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12:00 AM
ow ow ow, my last non-regex, php answer is from Aug 12 '13...
@HamZa then make it a regex answer too..
Ok, I’m sold on Pinq - going to spend the weekend working with it, building something for #doctrine2 - https://github.com/TimeToogo/Pinq
little impressive repo IMO
->OrderByAscending(function ($Row) { return $Row['FirstName']; }) ummm... please tell me no...
12:14 AM
@ircmaxell why not? It would sort by one value in there - how the sorting is applied is up to the visitor specific to the data type :)
It's a very early lib, so if you see stuff that is not right, throw issues at it
I surely wanna see this thing growing :)
Sorry, just a joke. Your last comment looks like you had too much of them all — hek2mgl 1 min ago
@Ocramius it means that all sorting would have to happen client side
how "no"?
it isn't reflection driven, because relfection doesn't have that much power
> Like its cousin, Linq, Pinq makes extensive use of lazy evaluation:
@ircmaxell it is actually reflection based
more parser-based
12:19 AM
$FilteredValues = $Values->Where(function ($I) { return strlen($I) < 50; });
> In the above example, the supplied function would not be executed until the values are actually required:
@ircmaxell a walker can introspect that closure and find out what the comparison actually is and convert the AST to SQL
same for the sorting condition
@Ocramius not in the general case, as the parser (tokenizer) can't differentiate which closure was requested. All you can get is the start line and end line
@ircmaxell well, yeah
if you have multiple closures per line it's gonna have trouble :D
PHP.net: A or B?
12:24 AM
@TOOTSKI E_NOT_AN_OPTION (and for you, triple ping)
I'm editing my answer on one question...
A: remove script tag from HTML content

AlexUse the PHP DOMDocument parser. $doc = new DOMDocument(); // load the HTML string we want to strip $doc->loadHTML($html); // get all the script tags $script_tags = $doc->getElementsByTagName('script'); $length = $script_tags->length; // for each tag, remove it from the DOM for ($i = 0; $i < ...

Can you verify this doesn't work properly with multiple tags?
Internal pointers and stuff.
@ircmaxell guess having the colnum of a function/symbol declaration would be useful :P
@Ocramius we looked into it, and it wouldn't be trivial to do
12:27 AM
phpunit could really use it, as it'd enable branch-based analysis
but as far as now, it can't do that in the general case (see which side of a && returned false, for example)
@Ocramius where is there a DB adapter for this? All I see are the "repository" structures, but no actual implementations of it...?
@LeviMorrison is this a game of find the difference? lol. i can't find it
@reikyoushin On monitors with poor color accuracy you might not see any. Look at the main navigation bar.
12:34 AM
@TOOTSKI what are you trying to do?
@ircmaxell penumbra is kinda crappy tho :\
@Ocramius why you say that?
@LeviMorrison I like the idea, but neither implementation works for me
@LeviMorrison ah, B is lighter? hmm.. i like B better. i dont like too much color contrast
Q: Using PHP Library in C Program

Vitor LuisI was digging here and saw that my system has a directory called /usr/include/php And with that came to my mind, I can write a program in C to read and interpret php files using libphp5.so? So, a C program, where i open a PHP file and call some function from the PHP library that interprets th...

