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7:00 PM
then pop over to Tavern on the meta and read about two pages on there
Wasn't StackOverflow built for hackers? Y'know, those who like free speech, breaking things and neat technical solutions to problems caused by a overly-bureaucratic system? Now we're stuck with a closed-source system administrated by people who just plain ignore problems and ban 'objectionable' content so the lawyers are happy. — SomeKittens 6 secs ago
if you are interested in the discussions
Yeah I'm looking now.
@rlemon where?
7:01 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum what I would REALLY like to know about this whole jesus thing is: how did they find the one white guy in the middle of Egypt ~2000 years ago?
@BenjaminGruenbaum well i was just telling him to read the Tavern chat transcript
there is also discussion in there.
not much, but some
@rlemon I didn't find anything relevant there.
@GNi33 I don't "like" it i love it :)
I don't understand the argument that the welcome message is intrusive.
Just don't fucking read it if you've seen it before?
@phenomnomnominal Not to mention it's only sent once
The stupid animation when people leave and enter is infinitely more annoying.
7:03 PM
oh shoot, is everyone on TS?
@SomeKittens no just me
like normal.
I need to install it
and then get to work on this canvas game
^ what what what?
> Meta Super User requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load.
Meh. Must be my crappy internet.
7:05 PM
oh wait, that's an old version
I'm fairly certain my internet is too horrible today to load that.
@SomeKittens I just love the moonwalk
the moonwalk is awesome
Hoping to have level 1 done Friday
Well played Google :P
7:08 PM
ugh, is "dear friend" actually a common way to begin an email in india?!
@ThiefMaster sadly
@ThiefMaster seems to be how they join the chat as well
and ask main site questions
This person has spammed me so much that i am considering a law suit on him :-(
good luck finding him
I saw this.
Just... How?
7:11 PM
one time I got about 3000 registration confirmation emails to random russian forums in my inbox in the span of about 2 hours. that was fun.
I set up a filter that catches most of them, but I still get a random birthday email from them from time to time
@nderscore i have one decent contact in russia :P
@nderscore This one time, I had the opposite problem... I send 30 notification texts to each of 50 of my customers.
3 hours ago, by Tim Post
If you don't mind, just make sure it doesn't automatically greet new users, it's something that we just realized that bot did and we'd rather not have chat auto greeting folks (and if we did, it'd be something we officially implemented) - but triggering the greeting is fine, no worries there
@AbhishekHingnikar It's Chris Hansen.
7:15 PM
But we do mind, so no?
I just flagged the post on super user meta:
> Some issues with a recent action that was taken regarding the Root Access chat bot 1
asked 4 hours ago by allquixotic
Shouldn't this be moved to the main meta site? This affects all chat bots that may exist throughout the SE. – Neal 34 mins ago declined - it's fine to ask questions on per-site metas, especially in that case, as the action happened here, on Super User. if the OP wants they can ask a separate question / start a discussion though
So does someone with clout on the bot want to "reask" on meta?
No, they're discussing it now.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yes. The "masters" are discussing, but shouldn't it go to the general community as well?
@Neal I don't think @TimPost and @balpha would appreciate more fuss than they already have dealing with this. Like they said, they'll have internal discussion and talk to the community about this soon.
7:17 PM
@Neal No, this is a 'community driven' site, which means they drive the community out by claiming to be something they're not.
@SomeKittens -_-
@SomeKittens lol
@AbhishekHingnikar Little Girlie, the spam source from your screen shot here
@BenjaminGruenbaum Fuss? They brought up the fuss... There was no fuss beforehand...
@SomeKittens When did lawyers come into this? That kind of attitude is really what made it so hard to discuss things earlier in the JavaScript room: Lots (not all!) of people making up things that we supposedly said/claimed/demanded, and making that strawman the basis of all outrage. I have no interest in having a discussion on that grounds. — balpha 2 mins ago
I think the bot should greet everyone with

Hi @User!

or alternatively:

Hi @User! How has your Day been?


