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12:07 AM
Oh.. boost::any needs CopyConstructor/MoveConstructor too
@Borgleader lol'd
12:18 AM
@Borgleader In some peoples' cases, that should apparently be more like static const size_t num_fucks_given(0);
Who would've known an answer to a "why doesn't this work? printf(fmt, &data)" question would get 6 upvotes and counting in <1 minute?
Oh, make that 8 :|
The more stupid the question, the more votes.
There should be sex.stackexchange.com
Jerry would give the most beautiful answers ;_;
I wonder how many votes a question like 'what is the difference between (int) 22.33 and int(22.33)' could bring me. But it would be too embaressing to have it in my list of questions. :-)
It'd be closed as a dupe
12:29 AM
Not always.
If you replace int with T, it would be less embarrassing.
just a little bit
So I was supposed to write something nerdy on the back of my orientation shirt.
Many such questions slip through. And if one asks enough, it can give quite a rep gain.
I did Haskell's quicksort without any obvious names.
If I remember correctly, the difference between T(foo) and (T)foo is that the former calls a constructor, right?
12:30 AM
Anyone who mentions it and recognizes it is a worthy buddy to have. It's perfect.
I'm bored.
Todays' C laugh, 'char *** args = NULL;' etc:
I don't laugh about C... I fear it. :-P
My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
12:45 AM
@ScottW I missed you Dog ;_;
@MohammadAliBaydoun <3
@MartinJames Oh god Jerry...
@Borgleader I've given up with actually answering questions today. The only answer I gave today that thought was good got a downvote immediately with no comment:(
Which question?
I haven't answered a question in a while
12:48 AM
static_assert's string literal thing is such a cockblock
I got bored/annoyed, it's always the same =/
Interesting. All answers to this questions were downvoted.
Heh... it's not just us devs who screw up. Architect: 'we'll make a glass skyscraper in a parabolic shape - it'll look read cool!' - no...
Again? Not the first time that something like this happened
12:57 AM
@Greenflow I was going to blame the OP but I didn't see any rep loss on his profile
The OP has not enough rep to downvote
lol that too
i always forget it takes 125 rep to downvote
@Greenflow Again? Wow....
@Greenflow Heh - that makes it even worse - don't the architects read their own trade news?
I did not check, which one was first.
And of course it takes some time til the news spreads
1:02 AM
@Greenflow The Vegas 'death ray' item was dated 9/30/2010..
1:19 AM
@MartinJames Ooookay, should be enough time to read the memo.
1:31 AM
I feel so bloated.
I am sensing a pattern here...
what pattern?
or is it "Oh fuck, DeadMG is so sick" cause I already noticed that one :P
1:59 AM
Yes :D
If I get stuck on a design, is it good or bad that I move to another thing?
@Pawnguy7 About time you noticed ;)
@Pawnguy7 It's good.
That was my initial thought. But I also seem to be accumulating a bunch of broken things, and no finished things.
@Pawnguy7 Always what I did.
I was thinking, I can have the snake's input determined by... well, what controls it. So, I have a move(Direction), and a SnakeController, which could be PLAYER_1, PLAYER_2, or COMPUTER. Each snake has this property. The level would, based on the controller, provide a direction. Does this make sense?
Though perhaps that is a bit backwards, to have the snake store something, but only use it outside.
2:19 AM
Huh.. fucking clang..
@Rapptz Wassup?
