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6:00 PM
@ircmaxell yeah, that's the standard way to do that.
@NikiC thanks! I appreciate it.
the only issue there is that we then can't have static inlines/macros to directly access it.
I just discovered a Chrome bug. Thought I was on to something, searched, and found the bug reported 2 years ago. It has 2 years worth of "me too" comments, then someone closed it as a duplicate of a closed bug that didn't even seem related. And the bug still exists. I found a work-around, think it's worth reporting it to Chrome again?
@ircmaxell I'd love your feedback too by the way on chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/23966574#23966574
posted on June 18, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by Cris Strong */

6:02 PM
which then has call convention overhead which is expensive … well at least compared to a simple register+offset indirection fetch @ircmaxell
@ircmaxell I think it will be I am a I am a
@NikiC Any reason why we aren't allowed to class_alias() internal classes?
@bwoebi We aren't? ^^
(Which is to say: No idea)
I mean, does it have any implications to add a class alias ce?
probably the only issue is that it wouldn't be removed upon rshutdown?
(which IMO is a solvable thing)
I actually wanted to class_alias("Exception", "Throwable"); in pre-PHP-7…
@bwoebi wouldn't it be inlined?
6:11 PM
@ircmaxell If it's a call to a function body defined in a .c file… no.
(If you only function signature I mean)
because these are only resolved in linking step later… after the object files are built.
yeah, good point
which means that you'll either make it slow or "unsafe".
@BenjaminGruenbaum Another one: github.com/benjamingr/RexExp.escape/issues/18 (Though I already know that one to be bogus ^^)
Awesome, I'm afk - I'll look when I'm not on shitty mobile chat
@NikiC I'm unsure, but I thought you couldn't use \10 as a backreference… it's actually a backreference to \1, followed by a zero, no?
6:23 PM
@bwoebi I think it will be treated as an octal (decimal?) escape
@NikiC yeah, octal escape, right.
actually, (in PCRE at least), the safe way to access a subpattern is actually \g{125}
which can't change it's meaning dependent on consecutive chars.
so, to be sure, we'd have to prefix a .{0} to clearly mark a difference
I'll note that on the issue…
or just add a non-capturing group…
@BenjaminGruenbaum seems reasonable
@rdlowrey thoughts on this github.com/fredemmott/hhvm/commit/… ?
I wanted to disable SSLv3 usage by default for 5.6 but folks said, "no wait it might break things for people"
Then POODLE happened
6:39 PM
Currently php-src will only negotiate SSLv3 if nothing else is available (and the protocol wasn't explicitly disallowed)
The safest bet at this time is to just specify the exact protocols you want to allow as a bitmask
@rdlowrey Drop in 7?
e.g. ...
@NikiC well we can't drop support for SSLv3 entirely because (for example) I might want to use php for penetration testing
drop it by default
6:41 PM
But we can make it so that the default crypto settings won't negotiate it and you have to explicitly specify that you want it enabled when you setup the stream context.
@rdlowrey I mean never negotiating it without being explicitly told to
yeah that
@rdlowrey yes, please. disable by default is a great idea.
I'm way behind on openssl things right now (so busy) but I will get to them in the next few days because I don't have any other choice :)
@rdlowrey you wanted to do proc things too!
6:43 PM
Meh, the proc stuff isn't going to happen
… :-(
The proc_open() shortcomings can be worked around in userland (for our purposes) and they only affect windows environments anyway so who cares.
@rdlowrey they can…? reliably…?
Yes, with a dispatcher library that keeps worker processes open instead of spawning a new one for each separate task.
(as long as you don't have control of the called binary.)
yeah well… that's doing the hard way in favor of an easy one
6:46 PM
For me the easy way is userland -- I don't have any familiarity with the windows APIs needed to make it work in C ...
And the userland functionality is useful for other purposes and something I've been meaning to do anyway
I suspect that I have a severe case of mental masochism: fir the past hour I have been watching videos of Eric Hovind
@rdlowrey please tell me that majority or people in US do not agree with that knucklehead
@tereško oh, lol, I know lots of people who would. ~50% of my extended family is totally down with creationism. I don't think the majority of sane people can logically entertain those kinds of ideas, though.
that is fucking scary
6:50 PM
can i get some likes on my answer:
A: PDO - Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object

php_purestIt happens when the table doesn't exist also. make sure it actually exists, and isn't just a holder in the database due to hard drive errors.

