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8:00 PM
@minitech "SyntaxError: illegal character"
define "fun"
Latest version of FF my eye =(
lol Caprica is pretty popular. @CapricaSix you are a celebrity, miss.
8:00 PM
bot runs FF 37
suck ass
maybe that's why we get trolled lol
@CapricaSix forgive me, didn't mean to annoy you.
@AwalGarg before you go thinking she said suck an ass
8:02 PM
@rlemon ff32
7 and 2 look similar
FF 35 is the latest
nightly ? aurora ? firefox ? firefox beta ? <something else> ?
@AbhishekHingnikar Nightly, and it has tagged template strings
8:02 PM
@rlemon no you said that.
@minitech ooh
that sounds great
@AwalGarg no, she did
Chrome or die
!!s/die/go home/
IE8 or you're late
8:03 PM
@rlemon Chrome or go home (source)
at least rhyme
@rlemon no, you did!!
i did
false. black bear.
8:03 PM
!!s/chrome/go big/i
@JanDvorak @rlemon go big or go home (source) (source)
@CapricaSix see, you did, and you are rlemon.
no I am rlemon
CapricaSix is CapricaSix
8:04 PM
!!are you rlemon?
@AwalGarg Yes!
!!do you lie
@rlemon Definitely
8:05 PM
1 min ago, by Caprica Six
i did
@rlemon this one wasn't. The previous one was.
I'm already bored of this
fuck, I just realized I can hide the windows taskbar...
How long have you been using windows and you just found this out!?
You can also pin it to the top lol
guess what
you can move it to the sides as well!
8:07 PM
no fucking way
@AaronSiciliano how much would be a better question, the answer being like 1 month maybe.
you know what is super fun
CTRL + ALT + down arrow
mind blown
lol ah was curious because you have been able to do that since xp i believe
is that the rotate screen one?
8:08 PM
@rlemon hehe, I know that one.
great for office trolling
@rlemon doesn't work on mac. Just makes a square symbol
Always did that to my teacher in high school
@rlemon is it your birthday ?
8:08 PM
on the 5th
so depending on your timezone, yes
@rlemon excited ?
not really
@CustomizedName he was never born, he is eternal.
I'm not big on birthdays
@SterlingArcher try Command - Option Stop-Sign-symbol down-arrow.
8:09 PM
Happy 50th birthday lemon!
So...I've got a POC for hiding users with <20 rep, but no users to test it on
@Luggage what on earth is the stop sign symbol?
!!eval (function () { function* fib() { let a = 0; let b = 1; while (true) { yield b; [a, b] = [b, a + b]; } } function* take(n, it) { if (!n) return; let i = 0; for (let x of it) { yield x; i++; if (i === n) return; } } return Array.from(take(10, fib())); })()
@minitech "SyntaxError: missing ; before statement"
At the risk of starting a religeous war.. What are preferred OSes around these parts?
8:10 PM
any debian base of Linux
@minitech we built that (me and copy) once - a whole library etc
@Luggage BSD
I'm on OSX but I like Windows better
8:10 PM
I use Windows 8 / Ubuntu Depending on my mood
var updateOriginal = updateUserContainer;
updateUserContainer = function (container) {
    var uid = container.data('user');
    if (uid && users[uid] && users[uid].reputation < 20) {
    return updateOriginal.apply(this, arguments);