Just my opinion, but yaknow
7:19 PM
@canon hmm
@AbhishekHingnikar Also, for reference...
@deep How is that different?
@canon lolWAT
every day/session
@deep worse
@deep there's no logic to that -- it holds no purpose other than a computer greeting.
7:20 PM
Hi @user, a/s/l?
AbhishekHingnikar apparently received a spam mail from a little girl offering private pics. I said it was actually Chris Hansen... that dateline nbc "to catch a predator" guy.
@canon Is Chris?
1) WTH IS a/s/l

2)It seems more welcoming and friendly to newbies
@deep age/sex/location
7:21 PM
@canon oh
@deep Shut up!
How was that greet?
It's really inappropriate imo btw for a welcome message.
Yes, I'm very familiar with who Chris Hansen is.
@Shea why?
@deep the community managers don't want an autogreeting at all. Why would a non-purposeful greeting be better than the current message?
@deep I was jk, you know ily
@Shea ly2 :P
@RUJordan Why don't they? Will capricaSix magivally evovle into a mega whore and prey on teenagers and rape them?
@Shea I'd like to see a greeting that says "@deep Shut up!" whenever anyone joins.
@deep why don't they what?
7:24 PM
@nderscore -_-
the community managers don't want an autogreeting at all. why not
) I whole-heartedly agree here. (and I like closing braces). The discussion in the JS chat room was a little hard to follow with all of the flying inputs. However we are very interested in being part of this discussion as most of the room owners in Javascript use the chat frequently ( I will point to my own usage logs for this ). — rlemon 8 secs ago
@BenjaminGruenbaum next time close your braces please :P
(if you do it now my post looks stupid. but next time)
Fuck if I know. Before I left those guys were very keen not to give us an answer at all.
@deep this is the type of comment that drove the mods away from constructive discussion in this room
@rlemon () are not braces! (fuck you, too
7:25 PM
took over an hour to get an answer out of them as to why they wanted to get rid of the autogreet
@rlemon fixed.
@nderscore oh they finally gave a reason? I'd love to hear it.
@nderscore Unless I missed something, wasn't that answer (paraphrasing) "we are currently having an internal, soon to be external, discussion and want it gone in the meantime"?
gtg guys. Thanks for unbanning me
7:26 PM
because they don't want the bot's autogreet misinterpreted as an official SO-condoned message
@deep you're welcome here if you don't vamp :)
@Loktar @rlemon You guys might like that ^
@nderscore In the approximately four bazillon times that message has been sent, do we have any examples of that being mistaken?
7:27 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum vamp?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I'll try ;)
@SomeKittens that was just their worry, from what I gathered
!!/afk Leaving
@SomeKittens (I love it when people do this :)
7:27 PM
!!xkcd parens
@SomeGuy being honest about peoples code (and if I think it is bad) is not a problem I face :)
@deep bot is dead... Long live THE BOT
@rlemon It's not about giving honest feedback, it's about getting it!
Thanks to @balpha, we miss a witty XKCD!
7:28 PM
jesus guys I'll put the bot back up
Thanks to Zirak, nobody in this room can google anymore
I am just lazy and don't want to rebuild her if it will change come tomorrow again
@rlemon No, it's like it's on strike
in C#, 23 mins ago, by rlemon
because after all, the bot does nothing a regular user cannot do (aside from maybe using Google)
7:29 PM
Sorry for interrupting but I have question about ECMAScript6 classes. I've read a lot of blog posts but I can't find official statement about this. Will we have class syntax in new version of JavaScript?
@rlemon Hahaha
All you need to know should be there
@SomeGuy "But Daddy! I wanna be a Real Developer!"
@Adshi Yes, we do.
sorry just finished the article.
@Adshi it's just syntactic sugar though. If you're interested you should check the specification draft :)
7:31 PM
@rlemon Hahaha
@SomeGuy thanks.
Virtually every parenting book recommends that discipline be handed down in a rational manner - Both consistent and void of scary hypothetical scenarios.
@BenjaminGruenbaum I will. Thank you :)
@SomeKittens so "if jonny jumped off a bridge would you?!" isn't good parenting?
@Adshi people.mozilla.org/~jorendorff/es6-draft.html we're at rev 21 now (this is 19) but it's still very close.
7:32 PM
@rlemon It's better to establish specific situations instead of 'you might get killed!'
@rlemon my mom smacked the shit out of me when I asked her how tall is this bridge..
@RUJordan Hahahaha
!!xkcd jump off bridge GAH CENSORSHIP
> well mom, that depends. How tall is said bridge. did jonny jump for any specific reasons? I mean, if the bridge was on fire and was of an acceptable height and there was a descent body of water below... yes, yes I would jump.
7:34 PM
Or what if it I had a parachute. What now mom?!
^ If there was a god damned ball of fire headed my way you bet your ass I would mom.
@KendallFrey no, I meant it my way
@rlemon descent is a noun
you're point?
7:35 PM
@rlemon See? Nothing from me. Nothing.
All very good statements for a mother to smack the living shit out of you
You're grammar sucks.
there, their, they're Kendall. it will be alright.
I know you want it ... kendall i know you want it :P
Q: HTML5 Game engine with multiple cameras

ZukerI need to display game world from multiple viewpoints simultaneously, found multiple camera support only in Phaser (but only in older releases), so my question is: are there some other HTML5 game engines with multiple camera support?