My code triggers a static_assert on GCC but not on Clang (it's supposed to trigger it)
show code
Clang doesn't like template<typename T, EnableIf<Stuff<T>>...>
ah yes, I've seen it before.
2:25 AM
You know, I would have thought that would be fixed by now.
I don't recall the exact details, but Luc, Robot or Xeo likely could.
Luc explained it to me before
But I thought it would have been fixed by now.. (the issue was known at Clang 3.1 and this is Clang 3.4 apparently)
the issue gets fixed if someone cares enough to fix it
and when "caring" involves "delving into Clang's source"
Ah.. well I'll care when I actually use Clang
@Pawnguy7 New project?
2:32 AM
@Pawnguy7 No.
@DeadMG what would you propose?
The Snake class only needs a move(Direction) function.
there's no need for a SnakeController class at all.
And have the level store the controller?
fuck the controller.
that's just more "manager" bullshit.
How are you to determine what input for moving is?
2:36 AM
for a player-operated Snake, just subscribe to the UI events directly.
And how do you know it is player-operated?
so for example, Window.OnKeyDown = [&](Key k) { if (k == Key::Up) Snake->Move(Direction::Up); } ... };.
@Pawnguy7 Presumably, the player had to make a choice saying that it was player operated, as opposed to computer operated.
not that I understand why you would want the Snake to be computer operated because that doesn't really make sense.
Multiple snakes.
fair enough.
in that case, I would suggest simply creating a Computer class that takes and holds a Snake*, which has a function that runs say per tick, and then you implement whatever AI logic you've got in there.
world war z was a silly movie
2:48 AM
Heard only bad things about it. So I decided to heed its copyright.
This is what I see.
Maybe, player one is blue, and the other two are computers.
Maybe, player two is red.
Maybe they are all computers.
Oh, and there would be a food somewhere...
did you make this in GIMP?
Or, rather, edited it in gimp, and took a screenshot of the editor.
Does it make more sense now?
3:05 AM
Arghhhh!!! Mouse wheel is broken! My life is broke. :(
Interesting topics on GoingNative.
Ha, Lulu solo top.
So good.
@MarkGarcia I got used to it when my mousewheel broke.
@chris Have to use arrow keys until I bought a new one.
@MarkGarcia I dragged bars half the time.
@chris I hate doing that. :(
3:24 AM
@MarkGarcia I know, I was so glad to get a new mouse.
Is there a particular reason there are never any Ruby devs on StackOverflow chat rooms? Is there some other alternative that is much more popular?
I could make some replacement, but I honestly have no idea what to substitute for a wheel.
@Seanny123 jQuery
Oh. It's a joke.
Yeah, didn't get that at first.
There are only two people here who like Ruby.
3:26 AM
I meant alternative chat room, not alternative language... lol
Are they chatting now?
Ah. Not in my time zone then. Well, thanks for letting me know.
I noticed that some GoingNative topics are about "Don't babysit the compiler.". Nice.
@MarkGarcia I don't have school wednesday and friday. I'ma watch Going native all the friggin day
3:28 AM
This is hilarious. Even for non LoL players.
@Borgleader I'll wait for the downloadable versions. And there goes one of my weekends.
@EtiennedeMartel You're just saying that because "power of friendship" is in there.
Dude. I just went 6-1 with Lulu top.
Damn. Firefox with gazillion tabs sucks without a mousewheel.
@MarkGarcia I know!
Hmm, I just discovered something in Chrome.
