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1:00 PM
One hopes so! : )
Check with Al Gore, as he invented the internet. — Bogatyr 15 mins ago
I've worked within a parser for an expanded query language and that was mind melting. I assume a compiler must be more so. Are compiler developers weird?
(...er than the rest of us?)
Sending raw printer commands is so much fun!
@BartekBanachewicz I bet you more than 5% of the regulars here have built a compiler from sources, though.
I wonder if I could ask that on SO
1:02 PM
@rightfold Dot matrix printer + terminal program = typewriter but more awesome.
Anyone here written a compiler?
@user1158692 I tried once.
@user1158692 Yes, in uni.
Are you weirder than the rest of us?
1:04 PM
@user1158692 Depends… do people exist outside this room?
@user1158692 I only wrote interpreters
@rightfold Sending OpenGL directly to a CNC is even funnier
(And if so, how many?)
Easily more than 8.
@user1158692 It can't be easy to be so many people at once…
Including the code generators?
1:06 PM
@user1158692 Why ?
> Valid ZPL II format requires that label formats should start with the ^XA command and end with the ^XZ command.
Actually I didn't write an entire compiler. But I did write one frontend using the LLVM x86 backend (for the languages course), and I wrote an LLVM backend for a cross-compiler (for computer architecture course), and a set of basic optimization classes (for the compiler architecture course). Between those three I guess you get a whole compiler :P .
That “should” is funny.
@rightfold Meaning if that Z is misplaced the printer is going to be using a lot of paper.
well hellooo friends
1:16 PM
I wrote several compilers for toy languages. Does that count?
Lego compiler
@Potatoswatter It will probably not print anything.
also FFS
I need help
because apparently fuckshit happens
I wrote dead simple smart ogl handles in my test
and now, there's a possibility that I can't really call glDelete in my testcase destructor
how fucked in the head that is I don't even
so I need a way to wrap each testcase in a wrapper that will instantiate the proper testcase and then close it inside the wrapper's run method.
God dammit.
That sounds sooooooooooooooo wrong.
1:21 PM
Are you testing with real OpenGL behind?
what's "real OpenGL"?
I'd write mocks and link to that instead of gl.
can't do that
it's a part of a hugeass suite
and this "real opengl" is our driver, y'know
Oh, it's part of work?
1:22 PM
I thought it was for that wrapper you started sometime ago.
@R.MartinhoFernandes seriously I wouldn't let that happen in my code
@R.MartinhoFernandes I guess Nicol hit me where it mattered WRT wrappers :/
1:32 PM
His bol'ass hit you
lol fail
1:33 PM
I carnt count
I am having a bit of trouble understanding a bit of code. Could someone see if they get what this is saying? gist.github.com/DarkCrowz/4cad0f5e5873fabf0569
Who thought it was a good idea to make these values be in tenths of inches. :|
StackOverflow is a very efficient Code Formatting service.
Also. I'm having troubles with ranges that "failed the reachability requirements" despite me asserting the hell of them before and after. I think I'm wrongly assuming that Boost Range does treats std::pair<iterator, iterator> as a range successfully.
@Crowz Looks like the good ole Newtonian model of motion.
1:35 PM
@MohammadAliBaydoun you can download astyle or bcpp yourself
@sehe Even if it did, I think it's a bad idea. Use iterator_range.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah. I would if I could. Instead, I need to be able to update those ranges. However, m_Begin and m_End are private and (rightfully) never exposes by reference. So, I'd need to completely reassign the range every time. That sucks for the code I'm writing.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Verlet integration, just not quite getting what the bitwise operator is doing and what the hell is a Vector3? Could I use a float array or something?
Bitwise operator?
So, I'll just stick with iterator-pairs but not get Boost Range to do my checks (boost::size, boost::begin etc.). Bye bye abstraction. This is only a research tool.
1:37 PM
WTF. Dude, those are references.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ? I've looked at the actual header today. Might have been in quickdoc. Lemme verify again
@sehe Plonk list?
@R.MartinhoFernandes the & sign. Maybe it's a pointer thing, I dunno, I'm bad at C++
@Crowz don't use float arrays to represent vectors TIA
1:39 PM
1 min ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
WTF. Dude, those are references.
oh, that's really annoying. I should just stick with python and js
I won't explain any more. This is such basic thing that you should research it yourself.
@Crowz if I were cat I'd say you should stop programming altogehter
gotto go. have a nice day
1:40 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh lol. I had shown the posts. Still didn't click
@BartekBanachewicz If you were Bartek you wouldn't actually need to invoke Cat-persona to say the same or worse :/
oh gawd
I can use boost::shared_ptr<void> x = new char[n]; right?
1:41 PM
What are you even.
1. explicit ctor, 2. wrong delete.
Ho ho ho
oh god
yeah why should we move to C++11
it's harder
@BartekBanachewicz std::string or std::vector<char> is too mainstream?
1:43 PM