12:35 AM
@ircmaxell I personally don't like the interfaces. I like the fact that he separated the LINQ-style API into a separate lib
@rdlowrey Why not
@Ocramius I can't stand the conventions that he uses in either lib...
I can't say ... I just don't like the way it looks having the light grey content rectangle all on its own.
@ircmaxell yeah, but he already agreed to fix those :)
including the dumb "ISomething" convention?
that one drives me nuts
12:37 AM
How's that?
I like it
@ircmaxell If you can't come up with something other than interface IFoo or class FooImpl implements Foo then you probably don't need an interface or you just really, really suck with names.
@LeviMorrison yup.
the one example I can't get around though is an abstract implementation
abstract class AbstractFoo implements Foo {}
I've done that before too.
I'm still gonna keep my FooInterface regardless what you folks say :P I don't mind the IFoo tbh, I can survive it
But yeah, it itches a bit
12:42 AM
@Ocramius I can't stand that because Foo should be a verb, and it already describes the abstract concept of Foo without needing to re-abstract it with "Interface"
Be more German ;-)
And if you have FooInterface and a Foo concrete class, that says nothing about why Foo exists (just that it exists). A concrete class should have a reason for being to differentiate it from other concrete classes which implement the same interface
@ircmaxell but how do you want something original when the language is constrained to the web of ten years ago?
@ircmaxell Who's porting what?
@ircmaxell yes, that I agree with, but I can't possibly know all the different implementations of a concept that I'm abstracting
@Ocramius well, you can know at least the concept of what the concrete implementation does, which should be enough to name it decently...? No?
12:46 AM
so I prefer being less limiting on the naming of the implementations. I had this discussion already in the past, so instead of repeating it, I'm just gonna link the thread where I've thrown out my thoughts (in comments): verraes.net/2013/09/sensible-interfaces
@ircmaxell I just think the suffix is useful and practical
Hey question, Im trying to get the code for a facebook like box via developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages for the page www.facebook.com/SummerwoodFencingAcademy but the dialog fails to load the code
In a world where names are easily confused, a suffix or a prefix increase specificity, therefore are useful
it could also be the opposite: interface with no prefix and implementations with impl
I don't care, I just want a clear distinction, and not post-parsing
Any chance I could get someone to try to generate the code and see if its just me?
@PseudoNym01 and "fails" mean?? what is the error? what happens?
Oh I specifically ignored all FB tags in my preferences...
12:49 AM
@Ocramius In that case, why don't we all use hungarian notation?
@ircmaxell because the type of a thing is not the name of a thing
var anthony = new Ircmaxell('without the "w"');
I'm amazed by the effort people put into porting things from other languages in PHP. And slightly saddened by the lack of creativity...
@dlsniper Ok, you just went from having me interested in the thought, to dismissing you as a troll in 1 tweet. Impressive...
@Ocramius difference between a verb and a noun
12:50 AM
The one I posted is what I've been saying for the last year.
No Exceedingly little creativity in the php community ... all largely copy-cat.
not all, just the major headline grabbers...
don't get me wrong, there's a ton of talent. and some really amazing work going on
the fact that the Pinq project does what it does, is dam impressive
@ircmaxell it is a copy, indeed :)
@reikyoushin I get a brief loading spinner and then nothing, I checked the console on Chrome and I have a number of 500 errors
and it is awesum as well. May I also remind everybody in here that we're just concatenating strings all day?
Oh, sure, it's a copy. But it's not a "change the syntax and run". There's some significant work that went into that. The parser alone took some effort to build well
12:53 AM
@reikyoushin so I don't think its something on my end but I wanted to double check
He had a working PoC in Penumbra. He noticed that people were more interested in his LINQ PoC rather than his ORM and he went for it. And I'd say he has all my eyes :D
Oh definitely. I just don't want to marginalize his efforts. To build something of that scale, and that complexity is nothing short of amazing. No matter if it's a copy/port or not...
@PseudoNym01 and what does those errors say? do you not have any hint? how'd you embed the code? using fbml? js? iframe? etc..
@reikyoushin I don't have any code to embed! I'm trying to get the code and the page at developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages is the one throwing the errors!
for the regulars: does anyone have a resource or links of what i need to learn if i want to be a DevOps?
12:57 AM
dam, wouldn't let me star a deleted post :-P
So now I know docker, dokku, vagrant, puppet, ansible, chef, php, java, javascript... and I can't debug any of 'em
@Ocramius so DevOps is bad?
it's good for your pocket
if you manage to put it on your resume :P
Taking a string to a whole new level — leon yesterday
1:01 AM
@reikyoushin any chance I could ask a favor and get you to try it?
@Ocramius but here, the DevOps guy is the middle man of the different teams, or so i think.. not a "one-man-army" hmm, did i get this wrong?
@PseudoNym01 nope, i dont want to login to fb in the office (required to get the embed code).. sorry.
@ircmaxell edited based on your comment
> If you use this in your code, you can have job at Google.
@TOOTSKI source?
1:06 AM
A: How to instantiate from a string class name in PHP?