7:36 PM
@KendallFrey Does Metroid Prime ever take his suit off?
you guys and your drama
Isn't Metroid Prime a woman?
@rlemon My point, you say? My point is about 17 inches from my base.
Samus is a woman yea
@RUJordan No... Samus is a woman
@Neal ty
@Loktar Metroid is an alien. Samus is a woman
WHat the completely unexplanable networking term ... i have higher upload speed then dl's
heh I just typed it too fast :P
@Loktar np ^_^
7:38 PM
like asking if zelda is is the guy
Uploads a 2meg image : 1.2 seconds , Downloads : 50 seconds !
@Loktar :-P
That gif describes most of the internet!
@Loktar Zelda obviously is a grill
7:39 PM
@RUJordan loading ?
Are you looking at the same gif?
@KevinPanko the flip side of that is: The bot has no special powers that a regular user doesn't have. I often will ping new users and comment about their name, gravatar, location, etc. I also often creep profiles. If you have made this information public by being on SO, or joining the room then that is perfectly acceptable. Would you detest me greeting you in lieu of a bot? I must re-enforce, the bot is in no way special or above and beyond the system. It adheres to the exact same rules users do in the chat systems. as a side note: view the transcript if you don't want to be on the room list. — rlemon 6 secs ago
@IvoWetzel blarg nm
@rlemon But it's a bot! It can do SUPER HUMAN things and stuff :O
7:41 PM
yup! It can do maths quickly and google the shit outta things
watch out! SKYNET!
@rlemon Woaaaah google is serious dude!
I have to go fix a laptop getting a BSOD on startup. I hope it's just malware/driver issues
@Shea sounds likely
I am not troubleshooting a laptop
Run that HDD test
7:43 PM
how do I get these divs to load one after the other on page load
hide them initially?
$('#tml-container > p').hide().fadeLoop({fadeIn: 500});
@rlemon The whole bot story is bogus to me. But if your tool is a hammer...
make your SCADA system out of PHP?
yeah I didnt understand the random bot hate
really frustrating. We generally get left alone here
@RUJordan If I can't get it to boot in safe mode, I'll try to boot on a USB. Then I'll have an idea of whether or not it's software or hardware
7:46 PM
python -m SimpleHTTPServer FTW
reading AngularJS by ORiely, loving it
$('#tml-container').fadeIn(500, function() {
yay bad solution!
well, poor solution if jQuery already has a looping fadeIn function
I guess I could boot some diag tools while I'm at it
@Loktar imo we do a damn good job of self moderation
@rlemon I agree
7:48 PM
I see more flags out of PHP in a day
just sucks if we start getting told no, and get a lot of outside influence
would be beneficial in that case to move somewhere else
C# too lately (looks at @KendallFrey)
@Loktar if they cripple the bot I can't see any other alternative
the bot for the most part (if you are looking at the non-joking commands) is in place to correct annoyances we have with the chat
@rlemon what about staying?
@BenjaminGruenbaum making a new chat somewhere else.
7:50 PM
Not sure how I feel about a drastic change.
I would probably still lurk. but I can't see myself being as active if the bot is removed and the chat isn't fixed.
We're all respected members of some community or have projects to show. We can probably get way more users than an SO chat but I like it here.
@rlemon Hehe I made my own a couple years ago. I lost the code for it though....
@SomeKittens wait what?!
where did you get that
7:51 PM
@Raynos actually remade SO chat clone
@BenjaminGruenbaum same.
@rlemon Production codebase where I am starting
I was using pusher
@Neal Thanks but no thanks :P
but if the room starts to take outside moderation against our advisory then I don't know how I will feel anymore
7:51 PM
Everybody that's used node has made a chat system, right?
Reading this guy's code is like reading James Joyce. Some good, some bad, some ugly, all indecipherable.
We won't have a shortage
@KendallFrey i have made a few
@KendallFrey Right, I've also made several in PHP, in C# and in Python. It's just very easy.