The nice thing about science is that it's true whether or not people believe it.
@rdlowrey (except faked results…)
@rdlowrey I don't believe that!
@bwoebi but it's not science at that point, though ;)
@rdlowrey the hard part though is… knowing that it indeed is not. ;-D
6:53 PM
science is a lot more theory than fact - frequently it's only a matter of time until "scientific facts" get proven false
Of course. Science is about preponderance of evidence/data. Not absolutes. Because speaking in absolutes is foolhardy pretty much everything is a "theory."
@AllenJB emm ... do you know what "theory" is ?
I think you meant "hypothesis"
@AllenJB of course. Science means that things are true… in a certain reference environment. Just like it'd be insane to use general relativity for usual applications …
@AllenJB scientific fact is "things fall down"
a theory is what explain how it works and makes predictions
why is saying that " Fatal error: Call to a member function setFetchMode() on a non-object" happens from a database not actually existing a bad answer?
6:57 PM
@php_purest because it ignores why
how can i make it more complete?
@tereško no. scientific fact is "objects with a mass approach other objects with a mass"
.. I was simplifying again
@tereško there's nothing like falling down. It's rather us coming 1 meter towards earth and earth moving by 10^-42 or whatever meters towards us.
6:58 PM
@ircmaxell how so?
@tereško And it's these things where you have a certain frame so that you can say "things on earth fall down" [except … etc.]
@bwoebi even that is a dubious fact at best
@bwoebi what if we are not moving and it's just the space between things expanding or shrinking? :P
there are no scientific "facts". There are only axioms. Everything else is based on perception, measurement and theory, all of which can (and have) change over time
stackoverflow.com/questions/19017682/… - the dupe has a decent answer already...
7:00 PM
@ircmaxell if you think it exists, you should check to make sure it does
the good thing about science is that lies tend to expire quickly :)
7 mins ago, by AllenJB
science is a lot more theory than fact - frequently it's only a matter of time until "scientific facts" get proven false
@ircmaxell yeah, I know… they even might refrain from each other when space grows faster than they're approaching etc.
emm .. so .. @AllenJB, case to elaborate ?
@tereško Usually only constraints on the region of applicability of a model are tightened, rather than anything being entirely falsified
7:02 PM
so the question was a duplicate
@php_purest that's one possible cause of the error, of which there can be literally thousands
How to kill a party in one easy step: start talking about heteroskedasticity in your data set.
the question is too broad then
@rdlowrey interesting… may you explain more concretely? << That's the answer you then get, right?
lol, no, the usual answer is "So did you hear what Kim Kardashian actually did?" ... I need new friends I think.
7:05 PM
come to Europe
@rdlowrey looking up… no, that answer definitely isn't interesting.
This is one problem with not working in an office surrounded by smart people ... it's not always easy to find folks with similar interests.
well, since you have begun using word "folks", it might get easier soon
why does SO let you answer duplicate questions?
@DidierFuentes hi
7:09 PM
I still have hopes to live without knowing who is Kim Kardashian. Last week I still believed Miley Cyrus was a citric drink (til open the wrong link on twitter).
@php_purest It doesn't? Just when you've already started writing before closing, you usually have some edit window to finish up first.
@php_purest it doesn't, once it's marked as a duplicate
@bwoebi I have only vague grasp on who those people are .. and definitely am not able to recognize them outside of specific memes
aww, so someone didn't help the community well
the answers came up first
7:29 PM
REQUEST: a kickstarter-funded study to estimate the historical cost (in USD) of programming errors resulting from NULL-terminated strings.
@rdlowrey ahahahaha
I mean seriously. We're probably talking about billions of $$$, right? Maybe more?