$('#present-users .user-container').each(function () { updateUserContainer($(this)); })
I am on Windows but i like OS X better
@BenjaminGruenbaum Wow! Where is it?
I want android on my phone
Also, why is that a syntax error?
8:10 PM
Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 is the least sucking OS for me. But that is my opinion.
Works fine for me on FF 32
Yay more interns started today
I ask because i recently (months ago) got a macbook and am liking OSX. I got it becaseu i wanted a unix-like OS with without dicking with linux desktops.
@Luggage To be specific, OpenBSD
and.. it seems OSX is quite popular with node developers..
8:11 PM
One of them is like... smoking hot. Like wow. Jaw dropper and neck breaker in the same motion
Lol @SterlingArcher girls?
Unity has grown on me
I don't mind it anymore
In all seriousness, I use Arch Linux with an Ubuntu VM for all the terrible stuff
@SterlingArcher dude, don't sleep with interns
So it's a parasite with psychedelic after-effects
8:11 PM
doesn't end well
@rlemon Did you try the 'modern' Gnome? I think you should...
PHP, MariaDB, Skype, etc.
@AwalGarg yup
but still, don't mind Unity
@rlemon dude.. they're all so pretty D:
8:12 PM
@SterlingArcher dont listen to lemon! lol
It's so unfair
get them fired first
Why can't I just bang the interns in peace
then there is no conflict of interest
8:12 PM
That would work so much better
@minitech needs a browser with generators, like Canary
I mostly keep switching through WMs on Ubuntu. Ubuntu never breaks for me whatever I do... I love it.
I use OSX, The other developer uses Widnows, and we deploy to Linux. I like having that flexibility.
@BenjaminGruenbaum … or Firefox =)
8:13 PM
@SterlingArcher Because they won't agree?
(since version 29?)
sigh that's not offensive, people
aw, I missed it
Canary is pretty offensive
What was flagged this time
8:14 PM
@minitech it is
@BenjaminGruenbaum hey do you use canary? Has it ever crashed on you?
@AwalGarg sometimes
god.. 85K rep and flags that crap
@BenjaminGruenbaum Which question does that answer?
seriously people
8:14 PM
Oh god I just disabled f.lux
I'm blind
This is why I rep whore. I don't get to see all these funny flags
@minitech both
They say it is experimental and bla bla... Most experimental things work cool for me.
(I don't rep whore much anymore) :(
You've got less than 3k to go
8:16 PM
Yup :) Getting there slowly
The chat flag interface is horrible =(
Same goes for your face

This is a browser feature intended for developers. If someone told you to copy-paste something here to enable a Facebook feature or "hack" someone's account, it is a scam and will give them access to your Facebook account.
8:17 PM
In related news, I want to murder Debian's package manager. Time to try a new distro. No cool distro to try. Sad.
Tried, lame
I don't even know what I'm saying. I just know that fedora is a linux distro...
8:18 PM
@minitech yup
I think K111ky in the HTML room uses elementary
@Zirak enlightenment?
It looks interesting
A: Write a Program in Disguise

FireFlyJavaScript, 3p <!-- $res = Array(); $ks = Array("", "", ""); function convert($x) { return $x["toString"](36); } for ($i=0; $i < 1000000; $i++) { this[convert($i)] = $i; if ($i == 626 || $i == 777 || $i == 865 || $i == 1176 || $i == 35761) $res[$res.length] = convert($i); if ($i ==...