never pushed anything to production but its trivial
7:52 PM
@KendallFrey yup
@KendallFrey lol I remember when the primary node tut/example was a chat
socket.io is more or less built to make CHAT ROOM
However, the login system has to be flawless. I like SO integration though.
@AbhishekHingnikar Node :P
IMO you just need to have a good working JS only chat site and do some minor promotion (HN, JSWeekly)
7:52 PM
Chat is what Node was always demo'd with in the first year or so.
@IvoWetzel I like that idea
@BenjaminGruenbaum passport.js ?
@IvoWetzel It's not even a problem. We all know enough people.
7:53 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar That's possible.
god dammit
@rlemon you can use the javascriptroom url if u want
passport.js + stackoverflow oauth
@rlemon @Neal already has JavaScriptRoom.com
7:53 PM
you problem has been solved @BenjaminGruenbaum
passport is nice and comes with a ton of oauth plugins
@BenjaminGruenbaum ^_^
@BenjaminGruenbaum that is very long to type
SO Auth + GitHub should suffice
7:53 PM
for the start
I own zombiechat.com
@IvoWetzel goog ?
best chat site around fo sho
7:54 PM
i'd use Goog more then both :P
lol another unused domain
@rlemon jsroom.io
I am buying hte domain please let me be some help atelast
@AbhishekHingnikar go for it.
7:54 PM
damn js.io is taken
Okay going to buy jsroom.io
Any way I can help?
@AbhishekHingnikar I hardly use it though, whenever I get the chance I use GitHub for auth these days for anything coding related
7:54 PM
we likely won't use it
but ok
Ill help by visiting at least a few times
and then come back to JS SO Chat
just being realistic
we've dabbled on the idea of a separate chat a number of times. it never happens.
This isn't about leaving SO chat. This is about being more independent in the future.
7:55 PM
okay aborted
I'd prefer jschat.io
well whatever domains you guys choose just ping me i am up all night
i will buy it :D
It could also be a fun project for room members, something we can all work together on.
Doesnt google have some tools for this sort of thing?
7:55 PM
hangouts or something
I mean I know theres the realtime hangouts
@Loktar fuck hangouts we are js :P
but you can also have chat groups
we will do all in js
hangouts uses ample amount of pluginware
I'm telling you guys. we just need a buttload of string and some tin cans.
7:56 PM
JSSO.com is available!
need to hire hobos to act as repeaters
We could calculate the most convenient location on Earth for us to meet, and then bring a bunch of surge protectors, plug our computers in, and sit near each other while we talk here.
@Neal nah impossible to remember
Creating a gist
It would be awkwardly team building.
7:57 PM
@rlemon How does one measure a buttload precisely?
@RUJordan why not just use `http:\\talky.io`
@AbhishekHingnikar hmmm
@Neal umm
> excuse me Jason sir. Scruffy here, you have a message from rlemon. He says "lol"
all 4 letter .com domains have been gone forever
7:57 PM
JavaScript.io ?
Isn't a buttload like.. 156 gallons?
@Loktar not that one. So should I grab it?
Its registered
@RUJordan Not mine... O.O
ecmascript.io ?
7:58 PM
you can buy it from the people who parked it
after you ask
lol i ddnt read the rest
and they tell you it is like $5000
> JSSO.com is available!
JSSO.com is a Premium Domain Name and can be purchased for $3400.00
> Domain Name: JSSO.COM
Creation Date: 05-nov-2002
Expiration Date: 05-nov-2014
7:58 PM
Silly @Neal
rlemon.com is like $1400 :(
@rlemon Are you sure it's rlemon? I don't see any expletives.
ecmascript.io is free !
i amma buy that one :D
@rlemon ah that sucks
Id pay $1400 for it though
7:59 PM
if Loktar.com wasnt mine and 1400 id be like take my money biotches
I'm waiting another few moths
@Loktar Seriously?
wait it just went -_-
hopefully it will expire or go down in price
You rich fucker!
7:59 PM
who bought it :-|
psh yeah I want my online alias as a .com
then I can claim I'm the real one
rlemon.ca was like $22
I AM RLEMON pop! pop!

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