@rdlowrey do you know of any sites with bad certificates that can be tested against?
length encoded strings for the win…
@ircmaxell define "bad certificates"
7:32 PM
a certificate that would fail verify_peer
Like, expired or specifically malicious in some way?
and name matching
@ircmaxell this might interest you: github.com/damz/public-certificates
@ircmaxell I don't know of any off the top of my head -- I can fire up a server locally and forward the port in my router if you want to test something specific.
no, not testing locally
7:35 PM
Is this for an automated test?
there we go: tv.eurosport.com
"Unknown cipher in list: ALL"
FYI the easiest thing to do (if you do need automated tests) is just to start a stream socket server in PHP using a certificate of your own creation and then connect to it with whatever options you like
@ircmaxell for forcing a name issue, you just pick an arbitrary site and use the IP to access it. If you want a self-signed you can hit basically any Win box that provides OWA, smbs generally don't pay for a cert
7:45 PM
@PeeHaa ping
@DaveRandom I found one :-)
@ircmaxell also IIRC the PHP test suite contains a few certs in varying states of validity for testing behaviours with those scenarios (some of which are basically testing OpenSSL and not PHP but meh)
@DaveRandom You said "bum". Teehee.
@rdlowrey I put in a work order with the wifey. We'll see how long it takes to be fulfilled.
@LeviMorrison it's really not pressing and I feel bad hassling you about it. The efforts are appreciated nonetheless
8:01 PM
1) Update PHP7 branch to use Throwable
2) Break Travis build because PHP7 nightly not yet updated
3) ???
4) Profit!
Wrote up a guide for contributing to the PHP docs. Did I miss anything? :) sammyk.me/how-to-contribute-to-php-documentation
I have checked out the docs repo exactly once
in general, I just use edit.php.net, and commit directly
o/ SammyK
@ircmaxell Yeah, it's hella faster that way. :)
Hello @Joe!
@Joe I've got to pop off here in like 5 mins, but was it pretty straight-forward to get your UG set up as a state-level nonprofit?
I haven't done it for a UG, but I've set up state nonprofit 3 times, and took one of those to 501c3
IN a nutshell, incorporate as a nonprofit first, then go for 501c3.
In TN, it's a mutual benefit nonprofit -> get Tax ID from IRS -> apply for 501c3 through the EZ form, don't use legal zoom (IMHO, IANAL)
8:15 PM
Gotcha. Thanks for the direction! :) Want to come on the PHP Roundtable again and discuss running a rocking user group? :)
lol rocking may be relative, but certainly :D
@DaveRandom did you have a chance to look at the ini issue? I tested to see if I could break it up into two entries since docs say the disable_functions directive appends, but seems it does not do that within the config file. Only the first one is processed. If it makes it easier maybe just allow multiple declarations of it? That is the only directive I see having such a large string.
Sweet! I've got it tentatively scheduled for early October, but I'll let you know closer to the date to nail down an exact time & date. :)
I'm out! Peace!
@PeeHaa Current Firefox doesn't send Origin for form submissions, so I have to implement a CSRF token. :(
8:47 PM
Oh I remember, I think it only sends it for HTTPS connections.
9:15 PM
@SammyK "If you see a bunch of output that ends with an ASCII cat picture, you're in business." :)
@SammyK looks mostly fine (your blog post)
The karma section is pretty wonky though, there is only one way to ask for an account+karma and that's via the form. Ask on Twitter, IRC, the lists, you'll be redirected to the form if you don't already have an @php.net account.
All of those other places are great for chatting, getting help, etc. but they won't help with doling out accounts.
Newbie here. For a WordPress site, where do you save a python file?

My python file is called hello.py which consists of
print("Hello World!")

I am trying to call the python script in Wordpress by pasting this in a php file in my Wordpress theme
exec("python hello.py");
ummm... why?
also: don't do that
hmm why not?
@SammyK the build times information is outdated too, changes are built and synced to mirrors daily.
@salathe true, but talking is basically a requirement to getting the karma approved, right?
9:24 PM
@SammyK for PHP 7 we have a sort-of up to date TODO list at github.com/gophp7/gophp7-docs/wiki/TODO
@ircmaxell sure but talking isn't a way to get karma, which is what the article says
@SammyK on ^^ that note, ask people to talk to us (wherever they like) and have some patches under their belts before asking for karma... the single best thing they can do is talk to us on the docs list.