8:18 PM
@Zirak JoliOS
Crazy... That actually runs as javascript (try in your console)
@rlemon, @SomeKittensUx2666: Give me 1 reason to try what you suggested
Eh… why is it crazy?
@Zirak because someone else told me it was nice
is that enough?
@AwalGarg it's a wm, not a distro
8:19 PM
Does anyone here know what Aunty means ?
@Zirak Arch Linux
@CustomizedName your mother or fathers sister
your aunt.
@Zirak on another note, why do you think dpkg sucks?
@minitech It's my main distro, I'm trying out different stuff
@FlorianMargaine yeah but it changes a lot of things and Bodhi linux is what I meant actually..
8:20 PM
@Zirak Arch is? Why are you complaining about Debian package management, then?
@Zirak It's really, really stupid.
Anyways, ElementaryOS is Ubuntu-based, so no escape there
@FlorianMargaine Ignoring all the faults of dpkg, the Debian sources are hell. Outdated to oblivion, lacking lots of core stuff.
I never got Bodhi to work
@minitech Because I'm trying out a Debian derivative now
@SomeKittensUx2666 Stulid is good?
8:21 PM
Ugh, destroyed chat users are unkickable
Imagine that "stulid" is "stupid"
I shouldn’t have expected this to work or something
@Zirak You never said "good"
@minitech why?
> Joli OS is discontinued
8:21 PM
@Zirak oh yeah. Just use ubuntu with ppas for when you need recent stuff.
1 min ago, by SomeKittens Ux2666
@Zirak It's really, really stupid.
I just got +2 -2 for "User was removed"
That's one of the reasons it's stupid
@AwalGarg I don’t remember. It’s been a while. I installed it and it wouldn’t boot up or something
But it’s just the Elementary DE, which is easy to install, so why bother
8:22 PM
@minitech eh... must be some silly thing.
@minitech yeh right.
or use a rolling release distro like arch if you want very recent stuff... but honestly, I don't bother anymore. I just run ubuntu. Well, I have fedora right now, but it's the same.
Joli was discontinued?
8:23 PM
Thank goodness.
@rlemon I destroyed the chat user, which should be the one that matters
meh, downloading deepin and elementary
Oh, wait, this is a new one
anyways, Joli is a POS. I once installed it thinking I could use it as a surf-in-a-hurry OS, it sucks.
it is a persistent troll
@Zirak Elementary has the same set of packages, more or less…
8:24 PM
@minitech I'm craving for crap to try
@SterlingArcher lol
That went deep I guess
I used Joli cloud when it was pretty early, and I thought it was useless and redundant
All the Arch derivatives I've seen are really meh
What's a -2?
@Zirak awesome is also a nice one. I think I was introduced to it by @FlorianMargaine... (again, a wm)
8:24 PM
I mean, A +2 for user was removed is an undownvote
@BenjaminGruenbaum not too deep. I think it was just the tip.
@Zirak how about the chinese thing you showed me last time?
What's a -2 for user was removed?
@minitech my rep dropped 36 points and it isn't showing in the list
@Zirak That’s because they are
8:25 PM
36 points in the last 25 minutes mind you
@AwalGarg Really? Tell me more about how you use awesome as a distro.
@minitech thanks, cpt. obvious
and all I see in my rep history is +4 user was removed @minitech
@FlorianMargaine yeah, will try that
@rlemon Um… look at stackoverflow.com/reputation or something
8:25 PM
I don't remember the name
Or ask Meta
@Zirak read the last words... I said it is a WM.
+1 for -10 lines of code! — FlavorScape 3 mins ago
At least OP gets it
@Zirak update me if it's good/bad
ah right, deepin
8:25 PM
@Zirak, tried OpenBSD yet?
that you mentioned 2 minutes earlier
@minitech strange. stackoverflow.com/reputation doesn't show it
oh right! the BSD
but I had 10100 rep
It’s very quick to try and you won’t want to continue with it, so not much time lost ;)
8:26 PM
I'd recommend freeBSD for a start though
What can other users do that gives you 2 points?
honestly, who looks are distros if they are all debian based. The wm matters more, I think.
Softwares we all install of our choice.
@AwalGarg they're not all debian based...
The package manager matters most to me!
@minitech I'm leaving the BSD fork for when I have more free time
8:26 PM
pacman is the best and will always be <3
in HTML / CSS / WebDesign, yesterday, by Caprica Six
@rlemon You (http://stackoverflow.com/users/829835/rlemon) have 10100 reputation, earned 10 rep today, asked 71 questions, gave 369 answers, for a q:a ratio of 71:369.
avg. rep/post: 22.95. Badges: 4g 36s 77b
was yesterday
I'm on fedora right now, and I really like the transaction that yum has
but that rep is no where in the reflection of my rep history now
@Zirak I mean it, though. OpenBSD takes no time to download, and has a completely straightforward installation
@FlorianMargaine I never used non debian...
8:27 PM
Then you will realize you can’t do anything useful with it
@minitech hehehe
@minitech FreeBSD is actually useful though. You need more than 10GB of hdd for the installation though, be careful.
@SterlingArcher Just looked at mine and every downvote i have received just got removed from my account saying user deleted lol
I had an issue with a VM where I couldn't install it... turned out I needed more than 10GB for the installation
@FlorianMargaine Well, OpenBSD is useful, too, but none of the BSDs has what I want
8:28 PM
yay! kernel-3.15 on fedora
which is GPT support
and also a proprietary wireless driver
@minitech FreeBSD is more user-oriented though
> +1 12 mins ago removed Getting jQuery dropdown to display on hover
+1 12 mins ago removed SELECT * in sqlalchemy?
+1 12 mins ago removed jQuery cannot assign to a function result
+4 13 mins ago removed User was removed (learn more)
Who got deleted 12 min ago? He hated me :D
I don't get it... I don't think I even had downvotes, but I still got +4 User was removed
8:31 PM
I guess we were all victims of this dude
Apparently suspending users doesn’t stop them from being in chat
Wait, who’s this now?
Man this guy was pissed
am lost, what's going on here xD
8:32 PM
Just noticed something.....
@minitech made an issue
Q: Where did my rep go?