TOOTSKIFollowing your example, here be dragons: $bar = new ${!${''}=substr($foo->selClass(), 0, -2)}; If you use this in your code, you can have job at Google.

Too bad OP doesn't know what he wants.
> DevOps is more about automating the release/QA/ops process than it is about getting developers to actually spend most of their time doing release/QA/ops things.
^ what i thought of devops was more of like this.. i might have missed something.
Except that the only devops that I know are from Mayflower and they do puppets and testing of puppet and testing of testing of puppet for the sake of it :D
the others are more like developers that are forced into the role of devops because provisioning has to be automated every time somebody has to be onboarded
ok, I'm the man
I just sucessfully changed a smoke-alarm's battery
@Ocramius here, DevOps role is different from the Devs.. so not sure if still bad
on a 16' tall ceiling
and some double sided tape
and a coat hanger
1:15 AM
without a ladder
are you trying to rewrite the joke "how many developers does it take to change a lightbulb?"?
Oh, and my DSLR, to take a picture, so I could zoom in and see what the correct battery orientation was supposed to be :-D
1:28 AM
It's called intelligence :D
Got the new twitter, yay.
2 hours later…
3:25 AM
@JoeWatkins I haven't forgotten about you ... I had some server bugs to fix that took me all day to iron out. I just need a little more time to integrate synchronous pthreads serving so you don't have to know anything about non-blocking IO to use the server (slower, but easier).
I've also changed 10,000+ lines of code in the last couple of weeks which has resulted in a perf drop from 50k responses/second to ~32k r/s (in addition to a great deal of added functionality). I won't make you wait until I restore max performance to use it, but it's something to be aware of. It just takes time to go through and optimize new code when a major overhaul happens.
@LeviMorrison I would elaborate on this statement in the Return Type RFC:
> The Nullable Type-Hints RFC addresses this shortcoming and more.
I would add to that to stress that the other RFC is dependent upon the first one and entirely separate.
It's not clear if you aren't already familiar with the full breadth of the Return Type RFC.
function foo(): array {
    yield [];
Fatal error: Generators may only yield objects, array is not a valid type in %s on line %d
@LeviMorrison ^ This does not make sense to me. I need clarification on why an array can't be yielded in this case.
3:54 AM
(I assume it's because @NikiC has advised against getting too specific with Generator yield typing because this could be built into generators themselves in the future?)
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
@rdlowrey it's actually not dependent at all. As if the first is not rejected, the second still applies to parameter hints
@ircmaxell Oh, well I would know that if I had read the second one yet :)
Granted, it's mostly useless, but still :-D
<-- tries to be helpful and offer comments; fails because lazy.
5:44 AM
Could someone with some MySQL-fu shine a light on this question? I've tried to somewhat explain it, but I can't really back my theories up.
6:15 AM
@rdlowrey rgr tht
@tereško I wonder how this got so widespread .. did multiple developers get the same idea at around the same time or what :)
reddit, it is the top link in /r/PHP
I meant, the use of base64_encode(serialize([]));
I don't see any reason to close/delete it
it is a terrible question but there's no longer a close reason for that
downvoting is suitable
6:27 AM
of topic, no use to future visitor, higly localized
Not sure if localized with >500k google results as OP indicates
> This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
Oh okay, that second statement makes some sense in this case
but I don't know if it is that unlikely for someone else to google that weird sequence of characters
It should be closed (but not deleted)
Good morning.
6:32 AM
Though yeah, base64_encode(serialize([])) is too localized
I miss the old close reasons
Your username would suggest you could have figured this out by yourself. — Jack 14 secs ago
@Jack rofl
> This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
yeah that's a good enough close reason
I guess Moriarty wins this time, mwahaha
Still 1 CV to go
6:41 AM
php.ac <- ooooh fancy ...
@JoeWatkins Not enough space between CONSULTING and the paragraph
it's @TOOTSKI doing it ...
Has someone a minut to have a peek into my code structure?
6:52 AM
@Duikboot Yes
yh post it, someone will look ;)
>> I have that setup now and I understand what it is doing but I would like now to display a .html page
Is the right way to do that creating a views folder in the app/ directory? creating there the view?
@TOOTSKI Good job.
6:54 AM
Can I post an sql question in here? Its linked to php
@Duikboot Yeah, it's right way to deny access. :P
I have this sql query:
SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PAGES." AS p LEFT OUTER JOIN ".TABLE_LANGUAGES_DEFINED." AS l ON l.type='page' AND (l.key = p.id OR l.key = p.ref) AND l.abv = :lang WHERE p.type='1' ORDER BY :order_by LIMIT :start , :end
Basically inside the table languages_defined
What is the best way to 'connect the view' then?
it has double result, This query is reading the double results
I need it to show just single ones
@Duikboot src is private, I can't have a look. Make it public
6:55 AM
Oh ok
Are we blindly close voting the questions? In what way is this question being close voted as Typographical Error?
Now it's public. @Leri
@Jay You can only use placeholders to bind data.
@Duikboot I don't always write tests, but when I do they mimic app structure. Otherwise, everything looks sane.
$result = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PAGES." AS p JOIN ".TABLE_LANGUAGES_DEFINED." AS l ON l.type='page' AND (l.key = p.id OR l.key = p.ref) AND l.abv = :lang WHERE p.type='1' ORDER BY :order_by LIMIT :start , :end");
    	$result->bindValue(':order_by', pagination::order_by());
    	$result->bindValue(':start', (int) pagination::start(), PDO::PARAM_INT);
    	$result->bindValue(':end', (int) pagination::display_items(), PDO::PARAM_INT);
    	$result->bindValue(':lang', $languages->attributes('abv'));
@Leri Perhaps he has simulated prepares ...
@Mr.Alien Don't just pick on one part of the close reason.
6:59 AM
@Jack Never heard of it. Can you elaborate on that?
@Leri You were talking about the place holders for LIMIT right?
@Jack No order by
@Jack According to you, which reason suits..
Oh :)
you could reproduce the error if you installed the software
7:01 AM
33 mins ago, by tereško
> This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
A: How to add/override method without extending class in php?