vector::assign does not realloc if current capacity suffices, right?
@BartekBanachewicz Huh? auto x = std::make_shared<char[]>(n) AFAIR
no auto
no nothing
no sanity
@sehe Wrong delete!
1:44 PM
gcc 4.2
kill me.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Or was it unique_ptr. In c++1y it will be fixed, hopefully
@BartekBanachewicz Done
Oh hey. Just noticed I can use boost::iterator_range<>::pop_front() which is implemented as m_Begin++ anyways :)
Uh guys, I'm a beginner to C++ and I have this small little conceptual doubt. Can someone help me out?
1:49 PM
an oob :)
what's an oob?
oob! oob?
oob! oob!
oob. oob?
Out Of Business
1:49 PM
Like a boob, but shorter
No, similar to an ood from dr.who
> I'm an idiot in terms of anything but I'd love to learn
man boob
hairy one at that too!
eww ...
10/10 Would.
1:50 PM
XD can I ask a simple question please?
@Nick I don't know what that is, but sounds like a good way to self-redeem
@Nick Depends. It's best not to try unless you don't care about the response :/
thhen point me in a general directtion
1:51 PM
Or if you are confident you can adjust to lounging culture
oh just ask already
Spam is spam
Ask away.
worst case scenario we all die
Is cout<<i++ the same as cout<<++i ?
1:52 PM
@TonyTheLion lol
@Nick nope
@Nick of course not
@Nick if you have to ask it means you shouldn't use either.
@MohammadAliBaydoun Depending on the question it will be s/Ask/Go/ or even s/away/The Fuck Out/ :)
1:52 PM
i++ will return i and then increment it.
++i will increment i and then return it.
ok increment and post decrement.
cout << i;
i += 1;
//no ambiguity
@Mohammad: But I thought that was only for expressions?
@Nick No. The ++ is in a different place. Also, that is not conceptual. It's tactical. Rewrites available ^
Or: i++; std::cout << i;
1:53 PM
i++ // you with crosses flying towards you from the right hand direction
@Nick cout << stuff is an expression
++i // you with crosses flying towards you from the left hand direction
@sehe I'm in a good mood today fortunately ;-;
Why do new people get so confused with post and pre increment/decrement?
those should be banned
1:54 PM
@tony: do you really wanna know?
Someone should write a long article on why its NOT THAT HARD
I mean, I know my brother hasn't answered my calls while he was at school, forcing me to go shower, get out of the house, take a taxi to school only so I can grab one book from my class and go back home,
just GTFO with ++ and -- totally
@Nick I do actually
Please someone!
1:54 PM
but hey, at least I'm chilling now~
@Nick 4 people already answered you
@Bartek: No, I mean about the long article
le wat
eh fuck the article
don't use ++ except in loops maybe
@tony: It's because highschoolers have CS tests with for loops
1:55 PM
Say what.
@Nick tests are terrible
@Bartek: Agreed
if only because of dumb trick questions like this
API y u no meters.
Silly hundredths of inches.
Oo ... modifying my website ... I actually have ... php questions :'(
1:56 PM
@Telkitty: Those are the best ones.
@MohammadAliBaydoun There's no ordering in it. "then" is misleading :S
@Telkitty here I am
I am still puzzled why I got a PC with an i5 as my main PC
"Why aren't my two identical variables not comparing equal ?"
1:57 PM
why are variable names in C++ always so unclear?
@ereOn l===l
php is actually different from html, wtf? :p
@BartekBanachewicz What's wrong with it?
Well guys, I was under the impression that only when you assign the increments to a variable do they show a difference in the way they act. I never knew it wasn the same for couting as well. Thanks!
@Crowz how is naming related to a language again? :|
@R.MartinhoFernandes it's sloooooooooooow
@Nick uh there's no such thing as "couting". you can rewrite it as operator<<(cout, stuff). Now operator<<(cout, stuff++) looks clearer, no?
1:58 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Wow, what are you doing?
@BartekBanachewicz just whenever I read professional C++ code the variables are like m_frc_vt or something, then when I read other languages it's like forceVector
@R.MartinhoFernandes compiling the code with my fix
@Crowz wtf is "proffessional C++ code"
terrible code is terrible code
simple as that
code from people who know how to C++
@Crowz Our professional C++ code has variables named butter2 and butter4. Your argument is invalid.
@Crowz people writing terrible code apparently don't know how to C++
1:59 PM
@bartek: I have never seen code like that. Ever in my life. Thank you for showing me that. You've expanded my mind.
@Crowz Why would poor naming conventions be "professional" ?
I dunno, I always make my variable names ridiculously verbose, like current_position_of_x, it's not like you can't tab-complete it anyway
Sigh. Really, boost? boost::adaptor::map_keys and boost::adaptor::map_values but no select_first and select_second? Seems like it's pretty much the same thing anyway... :|
@sehe thats really long
@sehe Did we ever mention how boost.range is quite the really basic stuff?
2:01 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes You implementing cookie-based auth again?
@R.MartinhoFernandes I mean it's a mobile 2-core little thing capping at 2.8Ghz or something. That's not fast.
So, all you guys are like C++ pros, huh
@GamesBrainiac namespace aliases and using. Meh
@Nick Is there any other explanation why we're acting so weird?
posted on December 12, 2013