@SammyK btw, +1000 internet points for you :)
I need to have updated prices for 100 products. I want to fetch a prices from other websites and display it on my website - what would I use to accomplish this? PHP? Python?
9:39 PM
@kelunik If that is the case it shouldn't be a problem right?
@AlmaDo pong
@rdlowrey Support technician says to give it a try.
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'm somewhat drunk now so if it can wait till this weekend it would be tits
@samaYo Just keep bugging me so I will pick it up soon. FWIW I'm thinking about postponing some work soon for a couple of weeks so I can pick up some projects
@marcio ok. nope, I didn't expect it to be so trivial honestly. The only problem will be explaining variance for nested stuff like callable(callable(callable(A)))
@SammyK Nice job. I could do with a reference to doc bugs for people looking for something to do
9:53 PM
@SammyK s/I/it
Damn edit window :(
@LeviMorrison give a try to what?
@bwoebi Leviathon should be up.
Actually @rdlowrey needs it, not me… but he seems to be to the gym right now.
esdiscuss.org/topic/… …… wow … that's so true… also for PHP.
<=> … .
sometimes… when I look at how ES changes over time… I wonder why they didn't just create a new language…
10:23 PM
I was thinking about this just a few hours ago.
> They are no longer felt by those discussing the new feature. Infinity + 1 === Infinity.
@marcio I've already given that up long ago in PHPs function library… but please… keep the language clean :-(
if you need a weird new operator, just do a damn function…
Actually, I had this impression when in first contact with C++.
@marcio hence I dislike C++.
That's very much why I'm that reluctant to add typing etc. to PHP.
but, well. It's now in :s
@bwoebi most of the things that clutter PHP are not really useful stuff... `nproc`
10:27 PM
(see again, markdown -.-)
or are you referring to shell_exec shortcut?
I'd really like to clean some parts of the language up.
@bwoebi making the type system more robust is something useful, things like `` aren't.
But I really fear I'd be hammered away by a ten ton BC break card.
@marcio adding proper classes to Javascript is too. adding let. Adding Symbols… just to name a few from ES6 standard oh … well. These are all useful.
but no, we don't need them.
10:31 PM
did you ever see a wild ``? :)
keep shit simple.
@marcio yes. I even used it … ^^ but not because it was good, just because it was shorter.
@bwoebi disagree, classes in javascript makes me cry.
people have been adding classes to js with processors, why clutter the language with it now?
@marcio preprocessors you mean? yeah… and I think that's why they ended up adding it ^^
But at least Javascript isn't typed yet.
PHP made the mistake.
sure, it's all nice with types. But it makes things so much less simple.
oh, look the replies below the post.
Yes, PHP's dynamic typesystem has some quirks… but.
@marcio which one concretely?
10:38 PM
@LeviMorrison totally working now -- got some good results too. Very much appreciated :)
@marcio you mean the macros?
@bwoebi I like the current type expansion we are having, it allows php to be safe while you still have the dynamism if you wish.
@bwoebi yep, the high level macros
@marcio +1, I feel the same way.
@marcio the current is okay. What I'm worried about is where we're heading to.
10:47 PM
what addition concerns you? union types, fn prototype, enums? (it looks like 7.1 will be very type related)
@marcio how strict we will go in enforcing types.
especially when we ever add e.g. generics etc.
@marcio no, near future is okay. I'm rather worried about the… more extravagant plans.
I changed my mind about generics, not a fan anymore at least for PHP.
Ultimately I envision the future in full-program type analysis.
so that you just need to add simple types in your fcalls/return types and the program will infer what you are concretely having everywhere, even caller tree dependent etc.
and that way it will be able to trace you back at compile time where you are changing the implicit generic type of an array in a way that it may be ultimately breaking much later in an application
(and with full program analysis I mean not only analyzing types, but also their values, what branches may be takes, how that will change values etc.)
That's what I dream about.
@rdlowrey have you already got the sensation that every function without a return type looks "handicapped"? xD
(IDK what's the socially acceptable term in English)
making complex types (Generics etc.) superfluous and being completely type safe at the same moment.