Joe WatkinsRunkit is horrible Because, look at it ... The non-horrible answer to the question is uopz http://php.net/uopz The non-horrible code is: <?php uopz_function(DateTime::class, "aMethod", function($arg){ return $arg; }); uopz_function(DateTime::class, "aStaticMethod", function($arg){ ...

@Jack I don't see any valid reason ... none of the reason fits for a close vote
also I didn't knew that the question was shared here to be cv'ed, just pathetic.. we are going like sheeps without any decision
@Leri how would you impelement a view? ( in the app folder I would create a views folder with in there a hello.htm file? ) But what is the best practice to load it (this is all new to me :) )
@Mr.Alien So you think this will be useful to future readers?
obviously, why not? People browse, why we have equal to at the ends of base64, the answers are useful than why not this one?
7:04 AM
This stuff has been around for years and now someone notices it in a field, asks a question and all of a sudden it becomes important? I beg to differ.
@Jack and and if we are going to post only useful questions, stackoverflow will drop down from 7,151,181 to 151,181 <--- even this is a huge number I guess...
But whatever, everyone's entitled to their opinion but don't cry sheep.
@Mr.Alien I also thought this might be useful, however a simple look at the source code would have revealed the reason (as per close reason). Even if closed, the question will still be available.
nah, infact I commented first and than I realized that the question was shared here, and I was right, people do close questions blindly, one posts the cv here, and we go running to the question...
@FabrícioMatté am aware, but it shouldn't be closed, what if other users want to share their insights? or a canonical explanation?
who does anything blindly ?
7:07 AM
@Mr.Alien That's somewhat insulting, actually.
if question is posted in here with cv tag then we read it before we decide to vote or not ...
> This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
This is my CV's reason, lack of effort on OP's part
@JoeWatkins most of the time... I've flagged so many questions to be reopened, recently, this question was closed as typographical error - stackoverflow.com/questions/22898559/why-is-h2-larger-than-h1 and I flagged to reopen, in what way is this a typographical error?
IMO typo error and the rest of that explanation shouldn't be in the same close reason to begin with
@Jack I didn't pinpointed anyone, I don't even know who close voted, I am just saying that the votes are not correct, and most of the times they are not, we close the questions of mysqli_ boolean true, or headers not sent, fine, they should be closed
7:09 AM
@Duikboot Nowadays, when I do web I only provide WS (mostly returning json) and front-end developer binds it to its view. I could give you advise but I am not sure how competent it will be, so I'll keep my mouth shut up.
WS Stands for?
@JoeWatkins I appreciate the work and effort behind uopz and runkit but I don't see their usage in sane way. You're the author of the first one, so I think you are the one to ask this. How can I benefit from your extension?
@Duikboot Web Services.
Ok :)
7:11 AM
@Mr.Alien You don't have to single anyone out in particular for a generalized remark to be insulting; but whatever the case, surely there will be close votes that are cast wrongly ... we're human after all.
Human error is the reason why it takes 5 CVs to close a question.
In this case, however, there was a critical response to the cv request.
@Jack again, am not singling out anyone, you guys are my friend, but the peer vote goes bad sometimes, I do peer vote as well, but I still read whats the question and than I decide to close vote or not, you can read my chat history here, many times I deny to close vote...