Hold ctrl and click another tab.
Or shift. Never thought of that.
lol @ some of GoingNative's speakers' descriptions.
I'm looking forward to: Writing Quick Code in C++, Quickly (Andrei Alexandrescu), Don’t Help the Compiler (Stephan T. Lavavej), An Effective C++11/14 Sampler (Scott Meyers), Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Threading (But…) (Elliot H. Omiya), To Move or Not to Move: That is the Question (Michael Wong), Bringing await to C++ (Deon Brewis), My Favorite C++ 10-Liner (Herb Sutter)
I have most of Wednesday free.
Let the learning begin :3
The threading one looks very interesting. Also the ask us anything session. And I expect that to have lotsa complaints about VC++ support.
3:48 AM
@MarkGarcia complaints are not questions :P inb4 Herb Sutter: "This questions appears to be off topic because it is a rant"
Tell them to cancel the Xbone and hire more people to MSVC.
@chris I hope the Microsoft reorg does that.
4:01 AM
@Borgleader It does look a lot like a Kinect.
At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if 2 years down the road nintendo came out with something similar
I.. don't think Nintendo copies the competitor.
Usually the other way around (Kinect, PS Move).
(Not to mention there's already a camera build into the gamepad anyway)
You can do video chat with it.
It's all everyone but me's fault.
He told me he left just cause
> Fundamentally, if you understand vector, you understand C++.
And almost always use.
Very true indeed.
@Borgleader I'd love to get my hands on Scott Meyers' book
4:37 AM
I'll buy it as soon as it comes out
4:48 AM
When does it come out exactly?
I need a heads up because I'm in a third world country, so it's hard to have nice things all the time ;_;
@MohammadAliBaydoun I don't think anybody (including Scott) knows yet.
5:06 AM
Wut, Microsoft bought Nokia phones division?
That's kinda big news.
@StackedCrooked Then Stephen Elop has a job well done.
5:25 AM
It's all part of their plan to make indestructable tablets
And weaponize them
5:35 AM
or nokia window's phone
I have a window's nokia phone, lolz
my freaking new shoes are killing me
> I hate interviews so much I started my own company so I wouldn't have to deal with them
I used to like interviews - I like to meet new people, but I was young back then
speaking of which, I had an interview with a software/ecommerce giant. They were hiring for their US office, but they had no office here in Sydney, so they were conducting the interviews in hotel rooms. Imagine what was like (for a woman like me) to be taken by strange man to a hotel room an hour at a time.
My name was ruined!!! ... Just joking
5:55 AM
You can't get married now!
Sydney seems like a good place though.
But maybe little too hot sometimes.
I don't want to work for people and be told what to code and what shitty code to maintain ;_;
You'll end up working for your customers, which may be less forgiving than your boss :)
They're probably promoting unneeded products though.
6:16 AM
I'm getting into Game development
Gamedev has the shittiest code
Yes, I concur
What should I name my contextually convertable to bool concept?
Boolean sounds meh, and ContextualBool is the next best thing
@Rapptz Not the SE one, I hope.
contextually_convertable_to_bool_concept? :D
6:19 AM
@MarkGarcia In general.
@StackedCrooked Sometimes? I can't stand it when it's over 25 degrees in the sun- practically every day in Australia even during the winter.
@chris fuck jQuery.
6:51 AM
7:06 AM
A: My function wont compile properly