@marcio Still using PHPStorm 8… Every function with return type looks handicapped xD
11:01 PM
when they will have php7 support? I wanna try phpstrom again
@bwoebi xD
@marcio the EAP has partial support for some things.
can you $something->use($otherSomething) without errors already?
@marcio nope (At least the issue is still open in their tracker)
ok, gotta wait a bit more
@marcio I'm annoyed that $closure = static function () { ... } is still broken after being reported almost 3 years ago.
11:05 PM
@Trowski we should have removed it in PHP7, but seem to have forgotten it.
@bwoebi I was referring to PHPstorm. Why would you remove it?
@Trowski because it is completely useless.
I thought it avoided the overhead of closing over $this.
@Trowski oh, please. Tell me what the overhead is.
Quantify it.
I suppose it's virtually nothing.
11:08 PM
@Trowski correct!
As most micro optimizations go.
It's not even a microoptimization
hmmm... to hack or not to hack
@ircmaxell context?
@Trowski :O is this a thing 3v4l.org/I7u1s ?
11:09 PM
can't really talk about it. But I'm leaning on yes ;-)
@ircmaxell Work related?
then why can't you talk about it!?
@marcio because PHP
@bwoebi because embargo :-)
@ircmaxell < even more confused :o?
11:12 PM
what's the point of static function(){}? #lazyweb
@marcio inexistent.
there's no point in it.
sure, but what was the intention?
@marcio It doesn't close over $this and you can't bind an object to the closure.
@marcio I have no idea.
Someone told me that it was a lot faster and to always do it if I didn't need $this, but I promise you that they didn't know as much about internals as @bwoebi.
11:15 PM
Responsible disclosure is a computer security term describing a vulnerability disclosure model. It is like full disclosure, with the addition that all stakeholders agree to allow a period of time for the vulnerability to be patched before publishing the details. Developers of hardware and software often require time and resources to repair their mistakes. Hackers and computer security scientists have the opinion that it is their social responsibility to make the public aware of vulnerabilities with a high impact. Hiding these problems could cause a feeling of false security. To avoid this, the...
@Trowski "a lot faster"...
@ircmaxell Ah ok
that should be your first clue that something's wrong
I've never actually used a static closure. I had planned on it, but now I won't bother.
@ircmaxell I only know embargo from a context of being prohibited something. But ultimately nobody is prohibiting you, it's your own decision.
@bwoebi it's an agreement
11:17 PM
this looks like a thing that could be optimized automatically, not by shoving a "static" before the closure declaration.
@marcio 1) what's the optimization? 2) you can't detect at compile time if a closure will be rebound
yeah. Totally fine. But an embargo in the sense of the word how I know it is being prohibited something by another party and you can't do anything against, but have to comply.
wow, hhvm has a lot of dependencies
@ircmaxell you can actually rebind a static Closure… to a static context.
@bwoebi sure
11:19 PM
means you can bind to an userdefined class and then call its private static methods.
just no $this-binding
@ircmaxell 1) I'm assuming that there might be an optimization otherwise this wouldnt exist 2) does it has RFC, I still don't get the point of it :P
@marcio there is no optimization, it exists because it was done prior to RFC process.
@marcio I can assure you, it would be faster without static existing at all, because that'd avoid one or two branches in every Closure creation.
That's it, I have to read the src now.
because we actually need extra checks to avoid a straightforward copy+addref which may be faster than an eventual branch predictor miss…
@marcio go straight to zend_create_closure.
11:24 PM
found it already
@bwoebi Hmm... if a closure has static variables, it has to allocate another hash table for them?
@Trowski it's a very normal function in that sense
@Trowski the $this is stored directly on the struct: lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_TRUNK/Zend/zend_closures.c#37
@Trowski so, yes.
@bwoebi I was looking at the source and noticed that. I'm using a static variable in a closure where I could just use a class parameter.
11:28 PM
@Trowski Actually, feel free to prefer the static vars. The HashTable is anyway initialized at CT.
@ircmaxell Wow, so making a closure static is next to pointless. That'll teach me to listen to people at conferences, lol
@Trowski who said that at a conference?