In the sense that it was being questioned. @FabrícioMatté
7:13 AM
p.s only happens in PHP
@Jack yes, I was the first one to question.
@Mr.Alien And that's what we all should do, read the question and make up your own mind .. it's a suggestion (request), after all.
@Leri well uopz primary function is to aid in unit testing, stubbing functions, overriding internals ...it's secondary function which if you ask me is much cooler would be composition ... uopz_compose, uopz_implement, and uopz_extend allow the runtime compisition of class entries ... haven't had time to build on top of it yet, but there are patterns like Facade that could be implemented (properly, not as service location) ...
good mornings
7:16 AM
Good morning.
Good morning tooo @iroegbu
@Jack yea, but I don't see any valid reason on this one, anyways, that's my view, teresko should've answered that if he thinks that was so easy.... and it's not useful, cuz I see nothing on the internet about this digiit... but I do see many results for the same, people do search like these terms
How do you know what people search for? I know that people waste time on reddit and through that find this particular question, though.
@Jack I lost the little respected I had for r/php when I got to know that @ircmaxell was banned from there
For real?
7:19 AM
@JoeWatkins How sane will it be to implement DI using uopz (including performance-wise)?
@Jack some autoban thing for posting a high ratio of links to own blog or something, not very well explained.
@JoeWatkins That's pretty nifty stuff :) I have something similar in userland but I can't extend internal classes with it ;-)
Because that is the usage I might be interested in. ^
You want performance during testing? ;-) @Leri
@Jack Question views speaks so
7:21 AM
@Jack Do you use DI just for testing? :)
@Mr.Alien Bah, to me reddit == /b/
@Jack not always
@Leri if you see a way, it's sane ... it's not magic, it's executing zend just like the compiler does, structures and so their performance are indistinguishable from code created or cached by zend/opcache ... (it'll actually use cached code if opcache is loaded because the functions are compiled with the script as normal)
@Mr.Alien That's true, /b/ might actually be more entertaining ... as is reading YT comments :)
Is it possible GIT ignores my created directories?
7:25 AM
Sure, possible.
@Jack haha yea, though I prefer reading Yahoo Answers..
@JoeWatkins Thanks for insight. I am just prototyping idea. Not sure, how doable it is, atm.
I've always been mildly fascinated by the Facebook comments underneath notices on the site.
@Duikboot if the directory is empty, it will be ignored by default. You can create a .gitkeep file in there.
ooh ok
7:28 AM
Oh, TIL .gitkeep is not standard but a convention stackoverflow.com/a/7229996/1331430
It somehow makes more sense indeed
I usually just put a README inside.
Oh ok.
It was automatically there.
You added the .idea directory? o.0
I should ignore it?
7:32 AM
some people do add it
it could make sense ... especially if it's just you.
I ignore .idea, but would share an export of the syntax preferences
so, someone importing your project can get your IDE config as well
thinking again, could be easier to just keep the .idea dir
I still use ST3 over 90% of the time anyway
So I made in the global dir a .gitignore file and added: .idea
7:35 AM
Seems legit.
@Duikboot You have to git rm --cached .idea
To remove it from the index.
7:41 AM
@HamZa Why not Bitbucket?
@Jack Thanks ! That made it work.
Do you know all the git commands automatically or do you look them up? I know just a few them.
@Duikboot I was more expecting an answer in the form of "because bitbucket is better in X and Y"
Q: Comparing the pros and cons of Bitbucket to Github