AntoniossssIt looks like c++ code to me. See the lowercase string type ? Thats c++ string type. @Author: Better add proper tags to it so ppl wont get confused. You cannot concatenate string with << nor >> operators UNLESS you will override them for yourself in string class. I bet you try to copy examples wi...

@Telkitty猫咪咪 I hope you took full advantage of then, (ie emptied minibar:).
@MohammadAliBaydoun Coding is easy. Documentation, debugging, testing, system-test, delivery and ongoing maintenance/enhancement are hard and, sadly usually unavoidable.
@MartinJames I don't test my applications anymore, I ask my brother to use the application until it breaks, and it's actually working, he broke it 6 times :|
@MohammadAliBaydoun Good approach! Can you con him into doing documents as well?
7:22 AM
@MartinJames He's only 14 years old and he doesn't understand me when I'm talking to him about my software ;_;
@Mysticial I wonder if he's trolling or just really that dumb
@ArneMertz Nah - gotta be a troll!
@MartinJames seems you still have faith in humanity ;)
@ArneMertz Only a total moron would ask SO users to give out accou... oh wait... :)
@Mysticial lol, I love that comment
Talking of trolls:
It is funny, 'but after created this code this robot stole my own money and gave it to other peoples.' :)
@DeadMG Yeah - I saw that. Pleae let it happen!
Hi guys!
Either it's my text editor's autocompletion or me.. but I keep doing static_cast instead of static_assert
@StackedCrooked perfect for the beach
@MartinJames yeah ... why didn't I pounce on the cutest interviewer :D
@Telkitty猫咪咪 OK, you can do that, if you so wish, but empty all the minatures first else you may have to share them :)
7:43 AM
hotel lights were dim & room was guarded (by the interviewer) ... locating the minibar would not be easy ... & I only had an hour in each room ...
@Telkitty猫咪咪 You were interviewed? Are you a celebrity?
@thecoshman lol
Emm, I am, the elitest troll on the internet ... at least I am bluffing to be
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Us Germans call that "Schäferstündchen" (literally translated: "shepherd hour").
@FredOverflow o_0 are you lolling at me, or with me?
@thecoshman With you. The comment is hilarious.
7:50 AM
@FredOverflow indeed it is :D
Only 32 more hours until Going Native 2013 :D
^ :) :) :)...
well, plus 8 minutes
@FredOverflow Are you attending in room?
@FredOverflow Why "shepherd hour"? ... Nothing to do with sheep riding right?
7:53 AM
@SAM Na, I prefer the comfort of my own bed. And I didn't want to bring my bed to America :)
@FredOverflow 7 minutes...
@sehe what year is it!
@thecoshman OMG only 7 minutes left to... 32 hours left to Going Native 2013? :D
7:55 AM
Fred's hyped.
Also, morning
@thecoshman ... 2013? I think?
@FredOverflow OMG only 5 minutes left to 8 hours left to one day to Going Native 2013?!@~#¬$%^&*(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@FredOverflow are you going to watch the stream from 6PM to 2:30AM CEST?
7:58 AM
because that's where the talks take place :(
@ArneMertz Of course I am. I'll even stay awake for the encore! "Bjarne, Bjarne, Bjarne, Bjarne!"
@FredOverflow I was expecting "STL! STL! STL! STL!"
Also, fuck, I caught a cold.
I'll also be attending the Lounge, and we'll have a special Going Native title, and we'll chat about the talks, and I'll only go to the bathroom during the breaks between the talks, and it'll be great, oh I still need to buy popcorn!
@Xeo Sell it!
8:05 AM
The worst thing about having a cold is needing to visit a doctor
@FredOverflow Oh I'll take my lappy with me to the bathroom lol
@Xeo wait, what? I'm pretty sure I've never done that
Lord Bjarne Stroustrup _/\_
Just read that 30 seconds ago: "RAII is not always good for stuff like this and for synchronization. Probably in this case it makes sense, but it is not as universal as apologists of the "good style" are trying to present."
@Xeo who visits a doctor over a cold?
8:14 AM
@ereOn there is almost never an universal truth for anything. So neither is RAII
@A.H. Must be a shrink
@ArneMertz You just committed a rather glaring logical fallacy there (you almost explicitely state it)
@sehe which would be?
@A.H. Paper stuff for work.
@Xeo Just drink lots of fluids and stay in bed.
@ArneMertz "almost never" -> "so neither is". That's a non-sequitur
8:16 AM
@FredOverflow Krankenbescheinigung?
(dunno the English word for that)
I only need to do this if I'm sick for more than three days, which happens very rarely.
@sehe yeah realized that just when the edit time ran out. s#So n#N
@ArneMertz Rebel! Use / !
@FredOverflow oh, AFAIK you need one every time.
@Xeo depends on the company you work in
Depends on where you work, I guess.
8:19 AM
@Xeo nah, I had to sed a lot on paths, so I got used to #
@ArneMertz Sure. But he concluded that RAII was the exceptional case, not the common one.
And it makes me cry.
@ereOn in what way would it be the exception? He concludes that RAII isn't the holy grail and thus is no exception
@ArneMertz: Yeah, you haven't seen the next messages, that's why :)
Also I forgot to mention that by "stuff like this" he is talking about a scoped pointer.
"delete has the nice advantage that it is explicit and the developer knows what happens"
I can't help myself but argue with people like that... and you never get to your point because they don't try to understand yours.
What a waste of time...
8:25 AM
@ereOn Yuck!
8:36 AM
@FredOverflow 'Just drink lots of fluids' should be qualified :)
@MartinJames lots of tasty fluids? ;)
only works if you have STD ... and I am not talking about the namespace ...
@Xeo like an excuse ?
SE should have an aware every year: top 10 dumbest questions as voted by you!
The person who asked the dumbest question should be rewarded a mentally chanllenged cat
A "Try Jumping" badge
courtesy of Cat Plus Plus
My god
Q: How to initialize 5D array