The standard-library sort function. This function typically implements the Quicksort algorithm, which sorts an n-element sequence in O(n log n) time — on average.

That sentence is wrong.
2:02 PM
@sehe: Umm, Javascript pros are exactly like you in certain ways.
std::sort is O(n log n).
No averages.
@Nick and unfortunately they are also different in certain ways.
> How you test Quicksort in a way that gives you any confidence in the results?
No standard library written this millennium uses straight up quicksort for std::sort.
@BartekBanachewicz Not sure how to interpret that as a reply to my assertion.
std::sort cannot be quicksort because quicksort is not O(n log n).
@Bartek: Well, you guys have similar syntax but those guys have better style thanks to flexible code.
I love not having to declare the datatype!
@Crowz when writing mathematical expressions, it's usually not about typing things, it's about reading things. And then you are supposed to know what the variables mean beforehand, e.g. explained in a comment above
2:05 PM
It uses Introsort in a typical implementation.
@Nick see, that's the problem
That's a first. But I get what you mean. "It's all about being above the tools".
Which - ---sadly--- - is true so much of the time
@BartekBanachewicz Woah, if you need comments to explain your variables you're doing it wrong.
@Nick I don't consider JS "style" "better" just because it's "flexible"
In unrelated news.
I made it hibernate, and apparently it decided to do a windows update :\
2:06 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well don't go overboard here. People use comments to explain variables in regular mathematical expressions
@Pawnguy7, you are back :D
I missed you
@BartekBanachewicz yeah but mathematical expressions are way easier to read when they come off as reading an english sentence instead of constantly referring back to the variable comments
I was gone?
@Pawnguy7 it's like a week since I last saw you :/
@Crowz do tell how that is way easier to read ^
2:08 PM
For once I agree with Bartek
man I'm not doing anything that fancy I'm dumb
@BartekBanachewicz Anyway, stats.
@R.MartinhoFernandes as a one-word summary, yes.
2:09 PM
I haven't done anything worthy of note, I suppose.
But still, Windows was mean to me.
Hibernate should mean I can leave it exactly like it was.
Instead, it restarts, and I lost what I had.
@Crowz simple things rarely need any explanation at all. That's why simple programs aren't a good example of how a programming technique or convention helps.
this stuff is simple? I must be really really stupid then
well that's a nontrivial integral. that's why you have it broken in parts.
I wanted something like that because of those annotations Wolfram makes.
if you did a substitution on E and F, the expression would become even more obfuscated
Mandela lies in state. Interpreter lies in a state.
Alright Bartek, here's a question then, is the Euler equivilent of a Verlet integration easier to implement?
2:18 PM
@Pawnguy7 Bad poetry. Needs work before publication.
@MartinJames I don't understand.
We could almost say that he is confused.
@Pawnguy7 Heh - your moaning about Windows Hiberbate reads like a bad poem:)
Hmm, seems to be working.
@Crowz TBH the original formulae's look easy enough
very interesting topic, anyway
2:21 PM
Reads like I wrote it, I suppose (not a poem). I cannot get rid of that inherent bias.
It looks like "blur" in my mind, too. What are you trying to achieve, and what concrete problems do you face with it? Don't worry about ticking items off a list of design buzzwords. — Lightness Races in Orbit Dec 5 '12 at 20:32
@LightnessRacesinOrbit, can I make love to you?
@Crowz I think the main difference between those methods is the numerical stability and precision, and the implementation isn't that relevant.
To be fair, it was quite simple. It took me a few months because I did nothing about it for a few months.
> Where Euler's method uses the forward difference approximation to the first derivative in differential equations of order one, Verlet Integration can be seen as using the central difference approximation to the second derivative:
2:21 PM
@Jefffrey ;p
@BartekBanachewicz now you see the problem here is I am terrible at math. what would I need to know to proceed and actually... know what the hell I'm doing?
@Crowz Do you know basic vector math?
> The Verlet integrator offers greater stability, as well as other properties that are important in physical systems such as time-reversibility and preservation of the symplectic form on phase space, at no significant additional cost over the simple Euler method.
that's important for you too, I guess ^
Windows hibernate; Ask not what it can do for you; ask what it can do to you?
@BartekBanachewicz I haven't taken math since 8th grade, I just kind of randomly pick math up here and there. I think I somehow tested in school that I was at calc level (no clue how)
@Crowz well to understand those methods you need a rather solid understanding of vector math, and an understanding of derivatives would help too, I guess.
2:26 PM
vectors being like, a thing with magnitude and direction?
like a numerical expansion of scalars to more dimensions, yes.
To Khan Academy!
what the hell is that
I haven't done anything worthy of note, I suppose.
But still, Windows, while it can be left to doze,
wakes up and should show, my draft in Wordpad,
Instead, it restarts, and I lost what I had.
@BartekBanachewicz has math tutorials among a few others, I believe.
2:27 PM
@MartinJames I wonder if I should read that as a poem or as a rap song.
@Pawnguy7 eh tutorials
@Crowz Cornell and MIT have free lectures IIRC
@JBL Yay - The Hibernate rap :)
@BartekBanachewicz what have you against them?
I'm taking a class at MIT next semester. It's going to be dreadful
@Pawnguy7 very often full of errors or oversimplifications
@Crowz wow that's cool
2:29 PM
> class ResourceManager -- A singleton that is initialized by the Game class that loads all the needed resources and allows access to them.
lol I had that in my code
years ago
still feel the shame
@BartekBanachewicz Here, I don't have a lighter :(
@BartekBanachewicz How do you learn things? From the spec?
@Pawnguy7 mostly.
and well-known sources and books
Primer C++, Nvidia GPU Gems, stuff like that
also reading GL spec isn't that hard :)
2:37 PM
the quality of Qs on GD.SE is terrible
Q: is instanced rendering faster?