SaulDisclaimer: This is a subjective question. Please follow relevant guidelines. I am considering the migration of source code from a traditional VCS to a DVCS. Since having a decent GUI web-based frontend and workflow tools are a must, the two obvious candidates are Bitbucket and Github. Unfortun...

git add HamZa
git commit -m "didn't take the effort to search at all"
git push origin wall-of-shame
@Duikboot you don't really need to look up. git help to list commands, git <command> --help for manpage.
True :-) thanks for the help.
Do you guys use a GUI for GIT?
7:46 AM
meh CLI!
For Windows I use Git Extensions with KDiff3
@Duikboot Does it have one?
@Duikboot The most used commands are memorised :)
I am currently using the CLI .
Q: Throttling trusted users

Sayed Ibrahim HashimiI have >20k rep on stackoverflow.com. I was answering some questions today and evidently I was doing so too quickly. When I attempted to post an answer I got the message below. Considering the fact that I'm a trusted user this seems un-necessary. It's not a big deal, but I thought I'd bring it...

7:47 AM
I use GUI mostly just to view diffs and stage/commit/push files
Whenever something other than commit and push needs to happen I'll be on cli.
@Leri there are several GUI tools for git
@Jack same here
Though, I prefer to view diff in GUI as well
I guess you've implicitly included it in the commit process
@HamZa Never heard of them. I doubt I'll have a look at them anyways.
When looking into this index.php https://bitbucket.org/duikb00t/learning-autoloading/src/7362174dcf7a246133f161638702feaf236a1925/www/index.php?at=master file, what is the best practice to start loading a view?

Im looking already so long for a way to do this.
7:49 AM
@Leri Might be handy but I think that GUI might make you dumber
@HamZa It is far easier to browse history and view diffs without having to type commands IMO.
not sure if not typing a couple commands makes you dumber :P
@HamZa For diff stuff web-page is more than enough, I don't see any other advantage of gui over cli
I use PHPStorm to do my giting
@Leri web-page? Do you mean github/bitbucket/etc?
@FabrícioMatté note the "might" part. I've seen people go for GUI even for simple push commands. Well those people are my co-students. They hate CLI. But guess what? I don't use diff at all at the moment :P
7:52 AM
@FabrícioMatté Yeah, mostly github.
@HamZa you're a lucky man lol
@HamZa I spend 90% of my time looking at diffs, shiny shiny colored shiny diffs
Well, I'm a student and our codebase isn't that big and if it is, there's a great chance that I wrote most of it :D
7:54 AM
What are you studying?
@Leri yeah those are usually nicer than most clients, though I've set up some private git servers and am too lazy to install a web interface for them
@Duikboot Technical computing (technisch informatica)
@HamZa then it's probably unreadable by most of your classmates cuz it's regex :P
Nice :)
Hello from my brand new job which I started today! :D
7:55 AM
Congratz! @SecondRikudo Where are you and what are you doing? :D
@SecondRikudo Yay
@Duikboot Taboola, front end developer
@reikyoushin ahahaha, last time we needed to scrap a website. Did some regex-fu, it was unreadable so I ended up using a parser. I must admit it was a lot easier and maintainable
@SecondRikudo oh gratz
@SecondRikudo Congratulations :)
@SecondRikudo Front end?
7:56 AM
@SecondRikudo That deserved a star, congratz!
@Duikboot did you follow a study (HBO/UNI)?
I am a front-ender :) That's why I am here I really want to learn PHP back-end programming.
@SecondRikudo Do they realise your back-end skills? -_-
@Duikboot I see you answer mostly in PHP, so that's a good start

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