user2741936if the 4D array is initialize like this int[, , ,] arr = new int[2, 3, 3, 3] { { { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 }, { 7, 8, 9 } }, { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 }, { 7, 8, 9 } }, { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 }, { 7, 8, 9 } } }, ...

Look at the duplicate! Same user.
Some people should be forbidden near a code editor
Do I have to open that thing?
Ugh.. brain recursion, neural stack overflow pending...
9:17 AM
nothing beats a persistent idiot
inb4 ' How to initialize 6D array'
Oh, 'x = y++ + x++;' has turned up early today - 28 min ago.
9:37 AM
ergh... team works suks some times ¬_¬
@Telkitty猫咪咪 a simple trap?
9:54 AM
Can a thread kill itself?
If so, is it called something simple?
I googled thread suicide and got weird results...
Like really weird results...
Lol. It's called termination.
Derp. Derp...
@MartinJames 42 pounds.
exit the thread entry point...
Yeah. I found out that exit was a synonym. Thanks @sehe
@MartinJames That's annoying really. It should be on auto-close rule.
@Seanny123 Nope it isn't. 'exit' is what you do to your function: you exit it (by returning a value, e.g.). The threading library/OS takes care of the rest.
10:02 AM
@sehe Yeah - as should DeadMG weight loss :) There was a village festival over w/e and the resulting beerpocalypse caused me to gain weight, despite all the walking back/forth 'cos unable to drive :(
pro tip: if you wanna be my lover lose weight, you gotta get with my friends not succumb to beerpocalypse.
Please elaborate on the usage shown. — alk 1 min ago
@sehe why remove the truth? ;)
Why does this infuriate me. Share some mildly informative information. Prepare to get bogged with inane questions
@ArneMertz I'm not so sure he is lazy. He's 12k, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Instead, I reworded my complaint to more accurately reflect the source of my anger
It's difficult to resist when there's Directors and Bombardier on. Also, some of the bands were quite good. JJ Rosa was there - good vocals and she can certainly play!
10:13 AM
@alk Oh, aha. Sorry for the non-C-isms (I do C++ mainly). Hope this fixed your concerns. I'd appreciate if next time you just called me out ("Could you fix the sample" instead of "Please elaborate"). Cheers — sehe 12 secs ago
@ArneMertz ^ He removed the truth as well
Heh, reminds me of typedef's structs
Q: What is the mathmatical structure that represents a git repo

maxI am learning about git, and would be great if I had a description of the mathematical structure that represents a git repo. For instance: it's a directed acyclic graph; its nodes represent commits; its nodes have labels (at most one label per node, no label used twice) that represent branches, e...

^ how on earth do people write answers of ~2 pages, linking to large articles with pretty graphs, and no-one even mentioned the most relevant data-structure?!
(that is, I believe I did, of course)
@KonradRudolph LOLOLOLOL. Post a plausibly useful answer and I'd upvote it :/
Hmm. Why do I get weird tweets?
@klmr Could you give me your input on this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18587682/use-of-static-in-objective-c?
I know no Obj-C
10:30 AM
A: Can you access the private data members of parent class inside the child class?

Fahad SiddiquiMaking the access specifier protected enables the classes inherited down the hierarchy to access its data members. Hence not breaking the concept 'Information Hiding'. class Foo { public: Foo () {} protected: // protected int value; char character; }; class Bar : public Foo { ...

Look at the comments!
He says you can! How? by changing it to protected !!! LOL
lol what's with the scary icons, or have I spent too much time reading horror?
@KonradRudolph Because your avatar is just so damn cute
@SAM It's true!
Oh blush
Don't worry. It's just your avatar :)
I was almost getting worried, that you started to sound like scottw
10:37 AM
@sehe ha ha :)
@A.H. Assert a bit of standard layout and alignment and you're good to go. Oh, put a shroud over The Holy Standard while you perform this ceremony.
@A.H. UB ?
@sehe with alignment just missing the shroud
@SAM undefined behaviour
10:45 AM
AKA when you shoot yourself in the foot
@A.H. I don't think it is a standard layout struct anyways. I believe the access modifiers break that
AFAIK anything declared private has to be in the order that appears (same for any access) could be wrong though
since no other members as public/protected should be good to go
@A.H. good to go, indeed. However, needs static_assert :)
10:51 AM
Wh..wh..what are y'all doing with classes that think they're structs and casting to int arrays... I guess I gotta read all the thread..
There is no "sophisticated solution" because... there is no problem! TextBox1.Text is just... text. (Though you could totally desing a CSharpStringLiteralTextBox control that does what you desire) — sehe 1 min ago
^ people are too easily confused
@MartinJames Just come back when you read the internet
Thanks for the clarification @sehe. I'm a little bit thick right now, given that it's 8pm in Japan and I've been up since 5am.
@sehe Ok, hehe.. I got it - private investigations ;)

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