@bwoebi But in a closure?
if they don't have commit access to Zend, don't listen to them, if they do, then I'm scared
@Trowski sure.
not sure.
need to verify.
11:30 PM
@bwoebi This makes me think it's allocated when it's created: lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_TRUNK/Zend/zend_closures.c#506
@ircmaxell It was a guy from Guzzle... not naming names... but you can probably figure it out, lol
@Trowski yeah, was on the wrong track.
yup, it gets compiled to a hash table lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_TRUNK/Zend/zend_compile.c#3405
@Trowski sigh
@bwoebi So I would actually be better off making it a class param, since then it will just go in that hash table.
He wrote SuperClosure. He prob means that static closures are much faster to serialize.
which is true
Oh I'm sure they are. Though I never really saw the point of that library.
Looked more like a technical exercise than something useful.
@ircmaxell We were actually talking about Guzzle's promise implementation though.
11:34 PM
@Trowski it's pretty good, now
@ircmaxell For what they're using it for, yes, it's very nice.
@ircmaxell What are your thoughts on trying to get the various promise implementations to use this: github.com/thenable/Thenable
wow, HHVM really has a lot of dependencies
@Trowski push it for a PSR standard
@ircmaxell we're wrong sometimes too or underestimating the work of some functions. Sure, we have some knowledge from our callgrind analyses, but we aren't always right.
@ircmaxell Should I try to do that right away? I wasn't sure if I should attempt to get libraries to use it first, or go for a PSR.
@bwoebi definitely. But I don't really trust anyone with performance
11:39 PM
@Trowski keep it simple… I strongly prefer Amp's when().
@Trowski go for PSR directly
@bwoebi when is a different function than then
@bwoebi when() goes against every other promise implementation.
@ircmaxell sure, but it ultimately serves the same.
@Trowski the implementations in PHP you mean?
which all copied from each other?
@bwoebi no it doesn't
@bwoebi Specifically I'm thinking of JS, though I've seen promise implementations in Objective-C, Ruby, Python, etc. that used then() in the same way.
11:41 PM
When, as AMP uses it, pushes the success/failure decision on the callee. Whereas promises (thenable) pushes it on the sender
@bwoebi no, Promises in every other language
@ircmaxell the when callable is always called, then then() callables are only calling the fitting callable
there are a few different implementations, but all I've seen until Amp::WHEN distinguish success from failure
@bwoebi which is a good thing
@bwoebi Which I think is much better. Avoids writing unnecessary logic in the callback.
@Trowski and what's with the shared logic?
where does it go?
what shared logic?
11:43 PM
@bwoebi Rarely do I perform the same action on failure as I do on success.
very rarely do you have shared logic between success/failure. And if you do, it's likely abstracted (or should be) anyway
And if I do, there's (in my implementation) cleanup().
^^ that
@Trowski the only thing I would add in a standard is a progress callback
@ircmaxell which really doesn't fit into then().
put it in an extra method, but no point in having it in then().
@ircmaxell Promises/A+ did away with the progress callback.
11:46 PM
hmm, actually, the when() in other languages is rather used for getting the promise from promisor…
I think progress is a separate issue that has too many ways to be handled to be part of a promise standard.
@Trowski yeah, but I have seen usages. Either way, that's fine
@bwoebi precisely.
or as a combinator (and) when(promiseA, promiseB).then(...)
@ircmaxell I wanted to try and stick to the JS spec, as I think that makes the most sense and is the most likely to be accepted.
@ircmaxell Also note that as Thenable is written in that repo, an implementation could have an optional progress callback on then() and still conform to the interface.
e.g., React's promises could implement that interface with no changes.
Just looked at Aerys… It uses ->when() 3 times in cases the Promise must never fail… once we need to do an if/else on exception and once we need the code to be always executed.
Must never fail???
You haven't been programming long, have you? :-P
11:55 PM
@ircmaxell it'd be a programming error if the promisors were failed.
I stand by my statement
@ircmaxell In the sense of… the promise will never be failed, the connection just will be killed and the promisor unset.
Uh huh

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