rlemonAbout 20 minutes ago I had 10100 rep, and now I see it is missing some ~36 or so rep (I just got an upvote so less now) -- but I don't see anything in my rep history to support the change. However my meta account still shows the 10100 (now 10110) rep correctly. What happened to my main site re...

-155 12 mins ago removed User was removed (learn more) -- Someone else... not me.
@AaronSiciliano Wait you lost 155?
No i gained rep back like you did hawins
I’m being messaged from someone who lost 200
8:34 PM
Aaron has some obvious serial downvotes too... But eh
So was it because _____ deleted this annoying someone’s original account?
Whoever was removed must have greater than 125 rep which is weird.
I gained +4, without having seemingly been downvoted from that user
Does anyone still have a link to the user?
8:35 PM
They’re connecting from Tor, too
@minitech transcript to the rescue.
a bit annoying
What user are you talking about minitech
@minitech Tor doesn't let user sign in
SO doesn't work with Tor
@CustomizedName Pfft you suck at it
8:35 PM
@Jhawins Loool why
@CustomizedName Yes, I’m pretty sure it does
@minitech Can you nuke the chat user too? chat.stackoverflow.com/users/4009529/user4009529
Because you get blocked out for using tor lol
@minitech I was trying the other day, but it kept saying, your network is not trusted xD
8:36 PM
How incompetent must you be to make your trolling so obvious...
@hichris123 Yes, but I’ve done this plenty already
@CustomizedName Well, we have a moderator thing for Tor
I think the Stack Exchange way of handling abusers is silly. I have a different strategy which worked over and over
I won’t go into detail, but it very specifically allows Tor
Step 1) Find the user, step 2) Call their mom
Tell here everything they're doing
@minitech ... how does it exist if you've already nuked it? That seems counter-intuitive.
8:36 PM
@hichris123 it’s a new account
Oh, now it's gone.
they keep making new accounts lol
@BenjaminGruenbaum what if they don't have a mum
haha, but why ? people troll LOL
Mmm, another moderator is taking care of it while I chatter
8:37 PM
@minitech Ah, gottit. I though when they left all rooms they were nuked... but apparently not.
Ugh... @AaronSiciliano your rep is fucked up. Idk if I wanna make a fuss over it, but there are links to downvotes on you and rep changes but the votes don't actually exist :?
@AaronSiciliano grandma, dad, whatever
@minitech since you are a mod, can you also see the associated email addresses they have?
@BenjaminGruenbaum how about there gf xD
8:37 PM
@CustomizedName also works
@BenjaminGruenbaum ..parole officer? lol
@hichris123 Yeah, that’s a bug. I was suspending + kick + nuke but apparently a suspension doesn’t stop the icon from appearing
@AaronSiciliano oh cool I guess that's how it is for all of us.
@AwalGarg They are fake
@CustomizedName as if they would have any :P
8:38 PM
E-mail addresses are even more disposable than IP ones
@minitech ok.
@Jhawins the +12 is the reversal
@AwalGarg they might have an online one though :P
@minitech Is there a bug report on mSE about this already? Can't remember...
the -2 was all users who have since been removed
8:38 PM
@minitech yes but I thought SE would have some kind of protection against disposable email addresses.
@AwalGarg mailinator.com
@Jhawins im not even saying that my answers didn't suck and deserved a downvote... actually thats why i didn't complain when i got serial'd lol i kinda laughed and went dang they caught me.
@AwalGarg Like what?
@CustomizedName as if the online ones would care :P
@KendallFrey like filtering out domain names. many sites do that.
@AwalGarg Well, it’s not required to even have an e-mail address to register
8:39 PM
!!afk meeting
You just need an OpenID. Or maybe you don’t. It’s been 3.5 years for me
