bull > *
@Closey starting
6:50 PM
@TylerH By the power of the Vote! Review!
@TylerH Welcome aboard!
^ That's what I loved about CV events. Welcome to the battlefront. :P
Okay, I'm here!
what's with that [closed] one?
What tag?
@Closey next 3 tags
6:51 PM
@gunr2171 audit
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@gunr2171 The next 3 tags are: 106, 98, 95
@Unihedron ah, ok
closed = 5 cv + not reopened after 5 days
^ a distinction not made clear enough by the site, I think
6:52 PM
@TylerH it's mentioned in the help center
yeah, but if you voted "6 mins ago" it's doubtful it would be closed
then of course, probably only nerds like me reads all of the help center
passed perl audit
@Unihedron yeah, my response was going to be "you think new users read the help center?"
They're not even directed it when joining
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
6:53 PM
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 4 seconds ago and lasted 22 minutes and 37 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 33 seconds.
@TylerH How do you feel about having your comeback crushed? :P
Instead they are directed to the "about" page
@Unihedron I'm not upset when you delivered it to yourself :-P
Passed c++ audit
we're all imperfect in some ways, so it's fine to make fun of ourselves :P
6:54 PM
Ugh, who was the person who said this was ok? We should ban him! </joke>
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@Unihedron Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@Unihedron Your last completed review session ended 4 seconds ago and lasted 22 minutes and 5 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 33 seconds.
@gunr2171 I'm super sorry!
15 mins ago, by Unihedron
I must perform ritual to lift my sins
6:54 PM
It's ok, I'm just joking. It's happened to me too.
I really hate when users say "I've tried everything but it hasn't worked" and don't include an exhaustive list of what they tried
@TylerH I've searched for three days
no really help me please
What is the scope of "tried everything"? Did they pat their head and rub their stomach while winking their left eye?
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
6:55 PM
A review every 33 seconds!
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 20 seconds ago and lasted 25 minutes. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 37 seconds.
@TylerH "I've been searching for 10 minutes, but I can't find anything!!!"
@KevinBrown -_-
ah, you broke the trend
6:55 PM
I wish we had the bot earlier, then I could compare my past performance to now.
@Unihedron That's nothing
@KevinBrown I didn't try anythingbut please just help me lol
@TylerH Gimme a break, I haven't joined a cv event in several months :)
^ was just about to say that
Great minds think alike!
@TylerH 6 seconds
6:56 PM
passed python audit
@KevinBrown I clicked I feel lucky but nothing solved my issue...
@rene lol this one is my favourite
does that button even exist anymore?
I've never seen it used but I'll find out where they live in such an event
It does in my google start page
6:58 PM
and drop a GEESE through their WINDOW
in the dutch version to be honest
but the buttons go away as soon as you type something
@gunr2171 on Chrome
on other browsers you can turn that setting off
6:59 PM
oh wait, the functionality of the button has changed....
in your Google Account preferences
@gunr2171 not if you turn off autosearch
I'm Feeling Lucky doesn't take you to the first result anymore?
@gunr2171 Only on some languages
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