2amIs instanced rendering used in GLSL faster than doing something like this.. for(int i=0; i<10; i++) { glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, 0, 3000); } What is the best way when it comes to render one geometry multiple times.

I have a singleton resource_cache in here. ~No shame~
Gentle wind from fans,
signals the return of life,
where's my fucking text?
@MohammadAliBaydoun you should be ashamed
@BartekBanachewicz I don't want multiple instances of it because that would kill the benefit of a resource_cache
@MohammadAliBaydoun what about sharding?
2:43 PM
Molly, this shit got slow.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh ye, I did mean a photo, I am just insane.
@ScarletAmaranth I'll take a screenshot when I get the box to plug them in.
> MyMutex* pGate = reinterpret_cast<MyMutex*>(new MyMutex(boost::interprocess::open_or_create, "MutexName"); WTF?!
@R.MartinhoFernandes photo of 6 monitors stacked up on each other is ready yet :)?
I have two heavyweight builds + one heavyweight test suite running. All CPU-bound. Might not be the best of ideas.
@ScarletAmaranth I got the package before I left to work. Will assemble when I get home.
2:47 PM
> When a programming language claims to be more type safe than haskell what does that even mean?
It's a funny title for some reason
@Jefffrey link
Q: When a programming language claims to be more type safe than haskell what does that even mean?

BreezyChick89I've heard people complaining about haskell's type system having holes and that agda and ocaml/coq are better. What are the limitations of Haskell's type system? Are there differences between the scope of strongly typed functional languages?

Cue Haskell without unsafeCoerce.
@ScarletAmaranth See the Marvellous, Mountainous Monitinho!
without undefined?
2:49 PM
In Haskell, unlike Agda and Coq, a list of 3 elements has the same type as a list of 333 elements. — SK-logic 19 mins ago
I guess that's called a fixed-sized list or something.
lol OCaml/Coq.
Haskell needs integral values as types for easier meta-ing.
Then robot wouldn't have needed to reinvent them :P
Last week a laywoman told me she heard of Coq.
there's Template Haskell, no?
@BartekBanachewicz these are called dependent types IIRC
2:51 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Oh gosh, don't do this.
He knows a lot more about the subject than you do.
(Have you even heard of Agda or Coq before?)
and apparently you know a lot more of both
Coq nearly killed my second masters semester
@R.MartinhoFernandes then it's an amazing opportunity to broaden my knowledge
I enjoy rigour but that was beyond me
SK-logic? I remember that name
2:54 PM
I love Coq
I choose to spell it the way I like ;-;
CompCert is a formally verified optimizing compiler for a subset of the C programming language which currently targets PowerPC, ARM and 32-bit x86 architectures. This project, led by Xavier Leroy, started officially in 2005, funded by the French institutes ANR and INRIA. The compiler is specified, programmed and proved in Coq. It aims to be used for programming embedded systems requiring reliability. The performance of its generated code is often close to that of GCC (version 3) at optimization level -O1, and always better than that of GCC without optimizations. According to Andrew...
that looks nice
hm.... dependent typing sounds like it implies dynamic typing
@BartekBanachewicz You don't want to get into a discussion with SK-logic.

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