@AaronSiciliano Yeah lol it was just that it said there were downvotes... Where they don't exist. Watch go follow the serial downvote links and notice there aren;t any downvotes on the questions. (I have enough rep to see how many up and how many down there are so I see there are no votes at all)
@minitech who would have so many openid's?
@minitech unregistered users can post with an email address and a name.
8:40 PM
@minitech I think so, but afaik it still associates an email with your account
@hichris123 Unregistered users can’t chat.
@minitech Yeah and you can register All you need is an email to sign up for stackexchange and go from there. I don't use an OpenID
@KendallFrey Does every OpenID endpoint provide e-mail addresses?
I dont have an openid
@minitech not sure
8:41 PM
@minitech They can't chat, but can they appear in a room?
@Jhawins Yes, you can register for an SE OpenID with an e-mail address
@hichris123 Yep, which is silly
@minitech if you do call his mom you'll be my favorite <3
@minitech LiveJournal let me use a website as my OpenID, forget how that worked, though. This is back in 2004 or so, I think.
@taco Well, at least some of those are OpenID providers
Google is, e.g.
@minitech Already upvoted. :P I just wasn't sure if unregistered users could even be a chat "user" -- I thought they might just be like regular un-logged in users in chat.
8:43 PM
@hichris123 Yeah, that’s how it ought to be
That and having them not appear when they are destroyed
@minitech that too. Someone should poke balpha to fix that. As destroying denormalizes & destroys everything on the main site... that should happen on chat too.
!!afk gnight
We got so many fake users in this room with nazi profile picture :O
8:51 PM
... more?
@CustomizedName I guess that's a characterization of this room, then. :P
man they have been at it for hours now.... my vote is definitely bot lol
Yes, it's still a situation. No need to mention it further.
hell you can zoom in while emulating mobile devices with dev tools... gotta read the docs for other hidden features.
8:52 PM
@AaronSiciliano reminds me of Yahoo chat bots xD
!!google chrome dev tools documentations
but that was like years and years ago
@CustomizedName What about AOL lol
America Offline?
8:53 PM
anyone know?
these bots scaring me
I gonna leave xD
tc, byeee
@BenjaminGruenbaum hey u running canary right now?
@AwalGarg BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: gnight
anybody running canary right now?
@AwalGarg ye
8:54 PM
@Jhawins developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/device-mode you see the quick access mode here... is it available in canary only?
can't see that in my regular chrome37 installation on win7.
@AwalGarg What? You mean the button for mobile?
@Jhawins nope.
You have a weird theme?
Idk wtf you're trying to ask.
8:57 PM
@Jhawins umm, yes.
I could write a MOD-POWERED BOT
@minitech wont do it
@AaronSiciliano Whyn’t?
Say "look at the Screen Emulation section" if you want me to look at the damn screen emulation section on a giant page.
just trying to get you to do it by saying you wont :D
8:57 PM
Dude you waste 4* as much of my time as you should every single time lol.
ok sorry.
Oh, hm. Idea!
Can't read your mind lol
Is this the same Gravatar URL each time?
It’d have to be, at this rate
Or maybe not
Some people have no lives, after all
Q: Does Venice smell?

LiamI keep getting told that Venice smells pretty bad as a reason not to go (a lot of people say it's pretty crowded too but that's another matter). Apparently it's the canals in summer. Is this true? Does Venice have a problem with it's aroma or is this a bit of an old wives tale?

8:59 PM
@minitech i saw slight disparities in the images a few times
@minitech the user has a sock puppet / main account in the rooms (or at least did)
stop giving them ideas
@AaronSiciliano Indeed, the furthest down one has thicker lines

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